Tuesday, October 30, 2012

There has Been no Improvement to my Quality of Life.

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Here is my latest blog post. Today we start in Burma and Rwanda before making a very important stop on the East Coast to talk about Hurricane Sandy, but where do we end?...

Ethnic Violence in Burma. Burma is a very young democracy, and it is currently experiencing the pains of its youth. There is ethnic violence there between Buddhists and Muslims that has left over 100,000 people displaced with most of them are in crowded, squalid refugee camps.

Dearest Buddhists, there is nothing in your religion that says you must be violent to nor oppress any people anywhere. I know that your culture is currently breeding hatred of Muslims in your own nation, and I am asking you to stop this.

You are different, but you are all still humans. All humans are equal. We are all unique but equal.

Please, Burma, learn to live together peacefully and prosperously. Learn to love each other the way your faiths teach you to love and respect all other humans. Ethnic violence is ugly and should have no place in this world.

Rwanda. Justice is very important in this world, especially justice for war crimes, genocide, and ethnic violence. But please make sure all justice is impartial and not politically motivated. Rwanda is the sort of place where there have been more atrocities than heroes. Make sure there is justice for all crimes not just the crimes of people unpopular with the government.

Hurricane Sandy. This hurricane is a huge tragedy and climate crisis on the East Coast of America right now. If you find this catastrophe and why it happened difficult to discuss with your children, there are some very good resources out there for you. Click here for the Sesame Street hurricane toolkit.

I would like to take a moment right now to thank all of the emergency crews and first responders who have been braving the elements for the good of the public. It will take time to clean up, turn the power back on, and make sure everyone is accounted for, and the crisis is not over yet. My beautiful world, all help is welcome. Click here to learn about ways to help.

It was Hurricane Irene last year. It is Hurricane Sandy this year. How many major climate crises has the world seen this year alone? They are on the increase. Global Climate Change is real.

We need to make sure we can grow food resistant to drought and flood, to be ready for the changes in the spread of disease due to climate change, and to prepare all of humanity for any possible climate crises we may have to endure.

Carrying humanity through Global Climate Change is what I volunteered for. Everything else I help with is because I am capable of it and because the work has to get done. Would it not be wonderful if I could finally do my job?

Set me free, my beautiful world. Set me free, so I can do my job. This world needs me.

Many people wonder what makes my mind capable of generating so much logic especially when my body, my heart, and my soul is tortured, traumatized, and suffering. The answer is more obvious than most people think: I studied a lot of mathematics. I even went to graduate school and worked towards a Ph.D. in mathematics at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

Mathematics is so important to a young mind because it teaches our children how to think. It teaches us how to process and generate logic and logical reasoning... especially algebra and everything beyond it.

Calculus is completely useful and relevant in the physical world; it was developed at the same time as physics for that very reason. But everything before calculus teaches us how to think.

I studied so much mathematics that I internalized how to generate logic and how to think logically. I can rely on my capacity for rational thought now when my body, my mind, my soul, my heart, and my life is in a state of crisis.

I am a testament to the value of a good education in mathematics. Now, sit down and do your homework.

I know some of you out there are worried about what will happen when I become "too" powerful. In response to this concern, there are five points I need to stress...
1.) First and foremost, I do not understand how anyone can look at me without seeing my complete helplessness. I have no human rights (no freedom from torture, no right to physical safety, no right to protection of my own life, nothing) but my freedom of speech. I sleep at my own peril. I do not even have the means to sue for my own rights myself; I had to create a legally binding document in 2009 to create my own loophole, so my BFF can press charges I am not allowed to know about on my behalf. I am helpless. I am a sitting duck for a physical attack. I have no rights but an open mouth.
2.) You all need to acknowledge where the power I do have in this world comes from. It comes from my complete and total innocence in the world and from the fact I have never done wrong. It is not only that I am almost always right; it is also that I am completely reliably morally good at all times. I am my raw self at all times with no pretenses and no facades possible, and my basic, natural self has proven incorruptible.
3.) If you believe I am very powerful, you need to do everything possible to maintain the purity of my signal to maintain the accurate portrayal of my life through my broadcast. Do you remember when they broke into my signal and polluted it with libel claiming I was a pot-smoking, drug-addicted nymphomaniac? We cannot allow the power of this broadcast to fall into the wrong hands again. The broadcast is just too powerful to be trusted in the hands of anyone else.
4.) You also need to make sure I am not destroyed. They plan on torturing me again on Thursday, and the torture and constant, unrelenting suffering I live through because of Obama's persecution of me since 2009 has already caused me real damage. Protect me, so that I do not become destroyed also to make sure this broadcast never falls into unworthy hands.
5.) Finally, never forget that I will end it all. Once I reach my human rights, this broadcast and this dedicated forum of mine will all go away. I will get rid of this broadcast, arguably the most powerful dedicated forum the world has ever experienced, myself once I am free, just so I can be a human again. I will give up my power myself; that is how much I am suffering because of it.

Just set me free, and the broadcast will finally end.

I will not disappear. The blog will stay, and there will always be a way to reach me for guidance and advice. I will finally be able to take on Global Climate Change and other impending world problems. But the sheer force of nature I wield will be gone. My voice will come from my throat not from your equipment, and I will finally be free.

That said, despite many reassurances I have heard lately that things are better now, I have seen absolutely no improvement to my quality of life. I will be tortured Thursday if I am not rescued first. I still have no bodyguard to keep me safe particularly when I sleep. I still do not have control of my finances away from my father. I still have no friends to spend my time with. All I have in my life is the ability to scream for help, and how many times have they tried to silence me already?

Make noise, my beautiful world. I need you all to make noise until my life improves. Communicate, organize, and demonstrate. In my last blog post, I included the grounds to keep you all safe if you demonstrate on my behalf. Click here to read my last blog post again, it is near the end. I need your help, my beautiful world. I need such basic things in my life to improve. Thank you.

Also, my beautiful world, please also make sure my rescuers have all of the support they need to make my rescue happen. We need this done and taken care of. Not only will it bring each and every necessary improvement to my quality of life, but it will also make sure that my rescuers finally stop dying. I worry about them so much.

If MI6 can make it in here to flirt with me, someone with orders to rescue me must be able to make it in here, too. I just need a lift. I just need someone to put me in their car and drive me to my brave rescuers and devoted husband in Wisconsin. This does not need to be as difficult as it is right now. I am sure the CIA or the KGB must be able to reach me, too. Please, someone with orders to rescue me, please come give me a ride to the camp in Wisconsin.

Speaking of which, everyone seems to be talking about the same man I saw once and then never saw again. How can one man that is clearly not around at all make so many people talk? Yes, Mr. Spoon-Me was a flirt, but he got nowhere with me but out my front door for misbehaving.

I have a soft spot for secret agents-- they are my bad boy type-- but I am a loving, devoted, and faithful wife. I might recommend that he be sent here to be a long-needed friend to me while I wait for my rescue, but what I am first and foremost is a good wife. I need a literal friend and a damn good bodyguard, and do I not deserve the best? It does not mean I will sleep with the man.

Sweetness, I have absolutely no intentions to make love to anybody but you for the rest of my life. Please say you are okay with my being safe when I sleep. A webcam is just a deterrent; I need a bodyguard. Please, my epic hero that is my husband, trust me. Faithful Penelope waits. I will always and have always waited for you.

P.S. For the first time ever, fans can vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Click here to cast your vote. It has been a long time since I have had to chance to make music, so I do not expect any votes for me. Do you all remember me and Mr. Viggo Mortensen in Auntie Occident in San Francisco in 2009? Click here to take a listen. Yeah, that is the two of us singing Motown and Dead covers. Sigh, I thought it best to end this blog post on a much lighter note.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Please Make Me Safer. I Need to Heal.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address http://frisco-squid.blogspot.com into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves.

Here is my latest blog post. We start is Syria and end, as always, with my Sweetness.

Syria. Mr. Lakhbar Brahimi, the UN envoy dedicated to solving the crisis in Syria, thought he could create a temporary ceasefire for the Eid al-Adha holiday. It was a brilliant idea. Make them taste peace. But the ceasefire collapsed almost before it began.

Syria needs me. The world needs me set free of Obama's bubble of persecution, torture, and rape, so I can answer my calling and help solve major world problems. The world needs me. The world needs me to have human rights again.

I promised my Sweetness that we would disappear into paradise, so I could heal once the spy equipment is removed from my head and replaced with bodyguards. I do not mind spending part of my healing time working on Syria. Giving my a problem to solve and people to help will probably help me heal all that much faster anyway.

Please. For the sake of the world, get me out of this bubble of hell that Obama illegally created for me. It has already been proven in a court of law that I never killed anyone. And this would have been an intolerably cruel and unusual punishment for me even if I had. There is absolutely no justification possible for Obama's treatment of me. Please, my beautiful world, get me out of this bubble already.

Polio. We have not yet eradicated polio. The three countries where it is most prominent are Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. I understand that there are some cultural impediments to everyone and all children finally being vaccinated. Please remind everyone there that I am vaccinated against polio and have been since I was tiny. The vaccination caused me no health problems. I turned out just fine.

U.S. presidential debate. Did everyone catch the third and final debate on Monday night? There was so much to say. Please make sure you all get a chance to hear what I said during the debate. This election is very important.

Make sure you vote. My beautiful America, this is our nation. This is our democracy. We need to make sure we vote. Think of all the people who came before us who fought the long, hard battle of suffrage just so we could be able to vote.

This is our right. This is our civic duty. This is our chance to take back control of our own nation.

My beautiful America, this is your chance to set me free. All you have to do is vote in a president who will immediately release me from this bubble instead of continuing to persecute me. Please exercise your power as the people. Vote out Obama and vote me free.

My safety is a very big concern for me right now. I have no security and no bodyguards in here. I am a sitting duck for a shot to the head or acid in my face disguised as a random act of violence. The public is better than it used to be in Iowa, but they can still be very hostile towards me. There is still absolutely nothing keeping me safe when I sleep but a webcam.

Please, my beautiful world, send me a friend and a bodyguard. This life of constant persecution is long and lonely; no one is willing to be a friend to me in here. When was the last time you saw anybody sit down next to me and be good and respectful to me in a way that was deep and meaningful? No one in Iowa is willing to be my friend. Please, my beautiful world, send me a friend and a bodyguard.

I understand that strange and suspicious things are happening around Mr. Spoon-Me right now. There is something I learned from Cuddlebunny in San Francisco. When things get weird, when people are following you, when people are breaking down your front door and attacking you in the night, the safest place to be right next to me.

This is a strange irony about the constant danger I am in. Nothing suspicious is allowed to happen where I can see it. If it were not for the webcam, as has already been proven, I would be attacked every time I shut my eyes. But where I can see it, nothing suspicious is allowed to happen.

This does not keep me safe and will not protect me from "random acts of violence," but it keeps the people right next to me from attack and harm. Is it possible to send me Mr. Spoon-Me as my friend and bodyguard? Please send me someone, my beautiful world. Please send someone quickly. I never feel safe.

The best thing to do, of course, is to rescue me completely and set me free of all of this persecution. My brave rescuers, I know you are working on this. You are risking and sacrificing your lives to do this. I could never be more grateful nor more humbled.

A fast way to set me free would be to take away my evil father's control of my meager funds that make it to me inside this bubble. Give me back control of my money away from my evil father, and I will be able to leave Iowa to be with my husband, finally. Please try this.

My genius lawyers, the basis of my father's argument is that I have a mental illness, so he must have control of my finances. We have already scientifically proven that I have absolutely no mental illness. I have also been intentionally kept near penniless by my father for years through his control of my finances, and he uses his ill-gotten adult guardianship to trap me in Iowa against my will when I would be physically and emotionally safer with my husband, with my BFF, and someplace where I could have human rights again.

Please, SynSyn, force a review of my adult guardianship in the probate court of the Polk County District Court, so you can have it overturned. Have the hearing without me. If I am present for it, the rules of the bubble will be enforced during it, and I will not get a fair hearing. Your power of attorney papers predate the guardianship decision, so you are capable of making these legal decisions on my behalf and representing me there.

Please, SynSyn, it is absolutely critical that this adult guardianship be overturned. I once attended a guardianship hearing by phone; I am sure you can video conference from Seattle.

Also, I hear my criminal father is whining about how we press charges against him to force his intolerable cruelties to stop. If he would stop breaking the law, we could finally stop pressing charges.

If my evil father would just stop all of his crimes against me, if he would just stop pretending I have a mental illness I do not really have, and if he would just give up control of my finances and set me free, we would have no crimes left with which to press charges against him. That is, if he wants us to leave him alone, all he has to do is stop committing crimes and leave me alone. Please legally kick his ass for me, my beautiful world.

Also, SynSyn, we have enough doctors convicted to prove a conspiracy. Please investigate the conspiracy completely to find every guilty party involved. Prosecute them all.

I know you will find my father involved. He was using non-medical mental health commitments of me only to keep me away from anyplace I could have human rights and to propagate his lie that I have a mental illness in order to keep control of my finances illegally.

You will find Polk County District Court mental health courts and probably the probate court involved. They were supposed to give me fair hearings but only chose to propagate the libel that I had a mental illness instead.

I know you will find Obama involved. It is already on public record that he sent the orders to the doctors to unlawfully imprison me in mental health facilities and to literally torture me with medications. Do you remember? All of the doctors claimed they were innocent because they only broke the law because Obama told them to.

You will also find the nurses who tortured me in the conspiracy. They all knew it was torture from the start. They were contacted by the ICC and told to stop because it was torture, and they chose to continue the doctors' wishes and torture me anyway.

The nurses made a conscious choice to be loyal to the hospital and the doctor instead of making the conscious choice to do what was right for me, the 'patient.' Make sure you get the nurses, too... every single one who injected me. They always knew it was torture... and still do.

Finally, my genius lawyers, I am giving Syniva explicit permission (It is a choice within her power, anyway.) to press charges against absolutely anyone and everyone she wants who causes me emotional trauma. There were two particular (expletive)s at the bar last night who chose to go out of their way, get in my face with their obedience to Obama, and intentionally cause me emotional harm. I have spelled this out so many times in so many blog posts. IT CAUSES ME TRAUMA!!!

SynSyn, feel free to set the legal precedent at any time that such behavior should be illegal. Press charges against anyone you want in order to accomplish this. It was not so many blog posts ago when I laid out the guidelines on how to behave appropriately and safely around me. We need to force people to stop intentionally traumatizing me.

We also need to better protect people who organize on my behalf. We have a right as a political party and a political movement to organize, assemble, demonstrate, and campaign in America. If we get a permit to parade, we have a right to parade. We want changes within the system. We want to save America. We are neither seditious nor treasonous. Never forget: What saves me saves America.

We also have a right to equal protection under the law. If harm comes to anyone who demonstrates or organizes on my behalf, press charges. Collect evidence and press charges. If the authorities refuse to keep us as safe as they keep everyone else, sue them to obtain equal protection from them. I am sure I have enough money out there to foot the bill for keeping the people who make noise for me safe. Please take care of this for me, too, SynSyn.

As everyone can tell, I keep my BFF very busy. But what I want to hear is that Syniva is a highly successful artist who sells her work all over the world. I appear in much of her work, you know. I gave her a model release once. She even took the photo of me in the right panel of this blog. To support Syniva, click here. Please do this for me, my beautiful world.

Now, what I said in that blog post all those months ago, my beautiful America, is not that I am Black. I said that, as a slave, I carry the same burden of the slave heritage in America that Black Americans carry. I also said that if Obama were Black instead of African-American, he never would have made me his slave.

The torture Obama has ordered inflicted upon me has caused me a lot of damage. I used to glow. There was one Sunday night a few weeks ago, one night out of four years, when I had my glow back. Ask Mr. David Letterman which night that was. I know he noticed. That is how I used to be all the time. Now it is much more normal for me to storm out of a bar because the patrons chose to traumatize me inside.

I also used to be a healer. Ask the people at the torture facility in Liverpool. I was even able to heal people in there. Now I am a verbal warrior constantly screaming in pain, screaming the truth, or screaming for justice from a federal government that is still trying to throw me away.

Obama has damaged me. I need to leave the bubble, so I can heal.

Obama is my rapist. Systemic rape is a crime recognized by human rights activists and the ICC as repetitive rape inflicted by the system. It is both a war crime and a recognized form or torture.

Obama is my rapist. I am sorry, David Axelrod, you cannot support us both. I know you would rather I be president, but I cannot run right now. Once I am free, I am going to need to spend my time healing from everything the current president has done to me.

Syniva, make the world talk about this. Please create a podcast/broadcast about how direly I need to heal, and go international with all of our media. Take the short must-read list from my blog and the must-see list of our podcasts straight to the international presses. Take them to Latin America, Africa, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia, everyone.

If we make the international community (which does not have silenced news media and still has freedom of the presses) discuss the reality of my plight, then maybe the conversation will spread to America. Is there any better way to get the truth back into America? Ask for help with this from my friends in the news media.

My brave rescuers, get ahead of and stay ahead of the problems. Every time you come to rescue me, a problem arises that prevents it. Please, prevent the problems before they can prevent you from reaching me. Easier said than done, I know, but please... We need this rescue to work. Please.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter to the usual address yesterday. It should arrive in California tomorrow. I made a complete visual record of it yesterday before I mailed it just in case any of it does not make it to you. It is 125 pages of more than just sweet I-love-yous.

Also, my beloved, it has come to my attention that you made a documentary about me, and it is to this documentary that we owe the global awareness of my plight and my suffering. Is it time for a sequel and an update? This is something for you to think about. I know how busy you are. If you make a new one, please make sure you spell out how brave you all are out there on the lines, how horrifying everything is that I live through in here, and how Obama is the bad guy.

I love you, my brave husband. We will overcome. All the evil in the world cannot keep us apart... or, at least, Obama cannot much longer. Kisses!

Monday, October 22, 2012


Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address http://frisco-squid.blogspot.com into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves.

Here is my latest blog post. I am tired of being harassed by Iowa locals who treat me like I write pornography for a living. Does anything about this blog look like pornography to you? I know this popular misconception comes from enduring libel concerning a book published in my name, against my will, without my permission, and initially without my knowledge that I never wrote and truly would never associate myself with.

Tying the book to my name was an act of libel and defamation and a deliberate act to ruin my brand as a writer. Also, the proceeds from the sales went towards continuing enslaving, torturing, and libeling me. It is my understanding that we already won this libel and defamation lawsuit. If not, Syniva, please take care of it.

Because I am a systemic rape victim, it is particularly heinous to treat me like I am only here to titillate you. I have never once in my life been sexually objectified by choice. I have never been a hooker. I have never been a stripper. I have never been a porn star. I have never been a burlesque dancer. What I am is a rape victim. I would never write pornography, and treating me like I would is a heinous act of harassment.

So, with Syria in crisis, with yet another presidential debate tonight, with the entire nation still ordered by Barack Obama to hate and persecute me, with a half-page of notes on world concerns I need to address, and with my next torture scheduled for 01November, I have found I need to dedicate an entire post to cleaning up my brand. Damn Iowans and their need to harass me. My time should be too precious for this. If you are at all curious as to what my writing style when I write fiction actually sounds like, just keep reading.

To start with, download my free audiobook which I put online in 2008. Some people refer to me as an oracle because of it. You can find it by clicking here. Just scroll to the bottom of the page to find the downloads. Do not worry. It is free for a reason. I even read it myself.

In 2010 I finished a short story called ‘Whiskeyless Fictions’ and sent copies to my husband and BFF. If you ask them nicely, maybe they will publish it for you along with the final final version of my novelette ‘Infamy.’ I have a novel in the works, too. I am sitting on a half-finished screenplay about Chicago. I tried creating a board game with garden gnomes and genetically-engineered monkey-crabs for a while. I regularly produce poetry that has a tendency to pop into my mind and out of my fingers with a fury.

The fictional prose work in progress I just started is called “Bernadette was in Love.” It is based on my life for the last four years and the song ‘Bernadette’ by the Four Tops. Click here to read the lyrics to the song.

Sigh,… and, HOLY KAFKA! I am going to include the rough draft version of the opening chapter now. Please remember that this is only a first draft and that it is likely to change vastly as the work progresses.

Bernadette was in Love

“Tell the afterlife I’ll be late,” I called over my shoulder at the waitress. Their nefarious wrongdoing was expected, but their method was sadly unpredicted. Luckily, the poison was detectable, so I left the rest of the enchiladas on the plate they were served on as I ran for the restroom. A few stomach emptying moments later, I was fit and ready to find my darling man.

I had spent most of my life believing adventures were found in the jungle not at the corner eatery. Thirty two years and four continents later, I realized that I had been mistaken. Now, where had that husband of mine gone off to? I had promised to meet him after lunch for a movie. Why could I never find a man when I needed one?

The movie theater lobby was empty except for a mother with a whining little girl complaining she was too young for the movie with the screaming dragons and the big guns. Even the concessions counter seemed devoid of a speckle-faced popcorn-pusher nestled between the soda machine and the boxes of candy that day. Much more distressingly, my husband was nowhere to be found.

I left the theater and tried his phone. The number was disconnected. The great mystery had begun.

I went straight to our apartment and found not a speck of dust out of place. No struggle. No burglary. Nothing missing. Nothing packed. It was as if my husband had simply evaporated and floated into the cloudless sky.

If your loved one disappeared, who would you call first? I started with close, mutual friends. No one had seen either of us in weeks… well, no one except for Raph.

“I should meet you about this,” Raph told me in a hushed tone.

I was mostly relieved, “So you know where he is?”

Raph’s voice stayed hushed, “No.”

“Then why should we meet?”

Raph’s voice became shaky. “I know things,” was all he said.

“The New York City Public Library in half an hour.”

“I’ll be by the lions.”

And that is exactly where he was. I found Raph next to the nearest lion looking around himself on constant guard in case of danger. I knew that feeling well. We found a table inside with a reading lamp and sat among the stacks of books abandoned and in need of reshelving.

“Bernadette, I know about them,” Raph began.

I was confused, “You know about who?”

“I know about the people trying to kill you,” was his explanation.

I was shocked, “But I haven’t told anyone.” There was a constant threat of mental health commitment or worse retaliation on my head if I spoke up against the system, so I had kept the last year of constant death threats and attempts on my life pretty much to myself. My husband was the only one who had discussed it with me until now.

“It is spoken of now in some circles.” The content of Raph’s coment was consoling.

“Even though…?”

“Yes, Bernadette, even though.”

My stomach began churning, “So they’re the ones who took my husband?”

Raph gesticulated knocking a tome of quotes from Supreme Court rulings off the top of the nearest stack of books. “Not literally. It is more as though they created a physical barrier between you.”

“How do I get him back?”

There was only one honest answer he could give to that question. “Trust me. He is trying to reach you just as passionately as you are trying to find him.”

“Who are these…?”

Our conversation was cut short. “BOMB!” came the screen from behind the stacks. Alarms started blaring, and the stampede as mass exodus from the library began. Raph grabbed my arm, but I ran in the opposite direction. I made it to the bomb a good five minutes before the bomb squad came it.

I knew the make of the bomb and could have sworn I had seen the maker herself at a café a few months previous. I dug the screwdriver out of my purse and pulled the display panel off the explosive.

The library was in a state of bedlam. Shelves were pushed over as the screaming masses were making their disorderly way to the exit. No one seemed to notice me there among the encyclopedias.

The bomb squad in their protective suits and with their robots did not make it to me and the bomb until after I had already disconnected the green wire, waited five seconds, and then cut the yellow wire.

“It’s disarmed!” I called out just before they tackled me to the ground.

The sniffing dogs swept past me looking for more explosives. The bomb squad inspected my work, and I realized that I was about to have a very interesting conversation.

The SWAT team climbed off me, and I rested against an overturned shelf of books from the non-circulating reference section. The head of the Bomb Squad sat down next to me, pulled a flask out of his protective gear, and offered me a nip of amaretto.

“That was pretty good work you did there,” he said resting an arm on a pile of SAT study guides.

I tossed back a long swig and thanked him for calming my adrenaline and my nerves.

He continued, “Where did you learn to do that?”

I blushed a little before answering, “I’ve seen it done a number of times.”

“I’m just sayin’,” he smiled, “It’s not every day a cute, younger woman in a skirt and heels does my job before I can get to it.” He paused, lowered his voice, and leaned in to me, “Are you a spy?”

I could not help but giggle.

He kept going, “You know, CIA or something off duty and in town for a birthday?”

At that point I had to laugh.

He was impressed but serious, “No, wait. Are you KGB and on duty? May I ask how many languages you speak?” His voice was hushed but energetic.

“Look, Mister,…” I began.

“David. Bomb Expert David Let Tourmaline,” and he held out his hand.

I shook it, “Bernadette DuMonde.” Too proud of my New Orleans roots, I had kept my last name after marrying Romeo. “Look, Bomb Expert Tourmaline,…”

“Call me David.”

“David, I’m just a civilian with an unusual life right now.”

“We’re going to have questions.”

And they did have questions. No, I did not know who put the bomb there. Yes, I did know how to diffuse it. No, I had never been formally trained in any of this. “Yes, I had learned on my own. The questions went on for hours.

I was completely honest about everything except for how many times I had almost been blown up by the still nameless nefarious wrongdoers, and they could offer me no help with finding my husband. He had not even been missing twelve hours yet, and it took twenty-four before anyone could file a report.

I left the police station with Bomb Expert Tourmaline’s business card, though, and a job offer. If I had not spent all day dodging death and sleuthing, it would have been a comical and endearing experience.


For examples of what my writing style looked like before I was subjected to four years of persecution, rape, torture, attempts on my life, and reality deprivation, please refer to this very old blog post of mine. Click here to see my more natural writing style.

Sweetness, I like to keep track of when you make the news. Click here to see some latest news. Would you like me to spruce up and consolidate my memoirs for you? I have a lot to add to them. They have been sitting dormant for so long. Once I have a way to write without the whole world seeing every word I generate, I have a treasure trove of interesting and highly artistic works you can publish. Yey!

Friday, October 19, 2012

I Could Freeze My Eggs, But...

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Here is my latest blog post. It is mostly a recap of things that came up this week, but I hope you still enjoy...

A devastating car bomb recently went off in Beirut. Click here to learn more about the bombing. It was only days ago when Mr. Brahimi, the UN envoy dedicated to solving the Syrian crisis, warned the world that the violence and instability in Syria would spread if we could not find a solution fast enough. Get me out of here, my beautiful world. You need me out there.

At least peace talks are successfully happening somewhere right now. Columbia and FARC are talking in Norway. Click here to learn more about the Columbia-FARC talks. This is FARC's opportunity to transition into a more political and diplomatic body than just a body of guerrilla warriors. This is very exciting. It intends to end almost fifty years of armed conflict. Hallelujah.

There was little sight more beautiful to see this week than Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on the floor of the Australian House of Representatives. Click here to see her speech. It made me want to cry out, "Go, Lady, go!" and break out into all three verses of "I am Woman (Hear me Roar)." This world needs more women willing to take on the bad guys.

Possibly more beautiful was Malala communicating and being helped to stand up this week. Click here to learn more about this brave teenager's progress. She is recovering very nicely and sent a message today that she was grateful for everyone's support.

Still on the topic of news from this week, did everyone catch the US presidential debate Tuesday night? Did everyone get to hear everything I had to say? Most of my monologue was for the United Nations, but it was all things the world would be better off hearing. Please make sure you all get to hear it.

The only person I have endorsed for US president in 2012 is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. So, if you cannot bring yourself to vote for Governor Romney, please remember that is no reason to vote for Obama. Think of the good we could do in this world if all people unhappy with both candidates wrote in Hillary Clinton. Our problems would be solved. Whatever happens, my beautiful America, make sure you do NOT vote for Obama.

In all situations, make sure you go vote. The easiest way to change your nation and as a result the world for the better is to show up and vote. Help me take down Obama, my beautiful America. All you have to do is vote.

Personally, I still have to update my voter registration. I keep putting it off hoping I will be rescued soon enough that I will not have to vote in Iowa. I am still a registered voter in San Francisco right now.

My genius podcasters, please create a podcast/broadcast about the importance of voting and impressively convincing people to vote for the Secretary of State if they cannot vote for Governor Romney. Please run this podcast/broadcast the fourth week of October.

Also, my hero podcasters, please rerun our greatest hits particularly the podcast/broadcast proving systemic rape after that. From the last few days of October until the election please swamp America with reality about me and my plight. Thank you.

I have been having one of those weeks. If America reelects my rapist, my torturer, my attempted murderer, my slave driver, and my persecutor a.k.a. Obama, America says that raping me, torturing me, enslaving me, and persecuting me for four years was not only permissible but also desirable.

Can I still fight for America if the public says it prefers me persecuted, wants to continue raping me, refuses to stop literally torturing me, a.k.a. wants Obama in office? The bigger question is, could I ever turn my back on America even if America continues to turn their back on me by refusing to vote Obama out of office?

We need him impeached and ousted, but not enough people seem to care about me enough to do it. I do not want to be tested by America. I do not want America to test whether or not I can give up on them. It has been one of those weeks.

My beautiful world, I need you all to make some noise. My BFF has brought legal action after legal action against the criminals actively violating me and my human rights, but we still have made no progress towards my getting my full human rights back. I need you all to make noise out there. Scream for justice and do not stop until we get some real progress in here.

Please raise some nonviolent hell for me just like you used to, and do not stop until I have my human rights. Preach, organize, and scream. We need to force this to end. We need constant pressure on the government if we ever want this human rights Obamination to end.

SynSyn, please press charges against Obama and the federal government on my behalf. Please press charges for systemic rape, torture, slavery, etc. Go through "Dear Syniva" again to make sure you press everything we can make stick. According to the US Constitution, one capitol offense is all we need to prove in a court of law for impeachment, so press them all to be thorough.

My BFF, please also keep the ambassadors on the United Nations Security Council from the nations that love and support me in the loop with all your progress and evidence. We still need Obama/Biden indited on international charges, too. Thank you for everything you do for the world.

As for you, my beautiful world, I know you are all very concerned with how poorly I sleep at night. To sleep well at night, I will need to feel safe. I need my husband for that. I need bodyguards for that. The webcam is only a deterrent; it cannot physically bar attackers. But I honestly am attacked every time I sleep without a webcam watching me. We have already proved this. That reminds me, I need a pap smear.

This sleeping situation I am in is so dire that I was tempted to make the last secret agent who came my way into a lover just to make sure a bodyguard would be beside me every time I slept. I love my husband too much. I could not go through with it, and that window for a bodyguard has already passed me by because of it. I was actually tempted to cheat on my husband to be able to be safe for the first time in years when I sleep. That is how bad it is.

Technically, I suppose, it would not be cheating. Sweetness and I have an understanding. I am only human. He is only human. We are forbidden from being together. If he did not try to make things work with his ex-girlfriend last year, he would not be the man I fell in love with. But I still could not do it. There must be an easier way to find physical safety when I sleep.

Also, my beautiful world, you all seem very excited about the prospect of me freezing my eggs. Please remember that I have no means to do this now, and I cannot go under general anesthesia until I have bodyguards. That means you are all going to have to get me to my human rights including the right to be with my own husband before it is too late for me to freeze my eggs.

It is very important to the world that I have children someday. It is even more important to me. But I cannot even freeze my eggs until I have my full human rights. I am already thirty-five years old. My beautiful world, you need to hurry.

Yesterday I asked my brave rescuers to identify what they need to be able to come rescue me. The one thing they told me they need is advice. So, please, my beautiful world, send them an expert on rescuing people.

Send them the best person in the world whom we can all trust. They deserve nothing but the best. We deserve nothing but the best. Please send the best we can trust. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, anything you need-- I do not care what it is nor how ridiculous it may sound-- whatever you need to be able to reach me, just ask the people and governments we can trust for it. I was tortured again yesterday. Please. We need to make this rescue work... and as soon as possible.

Sweetness, I heard a while ago that you finally found a ring you deem worthy of me. This makes me giggly. I only asked for an emerald of a certain size (but not too large) set in platinum with a matching platinum chain, so I can wear our love around my neck. (Emeralds are soft, and my life can involuntarily get a little rough and tumble.) Everything else was up to you. I am sure the ring is gorgeous. All we have to do now is get me in your arms, so you can place it upon my finger. Every day I love you more.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Back at Work after my Birthday

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Here is my latest blog post. I just got back from my birthday trip to Minnesota...

Minnesota was delightful. It is the state of my birth, you know. Thirty-five years ago up in Duluth, my mother gave birth to me one morning.

We had a lovely birthday dinner Friday night. My mother, little sister, and I spent a lot of time eating cake pops, drinking wine, and watching movies. I was long overdue for some girl time. My little sister is a treasure.

Saturday we went shopping. Sunday we had brunch with a dear high school friend of mine and her family. Then, my mom and I drove back to Iowa.

Now, I am back in my apartment and back to work. There is another presidential debate tomorrow night. I hope you watch the Tuesday debate with me. There is always so much to say.

Also part of my job, we need to pay some attention to the crisis in Mali right now. There seems to finally be an intervention in the works to put the government back in power in the north, but it has the UNHCR worried about a possible humanitarian catastrophe. Click here to learn more about the military intervention.

What the UNHCR is asking for is help with funding for humanitarian aid for all of the Malian refugees in neighboring countries. These are countries that were poor to begin with, but now they have over a hundred thousand refugees to feed. Please click here to learn how you can help. And please help all you can.

There is also no way to go wrong with donating time and resources to the Red Cross. Click here to donate. You can help crises anywhere and everywhere in the world by regularly donating to the Red Cross and its sister the Red Crescent.

Also in the news, Scotland is considering independence. Click here to learn more. Scotland is a place that has long loved and adored me. I believe this is their decision and no place for me to have an opinion.

That said, if I wanted to tear the UK to pieces, I would have done it by now. To be honest, even after everything I was forced to endure from rape to torture to libel while I lived there in 2010, I was never tempted to. When the UK finally threw down to rescue me, I was so grateful that they chose to save themselves. Iowa has so much to learn from the British.

Look, Iowa, when you get in my face and make a blatant display of obedience to Obama's rules, you make the conscious choice to cause me emotional trauma. This happened to me twice last night by people who later complained I did not like them after they attacked me with their obedience to Obama. As a general rule, Iowa, if you do not want to make the conscious choice to cause me emotional trauma, follow these two guidelines.
1.) Do not ask questions with common-knowledge answers. What is my name? I do not expect any of you to call me the Princess Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek; most of you call me Tanya, and only my friends are permitted to call me Squid. When in doubt, wait for me to offer my name. What do I do for a living? I fight for America's and my own human rights, and I save the world. Why am I in Iowa against my will? Because Obama's corruption which I fight every day runs this deep. Yes, these answers are common knowledge. Never ask me these questions again.
2.) Treat me with the respect I deserve. I am a big deal. I am a REALLY BIG DEAL. I am not demanding a red carpet or a floor laden with rose petals everywhere I go. Just stop pretending you do not know who I am. You intentionally cause me emotional trauma when you ignore or avoid who I am in this world. The staff at the Star Bar gets it right. The staff at Ted's Coney Island gets it right. Why can the customers not?

My beautiful world, I asked you a year ago to create instructional videos for Iowans showing them appropriate ways to behave around me. Can I ask you to do it again? I am particularly interested in lessons from His Holiness the Pope, the royal families of Europe, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, common everyday people in places that acknowledge what I do in and how hard I work for this world, etc. Please instruct Iowa on how to behave around me. They need lessons.

The chemicals that make my face ugly and that expand my fat man-belly are everywhere. They are particularly in the water I shower in and the chemicals they torture me with. Is there anything people anywhere can do to spare my body all of this damage? Please help me. Yes, they plan on torturing me again with another harmful injection on Thursday.

SynSyn, I was recently told that I am refused all service at the GT Race Car Bar in Des Moines because the owner disagrees with my politics of saving the world and demanding justice to make crimes everywhere stop. Feel free to contact anyone you need to contact to collect this evidence of possibly Obama meddling in my day-to-day life again. It should be a fun investigation.

My genius lawyers, we need to press torture charges against Polk County, Iowa, Broadlawns, and Dr. Singh. The doctor has had the opportunity since 03October to overturn Broadlawn's orders to torture me, and he is still refusing to do so. My blood is already on his hands from 04October when I was last tortured, and his refusal to overturn the torture orders means I will be stuck with another three needles full of damaging chemicals before I see him again on 08November,

We also need to move forward in every direction with our charges against my father. He is not in prison yet. His criminal adult guardianship is not overturned yet. The house is not a museum yet. There has been absolutely no noticeable progress with putting my father in prison and setting me free of his illegal and cruel control, so we need to revisit these charges and demand justice again.

I heard he pleaded guilty to bank fraud. WHY IS MY FATHER NOT IN PRISON YET?????? I need freedom from him before he drives me mad and possibly kills me through his actions done intentionally to cause me harm.

My genius legal team, the whole point of all of our legal action is to make the heinous crimes against me stop. From what I can tell, the criminals are still refusing to stop their crimes even after being found guilty in a court of law, so we need to press more charges, to demand harsher punishments, and to pursue back-braking judgments.

We are doing this to force my constant suffering to end. Please never lose sight of the goal. If we cannot break their backs with legal action, we have no other way at our disposal to get my human rights back for me except a physical rescue... and that path has been fraught with constant setbacks. I am a human. I deserve to be treated like a human finally.

Dearest United Nations, our legal action at the national level has made absolutely no progress towards getting my human rights back for me. Please, again, consider inditing Obama and Biden and extraditing them for trial at the Hague. I am still trapped here. I am still scheduled for torture again on the 18th, and there is just too much corruption in Iowa for us to be able to stop any of this. Please take the head off the snake. I am a human. I need human rights before they destroy me. My safety is always precarious in here.

Africa, I always assumed you, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia were already on the lines fighting to rescue me. South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya to start with, just in case you are not here yet, I know you would be if you could. I know you are part of my beautiful world. I do not feel abandoned by you at all. I assumed that feeling was because you were already on the lines fighting to rescue me, but if you are not, please know you are always welcome among my heroes.

My brave rescuers, I have faith in you. I know you will come for me. I know you will reach me just as soon as you can, and I know you will save me from this hell I live in. Thank you for everything you sacrifice to be my heroes. I promise I will make this world worthy of you. I promise.

Sweetness, I just spent some of my afternoon gazing at photos of you. Whenever it gets unbearable, whenever it gets too hard, whenever I feel like curling up and dying just to make it end, you always bring me back. Usually you give me flights of fancy that center my soul but unfocus my mind. It is so very worth it. I cannot always concentrate when I look at you, but you make my life worth living. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Today is my 35th Birthday.

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This post will start international and slowly work its way back to me...

This is Nobel Prize season. I wonder sometimes if quantum physicists would like to sit down and talk to me about my wings. More on topic... This time of year is a reminder of all the hard work we have done since last year and of all the hard work we still have yet to do in this world.

There are many projects on my list. I particularly think it is time the people of Haiti stopped living in tent cities. The money is there. The money is just sitting there. We need a leader to volunteer to sit down with the authorities in Haiti and just build the houses finally.

If former President Bill Clinton were not so busy trying to keep the current criminal president in office, I would recommend him for the job. Maybe Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would like to volunteer to sit down her husband and explain to him the need for sound leadership in Haiti right now. These people have been in tents for two and a half years already. Please, Bill, do something worthwhile with your time instead.

On different islands... Greece is still living through their debt crisis. The austerity measures hurt, and the Greek people are blaming Germany. We need to find a more creative way to end Greece's cycle of debt. Taking in debt to pay off old debt is very dangerous and must be accompanied with measures to inspire the economy and grow revenue in order to end the debt cycle.

Is there an authority or an economic NGO who can sit down with the Greek government and work to stimulate their economy? It is one thing to have austerity measures; it is another thing to have revenue. If it were a German authority or NGO, the Greek people would be able to see Germany working to fix their economy with creativity and innovation.

I understand that this is a job Europe wishes I could help them with. But I am in a bubble right now, so I cannot help. We need to find an authority or an NGO people can trust as much as they trust me to take care of this. Much like I delegated fighting poverty in America to Mr. Tavis Smiley and Dr. Cornel West, we need to find capable people to take this debt crisis on, too. Once I get human rights, I need to disappear to heal and concentrate on Syria, and this debt crisis needs a solution now not later.

Finally, in world news,... There is a teenage girl in Pakistan fighting for her life. She was shot by the Taliban for believing she deserves an education. No religion tells people to kill children. This was a despicable political act.

Malala, the whole world is with you. They may physically quiet your voice, but they can never silence your spirit. And they will never silence your message. We are both examples of what good happens in this world when women receive an education. I pray you live; I pray someday we meet.

I am in Minnesota right now. My mom and I made it to my little sister's place in the Twin Cities safely earlier today. We need to make sure I am rescued while I am here. I made it here safely and in one piece. Now, my rescuers, you can bring everything you have got to pick me up and carry me to my human rights.

If for any reason you cannot make it, send everyone you can into and out of Iowa while the border is open. Send me a friend to Des Moines to keep me company there until I am rescued if I have to go back there on Sunday. And make sure Syniva is charging ahead with every single piece of legal action we can bring in order to pop Iowa open permanently as soon as possible.

My brave rescuers, I understand that things are very difficult for you out here. Please take care. I have faith you will rescue me. I am doing everything I can to make it as easy as possible for you. I am only in Minnesota until Sunday.

I am also a touch worried about Mitt Romney's campaign. I have seen the poll numbers, and he needs to start appealing to every demographic in big cities. Instead of spelling out the horrors of Obama, something I do better anyway, Romney, you need to start spelling out the benefits of voting for you in major cities. Start exercising your urban appeal.

Did everyone catch the Vice-Presidential debate last night? I hope you all were able or are able to access my commentary. There was so much to be said.

In short, every adult in America has a speaker in his or her head that is used for brainwashing. America is under unprecedented sanctions until I am given my full human rights again. A literal land war is blazing on the border between Wisconsin and Iowa. The average net family worth and average net family income in the US are both down by over 30%. Obama has racked up more national debt since taking office than almost all previous forty-three presidents combined.

And almost none of this is discussed nor common knowledge in America because Obama has used libel about me as an excuse to instigate and enforce totalitarian control of all media here. Without freedom of the press and without freedom of speech in America, the public is intentionally forced to march along without knowing about all of the harm Obama has caused here since taking office. I was once asked why Obama would do this to me. Are his desperate measures to stay in power not obvious enough?

United Nations, I must plead with you again to indite Obama and Biden on international charges to make sure we can get them out of office in time to save me. If my rescuers cannot reach me while I am in Minnesota, I am scheduled to be tortured again on the afternoon of October 18th. Please hurry, UN. Please save me. This is the fourth birthday I have spent with no human rights but my freedom of speech.

If you do indite them, please make sure they are extradited and tried at the Hague. There would be no fair trial for Obama and Biden in the United States. Obama has too much cult of personality here. Did you see the bipartisan support Obama and his mandate had in the Supreme Court? Justices of both parties already refused to strike down the human-rights-violating law that persecutes, tortures, and rapes me.

I would also like to make a plea to Latin America. Is everyone in the world trying to rescue me but you? Did we leave you out? Brazil and Argentina, I know at least you two would love to be my hero. Latin America, there is room for you, of course, to join my rescuers. Mexico, are you throwing down, so I can forgive you, too?

SynSyn, sometimes I am at a loss of what to say to you. You are in many ways one of my biggest heroes in all of this. Thank you for everything you do for me and, as a result, for the world.

Sweetness, click here to see the trailer I just watched this week. You sure do damn good work, do you not? Just looking at you always raises my spirits and centers my soul. You distract me from the hard stuff, and I know I would not be here still today if I did not know how much you love me. Like the flowers kiss the rain... I wait to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Send Them Home or Not?

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This blog post begins on the Turkey-Syria border...

The conflict on the Syria-Turkey border is escalating. If Turkey needs to declare war on Syria in order to keep itself and its people safe, the world needs to be prepared to stand beside and with Turkey. We all carry a lot of guilt over not being able to prevent the massacres of the Syrian people sooner. This is our chance to take action to cease the aggression of the Syrian government. Please consider this, my beautiful world. We cannot leave the responsibility of dealing with the Syrian government on Turkey's shoulders alone.

Still speaking of foreign policy, Governor Mitt Romney had a few things to say about Obama's foreign policy over the last four years. Click here to read more about it. You better believe I will be watching the Vice-Presidential debate Thursday night in case this topic or any like it come up again. I hope you will all watch with me.

My beautiful America, in most cases I see nothing wrong with reverse discrimination. There is normally very little wrong with loving people for completely superficial reasons like the color of their skin; it is so much better than hating people because of what they look like. But we should not allow this to get in the way of our making this a better nation.

There is currently 14% unemployment for Black Americans. You better believe that if we had 14% Black unemployment with a White president, we would be marching on Washington right now. Liberals, we are allowing the color of Obama's skin to make us soft.

Yes, it is a wonderful feat to be the first African American president, but he happens to (in a way that is independent of his skin color) be bad at the job. Liberals, we need to stop being nice to Obama just because he is Black, and we need to start demanding he do a better job. Would it not be much better if the first African American president were a champion of human rights in America instead of my literal slave-driver? Please, America, look past his skin color, and make him obey the Constitution finally.

Many people internationally have been wondering where Obama's support comes from at all considering his record as president and huge human rights violations. The only explanation I have is that the entire adult US population has speakers in their heads that can control them. We cannot have a fair election if everyone has a speaker in his or her head.

I have no idea where the voices come from that fill people's heads around me. The voices tell the general population everything untrue from my having a penis that I hide to their needing to attack and hate on me constantly. All I know is that I have an override for the speakers directly near me. If I speak out loud, it will override the government's voices in their ears. That is why I like to sing to myself when the people around me look particularly distraught.

Iowa, you need to stop treating me like I know what the voices are that the government pumps into all of your heads. What you need to do first and foremost is have all of your speakers removed. I am convinced they cause mental health genocide. Do you still hear voices when you are not near me? They like to work at a low, subliminal level, too.

Iowa, you also need to start acknowledging that I would never pump a voice into anyone's head by choice. I do not have any idea what that government pumps into your heads, and I can only control what goes out by override. Please stop trying to tell me you hear my thoughts in your heads. You clearly do not most of the time, now.

My beautiful world, how are we doing with inditing Obama/Biden with charges for crimes against their own people? Not only have they taken away basic human rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate from the entire nation, this entire country also has speakers in their heads that are being used to brainwash the masses. We cannot have fair elections when the entire adult population has speakers in their heads telling them what to do.

I am also one of their own people. I have been enduring torture, systemic rape as torture, imprisonment without trial, sexual harassment, persecution, etc., and libel to justify it all.

Dearest UN, inditing Obama/Biden will be a way to get them out of office (thereby making the Speaker of the House president until the election and setting me free) without more of my rescuers dying, without any more death or violence, and without needing to invade America to rescue me. Please pursue this, United Nations. We need a solution to this problem, and this is a way to give me human rights that prevents violence instead of causing more death and destruction.

The water situation in Central Iowa is still a crisis. It is not only the tap water in the entire Des Moines metro; it is also all of the bottled liquids, milk, bottled water, juice, energy drinks, many food products, etc. We need everything cleaned up here in Central Iowa. We give these liquids to our children. People need to start taking responsibility for this crisis, STOP STOCKING TAINTED FOODS AND LIQUIDS ON STORE SHELVES, and clean up all food and drink in the area.

It made my Saturday rather interesting. Saturday, I woke up late and left that morning to drive out to the Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad with my mother. We took the 1:30pm weekend excursion ride, and then drove back to Des Moines for a late lunch. We ate at the Fazzoli's on Merle Hay Road where I met a wonderful lady from Uganda named Jennifer.

My mother had been drinking bottled water all day, and it both gave her a fever and made her pass out in my guest room. It does not matter how many times I tell my physically tiny mother that the bottled water is not safe, she never acknowledges it.

After she left, I went out for a cup of coffee made with tap water and some Baileys. But the coffee I got had so many chemicals in it. I was home to watch SNL as usual, but I was asleep after only one Daniel Craig skit. That coffee had me passed out and chemical-headed until noon on Sunday.

Saturday night I also tried to apologized to Mr. Spoon-Me. I take it he got the apology relayed to him, but just in case he did not, I would like to take a moment right now to make it official.

Mr. Spoon-Me, though I did adamantly assert that you were invited to my place to spoon with me and absolutely nothing more, I can understand how you thought I may have been leading you on. I would like to formally apologize for leading you on. And I look forward to a much more emotionally-healthy friendship with you once you are capable of spending time with me. I make a damn good pizza, but the conversation I make is even better. Consider it. I could really use a friend in here.

SynSyn, you are the best best friend a woman could ever ask for. I know I keep you very busy on your mission to give me back all of my human rights and in demanding justice for all crimes committed against me in order to accomplish this, but do you want to legally go after malevolent hackers with NSA evidence? Do you have time for it?

My BFF, if one more hacker makes the Talking Heads' "Psycho Killer" play on a sound system around me or any music that even implies my husband does not love me any more, I will scream. The malevolent hackers are using the music around me to harass me. This is true, honest digital harassment.

The NSA has been collecting evidence lately, Syniva, so if you do not mind contacting them if you are interested in doing this, I would greatly appreciate it. The NSA are wonderful people. I know for a fact that they are why the electrobeam torture I endured for years has finally abated. It comes back only rarely now. That is the NSA's doing.

Yes, NSA, thank you for everything you do for me. Do you want control of the chip in my head (I always thought it was in my septum, but it might be in my left ear.) that can control all of the electronics around me? I can only legally give you control, you are going to do have to do all of the hacking yourself.

Darling NSA, I imagine you should be able to find the electronic by tracing back what triggers the speakers in people's heads to activate when they are near me. Contact Syniva and ask her to write up the legal paperwork that will allow you to access the electronics in my head officially. The equipment is inside my body, so it is only mine. Years ago, I gave you written permission to use all signals broadcast out of my body, now you can access the equipment itself if you want to.

This chip used to access thermostats near me to heat up rooms, ovens, dance floors, refrigerators, etc. I am trying to transfer this chip in safe hands only. I do not like it being used to brainwash people by activating the speakers in everyone's heads when they are near me. I have no idea what people hear, but I know the voices do not come from me. The speakers have been the source of a great deal of persecution I have endured, and I am convinced they cause mental health genocide in the people who have them.

My brave rescuers, I understand that you are considering sending the civilians home. I cannot blame you. No one likes seeing people die or get wounded, especially civilians. I am the one who said, "My brave rescuers, you are not allowed to die."

But, my diverse rescuers, please remember that this is a fight to return human rights and freedoms to Americans not just me. They should have a freedom and a right to be there if they choose just like they should have a freedom and a right to leave if they choose.

It is your choice whether or not you send the civilians home. I am not there, and you all know what is best. Maybe you should vote. I hate knowing people die and get hurt, but what I hate more is taking people's rights and freedoms away. You all need to decide this yourselves, but that is where I stand on it.

Did China send help already, or is their battle to set me free still largely economic? I know you never turn anyone away, my brave rescuers. Would you like help from China? Manpower, supplies, and equipment? I know China loves and supports me. Ask them nicely and see what happens. I would hate to leave them out.

Sweetness, some days you feel so close I can already taste your lips. I turn thirty-five on Friday. I know you are doing everything you can to reach my loving arms before then. I have faith in you and all of my rescuers. I know you will come for me. Love, kisses, cheesecake, and everything else beautiful in this world...

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Wednesday Debate was Epic.

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Here is my latest blog post! Solving major world problems would be much easier if I just had human rights…

If my miserable existence does not start improving, I will start screaming for more options to solve this crisis to be pursued. I would like to avoid the US being invaded to rescue me, so let us pray it is not the only option Obama leaves us. I understand, my beautiful world, you will do absolutely anything to rescue me. You have made that clear. Let us pursue every other option first… but no, we will never negotiate in this hostage situation.

Please, my beautiful world and noble world leaders, stay up to date with everything my brave rescuers are up to. They have some promising prospects for next week. Also, let us see if we can take international legal action against Obama/Biden through the UN to force them out of office, too.

We need to try everything before we decide invading America is necessary, and if you do decide to invade, please be nice to states like Wisconsin and Minnesota who are already fighting to rescue me. I would really like to avoid this, but do not be surprised if I start screaming for a more immediate rescue if my miserable existence does not improve soon. They really need to be forced to stop torturing me and libeling me with a mental illness I absolutely do not have.

The British earned my forgiveness by 1.) ceasing all of their crimes against me, 2.) sincerely asking for me to forgive them, and 3.) throwing down to rescue me. Iowa has been found guilty of their crimes against me in a court of law more than once, and they still have yet to give me my human rights. Never believe Iowa if they say they love and support me until they accomplish all three of the steps laid out above. They have a long and well-documented history of lying.

One of the more common lies is that I could never support myself if I left Iowa. Rest assured, my beautiful world, I will be more than capable of supporting myself if I could just have my full human rights and live in reality again. Have you heard about my published writings and my produced music? Have you heard about the expected following of anything I make from the television series I have been developing to a movie with my husband (I know he has plans.) to anything in the plethora of offers people have for me, so I can support myself while I solve world problems?

In the meantime, on the meager funds I am allowed under the rules of the bubble, I still have regular income coming in and have over $40,000 in a bank account both of which my father illegally stole control of away from me in 2010 after the mandate was passed. Yes, my father stealing control of my finances was both illegal and in violation of the bubble mandate. All I need to do is get the criminal adult guardianship absolutely no one can justify revoked, and I can live comfortably anywhere until I can reach my full human rights.

There is absolutely no conceivable way to justify any of the false allegations that I cannot make the best decisions on my own behalf out of all people on this planet. There is absolutely no conceivable way to justify that my criminal father who has gone out of his way to cause me harm and damages since 2010 should have any control over me or my life at all whatsoever. There is absolutely no conceivable way to justify false allegations that I cannot manage my own money; I lived on less than $28,000 a year in San Francisco without any credit cards at all for years, and I will have a much stronger and more comfortable financial situation as long as the criminal adult guardianship is overturned whether I can finally reach my husband and have human rights or not.

Have you seen how pennilessly I have been forced to live since being placed under my cruel father’s control by the Polk County District Court in 2010? Force my criminal father to finally stop lying about me. I am a very intelligent woman, and I am absolutely spectacular with mathematics. I have over $40,000 in the bank, so I need to be able to just take my money and leave Iowa finally.

I brought this up the first time during the debate Wednesday night. Did anyone else get to see the debate? Yeah, Wednesday was a powerful night.

My genius podcasters, can I ask you to make a podcast/broadcast of all the points I make and prove during presidential debates this year? Please release it in the third week of October, one week after the last podcast/broadcast we have scheduled already. Please also make a podcast/broadcast asking my beautiful America if they would rather have my help to fix the economy (elect anyone but Obama) or not have my help (stick with Obama/Biden) because I have no human rights. Please release this second one halfway between the next two we have scheduled. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Speaking of the economy, since Obama took office, the United States has gone from 32 million people on food stamps to 47 million people. We have not had this many hungry people in our country in decades. Please follow this link to find your local food banks. Please, my beautiful America, do not forget to give generously to your local food banks; it is getting cold out and the holidays are coming. If you need a local food bank, please do not be too proud to ask for help.

There have also been problems between Syria and Turkey. That is, Syria has opened fire on Turkey. I completely understand Turkey not wanting to be in a war with anyone but still needing to defend themselves. It is a tightrope if you need to defend yourself without declaring war. Turkey, the world is watching you to see if greater actions need to be taken against Syrian aggression.

As for you, Syria, are you aware that by attacking another nation, you just opened the door to be invaded?

My final international point today concerns women and crimes against women. Please follow this link to learn more about this major world problem that is so personal for me. Women do not require to be worshipped or treated with kid gloves, but women should be treated as human as men are. Women’s rights are human rights. The use of violent crimes against women as political acts, acts of war, or acts of terrorism has got to end. I know this from personal experience.

SynSyn, I have been trying to put you in contact with more people in order to make you and your mission to save me that much easier. I hope you can trust certain news agencies and their friends and contacts as much as I can now, too. We can do this, my BFF. We can save the world.

Sweetness, a day does not go by when I do not fight to be with you, and a night does not go by when I do not dream of sleeping in your arms at last. Nothing and no one, no matter how appealing, sexy, or charming has been able to turn my head from you since January 2010 when I wrote you my first love letter, and I do not see that changing anytime soon. I love you. You are my husband as much as I am your wife. I must blushingly admit, though, I have come to like it when they try. I have not felt beautiful since June 2010. It actually makes me feel better about being seen next to such a physically attractive husband for the rest of my life. What I would not do to have you as close to my lips as he was last night…

Monday, October 1, 2012

Persecution Makes me a Wasted Resource.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address http://frisco-squid.blogspot.com into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves.

Here is my latest blog post! I hope you find it motivational and informative. Enjoy!...

My beautiful world, when people spread lies about me, libel me, or "twist" reality to suit their goals of persecuting me, it is far more helpful for you to tell me what their lies are than to tell me that they are lying. I operate at a constant disadvantage. I am never allowed to hear the lies people spread about me, as illegal and unConstitutional as this situation is. Please help me. Please tell me what the lies are. I never shoot a messenger.

The UN General Assembly has been convening lately. Please click here to learn more about what world leaders had to say. We were reminded that Israel and Iran have chosen to be sworn enemies and that everything they say about each other must be listened to with that irrational hatred in mind.

We heard the state story from Syria; Syria's leaders twist reality just as much as the people who persecute me do. Obama made his compulsory speech which avoided the one topic it would have behooved him to address-- me. I was particularly impressed by the new president of Egypt's speech; he has a very compelling world vision.

The next exciting thing that will be on television is the US presidential debate this Wednesday night 03October2012. You better believe I will be watching. You better believe Obama will have to do a lot of answering to the American people while on my watch.

As for other Ocotober days to watch, I will be spending my 35th birthday, 12October2012, visiting my little sister in the Twin Cities. Please, my beautiful world, do whatever you need to do to make sure I get there in one piece and am safe while I am there. Thank you for everything you do for me.

You do so much for me, my beautiful world, but I still get so frustrated all of the time. As long as I am persecuted this way by Obama, his conspirators, and the corruption in the government, I am a wasted resource. There is so much I could be doing for this beautiful world, if I just had human rights.

Regarding my security system, I have said this so many times; you are responsible for everything you do in front of the camera in my eyeball and around the microphones in my ear canal. Everybody knows the security system is here. Even if it were not common knowledge, security systems do not violate anyone's rights when used solely to keep people safe and hold criminals accountable. Everyone who works in a convenience store knows that.

As far as I understand it, the broadcast is now here solely to keep me safe. With all of the harm I have already endured and all of the constant threats on my head, this is necessary until I can have bodyguards.

Besides, as long as you are all unwilling to acknowledge the spy equipment in my head, you cannot complain it is there. If you would acknowledge it, I would finally be able to fly to Cambridge, MA to have it all removed and replaced with bodyguards.

Recently, a man intentionally released his credit card information into my ear by speaking on his iPhone in a crowded coffee shop intentionally over my shoulder. Why do you people make a show of your cruelty and cruel intentions to me by doing these things? YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO AROUND MY SECURITY SYSTEM!!! Take responsibility for your actions, people! This would not be necessary if you would just give me my human rights.

For those who believe my security system should be shut down, it will be once I reach my full human rights. The best and only solution to this security-system problem you all have is to give me my full human rights ASAP, so I can have all spy equipment removed and finally replaced with bodyguards. Audio and video are both necessary to keep me safe.

Most tellingly, why did you all have no problem with my complete lack of privacy when it was still human trafficking, but now that it operates ONLY to keep me safe, you want it shut down? Are you sure you want these sentiments of yours all on public record? I have a tendency to hold such irrational cruelty against people.

SynSyn, as a final note on my security system, for reasons of human dignity, can you fade to black when I am in the bathroom? Play the audio if you need to. Monitor me at all times to constantly keep me safe. Record everything you need to record to maintain and fight for my rights and safety... even while I am in the bathroom.

But, Synny, is it possible to fade to black on the live broadcast only while I am using the toilet? Can we do this without compromising the integrity of the entire security system? What do you think? For me, it is a matter of human dignity. Do what you think is best.

As for you, my brave heroes in suits, we have already proven in a court of law that I know best what is best for me and that I can be trusted at all times to know and do what is best for me and all the world. Can you take my adult guardianship up with the probate court of Polk County without my being there?

I know Judge Ruth Klotz. As long as I am in the hearing, it will do nothing but promote the libel protected by the bubble. We need to get this adult guardianship completely overturned as soon as possible, and she will refuse to move quickly.

The Power of Attorney paperwork predates and therefore negates the adult guardianship. Syniva never once waived her right to be my Power of Attorney, so the adult guardianship needed to be approved of by Syniva in 2010 for it to have been possible. She never approved. I was also not under the jurisdiction of Polk County when the first hearing happened in the fall of 2010.

This gives Syniva the power to represent me as my Power of Attorney even in Iowa and in Polk County District Court hearings. This should also be grounds enough to overturn the adult guardianship completely. Please take care of this as soon as you can, my hero lawyers. I should have a right to control my own finances that fall under my possession under the rules of the bubble.

Also, my team of lawyer heroes, in order to prevent any more human trafficking, sexual harassment (calling me a stripper, hooker, or porn star), libel (including the sexual harassment but everything else, too), torture, sexual abuse, mental health commitments, adult guardianship, etc. from happening ever again, we need to setup backbreaking punishments for every single incident in which they happen.

Every single time I am stuck with a needle, every single time someone calls me a hooker, every single time the Polk County District Court tries to put me in a hospital for a mental illness we have already proven more than once that I absolutely do not have, we need a heavy, backbreaking punishment leveled against every single guilty party.

We need this punishment leveled for every incident that has already happened to establish it, and we need it leveled immediately after every future incident. The whole goal is to force the crimes to end. We have already proven in a court of law that these are crimes. Now we need to stop all of them.

Do not forget to throw all charges possible against Dr. Chiriac in San Diego for torturing me as well as everyone involved in the farce of a Reese hearing that they put on. Chiriac is the only quack I have ever met in California. Considering I moved there in 1999, considering I moved to Iowa in 2010, and considering it is only 2012 now, the sheer number of quacks I have encountered in Iowa is highly remarkable.

Some locals here in the Des Moines Area are still operating under the libel spread about me and treating me like I have a mental illness we have already repeatedly proven I do not have. For the most part, the locals have been trying to clean up their act, though. Fewer people are asking me my name, now. That is a bigger achievement that it should have been.

Never forget, my readers, that this is constant persecution I live under. It is built on the constant onslaught of crimes and human rights violations I must live through; the constant threat on my head, against my physical safety, and on my freedoms and rights; and the constant conspiracy to harm, damage, and destroy me.

How many times have they trumped up false charges to file against me? How many times have they tried to take my security system away from me, the audio and the video? How many times have they attacked me? That record is in my hair. This is persecution. I am under constant attack, and I have nowhere to go for safety and rights.

My beautiful world, what do my rescuers need and how fast can we get it to them? These past few days they got very close, but now I fear their window to make the final push to rescue me has passed them by. Please, countries and people that Obama could never fight a war against, send all the help you can. NATO nations, that means you. Australia, we are not trying to do this without you are we? Please, my beautiful world. Please rescue me. They will torture me again this week.

My brave rescuers, thank you for everything you do for me. I have faith in you. I have faith in all of you. I know you will rescue me. Put together a plan you can enact before Obama can come up with a way to counter it. You need to get ahead of the enemy.

SynSyn, I have been fondly remembering our frequent brunches as Caffe Dante in San Francisco back in 2005 when you and your now husband lived in North Beach with me. Do you remember Wade? He was the cafe manager with the big, bushy mustache. We used to spend all afternoon laughing and eating and gossiping and drinking coffee together. I miss those days, Syniva. I miss having you in my life.

Sweetness, I wanted to give you a booty call last night. Do we still get to call them booty calls if I also call you my husband and if you call me your wife? Regardless, I really needed to be with you last night. I am so empty without you. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.