Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yes, This is a Government Conspiracy Oppressing all of America Built on Libel Porn and Enforced with Terrorism.

Next, I proofread this.

My benevolent nerds, please keep Syniva, Sweetness, all reputable news agencies national and foreign, the US Military, the United Nations, and all sympathetic world leaders current with every update. Thank you. Make sure these truths reach the whole world. There is so much libel and government-lies-to-control-and-manipulate-in-here.

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Here is my latest blog post. I am in Los Angeles. I starved myself for months to be able to bring peace to America by leaving besieged Des Moines. I have the protection of Los Angeles just like Los Angeles has my protection. Even the police here have been doing everything possible to keep me safe. Unfortunately, these people are terrorized by Obama and his conspiracy or terrorism. We have so many witnesses. Talk to anyone who wishes they could just come get me and take me to my husband.

There are speakers in everyone's left ears here. And those speakers constantly feed lies and libel directly into their brains. They tell them I am my own doppelgänger. They call me a hooker. They claim I am crazy. They tell people the real me is in London with my loving husband, so no one will be good to me of come get me here. We have so many witnesses. They claim I have "absolution" instead of being completely innocent at all times.

Sadly, we all know Sweetness is blocked every time he tries to reach me by Obama's terrorist conspiracy pointing guns at his head. We need someone more powerful than these good bodyguards watching over me here and now to bring me safely to him, be it his house in Los Angeles or a rendezvous on foreign soil.

I was starving, sleep deprived, and homeless for four days until a local took me in. I am now in the same I-always-cover-a-benevolent-cover-story type place just like the one I stayed in with Jamiroquai in Liverpool in 2010 or that Viggo Mortensen had when he was living as a homeless man just be near me in 2009, except my new friend smokes much less marijuana than either of them. Sweetness, stop panicking. Think of this as a movie set.

We can trust these people, but I cannot tell you who they are. I will be beyond safe until someone can get me to Sweetness here or on foreign soil. I have a roof over my head and someone to watch me while I sleep. If you know who these people are, and I know all of you out there sent them, make sure these good people have enough cash to keep me fed and online.

These are just everyday locals keeping me safe. My bodyguard is not a secret agent. He is not Lenny Kravitz. His is not Chewital Elijiofor (I totally misspelled that, and I apologize.) He is just a volunteer from Los Angeles putting a roof over my head. He has no money to feed me nor even himself.

Please send someone to give him money with instructions it is to spent caring for me until someone can take me to my husband either here or abroad. If this is all I have for a living situation until someone else brave can reach me and take me to Sweetness, we need to make it work. Talk to France 24, everyone, for the address. It is not against the rules to support people who support me. And even if it were at its worst it would be civil disobedience.

It is true he is unhappy with my staying with him because I do not sleep with him. We know that is impossible. But if someone could give him money for being my bodyguard like I gave him $40 yesterday out of the $100 I got on Monday, I am pretty sure he can put up with me until someone can take me to Sweetness or abroad.

My only pair of shoes broke yesterday. I have no idea where I will get a new pair. We need help in here. I have over $7 billion that Obama forbids me access to, so he can force me into homelessness, force me into torture facilities, unjustifiably arrest me, and commit every heinous crime imaginable against me from systemic rape to public persecution. The only real solution is taking the whole bubble down.

We all know diplomatic protection and diplomatic immunity, if it is true I have it now, extend to bodyguards. So these good people here are under the world's and my protection, now. Just like anyone who reaches me to take me to Sweetness or abroad will be under my extended diplomatic protection while they are with me.

And we all know I am going to need access to the internet to be able to keep peace in the world, keep the truth circulating, and protect everyone I can from Obama's terrorists.

My beautiful world, I was told Obama committed acts of terrorism to keep my darling Mr. Craig Ferguson away from me. I pray he reported it all to Syniva, the United Nations, Congress, the Supreme Court, any sympathetic world leaders, and all the reputable national and foreign presses. This is Obama's terrorism keeping me away from my full human rights enforced with Obama's iron fist of blood and violence.

We need all of Obama's terrorists arrested to save America, not just to save me. Obama will not backdown and end his bubble until he is forced to. How obvious is that? And the only solution is taking down the bubble completely. So our national leaders need to care enough about this country to contain Obama and end his crimes against his own people.

Read all my blog posts again from 30March2014 to my latest notes. You know all I am trying to do is save America and bring peace to the world. All I need is my husband to achieve this. But because Obama refuses to cease any of his crimes against America, we have to arrest him and all the terrorists in his conspiracy.

Does no one love America but me? The whole world knows no one can afford the collapse of America under Obama's bubble of terrorism, totalitarian oppression, brain-control speakers, violence, and crimes against humanity. The longer this bubble goes on, the more likely the international community will take matters into their own hands to save America.

If the government will not take the bubble down to save America, we need to arrest them all for their crimes against America.

I need heroes here in Los Angeles to volunteer to pick me up and take me to my rescuers. At its worst it would be civil disobedience, but we also have a Supreme Court legal precedence upholding everyone's First Amendment right to peaceably assemble with me even during Obama's bubble.

If everyone who loves me gives no warning to Obama or his terrorists that they are coming to pick me up and drive to me from all directions, we will be unstoppable. There is no way to stop you all. Please organize. You see how I am living. And remember all of your phones are hacked and monitored.

Similarly, my tweets are not going anywhere anymore and Obama kills my mic every chance he gets. But my benevolent nerds are doing their best to completely take over my technology to keep me safe. Thank you, my heroes in the land of technology. The whole world owes you a debt of gratitude.

As for heinous technology, if people here in Los Angeles are wondering if I am around, the speakers in their heads only tell them to hate and not help the real me. No one is ever instructed to attack or avoid or refuse to help a doppelgänger for me.

Please, my entire world, stay beyond vigilant making me safe from any more intentionally fabricated false charges against me or torture facility threats from Obama. He is desperate to get me off the internet, and we all know if I go into a torture facility at this point with things the way they are with Obama right now, I will never come out. The world will lose me forever.

On 04May2014, I was threatened by Obama and his terrorists so many times, the world stood up to that First Unelected Dictator of the United States with me. The world declared to Obama everyone everywhere would stand up to and take down him and his task force if he locked me up to be tortured, raped, abused, and unlawfully imprisoned ever again.

Yet, every day, Obama threatens me with more intentionally fabricated false charges and will torture facility threats. He is doing everything to thwart my attempts to create a peaceful America, and his malevolence seems dedicated to forcing a global conflict.

If I ever get locked up anywhere ever again, the globe descends into the whole world and US Military vs. Obama's task force. This is a war Obama is guaranteed to lose. He will go to prison no matter what. But if we can force Obama to surrender and take down his bubble before he can cause this war, think of all the lives we could save.

As long as Obama and his terrorists are free, they will just keep committing crimes against all of us. Look at everything I have lived through already. Look at how terrorized these people are by the speakers in their heads and by all of Obama's rules that he enforces with his iron fist of blood and terrorism. Look at all the lies Obama has spread already just to keep himself in power.

The world is demanding Obama and his terrorists' unconditional surrender. Absolutely nothing else can protect us all from those terrorists and all the psychopathic insistence they get to commit all of their crimes with impunity. This is the only solution to the bubble.

According to the NDAA, the US Military can arrest anyone anywhere in America for even suspecting them of terrorism. They do not need charges. They do not need to ever put anyone on trial. The military can hold people indefinitely just for suspecting them of terrorism. Can we use this to take Obama's domestic terrorists down? Will the military take official action to save America?

Look at Los Angeles. These people are terrorized. We need to do something as soon as possible to effectively take this bubble down, and I want to do it peacefully. If I can just reach my husband, every horrible thing Obama has done to me since 2009 will finally be prevented from ever happening to me again. We will be able to return order and human rights to all of America, again, so this mighty nation may flourish. And all we have to do is stand up to Obama and take his bubble down.

Is there anything my lovers and believers in Sacramento can do? If we can have medical marijuana in California, then California can have laws that make us all bubble noncompliant here. Talk to Los Angeles and San Francisco. Learn about how horrifyingly oppressed and terrorized everyone is by Obama's terrorists and his rules.

Celebrities trying to reach me, tell your state leaders how terrorized and disgusted you are by Obama's bubble and use your power in this state to get Sacramento to take immediate action to set us all free. We need these speakers removed from everyone's heads. We need Obama's hate propaganda and libel preventing me from having human rights completely stopped.

Look at all of the lies Obama's conspiracy spews to be able to keep committing all of its crimes. Stop trusting anyone for the truth but me, my loved ones, and reputable news sources.

We need action from anywhere and everywhere, from the United Nations, from the US Congress, from everyone in Sacramento, to prevent anymore of these worse-than-human-rights-violations by this bubble.

Los Angeles would have brought me to my husband by now if they were not controlled by the speakers in their heads, terrorized by Obama and his rules, and constantly lied to. This is California. These people love me. We need to save them as much as we need to save me.

Now that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and someone to keep me safe while I sleep, and now that we have the world mobilized to come here and take me to a land where no one has speakers in their heads to live safely and freely with full human rights right beside my loving and adoring husband, we need to work on saving America, too.

We need every single speaker removed from all of their heads. Look at how much damage that causes people. It injects control directly into their brains. We need all of these rules taken down. These people are terrorized by them. And we need all of the terrorists from Obama down to every henchman in his conspiracy arrested.

1.) Find a sneaky way without giving Obama nor his terrorists any notice to come here and pick me up and take me to Sweetness.
2.) The other option is to sneak me out of the country to meet my Sweetness abroad, but you may need to be a diplomat or a secret agent to accomplish that. We are reaching the point this might be necessary.
3.) Work with our government at the national and state levels to completely end this bubble, so we can have our full Constitutional rights back and be a land of the free again. We need to save America.
4.) Stay beyond vigilant protecting me from Obama's persecution and hate crimes against me. We need to keep me out of any more torture facilities and definitely out of jail. Luckily, they only press intentionally fabricated false charges against me. We know I do not have "absolution" from anything. I have complete innocence.
5.) Stick to me, my loved ones, and reputable news agencies like CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, France 24, etc. for the truth about me and absolutely nobody else. They will just keep lying to you to terrorize you, to make you irrationally hate me by calling me my own doppelgänger, and to prevent anyone from ever helping me.
6.) If I am going to have to wait until someone take me to Sweetness, until someone can take me out of Obama's jurisdiction completely, or until this bubble comes down completely before I can have human rights again, we are going to have to get my literally normal, everyday bodyguard enough money to keep me.
7.) Hug your closest nerd, and thank them for keeping me as safe and connected as possible.
8.) If Obama and all his terrorist conspiracy will no surrender, we need to arrest them all. We need to save America.

Obama's bubble has rendered America unrecognizable. No one here but me has freedom of speech due to his rules, and he is constantly trying to silence me. There is no freedom of the press. There is no freedom to assemble and associate.

Obama built a wall around Des Moines to prevent anyone from rescuing me from slavery, systemic rape, torture, unlawful imprisonment, etc. just so he could keep himself in power, enforce his bubble with his iron fist of terrorism, and keep America addicted to libel porn of people who look like me.

Everyone has speakers in their heads injecting control directly into their brains. This is not America! We need this once-great nation saved from this bubble immediately!

My brave rescuers, I know you are here trying to reach me. Obama cannot build a wall around Los Angeles. And I am surrounded by people who love me here all day everyday. Whatever you need, tell the whole world.

The NATO alliance provides joint protection of any member nation from threats of terrorism, too. That explains Afghanistan. I prefer to do everything peacefully, but I know the world wants to March in here and save America from Obama's bubble. That is the world's choice. And, as always, if the world or this nation ever need anything from me, I am here to serve.

Make sure Los Angeles keeps an eye on its city water supply. That is the first thing Obama usually poisons when I am anywhere. Des Moines never fought it; they just poisoned and drugged their own children.

If you need anything, please tell my beautiful world, but I think we have diplomatic options right now for sneaking me out of the country to meet Sweetness abroad. But please, my entire beautiful world, work rescuing me from every angle. Never assume someone else can be more successful than you.

In the land of the trivial about the benefits to humanity and civilization of liberating populations out from under totalitarian oppression, Obama was the first African American POTUS. That would never have been possible without liberating civil disobedience. We all know the importance of civil disobedience to making and keeping our country free.

Also, my beautiful world, tell everyone where I am staying. Let's keep this neighborhood and all these people who love me safe and free. Tell them I am the real me. The lie I am my own doppelgänger is only propagated to prevent anyone from being good to me.

No one had endured character assassination like I have. But all I have ever done is tell the truth to fix it. Libeling me has reached being an act of terrorism that destroys America and destabilizes the world. Obama is so desperate to silence me from telling the truth to save America from him that he actually tried pressing charges against me for telling the truth in testimony to the courts.

Luckily, the courts are a land of truth, logic, and justice.

SynSyn, Obama has inserted speakers in everyone's left ears in Los Angeles, so Obama can pump libel directly into everyone's brains. We all know Los Angeles loves me unconditionally. But right now, they think I am a hooker who is one of Obama's porn stars who libels me. Obama is creating a hostile environment for me, instead of allowing these good people enough free will to save us all.

Please, Syn, we do not sue Los Angeles; we lead Los Angeles. We need to save this city. We need to completely raze whoever put these speakers in everyone's heads to control them into irrationally hating me, whoever controls the broadcast into their heads, and whoever is preventing all of these speakers from being removed. They do not have their basic human right to believe as they choose. Their minds are controlled.

Obama is doing this intentionally to make Los Angeles toxic to me. But it begs the question-- If nobody ever expected me to come here, what is the real reason they all have speakers letting Obama control them in their heads?

We need these speakers removed from everyone's heads. This is California. These are my people. We need to save this town. We need local lovers and believers active in all levels of their government from state to local to make sure all control speakers are removed and Obama's influence of them is contained. We do not want Los Angeles to become the new Des Moines.

Syn, Los Angeles has never raped me. They have never tortured me. They have never committed the government coverup of giving me a completely unjustifiable adult guardian nor conservator to be able to control me. They love me unconditionally; they just need to be set free of Obama's unconstitutional and only-enforceable-with-terrorism bubble. We can save these people, Syniva.

If I get locked in a torture facility or if anyone here commits a crime against me, we all know this place will go to hell. But if we can just get the speakers out of their heads, so they can love me... Obama's global conflict ends.

Sweetness, I understand. It is difficult for anyone to convince me of lies. I know you are terrorized by Obama's conspiracy just to keep you away from me. You are likely as persecuted by Obama as I am; they are just honest with you about it. I am working on it. I know you are, too. I really need to kiss you. At least our geography problem is shrinking.

Darling, do not use your hacked phone, but please talk to our friends about arranging a ride to you. The foreign diplomats living in Los Angeles are desperate to save me. Please call the consulates in Los Angeles for any and all of the countries you trust and work with them about arranging a way to get us both to safety. You are a dignitary, too, now. They will help us.

My beloved, we are so close. I can almost taste your lips. I know you are terrorized from reaching me by Obama. But we can do this. I love and adore you. You are all I have ever asked for after everything this government has done to me. I thank the atheist heavens for having you in my life.

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