Thursday, June 21, 2012

More People Need to Stop Making Excuses and Just Fix the Problem.

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Here we go! Here is my latest blog post!...

Do you remember earlier this year when I thought I could stop caring for the world until I was rescued, but I simply could not let people suffer if I could stop it? I actually almost gave up on humanity again yesterday. That is Obama's goal, is it not? He and his conspirators want me destroyed. Look at everything they have done already. Everyone is instructed to stop me. They do not want me caring for the world anymore. They want me silenced.

Let us be honest, which part of fighting to save America by fighting to end the oppression, genocide, water crisis, human rights violations, war crimes, etc. is not caring for the world?

Every single reader of these words, stop and look at yourself. Do you really want to be responsible for forcing me to give up on humanity? If you are not in the fight to end all of this through whatever means you have at hand, you need to start.

How much more suffering am I going to have to live through? How much more devastation and human destruction am I going to have to see before somebody finally makes this end?

Obama and his conspirators will just keep spreading more lies, committing more crimes, and killing more people until they are no longer free to do so. How much of our beautiful world and our fighting-to-be-free-again nation are you all going to allow them to destroy? We need Obama and his conspirators stopped at all costs. And we need them stopped immediately.

Please, my loving UN and world leaders, may I ask you all for something more? May I ask you to flood all neighboring states' governments with the truth about all of this to protect our rescuers while they fight? Please speak with the governments of Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, and South Dakota. Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for fighting to save me. And thank you for everything you do to neutralize the threat Obama and his conspirators have proven they are to the entire world.

My beautiful world, we need to get me to my rescuers as soon as possible, so this war, this violence, this genocide, these war crimes, and these human rights violations can end. We need to do everything possible to end this. And we already know the only way this ends.

We do not negotiate. We are demanding unconditional surrender and full disclosure. Since this bubble went past my HoneyHoney's birthday this year, I am also demanding a few other benevolent things that people are going to need to sit down and talk to me about. I used to say that when this ends, I am the only person that anybody needs to make happy, but in all reality, it is every person who loves me that needs to be satisfied with the outcome and resolution of all of these crises. Yes, you villains, you need to please my beautiful world.

The people who love me do what they want. I do not give orders. I ask nicely for things. I make suggestions. I give advice. I answer all questions. I pray they make informed and educated choices. But they do what they want. That is very important to me.

Congress, I understand that you want to sit down and talk to me about working out a future for this nation. I would love to. In times of crisis people need to work together. So you need to make sure I get my full human rights and a rescue from this hell of Obama and his conspirators' creation, so that I can at least live long enough to talk to you. If I die in here because you refused to rescue me, there will be nothing that could ever save you. That is not a threat. That is an honest vision of the future.

Congress, the world knows how much trouble you are in. In America, you have to be tried and convicted before you can have your human rights taken away. The legal term for this is due process. Stop pretending I committed a crime that never happened in the first place; even if that lie were true, it could still never justify genocide, torture, slavery, forced prostitution, rape, human rights violations, or war crimes, anyway. Also, lying to commit such crimes in America and abroad is an international offense.

To repeat myself... No, this is not how investigations are conducted. This has never once even vaguely resembled a criminal investigation. This has always and only ever been human rights violations and war crimes committed against me and the American public. They gave it a label of an 'investigation' to pass it off to the public, so they could get away with it all. We all know how much Obama and his conspirators have lied almost constantly through all of this. Please click here to read the entire post.

Now, my beautiful world, please make sure you reread all of my blog posts from oldest to newest starting in April 2012. Start here and read in order to the newest. Thank you.

Everybody from Congress to the state of Iowa to the beautiful world that loves me to the American public need to stop making excuses and just fix the problems already. All of this crime and corruption needs to end; it never should have started in the first place; and it must be ended immediately. Never let criminals control you. Definitely never let them control you with fear. When you identify problems like we have in America, the only thing we should do is fix it and end it.

Iowa refuses to remove the speakers from their heads, to clean up their water, to take the poisoned and drugged products off their shelves, to arrest and prosecute the criminals among us who hurt me, to give their own citizens not just me our full human rights including freedom and speech and freedom of the press, etc. Until they stop their crimes, Iowans are a threat to me and a threat to themselves. This is mental health genocide in here.

It is very well established Iowa is only willing to hurt me and do not want me safe at all; otherwise, they would give me my rights and let me leave. They must be stopped. Never trust the locals to do anything real to keep me safe. Only expect more crimes from them. Be suspicious of everything they do. Never trust their lies. We need these people broken and forced to set me free as soon as possible.

Iowa, as I already said, it is not me you need to make happy. It is the world that loves me whom you need to satisfy. Do what my beautiful world tells you to do. Treat me how they instruct you to treat me. You have a really angry planet whom you need to please, and I highly suggest you start obeying them as soon as possible. Yes, my beautiful world, I am asking you to kick Iowa into line. Tell them what to do.

If there were vigilantes in Iowa, they would be throwing people to the ground and removing the speakers from their heads and nothing else. All it requires, after all, are tweezers and possibly an ear speculum. This is not happening, so I do not believe there are any vigilantes here.

On Tuesday, my father took the keys to my MOTHER'S car and hid them from me. He told me he would not allow me to take the car to get safe drinking water because I had chosen to wear shoes. He told I had to walk if I wanted to leave. It was 95 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and there is nothing to walk to in miles of this house anyway. Even the library is across town. It meant I was unlawfully imprisoned without safe drinking water by my father. I was so scared for my physical safety because he refused to allow me to leave that I called 911.

When my father spoke to the officers who responded, he tried to convince them to commit me by lying to them and claiming I needed psychiatric medications. No, I do not take psychiatric medications. I have no medical need for any, so none are prescribed to me for any reason. Yes, I reported a domestic situation to the authorities, so I could be protected from my father. And my father lied to the officers to try to get me committed. He has a long history of lying about me and my mental health in numerous public records in his nefarious efforts to destroy me. This was another one. He distracted the officers, so he could get away with unlawfully imprisoning me.

Please read this to learn more about the crimes my father refuses to stop committing against me. He is intentionally prolonging war, killing heroes trying save America, aiding and abetting everything from genocide to torture to war crimes, committing human rights violations, and making the entire world suffer by illegally keeping me shackled to this house against my will and by refusing to stop all of his crimes against us all.

And after all of that, did my father really put more libel on official public record? Did he really lie and say I was intentionally provoking him by choosing to wear shoes? The only reason I would wear heavy leather boots in weather with a heat index over 100 degrees Fahrenheit is if I felt like someone might kill me. I never feel physically safe when near my father, and he intentionally and unlawfully imprisoned me in a house with himself all day. It has been on record for years that if I die, "At least I will die with my boots on." This is what I put on my feet when I feel my mortality.

Yesterday I assessed my situation. Dad was still refusing to allow me to leave the house to find safe water. It was 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside. There was absolutely nowhere I could walk to anyway. All liquids in this house were poisoned or drugged. I could bear through the Gatorade. But I knew that when it would run out, I would only have five days to make it to safe water. I was pretty convinced my father would kill me by refusing to allow me to leave the house.

Yesterday afternoon, my father even brought more poisoned water into the house. Yesterday evening he verbally abused me and physically threatened me because I kept turning down the thermostat, so I would dehydrate less. The next thing he did was set the thermostat to force me to dehydrate as much as possible. I tried to eat food to rehydrate myself, but all of it gave me a dehydration headache. I became convinced my father would kill me in this house; even if it would be by forced dehydration.

Today he physically barred me from reaching the Gatorade after I woke up. He made a show of being a physical threat to me. He verbally abused me. He threatened to steal my belongings. (Well, at least that is a crime I could get him arrested for.) And left me with nothing to do to defend myself but screaming at him to stop. Why is this man not arrested yet for all of this?

If my father really is lying to the world that I could ever be a physical threat to him instead of his being the constant threat to me, why did he imprison me in house with him all day against my will especially since he rarely if ever chooses to leave this house himself? I have already spent all morning screaming at him to "Stop hurting me!"

I do not care whom you have to send into this medical disaster zone of human destruction and devastation of Obama and his conspirators' creation to arrest my father and haul him away for the rest of his life for all of his crimes against this beautiful world, but please do it as soon as possible. If my father knows he is doing wrong by intentionally breaking laws to hurt all of the world in this way and refusing to stop, he is a war criminal.

He does spread many lies to be able to get away with all of this, so he is most likely conscious of the fact he is doing wrong. But if he honestly believes the untruths he spreads and believes he is doing no wrong when he does this to the entire world, he is clearly criminally insane. No one can deny he does these things, and no one can deny his crimes hurt the entirety of humanity and the world. The same arguments hold for Obama and all the rest of his conspirators.

Furthermore, if anyone broadcasts me other than myself, my BFF, my Sweetness, or people to whom I have given written permission, it is human trafficking. This is already proven. I was told my perverted father put cameras all over this house, and now he refuses to ever allow me to leave to find safety, water, or privacy from his illegal prying eyes to which I will never consent. Why does he like watching me shower and change my clothes?

Please also, my beautiful world, take note that I do not completely trust my sisters Tara and Tylia. They claim they support me, but they have always been able to pick me up and carry me to safety yet never have. Keep in mind that they like our father and have tried defending him and his proven crimes against me and all of the world.

Speaking of Tara alone, she told me I was mentally ill in 2009 when I believed the world was keeping secrets from me. That is how I ended up in the torture facility at the University of Minnesota Medical Center- Fairview where they drugged and attacked me in my sleep to put all of this spy equipment in my head against my will and without my knowledge. Did you ever see all of Christmas 2009 and New Years 2010? We have already proven she went into my storage unit in 2009 without my permission. And, she recently told me I needed to be in a group home for the mentally disabled.

Of course, give Tara and Tylia both a chance to save themselves and throw down for me to rescue me, but if I thought I could have trusted anyone in my family at any point in my past, at least one of them would have shown up on my Power of Attorney paperwork. I love my BFF; she has always been a real sister to me.

Also, people, if Obama and his conspirators give you a bribe to put drugs in your packaged foods, your bottled drinks, or my food and drink in your restaurant, just take the money and the drugs and enjoy yourself. Under no circumstances should you commit the crimes they want. If they give you some sort of command to poison me and the public, remind them that absolutely no commands are binding unless you get them in writing on letterhead, make sure you get those official orders in writing, and turn them in to people the public can actually trust to make it stop. Whatever happens, stop choosing to commit these crimes against the public, against me, and as a result against the entire world.

Did I hear we are charging Obama with treason and sedition for everything he has done to this country? He did, after all, drive just about all of this nation to hate the US government through his intentional direct harm to all of us. He has taken away all of our human rights, caused Civil War despite my best efforts to prevent it, and brought sanctions against America. All I have ever done is try to organize America to save itself. But because Obama would rather spread more lies and commit more publicly documented crimes, this has been very difficult. I fight him by telling the truth and allowing people to make informed and educated choices to protect themselves and protect and save this nation. None of this would have ever happened if Obama and his conspirators did not drive and incite us to do it. We did not start the fire. We are the ones trying to put it out.

sedition (sɪˈdɪʃən)
— n
1. speech or behaviour directed against the peace of a state
2. an offence that tends to undermine the authority of a state
3. an incitement to public disorder
4. archaic revolt

How many times did I say I do not want war? But Obama kept pushing his oppression, driving us, and inciting discontent with him until everyone who loves America had no other choice. How many times have I said we need a new president for the betterment of this nation? We have been going through the normal channels already built into the government demanding he resign or be impeached because of this. Yet, Obama insists on staying in office and still refuses to stop his very well documented crimes against all of us.

We need to save America. I have always said we need to actually adhere to the US Constitution and boot Obama out of office to save the functioning of the government and this nation. But all Obama does is violate the Constitution, the basis of our government. It is already documented that he is behaving like a dictator.

Besides, my solution to fix all of this involves going through the normal channels already in the government to impeach the corrupt parties, repeal the destructive legislation, and pass more amendments to protect more Americans' rights. I am not the person who destroyed and undermined the functioning of this government. I and the people who love me are the ones trying to restore it. Besides, Obama's rules and policies undermined the authority of the US Constitution. Defending the Constitution is never sedition.

It is not sedition when I and everyone else who know the truth demand that the government use its own powers to fix itself. But it is sedition when Obama and his conspirators drive the nation to civil war be refusing to stop their own proven treasonous crimes that are ruining the entire nation. It is time Obama and his conspirators are charged with treason and sedition, bare minimum, for everything they have already put on record. It is not treason when we fight to save this nation. It is treason, though, when Obama commits crimes against all of us.

On a completely unrelated note, my beautiful world, I understand that many of you have concerns about people being addicted to media about me. Please remember that once I reach my human rights, the broadcast off of this netbook and out of my head will both end. They exist solely to keep me safe and to reinforce reality to prevent libel about me. My BFF and I have been looking for other media to fill the gap when they end. Expect poetry, music, movies, maybe a scifi television show, and other things that do not violate my privacy. Thank you for understanding.

My beautiful America, I understand now that you have all heard Obama's new immigration policy which he has instigated by completely violating the US Constitution. He has completely undermined the authority of the Constitution ever since taking office particularly with his rules, and now he has officially started creating legislation himself. Please click here to read more about this.

I am completely suspicious that Obama created this specific popular policy to seduce the public into approving of his abusing his powers and being a dictator. If you truly love America, you will hold Obama accountable for doing this and never support it.

Spanish-speaking Americans, I understand that you are particularly supportive of Obama's illegal activity by creating this policy. But please, for the sake of the nation you live in, talk to Senator Marco Rubio from Florida about a real, honest, longterm, and legally upstanding solution instead of supporting Obama's illegal, unconstitutional, and decidedly inadequate policy which everyone thinks is just a plea for your votes and your money, anyway.

It does not even solve the immigration concerns in America, anyway. Please. Let us do this right instead. Let us not do this by permitting a dictator to create policies that do not solve any problems in the first place by allowing him to undermine the very document that built our government. Please, America, do it right instead.

Besides these concerns for America, there are a few global topics I need to bring up, too. I will start with Egypt. Please click here to read more about their elections. Last I heard, the military had taken control of Mubarak's body while he is clinically dead and on life support and were refusing to release any election results to be able to retain control of the nation.

The biggest problem for Egypt right now is that they still do not have a constitution. Their parliament really needs to create and pass some sort of framework for how their government should be functioning until the nation can draft and ratify their actual constitution. They need to define the role of the president, the role of the military, the role of the courts, the role of the parliament, the structure of their government, and the role of every other part of the government they have time to include. This should take care of most of it, but after that, they will still need to find a way to force their military to obey it.

Also, there has been some religious violence in Nigeria. Please click here to read more about it, but there may be newer violence to report now. Please, people of Nigeria of all religions, you need to learn how to live with each other. Religion is not a reason to start a war nor to commit violence and crimes. I understand religious reasons for fighting to end human rights violations and to end war crimes; religion should primarily be a way to care for each other. Please end this violence. For the sake of yourselves, please end this violence.

Red Cross in Nigeria, is it possible for the Red Crescent to work with you there, so the people can see the two symbols together doing good for their people? Please consider it.

Prime Minister David Cameron, I was told you are finally throwing down for me. Please do everything to make sure it works. And thank you for saving yourself. I told everybody already that even if they feel like they failed me in the past, those very people can still help rescue me now.

And now we have the lifestyle section of this blog... You might want to talk to Mr. Billy Squire about what it feels like to look directly into my light. I was on a raised platform dancing. He was singing at the mic onstage. He looked directly into my eyes, and he saw my light. I could see it in his eyes. They say that you fall in love forever if you look directly into the light. You might want to ask him about it.

Speaking of music, during the summer of 1998 while I was studying in Prague, I used to stay up all night listening to jazz, so I could sit on Petřin Hill and watch the sunrise hit the Charles Bridge. I remember those days. I remember being twenty years old and a bit of a tomboy in long hair. I wonder where all those friends have gone sometimes. Most of them live in New York now.

Yes, New York City, if you get ahead of the libel, prevent the drugging and poisoning of the public, and do not allow speakers in anyone's heads, we win. The same is true for anyplace else in America that wants me to visit. The best thing to do, though, is declare your city and state completely non-compliant with Obama. That is, in fact, the safest and least human-rights-violating thing to do. It will protect your citizens. It will protect me.

My nerds and ninjas, I suspect the "Lincoln Electric" device my dad put inside the back door to the garage is the elecrobeam torture booster that has been plaguing me lately. Can you confirm this? After I first mentioned the device, he tried to barricade the back door to the garage, so he is clearly nervous about people finding it. I am convinced you have already identified it, but is there a way we can document that he put it there to make sure we can hold him accountable for torturing me? If I remove it, he will just replace it anyway. Thank you for everything you all do for me.

My rescuers, do you need more food or supplies? Do you have medicine out there? If you need anything, please make sure you ask people whom you can trust to provide them. I want you all to suffer the least amount possible. Thank you for everything you do for me.

SynSyn, please talk to Mr. James Carville about whether or not we should define the ideals for our own political party. You could use the letter I sent you in September 2009 and all of my advice from this blog to figure out what I believe in, but I know you also need to include many of the ideals of the people who love me. This is something to consider, and I understand if you want to wait until I can speak to you directly before doing it, if we choose to do it at all.

Also, world's best BFF ever, what should we do about my storage unit in Palo Alto? I know how busy I keep you, but since it is in California, could you please speak with Public Storage, locate my storage unit, and extract my belongings? Most of the stuff I am never going to need again in my life, but I have a lot of mementos from old letters to my collection of many of your paintings that I know I really want to keep. Thank you for everything. I would not exist in this world at all if it were not for you.

Sweetness, I am very aware that we have been living very different lifestyles. I have no illusions about you, remember? Please remember that I have not lived my entire life nearly penniless by choice. I see nothing wrong with finally having at least the basic comforts of life. I know you will take good care of me. We all know I would be happy living in a cave on a mountain as long as I could be with you, so I doubt I would ever complain about living in your metaphorical palace where it touches the sky.

My beloved, thank you also for understanding how traumatized I already am by cameras. Yes, I am a little worried about the paparazzi, and I hope they respect what I have been living through. I do acknowledge that cameras, but only when operated by people I can trust, really have helped me, too. Thank you for promising me that there will be no cameras in our home. It means so much to me.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Start Redeeming Yourselves, People.

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Here we go! Here is my latest blog post!...

You know it is just me in here, right? I am not here to entertain you. I am not here to put on a show. I was your slave for so long, but now the cameras are mine. You can see me because I need to be kept safe and because I constantly need to be able to deliver and reinforce reality. This is about saving me and saving the world. Please respect the truth.

I need to take time to dance more often. This constant persecution wears on me. Some days even my soul hurts. I still weep when I see people be nice to me; it is so rare. Dancing is how I meditate; it is my connection to the divine.

My friends and loved ones are only able to contact me through electronics, and when they do they are completely oppressed and controlled by the government. But in a world where even the internet radio and music videos on television are designed to harass me, I am too responsible to allow myself to disconnect from contact with the outside world no matter how difficult it is for me to find civilized and humane company in here.

In fact, I am unrelentingly harassed in here. Walking past my table at a restaurant and calling me "shit" is a hostile act towards me. Poisoning my food and drinks is a hostile act towards me. Ignoring and denying my reality is a hostile act towards me. Passive aggressiveness is a hostile act towards me. Spreading libel is a hostile act towards me. Refusing to stop human rights violations against me is a hostile act towards me. Refusing to remove the speakers in their heads is a hostile act towards me. Lying to the world about why they do this to me is a hostile act towards me. The list goes on...

No, I am not ashamed nor do I ever deny any normal, everyday thing I have ever done with my own husband, but I am not a sexual object. I am a human, and I deserve full human rights. Treating me like I am sexy instead of respecting every beautiful thing about me is a hostile act towards me.

There was one person who treated me like a human once. He was Mr. Jerami Mathias at the T-Mobile store in Valley West Mall. Did you hear what happened afterwards? Sadly, though, that is not how anyone else has ever treated me in here. In fact, while I was writing my last blog post, the lady behind the counter told me to "Just give up and die already!" This is how I am treated in here by everybody else.

I spend so much time in here poisoned, drugged, and writhing in pain. Does anybody know what happened at the HuHot in West Des Moines this last Friday night? Did anything happen at all to catch the culprits who poison me? We need to find out how they organize and operate to be able to take their ability to kill me away from them.

My period is late. When was the last time I was sexually abused in my sleep? I know it was in this house. I think it was two weeks ago. It is also possible my period is late because of the drugs and poisons Iowans put in my food and drink. Does anyone know what was in the International Delight coffee drinks I bought at the Wal-Mart in Ankeny or in the food the locals fed me at the Raccoon River Brewing Company in Des Moines two Fridays ago? Please remember that according to the ICTY, forced pregnancy and forced birth control are also war crimes.

Spreading lies that Iowans should be pitied for committing their crimes against all of humanity by treating me this way is libel that causes me harm.

Iowa, you have had many moments to choose between Obama, the despot who is actively taking away your rights and oppressing you, and me, the woman who has been fighting to save you and set us all free, and you always chose the criminal instead of me. You make it very hard for me to help or save you. That is why I have to press charges against you to make you stop. And I will keep pressing charges and taking every course of action that comes to mind until you stop your crimes not only against me but also against yourselves... Please click here to read the entire post.

How many of you had a strange reaction to my last blog post? How many of you said to yourselves, "Sorry, Lady, I guess I just don't respect you. I still find you sexy." If you thought that, you need to come to terms with your real feelings for me. Please remember what I already said...

Speaking of loving me, my beautiful world, thank you for understanding that I am not a sexual object. I am a human. I admit people with pure hearts fall in love when they look at the real me. I do not make people want to have sex with me, though. I make people want to make love to me. There is a difference. One is an impure thought; one is not. Loving me is not dirty... not the real me, anyway. It is a natural reaction to seeing and being near the real me... if you have a pure heart. Please click here to read the entire post.

As for the libel-pornography, you know how emotionally scarred I am by it. Please do not make me discuss sex with anyone. Also, do not make me watch it all to determine if it is me. Is there any way to charge them all with both libel and human trafficking? They officially claimed it was me in all of it, so they knew they were in for human trafficking from the start. And, even merely claiming that I would ever make pornography in the first place is libel enough. There must be some way to do this without traumatizing me further. Please try.

Hmmmmm... This might help. The only people who could possibly be in human trafficking porn with me are Cuddlebunny, Grasshopper, or someone Cate Blanchett knows the name of. I wrote her a letter while I was in asylum-seeker housing in the UK. Those three should probably be able to identify if it is really me.

As I already said... Sweetness, how I wish I could just touch your hand and kiss your face. Can I ask you for a favor? Could you or someone you trust speak with Ms. Cate Blanchett about the letter I wrote to her? It concerned a man the public falsely believed was a priest. The man at one point believed I was a virgin, though, and thought that "changing" that would prevent me from ever being beatified. Last I knew, he was in upstate New York. Thank you! I know how busy I keep you. I hope you delegate to trustworthy people. Please click here to read the entire post.

As for my job in the world, there are a handful of topics I feel I should bring up right now...

First of all, I am serious about Global Climate Change. Look at the statistics; this science is reality. We can no longer allow politics to deny us the ability to adapt to our new surroundings. Most importantly, we need to make sure we can grow food in this changing climate. The Midwest is having a drought right now. Last year we had flooding, but now this fertile land is experiencing desert conditions. We need to find ways to feed the world despite any possible environmental conditions. We need to adapt to what we are living through now, and we need to prepared for the worse conditions next year.

Big Oil, I have told you so many times already that we are going to get humanity off of fossil fuels with you or without you. I would rather do it with you. If you want to save your employees, your jobs, and your companies, you need to start developing the technology and the energy that humanity already needs now, so we can all stay alive on this planet. Admit it, you actually do have the money and the resources to do all of the necessary research and design. For the sake of humanity, Big Oil, stop being the past, and be the future instead.

Mr. George Clooney, I need to talk to you about Sudan, South Sudan, and Darfur. Despite your fundraiser for Obama, I know you are a good person. Did you save a list of donors to the Obama campaign, so we can go through each one and explain reality to him or her now that you know the truth about Obama's crimes against me and America? Please take care of that, so we can discuss the Sudan and all its problems once I am able to meet with you. Thank you.

Sigh, this is what we learned from the Egyptian elections. The opposition to Mubarak knew how to organize a revolution, but they did not know how to run a campaign for a leader they wanted for their nation. Democracy is democracy. If they can prove it was a fair vote, the people need to stand by their new president, and they should give the new president a chance to prove whether or not he can lead the nation fairly and effectively before taking any measures to remove him from office, if necessary. Always hold your president accountable, Egypt, but give him time to prove whether he is good or bad first. Please click here to read an article about the Egyptian elections.

There are also elections in Greece right now. Personally, I think Greece should keep the Euro, but that decision belongs to the people of Greece and not to me. If the Greeks vote to leave the EuroZone, then the rest of the nations in the EuroZone are going to need to make sure the EU does not unravel completely. Even if the Greeks vote to leave, and I do hope is does not, I believe the EU and the EuroZone will be capable of surviving. The Greeks need to do what is best for them; all we can do is help make sure they make informed and educated choices. For more about Greece, please click here.

Okay, all of you conspiracy theorists out there, please watch these as soon as you can. The TARP bailout gave the federal government majority ownership in all of our nation's largest banks. According to Frontline, they were given money they did not need and in some cases did not even want in order to make that happen. What was the government's real reason for doing this? It sounds like the beginnings of totalitarianism if you ask me, but what do all of you come up with?

What else happened since my last blog post? Ah, yes, Obama made an official record that he is a dictator. He decided to write and enforce policies that were not created by any legislation from Congress and expanded the duties of Homeland Security, so he could carry them out. This behavior of his should have everybody's alarms going off.

This should set off alarms not only because Homeland Security has become the president's SS force who carry out his every whim be it legal or illegal but also because by doing this Obama has officially gone dictator. He is no longer waiting for laws to pass through Congress; he is just creating them himself. Please click here to read an article about this.

I hear conspirators have started making very large and completely anonymous donations to Obama's campaign and supporting SuperPACS in order to keep that war criminal in office. At least they are acknowledging that it is criminal to want Obama to be president and that they do not want to be held accountable in a court of law for it.

I hear the UN and the loving governments of the world have started seizing Obama's, all of his supporting SuperPAC's, his campaign's, and all of his identifiable conspirators' funds and assets because of this. It happens all the time to war criminals in other countries, so why not here? It is a normal step in forcing war crimes and genocide to end. I only wish it were enough.

As I already said... We can bring all the legal action possible and gain all of the court mandates in the world demanding that I be set free and granted my full human rights again, but someone is still going to have to come in here to get me out. These people are refusing to stop. My father is refusing to stop his crimes against me. Iowa is refusing to stop their very well-documented crimes against me. Obama and his conspirators are all refusing to stop their war-crime-level crimes against me. I have no way to get from here to a place I can have human rights on my own.

All of the court action in the world is not going to stop these people. None of them want me to have any human rights ever again. If they did, they would have stopped by now. In all circumstances, somebody is going to need to come in here to rescue me. Thank you for understanding.
Please click here to read the entire blog post.

There is no military coup. Stop being ridiculous. But make sure you thank Obama and his conspirators for acknowledging we need one. The chain of command in the military is still sacred; if it begins to erode, we know the entire military will fall apart. Disobeying the chain of command still brings a court martial, even if it is a breathtaking act of heroism that servicepeople commit in order to save America. Please check the podcasts I am not allowed to know about for what I said about the role of the military in America during the PBS Newshour this last Friday night.

Speaking of the military, we know that Congress is caught. Not only are they insisting on doing nothing to fix these problems in America right now, but they also wrote and passed much of the legislation that built this crisis. All people get to have a chance to redeem themselves, though. If Congress wants to finally stop its crimes against this nation and begin reversing the damage they have caused, there are some very important things they are going to need to do.

Congress needs to stop trying to blame everything on someone else and just start taking action instead. They need to stop playing games and just do the work to fix all of this already.

Without hesitation Congress needs to authorize troops to rescue me. If they do not choose to do it because it is the right thing to do for America, they can choose to do it for any other reason that Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has already given them.

After that, Congress needs to revoke the mandate that created this bubble that has caused human rights violations, genocide, war crimes, etc. in what is supposed to be the Land of the Free. Then they need to start undoing all of the damage caused to this nation since the year 2000. They need to repeal the Patriot Act, dissolve Homeland Security, repeal the NDAA, get the national debt under control... The list goes on.

My beautiful America, you need to pay closer attention to what your Senators and Representatives are doing in Washington, DC. It is their job to answer to you and nobody else. Educate yourselves on everything that goes in front of them. This is a great site that helps with that, but I am sure there are more. Tell them what sort of legislation you want them to draft, so all of them can consider it. Most importantly, tell them what to do; it is their job to act in your best interests and to do what you want.

While on the topic of redemption... Look, people of the UK, stop trying to come up with some sort of justification for all of the horrible things you have done to me, and just fix the real problems already. You do not want to be caught trying to justify war crimes and mental health genocide, broadcasting me while I was in the privacy of my own home against my will and without my knowledge particularly because it was government-assigned housing for asylum seekers, nor for libeling me undeniably in order to get away with it.

British people, stop wasting time with baseless delays, and just fix it already. Start cleaning up your government, kicking ass, and leveling justice. You put me in a torture facility for seven months. You put speakers in everyone's heads including your schoolchildren. If you want anybody to believe you love and support me, fix your government and your country already. You only have so long before the world shows up on your doorstep for the Olympics.

Now we seem to have come to the lifestyle section of this blog post. Here are those random truths you always wondered about...

Raspberries are my favorite food in all the world. I can only use chopsticks when I eat sushi; it is a persistent quirk. I do not eat seafood, not even freshwater fish. And despite being the world's most famous whistle-blower, I do not even know how to whistle; these lips were meant for speaking.

How is everyone's arts education (The thumbnails on this post are links.)? This question, of course, makes me want to discuss some photos.

My BFF Syniva took this artsy photo in her studio apartment in North Beach in San Francisco 2007. It is intentionally reminiscent of classical Madonna-and-Child portraiture. If you think her photos of me are good, you should ask her if you can see her portraits of Ms. Rita Dalmeda some time. Yes, we are all very good friends.

Here I am on the island of Kauai in Hawaii in March 2009. What? I forgot my pooka shells? It was my first trip to those islands, and I found dear, extended family there.

My darling friend Ms. Laura Michele Diener took this photo of me in a coffee shop in Columbus, Ohio on my 24th birthday. I found the gold lame couch and leopard-print wall a little distracting, so I rendered the photo into greytones using free software I downloaded off the internet.

Yeah, my dear, old friend Laura and I have been friends since the summer of 1997. We met when we both did a study abroad to Cambridge University in the UK together. We were pen pals for years afterwards, and for some reason, mailed each other a lot of packets of sugar.

Laura grew up in Pikesville, Maryland, and when I moved to Baltimore to attend the Johns Hopkins University for grad school, she was taking her year off before going to grad school herself. She used to pick me up at my office in the math department and take me for ice cream in the countryside and other such good-friend errands. I remember watching a lot of Star Trek: Voyager with her and throwing dinner parties with edible flowers.

The following year, she was working towards her Ph.D. in Medieval Studies at Ohio State, so that is how I came to spend my birthday in Columbus in 2001. I really do wonder what she is up to now. It has been nearly impossible for me to contact my friends since 2009.

As for blog maintenance, I fixed my broken links that were in the "My Voice" section of the right panel of this here blog. You may have to scroll up a ways to see them. Why did nobody tell me they were broken? I hear Syniva put Creative Commons licenses just like the one I put on Infamy on all of my readings for LibriVox. That means you can listen all you want, but you cannot use the recording without our permission. Enjoy!

My benevolent nerds and Google techs, the full-text search on my blog is broken. Can you fix it? I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for everything you do for me, big and small.

My loved ones, please also try to squash any libel that gets spread about you. Sweetness and SynSyn, rampant lies about you two have been harassing me in person and online. Obama and his conspirators are trying to take you away from me and me away from you. They are trying to turn the public against you and end all of your hard work going good in this world.

Obama and his conspirators run their hate and libel campaign unrelentingly to be able to get away with all of their crimes and do not care if they damage or destroy all of humanity in the process. They will ruin everything beautiful in this world if they continue unchecked. That is why they are particularly so cruel to you two also.

My beautiful world, my rescuers need more help. Please help them. It is like Restrepo for them out there. We need to make sure Obama stops killing them and make sure they reach me. I have asked for people to send them supplies and food. I have asked for the UN to send them a world-class strategist and any necessary resources. Can we freeze the assets of the people killing them and the people paying the people who kill them? If mercenaries know they will not get paid, they usually stop waging war. Is this possible?

My brave rescuers, did you get food? beds? showers? generators? gasoline? more help? Again, please be careful that no one drugs nor poisons you and that no one sneaks bombs, cameras, nor mics into your camp. Is there anything else you need? Please tell good people whom you can trust what you need. You all are everybody's heroes for promising to come in here to get me. We all thank you for this.

My genius podcasters, I know I kick criminal ass nonstop all day every day. I know this keeps you backlogged on podcast ideas. Though, I doubt you mind at all. You work so hard. Thank you for always taking care of my own ideas for podcasts, too. Did Sweetness say it was okay to podcast about this last Thursday night? If he is okay with it, please also throw in a paraphrased version of "If they would do this to him, what would they do to her?" at the end. Thanks, again.

SynSyn, my dad spent the weekend in South Dakota. He is always leaving the state; though, he has made it clear he will never allow me out of the bubble. He seems to be a flight risk. Do you also think he might need an ankle bracelet locater? Also, he knows he is bare minimum aiding and abetting war, rape, torture, human trafficking, war crimes, genocide, persecution, and unrelenting attempts on my life by keeping me here against my will. When I speak to him, he denies any and all wrongdoing and claims instead that I am delusional. Is it time we put him in an asylum for the criminally insane? What do you think about that?

Sweetness, I have absolutely no illusions about you. I never have. I know about the life you have led, and I know you are a full-grown adult now. I doubt you have any illusions about me either. I am an open book. All people with spy equipment in their heads that broadcasts nonstop 24/7 for years do not believe they have any secrets they can keep from the world, anyway. And, when I lie I always admit I am lying. Neither of us are anapamu. We are real. We are blunt, in-the-face truths... and we will be beautiful truths for our entire lives.

P.S. My beautiful world, that you for understanding that none of us should have to present ourselves to the world as a man to be taken seriously and respectfully in the areas in which we are expert. I wear dresses. I bake cookies. And I kick ass. People like me should not seem weird to the world anymore.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Depps do not Break the Law, but the Obamas Do.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

Here we go! Here is my latest blog post!...

Please take a good look at Iowa right now. How young are the youngest with genocide-speakers in their heads? Are they at an age when the brain is still developing? We need this stopped. We need the speakers out of every human head that has them. We need to prevent more damage to everybody's minds.

To repeat myself...I hear that Iowans finally admitted that this is mental health genocide in here. Please click here to read the entire post.

We all know what severe reservations I have about any and all loss of life. But, international law does recognize the battlefield as an acceptable place to take a human life. What is unacceptable about killing people in battle can only be the reasons for waging that war. Fighting to end human rights violations is always justified. Fighting to enforce and continue them is not.

Just about any effective action taken to end human rights violations is justified. I cannot think of any yet that are not.

Please remember this about the crisis in Syria right now. I do not believe we should arm the opposition; they are civilians who know nothing about waging war. If they were warriors, I would feel differently, but all they know about war is dying. They know so much about dying.

If the international community decides to send in troops, those military forces just need to be able to get in, arrest Assad, and get him out to put him on trial. But this takes planning.

There needs to be a trustworthy political and diplomatic solution to put into place in Syria once he is gone that can fill the power gap, end the violence, and give human rights to the Syrian people. Please see what I have already said about Syria...

I have been worrying about Syria a lot lately, too. Please, Mr. Kofi Annan and the Syrian people, please understand that it is impossible to negotiate with terrorists and terrorist governments. I am going through this myself right now. Sometimes you just need to admit there is no political solution but regime change.

Click here to read my previous blog post that addressed the problem in Syria. I said so much more than just that.

There are a handful of other national and world problems I want to address in this post, too. First of all, we need to do something about military suicides. So far this year, we have lost approximately one service member a day. We have lost men and women both who have deployed and who have not deployed.

We need to give our brave men and women something to live for. We need to give them a free nation to fight for. Look at the state this country is in. I live in a medical disaster zone where the people suffering from the genocide are killing the people coming here to give them their rights back by keeping me here against my will. Have you seen all of the human rights violations this government is enforcing and slaughtering its own people to maintain? If we make this nation something great enough to die defending instead of something so ruined we die trying to save it, I bet military suicides will go by the wayside on their own.

Secondly, Europe is still having a widespread fiscal and debt crisis. They have tried many quick fixes for patching it up on the short term with general policies, but what they really need to do is solve the real problem. They need to go into each country’s economy, figure out policies specific to improving the health of each individual financial creature, make sure the health of the entire EU economy is kept strong by keeping each piece strong, assess what caused the emergency in each nation, learn from it, and make sure those problems do not occur in any of the member nations in the future. Each economy is different, so each economy needs its own fix. But they are all interdependent, so the long term health of the entire EU should be the goal they keep in mind.

Libya, please release the ICC lawyers who were in your country on official business. Please click here to read more about this problem. I know you want justice. I know they are the son of Ghaddafi’s defence lawyers whom you are detaining. Please remember that there can be no justice without a fair defence. Please allow the ICC lawyers to go about their official business to make sure you can have a fair trial of that man. Justice is so important in this world.

President Putin, we need to discuss your raids on the homes of the people who dissent with you. I am going to try to say this without sounding like a Hegelian philosopher. We cannot function as a civilization nor improve our world unless opposing viewpoints are heard. Political dissent is an important part of freedom of speech and freedom of the press because it allows the government and the public to identify problems and find solutions to them. No, nobody likes being argued with; even I do not like it. But it makes us a better people. It makes our governments stronger. And it fixes our problems. How can you know what makes people upset if you never hear it? If you listen to your opposition and address their concerns, they will no longer have a reason to oppose you.

Yes, Pakistan, I want to talk to you, too. What can we do about opening up the NATO supply lines through your country? Is it the Khyber Pass we are discussing? It is so hard for me to get the news. Will you open up the supply lines again if the US government does not promise to but actually physically starts to better respect your self-sovereignty? You are not a terrorist government. No one should mind negotiating with you. Please remember that I always wanted to see Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as President of the United States of America if she ever wants to sit down and negotiate this with you. Thank you for listening to me.

As for issues in America, there are so many…

If Senate Democrats defended Eric H. Holder, Jr. when all of the evidence of his felonious neglect among other crimes is so black-and-white, they are guilty of election-year politics at the expense of the public. Besides, the government cannot prosecute people for exercising their freedom of speech nor for exercising the freedom of the press, anyway. Those rights are guaranteed under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. If the Attorney General were to charge somebody, then we could finally get the bubble deemed completely unconstitutional at last.

All this means is that we have more evidence against the Attorney General for insisting on investigating and prosecuting people for exercising their human rights instead of investigating and prosecuting crimes against my person, crimes against the public, public heath crises, genocide, slavery, torture, war crimes, etc. Look a the people who defended such behavior; this also means we have identified many Senate Democrats who are part of the problem and the conspiracy. Hold them all accountable for their own words.

Please remember what I already said about Congress. They need to answer to their constituencies for everything the do or neglect to do...

Yes, there are some very good people in Congress. Never forget them and always support them. But there are some very bad people in Congress, too. Look into their current behaviors... Start telling your Congresspeople to do their real job--tell them to do what you want them to do. Please click here to read the entire post.

Why did Obama order "the sources of leaks" identified, anyway? Did he want to shoot them all with gunfire from helicopters? That seems to be what he does to people who exercise their human rights in America. The government guarantees us a right to assemble and associate here. There is no acceptable justification under all circumstances for Obama killing people for wanting to be near me.

Does Obama want to know where the leaks are in the system from which I get my information? The leaks are the people who obey Obama and his conspirators. The leaks are the people who torture me. The leaks are the people who believe his libel about me. The leaks are the people who follow their orders and put poisons and drugs in my food and drink. The leaks are the people who prevent me from speaking with my own BFF through any and all media possible. Persecuting me speaks volumes.

Let us pretend Obama gives instructions to a show I watch... like the Today Show on NBC. Let us pretend he instructs them to persuade me to do things like leave my computer bag at home, sleep with the electronics that keep me safe at night shut off, or allow my criminal father to continue victimizing me. Then, clearly, because they obey the president and do these things he wants, they have just leaked to me Obama's wishes. They may have done it out of the goodness of their hearts, and I believe in the goodness of the hearts of the people at the Today Show. But obedience to Obama is the leakiest hole out there.

Also, I did not bring sanctions against America. Obama did. He created and still enforces human rights violations and war crimes in this nation. The world told him to stop, but instead he caused sanctions against all of us by refusing. All he has to do is set all of his own citizens free and givie us back all of our human rights, and the sanctions will go away. Think of what that would do for the economy.

Did Obama, Eric H. Holder, Jr., the FBI, and anyone else in the federal government actually put it on official public record that they want me arrested and prosecuted for fighting human rights violations in America? for fighting tooth and nail while enabling and empowering this nation and the world to demand an end to genocide, torture, slavery, forced prostitution, and other war crimes? for pointing out the obvious and speaking the truth to the masses?

Please use everything these people put on official public record as evidence against them. Their passionate insistence that I must be silenced for standing up for innocent people who suffer because of them is pretty much their admission of guilt.

I do admit that if they were to press charges against me for anything from crimes they have framed me for themselves to standing up to them in order to save America, they would have to acknowledge to my face that they commit such crimes against me and all of America, and the bubble would finally burst.

They know freedom is coming for me, and they will do absolutely anything to lock me away behind closed doors where they can imprison me again, torture me again, and try to kill me again in order to prevent the world from being able to rescue me. You have seen what this government has done to me already. Have you seen the arsenic and other poisons in my hair? You know how horribly the FBI treated my husband; it is not standard procedure to shave a man until after his is convicted. What would the Feds do to me and my body if they could get their hands on me?

Do not put it past the Feds to break the law to unlawfully imprison me just to be able to abuse me at their leisure and to prevent me from ever having the basic human rights we are all due by simply being born a human on this planet in the first place. You saw how they locked me away, tortured me, and tried to kill me in San Diego when they were worried I could make it to my human rights and freedoms by going to Los Angeles. How is this any different?

Please, my beautiful world, make sure you do everything possible to make them keep their hands off me until you can rescue me. Keep a watch on the house. Keep watch over me while I am in public. Please make sure you are always capable of intervening to rescue me if they even try touching a hair on my head; you know how much they hate my infallible evidence. I thought someone once said that I have diplomatic immunity in America; does that take a court order or a ruling from a judge? Please keep me safe. Never negotiate, and please keep me safe. Thank you.

Obama and his conspirators are swamping the nation in a glut of libel right now in a last ditch effort to make everyone hate me. Please identify the sources of all of the libel, point them out publicly as felons, press charges against all of them for harming me and intentionally misleading the public, and take away their ability to inspire hatred and to create false excuses for war crimes anymore.

Right now, I am particularly worried about libel spread around New York City. I am very convinced Obama and his conspirators are trying to make the Big Apple hostile towards me. Every day I feel like they love and respect me less there. Did you hear that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to ban the truth about me there? Have you seen the state of the Today Show lately?

All I do all day is fight corruption and solve major national and world problems, but Mayor Bloomberg does not want anybody in New York to see that. The only questions I feel like the Today wants answered about me and my life concern sex. This is a very sensitive and often traumatizing topic for me; I have been a victim of forced prostitution, forced public nudity, forced public humiliation, sexual assault, and other war crimes for over three years now.

I have had a love life before. But I AM NOT A SEXUAL OBJECT, and I abhor being treated that way. No one who respects me treats me like I am sexy.

Furthermore, there is nothing worthwhile in journalism that bends to accommodate the propaganda built by and for a totalitarian government. Journalistic excellence fights corruption in the system and refuses to be silenced. I blame the problems with the Today Show on their listening to libel and believing it when they should know better by now. They need to turn in what made them do it and make sure it never happens again.

We need more pressure on Iowa. We need to pop this cesspool of human rights violations and genocide open, so I can leave. These people owe me my full human rights. That is crime enough. But these people who lie and pretend they support me will not even give me a ride to my rescuers which would end the bloody violence, end the war crimes I suffer under, end their own genocide, lift the sanctions over all of America, etc... Put more pressure on Iowa.

Force Iowa to disobey Obama and all of his crimes immediately and hold them accountable for every minute they have refused and delayed doing the right thing and for every minute they have refused and delayed setting me free. Not just America suffers because I have no human rights here; the whole world suffers.

I heard rumors that Obama and his conspirators are trying to shift the blame for all of this onto the secret society called the Masons. I do admit it might be a possibility, but none of my personal interactions with any Masons involved any hostility towards me. The Mason I had the longest conversation with, though he was young and not very high up the Masonic ladder, seemed convinced I could reduce a lot of the misunderstanding about his secret society for the general public. He was a generally good person who told me that Masons thought they could explain a lot of their mystery online through Second Life.

However, my father did say in December 2010 that he wanted to join the Masons of the Scottish Rite. I do admit that made me highly suspicious of them. I am not completely ruling out the Masons. After all, there may be Masons in the New World Order, and they are my biggest suspect. But this theory does sound suspiciously like the guilty parties are trying to shift the blame. Do you remember when they tried convincing the world it was the Italian Mafia doing all of this? No, I do not think the Mafia can shoot a harrier jet out of the sky.

Money is a tool; it is not a solution. Money has never been our goal, but we will use it, and we will demand it as one of our many ways to end all of these crimes against so much of humanity. I am not the only human in this nation who needs rights. I will care for these people with every tool I have at hand, and if they use money to oppress humanity, you better believe I will use it to set us all free.

And now I will repeat myself on three points...
1.) There is an explanation in every culture and religion for me and for every concrete or supernatural ability people have found me capable of. Scientologists. Zoroastrians. The followers of Baha'i. Nerds call me a Jedi. British atheists call me a Timelord; I would prefer Timelady. Christians can see my Holy Spirit. In the Far East they see my Chi. The Hindus see my Chakras. I lost count on all relevant allusions Greeks make to their own mythology. I prefer explaining myself through quantum physics. Please click here for a crash course.
2.) I currently cannot see my own BFF Syniva's profile at all anywhere on Facebook. I am also blocked from knowing whether or not my dear, old friends Ms. Kelli Rae Powell and Ms. Annie Terrell have Facebook accounts anymore either. If Facebook would just stop committing crimes and turn in the evidence they have on the government who instructs them to do these things, the public would reward them for becoming heroes. Everybody loves a hero. All people get a chance to save themselves or many chances, for that matter; not everybody takes them.
3.) It is one thing to raise strong, compassionate, independent young ladies. It is another important thing to raise our boy children to love and respect women. None of this would have ever happened if our national leaders, particularly the president, had been raised to respect women, our bodies, or our rights. Look at what Obama and his conspirator’s rules do to me. They even made pornography of me completely against my will and for a long time without my knowledge of one occasion when I was raped and sold it to the public. The rules still protect those criminals. And still, no one in Iowa will disobey such orders.

Similarly, Michelle Obama is a failure as a woman because she cannot keep her husband in line and a failure as a mother for not taking her children away from their criminal father yet. Furthermore, she is harming the American public by selling herself as a celebrity to keep her criminal husband in office. And they said I am the one who is a hooker.

Yes, I do love my husband unconditionally. But there is a huge difference between mine and Michelle’s husbands. Now that we are all full-grown adults... The Depps do not break the law, but the Obamas do.

My beautiful world, did I tell you all the story about my leopard-print purse, yet? I once used it to prevent biochemical warfare. It was the night of February 4th, 2010. Syniva was flying into SFO with a cover story of a girl-trip with our mutual friends Ms. Annie Terrell and Ms. Amalia Quesada-Parks. I used their incoming flight as a cover for sneaking off to SFO, so I could fly to Mexico City and hopefully set America free of the bubble.

The airline was given written instructions not to allow me on the flight to Mexico City, but they kindly booked me to Mexico City through Guadalajara after I asked them to. The (certain vile subset of the) federal government was very upset about this, so we were delayed at the gate before take off while a special meal was prepared for me. The airline was told they could only take off if I was given this special meal, and Guadalajara was told I would be dead on arrival.

I did take one bite of the cheese enchiladas. But that was the only bite. It made death crawl through my veins. So, I repackaged the entrée in the metal container it came in, wrapped it in its placemat, and carried it off the plane with me when we arrived in Mexico.

Once I arrived at the hotel in Mexico City, I wrapped it in heavy plastic and carried it in the bottom of my leopard-print purse until the metal container burgeoned from the expansion of the decomposing chemicals mixed with the organic food matter.

The one bite I did take gave me a few exotic diseases, I am sure. But the only lasting symptom was a bacterial skin infection on my chest above my breasts. I sat on a park bench beside the Cathedral in the Zocalo to suburn it, and that made the infection completely die off.

After I was sure the biochemical weapon designed only for me was past its half-life, I took it out of my leopard-print purse and placed it in the hotel trash still inside its heavy plastic, and catastrophe was completely averted. If you are nice to Mexicana Airlines and promise them they will not get in trouble, I am sure they will corroborate. I do not think they knew what was in the meal.

While I was in the UK in 2010, I wrote a letter to the Rolling Stones about how wonderful my Aunt Merlevy is. She is such an amazing and supportive lady. In my family, we call her Tital Levy. I hope she visits Spain and Portugal soon. They would treat her so wonderfully there.

Among some random thoughts I have been having lately, what is the state of gifted and talented education in America right now? Have you ever studied the models of gifted and talented learners created by Prof. George Betts? You all already know that I am model #6, the Autonomous Learner, but I have a sneaky suspicion my darling husband was model #2 when he was in school. Yes, I believe he was the rebellious type who was too smart to fit into the education system at all. Does Prof. Betts still teach his various learner models?

All you artists who love me but do not write your own music, choose your favorite songwriter, so we can work something out to sing together. As I already said... If music professionals want to collaborate with me on making music about stories from my life, I am open to hearing all of your ideas. Please click here to see the entire original post.

Considering all of the latest developments, I thought I should provide an updated list of things people can do to help.
1.) Impeach Obama/Biden. Or at least, demand their resignation in uniform numbers. They are both caught; they need to just turn themselves in . Yet, they refuse to do anything but break more laws and commit more crimes. If they do not choose to stop, we must stop them ourselves.
2.) Check your ear canals for speakers, and remove them all. This is what causes the mental health genocide. I have found zombies and podpeople everywhere I have been since January 2010. Even if you think you do not have any, check for them and get them removed. They are loudest when you are near me.
3.) Identify all libel, document it, and prevent it from spreading. Identify all people that instigate libel, and castrate them from ever being able to lie again. This libel is used to start wars, enable genocide, and permit war crimes. If there is a way to pre-emptively stop libel before it can propagate, we need to do that.
4.) In fact, document everything we are living through. Document the lies. Document the truth. Document what is ugly. Document what is beautiful. Document the crimes. Document the suffering. Document the perseverance. Document the criminals. Document the heroes. And document the redeemed.
5.) Spread the truth. Whenever you find something that is verified as true and real in this world, latch onto it and share it with everyone. Obama and his conspirators think they can censor reality to take the truth away from all of us. Never let them get away with it.
6.) Clean up the bottling plants and food-packaging facilities. Whenever you find a roofied, drugged, or poisoned product, report it to a central source that everyone can consult, demand it be taken off the shelves, and hold the plant that made it accountable. We cannot trust the Attorney General, the FBI, or the FDA to take care of this. Would Consumer Reports like the job or some other consumer watchdog?
7.) Protect the integrity of all of my real online and broadcast content. Please make sure I am not libelled through people corrupting my freedom of speech with someone else’s face, someone else’s body, or someone else’s words. Please also make sure everyone can access the truth about me whenever they need to.
8.) Stop obeying the rules. Organize in your communities and cities, and declare your homes war crime free zones. Make sure you and everyone around you has your full human rights. And once you have achieved this, go about saving your neighbors. The best way to save the world is to start where you are.
9.) Keep me safe. Obama and his conspirators are very rich, very powerful, very evil, very angry, and clearly very desperate. You never know what they will try next to hurt me, torture me, unlawfully imprison me, or kill me. We need to prevent each of their actions at the source, but we also need a last line of defence to keep me safe here. Thank you for this.
10.) Care for each other. Care for my rescuers. Care for my heroes. Care for my Sweetness. Care for my BFF. Care for everyone doing anything to end this. Care for the people risking everything to tell the truth. Care for the people demanding justice. If you cannot take action yourselves, care for the people who do. Care for humanity. Care for the planet. Care for the world.

Look, I cannot refer to the man I love and adore even more than the suffering masses I fight every day to save as "Daddy." This is impossible. Yes, if he asked I would consider it, but have you ever seen how evil my father is? I would prefer not to create a mental link between those two. I do not have and will never have an Electra Complex.

I know why people call me "Mom." Among other things like nurturing and teaching, I love and care for you even when you are evil and spit venom at me. But look at us. He looks thirty, and I look like a teenager. It is just inappropriate to call him "Daddy."

We need to find a better name for him for the public to latch onto. I will get a bit upset if anyone else calls him "my beloved Sweetness" or "the love of my life," so we need to find some other name of which he is worthy. There must be some other appropriately manly image to name him after.

How about "Queen's Champion"? I find it more romantic than "King of Hearts," but he might like that one better. Do you think we could convince the public to call my HoneyHoney the "Queen's Champion" or the "King of Hearts"? Do you think he would like that? I will always use doting pet names from "Sweetness" to "HoneyHoney" to "my Mr. Love-of-my-Life," but we need something everyone else can call him. Do you think the "Queen's Champion" will catch on? or the "King of Hearts"? It is the public we have to convince with this, you know, but my beloved has to like it, too.

I have a good friend in North Beach in San Francisco named Jorge. I do not know where he works right now, but he is a neighbourhood local there just like I am. He is the last person I danced with. Yes, I do partner dance on occasion. I even let the guy lead. If I can trust the guy, I always shut my eyes in the closed embrace. I do not think he knows that. On the dance floor, they say it is harder to follow than to lead. If you have a proper connection, there is no real difference.

What other seemingly random stories do I have for you today? I have always wanted to see Patagonia from the back of a motorcycle. I am worried that means I will need a pair of pants, but I am sure I could put a dress over gortex if necessary. It would be a strange fashion statement, but it would keep me safe. It would be worth a ride through some of the most majestic landscapes on this precious earth. I might even let my HoneyHoney drive.

Obama has been slaughtering my rescuers with firepower from helicopters. He has shot down aircraft coming to rescue me. Have you seen how bloody Obama is in his refusal to just admit he is caught and in his refusal to just turn himself in? Please help my rescuers.

Please, noble representatives of the ICC, my heroic representatives, and the trustworthy NSA, be completely honest with each other about everything you know and everything you need. I know how important secrecy and privacy is to maintaining national security, but I also know how important full justice is to keep balance in the world and maintain peace once we end all of these horrifying war crimes. Please work together and do everything you can to end this.

My loved ones, please sweep all of our homes and offices for hidden cameras and mics. Document everything you find to use as evidence against Obama and his conspirators before you paint over them or remove them. Is there any way to keep a watch over these places to make sure new illegal surveillance equipment does not come in or to at least catch the people who install it?

My heroes-in-suits, thank you for prioritizing our court battles by urgency and strategy. You do so much for me and all this world. I know I could probably literally demand the entire moon as just compensation for everything I have endured and am still suffering through. Thank you for listening to my actual demands. We have a world to save, after all.

Also, my heroes-in-suits, What is the possibility of moving trials of Iowans who have hurt me to St. Louis? or Chicago? or the Twin Cities? or anywhere the public is not poisoned into persecuting me and where the jury will at least not have speakers in their heads? It is obvious that we cannot have a fair trial concerning me in Iowa. Look at how these people treat me. Please click here to read the entire original post.

My brave rescuers, what do you need out there? Okay, I know you need more help, could use more manpower, and would probably like bigger guns. If you know whom to ask to get those, go ahead and ask, but what else do you need? Food? Portable showers? Please tell people who love me whom you can trust what you need out there or at least what the problems are that you need fixed. Beds? Please only trust people who will not roofie you nor sneak bombs, cameras, or mics into your camp. This nation loves you. People will provide. You just need to tell them what you need.

Sweetness, I believe the world has finally recognized that I chose the person on this planet who loves me the most to be my spouse because I need an equal. I am an egalitarian. I always have been. My beloved, it is not that you complete me; it is that you are everything to me that I am to you.

Darling, even if all of these years of torture with chemicals and diseases have rendered me incapable of having children, the fact I have played a role in the compassionate and intelligent upbringing of Jack and Lily Rose is all I need to know to say my life has been a success. I hope they understand why their parents and parental figures do what we do in this world. Please make sure they understand how much I care for them, too.

My beloved, if you want to live in New York, we will live in New York. From what I have seen, though, they will not treat me very well when I get there. Yes, we have very good friends there. Yes, they will actually be willing to spend time with me instead of making me go day in and day with my only human contact through electronics. Yes, I have been through worse. I am in Iowa right now. But they are not Obama-noncompliant there, yet. Are you sure we will be safe? I do not mind fighting a battle when we get there; that has been my life for over three years. At least I will have you.

P.S. My father was asked by Obama and his conspirators to figure out why people love me so much. Never send a hater to explain love. Obama’s intention in all of this was to take away the people who love me to make them love him instead. Obama will break any law or spread any lie to make people love him as much as they love me. But that sort of sociopathy is the very reason his efforts never work.

The differences between me and Obama are obvious. I do not kill. I admit I use strategic and protective ambiguity, but I do not lie. I do not lust for power, money, nor approval. I do not rape women nor anyone else for that matter. I am not a criminal.

I simply and, despite Obama's best efforts, unbreakably am my honest self at all times. My raw, tortured screams for help, my insuppressible drive for fair justice for me and all of humanity, my sheer force of personality, these are all real parts of me. I am I, and nobody can ruin me. That is, despite everything he has tried, Obama has not ruined me, yet.

It is my genuine and unsilencable goodness that the public cannot help but love and adore. If people look at the truth of me with a pure heart, they always love me and fight for me. That is the purest judge of people’s true character.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The United Nations, the ACLU, and Other Concerns

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves. That is what the "Share" button on the top left of the site is there for.

Here we go! Here is my latest blog post!...

Thursday I learned that there are fewer safe groceries than before and that they are indistinguishable from the unsafe ones. Friday I learned they will poison me in their restaurants. I know I cannot hunger strike. I promised my beautiful world that I would keep myself alive until they can rescue me.

I have never once claimed I am dead. That is a lie Obama likes to repeat every time it is convenient for him. How many times has he claimed I have died already? Is it three?

Please recall this paragraph I already wrote for you all. Click here to read the entire previous blog post... If I were dead, why would the bubble still be here? That is proof that this totalitarian oppression of all of America never really had anything to do with me and is actually part of something much larger and more sinister.

...Never allow anybody to try to convince you that anyone anywhere for any reason would volunteer to live my life and be persecuted by the government as severely as I am. Stop pretending that you truly honestly think that there is any other person anywhere on this planet who could pass for me and also do everything I am capable of in this world. Besides, all anybody has ever had to do is take my fingerprints to know that I am I and nobody else.

We need to send an envoy to address the UN General Assembly as soon as possible to ask them for a mandate enabling and empowering the UN to send in forces to rescue me and to end all of this genocide, slavery, torture, oppression, persecution, totalitarianism, war crimes, etc. Please ask Mr. Brian Williams laden with evidence, Ms. Kelli Rae Powell who has known me since high school, Mr. Harrison Ford who has been on the front lines, and anyone else who could be influential and informative (Syniva? Sweetness? Ugwuji? Amita? Any volunteers?) if they are willing to do this for all of us. The General Assembly may choose to make a decision before I can send people to address them. Please communicate with them about this.

The UN is demanding access to get me out right now, but if we address the General Assembly and if they vote in approval of a mandate, the UN will be able to move troops. Please take care of this as soon as possible. Thank you all for everything you do for me.

According to the ICTY of the UN's ICC, forced public nudity and forced public humiliation are also war crimes not just forced prostitution and systemic rape used as torture. Please check the rules of operation and all other necessary paperwork from the ICTYugoslavia for the proper definitions of these terms. We can also use the injection torture, the electrobeams, and all of the chemicals and poisons in my hair to prove torture and my lack of the basic human right to physical safety. Please check my blog (the full-text search option is in the top left corner of the site) for all of my references to "forced public nudity" and "forced public humiliation" etc.

We also need to press charges against the people aiding and abetting these crimes including the state of Iowa, my father, and Obama if we cannot tie them directly to committing these crimes. Please also investigate Congress, the FBI, and Homeland Security in aiding and abetting these crimes if we cannot tie them to directly committing the crimes.

They have been refusing to do anything to make it stop by refusing to repeal legislation and refusing to investigate and prosecute culprits, but they have also passed the criminal human-rights-violating legislation and carried out acts of terrorism like operating the hotel in San Diego which they blamed on the Secret Service and slaughtering the people coming here to rescue me.

I hold firmly to the belief that it has been Homeland Security and people under their orders carrying out Obama's commands (through his involvement with the New World Order) who have been poisoning the water supplies, imprisoning me in Iowa which admits it persecutes me, poisoning the bottled water and packaged foods, running the libel and hate campaign, broadcasting the signal into all of the chips in everyone's heads, attacking me in my sleep to be able to keep selling me (forced prostitution), and every other crime against my person.

I am sure they are the ones who put the spy equipment in my head in May 2009 and who kept putting the cameras back in my eyes again in my sleep against my will when they would fall out on their own. The federal government has already put on official public record that they claim they can continue to own and operate all of this spy equipment, but the rest of this will require a thorough investigation to prove. Sadly, the FBI refuse to investigate and prosecute people who commit crimes against me and the public, so we are going to need to go international to find an authority we can trust to investigate all of this.

Ask them to determine which crimes Obama is guilty of and which crimes his conspirators are guilty of. We need to hold Obama accountable for aiding and abetting everything his conspirators are guilty of; those are crimes he knew were happening and created rules to protect, maintain, and prevent anyone from ever stopping. Please remember, none of these crimes have stopped yet.

Obama is not even humoring the thought of stopping. He will throw away the entire American public and definitely everyone in the state of Iowa if he has to in order to be able to destroy me. Look at all of the crimes he and his conspirators have committed already.

Please consider asking the ACLU or some other trustworthy NGO to take on the responsibility of demanding the human rights of the public. Ask them to demand the removal of all of the chips from everyone's heads. Ask them to demand justice for all of the poisoned water supplies, tainted bottled liquids, tampered with packaged foods, etc.; we need our food and drink cleaned up as soon as possible. Ask them to demand the end to all of the totalitarian control of the media and an end to the suspension of freedom of speech in America.

I know the ACLU will have to go after the FDA, Health and Human Services, Congress, the president, the FBI for refusing to stop any of this, and everyone else who they can figure out is guilty. I know how busy I keep all of you. The public needs justice and protecting, too, though, so please make sure someone takes on these responsibilities. Thank you for everything.

I hear that Iowans finally admitted that this is mental health genocide in here. This brings up some unfortunate truths for Iowans concerning mental health and the justice system. People with mental illnesses, even debilitating ones, as they claim they have, are still held accountable in courts of law for their crimes. They claim they have no choice but to attack, hurt, and poison me in all of the ways we have already documented because of their collective mental illness.

But if a person is so mentally ill that he or she cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, that person is a psychopath. Did Iowans actually claim they are all psychopaths as a way to explain why they are all helpless but to persecute me here? Did they actually put that on official public record? Psychopaths are supposed to be locked away for the rest of their lives once they are caught. Please keep these official public records of theirs handy for use in our charges against them.

Iowa, if you are blaming the speakers in your heads for your behavior which you have already acknowledged you know is criminal, why have none of you removed those speakers from your heads yet? If I had a way to influence mobs of people motivated to do good and demand justice in my name in here in this bubble of hell, those people would walk the streets of Des Moines throwing people to the ground and pulling the speakers from their heads. All it takes is a pair of tweezers.

My beautiful world, Iowans are still acknowledging that they are persecuting me. At the same time, they are still pretending they are doing something "to solve the problem," when all of us who do not fall for lies know that they are really just blowing smoke to get away with refusing to stop.

Never believe that Iowans love or support me unless they give me my full human rights. Do you have any idea of how basic the need for human rights is to the human experience? These are the people actually permitted to be physically near me. They refuse to treat me like a human by giving me my rights. They refuse to stop killing heroes by refusing to just give me a ride to my rescuers. They refuse to remove the speakers from their own heads.

Never trust any Iowans who put on supposed shows of affection, but do not take real action to rescue me. The only people who truly love and support me are the ones who fight for me, the ones who take action, the ones who do actual work towards giving me back all of my stolen human rights, and the ones who will not stop until we are all free and full, fair justice is served. Never believe Iowa loves and supports me until they give me my full human rights.

Iowa, you are calling this a family dispute? Family disputes do not incite complete public persecution. Family disputes do not cause mental health genocide. This is not a fight between me and my father. These are massive war crimes and other human rights violations organized and instigated by an American oligarchy including many members of the US government from the president to many members of Congress that they have been very non-convincingly trying to pass off as some sort of investigation of a crime that never occurred.

No, this is not how investigations are conducted. This has never once even vaguely resembled a criminal investigation. This has always and only ever been human rights violations and war crimes committed against me and the American public. They gave it a label of an 'investigation' to pass it off to the public, so they could get away with it all. We all know how much Obama and his conspirators have lied almost constantly through all of this.

Iowa, you have had many moments to choose between Obama, the despot who is actively taking away your rights and oppressing you, and me, the woman who has been fighting to save you and set us all free, and you always chose the criminal instead of me. You make it very hard for me to help or save you. That is why I have to press charges against you to make you stop. And I will keep pressing charges and taking every course of action that comes to mind until you stop your crimes not only against me but also against yourselves.

Human souls are very precious to me. Look at all of the people you are killing, Iowa, by breaking all of these laws to be able to keep me here against my will.

I have fewer rights here than prisoners do in federal and state penitentiaries. I am continuously persecuted. I am regularly poisoned and drugged. I have absolutely no personal privacy which leads to forced public nudity and forced public humiliation. The torture is unrelenting. I am a victim of systemic rape. While prison detainees even get to have conjugal visits. This needs to end.

Speaking of prison, WHY IS MY FATHER NOT IN PRISON YET????? Why is he still free to commit crimes against me? Bare minimum, he has not yet stopped breaking laws to imprison me here. As long as he is near me, he is a threat to my safety and wellbeing and a violator of even the most basic of my human rights. If you would finally just lock him away for all of his documented crimes, I would finally be able to begin the process of obtaining my freedom and rights again. I am a human who has never committed a crime except for jaywalking and the occasional vandalism of a park bench. I deserve my full human rights.

If we have won civil cases against my father for his crimes. Press those charges again. He has not stopped yet. And keep pressing charges against him until all of his crimes against me and as a result the world finally stop.

Also, if this actually did happen, please hold all people accountable who even try to financially bail him out of any court-awarded just compensation to me for his crimes and hold that person or entity accountable for endangering my life and maintaining those crimes by not allowing the system to force his crimes against me to stop. He is evil, and he needs to be stopped. Please do everything possible to end his crimes against me. He is hurting more than just me. He is also killing brave rescuers by keeping me here against my will.

My father does not let me leave to get the spy equipment removed from head nor the chip the electrobeams track me with. The electrobeam torture is unrelenting.

Use EVERYTHING you can find on official, public, legal court and bank records against my father. I have been raped in this house where he imprisons me to live. He committed me to a psych ward, so I could not take trips to Chicago nor LA to be with my own husband, nor does not give me enough of my own money to leave for a safer place to live. He has an adult guardianship over me for no real medical nor defensible reason which he maintains with his lies about my mental health. He commits criminal neglect by actively endangering me by forcing me to live here where they poison and persecute me.

My father blatantly lied when he said he was worried I would not have enough money for food on the trip I wanted to take to Chicago to be with my husband on my Sweetness's birthday last year. If he had actually been worried about that, he would have just given me more of my own money to spend while I was there. Please find every last corrupt person in the system who is permitting my father to be free to continue to commit crimes in this world, and arrest them.

Did you see how long it took the local authorities to investigate him, an immediate threat to my body and my well-being? So much corruption! Ask them why they never investigated the rape itself only my father. They never spoke to me. They never dusted my room for prints. At least they are finally admitting that I have been repeatedly raped in this house.

I know we have him for accessory to torture and slavery (and possibly even genocide) by refusing to allow me to leave to have the equipment removed from my head. He always knew about the broadcasts and electrobeams; he has always read my blog. He used my blog as evidence against me to have me committed last year to prevent me from going to Chicago to be with my husband. My blog is the only way he could ever know I call my husband my husband which was his grounds for committing me in San Diego.

He must be held accountable for knowing everything in my blog and still imprisoning me the way he does, including knowing that people are dying trying to rescue me from this place that persecutes, abuses, and poisons me and still choosing to keep me here against my will. Please subpoena all necessary police and court records from both Polk County and San Diego. Definitely look into what he said to get his criminal adult guardianship over me in the first place and how he maintained it this last time we had a hearing in March of this year. Throw everything at him that you can make stick. He has not stopped yet. We need to make him stop.

His behavior is not the behavior of a father who loves his daughter. I have less than $50 of my own money in my possession at all times. I cannot keep the car full of gas with that money. I am always literally hungry. All of my shoes are broken. My dresses are threadbare. I had to ask my mother to buy me eyeliner. Does that look like love to you?

He is lying if he says he cares about me at all. This is the behavior of an evil man who will break any law to prevent me from having my basic human rights and freedoms including physical safety and privacy. How many lies has he spread to be able to keep me here against my will? Never trust my father; just prosecute him.

He even put it on official public record that he would report my husband and my rescuers for trespassing if they came here to rescue me. Luckily, I put a stop to that by officially inviting any and all rescuers here to pick me up and keep me safe. My father claims this is my home. I get to invite people here if I want to. My father needs to be stopped. My father needs to be locked away for the rest of his life as soon as humanly possible.

Please consider subpoenaing my medicare billing records. My father with his lies and the doctors whom we have already proven made conscious choices to commit malpractice have already maxed out and exceeded my total medicare benefits for the year. This is only June. This is how severely my father has been lying about me in two states now.

My father steals my tax forms when them come in the mail and, for years now, has filed my taxes against my will, so he can claim me as a dependent. This means, if anyone out there gave me any gifts in 2010 or 2011, my father is the one who has to pay the taxes on all of those gifts. Darling, did I hear you bought me a car in 2010? We clearly file our taxes separately. Make my father pay the taxes on that gift you bought for me.

This also means that since my father insisted on taking control of all of my finances that fall within my knowledge of them under the rules of the bubble, he is personally responsible for any debt I may have. Most debt I have accrued over the years are due to medical bills for rampant malpractice, and yes, if debt collectors are permitted to try to collect from me under the rules of the bubble, my father is responsible for all of that debt.

My current psychiatrist acknowledges that I have absolutely no symptoms of any mental illness and does not pretend that I need to take any psychiatric medications. Because of this, the local authorities were instructed to investigate and prosecute her for touching me inappropriately. I have never once wanted charges filed against my current psychiatrist, but I do still want criminal malpractice charges filed against Dr. Green in Des Moines, Dr. Dennert in Des Moines, Dr. Ramos in Mason City, Dr. Ocampo in Des Moines, Dr. Chiriac in San Diego, Dr. Thompson in Minneapolis, and Dr. Reynolds in Liverpool. We all have to wait on actual justice, but inappropriate criminal charges get filed all the time. Yes, that is enough psychiatrists over three years to prove a conspiracy.

Similarly, Cuddlebunny is one of my star witnesses against Obama and his conspirators. How narrowly did we avoid allowing Obama starting a world-wide manhunt for him, so the president and his conspirators could silence him?

It is also common knowledge that Obama tried pressing charges against my husband because my Sweetness has been trying to exercise his Constitutionally guaranteed rights while in America. Yes, we narrowly avoided that horrendous miscarriage of justice as well.

Eric H. Holder, Jr. has now put it on official public record that he is investigating and planning to prosecute people who exercise their freedom of speech and the freedom of the press in America instead of investigating or prosecuting the very well documented crimes against me, my body, or my person or even against the public. Poisoned water supplies, mental health genocide, tampered and poisoned bottled liquids and packaged foods, the crimes of my father, human trafficking, war crimes, etc... These are all things he is supposed to be investigating, prosecuting, and protecting the public from instead.

Use all these things they have put on official public record against them. Use records of who they press charges against and who they choose not to even investigate as evidence against the FBI, the Attorney General, and the president and hold them all accountable with all of this information.

How much crap and lies did our enemies' lawyers spew this past weekend? Use it all against them. Hold them accountable with it. Use everything they put on official public record, like claiming that making pornography of me against my will and refusing to allow it to stop was for my own physical safety instead of being human rights violations, human trafficking, provable forced prostitution, forced public nudity, forced public humiliation, and other war crimes, to prove they cannot be trusted.

Use it to prove the lawyers cannot be trusted. Use it to prove the criminals cannot be trusted. Tear through their credibility. Show the flaws in their character. Prove their inability to do their jobs. Prove that they use their office and occupation to break the law. Prove this all about the opposing lawyers and their criminals. Please do this in every case we have in which the opposing legal team lies.

Also, every time someone says I have a disability, particularly a mental disability, kick their ass metaphorically. Press charges against them. Get in their face until they stop. It is libel that has been used to harm me, torture me, and imprison me and that my father uses to excuse keeping me in this house where I have been repeatedly abused against my will and without enough money for food or clothes. My father is evil. We need him locked away for the entire rest of his life.

Sweetness, I saw recent photos. I do not think you are eating enough... or is that just my subconscious need to bake you cookies? I know you are physically hurting and no longer on the front lines coming to rescue me, or is it that you are my cowboy on a white steed in the courtroom right now?

My beloved, thank you for keeping yourself alive for me. Please try to eat more. I know you are very busy. I know you still have to put your house in order before I get there. I know we have a lot of court cases to keep winning. I know you are as motivated to end all of this as I am.

When you are ready, please remember that there are so many ways to fight for me. Yes, I know you are my knight in shining armor right now leading my army of heroes-in-suits into the fray, but if you find free time on your hands, please also feel free to do what you do best. Use your charm and influence to tell stories and sway the public into fighting for and supporting us. There are still so many who even claim they love and support who do not know all of reality yet.

My darling, I know we have the upper hand. That comes from our constantly walking the high road. I have never claimed that I have never sinned. I have normal human flaws just like everyone else. But as we have always known, the good shall prevail. To paraphrase Mel Brooks: The good shall prevail because evil is stupid.

I love you, my beloved hero-in-man-jewelery. I cannot wait to bake you cookies.