Friday, June 17, 2011

The X-Men's Jubilee

Do you remember what they used to say about Jimi Hendrix? He had a hell of a lot of raw talent, but it was the LSD that turned him into lightning.

They pumped me so full of chemicals against my will in that torture facility... It started in San Francisco, though. I think it was all the trauma from the physical torture that gave me my wings. JoAnn could feel the energy coming off my hands and used to call it "magic."

(According to religious imagery in Catholic art, the biggest difference between angels and saints is that angels are typically portrayed topless. If you ask me, I will still claim to be neither.)

I heard a rumor about war crimes investigations. It has me very worried about my safety. Sometimes I hear a commotion outside the patio door at night. It has me leaving my netbook open more often than usual.

Whatever they are working on as a way to end all this, remind them that I am the only person that they have to make happy. I already laid out all of my demands in various places here in my blog. Do you remember my opinions of the plastics in the ocean? My demands have also always included "Sweetness gets everything he wants."

My beautiful world, I know you will keep me as safe as you can. I have faith in you, the public, that now treats me so well. I have very powerful, frustrated, and angry enemies. I need you to help keep me safe.

Please, do not forget to press charges against all of the doctors and hospital systems guilty of malpractice. I do not think malpractice insurance covers conscious choices to commit malpractice, and the medical community has been an integral part of torturing and drugging me. Broadlawns, Mercy, Fairview, Windsor House... Get them all. It is the only way to ensure from here on out that I will only be treated for actual medical problems. I take my health very seriously.

Sweetness, please, no cameras nor doctors in the house... unless the doctors happen to be age-long friends of mine. I mailed you something on Thursday. Thank you for always taking such good care of me. Everything you want can now be yours... All I ask for is a lift. I love you more than words can bear.

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