Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Sort of Feel Better.

The PTSD breakdown that Dr. James Dennert in the Mercy Hospital system in Des Moines forced me to endure today has mostly passed. I am not great, but I do feel much better, now. I think I might finally be able to eat food.

When someone in power instructs you to do something illegal (for example: give out a false diagnosis and felonious medical care on purpose), the activity is still illegal, and both of you are prosecutable. The technical term for it is "corruption"... especially if you go along with it.

I think someone is pulling Dennert's strings and instructing him to give me the worst medical care possible. That is not only malpractice, but it is also corruption and possibly conspiracy. What could that possible source of corruption be?

I have a tendency to state the obvious. Obama the Oppressor just was not built for greatness. He is a master manipulator. That is all he has got. That is all he can do. Impeach him already.

We all know there is no way to negotiate with a terrorist... especially if that terrorist is the current president of the United States of America.

"Torture," by United Nations definition, is all harm done to a person in order to break that person... ruin that person... destroy that person. It includes all forms of harm from rape to injection with chemicals used for that end.

I am a torture survivor. It is time we forced the torture to end.

So much would be accomplished if you could just put my dad in jail for all of this.

Sweetness, I have been a mess ever since that medical appointment this morning. The care I receive in this bubble is horrifying. Please, send someone to get me out and carry me to a place where no one complies. I need people to actually be good to me for once.

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