Monday, August 5, 2013

Biden, I Worry About You.

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Here is my latest blog post. It is a story of love today. I want to give Biden a chance to take the bubble down, but I have no patience for people trying to murder my rescuers.

Russia. Dearest Vladimir Putin, may I talk to you about gay rights in Russia? I am openly bisexual just like Madonna is and just like Lady Gaga is. Please consider gay rights as human rights in Russia. We do not fall in love with people's bodies; we fall in love with people's souls.

This is a conversation I would love to have with you in person. This world needs more love, dearest Putin. We need to hate fewer people. If I get human rights in time, I would love to talk to you about this is person when I go to Russia for the Winter Olympics if not sooner.

Unlike the protesters, I am not mad at you over anything, President Putin. I know we are friends, and I value our friendship. I love. That is what I do in this world, dearest Putin, I love. Maybe we can love the world together.

My beautiful world, your love for me is a power I wield. It is the power I use to do good in the world. To make this good, green Earth a beautiful world worthy of you, the beautiful world who loves me.

I live in the eye of a hurricane of love. There is very little love for me in here. I am worth less to these people than the bargain basement shoes on my feet, but out there I am other-worldly. I am very aware I live a lie. I wish I could welcome you all in here into a world where you could be free to show love for me. But we have work we have to do before that is possible.

We impeached Obama. We have grounds to impeach Biden. But never lose sight of the goal of all of this. We are trying to give me back my full human rights, and we are fighting to make the world free to love me. We are in this to save the world.

Use your love to set me free, my beautiful world. You have worked miracles already. Keep fighting the good fight. Keep kicking until the bubble comes down. Keep pressure on the government. And never lose sight of the beautiful world we are fighting to set free.

Come on, Presideng Biden, join my beautiful world, and take this bubble down!

My life is very precarious right now. I need bodyguards to keep me safe. We have been at code red for an attack from the haters for weeks now. Please take down this bubble, so I can have bodyguards and a husband to keep me safe.

President Biden, I am worried about you. I endured terrifying years and took epic actions to save myself and to make you president. I would have thought you would be grateful.

I was looking forward to years helping you with fixing the economy, fighting for human rights, helping the poverty-stricken, balancing the budget, reducing the deficit, solving world problems, etc. if you asked me for help.

I expected you, President Biden, not to commit the crimes of the previous president. I was giving you time to take down the bubble with appropriate ceremony, pomp, and circumstance. But you took up arms to kill my rescuers instead.

I do not take kindly to violence against people who love and support me, Biden. That is how things fell apart between us. I recommended to my rescuers to press charges against you if you did it again.

I recommend to you to call my rescuers, communicate with them, make them happy, and give them a set date you will hold holy for releasing me from this bubble with the media circus such an event deserves. Choose a timeline that makes my rescuers happy.

If you need help reaching my rescuers, start with the Ambassadors from Britain, Germany, and Russia. I am sure they will know how to reach them.

I do not want to impeach you, President Biden. I worked too hard to make you president. But unless you can make me and my rescuers happy, I will have no choice.

Stop committing the crimes that got Obama impeached. I plan on treating you equally as presidents. And I know for sure that a possible President Boehner would move heaven and earth to rescue me. He is next in line.

I understand, President Biden, that you want to release me from this bubble with ceremony and a media circus in early September. You need to make sure that is okay with my rescuers. As far as I am concerned, if you attack and try to kill my rescuers again, I will hold nothing back when it comes to seeking justice. I highly recommend you talk to them. I highly recommend you make them happy.

Can we negotiate a compromise? Can you allow my rescuers in now, to take me to safety and freedom, to take me to get the spy equipment removed from my head, and to be the bodyguards I desperately need? The last thing you need if for me to be killed because you were too slow giving me human rights.

And we still keep the September 1st date for releasing my with pomp, media, and circumstance from the bubble? Does that keep everyone happy? I get immediate bodyguards, and you still get to stall one month before freeing up the presses. I would hate to impeach you, Biden, because you were unreasonable and tried to kill my rescuers again.

My brave rescuers, what I said Saturday was if President Biden tries killing you again, press charges. If he takes up arms against you, free people under his jurisdiction trying to exercise your God-given rights, then we impeach him. I have no patience for anyone trying to kill you. I spent all weekend crying over Thorbald. The last thing we need is more good people dying.

SynSyn, you just keep being a hero. I thank the world for every beautiful breath you take, because you can metabolize the very air into love and justice. I cannot wait for the day I finally get to hug you.

Sweetness, we get so close. I will not be happy until I am kissing your waiting face. That has been my goal through all of this. I need enough human rights to be able to marry you and have my happily ever after with you. You are my hero, my king, my reason for living, my husband, my silver lining, and my soon to be lover.

Darling, Jared and I are platonic again. Sleeping together really messes with his head. Jared loves me, but he understands my heart and soul belong to you. I am convinced he and Ke$ha can have a happily ever after together just like ours. Now, I just need to get Prince Harry to ask out Tylia, and my matchmaking is done!

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