Tuesday, October 26, 2010

They are Beyond Despicable.

My quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds, refused to come into work today in order to ensure I am not granted any more time than I already have off the ward. It is time to put extra pressure on her to send me home. She obviously feels no pressure as things are now to do the right thing. She is refusing to follow any normal procedures, least of all any normal procedures to send me back to the States. I need you all to put enough pressure on her to release me as soon as possible. Thank you, world, for doing this for me.

My email account still has the British-gov-virus. I just received a fake email from my good, dear friend Cuddlebunny. It was a worse than pathetic attempt to pretend to be him.

Thank you, my beautiful world, for standing strong and united in support of me. If you do not mind just kicking the quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds, hard enough she finally does the right thing, I would greatly appreciate it. Her refusal to be in to make sure I cannot be released in a timely manner is disgusting. Put pressure on her she can actually feel.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Quack is still Quacking...!

My quack thinks it is a symptom that I call this a torture facility. Does anyone else remember this post? She also calls it a symptom that I hate her. The quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds, needs to be kicked into line... and kicked hard.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another Day in the Life

Aid for Gaza

Let’s hope the aid reaches its intended destination. Let’s hope the suffering becomes eased. Let us all hope that some change is made for the better in this situation. Always do everything you can to end the human suffering first, and then talk out how to prevent it from happening again afterwards.

Keeping the Area Stable

Do not let false accusations tear stability apart. If the Middle East goes to war with itself so much is lost. I know that the Middle East is very aware of this. I know that no one there wants to be a pawn for the West that starts World War 3. I know the Middle East listens to me. I know they will not be the ones to attack anyone first. For this I am hugely grateful... as is all the world.

Russia’s Fashion Week

Fashion is art, and art is culture. Fashion is a necessary form of human expression. Our expressions of ourselves begin with what we wear. We are noticed and recognized from our appearance before people can hear or witness our witty repartee. Human expression is the jewel of the human experience. Without art, we are nothing.

The Exchange Rate

The Chinese listened to me. In order to prevent global economic collapse, they kept their economy strong. It is time to ask a very important questions again, “Has Obama done anything but make the US worse?”

For example, I am a big deal. US decisions about me come straight from the top. Obama sent the executive orders to enslave me, torture me, rape me, broadcast me, sell me, and lie to me to make sure I could never find a way to stop it.

As another example, Obama has intentionally only bludgeoned the economy into almost non-existence. What has he done? And what effect did it have? That is what you need to look at. Do we think a MANDATORY universal health care plan that the lower AND middle income families (at least 80% of the country) cannot afford (especially after paying the taxes to build the system) will help or hurt the economy? Did he bail out the American public or did he bail out the wealthy? Did Obama do ANYTHING effective to fix the spill in the Gulf in a timely manner, or did he just lie and say the oil evaporated? I could ask these questions all night.

Clearly, China and the Middle East take me to heart and follow my advice while Obama is just a poser and wannabe. Obama was the first identified sperm whale and natural enemy of the giant Squid. I cannot believe he has not been impeached, yet. It is not long before his fascism has him disowned by the Democratic Party to save itself.

Multiculturalism Debate

The multiculturalism debate is a touchy one. I am a firm believer, though, that any excuse to learn a new language is a good one. I cannot imagine living immersed in a culture without wanting to learn its language. The language classes should be free, of course, and easily accessible.

If immigrants learn the new language, they will be better able to share their own culture with their new nation. They will better be able to be active members of their country and to be active in their government. I am a firm believer in breaking down all walls of ostracization.

WikiLeaks's Reputation

There is a new form of social justice. It comes from taking information and putting it in the public eye. This is a form of justice the common people have needed for a very long time. WikiLeaks has endangered no one but the corrupt, and this is clearly how the corrupt are fighting back... with slander and lies. The corrupt use it on me, and they now use it on WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks has hurt no informers. Stop falling for the lies.

Friday, October 15, 2010

More Radom Things on my Mind...

I often read my horoscope for amusement. I frequently find it has very little to do with my life, but my horoscope for the day today urged me to embrace my inner rebel. Voila! I knew my horoscope would hit home eventually! I am supposed to embrace my inner rebel in order to push the envelope and take a risk. Okay, maybe it was a better fit for yesterday. I think I am making real progress convincing my doctor to set me free. I could never do it without you, world. Keep the pressure on the quack, and I will get out of here, yet.

I know I need a haircut. I promised my cut hair to religious institutions, though. This will likely be easier to organize if I wait until I am State-side before getting the haircut, then. It is no real surprise what I will do. I need a trim of about 10 inches off the tips. As is usual, it might be hard to notice any difference.

I had an absolutely delightful afternoon today off of the ward. They let me out, now, for two hours a day in any denomination I so choose. I went down to a local tea and coffee shop to write a letter to my husband. I drank much tasty coffee there and even started and finished a poem for him. It was a delightful afternoon.

I received many wonderful birthday wishes this year both digitally and on paper. My cards and gifts from my sisters arrived already, but my card from my mom is still waiting somewhere to arrive. It seems to be another case of missing mail.

With communication on the mind, I recently sent an email to my attorney at home in San Francisco. I have not yet received a reply, so I am hoping he received it. Communication is always so speculative for me.

Speaking of communication problems, all comments for this blog must be approved by me first. I rarely if ever receive any comments for approval in my inbox… but lately some guy named Chad who is pretending he has met me before has been swamping my inbox. I wish he would stop. The only Chad I can think of from my past would not dare say one word to me now, so I do not even read the comments. I just delete them. Chad, if you are reading this, cease and desist. I do not know who you are and do not appreciate your false attention.

And now, from the news!

Freedom must feel so sweet.
All thirty-three of the miners are out! YEY! The people of the world heaved a sigh of relief and then began to party when the Earth finally spat them up. I hope they and their rescuers go on to live beautiful and successful lives.

Where do I begin?
Government-run and -instigated cyberbullying hand-in-hand with cyberslandering has long been the bane of my existence. I said it before and I will say it again, the internet has been my battleground for the truth. I am done with being a victim. You, my beautiful world, have come alive to save me. Thank you for everything.

The world goes on.
The sun still rises. The sun still sets. The world still turns, and the stars continue to metaphorically float across the aether. The world is not over yet. Let’s all see what we can do to keep humanity alive. Has anyone taken a good look at the ocean gyres lately? Take a look and get back to me on how to fix this. Thank you, my beautiful world.

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Post for the Day Before my Birthday

Properly placed diplomacy fuels economies instead of deadening them and serves the people’s needs. The US and the UK have a whole hell of a lot to learn. You see, properly placed diplomacy also does not involve sending missiles to hit a supposed ally. That giant hole in the ground in Chicago is there because the British government wanted to end all of humanity instead of face justice for what they have already done to me. I am sorry I let one through to hit Chicago. I still weep over that. Just ask the astronauts from any country who witnessed it all.

Support for an economy can come from any of all sorts of place. These places include sporting events like the French Open, the World Cup, or (for once, a sporting event I am not too quackery-drugged to miss all of) the Commonwealth Games. Oh, did they not tell you that the quack kept me too uselessly drugged to watch the World Cup? I am still angry about that. Yes, well, help for economies can come from all sorts of places. I hear a pirate movie is filming in London. We do everything we can. What do the British do to support us? Anything? 

I am still a victim of the British. I am only one woman; I cannot do everything. I cannot take care of the British while I am still their victim. The British need to stand up and demand I be set free of this hell. Until then, they live without any help from me... I just cannot do it. Stand up, Brits, stand up already!

Someone needs to cut Pakistan some slack. Not only have they dealt with flood, famine, and drone attacks from the US. Now, they just had an earthquake. Yes, I have taken it up with Mother Nature, but we strictly do not discuss earthquakes. Besides, we have had red sludge in Hungary as a hot topic lately. What would be best is if the US government would behave itself and only send troops to places they will NOT die in vain. That is not a real conflict. It is an invented one; that is why it is hopeless to win, just like Afghanistan.

Okay, fine, I admitted it. I can talk to Mother Nature, but I cannot speak to those in the afterlife. Let me dispel that myth about my abilities right now. There have been a wave of entertainment industry deaths lately, and as much as I would like to speak with Tony Curtis, it does not lie in my list of skills to communicate across the aether into the Underworld. I do not see ghosts. Or, if I do, I cannot tell that they are ghosts. I have many superhuman skills. That is not one of them.

Religion is a very important thing. It not only helps humanity make sense out confusing topics like the afterlife, the universe, and life, but it also is source of services for the community. I know that is a strange thing for a proud atheist such as myself to say, but it is what I believe. A great deal of good for the public from prisoner negotiations to soup kitchens come from religious institutions. I just have faith in a different higher power. I put my faith in humanity.  Stay strong and united, my beautiful world, and you will help me finally reach my human rights.

I also have faith my mail will eventually arrive. Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday, and I am expecting cards and packages from my mom and sisters. One package from my mother already went missing. Apparently, someone stole the external CD/DVD RW drive I bought for myself with the meager funds I am allowed during this whole debacle. My mom mailed it to me, and it never arrived. Let’s all make sure my birthday cards get here intact.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another week as the quack's experiment...

My mom has not yet sent the letter. I am beginning to feel abandoned. I spend every day waiting for freedom from this rape house. I spend every day tethered to this torture facility waiting for my mother to set me free. I spend every day looking for a faster option. There is only one other option I have found. The British could kick my quack into line finally and demand she set me free.

The quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds, thinks I am a toy for her amusement. Not only am I her walking, tortured chemistry experiment (What will they inject me with this week?), but I now am a social experiment as well. She is now “allowing” me to go out twice a day for ½ an hour at a time each. It takes fifteen minutes to walk anywhere, and if I pass someone along the way I would like to have a conversation with, I CANNOT take the two ½-hour sessions in a row. I am allowed out, but I am not allowed to do anything nor to speak to anyone.

She claims it is a test. Yes, I know what kind of tests quacks do. At its best, it is a tease. I get ½ an hour twice a day to walk around the block because there is no way to do anything else. What is there to learn about me from this? That I know how to tell time? Quack. That is all Dr. Helen Reynolds is. She is a quack, and I am her tortured, rape-victim experiment.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM), on the other hand, has proven to be angels. On absolutely no notice, Steve and Lydia made sure I could update my paperwork with them to make sure I can still travel home once I am set free of this place. They really took care of me.

France, yes, I will see you as soon as it is guaranteed my husband and I are allowed to be together. He might want a detour through the Caribbean, but I will be there as soon as possible. My husband can have anything he wants, as far as I am concerned. I am sure you understand.

Monday, October 4, 2010

I will Travel to see you, my Passionate World.

I have heard the travel warnings for Americans wanting to go to Europe. The warnings concern terrorist attack threats by extremists at major landmarks. I, for one, do not allow anything to control my normal way of life without a fight. If we allow terrorist threats to stop us from leading our normal lives, the terrorists win; we are terrorized. Yes, people should proceed with care, but we cannot allow them to take away our normal ways of life. That gives the terrorists everything they want without having to lift a finger. If you are a normal traveller or vacationer to Europe, I say, “Go ahead and travel.” Otherwise, we have already lost our way of life to the extremists.

Some people claim I am a victim of the internet. Others say I am an internet giant. It is very true that my relationship with the internet has been strange, but who would I be without it? The internet has been my battleground for the truth, and it has been a showcase for what technology is capable of now. The public has learned to keep track of where they learned what. People now know to stick to only reliable places for truth and insight. The world has learned to take care, to stand strong, and make its voice heard.

I could still use some help with the quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds. I could use a strong world to kick her into line. She is not only the reason the British have not been allowed to redeem themselves by sending me to France to be with my husband, but she also has a Napoleon complex. Dr. Helen Reynolds stands maybe five feet tall and has pronounced control issues. It is clear that the only reason she is refusing to discharge me from this hospital’s (total lack of) care is only because I insist on it. I could use the world putting pressure on her to do the right thing.

World, I will see you after I go to Iowa. I promised my mother that if she sent the letter demanding my freedom BEFORE the hospital’s office closes this Thursday, October 7th, 2010, then I would go straight to Iowa to be with her. She needs some care and attention, and it is the least I can do for her as a thank you. It is clear the British are doing nothing to save themselves right now. I meet with my quack tomorrow, and all she will do is make my angry at being left in here still. My mother will fix the problem, but the quack will still need to sign the papers. And, yes, France, I will go see you after I check on my mom in Iowa.

Britain, stop overthinking all of this. I need to no longer be your victim before I can take care of you again... just as I care for all the world. I am doing everything in my power to no longer be your victim. What are YOU doing? Are you doing ANYTHING. Okay, you REFUSE to redeem yourselves; at least, I will be able to treat you like everyone else, again, once I get to Iowa. You'll just be unredeemed. Try helping my mother get me out of here.

Speaking of my mother, she birthed me almost thirty-three years ago. I was born on October 12th, 1977. That means that I will be celebrating my 33rd birthday a week from tomorrow. YEY! I wonder what the world will bring me as a gift. Will it be my freedom from this hell? I do not care about any of those terrorist threats. I WILL go see you, World. I just need a way out of this hell they call a hospital.

Friday, October 1, 2010

And now... some Narcissism!

It has been one more day waiting for the letter from my mom to arrive. The good news is that letter from my angelic mother is on its way. It should be here soon. Freedom, here I come!!!

The quack is still quacking... and loudly. I still have no leave. I am still tortured by nurses with needles. I am still confined to this hell they pretend is a hospital. People keep asking me if I would be willing to stay in Liverpool. Those people must be crazy, pardon the joke. I have been more poorly treated here than anywhere else. It has reached the point that the nurses’ accent on ANY human can make me cringe in pain. We will see how long it takes me to heal from that.

Yesterday was torture day. They came after me with needles. I screamed in anguish. I cannot wait until I am released from this torture facility.

I am now going to use world news to talk about myself… Please pardon my momentary narcissism.

1.) Visions of America
The long-term vision of America by the Obama administration has long been the total ruin of the country. Have they changed, yet? It appears not. Their policies on me included but were not limited to raping me until I killed myself. They have yet to display a long-term vision based on saving America, helping America, or allowing America to grow, thrive, and flourish. On the upside, I received a job listing in my email inbox recently from a company in San Francisco, and Iowa is acknowledging my marriage. It seems the country is on the mend on topics of me. Let’s see how far the people can heal the nation.

2.) Government Collapse Averted
It seems a faction of politicians saved Italy from government collapse. Collapse is an awful thing… so is a gap of power. Do you remember what it was like when they pretended I was dead? ‘Who listens to Obama in the first place?’ was my first reaction to the issue, but people kept believing him. There are still British who think I was somehow switched for another me. There is no other me. I am only one woman. There were just a slew of women out to slander my name. Let’s see if the world can convince the British of the truth.

3.) I am not scared to show I am vulnerable.
Okay, I was more attracted to this story due to its title. I am very vulnerable. It is easy to hurt me. Yes, I survive it all, but that does not mean people don’t hurt me in the first place. Take the nurses here, for example; they do nothing but abuse me. It is okay to show where we are vulnerable. That is a true show of strength. I have a theory that people are at their strongest when their vulnerabilities are allowed to show. I am not one for false shows of bravado. Now, that is a sign of weakness.

4.) Rwanda
There are so many things I have been wishing I could have helped with by now, if only I were not in here being abused by the nurses. There are so many enduring world problems I was hoping to get my brain around and into. Just think of everything I am capable of; now, think of what I could do if I had human rights... ANY human rights. I am here. Give me my human rights, and see what I can do!

5.) Home to Tokyo
Ah, a homecoming... Que the U2 song! Soon, I will be going to Iowa to help take care of the Midwest. There is a lot of world I need to see. I am starting where my mother lives.