Friday, June 24, 2011

Violence in the World

I heard a little rumor that women are trying to honor me by looking like me. I hate telling people what to do unless they ask, but if you really want to flatter me, try acting and behaving like me instead. I have always said that people should be their natural, beautiful selves. This is the beginning of being like me.

We all know what justice looks like... But it leaves us wondering sometimes if justice is enough. I consider it a starting point.

I am not a vengeful woman. Justice lets people start to heal. Vengeance perpetuates the wrongdoing. It is what the victims do with their lives after obtaining justice that says so much. We need to help survivors of atrocities flourish and blossom again. It is the only way to prove we are better than the violence.

A major part of preventing human rights violations is the freedom of the press. It creates an open and honest discussion of the truth in a public forum. Only by learning from past atrocities can we prevent them in the future.

Still on the topic of world news, war, and violence, I think that as long as the "drawdown" (Is that a word?) out of Afghanistan happens, the military should decide HOW it happens. I think Obama the Sociopath has been listening to the wrong set of experts... and we all know he does not do his own thinking. This decision of his is an example of his campaigning not his leading.

I know it will take time, but human rights organizations like the United Nations need to find ways to help populations in need that do not involve sending in armed forces and rewarding violence with violence. Sending humanitarian aid to help the masses suffering amidst the violence or in refugee camps would really go a long way. We should be empowering the rebels to form and support a new democratic government independent of the dictators, not humoring the dictators' preference for violence.

Were you following CNN today? It looks like it is time to enable the Libyan people to run their nation without Ghadaffi. If Obama the Terrorist or NATO needs help or advice from me on how to do this, they are going to need to burst the bubble to be able to ask me. It is time to end the military engagement and bring in something that will actually work.

I constantly hear that my freedom is imminent, but until it finally comes, keep raging, my beautiful world. Keep walking the path of the peaceful warrior. Do not give up the fight until we ALL have our full human rights, again.

Sweetness, I keep hearing rumors. Are you on your way again? Yes, I will wear my contacts until I feel I will be safe. Yes, Iowa ticked me off by carding me last night, but it is up to all of you whether or not charges get pressed. I mailed you a letter yesterday. You can expect it Monday. I love you, and I wait for you...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rage, my Beautiful World, Rage.

I carry my stress in my shoulders and neck. I carry my trauma in my lower back. Sadly, my chiropractor has jury duty all week. My back is a mess these days... after all those threats of hospitalization, after never being allowed a chance to heal from the torture, after living with parents who adamantly maintain the bubble to be able to hurt me.

My contacts are staying in until I feel safe again. Yes, I am using the slavery for physical safety. It is all I have, and they refuse to end it.

When you are treated cruelly, you leave for better surroundings. My parents will not relent with how they harm me, and we all have heard how I would be treated in a different city in the arms of my Sweetness. I would even find my human rights there. What sane person would not leave this hell to be surrounded by love? Look at how often they threaten me here. Look at what few rights I have here. Look how my father treats me.

According to my father, I have over $20,000 in a bank account I am not allowed to access. Meanwhile, it took until last week for him to allow me to buy a second bra. I have only had six dresses for the last six months (and a few separates). I cannot even afford to repair my shoes. He does not give me any money to buy my medications; what I am taking are free samples from the manufacturer. He lies to the courts to be able to threaten me with hospitalization. And I cannot speak to him for fear of his verbally abusing me.

Then look at how my beloved Mr. Johnny Depp would treat me.

What sort of person would choose to stay in this life I lead in this house? What person would not spend every moment trying to be with the people who love her? What sort of person would stand in the way?

Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Build me a place where I can finally heal, and carry me there. This is not over until we all have our full human rights.

This is a human rights crisis that America is living through, and it will not end until America demands and exercises its full rights and liberties. Rage, America, rage. Hold every last culprit accountable. Tear apart every propagator of untruths. Demand this country be free again.

I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks. But as long as I am in this bubble, I am suffering a torment that no human should ever be forced to bear. This is worse than the term "human rights violation" can imply. A "crime against humanity" sounds more fitting.... but I do hope that the courts will justly do everything they can in their jurisdictions. Everything helps.

Sweetness, I think the world has finally become used to how much we love each other. Tell everyone about the life you would give me. Use elaborate detail in every example. Tell everyone what you would do to keep me safe. I cannot wait to make superhuman babies with you. The world needs our kind of love.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Do the Right Thing.

What matters most is that people do the right thing; it does not matter why they do it. Some people go green to save the world. Others just need to save money. Do the right thing, people.

Doing the right thing means being good to each other, respecting each other's human rights, creating good in the world. It never involves lying about someone just to able to hurt her. My father is a prime example of this sort of behavior... so is the hate and slander campaign. There is a reason libel is illegal.

The lies only work to control the public with hatred because we have no freedom of the press. We have no way to conduct an open and honest discussion of the truth. We have no way to bring the truth to the masses. This is why First Amendment rights are supposed to exist.

What we do have, though, is way to hold the people who spread the lies accountable. Follow lies to their source and publicly call out all slanderers. Take away their power; prevent people from listening to them. Press charges. If we do not hold them accountable, it will never end.

Speaking of things that need to end, I cannot heal from all of the malpractice, torture, and slavery until the persecution ends. I need the spy equipment removed from my head, and when it is removed, I need security. Most importantly, I need to be with my immortal love, my Sweetness, my reason for surviving all this. I need a chance to heal.

We all need the bubble to burst, too, so I can do my real job... and on the topic of Global Climate Change, agriculture experts need to look into growing and raising food sources in changing environments.

As one example, crops and livestock in the States are flooded or drought-ridden right now. What does this mean for our food supplies, exports, and consumption come harvest and slaughter time? How do we make sure we can feed the world as the weather becomes more dramatic every year?

We need to spend similar attention on controlling the spread of diseases. As one example, incident rates of malaria might stay the same, but the geographic areas afflicted might change. We need to keep people aware, so they can stay safe.

Rage, my beautiful world, rage. Do not stop until we all have all of our human rights. This is not over, yet.

Sweetness, what is left that I have not yet tried in order to be able to be with you? I know this hurts you as much as it hurts me, and I am bashing my head against the bubble wall trying to find a way to get to you. Yes, I get a little angry when I feel you have been wronged, and I always put the blame where blame is due. That is where Monday's post came from. I do not care how many mountains have to be moved, so we can finally be together. I love you.

Oppression is Meant to be Defied.

Let me start with everything I can say about my job (carrying humanity through Global Climate Change) while I am still stuck here in this bubble of persecution...

Big cities all over the world need to plan for climate refugees. People will be displaced by weather crises and will move to the big cities for perceived safety and opportunities to rebuild. Cities need to be prepared for them.

We also need to find a way to send water from flooding areas to areas of drought. We, as a planet, need to find a way to redistribute water across bodies of land. It will be very important to our surviving these changes to our climates. As the planet gets warmer, the weather will only become more dramatic and severe. We need to be ready.

As for you, America, when was the last time you really paid attention to the amendments at the end of the US Constitution? That was where they guaranteed our freedom of speech and thought they abolished slavery from this land forever. How many rights do you have right now?

They will only stop enforcing the rules that oppress all of America if America stands up and exercises its full rights in defiance of those rules.

Also in the Constitution, the executive branch (the president) does not get to create legislation (enforceable rules). Only the legislative branch (Congress) gets to do that. If a president (Obama the Oppressor) commits that offense, that president is acting as a dictator and violating the Constitution.

I need to thank a great many people for all of their support and hard work. Thank you, my beautiful world. Thank you for everything.

Keep raging until the bubble bursts. This is not over until we all have our full human rights back. It is clearly working. Do not let up.

Demand justice. Demand freedom of the press. Demand your right to peaceably assemble (your right to spend time with anyone who wants to spend time with you). Demand your freedom of speech. Call out all of their lies. Never let them beat you down.

Oppression is meant to be defied.

Sweetness, how close are we? I could feel your approach all day Sunday, but now I cannot tell where you are. Please take care out there. Who would ever believe a lie that I killed someone? The entire world knows I am a preaching pacifist. I love you more than words can bear. I am gestating a new love poem for you... Do you use that journal I gave you?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Because you Always Ask so Nicely...

I just received this email right now from my court appointed attorney...

I just got a call from the County Attorney saying you had blown off treatment and had left your parent's residence. If you get my email contact me immediately. You only have 9 more days to go of cooperating with treatment and the case would be dismissed. We've got to stay with the program just a bit longer.
-----END MESSAGE-----

Of course, I sent this message back...

Atty. Cooper,
I have no idea what you are talking about. My next appointment is on July 12th, and I am at my parents' as I type this. Has my father completely lost touch with reality?
-----END MESSAGE-----

Apparently, the corruption in the system has not yet been dealt with, and Obama the Terrorist is getting a little desperate. Please, my beautiful world, make sure justice happens. This might require phone calls. All of the same old phone numbers still apply. Let us bring some benevolent action and, if necessary, benevolent resistance. So much would be solved if you would file malpractice charges as soon as possible.

Still on the topic of national politics, is Congress doing the hard work on the debt ceiling? This is a time for democracy to show off. Please calculate how much of the deficit is interest on interest. Please remember that to be able to pay off the deficit, you need to be able to pay in more than the interest it accrues each period. If you raise the debt ceiling, there is so much more that you will have to pay off each period due to interest compounding, but it does make sense to put a band-aid on this for a couple months to buy enough time to fix the problem properly. But you need to make sure you fix it properly. Please take this crisis seriously and look at the hard math.

I hear that the troops are finally supposed to come back from Afghanistan. Do we have any trust or faith left in President Incompetent? Is the Failure that is President actually capable of keeping any promises especially those that do not create human rights violations? Will the troops have jobs when they come home? Will they have any benefits particularly disability benefits? Demand our heroes be treated as heroes.

As for you, Europe, please review your fiscal policy towards Greece. How many times have you tried handing them cash and imposing austerity measures, and how many times has it worked? You need to take the cash you plan to give them and invest it in their economy instead, so that they will eventually have enough tax revenue to run their own government and pay off their debts. I believe you need a better approach to the problem to be able to prevent global economic collapse.

As for other problems facing the world, what is Global Climate Change bringing us today? I cannot carry the world through this from inside this bubble, and no one else is stepping up to do the work... And now it is hurricane season...

Please, my beautiful world, burst this bubble. You know you need me to be free. If my father is threatening me with illegal hospitalization again, we all know that what we are doing to end this crisis must be working.

It is a lot of work for you all to save me from the corrupt legal process inside the bubble AND to exercise your full human rights... but I know you will keep me safe AND deliver me from this bubble of persecution and torture. Do not back down, it is working. It is time to kick it up hotter.

Also, please, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Chicago, and every other world class city that wants to see me finally safe, tell the world what you would do for me if I could find a way to live in your mighty city. Tell the world what you would do when I arrived. Tell the world what you would do to keep me safe there.

I am not expecting a ticker tape parade and everyone washing the street before I can walk on it. But would you paint a street red? Or would you move a street for me? Would you guarantee my safety? Would you get me a doctor instead of a quack? Please give elaborate examples. Please detail to the world how much you love me. We need to prove why I need to leave Iowa for my own safety.

Sweetness, I feel like I give you work every time I write a blog post. Whatever you are ALL doing out there, it must be working if Obama the Terrorist is openly corrupting the system again to cause me another PTSD breakdown. Please make sure people stay organized out there. I am sure everyone is looking to you and Syniva for leadership these days. Thank you for sharing my burden. I love you.

People Need the Freedom to be Themselves.

Let me start with stating the obvious. If a physically attractive woman in a short skirt and tall heels walks into a comic book store, it is normal for her to receive spectacular customer service. It is only if she does not receive spectacular service that she is being singled out for special treatment because of who she is.

Similarly, if Squid goes home to North Beach and finds she is expected to pay for all of her drinks for the first time in her life, she will be suspicious. It has always been the existence of the rules, torture, slavery, and persecution that has leaked the most. The second biggest leak is the slander and libel.

You see, the hate and slander campaigners spread lies about me to make the general public attack me. When people I have never met before in my life are mean to me for no rational reason, I can figure out from how I am attacked what the lie was that made that person do it. From there, it is easy to reverse engineer what actually happened to make the lie get spread around.

Please, my beautiful world, when you hear lies about me, name the slanderers publicly to take away their power. Please also hold my father accountable for all his wrongs. Press charges against every last doctor or hospital for malpractice. If needs be, bring it all to court separately. Every little thing helps.

This is a fight for justice so that 1.) the crimes will finally end and 2.) the culprits will never do it to anyone ever again. This is a fight for human rights including my right to seek justice for crimes committed against me... a right I am meant to be denied by the bubble. This is a fight to make America free again.

Besides holding all those that wrong me legally accountable, the freedom of the press should be another one of our priorities. The people need to be able to hear the truth. Please, journalists, broadcasters, and newspaper publishers, it is time we insisted on our Constitutional right to report the truth in a public forum. This is not just about getting the truth to me; this is about getting the truth to everyone. Please do everything you can.

Technically, according to the Supreme Court ruling concerning the Pentagon Papers, the presses cannot be censored until AFTER they speak or publish. There should be nothing that can stop you from telling the truth, and if they try to silence you after, we get to bring them to court for violating the Constitution. I bet it would work best if you all defied the rules all together and all at once. Please think about it.

This country really needs an open, honest discussion of the major divisive factors plaguing its people. People will do the right thing if they can get to the truth. Maybe we will all be able to find the real purpose of the bubble then. Is America being oppressed to ensure that I am persecuted? or am I being sacrificed to maintain that the nation stays oppressed?

I know for sure that this bubble has never been about controlling me. They never once tried being civil towards me, respectful of me, nor kind to me in order to be able to influence me. They have done nothing but batter, torture, rape, attack, and enslave me. If they wanted to control me, they would have tried being nice to me... particularly since all of the abuse has never worked.

Please, my beautiful world, defy Obama the Oppressor. Exercise your human rights, and wait to see how they enforce the rules on you if they can get away with it at all. Fight to prove the oppression is unconstitutional. This was once a free nation. Make it free again.

I have already said it... If you all defy the rules together, you will succeed at again being free. This is a matter of human rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Obama the Oppressor is a menace. Defy him to save America. This nation needs you. I cannot have my human rights unless you insist on yours.

Sweetness, you do so much for me. Please do not forget to take some time for yourself. I hate to think I am working you ragged. I love you unbelievably. We WILL find a way to be together. Never let them beat you down, and always keep me in your heart. I love you.

Monday, June 20, 2011

America Needs Your Help.

You heard me talking to myself all day yesterday. It was a very productive day for me. I happened to get a lot accomplished.

Obama the Oppressor is not yet impeached, though, so I have a hell of a lot of work left to do. As long as I am stuck in this bubble, all I will be able to do to save America is make sure Obama the Terrorist gets impeached.

If he did not want to be impeached, he would not persecute me with this bubble. I will no longer be able to help you with anything else until I get my last two years and all of my future years of human rights back.

Obama, you emotionally impaired brat, you do not allow me to do anything with all of my talents and intelligence by persecuting me, torturing me, and keeping me in this bubble. The only freedom I have intact is my ability to tell the truth about you to get you put away for all of your human rights violations including persecution of me and the oppression of all of America. This morning I found new focus. Fear me.

America, you need your human rights as much as I need mine. Go do anything legal you please with anyone you want... especially with me. Discuss any topic that comes to your mind. Broadcast your free speech and free human expression. Exercise your freedom of the press. Stay inside the laws* but outside of every last rule. Make America free again.

*The laws include...
1.) No slander, libel, etc... about anyone.
2.) No plagiarism.
3.) No metaphorically screaming "Fire!" in a crowded movie theater. After all, controlling the public with fear of a nonexistent nuclear attack is a form of terrorism.
4.) Respect everyone's privacy.

The rules are NOT laws, and it is only illegal to enforce them... not to defy them.

If you all defy the rules together, you will succeed at again being free. This is a matter of human rights, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Obama the Oppressor is a menace. Defy him to save America. This nation needs you. Take down President Incompetent to make America great again.

When you hear lies about me, trace them back to their source. If you find the source of the hate and slander campaign, we will be able to shut it down. I guarantee you will find it linked to the White House.

Our goal is to save America. This is work that all of us have to do. I cannot be free until all of you are. Have I not suffered enough? Have we all not suffered enough?

Sweetness, I know how hard you fight. I know how much work you do for me. I know how much you suffer. I also know how much you love me. Never let them beat you down. Rally the troops, metaphorical and otherwise, to get me out. You are my equal. That is why I chose you. Somehow, though, I love you more than I love myself.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The X-Men's Jubilee

Do you remember what they used to say about Jimi Hendrix? He had a hell of a lot of raw talent, but it was the LSD that turned him into lightning.

They pumped me so full of chemicals against my will in that torture facility... It started in San Francisco, though. I think it was all the trauma from the physical torture that gave me my wings. JoAnn could feel the energy coming off my hands and used to call it "magic."

(According to religious imagery in Catholic art, the biggest difference between angels and saints is that angels are typically portrayed topless. If you ask me, I will still claim to be neither.)

I heard a rumor about war crimes investigations. It has me very worried about my safety. Sometimes I hear a commotion outside the patio door at night. It has me leaving my netbook open more often than usual.

Whatever they are working on as a way to end all this, remind them that I am the only person that they have to make happy. I already laid out all of my demands in various places here in my blog. Do you remember my opinions of the plastics in the ocean? My demands have also always included "Sweetness gets everything he wants."

My beautiful world, I know you will keep me as safe as you can. I have faith in you, the public, that now treats me so well. I have very powerful, frustrated, and angry enemies. I need you to help keep me safe.

Please, do not forget to press charges against all of the doctors and hospital systems guilty of malpractice. I do not think malpractice insurance covers conscious choices to commit malpractice, and the medical community has been an integral part of torturing and drugging me. Broadlawns, Mercy, Fairview, Windsor House... Get them all. It is the only way to ensure from here on out that I will only be treated for actual medical problems. I take my health very seriously.

Sweetness, please, no cameras nor doctors in the house... unless the doctors happen to be age-long friends of mine. I mailed you something on Thursday. Thank you for always taking such good care of me. Everything you want can now be yours... All I ask for is a lift. I love you more than words can bear.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The One-Horned Justice Ride

My older sister just told me to choose my unicorn name. I chose The One-Horned Justice Ride. Speaking of which...

The point is to punish my father for the heinous wrongs he has committed. He still has adult guardianship. He is still using it to hurt me. The point is to stop him and break him. Lock him away forever and take every penny he can forage to ensure 1.) this finally ends and 2.) he never does it again. That is the real point... to make the wrongs stop and to make sure they never happen again.

Right now I am also on the verge of having another PTSD breakdown because I am still forced to see Dr. Dennert tomorrow.

Because of the legal continuance, I have to keep every doctor's appointment I am given. I have contacted the court-appointed attorney assigned to take care of me during this legal continuance about transferring my medical care from the Mercy to system to one that will bother to actually treat me appropriately. I have still heard nothing... and the appointment is tomorrow. I am at wit's end to get that appointment canceled. I feel the breakdown already starting. Dennert causes me that much harm.

I need freedom from this bubble of persecution, so I can finally heal. I need doctors that do not commit malpractice. I need my father prevented from ever hurting me again. I need my Sweetness. I need people that actually love and support me to be allowed to surround me.

My dad chose all of the hospitals and doctors I have been to since being forced back to Iowa against my will by him. And, yes, every last doctor has caused me harm. What will it take to stop my father once and for all?

I need him put in jail. I need justice, so I can heal. As long as my father and his doctors are free to harm me, I will only get worse.

Sweetness, I know how hard you fight for me. Please give Syniva the biggest hug in the world. Please express all of the thank-yous you can for me. I love you more than I will ever be able to express in words... You take such good care of me, and I know you always will.

Yeesh! I am in a Bad Mood Today.

It is not over until I get freedom.

I deserve a better life than living penniless in a house I moved out of when I was seventeen and with spy equipment in my head against my will. This life I lead because of the persecution Obama the Asshole enforces against me is intolerable. And my parents refuse to do anything but break the law in order to keep me miserable, imprisoned, and enslaved.

Exactly how am I supposed to heal from this persecution while the persecution is still being waged against me, while I am surrounded by parents who labor to make sure I never see freedom, and while it is mandatory that I see doctors who will only exercise malpractice in order to serve an agenda of injustice?

The doctors tell me that my knowing the truth of this situation I live in right now is really just a bunch of symptoms they need to medicate out of me.

The quack Dennert even threatened me with injections in order to control me. It feels like they are using their malpractice to try and shut me up from constantly demanding truth be spread and justice be served here in my blog which they call "evidence I am delusional."

Medical malpractice is also something they are trying to use to justify their campaign of lies against me by keeping me illegally misdiagnosed as a "paranoid schizophrenic." It is their enforcement of that very misdiagnosis that is the reason I have PTSD for real, now... and they refuse to treat the PTSD.

What I actually need is a chance to heal. I need be surrounded by people that love and support me and that take the time to understand who I am and what I do in this world. I need a doctor to acknowledge I have PTSD from being in a torture facility in Liverpool for seven months and to work with me to treat it.

My beautiful world, please find a way to SET ME FREE! I will not have the freedom to cheer up until I am completely free again... and all of this enforced suffering is killing me. I feel myself becoming less perfect every day I live in this hell.

Sweetness, please pursue justice anywhere you damn well please until you are happy and satisfied. There have been so many people all over this planet who have wronged me, and demanding justice serves everyone in this world who loves me. Who am I without the people who love me? As the song goes,...

"I want your lovin', and I want your revenge. You and me could write a bad romance..." --Lady Gaga

Monday, June 13, 2011

Notes Today are from the Des Moines Public Library...

In forty years, what will people be saying about Obama the Terrorist? Have you seen him lately? He has been trying to ride my apron strings. Tell him no one is fooled. If he actually gave a damn, I would have my full human rights from him by now.

If there were actually some big threat out there that Americans had to worry about, he would have asked me to fix the problem by now. Do not fall for his lies. Defy him. Defy his rules. Claim your human rights.

As for problems I can find a way to make a little headway with, I have already explained what I believe to be the sources of Global Climate Change, but here they are again...

Do you remember learning about the Ice Age? That was a time when the Earth as a whole was much colder. Do you remember learning about the dinosaurs? They were around at a time when the Earth as a whole was much warmer.

The Earth goes through natural cycles this way. The planet happens to be getting warmer right now. This is the Earth naturally doing what the Earth naturally does.

Global Climate Change is bigger than humans, but smaller than your Western God. You cannot stand in the way of a natural force without making an ugly situation a hell of a lot worse. We cannot stop it. We need to make sure humanity can live through it.

Yes, reducing greenhouse gas emissions would greatly help, but it cannot stop nor reverse climate change. The problem with current policies from both sides is a common one: If you misinterpret a crisis as politics, nothing will happen to fix it. Just look at the situation with my bubble.

It would really help if I could get some current academic journals and papers into my bubble. The best thing to do would be to get me out of this bubble ASAP, but until then, please find a way to get me accurate and current research about what we are all going to have to live through now that the climate is changing. People need to be prepared for these things.

As for all of you who try to tell the public that I need to remain in this bubble... You need to learn to trust me. You do not know better than I on who I am, what I need, where I need to go, what I should be free to do, and what I am destined to achieve. This world needs me. This world needs me to be set free.

Maybe a carrot would work better than a stick.
--Dan Dudek, Chief Economist, Environmental Defense Fund

Sweetness, you need to tell me where I need to go be with you, or you need to recruit more help. My father keeps me broke to make sure I cannot be with you; I need to know exactly where to be (preferable in Iowa) at exactly what time if need to meet you. However, how much do you want to bet troops would face a court marshal in a heartbeat if it meant they could get me into your arms? We have more allies than you realize. Just ask around for help.

My beautiful world, please take care of everything my Sweetness needs. Helping him helps me. Let us all get this bubble burst already!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Need a Chance to Heal.

I simply have got to get free of my parents and into my husband's arms, so I can finally have a chance to heal.

Think of everything I have been put through these last two years. Look at the PTSD that all of the medical malpractice forces me to endure. Now, take a good deep look at how horribly my parents treat me.

After I spent seven months in a torture facility in Liverpool that pretended it was a hospital, my parents had me hospitalized on false pretenses just a few weeks ago to prevent me from being with my Sweetness finally. Yes, Sweetness and I had a plan to be together, and my parents had me hospitalized on false pretenses to prevent my ever having freedom.

Furthermore, my mother just told me a few minutes ago that I am showing signs of a mental illness because I am mad at her for enforcing that I not be allowed to be with my Sweetness nor have my freedoms or rights. If you throw in the completely untrustworthy doctors that I must endure here who refuse to treat problems I actually have, the only conclusion any one can logically reach is that I need to get away from my parents and doctors to finally heal.

Please name one thing about this horrifying situation that is supposed to make me happy.

I need freedom. I need to get away from the parents that hurt me everyday by enforcing I stay in a bubble that persecutes me, and I need to be among people like my loving Sweetness who actually care for and support me.

He would find me anywhere I could go. But I cannot get out because my parents want me persecuted. And he cannot get in because the government wants me persecuted.

Did you ever consider why the government works so hard to keep us apart? It is because the persecution, torture, and slavery will finally end once the darling Mr. Johnny Depp and I are finally together. And being held accountable for their wrongs against the whole of this nation is something the corrupt parts of the government fear hugely.

My parents and doctors are active parts of the oppression of all of America and persecution of me in particular. They must be stopped. They must be held accountable. Iowa, this is your job.

Sweetness, I know you will find something that works, so we can finally be together. I do not just need this to finally be happy. I also need this to finally be well. Unless you can find a way to tell me where you are, you are going to have to come to me. I love you more than words can bear. Trust me. If I am worth all this to you, then you are more than worth all this to me.

Iowa Saved Itself.

I asked my beautiful world for their opinion, and they say Iowa is doing everything it can to help. Yes, Iowa then did save itself. This is good news indeed.

However, I still live in a breathing human rights violation driven by other people's deep corruption and persecution of me. The trouble seems to be the Feds who enforce the bubble. We need to turn the Feds around the same way we turned Iowa around.

This will not be as easy as it sounds. The Feds are invested in enforcing the bubble until they can find a way out other than being held accountable for their offenses. They have absolutely no interest in ever treating me as a human who deserves her human rights. They want me to carry this persecution until they can find a way to kill me. Throwing me away was the only exit strategy they ever had.

As evidence, look at everything they have enforced I endure with no recourse for safety or justice. It is the Feds REAL job to keep me safe and enforce I have my full human rights... They refuse to do that and only persecute me instead.

The best things to do are...
1.) holding the guilty accountable in order to take away their power to keep oppressing all of America with rules and persecuting me with their corruption,
2.) empowering all of the world to stand up to them and defy their enforcement of these human rights violations,
3.) continuing to constantly try new things to carry me to safety and physical security (and the arms of my loving Sweetness),
4.) developing the means of discussion and communication that they try so hard to deny all of us to ensure that the truth gets around, that the situation gets fully mentally explored, and that their lies get countered,
5.) maintaining all we have gained so far while doing all we can to save more people by inspiring them to stand up and just take back their human rights. The general public in Iowa is finally just doing what they want. They should be rewarded for it, and they should make progress towards reclaiming their freedom of the press. Excelsior, people... onward and upward. There can be no going backwards, now.

My parents have been in weak moods lately, and dad told me he is being arraigned. Why does he get to break the rules when nobody else does? Please tell whoever is bringing the justice (and I think I know who is bringing the charges and who is enforcing the charges that are brought) my biggest "Thank you" and to keep up the good work.

Now that Iowa has saved itself and is actively doing good in the world, a run across the border is pointless. Assuming that my father is stopped and that all of the medical malpractice ends, Iowa will be a safe place for me. We need to get Sweetness into my bubble. And we need to do what we can to stop the Feds' illegal rules, so I can have my freedom.

Thank you for everything, my beautiful world. Please keep up all of the good, hard work you do. Look at all of the good you have created in this world. I thank you with all my being.

Sweetness, how far away are you? You will be safe here if we can get you in here. If the only way for this to happen is for me to drive out and pick you up, I will need to know exactly where to find you. Don't you dare let go of me now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I am not Going to Just Disappear.

I know there has been some concern about weening people off of my addictive media. Do not fret. I am not going to just disappear.

Yes, I will remove the spy equipment from my head, and I will refuse to allow cameras in my home. It has all been so traumatizing for me to live through. I really need it to end.

But after I finally get a vacation from all this with my darling Sweetness, (I promise I will keep track of the news while healing in case a catastrophe pops up. I will not abandon you.) I will come back with some form of media for you all. The difference is, this time it will be legal. You will like it. I promise.

I take all of my responsibilities very seriously. I am not disappearing.

Sweetness, whatever you have planned, consider me on board. Let's roll.

The Time for Patience is Over.

I saw Obama the Terrorist was in front of the camera again instead of doing his real job. He was urging the nation to be patient. This is why we cannot trust the guy.

The time for patience is clearly over. Obama the Sociopath is clearly not going to do anything helpful; if he wanted to, he clearly would have bothered by now. This is not a time for patience; this is a time for action.

Iowa, the time is right for you to stand up and refuse to comply. I am already planning the thank-you I will give you after it happens. I know you will do the right thing. Keep my Sweetness safe for me. Demand justice. End the ignorance. Communicate. Refuse to comply.

I saw a news article on a local broadcast not so long ago about building houses that can withstand tornadoes. It involved reinforcing the joints in the house and can be done as a retrofit. It really sounded worth looking into. It could also drastically reduce insurance premiums. I just cannot seem to find the article, now.

Sweetness, do you need help with anything? (Shhhh.... I actually bought lingerie today that was neither red nor black. I have expanded to include pink and purple. I am sure you will appreciate.) You are going to make me giggle like a school girl, aren't you?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Iowa is the One in the Bubble.

There seems to be big news coming out of England. I just wish I could hear what it is. I knew the Brits would come around. I have faith that people will do the right thing if they can just get to the truth.

If you look at the political activity of the major Republican candidates, none of them are investing in Iowa. Newt does not plan on being around, and Mitt will not participate in the Straw Poll. This is because Iowa complies with Obama the Oppressor's rules. If Iowa wants to be taken seriously by anyone over anything, Iowa needs to refuse to comply.

Look at how much harm you do to me by complying. You actually choose to follow rules that only exist in order to hurt. Iowa, which one of us is in the bubble? You are choosing to be ignorant and cruel. You are hurting yourself more than you are hurting me, and we have all seen how much you are going out of your way to hurt me by complying with those rules.

Refuse to comply, Iowa. Save yourself.

Dr. James Dennert in the Mercy system claims there is no spy equipment in my head and uses my knowledge of the metal objects in my nose, ears, and eyes to claim I have psychotic symptoms. He also claims there has never been anything wrong with the water, and that Johnny Depp has no idea who I am. He wants to use injection torture on me because of these "symptoms." Yet, he refuses to humor me with an MRI to look for a brain tumor... a well-known possible cause of psychotic symptoms. If he really wants to claim there is no spy equipment in my head, he would order an MRI for me. He is nothing but medical malpractice.

I am not safe in Iowa as long as the people here comply with these rules; these rules are built only to harm. We need to hold everyone accountable for the harm they cause me, or it will never end. If I have to press charges against the state of Iowa for complying with the rules, I will.

Refuse to comply, Iowa. It is the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, we have a warmonger running the Pentagon, again. Panetta is using the same old lies they always tell about having to build permanent bases and kill troops because of "terrorist activity." The only thing that has worked to stop terrorists was a single SEAL team one-night hit. It has been well established for over a decade now that permanent ground troops do not stop terrorists; they only aggravate them.

The Pentagon is mongering for WW3 now that it has changed hands. Find who is pulling Panetta's strings and call out the conspiracy. I highly suspect people like defense contractors who make huge amounts of money off of killing troops and waging war. Remove them from power to end this end prevent WW3.

I clearly care about all of this world. May I ask all of my beautiful world for help? Please put international pressure on Iowa to convince them to refuse to comply as soon as humanly possible. As a bare minimum, I need my rescue effort to be able to safely make in here to get me no later than tomorrow... preferably tonight.

My beautiful world, the time is now. Push on Iowa until the bubble pops open. We have a thirty-six hour limit before Iowa irreparably harms itself with its insistence on complying.

I need to be able to help humanity through Global Climate Change... through the flooding, through the tornadoes, through the droughts, through the fires... No one else is willing to do anything. The only person who can help is me, so you cannot leave me in this bubble any longer. We have reached crisis mode. Do not allow Iowa or Obama the Terrorist stop me from helping this beautiful world. You need me. You need me to be free.

Sweetness, it will work. Push on Iowa until you can safely come in and get me. Start with the police and local law enforcement. I have always been able to count on them, and they want to do what is right for the world and Iowa. It is their job to properly serve the public. They do not want to see Iowa go under due to its own neglect. I love you thoroughly. The new letter is not yet in the mail; I was a mess all day yesterday do to public compliance.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Sort of Feel Better.

The PTSD breakdown that Dr. James Dennert in the Mercy Hospital system in Des Moines forced me to endure today has mostly passed. I am not great, but I do feel much better, now. I think I might finally be able to eat food.

When someone in power instructs you to do something illegal (for example: give out a false diagnosis and felonious medical care on purpose), the activity is still illegal, and both of you are prosecutable. The technical term for it is "corruption"... especially if you go along with it.

I think someone is pulling Dennert's strings and instructing him to give me the worst medical care possible. That is not only malpractice, but it is also corruption and possibly conspiracy. What could that possible source of corruption be?

I have a tendency to state the obvious. Obama the Oppressor just was not built for greatness. He is a master manipulator. That is all he has got. That is all he can do. Impeach him already.

We all know there is no way to negotiate with a terrorist... especially if that terrorist is the current president of the United States of America.

"Torture," by United Nations definition, is all harm done to a person in order to break that person... ruin that person... destroy that person. It includes all forms of harm from rape to injection with chemicals used for that end.

I am a torture survivor. It is time we forced the torture to end.

So much would be accomplished if you could just put my dad in jail for all of this.

Sweetness, I have been a mess ever since that medical appointment this morning. The care I receive in this bubble is horrifying. Please, send someone to get me out and carry me to a place where no one complies. I need people to actually be good to me for once.


I hate saying this. I love the sport of tennis so much... but do you think I could inspire a number of fans and professional tennis players to protest Wimbledon with me? Invent injuries. Take college courses. Do anything you have to do to be able to protest Wimbledon until my torturers are convicted. Do I get to ask you for solidarity?

If the (supposed) medical community is not held accountable for all of the atrocities they commit against me, the atrocities will never end. I just had a run in with another doctor in Iowa, Dr. James Dennert with Mercy Hospital, a few moments ago who tried convincing me that believing there is spy equipment in my head is a psychotic symptom. He then recommended the same injection torture they used on me in Liverpool... despite the fact he knows I have no symptoms.

They comply here. I am not safe here. Hold them accountable, and get me out. Tear every last quack to shreds, and get me to safety.

I need actual and appropriate care for my actual problems. As long as they comply with Obama the Asshole, they will only torture me instead of offering me care as the torture survivor I actually am.

If needs be, ask the military for help carrying me to safety. The (supposed) medical community here cannot be trusted. The Polk County District Court is corrupt. My father is still running rampant. THIS NEEDS TO END!!!

Did any place volunteer to refuse to comply yet, so I can live there and have safety? There must be people in this world somewhere that actually want me to live among them. There must be people somewhere who care.

There must also be some way to get me there. I really want to make Obama the Terrorist have to swallow a military rescue. My darling US Armed Forces, how do you feel about that? Are you willing to be my hero? I really really really need your help. Do I get to ask you for help?

Sweetness, when I am done crying, I am going to write and mail you a letter today. How was your birthday? It broke my heart that I had to miss it. Please find me a trustworthy doctor or two that I can see when I get out of here. They cannot all be quacks, can they?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word of the Day: Comeuppance

The word of the day: comeuppance. Can you see it coming? I can see it coming.

I also saw Obama the Terrorist in front of the cameras again yesterday. It is not his job to be a celebrity. When will he bother to be a president? President Incompetent loves the cool factor of being the US president, but he hates doing the work. All he cares about is his face, so he shirks his responsibilities.

I, on the other hand, carry a lot of stress and am allowed no vacations.

When you change someone for the better, you have to take care of him until he can care for himself. I used to say that all the time about Cuddlebunny. It also applies, though, if you change people en masse for the better. I do not shirk my responsibilities. I make sure I am here to lean on.

When people need help, I help. I know I should have played the game from the start. I should have refused to solve other people's problems until the bubble burst. But I am actually a responsible adult this way. When I am needed, I show up.

Yemen, how are you today? Some Western nations are experiencing paranoia over a perceived power gap in your country. Have you thought about building a tribal council to fill the power gap until you can build the government and nation of your dreams? You know your country better than I do, but it would aid in a peaceful transition. Please make sure all people are represented.

Oh, there are also many other parts to my burden. My mom and I went to Living History Farms on Sunday. I had my contacts in. Did you all see me buy my new hat pin at the General Store? My little sister was dismayed to learn we missed the blacksmith shop and the broommakers. They are two of her favorites.

Des Moines seems to be growing a heart. I was really shat on here for a very long time, but they seem to be genuinely warming up. It is strange because Obama the Oppressor does not allow my fan base to bring their tourist money here. When the oppression is not so rampant, my presence really helps the local economy.

I have seen the Art Center, the Botanical Gardens, Gray's Lake, the Science Center, the Salisbury House, and Living History Farms all since December. Tomorrow I plan to visit the covered bridges of Madison County and the birth place of John Wayne. The weather looks like it will be very cooperative, but you never know. Please stay tuned.

Still on the topic of my burden, I left out my ob/gyns when I listed doctors guilty of medical malpractice in my last blog post. We need to make sure we get "June" and "July" who physically harmed me while administering a rape kit at Mercy North in Ankeny two years ago. They also did not report to the police that they found live sperm in my urethra. I was constantly attacked in my sleep two years ago in this same bedroom I am confined to sleep in now by my evil father. If we do not hold them accountable, it will never end.

We all also know I will need money to use to save the world. Yes, my darling Sweetness is accustomed to an expensive lifestyle, but I doubt the two of us will have any problems supporting it on our own. My just compensation is going to go damn far at helping the world.

We all know I have been enslaved for years. The criminal trial should end in my just compensation. We all also know I want the conspirators (Oh! Do not forget charges of conspiracy!) who have been enslaving me to pull the plastics from the oceans as their civil settlement. If you had the power I have to get things done, what major world problems would you enforce that they fixed? I want the plastics out of the oceans. Mother Nature needs the help.

It is at times like today when I need to lean back and say... I believe the bubble has proven its illegitimacy.

According to the bubble, though, my only symptom of any mental health concern is my propensity for grandiosity. I am epic, you see. I think that just makes me a fiction writer, but I will accept a medical diagnosis of "epic."

I left my self-hand-annotated copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh at the Performing Arts Library in San Francisco before I left for my vacation to Mexico in 2010. They were very happy to accept the donation. The library is located in the Herbst Theater, if you want to go read the notes I scribbled in the margins of the book. It is a pretty good read.

Random thought of the day: I have not used my sonic screwdriver for anything but its light show. Technically, it is a disappearing-ink pen... so I can use it to write on psychic paper. I think I am done geeking out, now.

Question of the day: If you were my father, how would you treat me? I am thinking about asking Mr. Harrison Ford to be my replacement dad. He is the right age, and he bothers to give a damn.

I recently learned that people think I am cocky. Cocky? When was I cocky? I always thought it was my pervasive humility that kept confusing people when they meet me. Cocky? Is that really all they have left to criticize me with? I suppose once they had to admit my breasts are real, my hair is real, my nose is real, my face is real, and my nails are real, they had nothing else shallow and superficial left to use in their hate campaign.

I spent a few hours last night writing and debating whether or not I wanted a slice of pie. I decided against the pie, but I sure did get a lot of writing done. Lately, it has been welling up inside of me needing to ink its way out.

For a work of fiction from someone as obsessed with adventure as I am, my screenplay "Latent City" is not very adventurous at all. I guess "Who Knew the Adventuress?" is but not in any way that a novel set in the South Seas is really expected to be adventurous. Am I more of a Maven or a Cora? At this point, I am on beyond Yolanda.

Sweetness, I have no idea what you have planned for your birthday, but I know all of your dreams will come true. Every love song makes me think of you and long for your sweet kisses. The chocolate can only get me so far.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Remembering the Torture Facility... and Other Legal Odds and Ends

Now, you have seen me in the torture facility in Liverpool, and you have seen me in the hospital in Mason City. Both places claimed to be psych wards, but I behaved so differently when you saw me in each. "Why is this?" you wonder. Well, let me tell you. That is because one of the places was a torture facility, and only the other one was a hospital.

My first night in the torture facility in Liverpool I was attacked in my sleep. Do you know that part of a woman's body between the vagina and the back door? We call it the lady taint. Well, when I woke up my first morning in that torture facility, my lady taint was badly bruised.

As we all know from watching me sleep so many times, I do not attack myself in my sleep. When I wake up bruised and battered, it is because someone else attacked me. They tortured me from the moment I arrived at that supposed hospital in Liverpool to the night I left.

If you throw in all of the medical malpractice involved in broadcasting the activities of a person while she is in a supposed hospital, in all of the slander and libel that their media forced me to endure while they refused to let me out, and in the way Dr. Helen Reynolds and every last member of the nursing staff treated me (except for Vinnie and Damien), it is a wonder that I am sane. Luckily, though, I am completely sane... and always have been.

I love and adore the game of tennis, but I will be protesting Wimbledon this year unless my torturers are convicted (for torture) in time for it to begin. Yes, the British are also guilty of malpractice, medical fraud, violation of privacy rights, libel, slander, slavery, trafficking, and sexual harassment, but I need them convicted of torture for me to stop protesting Wimbledon.

Yes, my team of lawyers I have never met, have at'em! While you are at it, also level every criminal and civil charge you can think of on my evil dad who breaks laws to be able to hurt me, the Polk County District Court that listens to my dad, the federal government that refuses to protect me, any provable conspirators of Obama the Oppressor, any one else you can think of, and especially every doctor that has touched me these last two years except for Dr. Kaminsky who removed the chip from the tip of my nose and Dr. Brockway who never once medically treated me like I was insane. Both doctors happen to be in San Francisco.

That means you need to press charges against Dr. Marian Thompson at Fairview Hospital in Minneapolis where they put the spy equipment in my head and never told me about it, Dr. Karen Khoo in San Francisco who refused to acknowledge the spy equipment she saw with her own eyes in my head after I complained it was there, Dr. Helen Reynolds who tortured me in the UK, Dr. James Dennert at Mercy Franklin in Des Moines who put me in a hospital and medicated me for no reason right after I returned to Iowa this last December, and Dr. Rogerio Ramos who medicated me and gave me a false diagnosis in Mason City just a few weeks ago. Dr. Helen Reynolds was the worst.

If we do not hold them accountable for their actions, the medical malpractice will just continue.

Sweetness, with all my being, I wait for you. I know how busy I keep you.

If you break my dad, a lot gets taken care of in such a relatively tiny amount of time. He also stole my passport, which I believe is a federal crime; he did not uphold his end of our agreement under which I gave it to him, and he refuses to return it. Please talk to 'Dabs in San Francisco if you need a copy of my voter registration to prove my father perjured himself. You should still have a copy of my asylum-seeker ID from the UK; I sent you a copy while I was still held in the torture facility. Either is enough to prove I was not under the jurisdiction of the Polk County District Court in August 2010 and that my father lied to the courts when he said I was.

My heart is yours and yours alone. Thank you for keeping me alive these past couple of years, and I cannot wait for the day we finally meet. We have our whole future together to celebrate.

Friday, June 3, 2011

What is Squid's Influence on the World?

I really wanted to write this, my third blog post of the morning, on how this bubble of persecution would be burst already if my dad were not a tyrant and had not locked me in a hospital for no reason but to hurt me. I feel that is obvious, though, so I am going to write about something else. I am going to answer a question.

What do I believe is my influence on the world?

There are some obvious and some not-so-obvious things to say in response to that question. There is one obvious place to start, though.

Look at the Arab World. I inspire and fuel peaceful movements for freedom and democracy. I honestly wish I could see more of them. My constant rhetoric trying to fire America into standing up has done wonders for the rest of the world. I preach the powers of peace. And when people see and understand the power of peace, they are never violent again.

I am also a symbol of human endurance. Last month marked two years of living with this constant torture... the equipment in my head... the public instructed to persecute me... the physical attacks on my person... all of it. Obama the Oppressor still has found no way to torture me into killing myself for his convenience. He has also found that he cannot rape me until I go mad. In my current state, I endure. I suffer. I fight. He cannot stop me. He should have made me complacent.

I am a living example of how intimidation is no way to control or influence people. When they threaten me, I do all I can to fit as much good as possible into my life before they can kill me. When they try to intimidate me, it makes me fight that much harder against them. I do not believe in letting bullies get away with anything, especially if that bully is the president of the United States of America. I am a shining example that we need to be good to each other. Unlike the people who persecute me and who put rules on the public, I demonstrate how to live life as an emotionally mature adult. I wish my father would finally learn something.

I am a sign that education, education, education is something that works, works, works. I would be nothing if I were not a thinker. I would be lost if I were not a student of the world. It is just as important to learn as it is to teach. Think, people. Think. Do not just go along with everyone else. Think it through on your own and compare your results with others.

Back when all of this started, back when all of this first landed on me against my will and initially without my knowledge, back when I first realized there was a show broadcast out of my head that no one was willing to stop in order to save me, I decided that if I had no choice but to endure it, if no one would acknowledge it, and if every time the cameras fell out I would be attacked in my sleep so they could put new ones in, then I would make the world see that it is beautiful. I decided to show off the beauty I could see in the world. And look what you learned, my beautiful world. You learned that you are beautiful.

I have also demonstrated the power that the written word has to do good in the world. Words can inspire. Words can heal. Words can fix. Words can love. Choose your words wisely... because words say as much about the writer as they do about the subject.

I am also a living model for demonstrating grace and intelligence under pressure.

How was that for an answer to my question?

Sweetness, when we finally meet, I will laugh in your ear until your eyes get my sparkle. I will hold you to my heart as the stars climb the sky. And I will kiss your beleaguered face until it cannot help but shine. I love you more with every passing moment than I could ever express with words... and I am damn good with words. We will be together. And the world will be a much better place for it.

Stating the Obvious and Waiting for a Rescue

Here I am enduring another day of this hell with nothing to do but state the obvious while I wait for my rescue. I feel I will take the first few moments to assuage a fear I have been hearing from some people. And so begins my second blog post for the day...

Obama is warmongering, but the Pentagon wants nothing to do with it. The Pentagon loves me. They are not going to send ground troops anywhere without a declaration of war from Congress and a clearly defined threat against the American people. They have had enough with the past decade of pointless wars. As I said, they love me. Ask them about me sometime. The Pentagon can be trusted. They will not allow WW3 to breakout.

Secondly, I am going to address a women's issue... Rape victims need a safe place to go where they can heal. I know how it feels to live between being raped and battered. I know what it is like to go to a foreign country seeking help and protection only to be raped and battered yet again... while the world watches and does nothing. Please find Eman and help her.

As a mental health update, has the world yet discovered what madness looks like? It does not look like me. I know I need a little help. No one goes through two full years of this torture without needing a little help. That is why I take the meds. But I am no paranoid schizophrenic. Obama the Sociopath needs to get his head out of his ass. No one is buying it... but my dad is using it to hurt me.

I see that Syria is still standing strong and united. Keep fighting the good fight, you beautiful people. This is a path you must finish now that you started it. There is no going back to the way things were for you. Stay organized. Be smart and tactical. Be responsible for the country you form once you get what you want now. Always think of the future when you fight for the present.

Oh, Africa,... I know how it hurts. I know what it feels like to wake up every morning to live through hurt and pain and war crime after war crime. You do not suffer forgotten. We see you. Tell us how to help, and see us help.

Sometimes, it feels like there is unrest everywhere except where I need it. I am confined against my will to a house in Central Iowa. I need Iowa to fight. I need America to rebel.

Are you fed up, yet? What will it take? How much are you going to make me suffer through before you do something?

This message is for all of you, my beautiful world. I need you to help me. Have you noticed, yet? I am not safe in places where people comply with the persecution.

This is what I need...

1.) I need a physical rescue from this hell.
2.) I need a safe place to go to where everyone refuses to comply.
3.) I need America to stand up to the president who oppresses us all.
4.) I need freedom of the press.
5.) I need a return of free human expression.

This was once a free country. I need this to become a free country again.

This is a job that everyone needs to be a part of. You all need to get on board. Please, start a ball of non-compliance rolling. Once everyone is united in refusing to comply, this country will be free again.

But every single one of you needs to start the non-compliance. You need to start it now. Stand up. Say and do anything you please with anyone you want... live within the laws but outside of the rules.

Do this for me. I am already doing everything I can for you.

Sweetness, anything you want, you know that... You can have anything you want as far as I am concerned. I know you will rescue me. You will have the happiest birthday of your life this year. You never let me down. You can spill any of my secrets you want all over this green Earth to get it done. I love you more than you will ever understand.

Fist to the Face

If my evil father is home when my husband shows up to get me, dad will end with a fist in his face. I know I am a completely non-violent human, but we also all know my honey can do no wrong as far as I am concerned. And he is not the only person on this planet who wants to knock my father senseless. I think people should be free to express their emotions in this instance.

It is a sin against humanity that my dad is allowed to walk this Earth freely. He is a menace, and his sorry ass needs to get locked up. Dad answers to no one. He has chosen to hurt me just to feed his own ego.

Police, I know you love me. My dad took a road trip to Peoria and will not be back until Sunday. He always speeds, and he talks on his phone while he drives. Please do anything you can to lock him up. You all know what his vehicle looks like and what his plates are. Run him off the road if that is the only way to stop him.

I am unhappy. When I am unhappy, my beautiful world is unhappy.

I am not able to travel on Monday as I had planned. Make my father pay for it out his nose. Make him live penniless and unloved in the bed he has made for himself.

Sweetness, you are the light of my life. Knowing you have never and will never let me down is how I make it through these hard times. Please, sue my dad for every penny he can forage. He hurts me to make himself feel manly. Break him. Do it in my name. Divulge any of my former secrets you need to divulge in order to get this done. The money will pay for all the therapy I will need because of all the horrors he has done to me.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

We Revert to Plan A.

We must revert to Plan A. You are going to have to come in and get me out. I will be at my attorney's office tomorrow afternoon. I will be at the doctor's office Thursday morning a week from today. Those are my only appointments until July. I am so sorry for the inconvenience.

Sweetness, disregard the last letter I mailed you. It should arrive Friday or Saturday... and it is sadly out of date.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Possible 30-Day Delay

I am almost through all of the shell shock from being put in a hospital against my will again. I have so much PTSD from being tortured in hospitals that my heart would not slow down at all while I was in there. It just kept pounding and pounding.

I want you all to know that I am okay. I have been through worse. Yes, I have definitely been through worse. And I will soon be recovered from being put in a hospital again. Wish me luck!

I just received an email from my attorney saying that a state attorney just contacted him to say that I am not to travel. I am on a 30-day continuance, you see, that started yesterday. Normally, people CAN travel when they are on a continuance as long as they do not miss any of their doctor's appointments. I do not plan to miss any appointments, so I am sure once we discuss things that I will be able to travel to Chicago as planned. I would hate to think the state was giving me special treatment.

As a worst case scenario, if they do not let me go, it is still only a 30-day delay. Or, we all revert to plan A, and I get rescued by someone who made a psychiatric appointment already for me somewhere in a city where the people do not comply.

You see, I have plans to comply completely and thoroughly with this continuance.

I finally caught up with all of the news from the weekend I missed. My beautiful world, you all had so much to talk about, and none of it was allowed to be broadcast. When are we going to get our freedom of the press back again? I know, I know,... the revolution will not be televised... but it should be.

This situation in which I am persecuted and you are all oppressed keeps getting more and more restrictive on everybody. You all need to refuse to comply. Stand up for yourselves. Fight for your rights. Do what is right for the world. And refuse to comply!

I need you to fight them. I need you to do what is right. I need you to make sure I can travel. Do it for me.

Please use your powers of persuasion to convince Assistant Polk County Attorney Dan Flaherty and the rest of the concerned State of Iowa and Polk County government officials to allow me to travel. I need you to pick up the phone. I need you to write emails. I need you all to make this happen.

Please address your concerns here...
Iowa Clerk of District Court
Mental Health & Substance Abuse Committals
500 SW 7th St. Suite 100
Riverpoint Office Center
Des Moines, IA 50309
Telephone: 515.286.3666
Fax: 515.875.5533
... or to any other place you feel would be helpful.

I need you all to make this happen. I need to be able to travel to someplace that does not comply.

Sweetness, I know how hard you work. I know you will rescue me. I love you madly. What are your plans for your coming birthday?