Monday, April 30, 2012

People are Dying.

People are dying. To say I am unamused with Obama is an understatement. People are dying fighting to set America free of Obama's oppression of all of us. The death, destruction, and devastation Obama reeks on this once great nation with his undeniable crimes are only getting worse.

When people reach the truth about me, Obama's crimes, and the state of America right now, we all fight him and his oppression together. That is why freedom of the press and freedom of speech is illegal in all of America right now. We need to get the truth to as many Americans and citizens of the world as possible, so we can unify our torn America. The truth will set us free. We need to unite against Obama.

Because Obama has rendered freedom of the press and freedom of speech illegal, I have no idea who has died trying to make my life safe and free. My thoughts and prayers are with those brave souls on their journey and with their families as they survive this. I will find a way to meet all of their families. I just need enough rights to get there.

Iowa, I know you are fighting the good fight now. Make sure you let me know when I am free enough to give you my thank-yous in all of their many forms. Your choice to do the morally and legally upstanding things now means so much to me. When you choose to stop committing crimes against me, you choose to stop committing crimes against all of humanity. Thank you.

We are mission critical with the rescue and have been for a while. Saturday morning I was awakened by a non-benevolent hacker in this computer who was working with a non-paparazzi stalker to make me look out of the windows on the back of the house. The stalker was in the yard harassing me at 4am.

If a stalker can reach me, it is proven attackers can reach me. I could really use some vigilance with keeping me safe and some more vigilance with helping my beloved Sweetness rescue me from this hell of slavery, torture, human rights violations, and honest death threats at last.

Please, if you love America, if you love humanity, and if you love me, raise nonviolent hell until we are all free. If you cannot think of anything else, enact and stick to the Infallible Three-Step Plan (click here). Definitely choose not to be oppressed anymore. We are all safer when we are all free.

Sweetness, I am sending you help early this time. In fact, every time I feel our connection go down, I will send you help. Do you need more manpower? Do you need more nerds? Do you need more secrecy? You know what you need better than I do; make sure you get all the help possible and necessary for your next attempt. Let's make this one work. If you save me, you save the world.

My beautiful world, send my beloved Sweetness all your help. I know he is a world hero now for everything he does to rescue me, but I know first hand that even heroes need help. Make this next one work. Give him a plethora of strategies to choose from. Give him the ability to do anything necessary to carry me to safety and freedom. Give him everything you have got. Thank you, all of you.

Friday, April 27, 2012

About Obama and his Crimes...

Sunday morning, I heard a political expert say, "America doesn't like how Washington works," on a political broadcast I like to watch. Washington can be so strange sometimes.

Let us all pray that our national leaders behave as elected officials instead of as politicians in critical moments like these. Let us all pray they work for the betterment of the people of this nation who they represent instead of choosing to help the president obfuscate his crimes as he claws to keep himself in power.

I saw that House Majority Leader John Boehner took charge today and made a passionate speech calling for Congress to make nonpartisan progress towards fixing the nation's problems. It made me smile. I like seeing leaders lead instead of play politics.

Speaking of playing politics, Obama has been trying to convince people that criticizing his wife for her choices should be off limits in political discourse. Reality is quite the opposite, though. Michelle Obama has chosen to politicize herself. She should be criticized for everything she does that deserves it.

Unlike me, a woman who found herself in the spotlight against her will in 2009 due to libel, conspiracy, and human rights violations and who has had to take on politics to someday finally be treated like a human again, Michelle has chosen to promote and sell herself as a celebrity instead of as a first lady in order to keep her criminal husband in office. The First Lady has chosen to make herself fair game for criticism for her public and personal choices. I have never made that choice,... yet somehow I am the person this nation has criticized and libeled the most for over three years now.

Yeah, the Obamas were in Iowa this week. They were here to prey on the members of the public they have brainwashed with their snake-tongued crimes for current donations and future votes. I pray I have taught enough people in Iowa to stand up to their abuses that their influence will only wane here. The Obamas seduce the American public, so Barack can get away with his crimes against us all. Yes, that is the behavior of a true sociopath.

Iowa, I promise you that if you incur a fee from Obama's corrupt bubble for choosing to do the right thing by a.) instantly revoking my father's criminal adult guardianship over me, b.) putting my father in prison for his crimes against me, and c.) safely delivering me to the loving arms of my Sweetness, I will make up every penny to the state. I hope you understand, Iowa, that if you do not, I will never truly be free... and it will be your fault for enforcing Obama's crimes here instead of making the legally upstanding choice.

Yes, I am owed massive amounts of just compensation by Obama and his conspirators for over three years of libel, slavery, torture, emotional trauma, and the various other crimes they commit against me. We need to punish them heavily for everything they have done to make sure this never happens again to anyone ever. Yes, lawyers can do good in the world. Mine need to demand the heaviest punishments, sentences, and fines possible.

Obama's crimes against this nation never seem to end. I have yet to find safe bottled water anywhere in the Des Moines area. If the FDA were not controlled by the president, we would not be facing this major public health crisis right now.

No, the crimes have not yet stopped here in Iowa. Against the best interests of my physical safety, my slavery broadcast ended before the bubble burst completely. I now have almost nothing to keep me safe here in this bubble of torture, rape, murder attempts, and other heinous human rights violations. Do you remember San Diego? Now, imagine what could have happened if I did not have the slavery broadcast to hold them accountable. I AM NOT SAFE HERE and will not be safe until rescued. Yesterday, this became even more of an emergency.

My beautiful world, I need your help. Do everything you can to get my Sweetness and friends to my rescue as soon as humanly possible. He regularly needs rescues of his own in his unrelenting labor of love to come to my aid at last. Taking on this kind of corruption with only his bare hands and an iPhone is definitely not easy. Please do everything he needs every time he asks.

Also, if for any reason he cannot reach me tonight, I am going to need you all to raise some hell. We will need to make this situation so unpleasant for the corrupt powers that be, that the Feds get called off, so he can reach me as soon as humanly possible. Be creative. Do everything helpful you can think of. Keep all protests shy of rioting please, and raise all the hell you can without violence.

My life is on the line, and my last line of holding attackers accountable, the slavery broadcast, has been taken down before the bubble has burst completely. I need your help if I am going to attain physical safety before Obama succeeds at killing me. This is up to you, my beautiful world; please get my rescuers here.

I will tell you if I am rescued or if you need to raise some major hell starting tomorrow. Thank you for keeping up with all my tweets and blog posts. When you all stay informed, you all work wonders.

Sweetness, the world can see how much you love me. I pray the world can see how much I love you. I am sending you all the help I can. I was still in the torture facility in San Diego the last time I wrote you a love poem. I hope I remembered to send you my original notes for it. This world needs more prose and verse. Humanity will never have enough expressions of love.

My beautiful world, I wrote this one by hand sitting in a taqueria in Mexico City in less than ten minutes in February 2010 while eating bistec and nopales tacos. My theory is that Shakespeare used iambic pentameter because most of us have ten fingers.

My First Letter to David Tennant

And when the world of manly tragic plans
decides the path of sleeping hero fires
or sparks a light for songs in people's hands
above our heads to sway to ballad pyres,

Orwellian creatures snorting lines of lies
and beating, bashing, horrid ways to rule,
unpleasant planet waits for helping ties
to labor fruitful plowman's growth uncruel.

But when a girlish girlie lady weeps
the loss of freedoms promised for the land
where once so proud a people spoke of deeps
of water climbing heights above the sand,

Beware the truthless contract terrorists
made writ with blood of screaming termless fists.

And if you think that poem was tapped out on my fingers in a rush, you should see how quickly I wrote my first sestina of love for my HoneyHoney in 2009.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

About the Rescue...

Oh, my beautiful world, please remember that many of my best tweets get posted in the dead of night. Always check for them. You can find them by clicking here:

As for you, Iowa... At some point you will a.) revoke my father's illegal adult guardianship, b.) put my father in prison for his role in all of this, and c.) guarantee my safe delivery to my husband's loving arms. You will do this eventually because it is the only legally upstanding thing for you to do. The questions is... How much of my blood are you going to choose to spill on your own hands before you choose to do the right thing?

I am not safe here. I have been attacked here SO MANY TIMES! You enforce that I am a slave here. You enforce Obama's human rights violations against me and your own citizens here. You do this by obeying and enforcing Obama's crimes. You need to choose to stop.

If San Diego would have chosen to set itself free of Obama's crimes against them and against me, I would not be in need of a rescue from the crimes Iowa commits against me right now. You have all seen all of Obama's crimes in San Diego. Besides demeaning the public like cattle, those were also Obama's orders that the Secret Service were obeying when they chose to try to kill me at the hotel. That is why Obama refuses to investigate nor punish them himself.

If Iowa had chosen to meet my three obviously tiny requests by Valentine's Day like I had recommended, that atrocities of San Diego never would have happened. Think of all of the human suffering and devastation that could have been prevented if Iowa had just listened to me sooner.

Furthermore, if the UK had given me the diplomatic protection from the torture and slavery ordered by the president in this nation like I had asked them for when I arrived there in 2010, absolutely none of the crimes after those in San Francisco would have happened in America at the hands of Barack Obama. The most pressing point about the UK is that all of the people there brainwashed by the speakers in their ear canals showed irrationally (considering their nationality) irrefutable love and devotion to Obama. Gee, I wonder who put the speakers in all of their heads. Gee, I wonder who has been controlling all of them all along.

The pattern just goes on and on. We need to break the cycle of crime, suffering, slavery, torture, devastation, destruction, and heinous human rights violations that plagues this planet. We need people to choose to stop obeying and enforcing Obama's crimes for the sake of all of humanity. If you remember the Infallible Three-Step Plan (click here), that is Step One.

Back on the topic of the control chips in everyone's heads, we need to take action to get every last chip removed. If they are still in people's heads, they can be reactivated at any time. If you, my beautiful world, love and respect yourselves, not to mention me, you will remove every last chip from everyone's ear canals. This is to save yourselves from future brainwashing and human devastation.

It is also imperative that all chips be removed ASAP to ensure a fair and brainwashing-free election process in November. We know who controls those chips in everyone's heads. People need to be free to think for themselves at every point in their lives especially when they vote.

Now, for the hot topic of the day... I have a few important things to say about my promise of a rescue from my hellish, presidentially-mandated lifestyle and about my heroic rescuers. It is not easy for anyone to take on the deep corruption they are fighting especially since they must do it with their bare hands. We must do everything we can to help them and to ensure the rescue happens. If we save me, we save the world. And the world direly needs saving. Look at the devastation wrought by the bubble Obama orders. We need to do everything we can to stop it.

The best thing we can do to ensure that the rescuers will be able to finally reach me and, therefore, finally be able to save all of humanity from the crimes of the bubble, is to enact the Infallible Three-Step Plan (click here) as soon as possible. We need all of humanity to choose not to be victims of the president anymore. I know this requires organization and a lot of brave gumption, but there is complete safety in numbers with these things. If you organize this, my beautiful world, you save us all.

Sweetness, I know and trust that nothing can stop you and nothing can slow you down until I am finally safely in your loving arms. Please trust that I am sending you all of the help I can. I do not think it is fair that so much of the task of returning all human rights to all Americans including me has landed on you, but thank you so sincerely for accepting the responsibility and being the hero all the world needs right now. Please consider operating under greater secrecy. If the whole world knows what your plans are, it is very easy for Obama to stop you. Thank you for everything you do for me. I know that by now we are probably the most romantic true-life story on everyone's lips. Thank you for loving me and for being helpless to the power of this love. I am worth it... so is saving the world.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Legendary Three-Step Plan

Before I reveal my mythic and infallible three-step plan for setting humanity free of Barack Obama completely, there are a few necessary points I need to make clear first.

First of all, keep in mind the litany of human rights violations I am living through right now because of Obama's rules. Now, also look at all of the human rights violations all of you are living through because of Obama's rules. All of America, not to mention all of humanity, is suffering because Obama has been laboring to hide his crimes by committing even more crimes.

Do not forget that I am the only person in all of America with freedom of speech. I am not only talking about the complete censorship you all suffer through when I am in earshot. I am also pointing out that no one on television in any broadcast, even on cable to which I have no access, is allowed to discuss the reality of this censorship, my life, or this oppression nor any related topics from recalled food and bottled water to the speakers in everyone's ear canals.

The only human right I have is freedom of speech, and I am the only American with freedom of speech. You are not allowed to write and perform songs you want people to hear if they address any of this. You are not allowed to write and publish books. You are not allowed to create or produce movies. The list of forms of human expression Obama mandates that all of America must be denied just goes on and on.

This all includes, of course, the complete and total suspension of freedom of the press in all of America. Even local news broadcasts and newspapers I have absolutely no way of ever seeing are denied the right to report the truth of this to the masses. Obama is mortified by the idea of the public learning the extent of his crimes against all of us.

Why is freedom of the press so important? The truth and access to the truth about the reality of what we are all living through gives people the means to protect ourselves. Staying informed is a matter of public safety. As one tiny example, if news broadcasters were free, as they are supposed to be, to tell the public about the dangers of the poisoned water supply or of having speakers in everyone's ear canals, those public horrors would have been avoided completely if not fixed faster.

Because Obama does not want his crimes against all of us reported and discussed in the news, all of America is suffering through the same atrocities from state-controlled media that proliferated Soviet Russia for decades.

Of course, never forget that your and my rights to the freedom to assemble and associate are also completely violated. The right to assemble and associate is a very basic human right. It is what allows people who want to have conversations with each other to talk, meet, converse, assemble and associate. The people who love me all over this world are actively kept away from me by the enforcement of Obama's rules. I am not even allowed to have a phone conversation with my BFF whom I met in 4th grade nor to even touch the hand or face of my own husband. These rules are human rights violations against everyone.

Secondly, if we finally stop Obama's crimes, including but not limited to taking his power to jerk us all around on whether or not we have all of our basic human rights restored to us or not as he has been since Wednesday, look at the world we will be living in! America would finally be free again. And I would finally be free again.

Before Obama got his grubby, thieving hands on our basic human rights, the United States of America was a great nation proud of our dedication to human freedom. Now, late night comics cannot even make a joke about the state of freedom of speech in America without facing federal charges.

Just imagine America free again. We would again be a nation worthy of the lives of the soldiers dying in foreign countries to supposedly 'keep America free.' Those soldiers are dying to keep an oppressed nation oppressed instead of to keep a free people free. Those soldiers will continue to die for nothing until we set America free of Barack Obama completely.

Just imagine what I could do in this world if I had my human rights back. I would be free to travel the world doing good.

I have heard the lies Obama spreads that I would be ruined somehow if I suddenly had my right to physical safety back again, but look at the reality of the world Obama mandates illegally that I must live in. This bubble is designed to destroy me. Nothing about oppression and torture makes a human great and benevolent. You are all very lucky that I am only capable of benevolence and (sometimes tough) love; otherwise, Obama would have turned me into his own personal weapon for evil years ago.

Thirdly, please remember to continue to gently educate people on reality when you hear them express any and all support for Obama. If people genuinely care about humanity at all, it is impossible for those people to support Obama.

If people love me, it is definitely impossible for them to also support Barack Obama and therefore his bubble of hell, torture, and slavery in which he mandates illegally I must live.

In the case, for example, of Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, it is impossible for her to love San Francisco and the state of California and still support Barack Obama. Look at all of the crimes he has committed there (and then look at how he enforces his rules to get away with all of it).

If you love America, human rights, women's rights (Look at how he treats my body!), women's health (Look at how he treats my body and mind!), freedom, or liberty, you cannot support Obama nor his bubble.

If you love the world and love balance in the world, you cannot support Obama nor his bubble. Look at how he and his bubble treat me, a force for love and balance in the world.

Obama stands firmly in the way of the laws that protect freedom and rights in America, violates the US Constitution, and fights against peace and love in the world through his policies towards me.

Fourthly, I understand that there are staunch liberals out there who could never bring themselves to support a Republican for president. I used to be one myself. If you find you cannot support Mitt Romney for president for any reason, remember that you should NEVER SUPPORT OBAMA FOR PRESIDENT. There is always an alternative. Just say to yourself, instead, "Down with pants! Up with skirts!" and write-in Secretary of State Hillary Clinton... or any other person you would actually like to see as president. It is okay to be a Democrat who does not support Obama; it is, in fact, highly recommended... for the sake of the nation if not the world.

Finally, get all of the truth and hard facts about all of this you can to the foreign presses. If you are a foreign press or news broadcaster, please do not allow Obama to oppress your nation and your people by taking away your freedom of the press, too. Keep Obama's jurisdiction for his oppression over his nation only if it must be anywhere, and choose to report the truth and the whole truth about all of this. If we can get the whole truth and the hard facts to every single foreign press and broadcaster, it may finally filter back into America. Who knows, maybe someone will give us a Radio Free America.

And now, as promised, here is My Infallible Three-Step Plan to impeaching the president, bursting the bubble, and setting us all free. Yes, we have all made fantastic progress over the last forty-eight hours, but we are capable of so much more. I know how much support I have out there and how hard you are all working, but it is time we call in all of our friends, colleagues, etc. who are not yet involved, motivate them by gently educating them with reality, and convince them to take action as well. Here are those three steps...
Step 1. Choose to no longer be oppressed. America, you need to choose to be free. This means, America, you need to pick a date, and at midnight that morning you need to choose to exercise your full human rights forevermore. Discuss the reality of all of this in every public forum. Report the news in the papers and on TV. Actually acknowledge that you recognize me. You must set yourselves free. I recommend choosing Monday April 23rd, 2012, but if you need more time to organize and get the news around, go with April 30th exactly one week later.
Step 2. Deliver the truth to everyone possible. Even if we take over all of the media with the truth from the internet to the newspaper to the radio and TV, there will still be people who do not reach reality. You, the people who know the truth of what has been going on for years, need to sit down everyone you can and gently educate them on reality. This means EVERYONE. Please make sure you educate every single Democrat in the US House of Representatives and US Senate, too. Party ranks need to break over this if the Democratic Party wants to save itself not to mention saving all of America and not to mention saving all of humanity from this oppression and these human rights violations.
Step 3. Uniformly demand that Obama/Biden resign. If Obama does not decide to set us all free himself ASAP (and definitely by Monday, April 23rd, 2012), we will have to stop the criminal to be able to stop the crimes. There is no better way to leverage their resignation than by educating all the public including all of Congress on reality, so that their impeachment would be inevitable. Our best case scenario has them both out of office definitely before November to make sure there is a timely election to replace them.

And that is our three easy steps to freedom. It is impossible to put the toothpaste back in the tube. The truth shall set us free.

Sweetness, my darling common-law husband, I wish we had enough basic human rights to have a private conversation if not a conversation at all. I wish I had a way to learn how Obama keeps succeeding at keeping you and your rescue away from me. If you save me, you save the world. Are you ready to be everyone's hero? You have already been mine for years.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Months Later, I am Still a Slave Whose Life Obama Threatens Every Day.

I promised today that I would not stop raging against Obama's oppression of all of America until he and his many crimes are all finally stopped. He went out of his way to break laws and commit human rights violations to be able to hurt me and my husband again today. My beautiful America, you need to stop Obama from being able to do this to all of us finally.

We need to stop attacking people who fight Obama. We need to stop attacking Obama over lies or misconceptions. And we need to focus on discussing reality in all forums in America.

The reason Obama has made freedom of the presses illegal in America is because it would report his crimes and culpability to the public.

If you need to ask yourself, "What crimes?" you are a member of the public Obama has brainwashed by making freedom of the press illegal in the first place. You are the people that most need to learn to fight him.

Demand that the truth be discussed everywhere about all of this instead of the lies he propagates and promotes with his slander policies of me. Demand and exercise your freedom of speech in every forum. Demand that the actual truth about all of this be broadcast on the news.

Stop allowing Obama to take away your right to know what reality is in America and the world. He is a criminal for doing all of this. AND OBAMA'S CRIMES MUST BE STOPPED. We can stop him by choosing to be free and by just plain exercising our stolen rights. If we all do it together, we cannot be stopped.

How many times have you heard him say, "play by the same set of rules"? That is his code for taking away from me, the woman who is forbidden to know that the rules exist at all, the last remaining human right he allows me under his policies of opression, my freedom of speech. He will do anything to silence me because I tell you all the truth.

Obama is mortified of stripping the rules that oppress all of America away because that would leave him to face justice for and public knowledge of his crimes.

Fight, my beautiful world, fight. If we finally stop the criminal, we stop his crimes. If you all save me, you save the world.

Yes, my blog post is short and sweet today, but too much has happened since my last one; that is, Obama has tried to kill me too many times for me to offer a recap now. Once we all have our rights to the truth and reality back again from the criminal president who stole them from us, we finally begin fix this nation and undo the destruction and devastation he has caused.

Fight Obama, my beautiful world, fight him. This is a matter of our survival being more important than protecting the crimes he commits to be able to stay in power.

The reason Obama has made freedom of the presses illegal in America is because it would report his crimes and culpability to the public. We need to take than line of protection away from him.

Sweetness, if you need more help, go get more help. And, my beautiful world, help my Sweetness. Do not fight my Sweetness; do everything he needs to be able to rescue me. Or, better yet, rescue me yourselves, my beautiful world, and send me to my husband. Have the two of us not been through too much pain and suffering at the hands of the president and the people who obey him already? Stop obeying Obama. Start saving the world. And if you save me, you save the world.