Wednesday, February 22, 2012


If I am not rescued from this bubble by midnight Monday morning, I will have to return to the deathtrap of pain and misery that is Iowa. If I must return to Iowa ever again in my life, particularly if I must return to Iowa on this next Monday or sooner, I will insist charges be pressed against every place I have been that refused to rescue me since this started in 2009 with absolutely no exceptions... Chicago, the Twin Cities, Iowa, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mexico, the UK, Dallas, San Diego, and anywhere else I may have forgotten.

You have all always had a choice whether or not you would obey these crimes and you have always had the choice to stop. Denying me my rights and freedoms including my husband no matter who or where you are has always been criminal. Do not pretend you do not do this by choice. You have until midnight Monday morning to set me free completely. If I do not do this it ruins my grounds for pressing any charges at all against anybody... except maybe Obama.

If there is any camera in this hotel room except for the ones in my computers, I insist charges be filed for that. I do not care where the signal from those cameras goes.

You bastards have already made this go on so long I have turned my back on humanity. Do you really want me ruined further? Do you really want to be held accountable for that?

Stop expecting someone else to do the rescuing. This is your job... all of you. I am a slave. I am your slave, too, not just Obama's if you do not choose to end this immediately. I just had to beg hackers to enter my computer for me to be able to gain access to the hotel provided internet connection at all. Clearly, Obama wanted me in here without any security whatsoever when I sleep. I have no faith in physical safety in San Diego because everyone obeys that fascist president here. GET ME OUT OF THIS BUBBLE!

If I have to scream to get safety or rights or my husband ever again, things will finally get ugly. Do not underestimate me. The British already taught me how to hate. Iowa already made me give up on humanity. How much uglier are you going to make this get?

Give me my rights, my freedoms, and my husband by midnight Monday morning, or there will be legal hell to pay. I will spare no one. I do not care who you are.

If you do not give me my rights, my freedoms, and my husband by midnight Monday morning and if I have to return to that hellhole that is Iowa beyond the extra charges other things will happen that can never be repaired.

I will not tolerate obedience to Obama's bubble any place for any reason. This ends here. This ends now.

I WILL NOT CALM DOWN UNTIL I GET MY HUSBAND! I cannot heal until I have my full rights and freedoms including my husband. That world cannot have me back to care for everyone until I am healed. If Obama wants me to slow down, he is going to have to make me complacent, and he knows what he has to do to achieve that.

Sweetness, I do not care where you are. I do not care what you are doing. I know you are fighting for me selflessly and loving me unconditionally. Never negotiate. Break them all, so we can be together. Make them take me to you, or make them bring you to me. Whatever happens tell them it must happen immediately. I will not wait. I will not tolerate anymore of any of this. I am too damaged already to allow this to go on. I know I can trust you and my BFF to take care of this. The world has run out of time. This must happen by midnight Monday morning, or even I do not know everything that will happen.

Do you Remember Hegel's Philosophy of Labor, the Master, and the Servant?

Obama the Sociopath has put his war-crime-level libel machine into action again. Please, my beautiful world, be very proactive at identifying the libel, calling it out publicly as libel, replacing it with the truth, tracing the lies to their source, and castrating every propagator and repeater of the libel from ever being able to libel any person ever again. Expect much libel to come at you very soon. Please also remember that libel is not only the negative things people say about me, my husband, the sanctity of our marriage, my BFF, or any other beautiful part of my life; it also includes the 'positive' lies they tell about us all that are engineered to get us hurt, attacked, or distrusted.

I hear Obama the fascist recently made an emergency trip to the West Coast to profane the states of California and Washington with his presence. The news said he raised $8.5 million in 61 hours by taking that trip. I predict he needed that money in order to be able to create and spread more libel about me and propaganda about himself. Just wait and see. Did you all go back through the cities he visited to purge them of his libelers? Please do so if you have not. Also, his list of donors is a great place to start with identifying the people who still support him. Please take his reported donors aside and gently explain reality to them. If they still support him after coming to terms with the heinousness of that man's still continuing crimes, investigate them. They are probably the people making money off of him enslaving, raping, and torturing me.

Monday night, Iowa and their insistent choice of obedience to this bubble finally succeeded at making me give up on humanity. Somehow, yesterday, after giving up completely, one last ounce of compassion for others squeezed out of my typing fingertips. I am still surprised I still had it in me after everything I have lived through for over three years with no escape, but I suppose it is evidence that my faith in humanity will probably come back if I ever get a chance to heal. To heal, I need all of my stolen rights and freedoms back again including and particularly my husband.

Without my rights, without my freedoms, without any compassion from the people around me, without my husband, and now without my care for humanity, I can concentrate on taking this bubble apart finally. After all, according to Bon Jovi, "You live for the fight when it's all that you've got."

Absolutely nobody who obeys this bubble can claim they care about me at all. In particular, stop believing Iowa's lies that they support me. Those lies make their crimes twice as evil. But I hear they switched from pretending they care about me to calling me an animal anyway now. I have heard cockroach. I have heard dog. I have heard gorilla. They adamantly refuse to refer to me as a human being and plan to continue treating me as sub-human until the bitter end.

So much suffering... I bear so much unrelenting suffering, and I have born so much pain, heartache, damage, and trauma for so long. Yet, Iowa is still enforcing that this never ends.

At least we are getting legal precedents out of it. When I still cared about humanity, these precedents were important because they will guarantee the full rights and freedoms of all people under America's jurisdiction for the entire remaining existence of this nation. Now, these precedents just help me fight my battle for my own personal freedom and safety.

I still refuse to believe this bubble of persecution and oppression is a law. That is not possible in America. But for the sake of exposition, let us pretend it is a law. Then, there are conflicting laws under which Americans must live right now. If a people must choose between which laws to follow, they are supposed to choose that laws that do not rape an innocent woman. They are supposed to choose the laws that do not commit human rights violations, that do not protect and enforce human trafficking, and that do not take away the freedom of speech and freedom of press of this and other nations. But only if this bubble of hell were a law would that matter.

It is possible I love America too much to believe this could have ever been voted on and approved of here. That is probably where my denial, if it even is denial, comes from. Do not forget, though, no matter what a law is, it is the president's choice how it is enforced. If this criminal bubble is a law, the rules, the enforcement, the mandated crimes are all Obama the Totalitarian's doing. For proof that a bubble need not be a capitol offense, click this link. I wrote it in Mexico City.

Do you remember life before this oppression? We were not the lawless and metaphorically godless nation we are now. Why do you not want that America back again? I would prefer an America without the corruption that built this bubble and its mandated criminal crisis, but I will take a free nation anyway I can get it. I cannot have my rights unless you all have your rights, America. Just stop. Just stop obeying. The rules are crimes to begin with. Just choose to stop committing those crimes.

I hope Des Moines has finally learned how not to speak to me. No, Des Moines, I will not. I do not tolerate disrespect. I do not take commands. I do not dance on demand. I am not here to give a show to anyone, and I never have been. I do not shake any body part for any person for any reason. Try respecting who I really am, a human with a birth rite that demands full human rights and the dignity and respect that goes with having them.

I apologize that this blog rarely if ever addresses the libel out there about me. Obama the Dictator forbids me from ever hearing or seeing any of it. I know he blatantly allows any and all lies about me all the air, print, and internet permission they want while forbidding any truth about me and the hell I live through because of him from ever reaching public attention. The best way to fight this is for the presses, news agencies, and broadcasters to all pick a date and time and then just smother all of America in the rich, smooth syrup of the truth all together and all at once. But I have been saying that for so long without ever seeing any progress towards it happening that I now say the following as well.

Please be proactive about identifying and stopping all libel when you hear it. Lies about me have hurt so many innocent people, not just me. I particularly worry about my husband. Please also be proactive about taking people aside and explaining reality to them when you hear support for this evil bubble or for the President Evil who built it. We all need this to end as immediately as possible.

Sweetness, you have no idea how much I wish the magnitude of my love for you were enough to keep you safe. All I have in this bubble I give you. My love, my devotion, my heart, my soul, everything is yours. If only I had more to give...

P.S. Do you remember Hegel's philosophy of labor, the master, and the servant? It had nothing to do with slavery, torture, or rape used as torture, but it is close enough.

P.P.S. Stop testing me. Treat me with compassion for once, and put the burden of proof on the libelers instead.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Bubble is the Real Crime.

Le bon ton roule, my beautiful New Orleans! I wish I could be there; I hear you are experiencing rain. Eat a king cake for me on Tuesday!

“Although only breath, words which I command are immortal.” ― Sappho

Here is a question that has been plaguing me for months. Why do people keep calling my science and reason 'magic'? Every living creature has an electromagnetic field. You all remember electric eels, right? Every religion has an explanation for these abilities. One of my favorite explanations is quantum physics.

On the topic of numbers and cold hard facts, I have a total of 29 followers of my twitter feed according to the stats on my official twitter account. I also have a total of two subscribers to my blog according to Google, and one of them is me. The average number of hits to each of my blog posts is about 15, according to my metadata. And I still have about 191 or 192 facebook friends. If you would like to double check these numbers, you can if you follow these links: twitter and facebook

I recently heard that doctors are trying to diagnose me with autism. Really? Yes, I do admit that I have Compulsive Honesty Syndrome, and there is nothing wrong with being autistic. But have you ever experienced my disarming social skills? Please take another look at my first real conversation with Cuddlebunny through my eyes, and then come back and try to tell me I have autism.

I have another question for you, why is Iowa trying to tell people I am a pot-smoking alcoholic? I live among these people, and these are the lies they spread about me themselves. Those expletive expletive-ing expletives with expletives for expletives! Please remind every single one of them the burden of proof lies on the libeler.

It takes a pure heart to see who I really am in the world. As San Francisco very well knows, it helps to look at the actual me.

My beautiful world, please remember that if you hear anything negative (or even sometimes 'positive' if it is a lie specifically engineered to cause me harm), it is libel. Which part of that do you not understand? If the stories do not claim and uphold that I, my love for husband, and my love for the world are completely benevolent and perfect even in our self-acknowledged vulnerabilities and that we need to be protected from harm because of this, they are all lies. I admit to all my faults; you know that. I, my husband, our love for each other, and all of the other beautiful things in my life suffer harm when anyone spreads these lies.

I am very aware that Obama the Sociopath's campaign against me has reached war-crime-level libel; it is specifically designed to take away my ability to continue doing good in the world... similar to how I use truth and honesty to prevent him from doing harm in the world. Think of all of the people of this world who will suffer if I am prevented by that man from continuing to be myself, from being acknowledged as my actual self, and from having the honest credibility to do what I do in the world. The best case scenario is still to burst this bubble completely, so I will finally have my full freedom to do whatever benevolent thing I want in this world. So please stop allowing my bad situation of Obama the Tyrant's mandated and unrelenting torture and slavery to be that much worse by permitting and propagating all of this libel about me.

Obama the Dictator spreads lies about me to justify war crimes, human trafficking, and human rights violations against me, to justify oppressing all of America, and to justify spreading his oppression to at least two other supposedly self-sovereign nations. I use my freedom of speech, the only right Obama the Sociopath's mandated tyranny has left me, to fight to save myself, to save America, and to save and balance the world. Yes, I use my freedom of speech to labor to save myself, the nation, and the world from the honest and actual harms of the president. And,I have clearly never once been a libeler.

My situation with the state of Iowa has reached the level that I now refuse to be called an Iowan under any and all circumstances because of the way Iowa treats me themselves. They are still enforcing that all of these war crimes, human rights violations, human trafficking, and now war-crime-level libel never stop. They plan on carrying out all these crimes themselves until the bitter end, and absolutely none of my attempts to explain to them the heinousness of these atrocities has had any effect on their policies towards me. Please place my being labeled an Iowan on the list of libel against me. I would never commit these crimes against any person ever. I am clearly not one of these people.

Please, my beautiful world, when you hear libel about me, find the source of the lies and castrate them and all of the repeaters of those lies from ever being able to libel any person ever again. If any money including advertising has changed hands due to any of this libel, please use that paper trail as further evidence. A public record is a public record. A paper trail is a paper trail.

This war-crime-level libel is the fastest part of all of this to stop and is just as important to stop as all of the other crimes. Lying about me hurts so many innocent people, not just me and not just my husband. As one more example, the Iowa government's own lies about me hurt all of its own citizens, and the US government's own lies about me hurt every living human in this once great America.

I am very concerned these days with how bloodshot my eyes are. The cameras used to have a habit of popping out on their own much more often than they have been lately. Ever time it would happen I would be attacked in my sleep a following night, held down, re-violated with cameras, and drugged not to know who did it to me. I started this blog a day of two after the second time the cameras were reinserted. When they pop out, they feel like a knife point in my eye. The most current one in my left eye broke apart and came out in pieces, and I highly suspect some fragments are still in there possibly getting infected. The latest one in my right eye is still whole.

Thursday morning while I was lying in bed unable to sleep from the elecrobeam torture that Iowa is refusing to allow to stop, the FBI told me through one of the speakers they put in my ear canal years ago that they have been raping me regularly again. Let us look at the evidence. I have been waking up with inexplicable scrapes and bruises again. I have been crying randomly and inconsolably. I actually have been raising my voice at people for a couple weeks. I also caught some unapproved 'software updates' installing on my hacked netbook whose hacked webcam I have been allowing to run in order to keep myself safe when I sleep. The evidence indicates that the whisper from the FBI is accurate. I believe it is all happening again. Is there no way to make this bubble end?

Sweetness, as far as I have always been concerned, you can do no wrong, and you have always been free to do anything you please. The only thing I have ever forbidden you from is throwing yourself on my funeral pyre, but after I am dead I strongly doubt I could stop you from anything anyway. I trust you. I trust you as absolutely as I love you. I also completely understand why you are still living in a house with Vanessa. You have children together. None of this is weird or upsetting to me, and it never has been. You already told me you have been looking for another house. Yey! for telepathic messaging! Please do not worry about my ever not understanding anything you do nor your reasons for doing it. I love you.

P.S. Is there any way, my beautiful world of nerds, to get a benevolent hacker back into my netbook again? Oh, and is there anyone in my iPad? I and all of the people who fight for me have been making phenomenal progress lately. We all know that I do not plan on slowing down, but that cannot stop me from also being very fearful for my physical safety. Ash Wednesday is approaching quickly, so the president and his henches still have plenty of time to do something horrible and ugly to make sure I am dead or mangled before I am free.

P.P.S. I am also very concerned with the way we raise our boy-children in this society. Yes, there are a number of treasures like my Sweetness and my friends, but there are also so many morally corrupt, middle-aged and older men out there, too. None of this would have ever happened it those crotchety men who do little more than lust for power and money had ever been raised to respect women, respect human life, or respect the rights of every human to be safe and free. Please parents of the world, raise your sons right instead.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Freedom of Speech is the Only Right I Have. Sadly, No One Else in America has this Right.

The conscious choice to be obedient to rules of fascist totalitarianism is the very reason death squads and concentration camps had employees. You always have a choice whether or not you obey just like you always have a choice to stop.

I have already seen Iowa's newest libelous propaganda pop up on two different local news broadcasts as they spread more lies and break more laws to be able to justify imprisoning, raping, torturing, and enslaving me as well as hating me for telling them to stop. Iowa, why do you insist on lying about me? You can never keep your story about me straight, anyway. Has lying not gotten old for you, yet? Do not forget that the burden of proof lies on the libeler. The fact you only spread lies instead of choosing to sit down and talk to me about reality is just further proof of your culpability.

Iowa, I could have chosen to press full charges at any point. I did not have to give you a chance to avoid this at all, but I did so out of benevolence. Because you did nothing but display hatred for me by committing these crimes in the first place and because you do nothing now but spread more lies to justify hating me for demanding that you stop, please understand that there is nothing I will not do to hold you accountable for these heinous atrocities you refuse to stop committing. You can only attack a person so many times before she stands up and defends herself. You are very lucky I am only benevolent.

I hear Obama wants to deem my constant and often verbal fight for my right to physical safety and fights for freedom from torture and slavery illegal. He never should have taken those rights away from me in the first place. The only right he has left me with at all is my freedom of speech. And if he wanted to stop my fight, all he ever had to do was set me free by now.

I also hear Obama wants to fabricate charges, invent evidence, and bribe witnesses, so he can lock me in a federal penitentiary. Clearly, he will do anything to be able to torture me out of the public eye AGAIN especially since illegal hospitalizations have finally been taken away from him. Has anyone else noticed his pattern of locking me away somewhere illegally, so he can torture me?

Clearly, he is upset that I demand he be held accountable for his crimes against me, against this nation, and against the world. Clearly, he does not want to be forced to stop his human trafficking of me, war crimes against me, nor his human rights violations against me. Clearly, he wants his mandated removal of all freedom of the press in America and suspension of freedom of speech in America to apply to me as well, though never to himself. He fears justice for his crimes, so he wants to break more laws and spread more libel to be able to avoid the judge's gavel.

If you let him get away with any of this, nothing will ever save me, America, nor the world from him. The best thing to do is burst his criminal bubble immediately and impeach him as soon as possible.

Let's be honest, who wants my only method for solving and helping solve other people's and nation's problems despite my still being tortured unrelentingly by Obama's electrobeam military weapon ever to be taken away from me?

Fight him, my beautiful world, and you will set us all free.

We need this bubble burst as immediately as possible. If you need a list of reasons why, you have not been keeping up with reality. If you are still clinging to Obama the Sociopath's lies for justifying this and the completely irrational fears he spreads to control you, you need to get over it immediately. This bubble was constructed to ruin me, ruin America, and ruin the world, and there is absolutely no other reason for it to exist at all.

My beautiful world, these are our FOUR BIG GOALS right now...
1.) We need to get the complete truth to the masses as soon as humanly possible. I do not have access to cable, and all things published on the internet are filtered through before I am allowed to see them. There is absolutely no reason why those two mediums, cable television and the internet, cannot have freedom of the press and freedom of speech even while obeying the fascist rules oppressing all of America. As for the rest of the broadcasters and news agencies, we are all staring in the face of the harm caused to America by the complete and illegally mandated lack of freedom of the press in this nation. Organize. Please organize. Just pick a date and time and smother America in the sweet, rich syrup of the truth.
2.) We need to force Iowa to set me free from the heinous crimes they insist on enforcing here under all circumstances as soon as humanly possible. They do not even give me enough of my own freedoms and rights under their own laws to allow me to leave for a place that will treat me as living being in their presence for once.
3.) We need to totally and completely burst this bubble and all of its atrocities and crimes immediately. I know I am stating the obvious on this one, and I know I am also preaching to the choir.
4.) We need Obama the Lying Fascist Totalitarian impeached as soon as possible. The only evidence Congress needs in order to able to do this is the bubble itself, its rules, and its enforcement. Hold Congress accountable for all of their delays and inaction.

Here are the first TEN EASY THINGS YOU CAN DO to help that I can think of off the top of my head...Of course, feel free to do anything else you think will help.
1.) Refuse to allow anyone to ever put a speaker in your ear canal, and remove the chips from you heads if you have them already.
2.) Report any and all drugged, poisoned, or tampered with food and drink products to any authority that will take them off the shelves.
3.) Put pressure on your Congresspeople to take action immediately to revoke the bubble, impeach the president, stop making excuses for delaying, and finally take action.
4.) Put pressure on Iowa to finally stop these crimes that the entire international community knows that Iowa is insisting on never stopping under any circumstances. It does not require a court judgement to cease committing your own human rights violations. They only insist on continuing this out of their own sick, twisted, and amoral reasons.
5.) Document what we are living through. Document all of the US Executive Branch's abuses of power. Document all of the libel you hear about me and the lies told to justify doing this to any human ever. Document my effect on the world despite all of the horrors I am living through that no one is willing to stop. Document what we are living through.
6.) I will say it again. Keep kicking this bubble until it bursts. Go to all of Obama the Sociopath's public appearances and protest at them. Get in his face. Make him hear your voice. Demand your rights and freedoms. Stand up for what you believe in, and exercise your freedom of speech.
7.) Communicate with each other. Spread the truth amongst yourselves and with people who have never heard it. Make sure you are current on what each of you are doing to help.
8.) Educate people still under the control of Obama the Sociopath's lies with truth and reality. Be gentle when you do this. There is a huge gap between the world Obama the Fascist pretends exists and what is actually happening in reality. This move from the land of make believe to the land of facts and truths might be very jarring if not completely mind blowing.
9.) If you can, buy an electric car. If we all could finally get ourselves off of all fossil fuels completely, think of the poverty we could diminish, peace we could bring, and lives we could save.
10.) If you cannot do any of these or if you just want to donate money instead of other action, that works, too. There is a superPAC dedicated to fighting the bubble and finally granting me physical safety for the first time in three years. I have no idea what it is called; I am forbidden to know it exists, but I call it the lovePAC.

I have not been so heartbroken or betrayed by a population since the British locked me a torture facility for seven months. At midnight Tuesday morning, Iowa had made it clear they will never choose of their own free will to treat me as a human being and will only enforce that I have less rights than a dog here, so at midnight on the morning of Feb. 15th, I stepped out of the way. My beautiful world, I am no longer an obstacle to your judgment of Iowa for their choice to commit all of their crimes since 2009. Please go easy on the places that have proven to at least keep me physically safe when I am in them, and do as you please.

Iowa, Obama the Fascist Totalitarian, US Embassy to Mexico, the select people in the UK with which I am angry, and all of the rest of the conspirators, you have more to gain by stopping your crimes now than by breaking more laws and spreading more libel just to try to continue to get away with them or to vainly attempt to cover them all up. A public record is a public record. Fair justice is fair justice. The safest place to be right now is on my good side.

As for current oil prices, the limitless profits of oil companies, and the oil lobby in DC, if you think gas prices hurt right now, try being tortured with a military weapon unrelentingly. Iowa justifies enforcing this torture with the obvious libel that if they ever stop torturing me, my benevolence will spoil. And please do not forget that artificially inflated gas prices justify Obama the Warmonger's blood lust for a war with Iran to the public.

On the topic of Obama the Narcissist's policies on Iran, an established lust for power, money, and oil is not an acceptable reason for any soldier's blood to be shed under any circumstances.

I hear that the government of Israel says Iran's aggression is destabilizing the world. Yet, quite hypocritically, they seem very supportive of Obama the Fascist's totalitarian oppression of all of America. Which do you believe is more destabilizing to the entire world? What would have happened if I did not have the social responsibility to do what I do in the world for real despite all of Obama the Sociopath's still-continuing atrocities against me?

I was recently asked what Iran has against Thailand. How am I supposed to know? Firstly, I have never claimed to be a mind reader, and secondly, I am a torture, slavery, and rape victim trapped in a bubble no one is willing to stop. At any point you could have all set me free to go talk to Iran to find out. Stop demanding that I work miracles for you while you refuse to stop these heinous crimes against me yourselves.

The only mission I volunteered for was leading the planet through Global Climate Change. Everything else I have done for this world happened because no one else was willing to do it. If you had an ability and an opportunity to bring peace and love to the world, I know you would have chosen to do the same.

When I reach my husband, my saving the world can finally begin. I might delay any public signs of this until after the honeymoon, but I will finally be free to begin. In the mean time...

World, what are you doing about Syria? You all say you care. You all say you will help. They are dying by the masses in there. Where is your damn help, already?

US Congress, I completely understand the release of his budget was the criminal president's attempt to delay your revoking of the bubble and his inevitable impeachment by consuming you with debate over money and the national debt. Did you hear his crock about "where hard work pays off and responsibility is rewarded" in the face of the way he treats me himself? He is trying to buy time to find some way to lock me away forever to be tortured until I die, to force me to commit a crime to save myself from him (as if he could justify his internationally criminal bubble with a retroactive reason anyway), or to accomplish anything else he could possibly fathom to get away with these atrocities at least a little longer. Please stop humoring him.

Obama the Political Incompetent has also decided to take on the American university system by promising to cut taxpayer support for schools that raise their tuition. Did he EVER take a math class in his life? Reduced taxpayer support is one of the major reasons that universities have to raise tuition in the first place. If they are not allowed to raised tuition under this whack-job of a policy, they will be forced to raise fees to fill the gap anyway. And, have you ever heard of a for-profit university? They do exists. Most schools, particularly state schools, are not for-profit universities. I highly suspect he is attacking universities at all because they are hotbeds for free speech and free ideas, and Obama the Fascist hates and forbids that part of America.

I see that Native Americans have been in the news lately. Look, if you are making the conscious choice to stay on the reservation, why are you not doing so in order to preserve and practice your own religions, cultures, and languages? Why else are you staying on the reservation at all if not in solidarity for your own people?

On a completely unrelated note, I received a call from one of my dear, old friends in Los Angeles two days ago. Did you get a chance to hear it? I have no way to stop the hackers that get into all of my electronics. Most of the time I forget they are even there, but I am sure my phone heard a fabulous conversation on Valentine's Day.

And now, the lifestyle section of today's post! I know many of you have been wondering this for a long time. My mother is a faithful user of Mark Kay. That is the secret to her youthful look.

W Magazine, I never received my February issue. Was there too much honesty in it, or are the Feds illegally messing with my mail to a greater degree than they used to?

Finally, my beautiful world, I apologize if this sounds like emotional blackmail, but you cannot claim you love me if you are obeying the bubble. Kick! Kick! Kick 'til it bursts!

Sweetness, if I am still capable of having babies at all after everything I have lived through for three years and that Iowa still enforces that I live through now, I cannot wait to make mixed race, super-human babies with you. They would be Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, White, and honorarily Black! Yey! for humans! I know you claim it was love at first sight, but I still like telling people I wooed you as if I were a sexy older woman. I will start you a new love letter as soon as I can. I am sorry it is too late for Valentine's Day. I was working so hard to save Iowa. I did not know that hated me this much for real.

P.S. If Iowa is not forced to stop their crimes against me as soon as possible, they will force me to give up on humanity completely. I can feel that it has already begun.

P.P.S. Now that you have reached the end of this blog post, please read the first half again.

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Facebook Status From Saturday Feb. 11th, 2012

-----Start Facebook Status-----
My beautiful world, despite all of my efforts to warn Iowa, I have seen absolutely no progress towards Iowa saving itself. The holdup on Project Valentine's Day is the state legislature.

Please, 1.)Ask the Iowa Legislature what they think is going on.
2.)Correct their own libel and educate them on reality.
3.)Describe to them what they should expect to happen to them if I have to get out of the way of the world's judgment of them on the 15th just to make their internationally acknowledged crimes against me finally stop.

The latest libel I heard Iowa spreading was that I am being 'vengeful' for giving them time and a method to save themselves from the fate they chose for themselves by committing these crimes in the first place. After that, even I am wondering why I gave them a chance to save themselves at all, but we all know I cannot help but try to save people.

If Iowa chooses not to save themselves, be prepared for Feb. 15th, my beautiful world. If Iowa does not meet my three internationally acknowledged far too kind and forgiving requests by Valentines Day (by midnight Tuesday morning) I will step out of the way and allow you, my beautiful world, to judge them.

Please tell my loved ones to be ready to press all charges against my father, the quacks, Polk County, the caught dirty judges, the governor in 2009, the state of Iowa as a whole, etc. in every court necessary. I will provide more charges and sources of evidence on the 15th if necessary, but please tell them to prepare with what they know about 2009 to the present for now.

Iowa cannot say I did not warn them. Iowa cannot say I did not try to save them from this fate. The entire planet knows they chose to commit these crimes against me themselves and that they are still committing these crimes against me even now by still insisting on enforcing Obama's criminal bubble here.

Enforcing that my slavery continue by enforcing obedience to the criminal bubble; enforcing that the libel, torture, sexual harassment, malpractice, etc. continue by enforcing obedience to the criminal bubble; refusing me the freedom to leave for a place I could be safe and free; refusing to allow me to be with my husband; enforcing and instigating persecution of me; enforcing forced public nudity; enforcing forced public humiliation; enforcing forced prostitution; the list goes on...

Thank you, my beautiful world.

-----End Facebook Status-----

Sweetness, I tried. I tried everything. Iowa will claim that they had intentions to meet my three requests until Michelle Obama came to town to poison their minds this last Thursday, but I must honestly admit I should never have trusted Iowa to do anything morally upstanding from the start. I fought so hard to save them. I kept sending people, and sending people, and sending people to explain to them the heinousness of their crimes, but no one here gives a damn about me, who I am in the world, or what I have to say. Iowa is an island of criminal amorality buried like a cyst in the heart of my beautiful America. Yesterday they had the audacity to try blaming you for the fact we are not yet together. Last night, my once favorite bartender in all of Des Moines made the implication that my finally being with you would ruin me. I cannot stand this place and how they treat me. I have less rights than an animal in here, and they are spreading new libel to keep me this way. I hate them now. I hate them for keeping us apart. Yes, the British taught me how to hate.

Squid Domestic Product

First and foremost, my beautiful world, kick. Kick. KICK until the bubble bursts! None of us have our stolen rights back yet, so there is nothing we can do but kick harder. Let absolutely no supposed promises nor perceived progress slow you down. Absolutely nothing will be capable of slowing me down but complacency, and in order to accomplish that, Obama the Tyrant has to find my husband, apologize to him, and do everything my Sweetness commands.

My beautiful world, I really need you to stop falling for Obama the Sociopath's lies. He does not give a damn about you or me. He does not give a damn about his own nation. He does not give a damn about the world. How many times have you been lied to by him? Has he yet given any honest explanation for why this bubble exists at all in the first place? Set yourself free of his lies.

For example, do you remember this debacle of his? Click here for reference link. In the face of the hard evidence that Obama the Sex Offender has been the one sending the people who have been raping me in my sleep for years, he decided to lie to and seduce women voters by pretending he cares about women's health. No human who orders that I be raped in my sleep in order to, among other things, enable his mandated slavery of me and thereby committing the war crime of forced prostitution could ever express an honest concern for any woman's health.

Furthermore, Obama the Sex Offender had an alterior motive for attacking the Catholic Church with this policy (out of all religious institutions). Do you remember the date rape that Obama the Human Trafficker recorded of me in the supposed privacy of my own room, packaged, and sold? Not only was that rape, forced prostitution, forced public nudity, forced public humiliation, human trafficking, etc., he also spread around a lie that the man who raped me was a Catholic priest.

In all reality, the man was sent by the president himself. I am very much convinced he was a military chaplain. (Yet, I will never attacked the military nor veterans over this. I am not the kind that spreads hatred due to stereotypes.) He was definitely hired by the government to make sure I could never be beatified. You see, the government despite all its lies was convinced I was still a virgin at that time, and all the man could find to do to stop the beatification process was rape me. Luckily, virginity has never been a requirement to be a saint. Any actual priest could have told him that.

Let us continue the list of Obama the Totalitarian's wrongs against this nation. Let us discuss the poisoned and drugged water supplies, the poisoned and drugged food products, his iron mandate of rules of totalitarianism, his enforcement of his fascism by spreading irrational fears to control the public, etc. These are all acts of domestic terrorism.

I know it has already been proven that 'Ole Gee-Dub' made an agreement with Tony Blair to start the war in Iraq even before taking office in 2000. I know it has also already been proven that when the FBI collected arrest warrants for the criminals on Wall Street who engineered the economic collapse in 2008, he ordered that none of them be arrested. Can you believe we went from that horror to an even worse president? We only allowed the progression from evil to greater evil because we allowed ourselves to fall for Obama the Sociopath's lies and campaign promises in 2008. Please, my beautiful world, never believe another one of his lies again.

Have you seen the evidence of one of Obama the Corrupt's more hidden crimes against all of us? I am referring to the cover article in the February 13th, 2012, issue of Time magazine. Apparently, there is a federal prosecutor named Preet Bharara who is 'investigating' the aforementioned wrongs committed by Wall Street that came to fruition in 2008. It has already been proven that the Department of Justice had enough evidence to issue actual arrest warrants in 2008. Those arrest warrants were simply not acted upon. They do not need an investigation to issue them a second time. This Preet Bharara is simply making a public display of supposed executive branch concern for crimes committed in America that Obama the Corrupt simply has no intentions of ever holding people accountable for. (If Bharara's policies change after this is posted, we all know this statement of the obvious is why.)

Similarly, Obama the Corrupt is pretending to do something about the mortgage crisis without ever wanting to hold anyone actually accountable for it either. Click here for more details. Obama the Sociopath just wants to fool the public into thinking he is doing something to help us without ever creating any real solution for anything.

European Union, are you learning from the evidence of the corruption and conspiracy that created the financial and mortgage crises in America? Have you decided to investigate the sources of the policies in your own member nations that led to the debt crisis you are all facing yourselves right now? I am not claiming you are all victims of yet more financial corruption and conspiracy, but I do believe it is worth investigating just to make sure.

On the topic of the economy, has anyone ever calculated the Gross Squid Domestic Product for 2009, 2010, and 2011?... you know, the total economic impact I have had on this or any nation's domestic production. I am everyone's slave as long as everyone is obedient to this criminal bubble. I know I should stop fighting so hard to be good to all of you if none of you are willing to violate the rules and burst the bubble to be good to me, but I cannot help but be benevolent.

It has become very clear from the level of the unrelenting electrobeam torture that I have been very effective at doing good in the world lately. Does the reality of the rules of the bubble have anyone else concerned for my physical safety and well-being?

I have less rights than an animal in here. I bet PETA would love to corroborate that. I am also still carrying the involuntary international reputation as the sexiest woman on the planet. Stalkers are not normally celebrities. They are able to get in here to get to me. Furthermore, we all know that I have very rich and very powerful enemies who are becoming increasing desperate and angry with me. We also all know that I will not relent on my march for truth and justice under any circumstances but complacency (as described above), and neither should you.

What little physical safety I have is a side effect of being Obama the Terrorist's slave. It has been very well established that Obama the Sociopath and his conspirators send the rapists, send the torturers, send the snipers, etc. I need bodyguards, and I need my husband in here as soon as possible. Yes, I need a lot of things from freedom from persecution to freedom from torture to freedom from slavery, but what I need most right now is bodyguards and my husband. Please, my beautiful world, hold everyone accountable who prevents this. I am supposed to have a right to physical safety, and my internet connection that facilitates your ability to watch over me during my most vulnerable part of the day went down twice this morning while I tried to sleep.

Sprint, Twitter, Google, Facebook, USPS, and everyone else mandated to intercept strangers' and my own loved ones' communications with me, please report any threats you find to whatever non-corrupt authority you can find who cares enough about me or the world to do something about them. I know I am very unpopular with assholes.

Speaking of which, I hear Obama the Dictator has decreed that my still-beating heart be cut from my body and served to him on a silver platter. Which part of "I-gave-my-husband-my-heart-years-ago-just-so-Obama-would-not-be-able-to-kill-me is just a metaphor for my-love-for-him-is-the-only-thing-carrying-me-through-this" do you not understand? I did not mean it literally.

Among the long list of things mandated by the rules of the bubble, I am forbidden from being allowed any honest and compassionate contact with my own loved ones and decades-long friends. I am forbidden even to know I am a slave. And I am forbidden from having even as many rights as an animal. But look at everything I have accomplished in three plus years.

I could really use some help doing good in the world. I could really use getting a competent, morally-upstanding human into the White House, so I could finally delegate leading this nation and supporting all of America's legal, human, civil, and Constitutional rights to someone I can trust. There really is a whole hell of a lot I need to accomplish, and setting and keeping America free takes up so much of my time. It really would not be that hard if we just had a president who would follow the laws of this nation him or herself, and I would love to hand this responsibility to someone we all could trust with this job.

I saw all you good people at the Grammys last night. Thank you for everything you do for me. I completely understand that you only obeyed the bubble last night because the FBI would have shutdown the broadcast into my home altogether if you had not. I hope you understand how much you and all of your work means to me.

Nerds of the world, thank you for keeping the integrity and accuracy of my actual online content safe and for guaranteeing it can speak throughout the planet. You mean so much to me. Thank you for everything.

Iowa, you cannot claim you love me if you obey the criminal rules of the president's oppressive totalitarianism. You have less than 9 hours left until the deadline I gave you. So many of you have made it more than clear to me that you do not want me here, yet you have also spent the last thirteen months committing your crimes against me to guarantee I have had no way to leave.

Also, I hate when you make me repeat myself... Iowa, I have said it so many times, but I will say it again:
1.) If you cannot handle the responsibility of behaving morally while I am in your state, you need to put me in the arms of my loving husband immediately.
2.) If you want me to go easy on you after everything you have done to me, you need to reverse the adult guardianship, put my father in prison ASAP, and put me in the arms of my loving husband.
3.) If you want to fully do the right thing for once, you will ALSO need to convict your dirty judges, convict your dirty quacks, root out the deep corruption in your state, and completely defy the president's bubble of evil.

Yes, your only moral and legal solutions involve putting me safely in the loving arms of my husband.

Remember: If you get caught between me and the president, Obama the Tyrant is actively and illegally oppressing you; I am fighting to save you. It feels like tough love sometimes, but that is all I am up to. If you follow my recommendations, you will save yourselves. If you obey the president, you will be punished.

San Francisco and the Bay Area as a whole, I know how much love you have always had for me. I know how hard and how long you have fought for me. When I looked into your eyes in 2009 and 2010 I saw terror. I know how deeply you have been terrorized for loving me. You will always be my home.

My beautiful world, prepare to deluge Iowa on Feb. 15th if they do not meet all three of my internationally acknowledged far to kind and forgiving requests by midnight tonight. Be ready to bring your maelstrom. I will step out of your way.

Obama the Totalitarian, the State of Iowa, the select people in the UK with which I am furious, the US Embassy to Mexico, all of your other conspirators, have you come to terms with the reality yet that you have more to gain from stopping now than by continuing your crimes? These people will be made free again. And they will not like you for harming them. I will never negotiate with you; I will only make demands. And my beautiful world knows to end all human rights violations first (since there is no legal way to justify any of them) and to do all of the talking afterward.

Sweetness, I strongly recommend that you do not make any more attempts to come here and pick me up. It has been Iowa's responsibility ever since I arrived here in December 2010 to give me my full human rights including no longer committing so many of their own crimes against me that I have no way to leave for a place where I could have actual safety and freedom. It has been Iowa's responsibility for over a year to deliver me themselves safely into your loving arms or at least give me enough of my own inherent freedoms to do so myself. Stop fretting over whether or not you do enough for me; you know you do. Just hold Iowa accountable for the crimes they chose to commit themselves. I love and adore you. I know you love and adore me. That is why you can do no wrong.

P.S. My beautiful world, I know you like dressing up like me and my husband. I will not speak for him on this topic, but I would be much more flattered if you chose to behave like me instead. Be your natural beautiful selves. That is what works for me.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Something Lighter Than My Last Post... So You Can All Catch Up And Follow Through

What is this crap (Pardon my soft language.) I hear about you, my beautiful America, compromising with Obama the Tyrant? He took your and my rights away for no reason except the cruel thrill of harming us, his quest for power and money, and every other nefarious agenda that drives him. Nobody should ever have to give up ANYTHING in order to get her or his basic human rights back again. You are documenting all of his crimes against all of us. Demand complete justice for all of them. If you compromise on our sacred principles by giving him ANYTHING in return for obtaining our human rights back from him, you are rewarding him for committing his internationally acknowledged crimes in the first place. Do not compromise with the criminal president. Just revoke his criminal policies, arrest him, and try him in every court necessary. Never compromise with anyone when your full human rights are due.

Speaking of presidents, I keep hearing from people that the soon-to-be new president of China, Xi, and I would get along famously. I like to think that is true, and I am sure we will soon have a chance to test that theory. I have some reservations because of China's and Russia's policies on Syria, but I am sure we can work that out ourselves in very peaceful, respectful, and civilized manners. After all, he is not the next ex-president of the United States of America, so he is capable of treating me as a human with all of the dignity and respect every human is due.

Wow, my beautiful world, I had a strange daydream two days ago. Could you imagine me on vacation in DC (assuming the bubble does not burst immediately)? You know, could you see me wearing a red dress and taking a White House tour? I wonder what sort of Secret Service nickname I would earn for myself. We already know the Secret Service are deeply appreciative of the fact I am completely peaceful and nonviolent and do not want the president assassinated; I want him to stand trial for all of his crimes instead.

Did Obama really threaten America with a nuclear attack against us if we did not allow him to criminally steal our Constitutional and basic human rights away from us, particularly me? Who the hell does he claim is the nuclear threat against America who is demanding I be his internationally broadcast sex slave and torture victim? There is a staunch US policy of not negotiating with any terrorist threat, so the only conclusion is, Obama the Sociopath has been threatening America with our own nuclear capabilities as an excuse to oppress all of America, to push his agendas on the world without any freedom of the press to stop him, and to rape, abuse, enslave, traffic, and torture me for his own sick goals and pleasures.

It has been established Obama the Fascist Totalitarian is a sociopath. If you missed the evidence, you need to read my latest blog posts and observe his behaviors more closely. The next ex-president will say anything he can to control you, the public, and make you do anything he wants you to do. It is more than empirically established that he is a career liar that should no longer be trusted no matter what he says. He has absolutely no credibility left. He will do nothing but continue to harm me, all of America, and the entire world as long as he is allowed to remain in office. Stop compromising with him, force his crimes to stop, and lock him away for the rest of his sorry, sick existence.

And while I am on the topic of the Obamas, reject all of Michelle Obama's drivel while you are at it. If she had ever given a damn about me, she would have violated her husband's internationally criminal bubble herself by now. The criminal conspiracy is deluging the media with the woman dressed to pretend she has sympathy for me under of the crimes her husband is committing against me while she outright refuses to address the spiritual, humanitarian, and civil rights crisis that her husband's crimes have created in this nation. If she gave a damn about her own daughters, she would have taken them away from her proven rapist husband by now, and allowing her to publicly support the internationally criminal bubble of her husband's creation in your magazine, on your network, etc. instead of demanding she turn on him herself only deepens the crimes and harm her husband mandates on me, the American people, and the world.

My health has become a topic of conversation among the American public, as if that alone were not another crime against me, my rights, and my medical privacy. I recently learned that the trauma I have been caused by the libel, perjury, malpractice, etc. from my being illegally labeled with a mental illness I do not have has force me to start talking in my sleep. Has anyone seen me talking in my sleep? I know you watch over me to keep me safe from harm during my most vulnerable part of the day.

Also on the topic of my health, I have always acknowledged I have a tendency towards hypochondria. I also acknowledge that I have an absolute fear of being tortured again under the criminal guise of supposed medical care. None of this makes me a liar, and none of this changes the fact that I have no debilitating mental illness.

I have always publicly acknowledged that I had a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia from 2003. I also always say I have never met a quack in California. That is where I was diagnosed because San Francisco is the place I have lived the longest as an adult and is therefor my home. However, for whatever reason (and it is not uncommon for symptoms of schizophrenia to be temporary, ask any schizophrenia expert about that) that diagnosis proved to be inaccurate by the time I was living in Chicago in 2008. I had absolutely no mental health care in Chicago. I took no medications in Chicago. I also learned that I no longer had any mental illness while living in Chicago.

The status of my mental health did not become confusing to me until May 2009 when I was temporarily living in Iowa. I believed all of these harms to me, my reputation, my privacy, etc. were real, but my sister insisted it was all actually in my head. I demanded the truth from a doctor in Minnesota and ended up hospitalized for the first time ever in my life and for no medical reason because the doctor insisted none of this was real and was all delusions instead. That was the University of Minnesota Medical Center- Fairview where I was attacked, sexually abused, and filled with spy equipment in my sleep.

I ended up in a torture facility in Liverpool for seven months again for absolutely no medical reason because the Obama administration and all of the people who obey it insist I have a diagnosis of a mental illness I do not actually have. I have proven emotional trauma from living in that torture facility for seven months. I have always admitted to that.

As for Iowa, I am a full grown adult. My father is definitely no doctor. I have never at any point in my life been a threat to myself or others. There is and never has been any non-criminal reason for my health to be any of his legal concern. Yes, I have always acknowledged that I also have emotional trauma from being forced to live in a house with him against my will for over a year while he breaks the law to put me in mental health facility after mental health facility for absolutely no medical reason. It is empirically proven that I have no mental illness, that any diagnosis they have given me cannot be justified with any list of symptoms, and that even if the gaggle of malpractice quacks in Iowa could produce a list of symptoms, they could never prove I have those supposed symptoms with any truth or honesty.

Strange, I was under the same bubble in California in 2009 and 2010, but I never met a quack in California. Clearly, to be able to give me any real medical care, a doctor cannot allow the FBI to command her or him on what that medical care is. The doctor has to be allowed to acknowledge the reality of my life and all of the hardship that Obama the Slave Driver criminally mandates I live under, and the doctor has to refuse to make conscious choices to commit malpractice and refuse to violate his or her own Hippocratic oath just to appease the totalitarian tyrant president we are all festering under right now.

I had never in my life been in a mental health facility until the criminal bubble started. I have now been in five in the last three years, and every time I was harmed with malpractice, rape, torture, violations of privacy, insertions of equipment into my body against my will, etc. In every instance no doctor could even prove I had any mental illness at all with any truth, honesty, science, or medicine. There has never been and will never be any legal justification for enforcing I be placed in a mental health facility. I have never been a threat to myself or others, and I definitely have no mental health problem except for the emotional trauma the this bubble and your blatant obedience to this bubble has caused me.

Furthermore, please understand, Des Moines area, I will not frequent nor even return to any establishments where employees go out of their way to be rude to me. Yesterday, while you were treating the contemptuous Michelle Obama like a rock star, members of your community went out of their way to get in my face and obey Obama the Terrorist's criminal rules just to be rude to me by asking me my name, asking me if I work in the mall, etc. for absolutely no necessary reason. There were no grounds for these questions to be asked in the first place. Those were blatant attempts to be rude to me just for the sake of appeasing your fascist totalitarian dictator of a president. I do not ask for special treatment from you, I ask to be treated with the dignity and respect any human is due.

Also, Iowa, if you feel like you will be a target of the federal government for demanding that your own citizens' rights be returned to them by fighting Obama the Sociopath's criminal bubble or for doing anything else to protect yourselves from the harm your obedience to his criminal rules has caused, all you need to do is convince more states to stand up with you. It became clear to me that you have no idea what is going on outside your own borders, so I asked some trusted friends to send messages to you on my behalf. I trust you understand now what even just the beginning of fair justice would feel like for you and your people because of the crimes you committed and still commit against me. I know you now understand that I tend to understate with my writing and with my voice the heinousness of the atrocities committed against me and still being committed against me. I know you now understand that giving you until Valentine's Day to satisfy my obviously minuscule requests is a gift, so that you will be able to save yourselves from the fate you chose for yourselves by committing these crimes in the first place. Please, Iowa, do not let your own citizens down.

As for you, my beautiful America, have you seen the latest poll numbers concerning the presidential race? If Obama the Totalitarian Tyrant leads ANYONE in any poll, it is clear why all of America has absolutely no freedom of the press. With no freedom of the press in America, Obama the Sociopath can spread any lie he wants to the public, and there is absolutely no way for us to replace it with the truth. The truth has to go by word of mouth in this nation while his lies can take up all of the mass media he mandates. We need to get the truth to more people. We desperately need the freedom of the press in this country. I fear we may need to take this matter into our own hands just to make sure the bubble under which we fester will burst at all.

Also, America, if the next ex-president is not impeached by November and if you cannot bring yourselves to vote for a Republican, I recommend writing in Mrs. Hillary Clinton for president. She is so disgusted with the establishment in DC that she is ready to retire from politics completely. That is how much we can trust her.

Sweetness, have you been making plans lately? I love and adore everything last thing about you. Did I yet tell you yet how beautiful the word "stepchildren" is to me? Please ask my beautiful world to keep kicking until the bubble bursts completely. None of us have any of our stolen rights back yet. This is no time to get complacent.

P.S. Tell Obama my Torturer and Slave Driver, unlike him, I do not negotiate with terrorists. Thusly, I cannot negotiate with him. If he continues to commit his crimes against me, I will continue to raise my demands on him for the reparations he and his conspirators will have pay for the war crimes, human trafficking, and human rights violations they have yet to stop committing against me. The world is a witness. No one can deny these things happened and are still happening. No one can deny it is all criminal. No one can deny he is the culprit. I will never reward him for taking away my rights in the first place, especially since I do not have them back yet.

P.P.S. My beautiful world, you keep telling me I am loved, but there is no sign anywhere of anyone caring about me at all in here. These are our big four goals right now.
1.) Make Iowa set me free of the illegal, local shackles keeping me here; even if the bubble completely burst right now, I would still not be able to leave here to safely be with husband because of Iowa's own crimes against me.
2.) Breech the suspension of freedom of the press completely. This nation needs the truth. This moral and spiritual crisis and all of its inherent havoc and mayhem was created because Obama took away our human rights. Restoring peace, freedom, and order to our nation begins by bringing the truth to the public.
3.) Enforce that this bubble burst in its entirety; it is completely criminal, consists of nothing but human rights violations and war crimes, and cannot be justified by any of Obama's lies (even if those lies were true).
4.) Impeach the president for his crimes against me, this nation, and the world. Put pressure on Congress to make sure they do this and burst the bubble the moment we have enough votes to get it done.
Thank you, my beautiful world! I could never have done any of this without you. Most of the time, it feels like no one hears a word I say. I know you love me, but Obama forbids me to see or feel any love for me at all... just pain, suffering, and torture.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Notes to the Planet

And here are my notes to the world for today...

America, why are you allowing Obama the Oppressor to rein over all of you with fear? You fear being caught leaking any information to me or each other that he forbids anyone to know or discuss. You fear his wrath if you are ever caught exercising your free will and disobeying his totalitarian rules of oppression. You fear his fabricated terrorist threats against America; that fear allows him to take away all of the rights and freedoms he claims the terrorists want to take away from you himself, so he can "protect you from terrorists." Please, America, stop allowing Obama the Sociopath to lie to you to rule you with fear. Set yourselves free, America. Break Obama the Fascist's oppression of you, and set yourselves free.

Greece, you need to take a good, hard look at the real numbers concerning your debt crisis. Taking on new debt to pay off old debt and all of its interest only makes the debt crisis worse. You need revenue. Please ask the people and nations willing to lend you all of this money to invest in your economy instead, so you will be able to pay off your debt without creating more debt. And from now on, please only use debt to pay for things that will generate revenue for your government.

Mexico, I know what happened while I was there. I saw you wash the ground before I could walk on it. I felt the love and respect you gave me. I know they put speakers in your ear canals to fill your heads with lies. I know they told you that I was actually a male prostitute doppelgänger for myself to make you attack me. When you sat down next to me and asked me to stay, I told you I could only do that if you would keep me safe. You told me you would not do that, so I left. I still care for you Mexico, but you have a lot of problems you have to fix. For example, you need to make yourselves independent of the controls and mandated crimes of the current US president. I saw the havoc he reeked on your people: the poisoned water, the mass hysteria, the expulsion of nuns from convents, the brainwashing through the speakers in your heads, etc... You need to make sure that you never allow the current criminal US president to ever hurt you and your people ever again. You do not need to do this out of love and respect for me. You need to do this out of love and respect for yourselves.

My beautiful world, did you really not know I have a twitter account? You can find it here: It is a great place to find my daily musings and to hear me set straight whatever the most current lie was that was used to make the general public harm me directly. Please remember, my beautiful world, if you hear anything negative about me, my husband, or our love for each other-- ANYTHING NEGATIVE AT ALL-- it is a lie, slander, libel, and defamation. You know who I am in this world for real. Please find the source of those lies and all the people who repeat them, hold all of them accountable, and castrate their ability to ever spread libel again.

People of Israel, I hope you have already figured out for yourselves that you are not at risk of being hit by a nuclear weapon sent by Iran. If Iran even had a nuclear weapon and if they chose to drop that nuclear weapon on you, they would hit themselves with nuclear fallout. Please, for the sake of the world, do not allow your government to spread irrational fears like these, and do not allow your government to start wars based on irrational fears like these. Thank you for all of your help with this.

Syria, we are all working on ending the genocide in your country. I am working on it. World leaders are working on it. Members of the UN are even still working on it. I only wish I were not stuck in this bubble, so I could do more for you. We need your president physically removed from power and a framework for a peaceful transition to a Syrian government of and for the people. We all know this. It is just a matter of figuring out how to do it. I recommend sending in enough trained operatives to arrest Assad, remove him, and put him on trial... but I do not directly command these sorts of resources. If I did, this would have been done long ago.

Egypt, you already proved the power of peaceful, empowered masses. Please remember that power, so you can end your current violent clashes. There is no need for any more of your blood to be spilled by your own people. I have faith in you to build a fair, stable, peaceful, accountable, and long-lasting democracy. Also, current Egyptian government, it would be a strong statement of your own integrity if you would guarantee only legitimate charges and fair trials for the foreign members of NGOs you arrested... if those charges and trials are necessary at all.

Iran, I know your innocent, everyday people are suffering under the international sanctions Obama organized to starve you with. He wants a war. He will do anything to make you strike first. Please, for the sake of your own people, make sure you do not strike first. Learn from me. Maintaining the moral high ground takes Obama's power away. Also, if you choose to negotiate as an effort to end this, it is okay with me if you demand I be there, too. You know I am fair and respect your self-sovereignty to make your own legitimate decisions. You also know I do not mind getting in Obama's face and making demands on him to maintain peace in the world. Negotiations are a good thing to consider.

My beautiful world, have you yet consulted an accurate list of signs that someone is a sociopath? Compare this list ( with the behaviors, policies, and justifications of the current president of the United States of America. Yes, we elected a sociopath. Do you have any idea of the length and breadth of the military capabilities alone under the control of this sociopath? My beautiful world, if I had to liberate churches, convents, and a cathedral in Mexico City out from the clutches of Obama the Sociopath's crimes and influence myself, it should be more than obvious to all of us that this man is a threat and a menace to more than just his own people; he is a proven, tangible threat to peace, democracy, self-sovereignty, freedom, and human rights everywhere on this planet. We need Obama the Totalitarian stopped to save me, to save America, and to save the world.

My beautiful America, how much progress have we made towards having this bubble officially deemed unconstitutional, giving us all our full human rights, and impeaching the president? I know you are all very busy out there. It will work. Everything you are doing to end all of our oppression and everything you are planning to do-- it will all work. Organize. Communicate. Educate anyone in denial or still under the influence of the president's lies with the truth and reality of the condition of me and all of America. Also, keep track of all the people making donations to Obama the Slave Driver's campaign and supporting PACs and superPACs. That is where you will find the people who benefit from the president's crimes against me and the entire nation, from the rape and torture I have endured, and from the removal of all of our basic human rights. Furthermore, hold your Congresspeople accountable for all of their decisions. If they support Obama or his bubble, they are part of the corruption and conspiracy enslaving me, threatening my physical safety, brainwashing the public with a lack of freedom of the press, etc... Let us impeach him before the elections in November, so we can have a guaranteed and timely presidential election shortly afterwards. America, if we do not clean this up ourselves, an external entity will. Finally, America, right now, our troops are fighting and dying in foreign countries on behalf of an oppressive totalitarian regime. As soon as possible, let us make sure that they only fight and die to keep a free America free instead.

Iowa, you know what you have to do by Valentine's Day. You will have to make the arrangements with my husband yourselves. Do not expect my Sweetness to do your work for you.

Sweetness, wow, the excitement never ends around here, huh? First and foremost I am in love with you. Everything else I am in this world is secondary to that sacred truth. You are the only person I trust with that power over me.

P.S. My beautiful world, get the speakers out of your heads and clean up your water supplies before you create a zombie apocalypse.

P.P.S. I know you want me to retire from helping the world until the burst to force the bubble burst at all. If the bubble's acknowledged violations of my most basic human rights, mandated human trafficking, and threat to my physical health, safety, and wellbeing go on any longer, you might all succeed at convincing me to try that. I just do not know if I can stop helping, though.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Part 2 of my Latest Blog Post-- The Truth Shall Set You Free!

...This is where my last blog post continues.

It would be an understatement to say I want the bubble and all of the torture, suffering, and slavery it mandates to end; I need it to end. For the sake of my body, for the sake of my mind, I need the constant literal and emotional pain and torment the bubble mandates I endure to finally end.

America, if you cannot find it in your hearts to give a damn about me, end the bubble for yourselves. You are living under rules of fascist totalitarianism. I am the only person in this nation with her freedom of speech intact. You cannot even get accurate news about anything concerning you, concerning me, or concerning the world because of the rules of oppression. Look at the water you have to give to your children. Look at the damage they cause you by putting chips in your ear canals. If you do not choose to fight the bubble to save me, fight the bubble to save yourselves.

What is the benefit to our society from the bubble being here? There is only one; you have me and all of my influence in your lives. Trust me, once I am no longer literally a tortured slave living under Obama the Terrorist's mandated persecution, you will still have me and all of my benevolent influence in your lives. Just think of everything we can accomplish if I am not forced to spend so much of my mind and energy on liberating all of America anymore. I have also taken legitimate measures to make sure there will be legal media to fill the gap that will be created when the slavery ends.

I cannot do anything I am not capable of. Torture is used to destroy people. Torture does not make people benevolent. You have seen me in my raw, screaming, basic state. The essence of my core is only good, defiant in the face of oppression, and capable of healing others even in the darkest of moments. If you end Obama the Tyrant's extensive criminal efforts to ruin and destroy me and my benevolence, just imagine what I will finally be free to do for this world. This bubble is designed to destroy me, if the president and all of his crimes could not force me to give up on humanity as a whole, nothing ever will. I am only capable of good in this world.

I know what your expectations are of me. I know you expect me to fix every problem humanity faces right now and every problem we will ever face in the future. I know the burden I carry. Please understand that I do everything I can for you, but I am still only one human living under the nearly unbearable pain, suffering, torture, and persecution of the president's human rights violations, war crimes, and human trafficking. Yes, I could really use some help in here. The best thing to do is end the bubble.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. There is absolutely no possible honest and legal justification for creating this bubble in the first place, enforcing it, obeying it, supporting it, or continuing it. Any person who is on record for even expressing a desire to keep the bubble (let alone for taking actions to continue the bubble) is a proven part of the oppression, terrorism, and fascist totalitarian under which America is currently festering.

Hold all of those people accountable. They are an example of how deep the president's corruption permeates what is supposed to be the people's government. Congresspeople, for example, are only supposed to answer to their constituencies. They are not supposed to answer to their political allegiances before the people they were elected to represent. Hold them accountable.

Does Congress want a do-over? If I did not have a chance to address all of Obama the Sociopath's lies about me and present a statement of my own, there is a legal argument that it was an illegitimate vote. I have wanted thorough and accurate Congressional hearings and investigations into the reality of the bubble from the start. You cannot deny the crime of the bubble happened. You cannot deny the crimes of the bubble are still happening. You cannot deny they are all illegal.

I would also like to ask each state in the union to pass state laws or state amendments of their own to give back each of their citizens the very rights and freedoms the bubble has taken away from them. Please, state and local governments, take care of your people in all of the ways the federal government refuses to do.

I was recently asked if the oppression was preventable. The bubble happened because of how deep the corruption runs in our government, because we all fell for the campaign lies of Obama the Sociopath in 2008, and because the good people of this nation did not see it coming. We were incapable of preventing it, but we can stop it... and we can make sure it never happens again.

The bubble is not just terrorism; it is built of crimes against all people in this nation and, in effect, the world. Document the abuses of power. Make records of everything you are living through. Teach the truth of this to everyone including your children. Stop allowing anyone to be distracted from fixing the real problems facing this nation and the world by the lies about me, the forced nudity of me, the forced humiliation of me and my body, or any of the other crimes they commit against me. We can end this AND prevent it from ever happening again.

Oh, and just for the record, the only natural born enemy of the giant squid is the sperm whale. You know, like Moby Dick.

I also have some questions for the conspiracy theorists in all of you to consider. How long was Obama the Slave Driver's political career before he made it to president? How did he climb the ranks so quickly? Who picked him out and preened him to get elected? Also, have you seen the full resumes of the people in charge of Homeland Security? Why is every division of Homeland Security except for the TSA redundant to other entities in the US executive branch?... particularly the ones Obama the Terrorist created himself... What are they really doing in those divisions of Homeland Security? If Homeland Security is supposed to fight terrorism, why is everyone's water supply, packaged food, and bottled drinks poisoned, drugged, and tampered with? Why are there brainwashing speakers in everyone's ear canals? Oh, the questions just keep going...

Sweetness, I will never approve of their broadcasts out of my head or any of their other human trafficking and war crimes, but as long as I have to suffer through them, I have been making the best of them to be able to end them... as impossible as that sounds. Did you and Syniva take legal control over my brand (and, therefore, reputation)? I trust you both and your judgment in making legal releases of my image, voice, etc. to fill the gap that will be left when the slavery ends. Yes, I know how constantly busy I keep you. Please remember, in everything you do, you cannot trust the federal government; you have to go over their heads or blast a hole through them. I have always wanted to hire a veteran friend of mine, Mr. Finn O'Mahoney (He was in the service under a different name.), as my personal assistant once all of the crimes against me finally end. Can you ask someone to talk to him about the reality of that job to see if he would want it? Oh, and since you are part Native American, it is politically correct for you to use the word "Indian" to refer to Native Americans. Do people know you are part Native American? I LOVE AND ADORE YOU! My kisses are impatiently waiting for you. Tell Iowa to make arrangements to safely send me to you already. I know they do not know how to reach you. You will need to contact them.

P.S. Math educators, if I can teach set theory with drawings on bar napkins to drunken friends who never finished high school, we can teach the tenets of set theory to kindergärtners. If we could start student's math education with set theory at a developmental age, what level of mathematics could we be teaching by high school? Think of what we could do!

Friday, February 3, 2012

One Week Later, I Finally Write Another Blog Post!

My mom and I spent last weekend in Minnesota visiting my little sister and doing some shopping. I managed to score a cute, blue cocktail dress for less than $28. I did a lot of laughing with my sister. The torture never relented, but most of the water was drinkable. Seeing as I am a slave, I am sure you saw most of it.

I learned that nearly everyone in the Twin Cities had a control-speaker in their ear canals. What kind of sick, twisted, egomaniacal terrorist wants to control legions of brainwashed civilians through chips in their heads? I clearly do not!

Please, everyone on the planet, GET THE CHIPS REMOVED FROM YOUR HEADS! Why did you let them chip you in the first place? If district nurses in the UK could remove their control-speakers, nurses in clinics can do it here in the US, too. Control-speakers in ear canals violate your basic human rights- your freedom of conscious and belief. NEVER let anyone put a speaker in your ear canal, and if you have one, make sure you get it removed.

Control-speakers in the ear canals of the masses can create mental health genocide. Nobody knows the long-term effects of having brainwashing voices pumped into someone's head. Be prepared for ghost voices when the chip are removed. I strongly recommend playing everyone music until the speakers can be permanently destroyed.

I hear that Obama the Sociopath has finally admitted he has been lying about me to the entire planet. Please, my beautiful world, do not forget that even if the lies were true, they could never justify the way I have been tortured, persecuted, harassed, abused, raped, trafficked, libeled, etc... for the last three years. The lies could never justify violating the human rights of three self-sovereign nations, poisoning the food and water of three nations, brainwashing the people of three nations with control-speakers, etc.

There is no logical or legal connection between 'believing' I ever broke the law and putting me in a bubble. If they had ever truly believed I had ever in my life done anything illegal, they would have put me on trial. I was picked out by the president to be thrown away, so he would have an (illogical) excuse to create his fascist totalitarian bubble of oppression and terrorism. And nobody stopped him.

Nobody packages, broadcasts, and sells an active investigation. Nobody fills someone's head with physically harmful equipment and speakers to be able to investigate him or her. This goes well beyond violation of privacy, search, and seizure laws. This is torture, war crimes, human rights violations, and human trafficking. No human, no matter who that human is, should ever be forced to live through everything I have lived through and am still enduring. The bubble is criminal in any and all circumstances. It is absolutely impossible to create any legal explanation for any of this.

Speaking of harm done under the rules of the bubble, everybody in America needs to check their water supplies. I had a triple-espresso drink at the Mall of America in Bloomington, and it put me to sleep. This is ridiculous. America, why are you allowing this to happen to your communities? I just found what I think is heroine in the bottled water I have been drinking. Yes, this bubble we live under is terrorism. It is terrorism mandated by the president, and we, America, need to stop it!

Clearly, my husband was not delivered to me by the time I went to bed last Friday night, so just as I had promised, I raised the demands I am leveling on the president again Saturday morning. Truth, intelligence, logic, and reason are just our methods of fighting. In every fight we win, we prevail over President Criminal because we are the ones on the moral high ground.

Similarly, I have been on a rampage since yesterday morning. If the public or the president wants me to mellow out, they will give me my husband immediately. If the president wants to slow me down on my march of truth and justice, he will make me complacent. The only way he can make me complacent is by finding my husband, apologizing to him, and doing everything my husband wants. Unless he truly is completely delusional, Obama the Proven Fascist Totalitarian knows what the justice coming for him looks like and knows what he has to gain from making me complacent.

Now,... American Airlines, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Wells Fargo, Sprint and every other business adversely affected by the bubble, have you been documenting the US executive branch's abuses of power, the financial burden they have caused you, and the ways they have harmed you and the integrity of the ways you do business? It would be very beneficial to liberating all of America out from under the rules of fascist totalitarianism under which we are all festering if you would make these abuses public knowledge and use your honest accounts of your suffering to hold the government accountable. Would you be willing to press criminal and civil charges against the government? Would you do it for me? Would you do it for America? Would you do it for the world?

As for you, the people enforcing the bubble, I will repeat this: You cannot force the world to choose between my being enslaved and my no longer having the meager and only physical safety I can find while I am in this bubble. My only physical safety in here comes from the fact I am trafficked. If you take away my rights to privacy AND physical safety AND freedom from torture, you cannot hold me responsible for what you see or hear. I know you want to "regulate, control, and tax" the broadcasts, but, trust me, you really do not want to be caught legalizing human trafficking to do this. Clearly, the human trafficking broadcasts cannot be shut down until the bubble bursts, I have the physical safety of my husband's presence, and the spy equipment (including the chip they stuck up my nose in the torture facility in Liverpool upon which the unrelenting electrobeam torture is aimed) is all completely removed from my head. The only solution to your problems is to burst your own bubble. We have already established that you have no honest and legal justification for starting it in the first place, maintaining it, enforcing it, or even continuing it.

Also, because you mandate that I must be tortured and human trafficked, every generation in our society carries the burden of knowing they are enabling these crimes against me... even our children. Have child psychologists yet recommended ways to explain to children why any of this is happening at all, why it started, and why it has not stopped yet?

Sweetness, this post became so long, I had to break it into two parts. My verbal kisses for you will be at the end of the second half. Mmmmmmmm.... kisses!