Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Word of the Day: Comeuppance

The word of the day: comeuppance. Can you see it coming? I can see it coming.

I also saw Obama the Terrorist in front of the cameras again yesterday. It is not his job to be a celebrity. When will he bother to be a president? President Incompetent loves the cool factor of being the US president, but he hates doing the work. All he cares about is his face, so he shirks his responsibilities.

I, on the other hand, carry a lot of stress and am allowed no vacations.

When you change someone for the better, you have to take care of him until he can care for himself. I used to say that all the time about Cuddlebunny. It also applies, though, if you change people en masse for the better. I do not shirk my responsibilities. I make sure I am here to lean on.

When people need help, I help. I know I should have played the game from the start. I should have refused to solve other people's problems until the bubble burst. But I am actually a responsible adult this way. When I am needed, I show up.

Yemen, how are you today? Some Western nations are experiencing paranoia over a perceived power gap in your country. Have you thought about building a tribal council to fill the power gap until you can build the government and nation of your dreams? You know your country better than I do, but it would aid in a peaceful transition. Please make sure all people are represented.

Oh, there are also many other parts to my burden. My mom and I went to Living History Farms on Sunday. I had my contacts in. Did you all see me buy my new hat pin at the General Store? My little sister was dismayed to learn we missed the blacksmith shop and the broommakers. They are two of her favorites.

Des Moines seems to be growing a heart. I was really shat on here for a very long time, but they seem to be genuinely warming up. It is strange because Obama the Oppressor does not allow my fan base to bring their tourist money here. When the oppression is not so rampant, my presence really helps the local economy.

I have seen the Art Center, the Botanical Gardens, Gray's Lake, the Science Center, the Salisbury House, and Living History Farms all since December. Tomorrow I plan to visit the covered bridges of Madison County and the birth place of John Wayne. The weather looks like it will be very cooperative, but you never know. Please stay tuned.

Still on the topic of my burden, I left out my ob/gyns when I listed doctors guilty of medical malpractice in my last blog post. We need to make sure we get "June" and "July" who physically harmed me while administering a rape kit at Mercy North in Ankeny two years ago. They also did not report to the police that they found live sperm in my urethra. I was constantly attacked in my sleep two years ago in this same bedroom I am confined to sleep in now by my evil father. If we do not hold them accountable, it will never end.

We all also know I will need money to use to save the world. Yes, my darling Sweetness is accustomed to an expensive lifestyle, but I doubt the two of us will have any problems supporting it on our own. My just compensation is going to go damn far at helping the world.

We all know I have been enslaved for years. The criminal trial should end in my just compensation. We all also know I want the conspirators (Oh! Do not forget charges of conspiracy!) who have been enslaving me to pull the plastics from the oceans as their civil settlement. If you had the power I have to get things done, what major world problems would you enforce that they fixed? I want the plastics out of the oceans. Mother Nature needs the help.

It is at times like today when I need to lean back and say... I believe the bubble has proven its illegitimacy.

According to the bubble, though, my only symptom of any mental health concern is my propensity for grandiosity. I am epic, you see. I think that just makes me a fiction writer, but I will accept a medical diagnosis of "epic."

I left my self-hand-annotated copy of the Epic of Gilgamesh at the Performing Arts Library in San Francisco before I left for my vacation to Mexico in 2010. They were very happy to accept the donation. The library is located in the Herbst Theater, if you want to go read the notes I scribbled in the margins of the book. It is a pretty good read.

Random thought of the day: I have not used my sonic screwdriver for anything but its light show. Technically, it is a disappearing-ink pen... so I can use it to write on psychic paper. I think I am done geeking out, now.

Question of the day: If you were my father, how would you treat me? I am thinking about asking Mr. Harrison Ford to be my replacement dad. He is the right age, and he bothers to give a damn.

I recently learned that people think I am cocky. Cocky? When was I cocky? I always thought it was my pervasive humility that kept confusing people when they meet me. Cocky? Is that really all they have left to criticize me with? I suppose once they had to admit my breasts are real, my hair is real, my nose is real, my face is real, and my nails are real, they had nothing else shallow and superficial left to use in their hate campaign.

I spent a few hours last night writing and debating whether or not I wanted a slice of pie. I decided against the pie, but I sure did get a lot of writing done. Lately, it has been welling up inside of me needing to ink its way out.

For a work of fiction from someone as obsessed with adventure as I am, my screenplay "Latent City" is not very adventurous at all. I guess "Who Knew the Adventuress?" is but not in any way that a novel set in the South Seas is really expected to be adventurous. Am I more of a Maven or a Cora? At this point, I am on beyond Yolanda.

Sweetness, I have no idea what you have planned for your birthday, but I know all of your dreams will come true. Every love song makes me think of you and long for your sweet kisses. The chocolate can only get me so far.

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