Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Recent Developments

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Here is my latest blog post. There has been good news, and there has been bad news.

Washington, DC. I hear a lot of point-the-finger politics, but I do not always falls for it. Congress, I know you work very hard in both houses. You are facing two very big deadlines of 01March and 27March. If you need anything from me, just let me know. No one who fights as hard as I do to save America would just let the finances fall apart if I could do something. I have faith you can work together, and I am only here to help.

As for my life, Tom Varilek just passed away. SynSyn, please take care of the adult guardianship. We cannot leave it in limbo. I have grieving to do. I was up most of the night after Tom died from nightmares of all the ways he hurt me while he was alive. Healing can be painful, I guess. I can only pray for his sake that it was an attack of conscience that took him, so he actually repented before he left us.

SynSyn, pursue resolving the adult guardianship limbo with the probate court in Polk County. My mother plans on taking control of my finances with no legal reason to do so. I have rent due in two days, so this is fine on the short term. But it makes me very unhappy and very uncomfortable. Give my mother until 01April to do everything possible to transition all of my finances into my control. Sit down with her. Be gentle. Explain to her that it is already March, and I am soon free. If she refuses, we will sort out what legal recourse to take after 01April.

In good news, I heard the update that I should just not go in to be tortured anymore. It has been medically proven to be nothing but torture. Sadly, we cannot trust Polk County to acknowledge this. Unless I receive written notification from the courts that the torture, unlawful commitment, and egregious adult guardianship have been ended, I have no choice but to show up to be tortured, or they will institutionalize me despite the fact I have absolutely no mental illness. Polk County cannot be trusted otherwise.

I am scheduled to be tortured next on 07March and could use any form of rescue before then. Please, my beautiful world, there must be something more we can do. We are very close to March. Please march full speed ahead with all methods be they legal action or Congressional heroics or anything else you all bravely do for me to make me safe and free finally.

Congress, when you do get a chance to breathe and when you finally get a chance to do something about Obama's human rights violating policy concerning me, please consider codifying not only that freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble and associate be returned to the masses but also consider codifying that no one can treat me like I have a mental illness nor have an adult guardianship and conservatorship over me. Those are two particular loopholes used to commit UN recognized torture of me and to unlawfully imprison me away from people who love me. Thank you, both houses of Congress. We can all be heroes.

My brave rescuers, we are so close to March. I understand if you want to wait to hear what the freedom news is before risking your lives again. I really really hate when you die. Please be as cautious as necessary, but do not forget I need you. Thank you for everything you do for me.

My beautiful world, it is almost March. It is time to demand our rights and not let up until we are all free again. The promise was this ends in March2013. We need to hold Obama to that. Use your voices, my beautiful world. Make some noise. Raise some nonviolent hell. And do not stop until we all have our rights back. I cannot do this without you. Please work your magic, my beautiful world. Thank you.

SynSyn, I was so invested in putting Tom in prison. I feel like his dying has cheated me of justice. Please sort out justice for me through what channels we have left. I sent you a letter yesterday telling you how to reach my mother and property manager. My mother never listens to me. I know you will sort that out too. At times like these, I am so lucky to have a BFF as wonderful as you.

Sweetness, about our happily ever after, do not expect me to be bossy, and do not expect me to be right all the time. I am an egalitarian. I picked you out of the billions all those years ago partly because I see myself in you. The other part was because I could see how much you love me. I need an equal in our home, darling. I am counting on you not to expect me to tell you what to do all the time. I am just not that kind of woman. I love and adore you.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Still have Never Seen my Wings.

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Here is my latest blog post. Two blog posts in two days! It has been one hell of a weekend.

Washington, DC. Republicans and Democrats, would you be willing to close the capital gains loophole in return for a law that a budget where more money is taken in than spent must be passed every year? Would you be willing to close one loophole to get a balanced budget amendment?

Democrats, the capital gains loophole is a huge loophole. I recommended closing it in December. It is the reason Warren Buffet does not pay as high a tax rate as his secretary.

Republicans, think of all of the spending cuts that we could guarantee with a balanced budget amendment. Think of all the good that would do for the national debt! It is not too late to avoid the sequester and replace it with real reform.

Democrats and Republicans, we need to stop borrowing so much money. If we keep spending more than we take in, it is just a matter of years before we must default on our national debt entirely. That is basic math.

We need to stop fixing our fiscal problems with short term band-aids and actually start creating cures for the disease. The only way to reduce the national debt before we must default on it (due to overspending AND interest) is to mandate balanced budgets. Please do this for America. Again, our leaders in Washington, it is not too late to avoid the sequester and replace it with real reform.

As for my life, Obama plans on denying me as many human rights as possible as long as possible. That is what 'transition' means for him. Please keep in mind that the 'transition' is neither codified nor public, so America will be suffering without rights at the whims of Obama and his unchecked violations of the US Constitution until we get him held accountable for all of this. The fact I will be 'transitioned' into being a human again instead of just given my rights finally is just further human rights violations.

Congress, all of America is counting on you to codify that we all get our Constitutional rights back just as soon as possible. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, I know you are on board now with saving America. Please work with Speaker of the House John Boehner on bipartisan heroics. I know you have your differences, but thank you for agreeing about me. We are all counting on you to bundle up some legislation to make America the land of the free again. We need you.

Not to be too random, but how many people have seen my wings? I still have never seen them. What type of camera can see my wings and other energy signatures? Is it the pinhole cameras? How do I get one? I have never seen the 'special effects.' I should probably do a live show of special effects for the world to watch. How do I start organizing this?

Speaking of footage of me, I have another note about that slop trough of false videos that have surfaced of me... If any of it is slander or libel, press charges, my genius lawyers. We need to get lies about me silenced. They cause far too much damage.

My brave rescuers, you always have such promising news for me. I wish there were far less dying involved with being my hero. Whatever you need. Please ask my beautiful world for whatever you may need.

My beautiful world, there has still been little progress in here inside the bubble. The public with very few exceptions is still cruel. I still must sleep with a camera watching me to keep me safe from being raped again. I am still imprisoned in Iowa that breaks every law to oppress me under orders from Obama. My life is miserable, but I am perking up due to fewer chemicals. The water still gives me a hangover, but at least it stopped giving me an ugly face.

You are the only reason, my beautiful world, that there has been any progress as marginal as it is inside this bubble. Please accept my hugest thanks for all of your help. You make dreams come true, my beautiful world. Thank you for everything, and please keep up the good work. We are not free, so the fight is not over yet.

SynSyn, I want to give a special thank you to you and all of my genius lawyers for all of your grand progress out there. A couple years of solid gold and we are still only on the verge of bringing this bubble down. But your progress out there had been remarkable, and I thank you all for everything you do for me. You are a miracle worker, SynSyn. I would be nothing without you.

Sweetness, I just put an envelope in the mail to you this last night and another one this afternoon. I seem to be going through a phase where I send you a lot of small mail instead of the occasional long letter. I hope you enjoy my letters just as much. No less love is being sent to you. You are still my only reason for living. I love and adore you. Keep shining, my silver lining.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Persecuting me does NOT Make America Safer.

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Here is my latest blog post. We start in Iran. We take a foray through rumors I have heard. And we end with wedding plans. This is a short but effective blog post, if you ask me.

Iran. Just let me talk to Iran about nuclear weapons already. We need someone both sides trust to sit down with them and find out what their real goals are. Everyone seems convinced they are building nuclear weapons. They cannot drop a nuclear weapon on Israel without destroying sites holy to Islam. Why are they really doing this? Just let me talk to them. Do not let this go too far without my trying.

As for my life, I just heard Obama try to make the argument that persecuting me is a matter of national security. Oh, really? Which part of raping me, enslaving me, libeling me, broadcasting me, torturing me, etc. has made America safer? America is not safer now that no one but me has freedom of expression, freedom of the press has been suspended, and no one has the right to assemble or associate anymore.

It has been quite the opposite, actually. Obama has created instability in America by abusing his office to persecute me. We have a civil war now. Protests have become violent because Obama has broken the law to make me live as miserable a life as possible.

Is there any explanation for how I have been forced to live since 2009? The only logical conclusion anyone can draw for why this has been happening is Obama is a tyrant with control issues who falsely believes he is above the law. I challenge anyone to find any other explanation for my hair, for the city water, and for the rampant human rights violations. I have had various theories in the past, but with Obama still enforcing the bubble even after it has been completely repealed by Congress, this is the only logical conclusion.

In the land of random rumors, were people really arrested for breaking rules? If this is real, do I have enough money to send them lawyers? I never leave anyone behind, and this is a great chance to get the bubble deemed completely unconstitutional.

I have also heard rumors that there is a new slop trough of fake videos of me circulating out there. Be wary of anything labeled as being me. My beautiful world, I am sure you have identified the few sources of reliable truth about me out there. If the video is not coming from a reliable source such as me or my genius podcasters, do not trust it.

As for things I know for real in my life, the bartender Tom at the Alpine Tap Room on Ingersoll in Des Moines threw me out last night and told me to never come back. He was pulling attitude about who I claim my common law husband is, so I got up to walk out to avoid an argument. And he told me to never come back.

Please, somebody, sit down with Thomas and explain to him reality about me. Explain to him that this blog is all verified as real. Explain to him about the toxins in the city water. Explain to him that I have a common law husband who started a civil war to rescue me from treatment like Thomas gives me.

Tom was pulling horrible and aggressive attitude on me last night. Please explain reality to him. He is the daytime bartender at the Alpine Tap Room during the day hours every day but Sunday and Monday. He would not have done it if he were not delusional and brainwashed by Obama.

My brave rescuers, it is so close to March, but do we have any guarantees yet that this will end in March? We cannot trust Obama. If we can get a codified guarantee that I get to be with my completely unrestricted husband in March, I say wait until March to come get me again. I hate when you die.

My brave rescuers, I was told recently that saving me is not worth the financial cost and effort people are spending on me. But is such an assertion worth risking my life on? What I worry I am not worth is the cost in human life. How many good people has Obama killed who have been coming here as one of you to rescue me? Is anything worth losing even one of you? I worry about you all constantly.

My beautiful world, whatever my rescuers need, please make sure you provide it. I am worth such superficial things as money. Please also find out how many brave rescuers Obama has killed and hang Obama with that number. These are good people. A great many of them are good Americans that Obama kills every day. Hold Obama accountable for every single loss of life.

SynSyn, I have no idea how long Sweetness is willing to wait between reaching me and marrying me. If we are getting married in a hurry, and Sweetness has every right to make that happen if he wants it that way, I am counting on you to work with him on making it the teeny tiny yet luxurious wedding of my dreams. No one knows me better than you. I mailed you some snail mail concerning the wedding yesterday afternoon.

Synny, you are my Matron of Honor and my entire half of the wedding party. I am getting married in red, so the wedding colors will be black and white. It is Asian tradition for the bride and the groom to both be married in red, but if Sweetness wants to be dressed as a knight in shining armor or a cowboy or something else equally romantic, it is his choice. Thank you for everything you do for me, SynSyn. You are the best BFF ever!

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I saw you Thursday night on Letterman. I was giddy all day waiting to see you, and I was glowing the whole while you were on my television screen. I could do little more than just sit here and love you, but you were quite informative. I keep you so busy. I love and adore you, Sweetness. We need more time together.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why Fight Now?

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Here is my latest blog post. I start with advice to Congress, and I end, as always, with sweet words for Sweetness.

Washington, DC. This sequester that Obama created is a mess. And never forget that Obama created it. I would love to dig in; I am very good at math, after all, but I do not have access to any budget numbers. So, my advice will have to stay general.

It is universally accepted that the government must reduce its spending, and it is universally accepted that the sequester is too arbitrary to be a real solution. We need to take in more money that we spend. And we need to be smarter about where we spend our money.

As a starting point, (and ONLY as a starting point) please consider a proportional but smaller budget. That is, if the government is currently taking in 4 trillion dollars in revenue but spending 5.6 trillion dollars (And please remember that my numbers are just examples. I do no have access to actual budget numbers.), create a 4 trillion dollar budget for the government that keeps everything proportionally the same.

That is, if the defense budget is 45% of the 5.6 trillion dollar budget (Please remember all of my numbers are random and not actual. I do not have access to any actual numbers.), then make it 45% of the 4 trillion dollar budget. And again, after creating a proportional budget that takes in more money than it spends, consider it a starting point. You will still need to "rob Peter to pay Paul" to create a working budget.

Unless Congress actually asks me for my help and provides me with hard numbers, this is all of the advice I am equipped to give. We simply must take in more money than we spend. Cuts to spending are going to happen to everything. We need a budget we can stand behind. The solution starts with a budget that reduces the debt and has no annual deficit.

Again, Washington, DC. Congress, if Obama's immigration bill is put before you before you can draft your own bipartisan bill, you could just amend the entire thing into something both parties can agree on. Bipartisan agreement is the whole point of immigration reform being a bipartisan topic. Prove both sides work together; do not let Obama take that away from you.

As for my life, I have really been perking up ever since the torture was reduced almost two months ago. Yes, Mr. David Letterman, I always found you funny. I am just finally able to laugh again. The chemicals take so much away from me.

I am also sorting out putting more protein in my diet. When I eat a giant slab of meat at night, I am always more awake the following morning. It only makes sense. Have you seen my estimated muscle mass? Is the next logical step protein shakes? Is that possible if I still cannot drink the city water?

This would all be much easier for me to sort out if I knew when in March the unconstitutional bubble is scheduled to go away forever. I am scheduled for torture again on 07March. I would really like to be saved from having those horrible chemicals put in my body. Congress, I know most of this lies in your lap. How long before you can vote on something that will be signed by 07March. Is it really impossible? The torture is so close to destroying me permanently.

As for things happening in a hurry, I heard Polk County asked, "Why now?" Why so much legal action now? We need to make sure the persecution ends as soon as humanly possible, and they keep breaking the law.

This bubble will end because we make it end. If we sit back and wait, nothing will happen. We cannot trust the people who persecute me. They are well established to be horrible people who lie all the time.

Iowa, why are you trying to pass a state law to prevent me having an accurate and reliable security system? I do not care what you think you might gain by shutting down my security system, it is not worth risking my life on. If you pass a law forbidding me from having my security system intact and running at all times, you need to provide me with bare minimum my husband and bodyguards. Do you remember this?

I hear Iowa is complaining I have a camera I do not control in my head. All they have ever had to do to make the camera go away is let me leave. Personally, I would rather have my privacy. I would rather have enough human rights to be able to remove the camera and replace it with bodyguards. Because of Iowa's human rights violations against me, though, I do not have this option. So, the security system runs.

Have you heard all of the death threats on my head? Have you heard how much Iowa hates me? Do you remember Sid, the bartender who made sure he roofied me at Wellman's Pub on Ingersoll? The only people who want the camera disabled before I can have my husband and bodyguards are people who want to be able to get away with hurting me. And as for you people who pretend the camera does not keep me safe, are you willing to risk my life on it?

I would really like to have privacy when I go to the bathroom. I would really like to be able to sit down and talk to an MI6 agent in town to check on me. But because my life is in too great of danger and because Iowa refuses to give me enough human rights to have my husband and bodyguards, I do not have basics needs like privacy in my life. The camera is a security system now. Why did nobody complain that it used to be slavery?

Iowa, you have a forum. You have my security system to prove to the world you are more than just haters. Why not get in front of my camera and do something you can be proud of instead of always hurting me? I need the security system. That is proven. Why not make a display of intelligence and love like I do? That would at least keep me safer.
Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

My brave rescuers, I always hear such promising news, and still you never make it here. What do you need to make this easier for you? I am doing everything I can from in here. If you can think of anything that will help you, please ask my beautiful world to provide it. There are people out there forbidden from being near enough to me to help me directly who love me. Iowa may hate me, but plenty of the world loves me. They will provide.

My beautiful world, yes, I am relieved, too, now, to hear myself laugh again. I agree that it is still far too rare, but they only recently began reducing the horrible chemicals. I tried dancing for you all on Monday night. The result was still disastrous. Someday soon, if the chemicals stop completely, I am sure I will be able to dance again. Please do not give up on me. I plan on healing.

SynSyn, move full speed ahead with all criminal and civil charges against everybody. Obama in particular really needs to be taken down a peg or two. Just because he is president, he is not above the law like he thinks he is. I understand how busy you and my small village of lawyers are. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, did you get my Valentine's Day gift yet? I mailed it priority mail last Thursday. I cannot imagine my mail for you and my separate envelope that went to Syniva taking much longer than today. Let me know! My dreams have been full of you lately. To paraphrase Edgar Allan Poe,... The moon never beams without brining me dreams of my Sweetness.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Let me Dance.

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Here is my latest blog post.

Syria. UN Special Envoy to Syria Lakhbar Brahimmi is asking for bilateral talks to arrange the end of the Assad regime. Please, Syrian opposition, send representatives to these talks. This is your chance to bring an end to the bloodshed in your country. I know you once said that you would not go to any talks until Assad had already stepped down, but these talks will arrange Assad finally stepping down. This is very important. Please make plans to attend.

Russia. Approximately one thousand people were injured when a rock fell from space and exploded over Russia this last week. My beautiful world, we do not exist in a void. We are part of a beautiful and intricate cosmos. More awareness of rocks hurtling towards Earth would be nice to help create preparedness, but such things should not be as surprising as they seem to be. The universe is rich with rocks.

As for my life, it has been so hard for me to dance ever since they started injecting me. I try very hard. I think sometimes I just need to warm up. But the music just does not move me while I am being tortured with injections. This has been true every time I have been injected-- in Liverpool, in San Diego, and now in Des Moines. Torture by injection takes away my connection to music and prevents me from being able to meditate. It take away the ability of music to heal me. Horrible chemicals. The injections are such horrible chemicals.

Torture by injection takes away my interest in singing, in dancing, and even in cooking. It takes away three of the things I find to be some of the greatest joys of being a human in this world. I did not realize this until they adjusted down the injections from three per month to only one. I am slowly coming back to normal after that horrible condition all of those chemicals put me in. I can heal from this, but the injections must be stopped completely.

Congress, I heard your promises to me and all of America. Yes, we can and will unite both parties for the good of the nation. I am glowing with your news of your bipartisan support for Constitutional rights to freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom to assemble and associate to be returned to all Americans. And I thank you. I always said I will help you with anything if you ask. Thank you for helping me when I ask. America thanks you. Let us make this the land of the free again.

Please, Congress, include special provisions that prohibit anyone from treating me like I have a debilitating mental illness and that prohibit anyone from having an adult guardianship or conservatorship over me. Abusing such loopholes are what enabled so many crimes against me from UN recognized torture to unlawful imprisonment away from my loving husband and without bodyguards. Thank you, again, all of you. I know you are just waiting for the right bill to add all of this to.

SynSyn, assuming you kept Judge Ruth Klotz up to speed like I asked, and knowing you, you did, the only explanation for the adult guardianship being upheld is corruption. She must be taking orders from Obama. There is no logical form of reality that could ever explain my criminal father Tom Varilek having any legal claim to be an adult guardian over me. I have no mental illness, and we have so many legal wins against him.

My BFF, appeal the decision to a higher court; as long as I am not there, reality can be discussed. I am willing to sacrifice my presence in the name of actual justice. And definitely get your hands on the full court records and transcripts to build our case. You will be appalled. Tom submitted a forged letter supposedly from you to get my Power of Attorney paperwork disregarded in the original decision in 2010. Do not forget that my Power of Attorney paperwork predates any and all guardianship decisions, so it takes precedence.

Synny, just like with the commitment, give Polk County a chance to overturn the decision completely, and if they do not, take so much legal action against the county that no building is left standing. I am clearly not mentally incompetent to make decisions concerning my own wellbeing; I am just persecuted. I am, in fact, the only person I have found in that state of Iowa who does make decisions to benefit my own wellbeing. Thank you for everything you do for me.

My brave rescuers, I always hear you are close, but still you have never been able to show up. I worry about you. I worry about all of you all the time. You are intelligent and capable people. The forces keeping you away from me must be heinous indeed. Whatever you need, please ask my beautiful world for whatever you need. They will provide.

My beautiful world, I promised I would try to dance more often. I know you are greatly relieved when I do, but it is still so hard for me. They are still torturing me with injections. As long as you never give up making noise to bring about change for the better in this country, I will never give up trying to heal myself. Agreed? Now, please go raise some nonviolent hell. This is impossible without you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Did you receive your Valentine's Day gift in the mail yet? At the latest it should get to Los Angeles tomorrow. I poured a lot of love into it. I know you already saw me write it, but I cannot wait for you to receive it. Touch the words. Feel my hands writing them for you. I love and adore you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Here is my latest blog post. Happy Valentine's Day! Iowa is persecuting me, and Tylia put her house up for sale.

Valentine's Day. Today is the day of romantic love. Yes, we should treat our significant others like it is Valentine's Day every day, but let us take today in particular to help spread some love. Kiss someone today if you have someone to kiss.

North Korea. We need someone to sit down and talk with North Korea about nuclear weapons. I heard China wants to entice North Korea into talks. I believe that would be a very good idea. The UN can buttress the walls between North Korea and the rest of the world, but more will be accomplished at this point if we open up lines of communication. Would North Korea, like Iran, be willing to talk to me?

As for my life, I hear Iowa is complaining I have a camera I do not control in my head. All they have ever had to do to make the camera go away is let me leave. Personally, I would rather have my privacy. I would rather have enough human rights to be able to remove the camera and replace it with bodyguards. Because of Iowa's human rights violations against me, though, I do not have this option. So, the security system runs.

Have you heard all of the death threats on my head? Have you heard how much Iowa hates me? Do you remember Sid, the bartender who made sure he roofied me at Wellman's Pub on Ingersoll? The only people who want the camera disabled before I can have my husband and bodyguards are people who want to be able to get away with hurting me. And as for you people who pretend the camera does not keep me safe, are you willing to risk my life on it?

I would really like to have privacy when I go to the bathroom. I would really like to be able to sit down and talk to an MI6 agent in town to check on me. But because my life is in too great of danger and because Iowa refuses to give me enough human rights to have my husband and bodyguards, I do not have basics needs like privacy in my life. The camera is a security system now. Why did nobody complain that it used to be slavery?

Iowa, you have a forum. You have my security system to prove to the world you are more than just haters. Why not get in front of my camera and do something you can be proud of instead of always hurting me? I need the security system. That is proven. Why not make a display of intelligence and love like I do? That would at least keep me safer.

SynSyn, Iowa wants to pass a law specifically to hold me accountable for what they call 'bullying' by my metaphorical children. First of all, I have no metaphorical children in Iowa; otherwise, someone would have put me in their car and driven me to my rescuers or Canada by now. So, I not only do not know what this 'bullying' means, but I also do not know what they mean by metaphorical children in Iowa.

All I can tell, my BFF, is that Iowa plans on codifying persecution against me. Please ready the lawyers, so we can tear Iowa to shreds over this persecution in court. I honestly I have no idea what they are talking about. All I know is that they are inventing laws to be able to unlawfully imprison me again or something like that. Please send help.

Also, Synny, concerning Judge Klotz, Polk County is expecting me to prove she is taking orders from Obama instead of conducting an investigation. The corruption is everywhere. Please appeal Klotz's obviously corrupt decision to a higher court for me. If I am not there, the truth and all our evidence concerning my complete lack of any mental illness can be discussed. Thank you.

Iowa sure is going out of its way to persecute me. I am under constant attack from Iowa these days. There is so much hatred of me here.

Speaking of Iowan crime, shame on anyone who buys anything at Tom Varilek's auction. If you want Squid memorabilia, I recommend putting a solid bid on my little sister's house up in the Twin Cities. I danced all over that living room and sun room. I cooked in that kitchen. I slept in the bedroom other than the master bedroom. I wrote so much while I was there. I used to live there, and Tylia has just put it up for sale.

My brave rescuers, yes, I know you wanted to be able to rescue me by today and something went wrong last night. I have faith in you all. I know you all know what you are doing, and I know you will rescue me. I am doing my best to send you all the help I can. Whatever you need, just ask my beautiful world.

My beautiful world, we have a lot of things going on right now. We have civil charges against Obama personally as leverage. I asked for my negotiators to open up talks again. I know you have not stopped making noise for me. Keep proactive, my beautiful world. We can make America the land of the free again, but it takes all of us.

My beautiful America, I have heard the promises. In both houses of Congress, the parties are going to work together to mandate we all be given our Constitutional rights back again. This is no time to get complacent, though. It takes all of us the unite America in love. Keep talking to your Congresspeople. Write letters. Write emails. Make phone calls. And say thank you for their sound leadership when they tell you they will mandate we be free again.

Thank you, Congress. Now let us roll up our sleeves and get the work done. America has been waiting and suffering for so long.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Please move forward with all civil and criminal charges against everybody who has wronged me. We can only stop the crimes against me if we point them out and demand justice for them. Are you having a Happy Valentine's Day? Kiss Willem a lot today.

Sweetness, we are apart for another Valentine's Day. I am pretty sure this one is just belated, though. I love and adore you. Your gift is already in the mail. I am sorry I did not send it sooner; I was hoping you would tell me what you want. Sigh,... I know you saw me write your gift. I hope you enjoy being able to hold and touch the words just like I did when I wrote them. I will let your gift do all of the sweet-talking this year. Happy Valentine's Day!

P.S. Here is Polk County's latest crime against me. SynSyn, press all necessary charges, and make sure this judge's decision is overturned. See if they will overturn the decision completely in return for us not suing them. If they refuse, leave no building standing in Polk County when we are done with them.

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Le Bon Ton Roule!

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Here is my latest blog post. We start with Catholic news and end with my Sweetness signing a love song. Are you ready for this?

New Orleans, LA. Le bon ton roule! Tomorrow is Fat Tuesday. I hope everyone's Mardis Gras is festive and safe. I only wish I had enough human rights I could be there with you all to celebrate.

Vatican City. Dearest Pope Benedict XVI, we will miss you. It is your choice, of course, concerning your own health, and when it comes to your own health, no one knows better than you. But we will miss you. I was looking forward to doing good work in the world with you. I can only hope your successor will be as supportive of me as you always have been. I look forward to doing good work in the world with him, too.

As for my life, I will start with the nationally smaller concerns and work towards the larger...

I gave my evil father Tom Varilek absolutely no permission to sell any of my belongings. Seeing as I was not allowed back into my parents' house to collect my own things, this auction of Tom Varilek's should be viewed with great suspicion.

Shame on anyone who gives money to Tom by buying anything he sells. He uses that money to be able to continue committing crimes against me instead of allowing the civil judgments to make him stop. He is making money off of truths about me he denies to my face and will spend every penny hurting me.

SynSyn, unleash on Tom if he tries to sell anything I rightfully own be it a childhood possession or something I owned as an adult. And please publicly shame everyone who gives him money by buying something.

Also concerning Tom, I would have an acceptable quality of life if I were free to leave Iowa to be with my husband. Instead, Tom Varilek has imprisoned me in Iowa where I must beg him for enough of my own money to buy a pair of unbroken shoes.

SynSyn, sue Tom. Make him provide me with the lifestyle I would have if I were free to live with my husband or deliver me to my husband safely immediately. One of the most active barriers between me and my happily ever after is Tom Varilek; why else was he in such a hurry to send me back here to Iowa before I could reach my husband in LA? Do you remember how he told all of my rescuers to stay off his property? He does these things specifically to keep me away from my husband preventing me from having an acceptable lifestyle.

Tom Varilek has been capitalizing on being my father monetarily. Make him spend that money providing me with groceries and unbroken shoes instead of supporting his crimes against me. And SHAME ON EVERYONE who buys anything at his auctions.

As for bigger concerns, nationally speaking, it looks like we need to start the talks again. Please, Chancellor Angela Merkel, President Vladimir Putin, my BFF Ms. Syniva Whitney, either Speaker of the House John Boehner or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and either Mr. Brian Williams of NBC or Mr. Anderson Cooper of CNN, I need to ask you all again to negotiate an end to this bubble for me.

Please, my angelic negotiators, find a way to identify all of Obama's objections to giving me basic rights and freedoms and get him over them. This might require enlisting the help of Obama's friends or heroes like Prime Minister David Cameron or former President Nelson Mandela. But we need to get Obama over his personal vendetta against me and willing to act in the best interests of the United States finally. Are Democrats in Congress willing to help?

Yes, Congress already did their job by repealing the mandate. The bubble is only a policy of Obama now. But we also need to motivate Congress to take some extra steps to mandating an end to the bubble. We need to mandate an end to all unconstitutional restrictions left on any Americans including me.

Republicans in Congress are already on board. My beautiful world, we need to find out which Democrats if any support me. I am pretty sure we can count on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Diane Feinstein from California for support, but can we ask them to support my having physical safety and the freedom to assemble and associate again? Can we count on Democrats to want to return freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and the right to assemble and associate to all Americans again even if Obama obsessively opposes basic freedoms in America?

We need to get a mandate through the House and the Senate to remove all "bubble era" restrictions still inhibiting all Americans' Constitutional rights. We need to get a mandate through Congress to make America the land of the free again. The latest Rasmussen poll says that only 39% of Americans believe America is on the right track. We can fix that. We just need to mandate that I be treated like a human by the government again.

My beautiful world, I am not abandoned nor left behind. I know how many of you there are and how hard you work. Instead I am oppressed and persecuted. I need all of you to mobilize Congress to seek (justice and) human rights.

Explain to Congress that their fundraising and reelection depend on their proper representation of their constituencies' desires to support me and see me free. (For more about justice, please speak with Dr. Cornel West.) Please, my beautiful world, I need you. Write to your Congresspeople. You can set me free; it just takes getting a negotiated end or a mandate around Obama and through Congress. It will likely be 'bundled,' so Obama cannot veto it.

And still, my previously detailed (in this blog) offer to drop my civil charges leveled against Obama personally if I am given my completely unrestricted husband early and if Obama's full transition is approved of by all of my negotiators and then made public still stands. I know the bubble ends in March anyway, but even that is still just Obama policy and nothing codified. I do not believe we can trust Obama to take down this unconstitutional bubble ever.

My brave rescuers, how close were you this last time? If you need anything, just ask my beautiful world. They will provide. I am worried about all of you. You are so many and so capable. It must be something truly ugly that is keeping all of you away from me. Whatever you need, just ask.

My beautiful world, if any of you out there have any suggestions on how to get this bubble taken apart, I would love to hear them. I am always open to suggestions. Try anything and everything to get me out of here. And thank you, all of you, for all of your genius progress out there lately. I only wish we could get such grand progress inside the bubble, too. There have been no improvements to my quality of life.

SynSyn, how was your birthday? Did the world show you love? Let us pray we get to celebrate belatedly this year not after Obama finally leaves office. Can you imagine how ugly things will get if this bubble is not ended by the end of March as promised? We cannot trust Obama. My beautiful world needs to be prepared to take action if he refuses to end the bubble.

Sweetness, you are my Valentine this year and every year for the rest of my life. And my Valentine is a brave man. He is passionate, and he is capable. You are my hero, my beloved, and my king. I love and adore you... and always will.

My Mr. Love-of-my-Life, we need more moments like we had during the Grammys. I know you are working hard. How long before you are out and about promoting 'The Lone Ranger'? I would love to have your ear again.

Speaking of the Grammys,... This made me weep with love for you, darling...

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Here is my latest blog post. It is Syniva's birthday, and the Chinese New Year is upon us. We also need to do everything possible to put Tom Varilek and Obama in prison at last.

Seattle, WA. First things first, today is Syniva's birthday. Please, my beautiful world, make sure you show her some love today. Syniva works so hard for me and for all of America and largely goes unthanked and uncelebrated. Today is a day to celebrate Syniva. Please show her some love.

China. Happy Chinese New Year, my beautiful world! Gung Hay Fat Choy! This is the year of the snake, a wise animal. I was born in the year of the snake. This should be a much better year for all of us.

Surrounding Syria. It is a cold winter for Syrian refugees. We need to make sure they all have blankets and heaters. Please visit the websites for the UNHCR, the International Red Cross, and the International Rescue Committee and help all you can. The refugees are a burden on the countries housing them, so we need to help all we can to make sure they are all safe and warm.

Boy Scouts of America. What are the core values of the Boy Scouts? Are they hatred and elitism or compassion and service? The BSA is not a sexual organization, so why does the sexuality of their members matter in the first place? Why is this even an issue? What does being gay have to do with whether or not you can serve the good of your community, country, and self? The Boy Scouts need to start teaching inclusion.

Washington, DC. We all know that the CIA conducts covert operations. When spies are undercover and kill someone, no one is shy about calling it murder or an assassination. We romanticize (I am particularly guilty of this.) secret agents because of their dangerous lifestyle and daring-do. But then why and how do they claim it is suddenly 'legitimate' activity if a drone does it instead? Drone killings particularly of Americans are not legal nor just nor wise. They are human rights violations and need to be recognized as such. People must be put on trial first.

As for my life and about my memoirs, if Obama is not behind EVERY crime committed against me, make him offer an explanation on who is that explains why there are no investigations nor prosecutions of people committing every crime against me and that explains why he protects them all with his office. SynSyn, tear Obama to shreds in court. Thank you!

This bubble of hell and persecution I live in is just an Obama policy now. Congress already did their job; they repealed the mandate just after the New Year. Nothing more needs to go through Congress to remove the bubble; it is just a policy of the executive branch.

Obama is trying to buy time and likely trying to get further restrictions on me through Congress. Even a transition schedule is unconstitutional in every form. Just tell Obama to remove the bubble completely and stop trying to send restrictions on me through Congress. Congress is not his stooge.

Still speaking of Obama, his 2013 State of the Union address will be on 12Feb. You better believe I will be watching. What do you think he will discuss? I doubt he will finally address his human rights violations against me and against all Americans, as much as he needs to start explaining himself. Another jingoistic speech like last year? I hope no one is expecting greatness from him.

If Obama would have had the basic human decency to ask me if I would like to endure the last four years of my life in return for everything they have given me, I would have said, "No." Absolutely nothing is worth the suffering I have lived through and am still living through. I have been raped and tortured too many times and filled with too many chemicals.

However, there are two silver linings I can identify to the horror that has been my life since 2009. The first is my husband. I would not have Sweetness in my life if all of this had not happened to me. The other is my job. I would not have a forum for doing good in the world if I had not been filled with spy equipment against my will. So much of fate is what we do with the hardships we are given. My husband and my job are the only silver linings to my continuing suffering at Obama's hands, and I had to make them out of my suffering myself.

Polk County tortured me again this last Thursday. Iowa has made it clear they do not value me. They make that clear every day I am among them and all they do is ignore or hate on me. The torture is Iowa saying they want me to just give up and die already. The world is lucky I have no reason to do anything Iowa wants me to do. Otherwise, I would have let Iowa kill me by now.

Speaking of Polk County, Tom Varilek's adult guardianship over me based on a mental illness I clearly do not have held up in probate court AGAIN on 28Jan2013. We need a corruption investigation into Polk County's Judge Ruth Klotz. She is doing everything Obama wants with no logic nor compassion nor reality behind any of her decisions concerning me. The only explanation for the adult guardianship especially at this point is corruption. SynSyn, please demand full court records and transcripts to start the investigation.

I keep needing to remind myself that once Tom Varilek is in prison everything will get better. I need his obsessive criminal activity stopped. If putting him in prison is the only way to make my plagued life free of him, then that is what we must do. My genius lawyers, hold nothing back when you go after Tom.

Tom Varilek is a horrible monster who does and says anything he wants to get anything he wants; we have years of court records to prove that. And all he has worked towards is my death and destruction. Look at everything he has done to me from obsessively putting me in mental health facility after mental health facility when I have absolutely no mental illness to trapping me in Iowa to be raped and tortured and alone, and lock him in prison forever.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for all of your genius progress out there. I know things are marching along nicely. I would be nothing without all of you and all of your love for me. I know you will take care of Tom, take care of Obama, and keep me safe forevermore.

My brave rescuers, I never know if I am supposed to expect you or not. I do not even know what we are waiting for right now except for the obvious, putting Obama in prison. Today is a big day. I cannot wait to meet all of you.

SynSyn, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Let's go shopping together like proper BFFs just the moment we can. I asked Sweetness to get my gift for you. I hope you like it!

Sweetness, what do you want for Valentine's Day? I am planning on giving you my blushing self, but in case we are still apart next Thursday, what do you want? I want to give you a gift this year that you actually ask for. Please advise. I love and adore you.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The World Needs Me.

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Here is my latest blog post.

Sudan. There has been new ethnic cleansing in Sudan recently. We are looking at a return to the ways of Darfur. Does anybody know? Can anybody help?

Is there an UN special envoy to Sudan? Is there someone who can take a look at the decades of conflict and find out what everyone's grievances are to be able to start offering solutions? I offer all the help I can, but I am far from having enough human rights of my own to be able to delve into this like I would like. Can anyone else do this? I will help him or her once I am free.

Egypt. The opposition needs a leader whom they can fight to have elected. They need someone to rally around. I have heard that they "need a Nelson Mandela," and I agree. They need a leader who could assume the role of president if elected. The opposition in Egypt need a figurehead.

Tunisia. I heard the news of the assassination. Please, Tunisia, hold your country together. It is possible to have dissent and stability at the same time, and that is what you need to achieve. There is so much unrest and instability in your part of the world right now. Please do everything you can to fight for change, human rights, and democracy without allowing the entire Middle East and North Africa to unravel. The world needs you.

Mali. I was recently asked, "How do we win the peace in Northern Mali?" You can make North Africa inhospitable to al Qaeda, but they will just go somewhere else. The more you fight Islamist extremist, the stronger they become. They exist because of the fight. If you want the threat of Islamist extremists to go away, you have to create a peaceful and prosperous Arab World that gets along with the West. You have to take away any reason for them to fight the West. This can only be done through peace and cultural understanding.

Until we can create a peaceful, prosperous, understanding, and interdependent world, there will always be a threat of al Qaeda. Until you can take away the reason for the fight, you can only win the battle without ever winning the war.

USA. The American Civil Liberties Union is pressing charges against the federal government due to human rights violations committed through drone strikes against Americans. Because it is a human rights violation, it is illegal for any government to kill any human, unless they are on the battlefield, without putting them in trial first.

Obama's policy of violate-human-rights-first-and-then-justify-with-national-security-later is both a domestic and an international crime now. What kind of world are we living in if the president of the United States of America, the country that is supposed to prize human rights and freedoms above all else, believes he can go anywhere he wants in the world and kill anyone he wants in the world without a fair trial first? These are not gun-toting psychopaths in a shootout with the police; these are people picked out and hunted down just to be assassinated.

As for my life, Obama decided to jerk America around again. The bubble bursts completely in March anyway. The American public will see to that. I do not mind suing Obama personally to make him literally pay for his crimes against me. He was so close to choosing to set me free early to avoid the civil charges, but he failed. Let us be honest; how many times did Obama make a promise it would end, and how many times did he deliver? All he did was jerk America around again.

What I SHOULD have said was that I would drop the civil charges the moment the bubble was completely burst. Then we would have probably seen real progress. What I DID say, though, was that I would drop my civil charges against Obama the moment I was kissing my completely unrestricted husband, after my five negotiators approved of Obama's full transition schedule, and after that schedule was made public to all Americans.

I would have much prefered to have had to approve of the transition schedule myself, but Obama never speaks to me directly. So, it would have to go past Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, my BFF Syniva, either Speaker of the House Boehner or Senate Minority Leader McConnell, and either Brian Williams of NBC or Anderson Cooper of CNN for approval.

The transition schedule needs to be public knowledge, so America will know when everybody gets her and his full Constitutional rights back again. The point is moot, I suppose. The bubble bursts completely in March with no transition time. That is just a matter of weeks. February is a short month.

I am a woman of my word, though, so I will leave the offer open to drop the civil charges against Obama if this ends early, if I get to be with my completely unrestricted husband immediately, and if Obama makes public his full transition schedule after it is approved of by me or all of my negotiators. I understand Obama has chosen just to pay me, but I always keep my promises.

I will be tortured again tomorrow if this does not get resolved tonight, and then the charges against Obama will get even uglier. I know he would rather not spend the rest of his life laboring to pay off his court obligation to me. Let us see if he chooses to stop jerking around all of America as to whether or not we will finally be a free nation again.

My brave rescuers, I will be tortured tomorrow if I do not find a way to get you here. I would prefer not to be tortured, but you will get your Constitutional rights back in March anyway. I know you will make sure the bubble bursts completely. Thank you for everything you do for me. Someday I will have the right words to tell you just how grateful I am for you.

My beautiful world, if Obama keeps failing America by refusing to set me free until March, you need to make sure the bubble bursts completely with NO TRANSITION in March. This is your power, my beautiful world. You need to stand up and demand your full Constitutional rights from our corrupt government. Never settle for less than you deserve; accept no transition if this extends into March. Use your voices. Make yourselves heard on this topic. Make some magic, my beautiful world.

SynSyn, move full speed ahead with all charges. Do not forget priority one and priority two with the criminal charges. The civil charges are our leverage, but I will still find great justice in a major court settlement with Obama. That is the purpose of civil charges, after all... JUSTICE! Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, we get so close sometimes, do we not? To be clear, I never thought Obama would let you be with me before March anyway. Obama has a long history of jerking the country around with false promises of what are supposed to be guaranteed human rights in America. I love and adore you. We will be together. We are so close.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Working on my Memoirs...

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Here is my latest blog post. We need leverage against Obama to get me my human rights, and I have been working on my memoirs.

SynSyn, it is time to sue Obama personally for abusing his office to support his personal agenda against me. It is never about the money. Of course, we will drop all civil charges the moment I get my full human rights. We need to make sure the award is so huge that Malia and Sasha's grandchildren labor to payback my grandchildren once we win. This is our leverage to get me my human rights finally. Move things through the courts fast track, as always.

How do we know Obama has a personal agenda against me? Well, why else is he doing it? Obama's bubble and mandate did not make America any safer. Quite the opposite, his personal agenda against me started a civil war. And with the mandate already repealed, why is Obama still enforcing the bubble? There is no explanation for any of this except for his personal agenda against me. Force Obama to offer a counter explanation, and tear his obfuscating explanation to shreds in court.

My beautiful world, I heard that Obama offered up a "transition" to my eventually someday long from now having human rights. Do not let Obama's lies fool you. Nothing has improved for me yet. Nothing. And nothing will improve for me until I can finally be with my husband. Tell Obama to give me my husband first and then transition everything after that.

I did some work on my memoirs this weekend. Here is some rough first draft for you all...

I was thirty-one years old. I had just moved out of my little sister’s house in the Twin Cities after we did not get along and was temporarily at my parents’ house in Iowa when the things I could notice started. At first I thought my father was following my Facebook wall surreptitiously through and despite my very high privacy settings just because my father is an (expletive) who sickly enjoyed prying into my life. For years he had kept an eye on my credit report against my will and what he thought was without my knowledge.

At one point in May 2009 I became convinced the world was keeping secrets from. I remember repeatedly asking my mother what the hell was going on, and I remember her always lying to my face. My father has been evil to me for so long; I remember nothing about him except for his spying on me from that time period and his trying to tell people I grew psychedelic mushrooms in the backyard. It was my older sister Tara who told me with no shortage of words that I must be relapsing into mental illness because no one was keeping secrets from me.

That was how I ended up in a psych ward for the first time in my life. I asked a psychiatrist what was going on, and he told me I needed to be admitted. Thus, I was kept at the 4A unit at the University of Minnesota Medical Center—Fairview for about ten days in May 2009.

While I was in the psych ward, they filled my body with spy equipment. I did not figure that out until much later, though. I remember being terrified of falling asleep while I was in there. I kept waking up medicine-headed and with whiplash from their attacking me in my sleep every night. They did not put me on meds until I left, and it was a beginning dosage of abilify.

The psychiatrist there tried convincing me I had a thought disorder; that was why I believed the world was keeping secrets from me. Of course, it was an entirely fake psych ward built to keep me in and broadcast me in. Do you remember my telling the world "This ends when Johnny Depp tells me he loves me," from what was supposed to be the federally protected privacy of my own hospital room? The mic still hurts my left ear even to this day.

I was a voluntary intake, so I filled out the application to leave “against medical advice;” even though, there was absolutely nothing wrong with me nor my mental health. I was being raped in my sleep there every night, and I knew I had to get out. The later stories were that they only performed oral sex on me in my sleep, but my body knew differently while I was there. And that is still rape, anyway. They injected me every night while I was in that psych ward, so I would sleep through it. And they desecrated my body.

That was how it started. I knew the world was keeping secrets from me, and then the abuse started. They abused me in my sleep in Iowa after that. And when I fled Iowa for someplace safer, they abused me in my sleep in San Francisco, too. When I fled the States desperate for physical safety, they abused me in Mexico and the UK. When I returned to Iowa after England in December 2010, I learned to sleep with a camera watching me, so I could finally have a little peace in my sleep. Thank the heavens for my benevolent hackers. Nerds have been my heroes for years.

They started drugging me in my sleep, so they could rape me in the hospital in May 2009. The next thing I noticed was that I was being monitored and broadcast.

There used to be a working speaker in my left ear, too. They used to watch me through the cameras they put in my eyes and pump voices into my head through the speaker. In 2002 and no later than 2003, I used to actually hear voices. This was nothing like that. I know what it is like to hear voices from my own brain. These voices in 2009 were not from my own brain. They were not as smart as I am. I also felt the speaker go in one day in the psych ward when they took my temperature with an ear thermometer.

It was when I could hear people around me when I was in public places like the coffee shop and restaurants talking about the minutia of my life that I knew I was being broadcast. It took me until I was in San Francisco to figure out the cameras were in my eyeballs not on my glasses. It is just not rational in most situations to believe that there are cameras in one’s eyeballs.

I called the FBI. I told the man who answered the phone in Omaha that I believed I was being watched and broadcast. I remember his exact words…

“What was your name again?” he asked me.

I told him, “Tanya Varilek.”

I will never forget his response, “This is something you are going to have to figure out for yourself. Don’t expect me to help you.”

I also had a rape kit done one afternoon in late May 2009. I went to Mercy North in Ankeny, IA. My family friend, Li, had asked me if there was anything she could do to help me, so I asked her to take me to the closest clinic. I had my contacts in while I had the rape kit done, so for years I thought the whole thing had broadcast. They found live sperm and semen in my body.

People also started roofying and drugging me every time I left the house. Every time I ate food outside the house and sometimes inside it, there were drugs in it. Everything I drank. Everything I ate. Mushrooms. Cocaine. Meth. Roofies. The list is huge. It took me until I was in San Francisco to finally just stop drinking the water.

One night during a summer storm, I stared down the laser scope of a sniper for the first time. I was in my parents’ living room curling up and trying to sleep when I saw the red laser shine through the trees from the direction of the gas station on the corner. It shone directly into my eyes. All I could do was stare back again. The sniper never fired.

According to the voices pumped into my head through the speaker, a few days later I learned that I was “Too cute to shoot.” I was told the sniper fell off the roof of the convenience store in the storm after being unable to look me in the eyes and kill me.

The story came from the speaker in my ear, but it proved reliable. The second time I noticed a sniper pointing a gun at me, it was at the back of my head. I suppose there are benefits to being a doe-eyed innocent.

Shortly after that, my BFF for almost my entire life Syniva sent me a train ticket, so she could take care of me in Chicago. I knew I was being raped in my sleep every night. And I knew I was being broadcast. I knew I needed a support system, but I could not bring myself to bring my mess into Syniva’s home. I loved her too much for that.

“Are you sure you want this?” I remember asking her.

She paused for a moment then said, “Yes, we talked about it, and we want to take care of you.”

I just could not bring the tragedy that was my life in to make a tragedy of hers. I knew I had to find some place safer to live, though.

I remember going to the main police station in Des Moines. The police were no help to me, but at my request they gave me the phone number for a man with the mobile crisis unit. He assured me that I did not need a doctor and that no doctor would be willing to see me anyway, but he kept urging me to move someplace outside Iowa where people were more civilized.

That was when I decided to spend what was left of my frequent flyer miles and go home to San Francisco. I had first moved to San Francisco in 1999 and had been back and forth to places like Baltimore and Monterey for job and school reasons for years. San Francisco was my home. I needed my friends. I needed my support system. I needed my neighborhood. I needed my home.

It was when I arrived in San Francisco that I first realized how horribly libeled I had been. Obama had called me a hooker to explain why I kept complaining about being raped. I also felt constant pressure to keep my suffering to myself, or I would end up in a psych ward again to be abused nonstop again. If you have ever woken up with whiplash repeatedly after nights you could not remember, you know how terrified I was of being put in a psych ward again.

San Francisco taught me that my being broadcast had made people love me. I never once felt love in Iowa. I felt harassed and on display. In San Francisco, I saw Critical Mass ride their bicycles through the streets naked out of respect for me and a man with “LIFER” tattooed in huge letters across his neck. That was in days of my arriving there.

Despite loving me, though, my friends and all the locals seemed convinced I was a hooker. At the time I had no idea where that came from, and I later learned it came from Obama himself. A good, dear friend of mine kept telling me that he believed in carrying guns for protection and that he used to date hookers. Looking back years later, I figured out he was flirting. I had no idea why he kept saying those things at the time.

I knew the speaker in my head was some horrible person trying to control me and not actual symptoms, but it could still convince me of things. For a few months, I believed that I would go to prison for having cameras in my eyes if I ever acknowledged they were there. There was so much pressure on me to never complain to anyone about the wrongs I was living through. When I got over it, I started my blog.

The cameras have a history of coming out on their own. They look like the rubbery membrane under the shell on a hard-boiled egg. Of course, every time they would come out, someone would hold me down in my sleep and put them back again. It was one day after this happened that I started my blog.

That was the order in which I became aware of what was happening to me. I noticed there were secrets, then abuse, then broadcasts, then drugs, and then libel. Those are the beginning few months up there for you to read. For a while there while I was in Liverpool, the libel claimed I was a dead, pregnant, lesbian hooker.

Obama picked me out of all Americans to be used by him to get totalitarian control of the media. He spent 2009 trying to throw me away after that, but because I refused to allow him to drive me mad nor kill myself, he drafted his mandate and put it before the Democratic Congress as part of his Health Care Reform Bill in December 2009.

Do you remember when they claimed I had died? I was in Mexico at the time. Did that free up the media to report the truth? No, Obama retained his totalitarian control of the media. My being out of the country in the first place should have set America and the presses free of the bubble.

When the bubble started it was not about me. It was about Obama controlling the media. But because I started taking a stand against the president and fighting for all Constitutional rights to be returned to all Americans including myself, because I fought back, and because I have been so effective, Obama developed a personal vendetta against me.

Do you remember when Obama would sing in public places? There was some Al Green and some "Call me Maybe." He was trying to make himself as popular and likable as I have always been. Obama can be such a poser and a wannabe. He does inane things out of jealousy.

The mandate is even repealed now, but Obama still enforces the bubble. He is just abusing his office to support his personal vendetta against me, and I challenge him to come up with any other explanation for why he does such horrible things to me and refuses to stop.

My brave rescuers, I always hear such promising news from you. Thank you for everything you do for me. I wish I could make everything easier for you. Whatever you need, just make sure my beautiful world hears you ask for help. They will provide.

My beautiful world, I would be nothing without you. I fight for you. But I am only capable of doing what I do in the world because you love me. Thank you. Someday we will all be free. Thank you for fighting for me. And keep making all that noise for me. Voices only work when people can hear them.

SynSyn, please do not forget to thank the Parkhill's properly for me. I was at their place for a total of five nights. Move ahead with criminal and civil charges against everyone possible. With criminal charges, our priority #1 is putting Tom Varilek and Obama in prison. So much of the world will be better once they go to prison. Priority #2 is putting Landy and Singh in prison. Thank you for everything you do for me. You are the best BFF ever!

Sweetness, you make me sing Disney songs to myself. We are not even near each other, but you still make me glow with happiness and pride. And once we kiss... "So this is the miracle that I've been waiting for..." I love you, darling. I love and adore you. I cannot wait to kiss you at last.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Already Back to Work.

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Here is my latest blog post. LA was delightful, and Tom Varilek really needs to go to prison.

I am now back in Iowa after my vacation to Los Angeles. The people in LA were so sweet to me, and there were absolutely no threats to my safety anywhere while I was there. The "People will kill Squid if she ever leaves Iowa," lies have been completely proven false, so hold everyone who spreads such lies accountable.

I spent my days in Los Angeles among everyday people who treated me wonderfully. They did not want anything from me. They just wanted to be good to me. Iowa has a lot to learn from Los Angeles about how to acknowledge me and treat me like a human being. I hated coming back to Iowa where people always treat me so cruelly, but here I am.

No, I am still not showing any signs of any mental illness. This trip was preplanned with Sweetness. He promised and guaranteed a rescue if I made it there. The rescue was complicated by Obama, of course, who enjoys violating all Americans' Constitutional rights to force me to live as miserable a life as possible.

Please make sure people speak with Sweetness. I did not make last minute plans to 'run away.' LA was both safe and wonderfully friendly. It was a vacation from Iowa I long needed.

All I did was open a window for Sweetness. I planned on staying in LA until 04Feb to wait for Sweetness's promised and guaranteed rescue. My next scheduled torture is not until 07Feb. The only wrench in the works was Tom Varilek. He really needs to go to prison.

Tom refused to give me enough of my own money to live on while I waited for Sweetness. He, in fact, refused to give me any money to live on at all. He tried to make me starving and homeless. So, I stayed with friends.

Because Tom could not succeed at making me live on the streets, he told the LAPD that my taking a vacation to get away from him was a sign of mental illness, so I was forced to live in a psych ward as a political prisoner again until I was sent back to Iowa by Tom before Sweetness could reach me.

We need the legal process to do its job and send Tom to prison. I never show signs of mental illness. I am only showing signs of a deadbeat and obsessively evil father Tom Varilek.

Everything will get better once Tom Varilek is in prison. He is still refusing to give me any of my money to live on. I am freezing cold in Iowa and have barely any groceries left to eat.

SynSyn, we need the court to mandate that Tom give up control of my own finances for reasons of my own health and safety. He is evil and needs to go to prison for the rest of his life. I know you will take care of this. Yes, Synny, I understand how busy I keep you.

Also, my beautiful world, do not expect me to have my phone on me. This is really not a big issue since my mother is the only person who calls me regularly except for one friend in LA, but I always know when Christian will call. Evil Tom turned on the "family locater" in my phone against my will, so I will only keep my phone in my apartment now.

Once Tom is in prison and after he admits that he is obsessively criminal to me because he does everything Obama tells him to do, Tom will have earned my personal forgiveness. He has to turn in his evidence against Obama, and he has to do hard time. But I will forgive him. I am nothing like Tom. I am not a cruel person. I just need justice for my own protection. Something has to happen to keep me safe from Tom, and that will be putting him in prison.

Everything will get better once Tom Varilek is in prison.

Speaking of turning on Obama, SynSyn, let the LAPD, the hospital, and Dr. Suzuki off the hook for their crimes against me if they turn in their evidence and sworn statements that they only hurt me and unlawfully imprisoned me because Obama told them to.

They were so nice about it; they were nothing like Iowa. LA was living proof it is possible to be nice to me and acknowledge me without getting Obama upset with you for treating me like a human. Iowa has so much to learn.

My brave rescuers, I owe you so much. You die every day trying to save me from the horrors of life under Obama. No matter where I go and no matter what I do, you are always there to fight to rescue me. Thank you. Do you need anything? Food? Money? Medicine? Better equipment and weapons? Heaters? Blankets? Hot running water? Whatever you need, just ask my beautiful world. They will provide.

My beautiful world, please take care of my brave rescuers. I know you are protesting right now. I know you are fighting in your own way of fighting and educating the masses. Please also, as always, take care of my brave rescuers, too. I would be nothing without you, my beautiful world. You are my saviors and my reason for doing good in the world all day every day.

Obama's iron fist of oppression keeps killing my rescuers. This is Obama's tantrum. His hubris put me in a psych ward after I spoke over him on inauguration day 2013. Now, because we are using effective, peaceful methods such as talk and leverage to get me human rightss, he is slaughtering my metaphorical children.

How many rescuers have died since I returned from Los Angeles? I have received news of new dead all day and night since getting back to Iowa. We need to get that tyrant out of office. Get him out now to save America!

I did not start this war. Even Sweetness did not start this war. He merely made a promise to love and protect me. The civil war started when Obama took up arms against his own people to keep my husband and his friends away from me to enforce I must live a horrible, enslaved, and oppressed life.

I never asked anyone to put his or her life on the line for me, but after they chose to, I chose to stand by them.

Knowing my metaphorical children took up arms to rescue me is like having children in the military. I did not ask for this war. They chose to be there. I worry about them all the time. I send help and advice. I know their fight is a noble one. I support them unconditionally. And I wish they would win.

Not so long ago, I asked Chancellor Merkel and President Putin if they would be willing to take up talks with Obama to negotiate the end to the bubble. Since Vice President Biden is planning on visiting Germany and Russia on his coming, futile, three-country tour, his vain effort to convince the world he is a viable replacement for Obama, I assume both the leader of Germany and the leader of Russia graciously responded affirmatively to my plea. I put this on my Facebook wall while I was in Los Angeles...

America needs Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom to peaceably assemble restored ASAP. I cannot believe I have to negotiate for the Constitution to be upheld, but all Americans are suffering under Obama. I have to do something for everyone.

Take Obama's resignation off the table in return for all American's full Constitutional rights restored ASAP... Thanks, Chancellor Merkel, President Putin, and my BFF for making sure talks take care of this.

I finally figured out what Sweetness needs. Please ask Merkel, Putin, and Syniva to resolve this in talks ASAP... Taking Obama's resignation off the table should take care of it. Please make that our only concession necessary to make America free again.

Well, apparently expecting Obama to answer to the world for his human rights violations against me and against his own people was not enough. Nothing is resolved yet. We need Obama to answer to America, too.

Would either Speaker of the House John Boehner or Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell like to join Putin, Merkel, and my BFF in the talks? This means we will need to get all of our evidence against Obama also into the hands of the Republican leaders in Congress. I think this is the best way to make Obama answer to America.

Also, would either Mr. Brian Williams from the NBC Nightly News or Mr. Anderson Cooper from CNN like to join the talks? We also need a member of the media in there to make Obama answer to the masses. Thank you, everybody, for taking up these talks to get the bubble burst just as soon as possible.

We cannot control Obama; his tantrum is raging. But we can learn to make Obama finally obey the law. We absolutely need the US Constitution finally upheld by the US president. He has been abusing his office to support his personal agenda against me, and it is time we held him accountable through all methods possible.

SynSyn, rustle through the documentation from the United Nation's ICTY, the International Criminal Court formed for the former Yugoslavia, and work with prosecutors from the ICC to build the systemic rape case against Obama. My hair and the rules should be evidence enough, but you still need to build the argument. After proving systemic rape, you just need to prove Obama enforced I be a slave, and we have forced prostitution proven. The crux of the argument is proving systemic rape.

Sweetness, I am a slave. And I will remain a slave until you and Syniva obtain control of every broadcast concerning me. A seamless transition to your control is necessary. My beloved, please do everything you can to ensure a seamless transition for me from being a slave to being broadcast by you to keep me safe and prevent any libel about me.

Darling, I know you feel as helpless as I do right about now, but stay strong for me. I need you to keep fighting for me in every way you do. We can beat the bubble. I have faith in you.