Saturday, April 9, 2011

Why are People Letting this Continue?

Sorry about that last blog post. They poisoned my only water supply again. Now that I have figured it out, instead of complete light-headedness you have my grumpy, dehydrated-ness to deal with. When will all of you finally stand up and end this bullshit?

Obama the Oppressor has been acting as a dictator ever since he took office... and most likely a little before. For no reason but his own hunger for power and money, he put me in a bubble in which I could only reclaim my freedom of speech for rights. I have been tortured, raped, abused, poisoned, persecuted, libeled, attacked, enslaved, exploited, and never allowed to know enough of what is going on to get myself to safety.

Obama the Asshole took away the nation's freedom of speech, freedoms to assemble and associate, and the freedom of the press, to name a few, in order to enforce his illegal bubble. He persecutes me and oppresses all of you, and America, you are just letting him get away with it. He terrorizes you with fear to make you do succumb to his cruel will.

You need to fight him. You need to stand up and claim your rights! There are enough of you. You can actually get this done if you bother. You will not be breaking any laws if you refuse to comply with his illegal policy. You will simply be refusing to be controlled by his terrorism any longer.

There are no laws supporting his persecution of me and oppression of you. He is just enforcing an illegal policy built on fear and terrorism. Quite to the contrary, as president, Obama the Oppressor is supposed to be supporting the Constitution and all of the rights it guarantees. He would rather ignore the fact the Constitution exists at all.

Obama the Asshole is the US's first acting dictator and terrorist-as-president. It is time to take back the nation. Let us go claim our human rights!

There is no excusable justification for persecution and oppression, and there is definitely no legal reason for it. President Incompetent is simply and only acting illegally. He and his cohorts have spun lie after lie to get away with doing this to me and all of America, but it does not matter what lies they spin... There is NO EXCUSABLE JUSTIFICATION for what they have done.

The good news is, Congress finally passed a budget, so they are now free to impeach President Incompetent. I know they probably have a lot of pressing issues to deal with, but I am sure impeachment will be one of them.

This does not excuse you, though, the rest of America, for going along with Obama the Oppressor's illegal policy and allowing him to just take away your rights. I understand that he uses terrorism to control you with fear, but now that you are self-aware, why do you still refuse to stand up?

This used to be a free country. People used to be free do to any legal thing they wanted. You are just allowing yourselves to be victims. You are allowing the ruin of this once great nation.

Stand up, already! Organize yourselves. Pick a date and time, and universally refuse to comply. This is your fight to fight. These are your rights we are talking about. Stop letting yourselves be terrorized. Kick Obama the Terrorist back into line, and claim the human rights and freedoms we are all due!

Sweetness, I worry. Are you okay out there? It is, as always, okay not to tell me what you are up to, especially if it means you can get me out sooner. I am just worried about whether or not you are okay.

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