Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Water

I just checked my account balances with Wells Fargo, and my savings account is now overdrawn. They just took out the monthly fees for having accounts with no money in them. I now have a combined balance of about $3 with the bank.

Clearly, my father is still being evil. Does anyone find this acceptable behavior for a supposed adult guardian? When will those powers he holds finally be revoked? He is thoroughly irresponsible, untrustworthy, and cruel.

I meant to put this blog post up yesterday, but I think I got roofied again. It was either the second glass of water I drank or something the waitress put in the second glass of water I drank yesterday at the Ankeny Diner. Either way, I feel I must give this warning... Do not command a vehicle nor operate heavy machinery after drinking city water in Ankeny, Iowa.

Why have they not fixed it yet? I have no idea. Children drink this water. Not all people in Ankeny can afford to drink and cook with only bottled water all day every day. Besides, they drug the bottled water, too. When is this town going to bother to fix this problem? They would not have this problem if they would finally refuse to comply.

Oh, and just to clarify... I am not asking anybody to break the law. I am asking you all to ignore the rules of oppression laid down by Obama the Terrorist and his minions. It is only against the law to enforce their rules not to ignore them, and we need to hold the authorities accountable for laying down their illegal rules.

If we let the authorities get away with breaking all of the laws, the US will degrade into the Wild West. It it illegal of them to lay down and enforce their oppressive rules of persecution because they create human rights violations. It is not illegal to refuse to be held by the law-breaking rules.

Stand up, people. And refuse to be victims anymore. Organize if you have to. And definitely refuse to comply.

It is not illegal to exercise your human and Constitutional rights.

As for other topics, I have been saying a lot about the weather lately. Looking at the tornadoes in the American South, at the flooding that drowned so much of Australia, at the devastation in Japan... When you rebuild after a disaster, rebuild so that you can survive if it happens again.

We are only at the beginning of Global Climate Change. The weather will become more dramatic. We need to be ready for it.

I have been thinking about the rising ocean waters and Venice, again. Does Venice know how much I love them? (Cover art by Syniva Whitney) On second thought, maybe we should not make Venice float... I think we should pick up the ground beneath the whole city-- canals and all-- by about two feet ... That way the buildings will be dry, and the gondoliers will not need longer poles. Sigh... My suggested plans are a work in progress.

San Francisco, how are you my mighty City by the Bay? No, I will not abandon you completely when I go live in Venice. I heard that you are standing up and demanding your rights. YEY! If it is true, you are my hero city AGAIN! You never should have been terrorized into suffering as much as you had to suffer. Do you remember when they put methadone in the water? Give'em hell.

And now for the paragraph you have all been waiting for! Yesterday was the Royal Wedding. What a beautiful dress! I wish the happy couple only the good parts of normalcy and only the good parts of royalty as they spend their long, stable, happy and drama-free lives living together. May they only give the press good news to feed on. I wish I could have been there.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter today. It should get to LA on Wednesday. Sometimes my mail does get there sooner, though, doesn't it? I plan on mailing you a package on Monday. I would have mailed it today, but the automated postage machine only takes cards... and I am so close to completely broke. Plan on getting lots of love in the mail! Yey!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Humanity Can Survive This

Did you all learn about the storm damage in the American South? It is the US's turn. If you can help, please do.

I know there are a lot of questions about why this is happening. Do you remember learning about the Ice Age? That was a time when the entire Earth was much colder than it is now. Do you remember learning about the dinosaurs? That was a time when the Earth was much warmer than it is now. I believe the Earth is transitioning right now.

I believe the Earth is in a geologic cycle in which the entire planet it getting warmer. This is making the weather more dramatic. It also making the ice caps melt thereby putting more water in the planet's water cycle.

The weather is just going to get more dramatic, but humanity can survive Global Climate Change.

Know what kinds of dramatic weather might hit where you live. Know the warning signs for each kind of emergency. Stay ahead of the weather, so you can see it coming. Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes,... These are all predictable.

Have a plan on what to do in case each emergency might strike. Yes, you need an emergency plan. You all also need emergency supplies. Have the supplies ready in case you need to survive, evacuate, or whatever else you might need to do in each possible emergency.

Each community also needs a recovery plan. What will you do if the only power station gets ruined in a cyclone? What will you do if the water treatment plant gets flooded? How will you rebuild after massive destruction? Start planning before the catastrophe.

This is just the beginning of surviving Global Climate Change. We also need to educate the masses on changes in disease patterns (For example, more standing water will help spread malaria.), food production and planting cycles, building infrastructure that can survive the weather, etc... Also, are coastal cities ready for the rising ocean levels?

There is so much work to be done, and we are only at the beginning.

Yes, I promised to help carry humanity through Global Climate Change. I promised to do this as more than just a symbol of human endurance and ingenuity. But for me to get humanity through this, I need to be out of this bubble of persecution. I cannot get any accurate research while I am in here least of all speak with scientists, engineers, or community leaders.

You need to end the global persecution of me, so I can do my job.

I promised that as long as all of you are working to get me out of this bubble, I will work on saving humanity. I am holding up my end of the deal to the best of my abilities. It would really help if you would all take down the world leaders that are enforcing the bubble.

Stand up and fight, people. There is more at stake here than you realize.

Sweetness, thank you for understanding how much all of this persecution wears on me. I have no physical safety. I have no privacy. I have only my freedom of speech and $13.39 as my Wells Fargo balance. I am not allowed to speak with any of my friends, and it is killing me. But the television has been very sweet to me lately. You might be surprised at how much I genuinely laugh during the day. I feel the heavy burden, and I suffer night and day. But I am still the sunny, warm woman you fell in love with. I know you are doing everything you can to get me out. I love you more than you will ever understand.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My First Breath of Peace of Mind Awaits Me

I just checked my balance, and is still telling me that my combined savings and checking account balance is $13.39. No, my father is still not allowing me any of my own money. If someone had not snuck me some cash over the weekend, I would have become penniless by now. My father needs to be stopped.

I simply cannot wait for the moment I finally get to be with my husband. I mean, really, let us all be honest... I am nothing but vulnerable and at-risk as long as I am in this bubble. Look at everything people have done to me because I am in a bubble. I have been poisoned, battered, drugged, raped, tortured, abused, and assaulted in every place I have been since this started two years ago... especially at the torture facility in Liverpool and here in the house I am confined to now.

If I could just be with my husband, I would not only have financial stability for once-- which is an odd thing to say considering I would have enough money to get by now if my evil father would just let me control my own funds-- but that financial stability would afford me enough security to finally have physical safety. Could you imagine it? Me? Finally with physical safety!... I would also finally be free to have the spy equipment removed from my head... which would give me my first breath of privacy in two years.

Yes, my finally having enough freedom to be with my husband would give me love, security, safety, privacy, and peace of mind for the first time in years. Being continuously drugged and tortured does a number on the brain and on my sanity. I would finally have a chance to heal if this bubble burst open.

The people who say otherwise are the ones who want me tortured and enslaved for the rest of my life. That is the only purpose of the bubble-- suffering and torment. We all know, bare minimum, it is not safe for me to stay in this house.

No, I do not think that the people who insist on attacking we will suddenly stop poisoning and drugging the food and water around me. But if we get rid of the bubble, it will be easier to clean up, fix, and prevent.

This bubble is more than a source of persecution for me; it is also a menace to the entire free world. No one has their full rights and freedoms- such as freedom of speech, the right to assemble and associate, or the freedom of the press-- as long as I am in it. The only people who want it to continue are the ones who want to menace, oppress, and ravage the world.

As for things that actually make the news... Let us hope that President Incompetent is finally over being jealous of his birth certificate for making more news than he does.

He would make news if he would just give back the freedom of the press. He cannot command reporters over what is and is not newsworthy. If he were not a terrorist, he would not be able to control the presses at all.

Stop oppressing all of America, Obama, you brat, and then see what the headlines are. Besides, it is not like someone called you a hooker... or even called you a dead hooker.

Sweetness, I love you so thoroughly. Thank you for being my infallible source of stability through all of this. They might have succeeded in driving me mad if it were not for you. Keep spouting the truth, and never let them win a thing. I cannot wait to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get me OUT! Please!

I spent most of today in bed sleeping off whatever was put in my bottle of fruit juice. They were right. There is something wrong with the juice. I should have listened; but I did not know they meant it literally. I had juice withdrawal most of today.

I did get a chance to watch some Tavis Smiley, though, on PBS. I saw Michael Bloomberg, Robbie Robertson, and Larry Flynt this morning. I needed to pass out from last night's fruit juice incident before I could watch Charlie Rose.

When I got up, I noticed that the CBS signal was not able to reach the house this afternoon. It gave me a fantasy that CBS was being banned from broadcasting around Iowa because they were refusing to comply. It would have been nice, but the signal was back up again by the 6PM news.

I do not mind being denied any broadcasting if it means you are all refusing to comply. I would rather all television and radio be kept away from me if it meant you all could have your freedom of speech and freedom of the press back again. The world needs honest communication.

I have not made it out of the house yet, and let us be honest. It is freaky out there among the Children of the Corn. It is like living in the Twilight Zone. But it is better than being stuck in this house with my hell-spawned father.

He cornered me and spoke to me again today. I refuse to be a party to being his victim. So, now I sit here in my room with the door barricaded as I plead to the world for a rescue.

I did not even make it to Café Diem today. I really think the problem is with their water main. They should really look into the water that goes into that building. I saw a couple dozing off to sleep on the couch as they drank their coffee last time I was in there. It is not just me.

I know the weather is also getting freaky. Just in the States, keep an eye out for floods, fires, and tornadoes. Are you all staying as safe as possible out there?

It is very important to stay prepared for anything Mother Nature might bring. No matter where you are and no matter where you live, stay aware of what severe weather in the area looks like. Know what to do in case of an emergency.

The weather is just going to become more dramatic. Stay aware of climate changes. Stay prepared for what might come. Get ahead of the problems that might pop up where you are.

Right now in Iowa it is planting season, but the wet weather is keeping farmers from getting corn in the ground on time. This is something they should have been able to plan for. This is something that they need to adapt to accommodate. People need to get ahead of the weather to be able to plan for what problems might arise.

The Democratic Party also needs to plan for its problems and its future. Are they thinking about refusing to allow President Incompetent to run again in 2012? Do Democrats remember the Bush Era?

I know Obama the Oppressor is Bush's third term, but the backlash from Obama the Terrorist's policies in this country will be enough to secure a very conservative Republican win if the Democrats do not disown him. Think of this country, Democrats. Do not let the Bush Era continue. Do us all a favor and run a woman in 2012.

Do you remember when I was in the torture facility in Liverpool? Do you remember how I kept telling the newscasters on television that the economy would turn itself around if people would go out and spend money? It seems to be working. We are a consumer economy. People really are capable of saving themselves.

Did you hear that, people? Are you all out actively doing your best to solve these major problems? Are you standing up and demanding your rights?

You can actually have your freedom of speech again. You just need to exercise it. You just need to refuse to be controlled.

Stand up and organize! Refuse to be a part of being a victim! Refuse to comply with their rules! They are not laws. There is nothing illegal about discussing me in a public forum. Just do not lie. Do not plagiarize. Do not create emergencies (like a fake nuclear threat) when there are none, and respect everyone's privacy. Go claim your human rights!

The people in Syria are standing up and claiming their rights. It will be a long hard fight for them, but they are staying peaceful and empowered. The people in Syria are standing up to bring their country into the present as far as democracy and human rights are concerned.

The government there has proven its illegitimacy by firing on its own peaceful people. My thoughts are with you, Syria. The world knows what is happening there. I can only hope that people with more rights than myself are sending you peaceful help.

How is this for a random thought? Do we start children's education too old? If the key to being successful in grade school (and therefore being successful all of the way through high school) is attending a good preschool, should we just add a few grades before kindergarten in order the catch the brain at the right developmental stage? It is something to think about.

As for you, my beautiful world, whatever you are doing out there, it must be working. You must all be doing very successful things out there aimed at getting me out of this bubble of persecution. I can tell because it is getting all that more repressive and intolerable in here. My father, the liquids I drink, and the freakish behavior of the locals are all getting worse.

Thank you for everything you do for me. I might go watch some television, now. After all-- and yes it feels odd to say this-- the television (except for a particular local news guy on Channel 13) treats me in a civilized manner. Please take care out there.

Sweetness, I love you. I cannot wait to hold you tight and press my lips against your face. Until then, take care, and thank you for everything you do for me.

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Last Day and a Half

This last day and a half has been a mixture. Just when things get dark, something good always pops up. Let me start with yesterday morning.

My mom, my little sister, and I all went to the Ankeny Diner for the Easter Sunday brunch buffet. The guys making custom omelets were sweeties, and I had fun. I drank the water; it was still clean. I could not have asked for cleaner water... or more bacon.

After Tylia left to drive back to Minnesota, I went out to get some coffee and write another love letter to my beloved. Sadly, here at Café Diem I think I got roofied. It was that or there were A LOT of drugs in the water in my coffee. I was sipping a triple espresso monstrosity, but I could barely keep my eyes open as I scribbled I-love-you notes to my darling. I got up and drove myself back to my parents' house where I slept it off.

When I woke up, I went downstairs to watch some hockey on channel 13 and then some news. Because the Stanley Cup playoff game went into overtime, they skipped the national news and only played the local news. They had some guy named Dave Price as the anchor... He came across as if he were trying to assault me. He was rude, obnoxious, and unprofessional. It was one of the worst news experiences I have ever had.

I was in bed with the defrag running on my handy computer by 7 PM. I still had that many drugs from the coffee in my system. It sounds like I had an awful Sunday, but this morning actually started off worse.

After I woke up, changed my clothes, and put this nifty little notebook computer in my bag, my dad corned me downstairs and spoke to me. I was so terrorized that I ran out the door without eating anything first and without any makeup on my face. He has mistreated me for so long and abused me so much, that just hearing his voice made my stomach churn. In the car on the way to the chiropractor's office, I practically had a breakdown from just hearing his voice. I was weeping and driving.

No, I do not speak to my evil father. I have self-preservation. I insist on taking care of myself the best I can in this impossible situation. Every time he speaks me, I walk away emotionally battered. To save myself, I avoid him.

No, I am not in a healthy living situation, but I am doing everything I can to get out of it. I am confined to living in my parents' house with my evil father by that same evil father who broke the law to gain adult guardianship over me despite the fact I am a completely competent adult. He is a criminal, and he must be stopped. I am doing everything I can think of to get out of that house.

I just checked my balance moments ago, and my Wells Fargo accounts still have a combined balance of only about $13. According to what he forced me to listen to this morning, my dad will only move my own money into my accounts if I allow him to abuse me. I care too much about myself to allow that to happen. No, I will not speak to my father. He is too evil. Nothing is worth enduring his presence.

The chiropractor's office was a delightful breath of fresh air, though. I saw an old family friend in the waiting room. She teaches a lot of yoga now.

I was a little worried about how I would pay for the visit, but after I sat down in the waiting room and while I was fishing around for my lipstick, I found that someone had snuck cash into my purse. It has happened to me before, and it always happens when I have an emergency.

I have a suspicion about who gave me the "sneaky money" this time, but I will not say it here. I do not want her to get in trouble with my dad. He can be so cruel.

My chiropractor looked at my right shoulder again. He does such good work. He thinks one of my disks is getting a little wonky. Considering all of the abuse my body has taken over the last two years, I am actually glad that it is the only problem he can find. I will be back there on Wednesday.

I am now seated here at the coffee shop again, and there is NO roofie in my drink this time. They seem to have gotten the problem fixed. I tend to give people the chance to fix their own problems... It is one of my quirks.

Thank you for getting enough truth into Iowa that I could actually get some help. This situation is still far from tolerable, but that just makes the good moments that much sweeter.

Now, my beautiful world, I promised that I would focus on saving the world as long as you focused on saving me. It seems to be working. Thank you for everything you do for me. We will end this bubble from hell.

Sweetness, I mailed you another letter this morning. It should get to LA on Thursday... while you are in the UK. I know you will get your hands on it in no time. I have faith. I know what you have been doing to get through this bubble to be with me. It will work. I love you more than words can bear.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day to Easter

Did everybody celebrate Earth Day yesterday? Why is it the Earth only gets one day? Let us make Earth Day everyday!... you know, like people are supposed to do with Christmas. We should plant trees and recycle all the time. Well, okay, I am trying my best here.

My little sister came to town Thursday, and my mom took the day off yesterday. The three of us went to the Des Moines Art Center for the afternoon for Earth Day. Unlike most of Ankeny, Iowa, which makes a habit of ignoring I exist in the world, the Art Center in Des Moines was actually friendly to me. It was quite the delightful afternoon.

You might have seen us out and about. I had to put my contacts in to be able to see the paintings clearly. I need new glasses.

If you did see us out and about, you must have also seen that Ankeny is like the Twilight Zone. It is a false reality here where people all behave as though I never existed in the world. I am dead to them. The good I have done in this world does not exist to them. They are in denial that I exist at all.

On the upside, I did try the coffee today while I sat at a coffee shop being ignored, and they really did clean up the water since last I posted. At least there is some progress. But why do they insist on being so cold to me?

This is not just about the way I get treated. This goes beyond the fact that no one here, including my family, has any compassion for what I have lived through nor any respect for what I do in this world. The real root of my concern is for their neglect of themselves.

If you had a chance to sit next to me at a coffee shop, what would you ask me about? You would have the chance to talk to me about anything in the world. What pressing concerns would you want to discuss? Education? Global Climate Change? The role of religion on an increasingly scientific planet?

I know I am a big deal to major religions. What are sermons about while I am in town here? Ankeny practically has a church on every city block. Do they know they can talk to me while I am here?

This is not a terrorized population. I know what that looks like. That was the look of San Francisco from mid 2009 to early 2010.

These people must just be ignorant. I know I have been saying it for a long time, but please keep sending the truth in here. No, they are not rude anymore, but they are now very cold. It is like I live in the Twilight Zone.

They do not know what they have got. I will not be here forever. Explain to them that this is their chance to spend time with me.

A bubble is only as strong as the people around me. It is time we popped Iowa wide open. They are an impressionable people. Get them all the truth you can.

I just checked my balance, and despite how sweet Wells Fargo is to me, I still only have $13 as a combined balance on my checking and savings accounts with them. My father is still the world's worst completely unnecessary adult guardian. I really wish lightning would finally fly from the sky and strike him down for his perjury. The only explanation possible for why he is doing this to me is that he is a bad, vicious, and cruel man. Stop him. Stop him if you can.

Sigh,... I know I am not the only person short on funds in the US right now. Did you hear President Incompetent's political mumbo jumbo on the topic of gas prices? He is actually not offering to find a way to fix the problem; he is just going to tie up the Attorney General with an investigation into possible fraud instead.

Why? Obama the Oppressor is probably doing this to distract the Attorney General from investigating why I am in a bubble of persecution, why the public is terrorized, and how city water supplies keep getting poisoned.

Besides, people who know how to do math can tell you, if oil was $134/ barrel in July 2008 and if we are only at $112/ barrel right now, then gas prices should not be close now to where they were in mid 2008. Yes, there is some market speculation going on... but something else is going on, too. It might be inflation. It might be more than that. But an investigation into market speculation would not find it.

Obama the Terrorist is trying to tie up a government official with the task of making the public feel better about not having enough money to buy a tank of gas instead of allowing the Attorney General to investigate his own presidential crimes. Obama the Sociopath is trying to seduce the public, so he can keep on oppressing all of America while keeping me in a bubble of persecution and a lack of human rights. Do not let him get away with it.

America, stay in his face. Keep demanding answers. Show up at his campaign stops and protest outside. Force Obama the Oppressor to answer all of your questions. We know he is responsible for putting me in a bubble so that I could be enslaved. Demand he answer for his crimes.

We are not marching to the speed of President Incompetent's bruised ego. We are marching to the speed of Global Climate Change. We need world leadership immediately to carry humanity through this hard time, but I cannot do if I am left to languish in this bubble. If you, my beautiful world, want me to take care of this, you need to pop this bubble as soon as possible. People need help.

Every house, apartment, yurt, etc. needs an emergency kit. People and communities need to be prepared in case a natural disaster strikes where they live. We need better meteorology. We need to get ahead of the weather. And we need to increase awareness. The weather is only going to become more dramatic. People need to be aware of Global Climate Change and what it means in their area.

I am doing everything I can think of, but I cannot do this effectively from inside this bubble. I cannot even get myself to reliable sources of accurate research. Please, my beautiful world, we all know that this is my job to do. Finally force the corrupt-powers-that-be to allow me to do it.

It requires that I have my full human rights. It requires that we finally get justice for the wrongs committed. It requires that all of you no longer comply with their stupid rules of behavior.

Stand up. Organize. Refuse to comply. I need your help. The world needs your help.

Libya, we all know that I still believe the only way you will succeed is if you return to peaceful protests. Do you remember when you were protesting instead of warring? You had all of Libya in rebel hands except for Tripoli. You were more successful when you were peaceful. You know I care about you. You know I want you to win. All of this said, even if you insist on being violent, do not settle for less than what you deserve. You know I want to see Ghadafi go as much as you do. Do not stop until you win everything you are fighting for. A stalemate is not an option.

Syria, your government has proven its cruelty by firing on peaceful people. Please try to remain peaceful as you fight for democracy. There is more power in peace than there is in war. Please also remember that the world cares about you. Please consider allowing in journalists, so you can tell your stories. We, the people out here, have no other way to know what is going on inside your country... and we care.

Yemen, you have victory in your hands. It is time to show off your powers of and capacity for democracy. Build a beautiful government now that you can. The future is yours as long as you do good and do it well.

As a final note a world news, tomorrow is Easter. My family celebrates; even though, I am an a(e)theist. For all of you who do celebrate, have fun tomorrow! Easter is bad time to be an egg... unless you are an egg that likes wearing fun outfits.

Sweetness, I take it that means I guessed correctly about being invited. I hope you and Lily Rose enjoy yourselves thoroughly. Please tell everyone that I wish I could be at the wedding myself. I love you more than words can bear. I know I keep you very busy, but I like to think I am worth it. Hee-hee... There should be lots of big hats!

P.S. I think I have missed Queen Elizabeth II's 85th birthday by a couple of days. Huh,... Please wish her happy birthday for me, all y'all.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Doesn't he Have a Job?

I hear that Obama the Sociopath is currently on a propaganda tour. That is all it is, you know. The campaign season for primaries is not for another six months at the least, and he does not even have to compete in a primary. He is the incumbent. There is, in fact, no one running against him yet at all, and there will not be for at least another year. What is he doing, then? He is questing for money and power.

If there is no reason for him to be campaigning right now, why is he not in his office doing his job? We already know he does not care about being the supposed leader of the free world. Where else would he be than out trying to collect money for his own purposes?

The best thing about this propaganda tour, though, is that it gives the public a chance to get in his face and demand answers. Go to his supposed campaign rallies, and voice your real opinions. Ask him the big questions about why you are not allowed free speech and about why I am enslaved by him. Demand answers.

Go to his appearances and protest outside. Get in his face and prove that the public does not like him. He is clearly on the defensive. Speak the truth and loudly call out all of his lies.

Obama the Terrorist is out among the people. The people need to show him who is boss in a democracy.

Speaking of calling out lies, I just checked my balance. I still have $13 collectively between my checking and savings accounts. Clearly my father is not good at being an adult guardian. Not only am I truly mentally competent and not only did he perjure himself by claiming I was under the jurisdiction of the Polk County District Court, but he uses his ill-gotten adult guardianship to mistreat me further. He needs to be stopped.

Iowa, you are proving to be good people. If you can, take him aside and tell him to treat me with respect for once. Sadly, he does know the truth. He is just a bad person.

I learned today that my father is lying about me. He claims I have history of "running away." He is such an asshole. I do have history of NOT living in Iowa. I do have a history of world travel. And I do have a history of having freedoms and rights. I do not have a history of running away from anything; although, I do refuse to stay places I am this severely abused and mistreated.

My father is an established liar, perjurer, and criminal. Do not fall for anything he says.

The rest of Iowa seems to be coming around. Thank you for sending the truth in here. Please keep sending it in, and also do not forget to spread the truth among yourselves out there. Communication is so important.

I know you have no freedom of speech or freedom of the presses, America. Please do the best you can to get the truth around. Speak to each other. People everywhere will do the right thing if they can just get to the truth. I have faith in humanity.

Sweetness, I suppose for thoroughness I should say this... Though, I doubt it is a real problem that needs to be addressed. If on the off chance we were invited to the royal wedding, please RSVP that I am regretfully still enslaved, actively kept away from you, and living in a bubble of persecution. If we really were invited and you still want to go, please take your daughter in my place. I am sure she would love to experience all of the majesty. I am not a mean person, and I know the British are making progress taking care of the real problems over there. Please tell them I would love to be there myself. I love you, Sweetness.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Physics Lesson

I just read the "W" magazine for May 2011 today. Okay, I looked at the pictures and skimmed the articles today. I usually read the articles on my second time through the epically-proportioned magazine, thoguh. My "W" subscription is one of my few indulgences.

It was a design issue this month. Yes, there was still some fashion. Channel is getting opulent, and D & G had leopard print on two different pages. I loved the spread of kaleidoscopic colors, and watches with pretty pink flowers on their faces kept catching my eye... But the real stars of the magazine this month were the chairs.

There were chairs everywhere! My favorite is the Transat from 1927 designed by Eileen Gray on page 74. Now that is a beautiful chair.

Everything can be a work of art... even a chair. Most people do not know that. And despite the fact I am dressing like a fertility symbol these days, I still believe in fashion as art.

It may have been months ago the last time something I wore inspired a designer, but that is okay with me. I feel the same way about designers as I feel about the legions of women who have been trying to dress like me for years. I am ludicrously flattered, but please try to be your natural, beautiful selves instead. That is, after all, what I do. I insist on being my naturally beautiful self all the time.

I would be more flattered if you copied my incorruptibly independent attitude than if you copied my size eleven wide red platform heels.

"W" magazine also had an article called "Brokedown Palace" this month, and it reminded me of just how much I miss San Francisco. Do you know what I miss about my City by the Bay? I miss the people. I miss the conversations. I miss the sense of community.

I miss walking the same blocks from where I was staying to the Caffé Trieste carrying my little tablet PC every morning and being able to greet everyone I passed on the bustling city blocks by name. I miss walking into Specs alone on a weeknight just to be joined in hysterical conversation by a neighbor who had also just happened to have wandered in that night. I miss my neighborhood. I miss my feeling of home.

I wonder how you are, San Francisco. I know the government terrorized you while I was there. I did my best to keep you safe. Promise me you will never put chips in your heads again. And keep fighting the good fight. I know how hard you work.

Yes, I was just sitting in Café Diem in Ankeny, IA perusing the images in May's "W" magazine. I do not go out everyday to the coffeeshop here thinking I will find a similar sense of community. I do not expect that of Ankeny.

Why do I still go out everyday and drink the coffee in Ankeny, then? Well, how else will I know when they finally get the crap out of the water? Yes, I drank the coffee today, and there is still something in the water. Please, my beautiful world, tell Ankeny to do something about this. Children drink this water. Oh, and while you are at it, it might help to tell them to read this blog. I do not think they read.

Ankeny, I know how hard you are trying. And I appreciate it. I know I sometimes come across as mean if you do read this blog, but try to read these posts with the tone of voice they are intended to carry. If you have ever sat down next to me and spoken to me, as you are all welcome to do, you would know how sunny I really am. Just bother, Ankeny. Bother to care.

Yes, I am stuck and stranded nearly penniless in Iowa. I technically have money. My evil father just will not let me control any of it.

I just went to to check my balance, and I still have about $13 as the combined balance of my checking and savings accounts. Huh, my dad is still being evil. He is still not allowing me ANY of my own money. He also complains that I constantly want to leave town. Well, dad, if you did not insist on mistreating me so thoroughly, maybe I would not want to leave so desperately.

I think the truth is finally reaching Iowa. Thank you for that. I know people will do the right thing if they can get to the truth. Thank you for everything, and please keep the truth moving around out there.

I heard a rumor today that people believe I was once in "Girls Gone Wild." Where the hell did that piece of libel come from? That is the sort of thing you all, my beautiful world, should be calling out as lies the moment you hear it. Yes, the voices pumped into my head through speakers spew a lot of nonsense, but I do not fall for it. When you hear lies, neither should you.

Is anyone else sick of this ridiculous bubble? Is anyone else sick of all of the lies? Are you all out there asking questions and demanding answers? Do you know why this is happening, yet? Do not accept answers that are not built on the truth and do not make logical sense.

Never voluntarily give up your human rights without knowing why. If you do not get answers you like, or even if you do not get answers at all, refuse to comply. These are HUMAN RIGHTS we are talking about. Never EVER give them away.

And now it is time for an elementary physics lesson!

mass = the amount of stuff called matter (Think of it as atoms.) that make up something

Mass is measured in grams. Mass is not weight. Weight is the force gravity has pulling something down. Weight is measured in Newtons or pounds.

velocity = the change in an object's location over time

Velocity has both a magnitude (speed) and a direction.

acceleration = the change in an object's velocity over time

Acceleration is the speeding up or slowing down of an object. If the object has a constant speed, then it has a velocity without acceleration.

momentum = mass x velocity

energy = mass x velocity x velocity = mass x velocity^2 (mass times velocity squared)

force = mass x acceleration

I bring all of this up because of the way you, my beautiful world, and I are changing this planet for the better. The truth has velocity as it gets around. There is momentum behind everything we do. I am a constant source of energy. We have become a force to be reckoned with in the world.

But what we need most now is inertia. We need to resist the things in this world that are trying to slow us down. Even better, though, if there is any way to speed up getting me out of this bubble, I say do it. Always, always, always end the human rights violations first.

As for human rights, I only have my freedom of speech. I do not have safety. I do not have privacy. I do not even have clean water to drink.

You, all of America, do not have your human rights either. You do not have freedom of speech. You do not have the freedom of the press. You do not have the right to assemble and associate with anyone you want. But what you do have is numbers.

There are enough of you that if you stand up and demand your rights, you will get them all back. You just need to organize. You need to pick a date and time. And you need to universally refuse to comply with the rules of oppression and persecution that Obama the Terrorist enforces. Liberate yourselves. Go claim your human rights.

This wide world is such a beautiful place. Have you ever had a chance to see my travel photography? Ask someone on my Facebook friends list if you can peruse my travel photos some time. Most of them are in there. In my natural state, I am a traveler, you see.

Part of my dad's argument that I am mentally incompetent to make decisions for myself hinged on the fact I want to see Kathmandu. His argument made absolutely no sense to me; who does not want to see Kathmandu? The worst part is, the judge agreed that world travel is a sign of insanity. Please get the truth into all of Iowa. This is what I am dealing with in here.

Yes, I love to travel, but no, I have never traveled among the planets. I know you mean it as flattery, and it sort of makes me blush depending on how you say it... but no, I am not an extra-terrestrial. I do not mind your drawing the metaphor, though. I know some parts of me are other-worldly.

What I worry about, though, is that if you spread around that I am not human, I might never get my human rights. We could fix this easily if your metaphor simply said that I am a human from another planet. Besides, we all know I am terrestrial. I was born in Duluth, Minnesota, after all.

I am going to go get the news, now. Please take care out there... and keep fighting the good fight!

Sweetness, I mailed you another letter today. That means you should still be expecting mail tomorrow and Saturday. Why am I writing so much these days? ... I write so much because I really am that miserable. Oh, my Mr. Love-of-my-Life, I know how hard you are working to get through the bubble to be with me. I am so sorry I got you caught up in this miserable mess. Thank you for staying with me through all of this. Do you need any help out there?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Making Progress Out There...?

Are Obama the Oppressor's grumpy pants still in a knot? He is such a bouncy-ball of bad energy. Try being nice to people, Obama! Stop persecuting me and give America back its freedoms and rights!

As for good energy, I saw my chiropractor today. My right shoulder has been killing me lately, but I have been putting off going because I do not want him to get in trouble for giving me actual care. Well, I was in so much pain last night that I broke down and went first thing this afternoon. He fixed up my right shoulder for me and told me to lay off the heavy lifting for a while. He is such a sweetheart. I was lucky. I had just enough money left for the copay.

I just checked the balance on my checking account, and my dad moved just enough money last night in order to cover the overdraft fees he forced me to accrue. No, I am still not allowed any of my own money.

My dad is so evil. He is this black vortex that wanderers around this house sucking away my goodness all day. He broke the law to gain adult guardianship over me from the Polk County District Court when I was not even in the court's jurisdiction. And now that he has adult guardianship over me, he makes my suffering worse.

I think he plans on skipping town soon to avoid getting arrested. No, he has no plans to give me control over any of my own money before he goes. He is going to leave me destitute.

Sigh... and as for you, Ankeny, Iowa, did you clean up the city water, yet? I am pretty sure you cleaned up the milk in town... but what about the bottled and city water? Children drink this milk and water! Why did you allow this to happen?

You need to fix the problem completely. Announce to the public that they should not drink these things. Get rid of the tainted sources and bottles. Tell people when the water and milk are finally clean. Find out who did it, and hold the culpable parties accountable. Most importantly, DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!

This is ridiculous. I should not have to tell you how to do this. Keep an eye on the bottled and city water, and do let this happen again. I barely ever drink milk. You are lucky I caught that one.

This would all be solved, Iowa, if you would just refuse to comply with Obama the Terrorist's persecution bubble.

There is NO REASON for anyone to suffer through this. Just stand up and refuse to be a part of this mess. Stand up for yourselves, and demand your rights and freedoms. Refuse to comply.

It looks like the British are starting to stand up. We already know that Gee-Dub and Tony Blair agreed to go into Iraq together before Gee-dub even took office. This article is progress indeed.

Do you remember when I told the Brits I do not want to hear them apologize to me? I want to see them actually fight for something good in this world instead.

I want them to clean up their own mess. I want them to hold their media accountable. I want them to take down the people who put control chips in everyone's heads on that island.

I want them to take in and convict for torture Dr. Helen Reynolds and every last member of the nursing staff who worked in the torture facility in Liverpool (except for Vinnie and Damian) where I was kept. They would not be hard to find. They all took paychecks for it. There is always a paper trail.

That is how the British will redeem themselves. The crimes committed against me there were beyond description and I live with that torture everyday. The entirety of the British people is living with that guilt.

I see from the article that they are slowly coming around to holding people accountable instead of always trying to blame someone else for their own messes. It is progress. It is very good to see.

But, do not let it make you complacent. We still have a lot of work to do to get this bubble of persecution and oppression burst. What did you do today to fight the oppression?

Yes, I know, I know... As long as you, the people who love me, are working on getting me out of this bubble, I promised I would focus on saving the world instead. Here we go...

NATO, I know you are concerned about the unrest in the Middle East and North Africa right now. And I also know you are concerned that the new governments that are forming might be violent in the future. Have you considered helping the people organize peaceful protests in the area now instead of sending troops? If the people continue to see the power of peace now, they will not turn to violence in the future, either. I know you are concerned about the area. It is a good thing to think about.

There is unrest in Nigeria, again. Elections are difficult times. They are simultaneously good news and disappointment for the population. Elections are democracy in action, though, and when they have results, you need to stick to them. Sometimes you might need to reconfirm the vote count, but unhappiness should be no reason for violence. Please, Nigeria, stand by your democratic system. And if you must fight, do not do so violently.

In cases of alleged war crimes, I always say the same thing. End the human rights violations first. After that, you seek justice and talk things through to make sure it never happens again. There is no point in getting lost in political discourse until after the suffering has been ended. War crime trials can take decades... make sure the human rights violations are ended as soon as possible.

Sweetness, I know it is not easy being in love when Obama the Oppressor does not allow us near each other. I know how hard it is for you. Thank you for staying with me through all of this. I would get out of Iowa to be able to meet you somewhere, but my father is being evil. I have almost no money left, and all of the water is poisoned. Whatever you are doing, I think it is helping. Obama the Sociopath really has his grumpy pants on these days. I love you more than words can bear.

P.S. Please tell Pope Benedict XVI happy birthday for me, all y'all! I think I missed it by a couple of days, but I wish it nonetheless.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Why is There a Bubble at All? Demand Answers.

I find I have been dressing like a fertility symbol lately. My speculative fashion choices, though probably the source of much amusement, as of late baffle even me. I have not gone so far as to wear long flowing robes and a wreath on my head... but that is where I fear all of this is headed. On the upside, my hair has never been so luscious and luxurious. If I ever get the chance, I will go shopping for something a little more chic to wear. That should fix it. If I ever get the chance...

I just checked my balance, and no, I am still not being allowed any of my own money by my evil father. I was sitting on a little cash, sadly not much, that I was hoping to send to my sister in LA to help her get by, but now it is all I have to pay for my coffee when I go out. I would stay at home and drink coffee instead, but the water here is poisoned and drugged. Suffice it to say, the ugly living conditions around here are getting uglier. PLEASE SEND HELP!

Congress, I hear Obama the Dictator tried giving you a deadline of a couple of months to deal with all of the budget and deficit concerns. I would put up a link, but we all know I only get speculative news. It might behoove you to remind him that he runs the executive branch NOT the legislative branch.

As much as I would love to see you all blast your way through the budget and deficit concerns so you could impeach him all that much sooner, unlike President Incompetent, I actually do know how to do math. I know what a concern the budget and deficit are. I know the mathematical principles behind how quickly interest accrues on debt, and I recommend you take your time and do it right.

Take your time and do a good job with the budget and deficit. Hell, do it right the first time if you can. Do not let President Incompetent boss you around. You are not in his branch of the government. Instead, make Obama the Tyrant wait for you.

As for you, President Incompetent, let is look at the positive-effect-on-the-world score cards. Let us all look at everything I have done for the world over the last two years, and then let us all look at everything you have done for the world over that last two-plus years. Huh,... look at that.

If you look at the facts of the situation, I am a successful and benevolent world leader, and you are an incompetent oaf. Is that not interesting? This leads us to one obvious and logical conclusion... You really ought to stop what you are doing and follow my lead.

Turn it all around and follow my lead, Obama, you brat, and you might finally be able to save face. Saving face... is that not what this is all about for you, now?

Here is what I suggest you do first: Give me back my human rights which you so illegally took away for no good reason and stop oppressing all of America. Try giving rights and freedoms to others instead of always taking them away. Return the freedom of the presses, and again allow all Americans the freedom to spend time with anyone they want. Let people say any respectful and honest thing they want to say in any public forum. That is, stop being an asshole.

This type of leadership works for me. If you really are so desperate to learn from my example of how to make people like you, learn to inspire instead of destroy.

That is all I have to say to you today. You really are not worth the effort, President Incompetent. But as you are now, you are a menace to the free world. If I do not do something to stop you, who will?

Moving on to more worthwhile subjects,... Oh, my beautiful world, how are you today? It is so hard for me to get any news in here. Let me see what I can find...

Here we go... Have you seen the weather lately? The world cannot wait for help any longer... and definitely not as long as it will take for me to get out of this bubble on my own. We need world leadership on topics of Global Climate Change from a source 1.) everyone can trust, 2.) smart enough to get ahead of what is to come, and 3.) with enough heart to bother to care for humanity.

Obama the Asshole fails on all three counts. Who else do have to lead this? This planet needs help now. I would do it, but I stuck in a bubble.

Oh, my beautiful world, whatever you are doing to fight this bubble, it is working. I saw more love-Obama-the-Sociopath propaganda today. They are desperate to make people like him again. I know you do not fall for it. Please continue to call it out for the lies it is.

I also heard that they are coming up with new rules for you all to follow. If they make the bubble stricter, they are shooting themselves in the foot. It will just make you, the trustworthy public, fight all that much harder. If they lighten the rules, it is an effort to make you complacent by taking the fight out of you.

Do not let them make you complacent with pretend help. The corrupt-powers-that-be understand that the more harshly I am persecuted, the stricter the bubble, and the longer I am denied my full human rights, the bigger a hero I become. But as long as this bubble exists at all, you, my beautiful world, need to fight them.

By virtue of existing, this bubble is persecution. I still do not have my full human rights, and neither, America, do you. This whole nation is denied real world, national, and in some cases, local news. This whole nation, except for me, is denied freedom of speech. Why are you allowing this to happen?

Just refuse to comply with their rules. The rules are not laws. It is not illegal to break them.

Why does this bubble exist at all? It exists because the public goes along with it. Has anyone ever received an explanation for the bubble? If you have to go through life expected to comply with policies that take away your own rights and liberties, you deserve to know why you are expected to do it. Never, and I mean NEVER, give up your human rights unless you know what you are doing.

Demand to know why this is happening. Ask questions and demand answers. If you do not get answers, refuse to comply.

You are expected to comply in good faith. There is no punishment for refusing to follow their rules. It is not against the law to refuse to comply.

Why are you going along with giving up your rights and freedoms if you do not know why this is happening? Demand answers. Settle for no explanations that do not make sense or are not built on the complete truth.

There is no real reason for this bubble. It exists to make the corrupt even more rich and even more powerful. Go take back your rights and freedoms.

Does anyone else find all of this as ridiculous as I find it? We have the benevolent in a bubble of persecution while the corrupt run free. This does not even require that you stand up to anybody. Just refuse to comply, and do what you want all day.

Iowa, so much would be fixed if you would just refuse to comply with Obama the Oppressor, finally. Do you not want to save this world?

Sweetness, I dropped off another letter for you today at the post office. It is Sunday, so it will not go out until tomorrow... but this means mail from me should arrive at your place Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday this week. There might be more if I keep feeling my muse. I know you understand. The more miserable I am, the more I write to you. Well, it is a combination of that and how much love I have to send you. Every breath brings me closer to the moment I get to be with you... That is what I hold on to.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Please Get the Truth to Ankeny, Iowa.

Ankeny, Iowa is getting worse. I know this town was scarringly cruel to me when I went to high school in Ankeny in the '90s. I know they terrorized me when I was here for 2.5 months in 2009. Is it so wrong that I hold out hope that they will eventually come around? Or is this just my blind faith in humanity speaking?

I know I still cannot see any doctor here without expecting to be harmed. The area still complies with Obama's persecution policy. But on top of it all, this town was so rude to me today. There are only two logical conclusions to draw. People in Ankeny are just not good people, or they have not gotten to the truth, yet.

Please send the truth into Iowa. Metaphorically beat them over the head with who I really am in this world. If they do not come around to treating me like a human due at least basic human respect, then I have to give up on thinking all people will do the right thing if they just get to the truth.

They have gone from treating me like a freak-show porn star to treating me like a celebrity they are too shy to speak with to, now, treating me with inexplicable rudeness. They either have no idea who I am in this world, or they are all ugly people. I am holding out for the fact they just live in lies. I do not want to have to give up on humanity. Please get the truth to Ankeny, Iowa.

I know what I mean to the world. It is so hard to mean so much to so many when I mean so little to the people around me. I do my best.

Ankeny, take a good look at everything I have done and still do in this world. Then look at how you treat me. There is no reason to treat anyone the way you treat me. Stop complying with Obama. He is ruining you.

Sweetness, please, when you can, get me out of here.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A Separation of Responsibilities

I just checked the balance on my checking account (that my father perjured himself to gain control over), and I am still overdrafted. My father is actively refusing to give me ANY of my own money... at all.

Even if he had legally gained adult guardianship over me-- which he did not do-- he and the Polk County District Court clearly do not know what adult guardianship is actually for. It is meant to provide guidance to adults with permanent mental disabilities that cannot care for themselves. It is not meant to abuse, mistreat, and persecute a perfectly competent adult. My father is such a criminal.

If you see him, try to talk some sense into his evil head for me. I know you know what he looks like. Take him aside, and make him stop harming me. My father is evil and must be stopped.

I know how the song goes, "Even this shall pass away..." but my dad, Thomas Raymond Varilek of Ankeny, Iowa, actually goes out of his way everyday to shit on me.

I promise that should I ever be blessed with super-human children of my own, I will never treat them as cruelly as my parents treat me. I will, instead, love them. I will support them. I will help them be every beautiful thing in this world that they are meant to be. I promise I will never turn into my parents.

Speaking of evil, I wonder sometimes if Obama the Sociopath is questing for money and power or celebrity and popularity more. I know for a fact that if he put a chip in someone's head, he filled that head with lies about how he is the savior of all of humanity. That is still one of the fastest ways to recognize someone with a control chip in her or his head.

He also does many celebrity-related things like appearing on frequent magazine covers and sucking up to celebrities. It is really very pathetic of him.

Obama, you bratty child, if you want so much to be popular with celebrities and the media, I suggest you give them back their freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press. I suggest you let them spend time with anyone they want to spend time with, especially me. Until then, you are only their oppressor. Stop throwing tantrums and demanding that they like you. It makes you look like a sociopath.

I saw the footage of you at the Lincoln Memorial the other day desperate to feel approved of by the public. Do you really want to be like by the masses? Then I suggest you try being good to people instead of lying to, oppressing, and terrorizing the public. Repent, Obama, and you might still save yourself. Mend your horrible ways, stop persecuting me, and give America back all of its human rights.

Obama, you tantrum-driven child, we all know you are jealous of how beloved I am, but do you know where my power and influence come from? I tell the truth. I am capable of math. I make sense. And I do good things in this world.

It is easy to be hero when there is a villain. Obama, you are the villain. I would not be the hero-of-the-people that I am if you did not insist on persecuting me. Do you want to take the source of my power away? Stop being an asshole, and give me my human rights. You have already proven you cannot stop me from being benevolent.

Clearly, I have nothing better to do all day than profess the truth and fight you. Your persecution policy does not even allow me enough money every day to buy a cup of coffee. What else would I do all day than labor to liberate this country from your blatant oppression?

You put yourself in this position. You committed your own crimes. You cannot complain now that harming people has made you unpopular.

Speaking of the high level of persecution I am enduring right now, there is now a separation of responsibilities here. I am leaving the campaign to rescue me in the hands of the people who love me. If you all focus on saving me, I will focus on saving the world. Are we agreed?

I cannot lead my own rescue efforts. The corrupt-powers-that-be stand in the way of everything I want and do in this world. You will have to rescue me without my help. I know you can do it. There are enough of you. Just organize, and help each other. Please send help and rescue me.

Now, I will get back to my responsibilities according to our agreement. Do you think I can inspire Big Oil to take up research and design on a solar-powered Model T? T. Boone Pickens, what are you up to these days?

The technology will come whether or not Big Oil is the one to develop it. But this way, Big Oil, who employ a great many people, will be able to stay ahead of the curve and not go under when the technology comes around. You need to plan for the future, Big Oil. The world will find its way off of fossil fuels no matter what you do. Save yourselves. Develop solar power.

Sweetness, I mailed you yet another letter today. When you can, come get me. I will be here. Except for my freedom of speech, I am not allowed anything that even slightly resembles human rights, freedoms, or liberties. I do not even have physical safety here, and Iowa is still complying.

Save America. Stop Obama.

Hypothetically, let us pretend Obama the Sociopath said, "Make people like me or there will be a civil war." That is an example of terrorism. He is (hypothetically) terrorizing you with the threat of civil war to control you.

If he says it to you, demand that he explain his lies. We all know that there is no threat of war from me. We also all know that the greatest problem in this country that is forcing people to fight with each other is Obama the Asshole's insistence on persecuting me. So, if he would say the above lie to you, he would be terrorizing you into controlling you, so he can get away with persecuting me and oppressing this nation longer.

Obama the Oppressor is a sociopath. He charms you all into situations where he gains control of you in order to hurt you. Do not fall for his lies anymore. Do not let him control you any longer. Break free from his oppression.

I am a completely benevolent soul, and even I must admit there is no way to save President Incompetent until AFTER he stops oppressing all of America.

Obama the Sociopath is currently in a push to use his charms to oppress America and get away with persecuting me longer. Do not fall for it. Call out the snake for what he is.

Do not fall for his lies and get seduced by him again. Do you remember all of the lies he told in order to get elected? He promised hope and change, but instead he has proven to be more Bush than Gee-dub ever was.

He is trying it again. He is trying to seduce America with his lies again. When you hear his propaganda, point out the source and call out the lies. Please, do not fall into this trap of trusting your oppressor again.

You cannot trust Obama the Oppressor. He is a man who has built his reign of terror over America on the back of his charming lies. He is the man preventing you from having your freedom of speech, any freedom of the press, and the right to assemble or associate with any one you want. If you do not believe the last one, just try it with me.

You need to fight Obama the Terrorist. You need to stand up, you need to demand your human rights, and you need to fight him. You need to stop letting him control you. You need to liberate yourself from his oppression.

Stand up. Organize. Pick a date and time. And universally refuse to comply. Just reach out and snatch your human rights right back for yourselves. There are enough of you. It will work.

If you do not do this for yourselves, do this for me. I cannot have my human rights until all of you demand yours. If you do not do this for me, do this for America. Do not let Obama the Terrorist force America to fall apart.

Obama the Oppressor is already driving this country to ruin on his quest for money and power. When he is done ruining this nation, he will just move on.

Save America. Stop Obama.

Sweetness, I love you. I love you madly. I love you more than words can bear. Please keep an eye out for that letter I mailed you yesterday. It professes so much of my love.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Complying with Obama's Policies is no Way to Make me Like You.

Iowa complies. Bastards...

I know how the argument goes. I will cease to be benevolent if persecuted long enough. Why would you comply and let that happen?

Take a good long look at everything I have done and still do for humanity. Then look at how you treat me. Iowa, you are being evil, and you are fighting hard to make me hate you. Do I really deserve to be this mistreated? Stop complying.

Yes, I do hate on occasion. I learned it from the British in 2010. I still need to heal from that. Justice would really help. Go collect my torturers and convict them already.

While I am on the topic of Iowans and evil, my dad is now flat out refusing me any of my own money. I know you know what he looks like. Take him aside and talk sense into his evil head.

I know what some people would call compliance is really a slough of things out of your control. I know that the government spends a lot of money patrolling what I am allowed to see on the internet. This is what I was allowed to see as news, when I went to this morning. I know it is not CNN's fault.

With everything that is happening in the world, the government that persecutes me is trying to convince me that this is all of the worthy news that is out there. Take a good look at all the things I do for humanity. I deserve a better effort than that. Try harder next time you want to lie to me, corrupt-powers-that-be.

I get to see the news-from-nothing and a whole lot of love-Obama-the-Sociopath propaganda. Where I come from, loving Obama the Oppressor is a sign he put a control chip in your head that feeds you nothing but lies. Let us all get rid of his lie-ridden propaganda before it gets around, okay? That is the last thing this world needs more of. When you hear it, point out the source and call it a liar. That should take care of it.

Obama the Oppressor, in his idiocy, addressed the public again yesterday. I hear he asked Americans to examine what sort of country they want to live in. Did anyone say they want to continue being oppressed? Why is he not impeached yet?

People, yes, you, the American public, you need to liberate yourselves from his oppression. Stop fearing him. Fight him instead. Do you or do you not want your freedom of speech and freedom of the press back?

Well, he is probably not impeached yet because he has driven this country into such a mess that Congress needs to do some clean up first. Yes, I do have views on what happens politically in this country. Yes, I also know how powerful I am. I do not, however, want to fall into the trap of becoming an American dictator. So, I keep a lot of my opinions to myself.

This country is a democracy. And despite all of Obama the Sociopath's efforts to be a reigning dictator, we should really give democracy a chance. Go read the US Constitution and demand your human rights.

Besides, we all know Obama the Asshole is becoming more evil to me because he is jealous of me and my influence on the world. And you all know what I say about those that are jealous of me... Jealous bitches can't dance. (Hee-hee! I could not help it!) No, really, only the petty and superficial are jealous of the horrors Obama the Sociopath forces me to live through everyday.

Obama the Oppressor persecutes me. This is not how this started, but it continues because Obama the Asshole is searching for a way out with being held accountable for his actions. Do not give him a way out. He controls you with fear and terrorism. You cannot negotiate with a terrorist.

Give Obama the Oppressor no way out but down, and make him take all of his cohorts with him. Make them all fall over like a long line of dominoes. I have been pushing on Obama the Oppressor for so long because he is the weakest domino. This country needs justice. Do not give up until we get it.

Once I can finally get to my human rights, I will probably be much more itinerant. I will go where I am needed. I would be much more mobile now if I could be. I hate staying where I am mistreated. Iowa needs to get its brain around that. (Iowa! You are being assholes! Stop complying!)

Why am I being kept from traveling? Well, that is obvious. I am actively kept away from everything I want. I am not allowed anything that gives me safety or happiness. I am persecuted.

I think my husband finally understands that is why we are kept apart. I am not allowed anything I want in this world. That is the policy of the corrupt-powers-that-be.

Now, take a good look at everything I have done and still do in this world, and ask yourself why you choose to comply with Obama's persecution policy. Ask yourself why you choose to go along with it and mistreat me.

He is controlling you with fear. Liberate yourself. Stand up and take your own human rights back. No one should live in fear of doing something completely legal... like speaking the truth, meeting with a friend, or reporting real news.

On the topic of news in the world, how is North Africa and the Middle East doing? I am not able to get news about them today. How goes their fight for human rights? I know that some people have worries that if they become self-sovereign nations, they might start a war with Israel. I, for one, do not want a war anywhere.

I believe that North Africa and the Middle East have learned the power of peaceful protest, peaceful civil disobedience, and peace as a whole. If they keep seeing that violence fails to solve conflicts (Squid clears her throat and points at Obama the Sociopath's policies in the area.), they will not choose violence in the future either. Israel does not fear war; it wants it. If Israel did not want armed conflict, it would not have been committing such heinous civil rights violations for so long. Israel is another example in the region that violence is not the answer.

I heard the other day that a resolution was reached in the Ivory Coast. I, of course, can see no news on the topic today. I hope the violence there will end as soon as possible. I hope the people of the Ivory Coast have the leader they chose for themselves. My hopes are with them as they heal.

My hopes are also with Japan as it heals. I could not even get news on Japan today... but I did see three articles of Obama the Asshole's propaganda. Do the corrupt-forces-that-be really think I would not notice that I cannot get news about any world events?

I call that a huge leak in the system. Clearly, it is the government acknowledging that I really am being persecuted. Obama the Oppressor should be sent to a federal prison for that. Wait, he cannot be sent to prison because it is not illegal to go against my bubble. That is why Obama the Hypocrite is not in trouble for leaking. There is no law broken by refusing to comply.

I hope that the city of Chicago similarly refuses to comply when I go visit them. If I can just convince my father to stop being an asshole long enough to give me enough of my own money to buy a train ticket, I will plan on being in Chicago for two weeks in late May.

Beware, Chicago, Obama the Terrorist will publicly and openly oppress you by virtue of my being there. You will be slapped with human-rights-violating rules of behavior. You will also need to keep an eye on your water supply. Obama the Oppressor is a party to poisoning and drugging both the city and bottled water supplies when I am in an area. If you just refuse to comply with his reign of terror, you will not have to suffer through this.

As for the news that I actually do get to hear, why would anybody believe Lady Gaga had plastic surgery? Some people in this world actually are born beautiful. That is why plastic surgery is so popular. The mediocre-looking people want to look like the beautiful ones. If there were no naturally beautiful people, this would not be an issue. If you run around making petty and superficial accusations like that, your should really look at yourself and administer a 'personality lift'... because you need beautifying.

I also have heard more than a few rumors that Obama the Terrorist is driving us towards a civil war. Do not let him win. Do not let him tear this country apart. The best thing to do would be to force him to end his policies that are causing Americans to fight with each other. He is trying to use me to end this nation. Do not let him win.

Sweetness, I sent you another letter this afternoon. You should get it soon. I wonder if I will feel it the first time I kiss your face or if I will be too glowingly happy to feel my body at all. I know how hard you fight for me. You really are my hero. Please take care, and do not let my enemies hurt you anymore.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Obama is Just a Man. He has Normal Human Failings... like Greed.

Obama the Oppressor is just a man. He is just a terrorist. His power ends when you stop fearing him.

Bursting the bubble would only remove problems and end suffering. There is no catastrophe looming if I should happen to regain my human rights. That was one of their old lies to keep the public terrorized and controlled.

I have faith people will do the right thing if they can just get to the truth. I have faith in humanity. Please get to the truth and spread it around.

Is Mrs. Michele Bachmann really the only woman willing to run in 2012? Why is it we cannot fill the ballots with capable women? If they are so worried about Republicans and their 'War on Women,' then Democrats should turn on Obama the Oppressor and run a woman for president in 2012. We already know President Incompetent is more Bush than Gee-Dub ever was.

When I am normally very hands-off with the political process in the US, why do I care so much about this? Let me put it succinctly, if we would have elected a woman to the presidency in 2008, I would not be an enslaved rape and torture victim living in a bubble of persecution. This ill-gotten, ill-serving bubble needs to burst.

On a related note, I am losing hearing but only in my left ear. It is either the constant screaming or all of the earwax from the equipment no one is willing to acknowledge. I know the speakers are there. I have seen how nervous doctors get after the look in my ear.

Similarly, my left eye no longer sees strange floating objects moving around its periphery. Only my right eye sees those now. It is a symptom common with an object being lodged in the eye.

Does anyone know the purpose of the bubble in which I live? Has anyone ever been able to justify it... without lying... and while making rational sense based in the truth? No. No one can justify this bubble.

It serves no purpose except for helping Obama the Asshole and those that pull his strings quest for money and power. You, America, are an oppressed nation at my expense for no reason except Obama the Sociopath's greed.

Spread the truth around. Demand answers. Stand up and fight. Better still, just refuse to comply with the bubble. There is no reason to allow this to go on.

Obama the Sociopath is just a man. If you stop fearing him, you take his power away.

Machiavelli was partly right. There are only two effective ways to influence the world: love and fear. He was wrong about rule-by-fear being the better way to go.

I prefer to quote Voltaire.

Sweetness, do people know about us, or are they full of questions? I agree that our epic love story is the best part of this real-life drama... I wonder sometimes what people actually know about us. If people want answers, they are just going to have to get over their irrational fear of Obama the Oppressor's wrath and speak to me frankly. We all know that you do not answer to anybody. If people have questions, they are going to have to come to me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We are Running out of Time.

I need help in here. I direly need help. If I could get myself out on my own, I would not be stuck in this bubble. Please, send help. If I really do matter so much to you, please help me. If you cannot think of something that will help me, help someone already trying to help me.

I need you to think this through on your own. I need you to organize help for me yourselves. I cannot tell you what I need nor ask you for specific help. Obama the Sociopath and his minions monitor everything I do. They would hear me and would stand in your way. You need to do this without my telling you what to do.

If we can end this bubble, we will spare America a lot of coming drama. If you do not do this for me, do this for yourselves. If you do not want to fight for your own human rights, do this to save America. This will only get messier the longer you allow it to go on.

Distressingly, you can no longer trust the feed that supposedly comes off of my spy equipment and is released to the public. The government has corrupted the feed. You can no longer use it to help keep me safe. I do not know what the government has planned, but they are actively removing my safety. We are running out of time.

Sweetness, I know you do everything you can. I do not want you to feel like my rescue rests solely on your shoulders. You know I have a lot of support out there. Start demanding help from people. You do not have to do this alone.

P.S. Wish Mr. David Letterman happy birthday for me today, all y'all.

Send help.

This fight cannot wait until I can get myself out. You know that, right? I am the one in the bubble. I need help in here.

Send help.

If you cannot think of something you can do yourself to help get me out of this bubble, help people who are already trying to help me.

This is not easy. I know time is of the essence, and I am doing everything I can. But I have no help in here.

I am in a bubble. I am in an impossible situation. If I really do mean so much to you, you need to help me.

I am the one with spy equipment in my head. I cannot lead my own rescue. You all need to organize and get me out of here.


Send help.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Interview with a Squid

I know what you are wondering...

"Squid, with everything Obama the Sociopath and his cohorts have done to you, with all of your friends terrorized and kept away from you, with no human rights but your freedom of speech, how do you stay in such a good mood and keep your sense of humor?"

Well, the answer to that question is simple. If I let them ruin me, they win. For so long it has been a fight for me to neither let them kill me nor drive me mad. It really rubs them raw that I can be nothing but benevolent through all of this. The extra icing on the cake is when I force them to deal with my unstoppable sense of humor. They hate that I am a living witness to everything they have done to me... and after all they have done, it annoys the living bejeesus out of them when I glow.

"How did you come to your conclusions about the New World Order, President Incompetent, and the Wall Street conspiracy?"

There is a two-year history, now, of illicit substances being snuck into my food, drink, and body against my will. While in the UK, my only source of water was full of testosterone, steroids, meow-meow (It is related to e and was the latest craze in Liverpool.), and LSD. I also hated going to sleep every night because attackers would come in my room, and I would wake up with new bruises every morning from being battered and drugged the night before. It was in this altered state that everything clicked for me; the entire idea came together. A global conspiracy is not something that dawns on normal people going about normal everyday lives. Now that I have come to, the entire conjecture still holds together. I have a lot of internalized logic, and I think it really takes care of me when I get in a bind.

"Do you think you can prove your conjectures?"

I will not have the freedom to get my hands on the evidence until I can get to my human rights, but most of it is proven already. People just need to get all of the pieces next to each other. There is always a paper trail. Where did Obama the Oppressor's campaign money come from? Where will it come from this time? Who did President Incompetent appoint to big executive branch positions? Where, like the Wall Street bailout, did Obama the Sociopath send government funding? It is all there. All the information is out there. Has anyone been able to get their hands on the doctrines of the New World Order, yet?

"Some people call you Jesus. We all know you are an a(e)theist. How do you feel about that?"

At my most basic, I am really just a nerd. A thinker. A dreamer. Yes, a lover. I was picked out to be a victim, but instead of letting myself fall apart, I chose from the start to accept the responsibilities that landed on me. I take being a working-class hero very seriously. Yes, I am an a(e)theist, and it is not just to help keep the peace that I say that. I really am an a(e)theist. But I thoroughly understand how important religion is in this world. Religion is how people make sense of the universe, of themselves, and of each other. I have heard a lot of things from Aphrodite to the Messiah... and yes, it makes me a little uncomfortable. But if people see something in me and if by seeing it they make the world a better place, why not just go with it? It will not change who I am or what I do in this world. I am still going to go through life passionately being myself.

"You say you get pro-noia still. What is it? and what are the signs?"

You know what paranoia is, right? It is the irrational feeling that people or entities are out to get you. Well, pro-noia is the irrational belief that people or entities are conspiring to do good things to you instead of bad. I get it all the time. I believe there is good in this world. I have faith in humanity. I have said it so many times, if people can just get to the truth, they will do the right thing. It might just be my vanity giving me the belief that I inspire a conspiracy of good in this world. But that feeling gets me through the day. And I can get so much done in just one day.

"How do you feel about the weight you gained in the torture facility in the UK in 2010?"

Luckily, public opinion of me is not based on what I look like but instead on what I can accomplish in this world. Even my legendary sexual charms never had anything to do with my physical appearance but always hinged on my incorruptible personality and glowing sense of humor. I gained weight in the supposed hospital in Liverpool because of the chemicals they tortured me with constantly. Luckily, they only made me gain weight. They could not make me give up on humanity. I have not gained weight since I left, and once the chemicals completely wear off (I think the last of the testosterone will finally have run its course by the end of July 2011.) I will finally have a chance to lose weight. My experiments with exercise earlier this year made my breasts shrink, and I hate it when that happens.

"How do you keep your hair so healthy?"

Despite public opinion that I am constantly glamorous, I am actually very low-maintenance. My hair is a testament to the perils of over styling. I do not even (remember to) brush my hair everyday... and it looks its best about three days after its last washing. I just let my hair do what it wants. Freedom does wonders.

"You could have chosen any living human above the age of 18 as your significant other. Why did you choose Johnny Depp?"

I am not an idiot. Hee-hee... Okay, let me explain. This goes well beyond 'Do you believe in destiny?' First of all, I fall in love with certain personality types... intelligent, passionate people who are simultaneously strong and shy. I do not fall in love with weak personalities, but I find something helplessly genuine in people who are a little socially awkward. Let us all admit it, he always comes across a little awkward in an interview. Secondly, I know his type. My sweetness always falls for doe-eyed, innocent-looking, girlie girls. Being with me, though something that will likely make him feel a little awkward, should be something a little familiar to him, too. Thirdly, I know how much he loves me. He might be a brilliant actor, but he cannot hide how much he love he has for me. He would cross a bridge of sword blades on his bare hands and knees to be with me. Who can fight a love like this? Fourthly, I see myself in him. It might be vanity to fall in love with someone who reminds me of myself, but who he is makes sense to me. I can trust him as much as I can trust myself. That is invaluable. Finally, in order to have a successful relationship, I know I need a romantic equal. I am a die hard egalitarian, and I need an equal in my bedroom. My Mr. Love-of-my-Life is more than a heart throb, and so am I. He does to my heart what I do to his.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did America Elect a Sociopath as President in 2008?

Serially raping me to be able to control me, so you could make money off of enslaving me counts as forced prostitution. And last I knew, forced prostitution was still a war crime. From what I can tell, all sexual enslavement is forced prostitution, and is therefore a war crime. Forced birth control is also a war crime. I have evidence of that one, too. Sigh... Obama the War Criminal is culpable for so many horrible things. What has he not done to my body? He has not given me human rights nor basic human respect.

I am a human. I am due human rights. Even if I were mentally disabled (And we all know I am not.), I would still be owed two years of human rights.

I need a doctor who is willing to treat the reality of my medical situation. I have years of evidence of doctors denying me care at Broadlawns Medical Center in Des Moines, at various hospitals in the Mercy system in Des Moines, and at the notorious University of Minnesota-Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis where they told me I was not in a bubble but actually crazy and filled my head with spy equipment against my will and without my knowledge. Doctors have a long history of medical malpractice with me because of this illegal bubble; just look at the torture facility I was confined to in Liverpool in the UK.

There are many pressing concerns that argue for the complete end to this bubble as soon as possible. First of all, Obama the Oppressor has suspended the rights of all Americans. You all live without freedom of speech, freedom of the press, nor even the freedom to associate and assemble with anyone you want. Just try meeting with me some time. This was once a free country. President Incompetent has ended that.

Secondly, this is persecution. Obama the War Criminal has singled me out to be a victim of his war crimes as he quests for fame, money, and power. I was picked out to be his stepping stone to glory... I cannot even get a doctor, now.

Despite his best efforts, Obama the Oppressor has not been able to kill me, drive me mad, nor even drive me to become a hooker. He could not make his lies about me come true; I do not bend to his will. As a result, Obama the Asshole has a personal vendetta against me. He will not end this bubble himself nor by choice. There was no legal nor acceptable justification for this bubble to start; there is no legal nor acceptable reason for this bubble to continue.

It is time the rest of America stopped bending to his will. Go claim your human rights, America. There is no reason for this.

Do you know the signs of a sociopath? 1.) A sociopath is typically very charming. 2.) A sociopath has no qualms telling lies of any and all sizes. 3.) A sociopath makes you feel a little bit crazy or off-center. That is, sociopaths are very manipulative.

Did America elect a sociopath as president in 2008? I am already the victim of war crimes committed by this president who once promised hope and change. Is he capable of saying anything without lying? When will he be stopped?

America, this is your fight. Do not expect someone else to do all of the work. If you are not fighting to stop Obama the Sociopath, you are part of the problem. Stand up already, America. Stand up and fight.

Sweetness, I am sorry the letter currently on its way to you is so depressing. I am desperate to get out of this bubble. Luckily, I am still whip-smart and completely benevolent, and I still do not lie to people. Helplessly being a goody-two-shoes, though not recommended for those who want to get ahead in life, might actually see me through this in the end. Truly, deeply, I love you. I trust you. I know how hard you fight for me. If you do not want me to make plans to strand myself in another foreign country, you will have to send me a sign. I am that desperate to get to a real doctor.

Not Everything has to be Creative Genius.

Not everything in this world has to be creative genius. I know and understand this. But I am full of ideas these days... ideas that all have to wait until I get my human rights. It is like getting any medical attention or having a job or pursuing justice or having any privacy or being with my husband or saving the world... it all has to wait until I have my human rights. My life is intolerable and miserable.

Iowa is not a safe place for me. They keep poisoning the water. I am forced to live with my evil parents (plural) who refuse to support who I am and what I do in this world. I am denied contact with all of my friends. And the public just goes along with persecuting me. No one here is standing up and fighting. There is no support for me in Iowa. Iowa, like my parents, cannot be trusted until they refuse to comply.

I make exception for my Cafe Diem baristas. I think I make them genuinely shy. I believe they are actually doing their best.

In the news...

We all know I would have voted for Mrs. Hillary Clinton and probably would still if she ran for President. But it is still good to see that Mrs. Sarah Palin is still politically alive and kicking. I was worried for a while there that she retired. Can you believe Mrs. Michelle Bachman might be the only woman running in 2012?

It was one of my New Years Resolutions to do a little something every day to fight human rights violations. Modern-day slavery is an ugly thing. I know this from the inside. It is Obama the Asshole who refuses to allow me to have the spy equipment removed from my head. It is Obama the Asshole who refuses to give me any human rights. (The only one I have successfully reclaimed so far is my freedom of speech.) It is Obama the Asshole who took human and Constitutional rights away from all Americans to enforce his enslavement of me. It is time for him to be stopped. If you are not in the fight for freedom, you are part of the problem.

I need an HIV test. I was attacked, abused, battered, raped, and injected so many times in that torture facility in the UK that I know I need to be tested. It has finally been three months. Unfortunately, I cannot trust doctors in Iowa... They all comply with Obama's rape-and-torture policy of persecuting and enslaving me. Even if a test came up positive, they would never tell me because it would violate Obama's bubble. I need medical attention. I need it badly. And Obama is not allowing it through his bubble. We need to impeach that asshole.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Stop Falling for Their Bullshit.

It seems I am the only person with her freedom of speech still intact in this country. Do you know why I have my freedom of speech? I have it because I asserted my right to it. I am still battling to get the rest of my rights, but why is it no one else is asserting the right to freedom of speech? Stand up, people, and claim your rights, already!

I have no rights because I was picked out by Obama the Oppressor and those that pull his strings to be their victim. They chose me because I was convenient. They made a huge mistake.

As it turns out, I am a very charming, love-filled, and completely benevolent individual, and if you put a heat camera on me you will see my wings. Now, all of America is living through a psychological, emotional, and spiritual crisis.

This is not over, yet. The bubble is still here. We all still need to fight.

I ended up a hero. It is easy to be a hero when there is a villain... It also helps if there is a nation as a witness to all the wrongs that villain has done.

I did not ask for any of this. (Okay, I did ask for my husband.) But I am very responsible with everything that has landed on me. You know you can trust me. You need to stop falling for all of their bullshit.

Iowa is a hotbed for corruption. They all comply here. I cannot even find a doctor willing to treat problems I actually have. The public is all a part of the persecution, but I bet they would do the right thing if they could just get to the truth. Please send the truth to Iowa. They are all complying.

I have said it so many times. Earn the right to wear it...
If you refuse to comply with the human rights violations in America, you will not be breaking the law. You will be upholding it.

People claim I am really damn important. If I really do mean so much to people, why is it no one will help me? I am fighting for human rights here. Nobody I come in contact with gives a damn.

You need to organize. You need to stand up and claim your human rights. You need to take Obama down and make sure he turns in everyone who has been pulling his strings. Go do something!

If you are not actively fighting Obama's terrorism, you are part of the problem. Terrorism is all he has to control you. There are no laws that support his policy.

Definitely do not let them lull you into complacency by saying it is almost over. Is the bubble burst? No. Then the fight has barely even begun.

Oh, and stop trying to tell me I need to forgive people before this all ends. I will forgive people when I am good and ready. I will not heal until I get justice. That is what justice is for. And I cannot have justice until I get to my human rights. Stop falling for their bullshit and fight.

Sweetness, I mailed you a love letter today. I fear it is not very happy. I am nothing but bleak desperation these days as I try to end this persecution, so I can finally have my human rights. It is just ridiculous that no one else is standing up and demanding their rights, too.