Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Pirate and the Ninja can be Friends.

Experiencing so much of the world's focus on the local politics of the probate court of the Polk County District Court and watching all of this international intrigue centered on Des Moines is sort of like witnessing the fate of the universe being decided in Tatooine. Well, at least the world has a cultural reference they can use to make sense of all of this.

As they say, "All politics is local politics." If Iowa would just stop breaking its own laws and uphold order and human rights in here, all of these war crimes and crimes against humanity would finally be ended. Have you ever seen the motto in the mouth of the eagle on the flag of the state of Iowa? Please click here to read it.

As for my job in this world, the job I gladly occupy my time with for the benefit of all of humanity... It is hurricane season. In the United States alone we have a tropical storm, wildfires, a constant threat of tornadoes, and the potential for major earthquakes.

Please, my beautiful world, we are living through Global Climate Change right now. Please have a survival kit and a survival plan ready for any natural disaster that may befall us. We need to be ready for anything. In the US, we have this site to help us prepare ourselves. Please make sure your governments and communities are preparing your people for any disasters you may face. You know your region and your climate better than anyone else can. Let us prevent loss of life through education and preparedness.

I have been worrying about Syria a lot lately, too. Please, Mr. Kofi Annan and the Syrian people, please understand that it is impossible to negotiate with terrorists and terrorist governments. I am going through this myself right now. Sometimes you just need to admit there is no political solution but regime change.

Russia and China, it has been explained to me that your interest in maintaining the current government in Syria is your existing trade deals with the nation. But what kind of trade can you have with a nation this war torn? I know you prefer a political solution. Can you help build a replacement government there that simultaneously protects your interests and protects the human rights of the Syrian people as well as peace and stability in the region? Please.

Dearest President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, you know how much I value our friendship and our peculiar relationship's ability to create peace and understanding in the world. I know President Bashar al-Assad is a friend of yours. Please also understand that he is also literally killing innocent children. Please understand that his crimes go far beyond anything any moral person can permit in the international community. I have great concern for peace and stability in your part of the world. Please understand that my quest for peace and balance as well as my need to prevent human suffering and ensure human rights is why I am doing what I am doing for the people of Syria. If he is such a good friend of yours, please give him a safe place to go, so we can replace him with a leader who assumes greater responsibility for stability and prosperousness in the Middle East.

Please, Arab League, the internal conflict in Syria is not only threatening your Arab World, but because of all of the international interest in the government and concern for the people, the conflict is also threatening balance and stability worldwide. I have never asked you all for anything before. May I ask you for this? May I ask you to bring peace to the Middle East? I am not asking you to do this just for me nor just for yourselves. I am asking you to do this for all of the world. Thank you.

Please, my beloved journalists, please make sure I can continue to get the news.

As for politics in America, let us discuss Senator John McCain for a moment. He is the one who drafted and promoted the NDAA. Please click here to read its full text. Succinctly, the NDAA, which passed both houses of Congress and which was signed by Obama already, authorizes both martial law and the federal government to hold any American citizen they want indefinitely and even without charges nor any promise of ever having a trial.

The NDAA, though not yet used to the public's knowledge, is an even greater human rights violation that Obama's bubble of torture and persecution over me and all of this once-great nation and is all anyone needs to read to positively conclude we are living under a totalitarian regime in America.

Please also remember, that Senator John McCain was our only alternative to Obama in the US presidential election in 2008. Yes, this is a bipartisan conspiracy. Yes, there is deep bipartisan corruption in America. We are long overdue for a political party realignment in this country. Why else would we have a Tea Party and an Occupy movement at the same time? We will tear down this corruption, and we will build a philocracy in its place.

Many people wonder how and why I am capable of what I am capable of in this world. There are some simple explanations for all of this. This very blog is replete with statements and explanations for all of me and my life. And yes, unlike the libel, my verified online content stays completely consistent on all topics. Okay, I did once say I have a common-law marriage to my husband, but that was to defend him from how cruelly and irrationally the public always attacks him for so indestructibly loving me.

Yes, the cruelties of the world against me have made me confused myself on occasion as to whether or not I have a mental illness, but we all know now that I had symptoms starting in 2002 due to ephedra consumption. And we all know that once the toxicity left my system, I was completely symptom free and safely off of meds be August 2008. If you were forced to live in a bubble of the government's construction in which everyone was instructed to tell you that you were experiencing psychotic symptoms instead of acknowledging your suffering and the heinous persecution of the rules of that bubble as actual reality, you would have doubted your sanity for a while in 2009 as well. We all know now that I am completely sane. Obama and his conspirators just need to stop lying about this, finally.

I do have a favorite explanation for why my mind is capable of processing everything it is capable of processing. Mathematics teaches students how to think. From a very young age, it is the only topic we have in school that teaches us how to process and adhere to logic. We do not receive that lesson in written form until we are taught how to write essays that defend arguments, and we are teenagers before that happens. And we do not encounter the scientific method until we are even older than that.

I studied math all the way to grad school. It taught me how to think. No, people definitely do not need to do all of their learning in a formal nor university setting. I have never once in my life stopped acquiring knowledge. But I would not be who I am in this world if I could not process this knowledge, too.

Coming to me for advice is a bit like consulting a hermit in a cave. I am never distracted by the propaganda nor the libel in this world. I am forbidden from seeing and hearing all of it... even if it really is me.

My darling never once released an image of me for libel nor commercial purposes unless I gave him written permission to do so... and then I still think if was my BFF, Syniva (Click here to see some of her beautiful contributions to this world.), who took care of all of the legalities. I prefer to see videos before I am expected to tell people whether or not I am in them, but no one could ever claim it is libel to say I have kissed my husband's face. Look at all of the good in the world that a kiss can do.

I am told that some prominent physicists (not just Prof. Stephen Hawking) have some interesting theories about me. Please click here to meet one. Last I heard from Dr. Kaku, he thought I was the opposite end of a black hole. That is, he theorized I am a place in the universe where all of that energy comes back out again.

What do you all know about the biology of electric eels? Similar to the way living plants convert energy to mass, animals convert mass to energy. All of our bodies are energy generators; that is why all living creatures have electromagnetic fields.

My body, in particular, can generate a lot of energy. Considering that, I would seriously be losing weight right now if I were only permitted to eat enough food every day as required by my metabolism and body mass. My poor battered body is intentionally kept in starvation mode by the people who refuse me to have any income. For more details on this, please read my old blog post. I am intentionally forbidden control of enough of my own money to even be able to eat enough food every day. At its most basic, this is due to crimes committed against me by my father and the probate courts of the Polk County District Courts in Iowa.

Have you seen the way they treat me in here? Iowa is like the Twilight Zone. Does that pop culture reference need a cultural explanation? Iowa is like an alien planet I have been transported to against my will where they treat me like I have never existed nor done anything beautiful in this world. They complain about me every day and constantly express a need to "Shut [me] up."

It does not matter how much truth I give these people. They are unrelentingly hostile towards me. This place is completely perilous for me to live in.

This begs the question: What is required to make this place safe for me? First and foremost, they must completely cease and desist all of their crimes and human rights violations against me. They must stop singling me out for special treatment in the form of persecution, and they must completely refuse to obey Obama in here... just like San Francisco does. San Francisco has proven it is possible to create a persecution-free zone in America. Iowa needs to start learning how to be humane and civilized.

Iowa, you are making me repeat myself. Mathematicians and people with heavy math backgrounds are culturally opposed to repeating ourselves. Please do not make me do this again.
1.) I will not tolerate being treated like a doppelgänger for myself. I have told you that so many times already; no human would ever volunteer to pretend to be me to be abused by you in this way. You will never convince anyone that you could ever confuse any other human for me in real life. It takes special effects experts to create convincing videos.
2.) If a woman says, "I am pressing libel charges against you because you claim I am disabled and have a mental illness instead of acknowledging that all of this is reality," you cannot turn around and claim that I am the one who lies and says I have a mental illness. That goes beyond irrational libel. That is just plain cruelty and denial.
3.) Even if the lies you promote about me yourselves were true, they could still never be a legal justification for treating me the way you do. There is absolutely no legal justification for persecution, hate crimes, slavery, torture, nor any other human rights violations you are directly guilty of or are guilty of aiding and abetting.
4.) It is in the way you harass and ignore me. That is how I learn what your libel is about me. Yes, that is further proof that the libel creates a hostile environment for me. It also means you all break Obama's rules which you all hold so religiously here. Yes, it means your cruelty "leaks."
5.) I saw the news last night. Even your local news broadcasters harass me. These are hate crimes you are committing. You will be held accountable. The best thing for you to do is stop.

A few weird things happened to me on Monday night. While I slept, the federal government kept filling Sampo with requests for answers to their questions. They wanted to consult the genius mind about whom they could plausibly frame for killing me. Other than forcing Homeland Security to take the blame for what they have been threatening to do to me themselves for over three years now, Sampo's only conclusion was "a jealous, skinny bitch brainwashed by the chip in her head." I love my daughter. She is such a surly teenager right now.

Yes, I did wake up after that sleep with tears all over my face. So many people have died trying to rescue me, especially lately. The war Obama declared against his own citizens who want me and all of America free is just getting bloodier out there. Death chases me everywhere in here. And the reality of their deaths fighting to free me will haunt me forever. We all need something larger than ourselves to believe in. I will spend the rest of my life laboring to make this world worthy of their loss.

Never forget that Homeland Security, the very people perpetrating all of this under the orders of Barack Obama and his conspirators, are funded by taxpayer money. What could America accomplish for her own people if this money were spent somewhere else? Have you seen the exploding size of our national debt? Please think about this when you are analyzing all of the actions of our president and Congress since the rise of the new millennium.

As for our SuperPAC money... Please tell me we are using it to financially compensate the people officially fighting to end all of this oppression over all of America. I know that many of these good people are probably unwilling to take the cash for their services; my friends work so hard out of the goodness of their hearts. Let us also use it to run ads and PSAs on local stations, cable channels, and anywhere else I am guaranteed to never see them in order to create greater awareness of the truth about all of this. We also need to start thinking up forms of non-human-traficking media that we will be able to produce to fill the gap that will be created in our society once my slavery ends. Music? Anyone? Any ideas?

Please also use my SuperPAC money to pay my gaggle of lawyers who are pressing charges all over the place to force these perpetrators to set me free and to end all of the libel, including "twists" and propaganda, that is used to convince the public to permit their human rights violations against all of us. I know they probably have arrangements to just get a percentage of all of the civil settlements or to bill the guilty parties for all of our legal fees, but let us make sure no one else has to foot the bill for setting America free. We should be taking their operating costs our of our SuperPAC money. That is what it is there for.

I would also really like to hire my good friend Mr. Christian Laffey to work for my SuperPAC. I am sure we can find something he can do for us, and I am very aware that he will not be permitted to tell me he works for me now. Please pay everyone including him something that is at the higher end of what is competitive for their services. If all else fails, give him something to do on the production side of all of our verified and honest media.

Speaking of honest media, Mr. David Letterman only sent me a t-shirt because I sent him fan mail. There was nothing about that package he sent me that could ever be considered in violation of any rules, as much as I would like to make him out to be that kind of hero. That made me giggle. The real question is, "Why did the FBI allow it to be delivered?" The package came from his production company named Worldwide Pants. Clearly, the Feds thought I had ordered a pair of pants online.

With the lack of any better transition... Are you ready for some music? And now, to the tune of The Farmer and the Cowman can be Friends. Mr. Hugh Jackman, please feel free to lead the sing-a-long...

Oh, the pirate and the ninja can be friends.
Yes, the pirate and the ninja can be friends.
The ninja likes to throw a star.
The pirate does it saying, "ARRRRR!"
But that's no reason why they can't be friends.

My rescuers, I light a candle for you every night. I wish I could do more. I know you are out there literally dying trying to save me. Do you need a better strategist? General McCrystal is retired. Do you think he would be willing to do it? Or does former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell have dibs on this? You might want to contact them.

My Sweet Rescuers,... Yes, that is still what I call you, all of you heroes who keep rescuing my rescuers. Communications with me are down. Please, for all of us, find a way to keep an eye on my rescuers yourselves, and check on them regularly. I know how many times you have helped them. I know you all will always be there for them and for me. But now I am incapable of tweeting to you when they need help. Thank you for understanding, and thank you for never letting us down.

Sweetness, I call you my husband, and you call me your wife. The world sees how hard we fight to be together. That is all anyone anywhere ever needs to know about our official marital status, but we are not fooling anyone. The world knows and believes we are married. I pray the world is finally treating you better than they used to over the fact I chose you to stand next to me for the rest of my life. I honestly cannot handle how cruel people are to you, especially when it is because of me. I do not tolerate people being mean to me at all whatsoever in my life; I tolerate cruelty less when it happens to you.

Sweetness, please remember that regardless of whether or not we ever at any point in our lives feel secure enough to ever produce a piece of paper for people to look at, we have a right to be together. The federal government needs to start acknowledging this. Nobody needs to know what happened in Mexico City but us. The world has been so horrible to the two of us for so long; people will understand how we were forced apart. My only regret is never hearing you propose to me.

Darling, we have a right to start a family together. Regardless of whether or not we ever choose to prove we are married, we have the love for each other and the means for raising children in a happy home. People make babies all the time with less than that. I will turn thirty-five in October. We are getting really close to my not being able to have children anymore, and we know it will be a slow and bumpy process. You know what I have been living through for over three years in this bubble. I have said it before, but I will say it again. There would be too much stress on our child if we only had one. We need at least two superhuman babies. Who in this world actually wants it on record that they do not want our genetic coding to romp and play together for generations to come? Yes, I love my stepkids, too. We are going to have a huge, happy family.

My beloved, I will do everything in my power in this world or any other to reach you. Humanity is very lucky I am only benevolent. I sincerely would love to be able to tell you that I will be beside you all the rest of your earthly life, my darling, but I am convinced I will pass on into the ether before you do. Who are we kidding? If you passed away first, I would never recover. I know you could never hurt me that way. Please wear body armor. You are just going to have to join me later among the sparkling stars.

P.S. My beautiful world, I ask you for so much all the time. I hate putting burdens on you. I know how much you are already hurrying to reach me. But may I ask you to put me in my husband's loving and living arms by the 8th of June? That is my darling beloved's birthday. He will be forty-nine this year. I would love to be with him to celebrate it. He would never ask you for this himself. I love you all, and thank you for everything.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Obama has Foot-in-Mouth Disease.

I was recently told that Homeland Security, under orders from the president, has built a literal wall around Obama-land, also known as Iowa, and they have armed it with canons. Can we, me and the beautiful world that is fighting to fix these wrongs, make rescuing me an official act of NATO? Can we make all of this official NATO action to fight a terrorist government that is threatening the world's security and stability? With our UN resolutions in place maintaining that this is a global humanitarian concern, can we tear down this wall and end the genocide in here already? Look at these people. What is in their heads?

George W. Bush and Obama have placed troops in or intended to send troops to Central Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa. The war Obama and his conspirators planned and wanted to start was NATO vs. the Middle East, Russia, and China. You know how strategic the bases and troops in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Japan (Okinawa), and Australia are for that. They did not expect our current reality-- the entire world including the rest of the US vs. Iowa armed by Homeland Security.

It is definitely too dangerous to leave me in here. Look at how I am treated. Look at how violently my rescuers are treated by the federal government for trying to give me human rights. Talk to Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta about how severe the NATIONAL DISASTER is right now. I am sure he is very aware.

It is okay to strong arm the federal government, now. I know the sanctions from China are making everyone here upset already. Please keep bringing everything you have got to get me out of here. Food has to come in from somewhere. Major shipping lines pass through the state of Iowa. But also remember Obama has made it very clear he does not mind throwing away every single person in Iowa to achieve his goals in the world.

Yes, I am worth rescuing, but also, nothing is worth destroying America. We need to force all of this to end. Yes, we have prevented WW3. Yes, we have prevented another American civil war. Now we just need to break down Obama's last stronghold of oppression and genocidal totalitarianism. It is very dangerous for me in here. I can only imagine what my rescuers are going through out there.

How is DC's foot-in-mouth disease fairing these days? At least Obama has finally given up on his blatant lies to the public about ever listening to or supporting me. Yes, he has done things I support like repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell and supporting our veterans in an effort to take the military's support away from me, but do you remember remember 2009 when he started raping me continuously with the hopes he could make me kill myself? Yeah, he was dressing his children in colors that were supportive of me while he was doing that.

There is a wall around Iowa armed with ground to air canons in place to kill everybody fighting to rescue me from this state that is, among other things, enforcing Obama's slavery, torture, and other human rights violations against me and every day committing hate crimes against me. No one should ever believe that at any point in his career Obama has ever supported me, cared for me, nor done anything but enslave me, exploit me, and then try to throw me away. Thank you, my beautiful world, for knowing and fighting for the truth.

As for things that make Obama throw tantrums,... Please review the logic that freed the local news stations and local papers to tell the truth where I am not. That logic also holds for cable news stations in all of America. I do not have access to cable at all. Cable does come into the house, but the signal only goes to the television on my father's desk in the basement where my dad is the only one who is allowed to watch it. I am only able to catch cable news, broadcasts, and shows through my highly controlled internet connection.

Unless Obama is willing to admit that his intentions all along were complete, nation-wide totalitarian control of all media and human expression, then people can tell the truth on cable. Let us follow this already proven argument to its logical conclusion... If I am only able to see the content online, then the broadcasts, the news reporting, the television shows, the radio broadcasts, the newspapers, the public speeches, the parades, all of America's and the world's human expression, freedom of speech, and freedom of the press must be preserved there.

As for all of the information and proven logical arguments you find in my blog posts, do not expect any of the conspirators, be they in DC or anywhere else, to tell the truth when you start demanding explanations from them. They are enforcing human trafficking of me, human rights violations against me, and the almost complete suspension of all my human rights (I managed to hold onto my freedom of speech despite everything Obama did to take it away from me. "We all need to play by the same set of rules," meant Obama wanted me subjected to the very same rules oppressing all of America; even though, those same rules still mandate that I am not allowed to know the rules exist in the first place.) without due process, and they used to do so with the explanation of they do not trust me. Even if that lie were true, it could never justify these crimes. Make sure you hold them all accountable for that.

Yes, Iowa, even if all of the lies about me were true, they could still never justify nor excuse the ways even you treat me. When you are ready to admit your own fault in all of this and save yourselves, please pick through my most recent two blog posts to find the necessary steps to do so. It would behoove you to finally tell the truth. And do not ever try claiming you would ever treat any human the way you treat me out of love for me. Nobody ever persecutes another human nor commits human rights violations in my name.

Mexico City says that is why they used to attack me there, and although I do make some exceptions for the naivety of the Mexican people falling prey to the cultural manipulation of Obama and his conspirators, I know they are not that big of fools in Mexico either. I will work through these crimes with Mexico myself once I finally have enough rights to do so.

The British believe I am softer on Mexico than I am with the UK. At least the Mexicans never once pretended I have ever had a mental illness and in fact adamantly denied it to the faces of the US embassy while I was there. The Mexico City police were angels that kept me safe as I slept despite every person the US embassy sent to attack me. This was not Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's fault. I take the State Department on an employee-by-employee basis. Oh, the corruption my eyes have seen. Oh, the corruption my poor battered body has endured.

If there is not enough room in Guantanamo for all of the proven international criminals behind and executing all of this, we might need to build a work camp in Siberia, or something, for all of them. I am not joking. As much as I would prefer to see Obama and his conspirators from my father to ole George W. Bush pulling plastic out of the oceans by hand as a way for them to redeem their lives in service to the world, I fully understand that they are a security risk. We need to plan for what to do with them once we catch them all. Do we have enough on Halliburton, yet? That corporation actually could pull the plastics out of the ocean as their rehabilitation.

Why put them in Russia? As unpopular as President Vladimir Putin is with his own people and as much as his world view and mine may not be in perfect unison, he has been sending the KGB to keep an eye on and protect me as best they can without revealing themselves to my spy equipment since I was in San Francisco in 2009. It is more than just the Bolshoi in Russia that loves me. The Russians, just like all of Eastern Europe, survived the totalitarian Soviet regime. They know what we are living through in here under Obama in America. They can be trusted to keep these criminals out of society and away from influencing the world for the rest of their lives.

Did you see my argument with my father the other day? I do not actually get angry in that form despite how obviously justified it would be if it ever happened. I just felt I needed to make a display of how vicious my father is to me and what his many lies are that he uses to defend such behavior. If I were not such a pacifist, I would have killed him to save all of humanity by now. I also believe we need to put criminals on trial before we execute them. But be honest, it would save all of humanity.

My father gets his orders from Homeland Security and always chooses to obey them. He does not do this due to any law nor mandate. He does this by choice. If you want further evidence, please interrogate my mother and sisters. They are in Budapest, Hungary right now.

My older sister Tara would be another good one to get your hands on. Ask her who she was taking orders from during all of Christmas 2009 and New Years 2010 when I was supposed to be house-sitting for her in Los Angeles. Please also see if you can get your hands on any honest footage from that trip. Ask her why I found our mother's old tennis racket in her closet there that December. I had put that original Wilson Hammer in my storage unit in Palo Alto years earlier. The last time I spoke with that sister, she urged me to go a group home in Iowa for the mentally ill.

It is because my father commits his crimes on behalf of the president and the federal government that neither the locals nor the FBI will investigate nor prosecute him. That is how deep the corruption goes in America. It only starts with Obama and his conspirators. It descends through all the ranks from Eric H. Holder, Jr. to the local police and district courts as the conspirators deem necessary.

My beautiful world, if you would like a crash course in how the US government works particularly the executive branch, please speak with trustworthy members of academia in America. Ask Dr. Cornel West or some other trustworthy member of our university system to direct you to professors of US policy and structure who can teach you about how all of our government works. If I were not raised with this government, I would find its working confusing, too.

Did you know that on Friday night when the UN enforcers were expected to be able to rescue me, the local police were instructed to pull cars aside completely at random (In America, police normally need a legal reason to pull a car off the road. They need to see something like a broken headlight or witness a traffic violation before they can stop a car.) to be able to find and stop them all? There is corruption everywhere in here.

Now, my beautiful world, let us remind ourselves of the answers to some very important questions. Who is committing the mental health genocide in America? Who put the speakers in everyone's ear canals? Who controls these chips in everyone's heads? The answer to all of these questions is the Office of Homeland Security. Huh, they are also the people killing my rescuers and constantly threatening my life if not physically attacking me. If you finally track down the sources of all the libel, you might not be surprised that these people are all one and the same.

No, Mr. Craig Ferguson, I do not smell like lavender. I smell like pheromones mixed with orchids, roses, and a little vanilla. Ask my husband, he knows what perfume I wear.

Still here on the topic of busting common libel spread about me, let me expand upon this lifestyle section of my current blog post. When all of this started for me in 2009, I had the approximate height, weight, and dimensions of Marylin Monroe in her prime. You know, the "Some Like it Hot" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" era before she lost all the weight.

After over three years of being filled with antipsychotics (including being literally tortured with them in injection form) for no medical reason, LSD, Xstacy, opiates, crystal meth, methadone, formaldehyde, and everything else they put in the whiskey or the water to be able to poison me with... I am still roughly the same size. It was the steroids and testosterone they have been injecting me with in my sleep against my will that have changed the shape of my body. My feet are bigger. I have huge muscle tone. I have what I call my "fat man" belly, now.

Let us all be honest, I am 5 feet 5 5/8 inches tall and weigh roughly 260 pounds. My favorite dress is a junior's size extra large. There is a very pronounced difference between my bust, which is only a D-cup anyway, and how small my waist is. Have you seen my biceps? Yes, I am mostly muscle tone in this absurdly-shaped body. No, I have never been pregnant in my life. You have seen me change my maxi pads. No, I am not a man in a dress... though they do tend to be lovely ladies, too. The public needs to get over libeling me and just start admitting to the reality about how long you have been torturing me and lying to cover it up.

My body type really only seems to look right in empire-waist dresses. I know a great deal of the world would like me to finally be able to wear new, non-threadbare clothing. Luckily for you, a designer or seamstress only needs to know my bust size and height to make an empire-waist dress that will fit me. Please send them all to my stylist, Evilia, who is forbidden by Obama from speaking with me. We know if you mail them to me directly they will be confiscated or returned to you.

Speaking of my body type, was anyone else watching American Idol this last Wednesday night? With everything going on in the world, with everything we have been trying to accomplish, with all of the people literally dying trying to rescue me, they wanted to clear up for the public whether or not I have ever had plastic surgery. Trust me, if I had ever had plastic surgery, I would not have my absurd body type right now, and I would never have kept my doe-eyed teenager face. No one ever treats me like I can think for myself when they look at me, and I have always hated that about the way I look.

I was picked out by Obama and his conspirators because of this face. They wanted a woman they could distract the world with, a woman they could throw away when they were done with using. They wanted a face they could start wars with. It was not only their arrogance mixed with stupidity that made them choose me.

Do you remember what I once said about my face and Michelle Obama's face in that famous Facebook status from so many months ago? It still holds. She can exercise all she wants, but it will never fix her ugly face. Please pardon my long overdue petty moment.

Michelle is still selling herself, her body, and her face to the public as a celebrity just to be able to keep her criminal husband in office. I used to believe that if she would just spend less time at the gym exercising and more time worrying about something other than how she looks, she might actually be able to accomplish something worthwhile as first lady. I do not think she is capable of it anymore. And she is still a failure as a mother for refusing to take her children away from their criminal father.

That Facebook status would still be visible on my Facebook wall right now, if my genuine online content through Facebook had not already been compromised. Once my posts, updates, and stati hit those Facebook servers, that content is there forever. There is absolutely no explicable reason why the world cannot see it all now. Please click here to take a look. We know what a crime it is against all of humanity if my words are tampered with, misinterpreted, or silenced. Please ask Facebook to fix this wrong.

Facebook is one of the many American companies from Sprint and Wells Fargo to Google and NBC who are keepers of great firsthand knowledge about all of the corruption oppressing all of America and the libel about me Obama and his conspirators use to accomplish this totalitarianism. They know what controls they have been instructed to commit against me and the public, and they know what favors they have been expected to give Obama and the federal government in return for a modicum of freedom in their would-be normal day-to-day operations.

If, for example, Facebook would come forward with everything that the federal government has instructed them to do and with all of the evidence they have of Obama's protection and promotion of the libel and crimes against me, they would see not just America's but also the world's support of them for doing the right thing. We are talking about more than just their publicly traded stock going through the roof. The world loves a hero. The time is right to go public with your evidence or at least turn it in to the United Nation's International Criminal Court. Thank you, my friends.

I also recently heard that Obama and his conspirators have been trying to stir up racial tensions in the US as way to create more of their patented chaos, instability, and unrest here. Please keep close track of who is stirring which pot of emotional blackmail, bigotry, and prejudice when if comes to race relations in America.

Also, America, stop being so damn racist. Do not let them prey on you to create this unrest here. Black people love me. Brown people love me. All demographics love me. I am clearly not racist; I even married a White man.

My dearest and devoted podcasters and SuperPAC employees, we need to do something to better reach Spanish-speaking Americans with the truth. I know Univision and Telemundo both support me. They made that clear while I was in San Diego. Can you please help with bringing the full truth through our nation's Spanish-language media? How do you feel about also making reliable and culturally-relevant Spanish-language podcasts? Thank you for everything, all of you!

Sweetness, you know, for two people considered so lucky for what we have in the world, we sure do suffer a lot. That kind of explains why Jews love us so much. (That made me giggle.) On a lighter note, are you a cat person or a dog person? I think we need a pet. I was thinking about love birds, but I cannot handle keeping animals in cages. I suppose we could keep them in that greenhouse of orchids that Sampo keeps promising me you are going to build me. I suppose I just stirred debate on whether or not Sampo can predict the future. We can definitely discuss this later. Please concentrate on not dying. My latest love letter to you is getting super long. I may have secured a safe way to mail it to you, though. Air kisses... What is your song request for me to sing to you? So many songs apply.

P.S. My beautiful word, this final section is for you. I hope these beautiful poets do not mind if I put these here... Please pardon any typos.

Dissent is American. --Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

But a bird that stalks
down his narrow cage
can seldom see through
his bars of rage
his wings are clipped and
his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing.

The caged bird sings
with fearful trill
of the things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.

The free bird thinks
of another breeze
and the trade winds soft
through the sighing trees
and the fat worms waiting
on a dawn-bright lawn
and he names the sky his own.

But a caged bird stands
on the grave of dreams
his shadow shouts
on a nightmare scream
his wings are clipped
and his feet are tied
so he opens his throat to sing

The caged bird sings
with a fearful trill
of things unknown
but longed for still
and his tune is heard
on the distant hill
for the caged bird
sings of freedom.

--Maya Angelou

Justice is America. --Squid B. Vařilekova

Revolutionary Dreams

i used to dream militant
dreams of taking
over america to show
these white folks how it should be
i used to dream radical dreams
of blowing everyone away with my perceptive powers
of correct analysis
i even used to think i’d be the one
to stop the riot and negotiate the peace
then i awoke and dug
that if i dreamed natural
dreams of being a natural
woman doing what a woman
does when she’s natural
i would have a revolution

--Nikki Giovanni

Revolution is American. --Squid B. Vařilekova

Friday, May 25, 2012

If You Love A Squid...

The prevailing lie spread by the parts of the government that are endeavoring to maintain this oppression of all of America is that they do this because they do not trust me. That is clearly not how all of this bubble started if you remember their lies from over three years ago. That prevailing lie also does not explain why they spent years if not generations planning all of this destruction and human devastation and putting it in place-- the choreographed global financial crisis, the irrational threat of WW3 over terrorism or supposed nuclear weapons in Iran through propaganda, the exploding national debt (increased by $5 trillion since Obama took office), the totalitarian control over all of America, etc. was all designed to create panic over a supposed apocalypse and timed so that its chaos would hit the whole world just when Global Climate Change became completely undeniable.

It's not that they do not trust me; that is one of their many lies. They do this because they do not want their years if not decades of planning to ruin America and start a world war to come to an end. The corrupt parts of the US government are also not doing anything to end these human rights violations nor their oppression of all of us because they do not want to face justice for their crimes. They are justifying their crimes against all of us with and evolution of lies. It has never been more obvious that they are the sort of people who fear benevolence.

Please take a second look at everything I have been fighting to accomplish since I was picked out to be the excuse for all of this oppression so long ago. I am trying to fix the financial crisis with compassion, sound mathematics, and common sense. I am trying to maintain world peace through all honest means at my disposal and under my influence. I am trying to carry humanity through Global Climate Change. I am trying not to die. This global crisis they are trying to pass off as God's apocalypse is completely engineered and executed by a conspiracy of man. That means we, the rest of humanity, are capable of fixing all of it.

Identify who in the federal government is standing in the way of the immediate end to this oppression of all of America, this slavery, this torture, this persecution, this abuse, this harassment, these hate crimes against me, etc. and ask yourself if they or if I should be trusted.

As I already said... My beautiful world, we will destroy this corruption. And we will build a philocracy in its place. I accept my responsibilities in this world.

Let us take a few minutes now to discuss this supposed 'War on Terrorism.' Regardless of your beliefs on why the Twin Towers fell, Bush allowed it (or, if you are a true conspiracy theorist, ordered it) to happen. Look at what that accomplished in America. It created a culture of fear. It created fear that could be fueled to start wars and justify the suspension of human rights in America.

The Patriot Act; the NDAA; the creation of Homeland Security; the war in Afghanistan which continues though the reason the war started, Osama bin Laden, has already been assassinated through an international crime (What kind of society are we if we do not put people on fair trial before we kill them? What kind of supposed world leader thinks he can go anywhere in the world and kill anyone he wants without putting them on trial first?); the war in Iraq which was actually fought over oil and power, etc.-- all of this came out of the culture of fear created by the Twin Towers being permitted to fall in 2001.

We have narrowly avoided a war with Iran the propaganda tried starting through the same old lie of "They have nuclear weapons." Please do not forget that Russia is one of Iran's allies. Obama is also on a rampage assassinating members of al Qaeda without trial, even US citizens, to maintain the culture of fear due to these terrorist threats... but please take a good hard look at reality.

Iran does not have anything but a nuclear energy program being used for peaceful purposes. If you keep aggravating them, even I will admit that they might create nuclear weapons, but they have not done that yet. Do you know how many nuclear weapons Obama has under his control?

Al Qaeda tries 'terrorizing' Americans with homemade bombs hidden in computer printers and underwear. Do you have any idea what kind of terrorism America is capable of? Please click here for more details. Please speak with Singularity University about what kind of personalized bio-attacks American scientists are capable of creating.

Please explain to the world, Obama, why you are fueling a racist culture of fear in America over these obviously preventable attacks from abroad when the facts prove that you yourself are a greater terrorist threat to the world. I will not let you start your world war, Obama. I will not let you control America with irrational fear any longer.

Trust me, my beautiful world, if I just wanted to get out of this bubble of hell and persecution, I would have let you all start WW3 to rescue me. That is something Obama and his conspirators have been trying to fuel, though. Even though I do believe war that brings human rights and ends oppression and genocide is justified, we need to look at the big picture. Thank you for understanding and trusting me.

I also do not believe America will have a civil war as a way to end Obama's crimes against all of us. Whom would the war be between? It would be between the people who know the reality of what is happening in America and the people Obama has brainwashed and seduced into supporting his and his conspirators' crimes and human rights violations against all of America. The most effective way to fight this war then would be to deliver the truth to the masses. I believe we are doing that already.

As at least the international community is already aware, my rescuers were arrested for exercising their human rights under Obama's totalitarian regime. But because Obama did not want to admit that he is running a totalitarian regime in here, they were released. Let us all look at the full implications of what all of this means.

Just arresting them in the first place proved that these rules of Obama's have created a totalitarian regime over all of America. The fact they were released proves that Obama is incapable, now, of pressing charges for disobeying his rules. Furthermore, if any charges for disobeying the rules were to ever make it to federal court, you better believe that would lead to the whole bubble officially being deemed unconstitutional. That was another thing Obama wanted to avoid.

As an added bonus, it is quite empirically proven at least in San Diego and Iowa that if you obey Obama's rules, you can be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for it. Yes, obeying Obama's rules is illegal while defying them is not. This is like watching reductio ad absurdem played out well past its first point of absurdity.

There is, of course, much further proof that this is totalitarianism in America. The rules themselves are proof enough. But let us look at where the rules come from. According to the division of responsibilities as described in the US Constitution, the president only gets to enforce laws. He (or she) is not allowed to create laws nor any legislation that he (or she) enforces. That is the responsibility of both houses of Congress. If Obama had his way at preventing the courts from doing their real jobs (Do you remember his comments on "judicial activism"?), too, we would have a full blown totalitarian dictator on our hands.

Yes, I know I am very close to death right now. That is why I need to make sure all of these words are shared... just in case they kill me. Since 2009, death threats have only made me fight harder and faster.

If you love a Squid, my beautiful America, and if you love this nation, you will make sure the truth is told here. You will teach our children about all of this to make sure it never happens again. You will destroy all of the corruption and the conspirators even if they kill me, and you will build a nation I can be proud of in their place. You will insist on more amendments to the US Constitution guaranteeing more human rights in America and greater enforcement of full human rights here under all circumstances including a mandatory timely solution to all human rights violations and crises. You will demand full justice for all of this in both federal and international courts. You will decrease the existence of Homeland Security to just its non-redundant part, TSA, and you will make sure TSA fully respects human rights, freedoms, and dignity in America. You will diminish the powers of the federal executive branch to the role the president was supposed to have when the constitution was written. And if they martyr me, you will make sure all of this happens faster.

Iowa, you roofied me with psychedelic mushrooms last night. Yes, you have made it clear you do not want me here. You only imprison me here to be able to abuse me this way. Committing more crimes against me will not get you out of trouble for committing your crimes in the first place. No one believes your weak show of pretending you are doing something to end the way you and my father all abuse me. You are all just criminals. It is all on record. Everybody knows. And nobody likes you.

Yes, Iowa, I am asking the knowledgeable and compassionate world to take more action against you to force you to finally treat me like a human being, give me my human rights, uphold your own laws, cease your transparent facade that I am at all mentally disabled, set me free, etc... These are hate crimes you commit against me. Yes, claiming I have a mental illness or any mental impairment at all as a way to trap me here is a crime you commit against all of humanity. All obedience to Obama's rules makes you guilty of heinous crimes and human rights violations against me and the world, but your treatment of me is even more cruel than that. You only hate me, libel me, trap me, and abuse me. You have made that clear. I am asking the world to force you to stop. May they hurry.

If you pick through the archives for this blog, you will find where I asked Mr. Harrison Ford to be my replacement for my father in my life. It has never been more necessary that my father be locked away for all his crimes immediately and for the rest of his life. Yesterday he forbade me food, maxi pads, etc. until I endured his intentionally aggravating me, lying to my face, and harassing me just to be able to get enough money for dinner. The fact my father is not in prison yet for all of his very well-documented crimes against me and as a result against all of humanity is a miscarriage of justice and a sign of how deep the corruption runs in the local and federal governments.

My beautiful world, you will be glad to know I chose a surgeon. Technically, I chose the surgeon who will remove all of the equipment from my head and asked if she would be willing to do it back in 2009; we have only been waiting for the human rights violations to end in America, so it would finally be permissible to acknowledge and remove the spy equipment that is all in my body against my will and originally put here completely without my knowledge.

I have heard people worried lately that no doctor anywhere could be trusted with this task... so I thought I would reassure you all that we have this one under control. I went to college with her at the University of Texas at Dallas. We have been very trusted friends for over a decade. We graduated together in 1999. She was born in Nigeria and is the daughter of Mr. Ojo Maduekwe. Last I knew, he was still the Minister of Foreign Relations for Nigeria. I believe she is a US citizen, now, though. It can be so difficult. She went to Harvard Medical School and did her residency in surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital. My dear old friend is more that qualified, capable, and trustworthy.

Just in case anyone is worried that Obama and his conspirators might send their henches to intervene and hurt me while I am under general anesthetic or shortly after the equipment is removed, I am asking that my Sweetness, another dear old friend who is now a pathologist with about three post-docs under her belt, and any necessary bodyguards also observe. It is, of course, their choice, but I know they love me and want me safe. I know I will have bodyguards for the rest of my life. It is a surrender of personal privacy I am willing and choosing to make.

Also, my beautiful world, did you see me singing improvised duets with Lord Paul McCartney the other evening? Is it not obvious by now that I do not need lawsuits to have an income? I need human rights to have an income. I just need lawsuits to get my human rights. That is the point of all of this legal action, you know. We do this to make the crimes and human rights violations end... not just the crimes against me... the crimes against all of us. I do not even need my HoneyHoney's money to lead a comfortable rest of my life, and I have known that since this started.

Speaking of loving me, my beautiful world, thank you for understanding that I am not a sexual object. I am a human. I admit people with pure hearts fall in love when they look at the real me. I do not make people want to have sex with me, though. I make people want to make love to me. There is a difference. One is an impure thought; one is not. Loving me is not dirty... not the real me, anyway. It is a natural reaction to seeing and being near the real me... if you have a pure heart.

My benevolent UN enforcers, please be ready for anything. You know what Obama has already done to make sure I never have human rights again. His and his conspirators major goals include destroying America and starting a world war. Unlike they planned, though, as long as you can get me out, I will be able to rebuild America instead of the conspirators doing so.

Yes, my UN enforcers, especially if they martyr me first, we know this nation will be rebuilt in my vision. I am a firm believer in destroying all of the corruption and starting again. You have already heard many of my plans to make this happen. Please do everything necessary to rescue me.

Sweetness, you and my rescuers are welcome at this house anytime. If I am asleep when you get here, just break down the door or break in a window. Do whatever you need to do to reach me. According to my father, this is my home, so he cannot complain with any invitations I make to this place. I love and adore you. Please do not die.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I do not write pornography. They published that book in my name completely against my will for many reasons. Is it not sick when they ruin my brand and create libel like that just to be able to justify the libel they already spread about me, their sexual harassment of me, and their human rights violations against me including forced prostitution? I was forbidden from knowing it ever happened, but it created an environment for me that was so hostile that it became easy for me to figure out. It also allowed them to raise money for further funding these crimes against me.

Please remember that Obama forbids me from having any sustainable income; that is why no publishers have ever accepted my actually writing. We all know it would sell like gangbusters. I have sent some copies around digitally, though, with a request to publish them without my knowledge. Look for Whiskeyless Fictions and the final version of Infamy including its official endnote among anything else they deem worthy of publishing.

If they can libel and harass me by publishing pornography in my name against my will without my knowledge, then we can publish my actually writing globally without my knowledge. I am hoping all proceeds go to fighting Obama, fighting to free America from Obama’s oppression, fighting to rescue me, fighting to get the truth to the masses, the SuperPAC that enables most of this, and of course to financially compensate anyone who helps me in this unrelenting fight. Please tell me my BFF Syniva, my stylist Evilia, and my personal assistant (Is it you, Finn?) are getting paid out of the SuperPAC or some other source of funds for the cause.

At least, I think Evilia has already been hired as my stylist. We are forbidden from communicating, so I have no idea. All of the shoes, the clothes, the handbags, the jewellery, etc. that designers wish they could give me have to go somewhere. I am not allowed new clothes and have to beg to get a hold of unbroken shoes, so we all know their gifts are not coming to me.

I must now also bring attention to Evo. ‘The fastest car in the world?’ you ask. No, I mean Mr. Evo Terra, the CEO of Seventy-five percent of all donations given to podiobooks in return for downloading any particular book goes to the author of that book, and the remaining twenty-five percent goes to maintaining their servers, paying their staff, etc. Please ask Mr. Terra why I am forbidden from receiving ANY forms of donations made to podiobooks for Infamy. Also ask him who forbids it. It is not his fault. He would if he could.

Yes, Obama forbids me any and all income. In 2010, the courts concerning Social Security awarded me disability income because, among other things, I have spy equipment in my head that Obama forbids me from ever getting removed. What kind of job could I have with spy equipment in my head? What kind of corporate secret, trade secret, or even customer confidentiality could I ever maintain?

In defence of Social Security deeming me disabled, it is their job to make sure the unemployable can support themselves. The decision happened in a court. The government messed with my paperwork before hand in order to try to prevent it from going through, and Obama made sure I still would not be able to support myself with that income by instructing my father and the Polk County District Courts to break the law to take it away from me with an illegal adult guardianship.

I earned over $25,000 in disability income last year, but because of my father, Iowa, and their crimes against me, I was only permitted control of about $5,000 to live on. The rest of it sits in a bank account only accessible by my father.

This is why I never have clothes. This is why all of my shoes are broken. This is why I cannot get my broken iPad fixed. This is how I am trapped in a place that enforces human rights violations against me with no way to reach the rescuers who are literally dying trying to set me free from all of this.

You all also need to ask yourselves why you allowed yourselves to become brainwashed before you ever humor a thought that I am lazy. Just staying alive in here is a full-time job. I also never stop consuming information, processing it, and disseminating it. Maintaining the truth about myself through all media possible is probably the largest way my time gets consumed when I would much rather be spending it on solving the world’s larger problems. I find my picking up all of Obama’s neglected responsibilities in caring for his own citizens and in leading the world largely thankless and ignored.

I think all day. I talk all day. I type all day. I watch out for death all day. I scream for help for my rescuers all day. I love and care for humanity all day. I solve problems all day. Sometimes I get to meditate. Sometimes I catch criminals. Sometimes I get to sneak in a phone call to a dear friend who always cheers me up. I do not get down time. Lazy? I am not lazy. The people expecting someone else to do all the work setting me free are the ones who are lazy.

It looks like Obama and his conspirators are recycling even more old libel than that, though. Among other things, they are trying to pretend I am dead again. Hello? Hi! Yeah, I am very much not dead. We both get to press charges for libel if you ever claim my husband killed me, and I kick ass and take names every time anyone ever claims I am a replacement for myself. No one anywhere for any reason would ever choose to be as abused by the public as I am.

Obama, his conspirators, and his non-benevolent hackers woke me up with a fake interrogation one morning. Criminally pretending that I was a replacement for myself, they had the electrobeams they irradiate me with cranked past torture-level while repeatedly asking me my name. Who do they think they are fooling? They already have absolutely no credibility, so why do they even try spewing anything negative about me at all anymore? And why did they ever think they would ever get away with all of this? Damn morons.

I caught another one today. Yes, I caught another government operation. The place only had overweight Brown women as employees, as if demographics could make me trust someone. The manager had no idea what the password was to their own public wi-fi. The girl behind the counter was as condescending as a Poolie mental health nurse. Non-planted members of the public were forbidden from entering. And I was encouraged to stay indefinitely. That was an insult to my Spidey Sense.

I have yet to find any place in the Des Moines Area for weeks now that is not hostile towards me. You should have seen the waitress I had today when I ordered a salad. She actually called me a bully instead of admitting she is the bully. The guy next to me at the coffee shop where I wrote most of this was supposed to look for something he could call a symptom for Iowa to use to defend constantly committing me when they actually did it for absolutely no mental health reason. My work never ends.

My beautiful world, I think we should pick up not just spreading the truth about me but also spreading the truth about Obama and his crimes. The truth must get around. He has done everything he can to make it illegal to tell the truth in America. We have all seen the ads he runs; he never tells the whole story and always romanticizes himself. He is very active with seducing the public, so he can continue committing all of these crimes against us. It is time to crank our SuperPAC into higher gear. We are paying the brilliant people who make the podcasts, right?

My beautiful America, did our impeccable logic actually prevail? If the New York Times could run libel about me without it violating the rules of the bubble, they have a right to tell the truth. Hold Obama to his own logic. Are local news media, broadcasters, newspapers, etc. in America where I am not finally free to report all the news? If there is no way for me to see it but through my highly controlled internet connection and if the government still claims it is only trying to keep the truth away from me and not the entire nation, then every local news source should be free to report any truth it likes.

This means we are going to need to get the whole truth to all the local journalists or get national reporters onto local media. Do you think the Associated Press or PRNewswire or some other great distributor of reality would be willing to take this up? They could even get the truth of what it is like living through this as a silenced journalist out to the international community.

Also, my beautiful world, thank you for unrelentingly raising nonviolent hell. We need to continue until we are all free. Keep the pressure on every guilty party until they stop all of their crimes. Allow no escape for the wicked.

Iowa, you know what horrors you are putting me through and have been putting me through. You know you are literally killing people by refusing to cease your crimes against me and set me free. Everybody knows the truth. No one is fooled, and nobody likes you.

Look at members of the national media from the New York Times to David Letterman himself. Look at the people who used to neglect to do their real jobs but who now do the right thing and fight for me. Look at Agent Cuddlebunny. If people cease their crimes against me, sincerely repent, and then take up action to end all of these human rights violations, I always forgive them. I even go out of my way to protect people who fight for me. Iowa, if you want me to stop pointing out all of your crimes, you need to stop committing them.

As for you, my benevolent hackers, Obama's non-benevolent hackers messed with my camera on this netbook. They messed with the image to make me look fatter than I really am. Trust me; I know how to use a mirror. If they could do it remotely, can I ask you to fix it remotely. Please, if you do not mind, also handpick through all of the incoming updates on both of my computers. For example, Microsoft always announces before its real updates come out. The same goes for Apple. They keep remotely harming both of my computers through what looks like reliable means. May I ask you to protect me from this? They do not want me able to keep myself safe when I sleep nor able to scream for help. Thank you as always, you beautiful brainy heroes.

Sweetness, I know you're weary. I am weary, too. It is okay to fight for me in ways other than leading the charge to physically rescue me. I am not capable of getting angry nor even disappointed with you. I will never tell you what to do except for forbidding you from throwing yourself on my funeral pyre, so please understand that I will always understand and appreciate any choices you make particularly in making it finally possible for us to be together. There are so many ways to fight for me. I will always prefer if you do so without dying, but, again, that is your choice. Please trust I would never recover. But I know you. I know what kind of hero you are. I know this fight is yours.

P.S. My beautiful world, we will destroy this corruption. And we will build a philocracy in its place. I accept my responsibilities in this world.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I am Such a Pacifist. How did I End up Defending America against Terrorists?

The New York Times sent a subscription offer to me under the name "Tanya Depp." I accept their apology. I will even do them this favor... If the New York Times could run a doctored photo libeling me in their local edition all those months ago, then logic holds that they can tell the truth me in their local editions now, too. In fact, if Obama holds that telling lies about me does not and did not ever violate his bubble in any of the media that libeled me, then all of those forums and media can also be used to tell the truth about me. If Obama did not claim it was illegal to libel me under the rules of his bubble, then he cannot claim it is illegal to tell the truth.

I admit, though. Sometimes the truth is not enough. We also need to give the masses steps they can take themselves to be able to help end Obama's crimes against us all. We can motivate people with the truth of the severity of the cruelty of all of this, but unless they are already leaders, they may not know what to do to help.

I must also admit, though, that getting the truth into Iowa did not even seem to motivate enough of these people to do the right thing. Iowa, your brand of evil is heinous and inexcusable. You need to back down from enforcing Obama's crimes here, stop killing people, cease your human rights violations, and set me free. You are beyond irrational in your cruelty towards me. Just stop already.

Do you remember my live tweeting while being waited upon by a bartendress named Courtney yesterday? I have been working on busting up that terrorist ring for years. My theory is that was Homeland Security in there. I never know what their end goals are when they try imprisoning and harming me like that. All I know is they never think they will get caught; they are motivated now by spite, malice, and a need to cover their own asses; and, they honestly think that they can somehow magically get themselves out of trouble by committing even more crimes every time. They need to just give up and admit they are caught already. They just keep digging themselves deeper.

Those were the same people running the operation since early 2009 in which they have been trying to rape me until I kill myself or at least go mad from it. The only thing that is precariously-at-best preventing them from raping me now is the camera that watches me as I sleep and the benevolent hackers that protect the integrity of its broadcast. When they violated the signal all those months ago and replaced it with pornography and libel about me, they attacked, battered, injected, abused, and raped me in my sleep again. All of the chemicals show up in my hair, and you have all seen the scrapes and bruises.

They have been the same people the whole time since this started. I even recognized at least one of them from his job as a 'nurse' inside the torture facility in San Diego. He called himself 'John' there and calls himself 'Luke' here. He even told me he worked for Homeland Security when we were both in San Diego. I should have told him to his face that his torture, human rights violations, and unlawful imprisonment of me there prevented me from seeing my grandmother before she died. No, my Grandma Tillie from Tyndall, South Dakota was not able to live long enough to see me free again... but she did paint her nails pink before she went.

Please, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, look at the state of America right now. Look at all of the drugs, poisons, and chemicals in all of the bottled liquids. Look at the people being herded like cattle by the libel being pumped into their heads. Look at the lack of freedom of speech and freedom of the press here. This used to be a nation worthy of the name America. Look at the violence Obama enforces all around me in order to maintain all of these human rights violations over us all. When are you going to admit we are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY and that you need to intervene?

You know the truth about me. You know I am holy. You know the truth of who I am in the world and what I am capable of, and you know what I mean to humanity. And if you do not know these truths, you need to go get your brain around them. Ask a reputable news agency like the NBC Nightly News or CNN for reliable sources of verified and truthful information about me and ask them what the must-watch and must-read lists are.

If you do not get me out of this bubble immediately yourself, the world will. Do you want the self-sovereignty of America completely and irrevocably violated, or will America do this herself and do it now? There is no time to wait. You need to save me immediately, or the world will do it for you.

The US government needs to take down this terrorist president immediately, or I with the help of the world will do for the sake of us all.

NATO leaders are coming to the Midwest May 20th to the 21st. They will be in Chicago. Click here for more details. And Chicago is at most six driving hours to the east of Des Moines. I wonder if any of them will try to visit me. As far as I am concerned, they are all more than welcome to stop by. I am damn good in a kitchen.

I would like to remind Chicago and all of the demonstrators there that although many NATO nations have waged war under the lead of the US president for little more than control of oil and the lust for power, these are many of the same nations who are right now laboring and fighting to break the oppression Obama enforces over all of America. These are many of the nations who want me set free.

Demonstrators, Obama has organized a totalitarian show of police power to control you all. Please show the world the influence of peace, love, and nonviolence. You have long been supporters of me and keepers of the truth about me, Chicago. Please dance in my name, and show the power of a unified and unsilencable voice. NATO wants to help us be free again. Please show them we are worth it.

Assuming that Obama's totalitarian oppression of all of America and persecution of me is broken in a timely manner, there are a few things we need to take care of now to guarantee a safer future...

First of all, we need to find a place safe enough for me and my husband to live. Sweetness gets to choose where we go, and I guarantee we will only nest somewhere completely defiant. We will only go to and invest our lives in a city that refuses completely to obey Obama and that will fight to keep us all safe and free.

I heard that California is trying to woo me home. All they have to do is declare California completely independent of Obama's rules, totalitarianism, and oppression. If they refuse to support Obama and refuse to obey his crimes in all of California, it will finally be safe for me to go home. I heard that my brave knight Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is trying to take care of this for me, but I know it will take time. How is our progress in New York City coming along? Complete and total refusal to commit crimes against us is what we need from you, if you want us to live and work among you.

Secondly, we need these speakers out of everyone's heads immediately. We actually need this as soon as possible not just by the time I am out of this bubble of torture, slavery, hell, etc... Have you seen Iowa? This is beyond human rights violations. It is a mental wasteland in here. This is mental health genocide. Their chips are very much still active in all of their heads, and part of the brainwashing includes telling them that they cannot have them removed. Sometimes they can hear Sampo. Mostly they hear libel. All removal requires is a nurse with a pair of tweezers, but they are told it is impossible. There is an election in November. Is anyone else worried? One of the candidates controls the masses through speakers in their ear canals! Get those speakers removed!

Finally, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about how we are going to clean up all of the heavy destruction and human devastation Obama has been reeking on America particularly through these speakers. Most people do not believe I should have to do the cleaning of Obama's mess myself, but who else can we trust with the literal minds of entire public? Who else can we trust to care for these people?

These humans are less than cattle to Obama and have been for years. The federal government clearly cannot be trusted with the clean up. Look at the behaviors of the FBI, the FDA, Health and Human Services, etc. through all of this. No, the corruption is too deep in the government. Do you think the Red Cross would be willing to do it? This counts as a state of emergency; this counts as a war zone; this counts as a humanitarian crisis. We need a trustworthy NGO like the Red Cross to take charge.

Beyond fighting to end the oppression of all of America and planning for the future of the American public, there have been a few other things on my mind lately. You all know I am constantly working. I rarely if ever get to have any down time, and most of the time, I end up working or doing reconnaissance anyway when I think I will finally get to have down time. Something that has been plaguing my productivity lately has been death threats. The nonbenevolent hackers have been vicious lately. Should I be taking them seriously?

It is obvious that martyring me would only help my cause. The truth about me is enduring and the libel only keeps a hold of the brainwashed. But Obama and his conspirators are not exactly the most intelligent people in the world. They might kill me merely out spite and malice. If they finally get their brains around the fact that they are already caught and that their downfall and fair justice for their crimes are both inevitable, they may just kill me to steal me from the world.

As long as I can meditate, I can handle the stress of having death threats on my head. Look at how well I handle all of the stress I already am under. But I would prefer to spend my old age in my husband's loving arms. I need something out of all of this for myself, after all.

So should I take their death threats seriously or not? I know they want to continue torturing me. I know they have already tried raping me until I kill myself. I know how much pain they want to cause me... but murder? At this point? Are they really ready to admit fault for all of this? That is what their killing me would force them to do. If they do succeed at killing me after all, be prepared for them to try framing my husband for it. They really would try something as pathetic as that. They only try things that are inhumane, irrational, and stupid like that.

Yeah, I really think it is Obama and his powerful and rich conspirators behind everything with Homeland Security carrying out all of their dirty work from torturing me to enforcing the ring of fire that keeps my rescuers away from me. The first time I pointed it out was in this very blog while I was in the torture facility in Liverpool, and I have yet to see any evidence that could make me change my theory. The Tea Party has it right. They want Homeland Security completely disbanded. What purpose does Homeland Security serve except for enforcing terrorism and oppression anyway?

My dearest people in charge of my reliable internet presence that I am not allowed to know about, can I ask you for a few podcasts?
1.) Can you make a podcast for me that goes through all of the text, the arguments, and the statements presented in my blog post from 16May2012 and prove it or explain it all with evidence from my broadcast and other sources? Please intersperse the audio and video with the text of the blog post itself. I made a point of making a visual record of the entire blog post yesterday while I was in the restaurant run by Homeland Security. Obama has been trying to block that blog post from going around. He hates when truth is made public. He broke most of its links, and its official hit count has been stuck at 8 for days. Thank you.
2.) Can you make a podcast out of my afternoon out of the house yesterday? Please include the footage of one of the owners of Cup O' Kryptonite harassing me. Please include my experiences while live tweeting from inside the attempted abduction operation. Please also include the friendly lady at the bookstore who tried to find a copy of the Iliad for me. Let us end the podcast with a little hope for humanity.
3.) Can you also make a podcast for me about Homeland Security? Please go through each division of Homeland Security, explain what purpose the government claims each division supposedly serves, and point out how each division as described is redundant to a department in the executive branch already (except for TSA). There was already an anti-terrorism division of the FBI when Homeland Security formed. After taking office, Obama formed new divisions of Homeland Security including 'cyber-security'; even though, we already had the NSA. Please point out that all divisions as described are completely redundant except for TSA. Please also look at the full careers of the people put in charge of Homeland Security when it was formed and who are in charge of it now. That point will probably take a lot of research. Please also point out how all of this reality of Homeland Security fits into my theory about the New World Order. It was Gee-Dub who formed it, after all. Obama tried to get permission from Congress to completely restructure the executive branch due to redundancies including the ones he created himself. Homeland Security is doing nothing unique unto itself for the government except enforcing Obama's oppression and terrorism and waging Obama's war against his own citizens with the ring of fire that keeps my rescuers away. Please present all the evidence you can to support my theory (and point out it is my theory) that Homeland Security was formed to be the SS for the president and the New World Order.
4.) Can you please also create a blog post of things people who care and who want to help can do to further our cause? Please include the obvious like getting the speakers removed from their heads and donating to the SuperPAC that makes your podcasts possible, but please also include things that I am not allowed to know about. Thank you for everything.

Rescuers, what the hell is 'ballistic weaponry'? I thought everything that followed the laws of projectile motion was considered 'ballistic'... I am probably wrong about that. But today I heard a rumor from a reliable source that Obama is bringing in 'ballistic weaponry' to use against you. Please be very careful out there. Yes, I know it is only getting more and more dangerous for me in here with every moment I am trapped in this bubble, but Obama keeps escalating his violence against you. Please be very careful and keep yours eyes open for anything. Also, expect some backlash from Obama for this blog post. Obama is very tantrum-prone, so please be very prepared to bear the brunt of Obama's anger at me for writing this and using it to ask the world for more help for you and, if possible, some protection for me in here. I am such a pacisfist; I have no idea how I ended up with the job of ending Obama's violence and terrorism against America through whatever means possible, but at least I can be trusted with the job of caring for America. That is more than we can say about Obama.

Sweetness, stay safe. I understand you would die for me. But please remember that I live for you. Yes, I will save the world no matter what happens... even if I die... even if you die. But my saving the world will be meaningless to me if I cannot see its beauty while lying in your arms. I will never be completely safe nor truly free unless I am with you, and Obama knows that. I said it before, and I will say it again. Obama would kill you to be able to ruin me. Look at everything he has already tried. I love you. Stay as safe as you can out there.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Reconnaissance from Behind the Bloody Fields of Iowa

Let us start with the good news. Des Moines cleaned up its city water. I can finally drink coffee again. Sadly, the city water in the suburb of Ankeny where my parents live is still so roofied it is toxic. The bottled drinks are also still mostly roofied. They finally got the fruit juice that I once trusted; it had been clean for years. I have been knocked out almost every night with roofies lately while trying to stay up preventing bloodshed.

Next, let us discuss the most tragic turn of events. Do you remember Mexico City in February 2010? Beyond the poisoned water supply and the brainwashing chips that turned the public hostile towards me, do you remember the 'association' of twenty year-olds who took over the Cathedral, the Convent of Sta. Hippolita, the British Embassy, and everywhere else they thought I might go seeking refuge? Obama and his conspirators did everything they could think of there to make sure I could never be physically safe, free, nor with my husband. They are building that sort of infrastructure here now.

The brainwashing association in Iowa right now is built of twenty-something boys who think they are good looking. They are forbidden to follow any of the verified, reliable, and trustworthy online content about me and are most easily identified by their cult-like adherence to Obama's rules well beyond heinous disrespect for me and to the point of Kafkaesque cruelty. When my left eye gets fuzzy, their true intentions really shine.

They caught up with me at the Gaslamp on Friday night and included the boy who carded me at the door and whoever roofied me inside, and they found me Saturday night at the Lift where they included the boy who pretended to flirt with me to be able to keep me away from using the wi-fi to send help to my rescuers. It is like staring into the eyes of the Nazi youth. At this point, it is safe to say that all blatant and cruel adherence to Obama's rules will be taken as a hostile act against me.

There are also literal mercenaries with day jobs at the Subway sandwich franchise near Oralabor in Ankeny. The last time I was in there, the burly man making my sandwich let me know that his way of sneaking into my room at night is by climbing up on top of the garage from behind, climbing over the roof, and then dropping down on my balcony. I think he was trying to scare me, but should it not be obvious to Obama and his conspirator's mercenaries by now that I have stronger nerves than they do?

The speakers in the heads of the public are also still active in here. If you watch them, you can see them listening. You can see their thoughts being washed blank and rebuilt. You can see them being herded like cattle.

I ordered hummus from a man at a Greek restaurant yesterday, and shortly afterward fear swept across his face. What kind of people fear benevolence like me? Only the brainwashed and the evil.

The electrobeams may not be considered violent, but they are a torture. And the electrobeams have been cranked up past eleven lately. They are most effective on squooshy surfaces like my bed or the couch by the television, but this morning they were blasting so high that I could feel them in the blankets over me when I slept on the insulating wood of the balcony. Even heavily roofied, I can barely get more than four hours of sleep at one time because of this torture.

Meanwhile, as I am living through this in here, Obama has escalated his violence against my rescuers. I am scared to blink. I am scared to let my contact with the internet ever break. I do not want to miss any moment when I might need to scream to send them help.

My rescuers need rescues of their own at all hours of the day. I am always upset when I cannot sleep, but I never complain when I get awakened by a plea for help. I know I am the only way they can get any help, and Obama is unrelenting in his violence against them.

We scream for help constantly. My beautiful world is raising nonviolent hell demanding that Obama's war against his own people finally be ended. Obama's dead keep mounting as he kills everyone he can in order to enforce his human rights violations over us all. Yet, in here, in the middle of the bloody ring of fire that keeps my rescuers out, Iowa is still enforcing all of Obama's crimes against me and their own people.

Iowa, Obama, and my father cannot claim that they do not know that all of this blood is on their hands and the hands of everyone prolonging these crimes, this violence, and every single human rights violation maintaining that I am not allowed to be physically safe, free, nor with my own husband.

All Iowa has ever had to do to end this violence, slavery, torture, abuse, harassment, war crimes, rape, etc... is meet my three tiny requests; they do not even need to take on Obama themselves. Yet they refuse. They refuse to even enforce their own laws in here.

All my father has ever had to do is set me free of his illegal guardianship over me. Any human who claims I am better off in this bubble of hell and abuse instead of safe and free is a blatant criminal libeler. Look at me. Of course I am completely capable of taking care of myself. I have always fought to be safe and free, and this guardianship only exists to maintain Obama's crimes over all of us. Yes, my father enforces the human rights violation by maintaining his completely illegal guardianship over me, and he even commits Obama's violence by refusing to set me free himself.

My mother and little sister are taking a trip to see my older sister in Budapest next week. My beautiful world, make sure you take them aside, chastise, and scold them when they get there for not taking this opportunity to get me out of this bubble. Clearly, they would rather support this violence and enforce the slavery, abuse, torture, etc... than save me.

Of course, the news in America and particularly in Iowa is forbidden to tell the truth about any of this to anyone. I believe most of humanity is inherently good. People all over the world and in America would have ended all of this by now if the truth were not illegal in America. Please keep sending the full truth and all of the hard evidence to every foreign press. We need help. It is getting uglier in here. And all of this needs to be stopped.

The Des Moines Register is the largest local paper in here. They even run ads on television telling the public that they should be enjoying these times while they have me trapped here to be abused. What happened to ethics in journalism? Did they ever know they have a responsibility to give the truth to the public?

And now I have to make a plea for help. Nerds, I love you. We always take care of our own. I have always been able to trust you with my life. This is obvious by how safe I am in a comic book store. But may I ask you to be more proactive with keeping the FBI and their nonbenevolent hackers out of my computers and all related midware? They can see everything that happens on my iPad even while my left eye is fuzzy, and they are constantly blocking any way for me to hear that my rescuers are being killed. They do not want me capable of screaming for help. Thank you. I know how hard you fight for me. You will not always be unsung heroes unless you choose to stay that way.

As for you, my rescuers, thank you for everything you do for me. If we are already trying everything we can think of, then we change the world we try it in and try it all again. Please consider sending one of your soldiers with first hand knowledge of all of the horrors you are living through out there as you fight to set America free with my dear, old high school friend K Rage to the UN to make a plea for help, to make a plea for some sort of resolution to end all of this, and to collect details of the reinforcements promised to all of us for you from the delegates who know what the details are.

Also, my brave rescuers, if there is a way to keep me safe in here through volunteers watching this house while I am here and me while I am out, then you can wait until your reinforcements arrive before risking your lives to save me again. You are the ones constantly putting your lives on the line to finally make me safe and free. Whatever you decide I will support. I make suggestions, and I do always want you all as informed as possible. I hate that Obama kills you every night. Please keep that in mind when I make suggestions.

Sweetness, I never grow tired of hearing you tell me that you love me. I worry that I do not tell you often enough how unconditionally I love you. Please consider pressing charges against the libelers who try to make the public hate you or take me away from you. They do not only try to mess with my head, though. I also know they try to mess with your head, my beloved. I already said it, but it is still true. They would do anything to break us up. Our love for each other is shepherding the world. Obama will do anything to make that end. He does not care how many lies he has to spread. He does not care how many of you he has to kill. He wants my love for humanity silenced. Make sure you stay safe, my darling. He would kill even you to be able to ruin me.

P.S. My beautiful world, my Mothers' Day was mostly mellow. We avoided a bloody massacre very early in the morning. The internet went down while I was in bed trying to sleep through the electrobeams, so I got up and ran out to find wi-fi to scream for help for all of us. After that trip to the Lift where I was met by the Nazi youth, I slept for a few hours here at the house before watching the Today Show and having some bonding time with my mother and little sister. I meditated with song and dance on the balcony. I gave policy advice during Meet the Press. I had brunch with my parents and little sister. Mom and I bought some 'summer poinsettias' (That is what we call geraniums. My family is weird.) for the house. My mom, my dad, my little sister, and I all passed out from the roofies in the city water in Ankeny. After my nap, I screamed for help for my rescuers. Mom and I had dinner together here at the house. Then I spent half an hour looking for wi-fi and coffee in Des Moines. I ended up at the Caribou Coffee on the West Side where I wept as I wrote my last blog post, my letter to my dear, brave, fallen heroes. After I came back to the house, I spent the night screaming for help for my brave rescuers while Obama slaughtered them. All in all, it was a distressingly normal day except for having to endure my father's disrespectful condescension over brunch. This should never be considered a normal life for anyone.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Letter to my Brave Fallen Heroes

To My Dear, Brave, Fallen Heroes,

Though we have never met, my heroes, you chose to fight for me. You chose to fight for me to have human rights again. You chose to fight to set America free. You chose to fight the totalitarian oppression plaguing this once great nation. And because of you, my heroes, this world is a better place.

My thoughts, my prayers, and my conscious energy are with you all as your brave souls travel on their journey to the place where noble and honorable humanity finally rests and revels watching us all carry on after them.

I may have never met you, my heroes, but I will meet your families, your loved ones, and your children. And when we meet, we will remember you and all you have given in our fight to save this world and to save all of humanity from the poison that plagues us all.

We fight for freedom. We fight for love. We fight for human rights and liberties. You fought for me. And now we all fight for you. Your deaths will not be in vain. You made this world a better place by simply showing up and facing the demon. Nothing will stop us from bringing the beautiful world you died to manifest at last.

The world now knows Obama is waging war against his own people to enforce his heinous human rights violations over us all. It is a war out there. It was in battle you died. You laid down your life to rescue goodness and light while braving the full evil firefight between faith and oppression that Obama is waging in order to keep his ill-gotten choke hold over Western society. You heard an honest cry for help from the darkness, and you answered with your lives.

You were heroes in life, and you are heroes in death. I promise you will not have died in vain.

Yesterday morning I was asked if we have gone too far. As long as there is this criminal violence that killed you and as long as there are these ugly human rights violations you fought to end, we have not gone far enough. I weep because you had to die. I weep because we have not yet broken the violence Obama has ordered. I weep, but I carry the burden you have given me. We will make this world a better place. Our fight is not done yet.

What we are if we stop? It is impossible for any good soul to approve nor defend the president's choice to end your lives just to be able to keep freedom and rights away from our people. If we stop this fight, we permit his crimes. If we stop this fight, we permit his violence. If we stop his fight, we allow his oppression, his totalitarianism, and his abusive power. If we stop this fight, we are as bad as he and his conspirators are. Stopping is not an option. We fight until we win. We fight until we are free, and we fight until your lives are honored.

My thoughts, my prayers, and my conscious energy are with your families, your loved ones, and your children. It cannot be easy losing a hero like you. They must be so proud of you and your faith in what this world should become. We fight for them as well. No death can go without justice, and proving that all of you have been right all along is a great part of the justice we will bring.

I am going to ask your loved ones to tell me their vision of a better world. I know the burden I carry. I will never let you down. We will make this world a better place for us all, and our loss of your brave souls will weigh on me forever.

Thank you, my dear, brave, fallen heroes. You gave me your lives. And so I give you mine.

With all my heart and soul,
Squid B. Varilekova a.k.a. Tanya H. A. Varilek

P.S. My beautiful world, since I know you will all read this letter, please check here regularly ( for the tweets I leave in the wee hours of the morning. I feel like I am always begging for people to send emergency help to my rescuers. Can we keep them safer, my beautiful world? May I ask you to send them help and reinforcements? Please, my beautiful world, please help my brave heroes.