Sunday, February 24, 2013

I Still have Never Seen my Wings.

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Here is my latest blog post. Two blog posts in two days! It has been one hell of a weekend.

Washington, DC. Republicans and Democrats, would you be willing to close the capital gains loophole in return for a law that a budget where more money is taken in than spent must be passed every year? Would you be willing to close one loophole to get a balanced budget amendment?

Democrats, the capital gains loophole is a huge loophole. I recommended closing it in December. It is the reason Warren Buffet does not pay as high a tax rate as his secretary.

Republicans, think of all of the spending cuts that we could guarantee with a balanced budget amendment. Think of all the good that would do for the national debt! It is not too late to avoid the sequester and replace it with real reform.

Democrats and Republicans, we need to stop borrowing so much money. If we keep spending more than we take in, it is just a matter of years before we must default on our national debt entirely. That is basic math.

We need to stop fixing our fiscal problems with short term band-aids and actually start creating cures for the disease. The only way to reduce the national debt before we must default on it (due to overspending AND interest) is to mandate balanced budgets. Please do this for America. Again, our leaders in Washington, it is not too late to avoid the sequester and replace it with real reform.

As for my life, Obama plans on denying me as many human rights as possible as long as possible. That is what 'transition' means for him. Please keep in mind that the 'transition' is neither codified nor public, so America will be suffering without rights at the whims of Obama and his unchecked violations of the US Constitution until we get him held accountable for all of this. The fact I will be 'transitioned' into being a human again instead of just given my rights finally is just further human rights violations.

Congress, all of America is counting on you to codify that we all get our Constitutional rights back just as soon as possible. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, I know you are on board now with saving America. Please work with Speaker of the House John Boehner on bipartisan heroics. I know you have your differences, but thank you for agreeing about me. We are all counting on you to bundle up some legislation to make America the land of the free again. We need you.

Not to be too random, but how many people have seen my wings? I still have never seen them. What type of camera can see my wings and other energy signatures? Is it the pinhole cameras? How do I get one? I have never seen the 'special effects.' I should probably do a live show of special effects for the world to watch. How do I start organizing this?

Speaking of footage of me, I have another note about that slop trough of false videos that have surfaced of me... If any of it is slander or libel, press charges, my genius lawyers. We need to get lies about me silenced. They cause far too much damage.

My brave rescuers, you always have such promising news for me. I wish there were far less dying involved with being my hero. Whatever you need. Please ask my beautiful world for whatever you may need.

My beautiful world, there has still been little progress in here inside the bubble. The public with very few exceptions is still cruel. I still must sleep with a camera watching me to keep me safe from being raped again. I am still imprisoned in Iowa that breaks every law to oppress me under orders from Obama. My life is miserable, but I am perking up due to fewer chemicals. The water still gives me a hangover, but at least it stopped giving me an ugly face.

You are the only reason, my beautiful world, that there has been any progress as marginal as it is inside this bubble. Please accept my hugest thanks for all of your help. You make dreams come true, my beautiful world. Thank you for everything, and please keep up the good work. We are not free, so the fight is not over yet.

SynSyn, I want to give a special thank you to you and all of my genius lawyers for all of your grand progress out there. A couple years of solid gold and we are still only on the verge of bringing this bubble down. But your progress out there had been remarkable, and I thank you all for everything you do for me. You are a miracle worker, SynSyn. I would be nothing without you.

Sweetness, I just put an envelope in the mail to you this last night and another one this afternoon. I seem to be going through a phase where I send you a lot of small mail instead of the occasional long letter. I hope you enjoy my letters just as much. No less love is being sent to you. You are still my only reason for living. I love and adore you. Keep shining, my silver lining.

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