Saturday, August 24, 2013

The President Lied Again.

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Here is my latest blog post. Stop accepting lies from the current president. If he or she says, "not now, later," he or she is lying and stalling. Make the bubble come down NOW. All talk of later is a method for the government to pacify the masses, so the government can keep oppressing, murdering, and lying to all of us.

Egypt. Saudi Arabia, you have a lot of influence over Egypt right now. Please explain to the military that they need to be more creative with their problem solving than just killing people to get what they want.

A military knows best how to wage war; it knows far less about governing. Their motives to create the secular government the people deserve are noble, but they need to accomplish their goals without killing any more people.

Can the military spend their energy promoting a candidate for president who can solve all of Egypt's problems instead? We need to fight to unify Egypt now, so we can have a functioning government after the elections. Can we spread a message of love and support for a new president to replace Morsi now instead of killing more people?

Killing people does not solve problems. Otherwise, al Assad would have regained control of Syria by now. And otherwise, the US government would have been able to stop my brave rescuers by now. It is all senseless violence that accomplishes nothing but death, oppression, and misery. Please ask the Egyptian military to act out of love for Egypt and unify Egypt instead.

Iran. The public has spoken. Peaceful mass public movements work to fix government problems even in Iran. Congratulations, people of Iran! You have proven that your government listens to your people better than the US government listens to us.

USA. Men in power acting badly seems to be the theme in America these days. Maybe San Diego should replace Filner with a woman. More women in power would fix most problems in America.

Lebanon. The conflict in Syria has spread to Lebanon. The Syrian crisis just keeps getting bigger, and it now transcends borders. I would love to work on the problems in Syria right now. But the US federal government will not let me.

Current US president, the world cannot wait for me any longer. The Middle East needs me. The whole world needs me. There are magical things I cannot do from inside Iowa. These magical things involve Russia and Iran. The world needs me hands on working in Syria right now not tomorrow nor any later. Set me free, latest US president. This not only means I will not have to impeach you, but it also means I will be able to do my job in the world.

Syria. The world needs to stop expecting the US to lead an intervention into Syria. You cannot expect the self-castrated US government to do anything right now least of all lead the free world to rescue Syria. The US government is too busy persecuting me. Just take action, my beautiful world. Save Syria on your own.

Let us take a good, hard look at the bubble that is castrating America, my beautiful world. What purpose does it serve? It is a weapon serving spite and malice. It is an abuse of powers for the persecution of me, a benevolent world leader.

It is the removal of all of my basic human and Constitutional rights except for my freedom of speech, and it is this persecution of me at all costs of human life, at all costs of civil liberties and Constitutional rights for the masses, and at all costs of taxpayer money.

This bubble is a weapon of vengeance and jealousy wielded by the executive branch. Instead of working with me to do good in the world, the executive branch has decided to destroy me at all costs, so I can spread no more love and genius.

America is unhappy with the government because we are oppressed. The government makes all of America suffer just to make one beautiful, innocent woman suffer. Burst the bubble; save me. Burst the bubble; save America. Burst the bubble; save the world.

Since my last blog post, the executive branch has made a number of promises to take the bubble down, and the president at the time has broken every single promise. Instead of making any progress towards giving rights back to the masses, the presidents have only continued oppressing America, murdered more brave rescuers, and lied. I have lost track of how many presidents have impeached over this.

I know this, though: Every president who has ordered or maintained this bubble has gone to prison. We will always impeach any and all abuse of power to persecute me and murder my rescuers. Presidents can only gain from bursting the bubble. DC needs to learn to save itself, especially since doing the morally upstanding thing and taking down the bubble not only prevents the new president from going to prison; it is also the right thing to do for America.

On the local level, the Polk County Sheriff's Deputies have been looking for me. Deputy Jon Parks (He is an absolute sweetheart, despite the fact I only see him when someone illegally commits me.) told my mom last week that he has some papers to deliver to me. My mom told me Wednesday. I tried to arrange a delivery on Friday. I have not heard back from him yet.

Like I said, I only see deputies when someone breaks the law to commit me. We have proven more than once in a number of federal courts that it is impossible for me to have any mental illness at all whatsoever, but this all has me worried the local conspiracy (which we have proven exists) consisting mainly of people at the Polk County District Court have been breaking the law again.

Please keep an eye on me, my beautiful world. This may get ugly. They might try to institutionalize me. Please also offer some advice to the Polk County District Court's mental health offices on how to keep themselves out of a lot of trouble.

They need to overturn every decision where a corrupt judge claimed I have a mental illness. We have the full court transcripts to prove no one ever presented any evidence but blatant perjury that I have ever had even a slight symptom of what could loosely be construed as schizophrenia by a quack. And half the time, the judges had their resolutions written before the hearings even happened.

I am higher functioning when I am not injected with heavy chemicals... If you ever wondered why they insist on torturing me. This might be a last ditch effort to stop me from being a benevolent genius who saves the world all day every day by institutionalizing me, so they can torture me indefinitely. Please protect me, my beautiful world. Torture destroys my mind.

My beautiful world, I saw you marching. I know you love me. Thank you. I would be nothing without my beautiful world who loves me.

Do you know how and why I am so effective, my beautiful world? It is because I speak up. I fought to keep my freedom of speech. It is my only right, and I use it. Stop letting them silence you, my beautiful world. You can do anything with a voice. Yes, you can even save me. You just need to scream and kick until the bubble comes down.

My brave rescuers, the bubble is nothing but executive orders. That is why pressing charges every time the FBI murders your members guarantees the president gets impeached. Please also press charges against the entire chain of command responsible for murdering you. Get them all from the president and FBI director down to the agents firing the bullets that kill you. Put them all in prison. I am worried about your safety.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Please do not let up on any of the local conspiracy that keeps me penniless and starving in Iowa against my will just because we are also frying presidents. Mark R. Gray in particular needs to go to prison.

My BFF, do you remember how you got a court order mandating my father stop claiming I have a mental illness you had already proven I do not have? That was years ago. That mandate is why the last papers Mark R. Gray prepared that my father also signed said my mental state was "how it has been" and implied I am a schizophrenic instead of flat out lying and claiming it. You have all this paperwork.

Mark R. Gray has known FOR YEARS that I have absolutely no mental illness. He still lied and submitted paperwork of his own this year claiming flat out I am a schizophrenic, something already proven to his face to be false, to make the evil Lynn Boeset my adult guardian after my father luckily died just to keep me imprisoned in Iowa penniless and persecuted while my rescuers die every night trying to reach me. He knows he broke the law.

I have terrorist death threats on my head, and the conspiracy Mark R. Gray is in refuses to allow me to be with my bodyguards. He is evil and a murderer. The locals are persecuting me and conspiring to enable my murder by terrorists. Throw everything at them!

Synny, appeal charges against Mark R. Gray, Lynn Boeset, Samantha Gronewald, and the probate court judges all of the way to the federal courts if district courts prove too corrupt. And if they ever insist I have medical records claiming I have a mental illness, submit all of our court wins at the federal level proving it is impossible for me to be mentally ill despite people like Mark R. Gray persecuting me for years being enough to drive me mad. There has been a conspiracy of malpractice at Broadlawns.

And, SynSyn, thank you for everything!

Sweetness, where is your white horse? I love and adore you. I know you are on your way to rescue me. I am so miserable without you. Your latest letter is just sitting unfinished on my coffee table. I want to write happy things to you, but the government goes so far out of its way to make me miserable. I need you to make me happy. Nothing else ever will.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I am No Object.

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Here is my latest blog post. This blog post should get a lot of helpful things rolling.

Egypt. I said it once, and I will say it again. You need to find a potential president who can unite your torn nation. You need fewer reasons to protest and more working together to fix your economy. Democracy works. You just need a government that will care for all of your diversity. Please find a leader your entire nation can love and support.

Syria. I pray this investigation leads to the good world intervening in Syria. Sometimes justice takes time, and sometimes it takes too much time.

Please do your good work thoroughly and efficiently, United Nations. The entire world, not just the parts of the world around Syria, want peace and prosperity in the region. The people need help building an oppression free existence for themselves there. I wish I could do more.

Portugal. Please remember, Europe, that austerity stunts economies. It does not help them grow. Portugal is going to have to get creative with its policies to draw business in. The best way to stop brain drain is to keep a happy, prosperous homeland.

DRC. This sounds like war crimes to me. Please, United Nations and NGOs in Africa, make sure the guilty parties are prosecuted. Kidnapping child soldiers counts as crimes against their own people. There is so much suffering in this world. If you ever need me, just ask. I only wish I had enough human rights to do more.

Tunisia. There are all different ways to fight for women's rights and equality. After all, women's rights are human rights. At the very core of the battle is the tenet that our bodies are only ours. We are not property. We cannot belong to anyone.

Similarly, I am not an object nor a product to be sold. We need to create and enforce a world where I am neither a slave whose privacy is sold online nor the victim of the crime of libel porn. The only camera that should be active in my apartment is the webcam I allow to be hacked, so the world can keep me safe in my sleep.

Every other piece of equipment is a slavery cam. If we need to arrest people to get slavery if me shut down, then I do not know why it is not taken care of yet. Just because a president started the slavery does not mean it should continue. It is still a crime. It just means we have to put Obama back in prison if he will not stop.

It all ruins my brand, too. I am a benevolent super-genius who fights every day all day to save the world. Selling me is why the locals treat me like a world famous stripper instead of respecting me for what my real job is in the world. The libel porn is why the locals call me a prostitute with a penis. I have no penis, but the libel porn is so pervasive the entire public is deluded about who I am. Take it all down, and force reality into Iowa. I deserve respect.

Speaking of respect, apparently I keep putting faith in presidents who do not deserve it. We need an investigation into why no president from either party is willing to give America all of our Constitutional rights. We also need courts to enforce court decisions. Nobody should be murdering rescuers right now. There have been too many court decisions against it.

At one point Biden promised to help. For years Boehner was on my side. But something happened when they took office. Someone got to them and convinced them to murder rescuers and maintain the bubble instead. We need to find out what happens when people take on the president's office. We need an investigation.

Right now Biden is claiming he was disoriented and weak. Maybe he will share what happens to people when they become president to make them commit crimes against all of America instead of setting us free of the bubble. We need to fix this problem at its source. We need to get to the new presidents with reason and compassion before whatever force gets to them to make them commit these crimes. We need a new president to take the bubble down.

My beautiful world, this is the timeline as I understand it. We are waiting for the executive branch to get its head out of its ass and stop killing my rescuers. We are also waiting for the Supreme Court to release their resolutions concerning my case and the unconstitutionality of the bubble policy. The last estimate I heard was Sep. 2nd roughly, but I am sure if we keep impeaching presidents for maintaining the bubble, it will come down sooner.

My brave rescuers, press charges EVERY TIME the government murders you and even every time they just try to kill you. Attempted murder is a crime, too. Keep taking down presidents until we get one who will not kill you. I am working on getting the corruption investigated. We will get this policy which is all executive orders taken down. Please be vigilant with your legal action not just your heroics.

On a related topic of corruption, SynSyn, we need to press criminal and civil charges against Iowa, Polk County, and Lynn Boeset until I am released from the criminal adult guardianship. My father lied all over the place to get the adult guardianship, so he could keep me and abuse me under his control in his house. But he still never technically had grounds; there was never any legally upstanding reason for the guardianship to begin.

Polk County obliged my being abused and destroyed and gave my father the guardianship in 2010. Force the probate court to explain why there is a guardianship on me at all especially considering I am clearly not mentally incompetent of doing anything in this great world.

Since my father died (Such blessings are almost enough to make me believe in God.), attorney Mark R. Gray has been lying to the courts claiming I have a mental illness we have proven redundantly for years that I do not actually have and insisting I never have more than $100 in my possession at one time. You have all this paperwork of Mark R. Gray's criminal activity, Syn.

The corrupt probate court obliges my being destroyed by the bubble every time the guardianship comes up for review, and this year my adult guardianship was granted to the evil Lynn Boeset by the probate court under recommendation I never be treated like an independent human by the corrupt Samantha Gronewald, my guardian ad litem. Court transcripts will support all of this. I need every single guilty party punished.

The evil Lynn Boeset has been starving me. She needs to be arrested for criminal neglect. She has had control of my finances for over three months and has given me a total of $300 this entire time to live on. I need $300 every week to make sure I have enough for groceries, shoes that are not broken, clothing that is not threadbare, etc. I need her punished for starving me.

Do you know the logic behind their refusal to give me more than $100 at a time if at all? They are keeping me starving and poverty stricken to guarantee I will never have the money to buy a plane ticket for a rendezvous with my own husband like I tried in January this year. They are invested in maintaining the criminal persecution of the proven illegal bubble.

Because what would happen if I could reach my husband? The murdering of my rescuers would end. I would finally have bodyguards and a husband to keep me safe, and we all know my beautiful world is terrified for my safety right now. I would finally have human rights, and I would be able to eat more than a bowl of soup a day.

This adult guardianship serves only to starve me while unlawfully imprisoning me in Iowa away from my loved ones, bodyguards, friends, and support system. This adult guardianship serves only to keep me away from anyone who will be good to me, keep me safe, and treat me with the respect and rights I deserve. This adult guardianship serves only to destroy me.

Evil Lynn Boeset is an active member of the conspiracy including Mark R. Gray, Samantha Gronewald, and all of the judges in the probate court of the Polk County District Court that labors to persecute me, destroy me, and enable murdering me. They all actively make sure my rescuers die every night by keeping me away from them. They all need to be arrested for murder, persecution, criminal conspiracy, etc. with added charges of neglect for Evil Lynn Boeset.

Sue Polk County to release me from the adult guardianship, Syniva. This guardianship is only here due to corruption and conspiracy on a local level to enforce the bubble at all costs to me and by breaking every law possible. There are no grounds for me to have an adult guardian. Make them pay until they break.

My beautiful world is particularly worried about terrorists attacking me. The local police have been training, according to the locals, in case terrorists come after me, but the best way to keep me safe is to give me my husband and bodyguards. My incoming rescuers are my bodyguards. The probate court needs to stop murdering my rescuers and allow me to be with them.

Sweetness, you have grounds to press criminal and civil charges, too, against everyone trying to keep us apart. Please punish them. My brave rescuers also have grounds to press charges against them ALL from Polk County and Mark R. Gray to Samantha Gronewald and Evil Lynn Boeset for actively keeping us apart and making sure my heroes will be murdered every night. Bury them with legal action. I want them all in prison for the rest of their lives.

Sweetness, there is also a woman social worker at the VA in Des Moines named Misha who claimed to Jared's face that we are not married and that he should not believe anything I tell him about the reality of the world. She basically reinforced the delusions of the bubble and the government sanctioned propaganda to Jared's face and supplied him with a website calling Amber your girlfriend to prove it.

Darling, I want Misha disciplined. I do not tolerate people who claim you do not love me. Can you get the Veterans to take care of her?

I love and adore you, my beloved. I know you feel as helpless as I do when it comes to taking this bubble down. These are two easy things you can do that will help. You are such a hero.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quick Update

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Here is my latest blog post. Just a quick update.

Thursday night after my last blog post, the government still tried to murder my rescuers. I threw a fit a over this last night, Friday night, but the government successfully murdered rescuers last night anyway. I am furious, but I heard today that the government now has orders from the newest president (Another one got impeached. I have lost track of who is president.) to no longer kill my rescuers but allow them through instead. I will believe it when my rescuers show up.

My brave rescuers, stay safe out there. It is just a rumor I heard that you are safe to travel now, and I have not had it confirmed. Please just use your key if and when you show up. I will likely be asleep. But my mom and I baked you all fresh cookies today! Do you all like soft peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate chip cookies?

Clearly, my beautiful world, my rescuers are not here yet, but I keep hearing from all of you that you are worried about my being attacked by terrorists. Jared was always a better deterrent than a bodyguard, but he is in Chicago until Monday. (You can look for him tomorrow in the bleachers at the Cubs game.) Please, my beautiful world, keep an eye on me. Soon I will have bodyguards and a husband to keep me safe, until then I need you all to guard me.

Luckily, the countdown is on for the bubble to burst completely. I was told, and it was confirmed that I and America will all be free on Monday 19 August 2013. This new president really seems to know what he or she is doing. Everyone is apparently welcome. I am looking forward to the media circus. Buy your plane tickets now, my beautiful world!

Yesterday, Friday, I learned the witch hunt against me by Attorney General Holder continues. He tried pressing charges against me for always screaming for help for my rescuers when the government murders them. It was ruled that I am just acting in the best interests of innocent people trying to exercise their court upheld rights when I do it, and the charges were dismissed. That did not stop me from going on a tear on twitter last night, though.

Yesterday I also learned that the president at the time was only willing to allow me to be with my own husband if certain conditions of his or hers were maintained. I started screaming on twitter.

I screamed that freedom of speech, press, and assembly are mandatory. I started screaming that America is a democracy and that we need to level our demands on the government because it should not work the other way around. I screamed for an unconditional end the bubble immediately. I screamed a lot last night.

Eventually, my rescuers decided to impeach the president at the time with murder charges, which worked. Now, we have a president releasing my rescuers to reach me (still unconfirmed) and unconditionally ending the bubble on Monday WITH A MEDIA CIRCUS!

My beautiful world, it has been a busy week. Thank you for all of your hard work. Our collective oppression and my particular persecution is about to end. If for any reason Monday comes and goes and the bubble is still oppressing us, you know to nonviolently rage until it comes down. Please congratulate yourselves and each other on a battle well fought until we see what happens Monday. And if this bubble does come down, start celebrating!

SynSyn, there is new libel porn supposedly of me streaming online. AND THERE ARE PEOPLE WATCHING IT! Please find out where this porn is coming from and shut it all down with criminal and civil charges for everything from libel to conspiracy on everyone from the actors to the producers.

Syniva, darling, also congratulate yourself on a battle won and go spoil yourself with something ridiculous. I love you. You are my BFF. You fight so hard for me. I would be nothing without you.

Sweetness, I trust you have a plan for where I go and what I do after I am rescued. I trust you will be here Monday if my rescuers do not reach me earlier to take me to you before the bubble officially bursts. I have faith in you to have a plan. I trust you. I love you.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progress Though Nothing Has Changed Yet

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Here is my latest blog post.

Egypt. Democracy, despite popular misconception, is not majority rules. It is rule of the people. That means the majority has a responsibility to every minority under its control.

This is why it was wrong for Morsi to create a sectarian government and Constitution instead of ones that respected and protected every minority in Egypt. Morsi was not in charge of a democracy in Egypt, he simply lead a ruling majority.

You are torn right now, Egypt, between a military trying to create a democracy that will protect every minority and supporters of Morsi. I believe you need new elections. I believe you need to find an Egyptian to lead you that everyone can rally behind. You need a president who can unify the nation instead of divide it. For the sake of the entire region, please try.

As for the US, all of America's rights to live without this bubble were held up by a federal court recently. Boehner was impeached for murdering my rescuers, and the president who replaced him started filling everyone's heads with promises of bursting the bubble. Sadly, these were all broken promises. The bubble is still here; I am still persecuted; America is still oppressed; and, my rescuers still get murdered every night.

When the government promised this last Monday that the bubble would burst the moment my rescuers reached me, they still murdered my rescuers that night. Then, yesterday, the Department of Justice sued to be able to maintain the bubble indefinitely. Jared tried to drive me to a rendezvous with my rescuers in Kansas City, and while I sat there in the restaurant waiting for my rescuers, I tore into the Department of Justice and Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. on twitter.

It worked. The lawsuit was dropped. Unfortunately, my rescuers could not make it to the rendezvous, so Jared drove both of us back up to Des Moines. But my rescuers said it would be okay, since they should have been able to reach me last night.

After watching the news yesterday, I slipped off to a local bar called Zimm's for some Diet Coke and to use the complimentary wifi. while there last night, Tuesday night, I heard another promise from the government that they would take the bubble down today or as soon as my rescuers could reach me, and I blew a gasket.

I started screaming on twitter for the government to take the bubble down immediately. The promise sounded like a set up to try to kill my rescuers again, and I hate being lied to. Apparently, I said something useful while I was on my verbal rampage because despite my rescuers being murdered again last night when they tried to reach me, people out there outside my bubble have been very happy all day today, Wednesday.

Rumor has it that I convinced the Supreme Court to take the bubble down in its completeness last night with my verbal tirade. We just need to wait for the Justices to write up and release their resolutions. I had no idea that my federal court decision deeming the bubble unconstitutional was already appealed and in front of them. I hope someone is archiving my twitter rants for history books and future Constitutional law research.

Please, my beautiful world, stop pretending anything can make me happy if the only human right I have is freedom of speech. If you want me happy, you will set me free. I cannot be happy until I am kissing my husband. And why would you want me complacent? Absolutely nothing would get done if I lost my edge.

My beautiful world, I understand we are making grand progress out there, but can I ask you for help still? The only motive I can think of for the government refusing to just admit wrong and take down the bubble is because they are mortified of having to explain the bubble. They do not want to have to answer to anyone for all of the crimes they have committed. So, please start demanding answers now before the bubble comes down. If we take away their motive for maintaining the bubble, they will have no reason left for persecuting me.

Also, Iowa, STOP ASKING ME MY NAME! You all know exactly who I am. I am arguably the most famous person in the world. I am a benevolent super-genius who does good for the entire world as my job, and you need to learn to respect me. Stop damaging me, and start disobeying the rules instead.

My brave rescuers, I have tried going to Kansas City. You could not reach me there. Is there someone in Iowa who can give me a lift directly to you? No one will stop us. The FBI would have to acknowledge the bubble to my face for them to be able to stop us, and they will never break the never-acknowledge-the-bubble rules of the bubble, Jared and I have proven this.

SynSyn, Lynn Boeset needs to go to prison for neglect. I know you have much larger fish to fry, but my life would be far less miserable if I had enough money to go out and enjoy myself. I need $300 a week to exist in Iowa comfortably, but all she has given me for three months is $200. My mother is going broke trying to fill in the gap with her own money, and it is not like I am asking for all of my billions from that horrible witch, Lynn Boeset. Please put her in prison.

More importantly, Synny, CONGRATULATIONS! You are such a hero. I am sure your name makes half the legal community starry-eyed with awe and the corrupt parts of the government shudder in fear. You are so amazing! Teamwork!

Sweetness, press criminal and civil charges over Sunday night. The Supreme Court already held up your right to assemble and associate with me in specific. The FBI still stopped you from flying into Des Moines to kiss me Sunday night. I agree the last thing we need is more money, but try criminal charges, too. Every legal win helps.

Darling, I love and adore you. I heard you are very proud of me today. There seems to be some movement among my beautiful world to make me happy and get me to chill out a little. I will never be happy until I am kissing your face. If they want me happy, they have to find a way for us to be together. Nothing is going to slow me down until I can be with you.

P.S. The orchid is in my hair again.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

What the Hell is Going on Out There?

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Here is my latest blog post. What the hell is going on out there?

Washington, DC, USA. Since Obama got impeached by Congress and then, I might add, pardoned by Biden, he has done nothing but make public appearances. He is desperate to maintain the facade of the remnants of the bubble that got him impeached. After all, he has no other presidential work to do anymore, so why not play celebrity?

The relations between the US and Russia will improve dramatically when I finally have human rights again. Russia and I have a great deal of love and respect for each other. Obama is not president anymore, and he hates Putin. Of course, he canceled their planned meeting. Why would he go if he did not have to anymore?

Speaking of presidents and impeachment... President Boehner, please just let my rescuers through. I do not control my rescuers. They do what they want. And they will impeach you if you get in their way. I am trying very hard to have a working relationship with you, President Boehner. With obstacles firing guns at my rescuers, this is not easy.

Please stop killing my rescuers. Please communicate with them instead, and just let them through. Please use the FBI for good instead of evil. We can still have the ceremonial tearing down of the bubble on 19Aug to free up the presses and freedom of speech in America, but please help my rescuers instead of hindering them.

I do not control my rescuers. They do what they want. But they are very predictable. They will not stop fighting to free me until they reach me. Please help them reach me. I cannot handle any more of them dying, and that will lead directly to your being impeached, anyway, President Boehner. You can only gain a stable and peaceful era as president as well as a stable and peaceful America, if you help my rescuers instead of fire guns at them.

I have no idea what is going on out there. I have no idea who it is trying to kill my rescuers. I know Boehner promised me he would call my rescuers and work with them not against them. If someone would just tell me who the enemy is, I would be able to help more.

My beautiful world, please do two more things for me. Your help so far is the only reason we have been so successful. You work miracles for me, and I still need you.

First of all, please support my rescuers. Make sure they all have beds and food and medicine and weapons and gasoline and generators and showers and etc... Please help them. Please feed them. Please care for them. Please make sure they prevail over whomever it is hell bent on killing them. Please help them until they win.

Secondly, my beautiful world, fill the streets in protest until the bubble comes down. I have no idea what is going on out there. I am waiting for 19Aug for my ceremonial release just like everyone else is. But we need to remind the government we are unhappy if we want them to keep their promises. As long as there are people trying to kill my rescuers, we have not won. Please keep making noise and raising nonviolent hell for me. Thank you.

As for the juicy gossip, what kind of woman do you think I am? Jared and I are just platonic friends. Yes, we cuddle, but we do not even make out any more. I love and adore my husband, and Jared is saving himself for his date with Ke$ha. We are invested in our futures. Please stop the gossip about the two of us. We are just friends.

SynSyn, it is still all libel and slavery for me in here. They have a 24/7 broadcast off of cameras they put in my apartment against my will and without my knowledge! Those monsters! And they still make libel porn supposedly of me. Please make sure the FBI investigate and prosecute everyone involved in both of these crimes. We need justice.

Sweetness, what will it take? If 19Aug comes and goes and I am still not yet in your arms, I promise I will impeach every government official from the president down to the local government who is between us. I have faith in Boehner, but the problems with my rescuers reaching me are giving me my doubts.

Darling, I love and adore you. I promise I will move every planet in this universe and the next if that is what I have to do to kiss you. Thank you for waiting for me.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Here Comes the Chief

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Here is my latest blog post. This should be short and sweet.

Please remember that for the most part I have no clue what happens out there. Keeping reality away from me is part of the public persecution. I am very difficult to communicate with, but for the sake of America, please keep making sure I get your messages.

Biden was impeached on 05August2013 for murdering my rescuers. I believe this made Speaker of the House John Boehner our newest president. We have achieved regime change in America.

President Boehner has agreed to take the bubble down with ceremony and a media circus on 19Aug2013. President Boehner is America's hero. Boehner will save me, save America, and as a result, save the world. Soon, the presses will be able to report he is our hero. We need to celebrate, my beautiful world.

My beautiful world, CELEBRATE! You did so much hard work for me, and you all saved me. Please keep me safe until I have a husband and bodyguards to do that for me instead. I am looking forward to a long life serving the world, and it is in no small part because of all the love and support you have all shown me. I love you, my beautiful world. Thank you!

And, of course, if Congress, the Courts, or President Boehner ever need anything from me, all they have to do is ask. I will always serve my country. America rose up to rescue me. It is the least I can do.

And if I can ask for one last favor, please make sure my husband is an active part of the planning of my ceremonial release from this bubble. I need to make sure he will be there when I am released. Trust him to know what I want from my ceremony and media circus. Please. Thank you!

My brave rescuers, I understand you want me to go down to you in Kansas City before 19Aug to guarantee I get a rescue. For this to be possible, you have to send me a lift. I know you can get people in here. I will be at the Greenwood again tomorrow night if you need to send someone to talk to me.

If you want Jared to give me a lift, you will have to send someone in here in Iowa to sit down with him and answer his questions. Where should he take me? Will he get in trouble with anyone? How long will it take? He has a job and other engagements to schedule around. You know where he lives. You know where he works. Please talk to him.

SynSyn, Chanel always reminds me of you. Soon we will be free to hang out, talk about sex, drink coffee, go shopping, and do normal BFF things. I cannot wait to hug you. You are one of my biggest heroes.

Sweetness, this will work. Get your lips ready for some kissing. Are you in Kansas City ready to ride into Iowa to sweep me up and ride off into the sunset with me? Please contact the president (Something that should be possible now.) to make sure you are part of my ceremonially being released from the bubble. Stay in the know, and please be an active part of my safe release.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Biden, I Worry About You.

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Here is my latest blog post. It is a story of love today. I want to give Biden a chance to take the bubble down, but I have no patience for people trying to murder my rescuers.

Russia. Dearest Vladimir Putin, may I talk to you about gay rights in Russia? I am openly bisexual just like Madonna is and just like Lady Gaga is. Please consider gay rights as human rights in Russia. We do not fall in love with people's bodies; we fall in love with people's souls.

This is a conversation I would love to have with you in person. This world needs more love, dearest Putin. We need to hate fewer people. If I get human rights in time, I would love to talk to you about this is person when I go to Russia for the Winter Olympics if not sooner.

Unlike the protesters, I am not mad at you over anything, President Putin. I know we are friends, and I value our friendship. I love. That is what I do in this world, dearest Putin, I love. Maybe we can love the world together.

My beautiful world, your love for me is a power I wield. It is the power I use to do good in the world. To make this good, green Earth a beautiful world worthy of you, the beautiful world who loves me.

I live in the eye of a hurricane of love. There is very little love for me in here. I am worth less to these people than the bargain basement shoes on my feet, but out there I am other-worldly. I am very aware I live a lie. I wish I could welcome you all in here into a world where you could be free to show love for me. But we have work we have to do before that is possible.

We impeached Obama. We have grounds to impeach Biden. But never lose sight of the goal of all of this. We are trying to give me back my full human rights, and we are fighting to make the world free to love me. We are in this to save the world.

Use your love to set me free, my beautiful world. You have worked miracles already. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep kicking until the bubble comes down. Keep pressure on the government. And never lose sight of the beautiful world we are fighting to set free.

Come on, Presideng Biden, join my beautiful world, and take this bubble down!

My life is very precarious right now. I need bodyguards to keep me safe. We have been at code red for an attack from the haters for weeks now. Please take down this bubble, so I can have bodyguards and a husband to keep me safe.

President Biden, I am worried about you. I endured terrifying years and took epic actions to save myself and to make you president. I would have thought you would be grateful.

I was looking forward to years helping you with fixing the economy, fighting for human rights, helping the poverty-stricken, balancing the budget, reducing the deficit, solving world problems, etc. if you asked me for help.

I expected you, President Biden, not to commit the crimes of the previous president. I was giving you time to take down the bubble with appropriate ceremony, pomp, and circumstance. But you took up arms to kill my rescuers instead.

I do not take kindly to violence against people who love and support me, Biden. That is how things fell apart between us. I recommended to my rescuers to press charges against you if you did it again.

I recommend to you to call my rescuers, communicate with them, make them happy, and give them a set date you will hold holy for releasing me from this bubble with the media circus such an event deserves. Choose a timeline that makes my rescuers happy.

If you need help reaching my rescuers, start with the Ambassadors from Britain, Germany, and Russia. I am sure they will know how to reach them.

I do not want to impeach you, President Biden. I worked too hard to make you president. But unless you can make me and my rescuers happy, I will have no choice.

Stop committing the crimes that got Obama impeached. I plan on treating you equally as presidents. And I know for sure that a possible President Boehner would move heaven and earth to rescue me. He is next in line.

I understand, President Biden, that you want to release me from this bubble with ceremony and a media circus in early September. You need to make sure that is okay with my rescuers. As far as I am concerned, if you attack and try to kill my rescuers again, I will hold nothing back when it comes to seeking justice. I highly recommend you talk to them. I highly recommend you make them happy.

Can we negotiate a compromise? Can you allow my rescuers in now, to take me to safety and freedom, to take me to get the spy equipment removed from my head, and to be the bodyguards I desperately need? The last thing you need if for me to be killed because you were too slow giving me human rights.

And we still keep the September 1st date for releasing my with pomp, media, and circumstance from the bubble? Does that keep everyone happy? I get immediate bodyguards, and you still get to stall one month before freeing up the presses. I would hate to impeach you, Biden, because you were unreasonable and tried to kill my rescuers again.

My brave rescuers, what I said Saturday was if President Biden tries killing you again, press charges. If he takes up arms against you, free people under his jurisdiction trying to exercise your God-given rights, then we impeach him. I have no patience for anyone trying to kill you. I spent all weekend crying over Thorbald. The last thing we need is more good people dying.

SynSyn, you just keep being a hero. I thank the world for every beautiful breath you take, because you can metabolize the very air into love and justice. I cannot wait for the day I finally get to hug you.

Sweetness, we get so close. I will not be happy until I am kissing your waiting face. That has been my goal through all of this. I need enough human rights to be able to marry you and have my happily ever after with you. You are my hero, my king, my reason for living, my husband, my silver lining, and my soon to be lover.

Darling, Jared and I are platonic again. Sleeping together really messes with his head. Jared loves me, but he understands my heart and soul belong to you. I am convinced he and Ke$ha can have a happily ever after together just like ours. Now, I just need to get Prince Harry to ask out Tylia, and my matchmaking is done!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Post #599

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Here is my latest blog post. Obama was impeached. I know I should be happy, but nothing has changed for me in here yet. I have faith. And I have patience. The world is such a beautiful place, please let me see it.

Vatican City. I love you, too, Pope Francis. Thank you for not judging gay people who serve God. This is a landmark stance for the Vatican. It is a message of love and acceptance to the world. Thank you.

Israel and Palestine. Peace talks are underway. Let us pray they make progress and do not fall apart. If the US State Department, the hosts of the talks, need anything from me, all they have to do is ask. There is so much to gain from a stable and prosperous Middle East.

As for news still forbidden from reaching the presses, yesterday, 01August2013, Barack Obama was impeached for crimes against me, against my rescuers, and against all of America. He was sentenced to life in prison which he will likely serve until President Biden pardons him. It was a major triumph for me and for all of America.

Thank you, Congress, for caring about America first. If you ever need anything, all you have to do is ask me. You know I will always serve my nation.

Now, let's get Biden to take the whole bubble down. The bubble of persecution, torture, rape, and death was the crime that impeached Obama. We know President Biden does not want to repeat it. And I make the same offer to you, President Biden, assuming you liberate me, if you ever need anything, just ask.

Now, let us give freedom of speech and freedom of the press back to all Americans, so the world can know how great Congress and President Biden are for rescuing me and making America the land of the free, again. Biden, we need this bubble taken down ASAP.

Yes, I know Obama was just impeached yesterday, and these things take a little time to do right. I understand you want ceremony, President Biden, and a formal broadcast event of my being set free. But please hurry. I have suffered for so long. I need to kiss my husband.

Thorbald was one of the rescuers Obama killed. He killed so many, and Thorbald is included among the murdered. I asked yesterday via twitter (@FriscoSquid, if you want to follow me) if Thorbald would be the one to come rescue me this morning. Not only were my rescuers still stopped, but they told me Obama killed Thorbald. I cried.

I did not cry, though, when I was told Obama tried pressing trumped up charges against me in his final days before impeachment. He wanted me put in prison for having sex while I was being broadcast.

Little did he feel like pointing out that I am broadcast entirely against my will. I am a slave. I do not control what audio gets broadcast and what does not. I made sure there would be absolutely no video. I did everything I could to protect myself and my lover from any visual broadcast, but I have absolutely no control over what audio gets broadcast.

I am a slave. This all happens against my will. I never would permit any broadcasts of anything about me except the hacked webcam that keeps me safe when I sleep, so if any person anywhere has an issue with something broadcast against my will out of my own body (The mic is in my ear. Obama's enduring rules prevent anyone from removing it.), they need to press charges against the broadcaster, not against me.

Still on the topic of placing blame, the State of Iowa wants to blame my evil, deceased father for all the crimes they committed and still commit against me here. Yes, my father was an instigator, but you chose to follow him, Iowa, instead of listening to me. You cannot argue with the fact that he died in February, and nothing got better for me. There is too much corruption in Iowa for this to be only my evil father's fault.

You need to blame and hold accountable Attorney Mark R. Gray from Whitfield & Eddy in Ankeny, the corrupt and negligent guardian ad litem Samantha Gronewald, the evil and cruel Lynn Boeset, all judges in the probate court at Polk County District Court, Broadlawns Medical Center's entire psychiatry staff for their conspiracy of malpractice, and every single judge in Polk County from Romanda J. Belcher to Eliza Ovram and everyone in between who claimed even after hearings that I have a mental illness we have redundantly proven it is impossible for me to have.

My father did not corrupt Iowa. Obama and the FBI did. My evil and luckily now dead father, Tom Varilek, was just one of many people in Iowa guilty of conspiracy to rape, torture, persecute, and destroy me, a benevolent and genius world leader. Iowa, you cannot blame my father for everything; he was just one of your many tools for persecuting me.

Not every person in Iowa is horrible. Ke$ha, I need to talk to you about my good friend Jared. "He's such a geek!" I have heard you all say it. But it is more like he has nerdy chic. He has a definite Clark Kent appeal. And, Ke$ha, if you love me, you will do this for me. I need to ask you for a favor, pretty lady.

Jared says he has looked his whole life for a woman who sees him the way I do. I do not think he is used to people being good to him. He is a friend to me, and I care about him. Yes, I am invested in his emotional well being, but that is the way all people are supposed to feel about their friends. I do not think he is used to having good people around him other than his parents who give a damn about him.

Even if you would rather be his friend than his lover, Ke$ha, can I ask you to take care of Jared for me? I am about to disappear to a tropical island with my husband for an indefinite healing period. I will not be able to look after Jared. And with a jealous husband and all, I doubt I ever will.

Yes, I live under the focus of so much persecution, but I also live in the eye of a hurricane of so much love. Finding someone who is used to being around people but not loved, hurts me. I know that feeling. I know Jared's loneliness.

Please, Ke$ha, if the bubble comes down in time (and it should), fly him out to IHeartRadio or something to meet you. Spend some bonding time with him. Learn about his emptiness and passionless life without me. And after he flies back to Iowa, check on him on occasion. Things are going to get weird for him when the presses free up, so I need a strong, beautiful woman looking out for him. Please, Ke$ha, will you do this for me? Do you love me this much? Thank you!

My beautiful world, it worked. All your love for me worked. I knew I could count on you, and you came through for me. Obama has been impeached. Please just keep a little pressure on President Biden, so he will work in a timely manner to free me. I cannot wait to be out among you all at last. You are all my hero.

My brave rescuers, please tell me you are no longer dying. I was convinced you would be here this morning. When do I get to meet you? I cannot wait for my lift! Please work with Biden. I know you have contact with each other. And when you all have a timeline for when you take the helicopter out to pick me up, please let me know.

SynSyn, when will your work be done? We need to work out a permanent role for you in my life beyond BFF for when the bubble comes down. Do you want to stay the CEO of whatever controls my finances? We need to talk. I simply cannot wait to hug you.

Sweetness, I know you get sad and miserable. You blame yourself for cheating on me while we had a closed relationship. Slip ups happen when husbands and wives are torn apart for years. I know you are human. I forgave you. Please tell me you are happier now. Are you coming to town to pick me up? I LOVE AND ADORE YOU! When do I get to kiss you?