Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The One-Horned Justice Ride

My older sister just told me to choose my unicorn name. I chose The One-Horned Justice Ride. Speaking of which...

The point is to punish my father for the heinous wrongs he has committed. He still has adult guardianship. He is still using it to hurt me. The point is to stop him and break him. Lock him away forever and take every penny he can forage to ensure 1.) this finally ends and 2.) he never does it again. That is the real point... to make the wrongs stop and to make sure they never happen again.

Right now I am also on the verge of having another PTSD breakdown because I am still forced to see Dr. Dennert tomorrow.

Because of the legal continuance, I have to keep every doctor's appointment I am given. I have contacted the court-appointed attorney assigned to take care of me during this legal continuance about transferring my medical care from the Mercy to system to one that will bother to actually treat me appropriately. I have still heard nothing... and the appointment is tomorrow. I am at wit's end to get that appointment canceled. I feel the breakdown already starting. Dennert causes me that much harm.

I need freedom from this bubble of persecution, so I can finally heal. I need doctors that do not commit malpractice. I need my father prevented from ever hurting me again. I need my Sweetness. I need people that actually love and support me to be allowed to surround me.

My dad chose all of the hospitals and doctors I have been to since being forced back to Iowa against my will by him. And, yes, every last doctor has caused me harm. What will it take to stop my father once and for all?

I need him put in jail. I need justice, so I can heal. As long as my father and his doctors are free to harm me, I will only get worse.

Sweetness, I know how hard you fight for me. Please give Syniva the biggest hug in the world. Please express all of the thank-yous you can for me. I love you more than I will ever be able to express in words... You take such good care of me, and I know you always will.

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