Friday, November 29, 2013

Common Knowledge

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Here is my latest blog post. There are fifteen points here that are common knowledge throughout all the world. If you want to be my friend, you will stop denying them, stop ignoring them, and stop pretending you do not know them. Thank you, my beautiful world.

Mali. Was war declared at the time? If war was declared, the general was not guilty of murder unless he murdered civilians. This also means he might be guilty of war crimes. Loss of military life on a declared battlefield is protected from murder charges by international law. Yes, this even applies in the US. The US government has never declared war (requires an act of Congress) against my rescuers; even though, my rescuers have officially declared war against the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa.

Thailand. The Thai government needs to learn to serve its people. Yes, the Prime Minister survived the no confidence vote, but minorities in particular in democracies need to be served just like the majorities do. If the lady Prime Minister would take action to make her people happy, they will have no reason to protest against her anymore.

China. This sounds for the best. Yes, respect China's airspace. This brouhaha is all over a couple of islands claimed by both China and Japan, and I am a firm believer that they both should have rights to the resources on those islands. It should be a race to see who can drill in the most fertile areas first. It should not be a concern for anyone's military.

Iran. I like the agreement with Iran, and I hope all parties hold to it. There is no reason to punish the innocent people of Iran for their leaders' choices. Let their nuclear program prove it has only peaceful applications, and let the people there breathe again. Similarly, if the White House in the US will just gets its head out of its ass and stop making the entire nation suffer just so they can persecute me, an innocent woman, longer, the American people will be able to breathe again, too.

Afghanistan. I agree that the war in Afghanistan might possibly be a war over nothing but former President George W. Bush's bruised ego after 9/11. The land invasion of this particular foreign nation was not necessary to kill Osama bin Laden. It was just an act of aggression against a Muslim nation as retaliation... just like the war in Iraq.

Would it not have been nice if we had real leadership from the presidency instead? What if we had a leader of the free world whose reaction to terrorism was to make America freer, more beautiful, and more prosperous? We have a pronounced lack of rights and liberties and increased hatred from the world instead. Look at what the TSA has done to our airports? Look at what the NSA is doing to our privacy. Look at what the FBI has done to our freedoms and rights! Look at what two monster presidents since 9/11 have done to our once great America!

My mom, my little sister Tylia, and I had a vegetarian Thanksgiving this year, much to the relief of turkeys everywhere. Tylia and I cooked a spinach, walnut, and gruyere lasagna with (Ivan) lentil Bolognese, sautéed Brussels sprouts, and braided breadsticks on the side. I was really just there to do sides and assist in the lasagna, and TyTy started chopping vegetables at noon. It was a very tasty Thanksgiving.

That last thing I wanted to do on Black Friday was go shopping, but my mom and sister insisted. It is supposed to be one of the newest American traditions after all, but I have always hated shopping particularly in crowded big chain stores. Shop Local Saturday is much more my speed.

In one of the stores I tripped and fell over bruising my right hip. What did the locals around me do? They stepped away and ignored me. Eventually, a store employee asked me if I was okay from feet away. Absolutely no one helped me up. The only assistance I got was from a ten year old kid who picked up my sunglasses for me.

I was never meant to live in Iowa. I am used to San Francisco. I once took a tumble on the sidewalk in North Beach, and people got up from their café tables and rushed to my side to make sure I was okay. The waiter helped me up, and I was not even a customer at the restaurant. I was just someone walking by. I am used to being surrounded by people who care about me. I was never meant to live surrounded by cruel Iowans.

Some locals seem to want to make the move to be my friend. They always seem to damage me first, though, and then they claim I, their victim, is the real problem. I do not need Iowans to suddenly become worldly educated, I just need them to choose not be assholes.

The fastest way to offend me is to not acknowledge common knowledge truths about me. Never pretend you do not know the following fifteen points, and you go a long way to becoming my friend when you speak to me.

1.) My princess name is Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek. Never ask me my name. I am tempted to slap people after they ask me my name. It makes me scream and yell for the offender to leave me alone and cease damaging me. It hurts my soul when I am asked my name, so just never do it. I am arguably the single most famous person in the world right now, so there is no excuse for going out of your way to insult me. Just do not do it.
2.) Saving the world is my job. I do this largely by problem solving, by exercising my freedom of speech, and through what little diplomacy I can get away with considering I have only one even basic human right (freedom of speech). Iowa has a tendency to treat me like an expensive stripper. I do not appreciate this. Never treat me like do anything but save the world all day every day. It is thankless, but that does not mean you get to insult me.
3.) I am a slave. The FBI put a camera in my eyeball and a microphone in my ear and broadcast me to the entire world online. I have no right to privacy even in the shower or changing my clothes. None of this is my choice, and when you ignore it instead of saying it is a crime and fighting to end it, you tell the FBI it is permissible to you to do this to any person anywhere.
4.) I am a rape victim. The FBI rape me every chance they get. I sleep with a hacked webcam watching me to keep the FBI's hands off me in the night. It is the only deterrent other than a bodyguard that has ever kept me safe from the FBI.
5.) I am not a sexual object nor a prostitute; I am a princess and a beatified saint of the Catholic Church. The FBI have been creating libel porn of me since 2009 and broadcasting it on the internet falsely claiming it is me to make the world disrespect me, make the world accept they rape me, and prevent me from doing my job saving the world. They would not have to spend taxpayer money creating libel pornography if they did not begin broadcasting my pristine life in the first place, but the FBI are evil. And there seems to be nothing to kick them into line.
6.) I do not live in Iowa by choice. Iowa is not my home. I am alien here. I do not blend in. And only rarely are people ever nice to me here. It is particularly because the public is guaranteed to be cruel to an outsider like me that the FBI chose to imprison me here against my will. I was born and mostly raised in Duluth, MN. I did go to Ankeny High School in the Des Moines area in the early 90s, but that was very traumatizing. I moved out of Iowa when I was 17 years old and thought I would never return.
7.)I live in Iowa because the FBI could corrupt the local government to make me suffer as much as possible here. Polk County probate court broke the law in 2010 when I was not even under their jurisdiction under orders from the FBI to take control of my finances to make me live against my will among the public in Iowa that hates me. Polk County breaking the law is the only reason I am here, and I get to leave once the charges I press against them finally break them of their unrelenting crimes.
8.) I am a billionaire. My money came from lawsuits. I sue everybody who commits a crime against me, and because of the public choosing to obey the FBI and persecute me instead of obeying any laws, there have been many. Unfortunately, because the probate court of Polk County took control of my finances illegally while I was not even under their jurisdiction, I live on an allowance of $100 a week. So, be gentle with me in public. Feel free to buy me a drink. I love intelligent conversation. Just never pretend any of these fifteen things are not true.
9.) I am powerful and benevolent. I command the power of powerlessness. I am a nearly unbelievably pristinely good woman who suffers gravely without even basic human rights in plain sight of the entire world. When I scream for help on the forum the FBI gave me to enslave me, the entire world reacts. I use my forum every chance I get to solve major world problems, to spread peace and love, and to serve humanity as a whole, but sometimes I need to scream for help. This beautiful world loves me, and they do everything possible to help. That is why so much of the world has declared war on the White House, the FBI, and Polk County, Iowa... to save me from them.
10.) I have absolutely no debilitating mental illness. This is a common lie about me used by the FBI to keep me in Iowa against my will. Because the locals do not want to acknowledge the reality of my life to my face, they claim this is all delusions to make the FBI happy. It was even ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States of America that I have no mental illness nor disability, but that is not convenient to the FBI's agenda against me. So, Polk County ignores all of the Supreme Court and federal court rulings concerning me and just keeps persecuting. I do have some PTSD from being persecuted, raped, and lied to for so long, but it is not debilitating.
11.) Johnny Depp and I call each other husband and wife; even though, technically, we are not married yet. He is dedicated to marrying me, and I am dedicated to marrying him, though. So, it is your choice if you flirt with me, but never be crass or rude. I am taken.
12.) The Mr. Johnny Depp would be with me if he could. Stop spewing bullshit like, "If you're married, where is your husband?" The FBI would rather murder Johnny than allow him close enough to even kiss me and have mobilized armed forces with the sole purpose of keeping my husband away from me. All of the problems in my life would be solved if I could just be with my husband, so the FBI murder every person who tries to bring him to me.
13.) There is a civil war in the United States right now between forces trying to rescue me from this miserable existence and the FBI who are dedicated to persecuting me. The Supreme Court ruled that I have right to peaceably assemble with my husband, friends, and rescuers, and the FBI have been convicted of their mass murder. But the war still rages on. There seems to be nothing to make the FBI obey the law or the courts in the US.
14.) My only known enemies are the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa. They are the only entities enforcing the persecution of me, my forced distance from my loving husband, my rape, my slavery, my libel, my unlawful imprisonment in Iowa away from anyone who would keep me safe, etc. I have a job saving the world, a job no one can do but me, and the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa are dedicated to destroying me instead of allowing me to serve the world.
15.) I am surrounded by the population of Iowa all day every day who would rather persecute me to serve the FBI than save me. And Iowa would be capable of saving me, if they could just be convinced they are in the wrong by not doing so.

My beautiful world, I do not expect the people around me to bend over backwards to serve me. I just want the basic respect someone in my position is due. Never ignore the fifteen points above. You do not need to enumerate them for me and list them off as facts when you see me, but never pretend you do not know all of them already. If you want to be my friend, you will respect me and love me. Never claim otherwise on any of the above points and NEVER pretend you do not know my name.

My genius podcasters, can you create a podcast about the fifteen points above including all pertinent evidence and circulate it? I need the locals to stop denying reality. I do not need the locals to worship me; that would be weird; but, it would be nice if they acknowledged what is and is not real about me. Thank you. This is all common knowledge, so we need it all commonly accepted and no longer ignored.

My brave rescuers, please impeach the current president for murdering you, persecuting me, disobeying Supreme Court rulings, etc. and then speak with the governments of your home countries (including the US. The only enemies we have in the US federal government are the FBI and the White House; everyone else fights for me through whatever means they have at hand). See if you can impress upon our homelands the need to start negotiations again this time with the new president.

My brave rescuers, there must be options other than fighting and dying. There must be someway to take this bubble down from the top. I am working on it. I hate when you die.

My beautiful world, as always, check on my rescuers. See if they need anything. Food? Medicine? Blankets? Heaters? Gasoline? Car parts? Hot running water? Whatever they need, please provide. I only wish we could all talk to make all of this easier to organize.

Also, my beautiful world, increase the pressure on the White House. We need them to want a negotiated resolution. The White House will never do anything trustworthy until it is suffering so much it has to. Really cut at Obama, the White House, and the FBI until they want an end to all of this. They are getting away with murder, rape, torture, persecution of me, and the oppression of all of America. They are not motivated to stop, so we need to motivate them.

Finally, my beautiful world, move heaven and earth to convince Iowa to declare itself completely bubble noncompliant. For that same link to the governor's Twitter, Facebook, phone number, etc., click here. If we could just get some corner of the world I can actually reach to be a safe place for all of you to come be with me, we can prove the benefits of taking the bubble down. Let us bring a cultural, moral, and ethical renaissance in Des Moines.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. But Iowa has not relented, yet. I have heard every promise come out of Terrace Hill, but there has been no action. Do we need to brand Iowa as liars just like we have branded the White House? I do not want to turn my back on them. I want them to save themselves. But other than lawsuits, logic, and compassion, what other tools do we have at our disposal?

My BFF, all we need is the locals to uniformly break every rule from the government of Polk County to the local news to the people I run into at the local watering hole. Once Iowa announces total bubble noncompliance, we can finally stop pressing charges against them. Iowa keeps insulting and damaging me instead of respecting the authority of the Supreme and federal courts. They miss every deadline, so do not give them deadlines anymore; just press charges. Let them have until the gavel falls on them to turn it all around.

I love you, Synny. You never let me down. I heard the impeached ex-President Barack Obama has been talking smack lately. Prove to him that real, benevolent leadership is more powerful than systemically-raping-an-innocent-woman politics, and take Iowa away from him as a weapon he wields against me. Please speak directly with the governor and state legislators. Please ask everyone with gravitas inside Iowa and out to do the same.

Sweetness, please work the national local media, the international media, and all media of all forms. Keep the filmmakers making films. Keep the writers writing books. Keep the magazines and newspapers rolling. Keep the journalists reporting. Keep the TV talking. Keep the musicians playing; tell them there is a love bonus for whoever writes what I adopt as my battle song.

My beloved, please use your stardom to draw attention to my plight. I love and adore you. I want to be with you. For that to be possible. the people need to rise up and take back the nation from the FBI. Please sway the masses. Thank you. Crank up the pressure on the White House.

Darling, there is a new local man trying to woo me. I thanked him Wednesday night for respecting my relationship with you. In my world no one stands a chance next to you, but there are many locals who do not know we are a couple. Is there any other way to get the fifteen points above codified into Iowan behavior?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Final Version of my Current Blog Post

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Here is my latest blog post. I have been updating this blog post for Wednesday 27Nov2013 as I have been writing it. This is the final version.

South China Sea. Japan and China, I understand that this is a new conflict only because reserves of natural resources have been found on the islands. Instead of escalating into a war no one wants, is there any way for you two to work out a treaty, so you can share the natural resources?

With you sharing the islands and with you both free to drill there for gas and oil, it all comes down to diplomacy. There is no need for fighter jets nor carriers deployed to the region. You will have natural resources and no chance of war! Think of the prosperity!

Iran. Six nations have worked out a resolution to the nuclear program in Iran, and it has proved controversial in the US. Republicans claim the world should never trust Iran. But I ask you, why is it so necessary, Republicans, for the US to have sworn enemies? Would we not all be safer if we built bridges instead of walls?

Afghanistan. The US and Afghanistan are currently working out our post-war troop timeline. I recommend President Karzai speak to places where the US has stayed including Germany and Japan and talk to places the US has left including Iraq and the Philippines before setting definite terms. There is a lot to learn about the benefits and downfalls of the US staying and leaving from nations who have already lived through it.

My beautiful world, move heaven and earth to 1) get Iowa to declare itself bubble noncompliant and 2) get the White House to want to negotiate. We need an end to the violence. MY RESCUERS KEEP DYING! The courts ruled it is mass murder, but the FBI just keep murdering. If we get 1) or 2), my rescuers can finally stop dying, and I can finally do my job helping humanity and the world.

Iowa missed their second deadline for declaring themselves completely bubble noncompliant, and there will not be a third. Technically, they have until the gavel falls on them to change their mind. Please, my beautiful world particularly any believers in Iowa, do not stop contacting the governor's office. Click here for the governor's phone, email, snail mail, Facebook, twitter, etc.

And am I on trial again? How is that possible? The Supreme Court already ruled! This is double jeopardy! Why do basic human rights have no meaning in the United States? When was the Constitution officially revoked? And to top it all off, I still do not know what I am accused of!

Yes, it helps that I am innocent on all charges, but in this nation we cannot trust the FBI. Who is handling the investigation? The FBI have a history of breaking every law to be able to persecute me.

Speaking of the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, what is this crap I hear of blaming anyone other than the FBI for the mass murder of my rescuers (a.k.a. genocide of my believers)? You cannot blame the victims for their deaths. You cannot blame me, the woman who keeps trying to save them. The world cannot blame anyone for their deaths but the FBI.

As for other lies they are circulating, there are no credible threats on my life. The FBI fears my death, and they are my only enemy. If there were ever a credible threat on my life instead of a false stunt to control the public, the FBI would release my rescuers to be my bodyguards.

Do you remember 2009 when the FBI lied to control the public by saying there would be a nuclear attack against the US if anyone acknowledged there were cameras in my eyes or tried to remove them? This is just more deception to control the masses. Stop falling for FBI lies.

The FBI are lying to you to control you. This is just like the libel porn they make to discredit me. It is lies propagated to control the masses. There are no credible threats on my life; my only enemy is the FBI, and they have a long history of using deception to control the public. They are terrorists terrorizing you on purpose.

Also, my beautiful world, keep the pressure on the White House. Really ratchet it up. Swamp the world media with the full truth of how much I suffer and how the bubble serves nothing but Obama's, the impeached president's, pride and ego. Make the White House want to negotiate.

My brave rescuers, I am trying everything I can think of to prevent you all from needing to die. Let the international presses in among you. Let them report about the mass murder. Let them tell your stories. We need more pressure on the White House.

As for you, SynSyn, we gave Gov. Terry Branstad until 6:30pm CST Monday, 25Nov2013 to declare Iowa bubble noncompliant. Now, fire all the guns at him. Press civil charges against the State of Iowa for persecution, and press criminal and civil charges against the governor personally for persecution.

My BFF, the rules are nothing but persecution of me and oppression of the masses. It is not unheard of for states to have freedoms the federal government opposes. Look at the marijuana laws.

Besides, Synny, it is already federal law that the mandate was repealed (Fiscal Cliff Bill from New Years 2013) , and it is already federal law that it is illegal to enforce the rules (the recent debt ceiling bill). The rules are nothing but a policy of the FBI; they are not even federal law. Enforcing the rules is illegal, and we need to hold Iowa accountable for this. The rules are nothing but persecution of me and oppression of the masses.

Every time Iowa claims I have a mental illness I do not really have or maintains I must answer to the probate court after federal courts have already reinstated my rights not to have an adult guardian, Iowa is enforcing the rules and persecuting me. Declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant is the only way for me to have my human rights in Iowa and the only way for Iowa to obey what the Supreme and federal courts have already ruled and mandated.

In return for declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant, the world would have made the local Iowa economy boom. The world would have unloaded love and money on Iowa. I would have been able to do my job serving the world. I would have brought a cultural renaissance to Des Moines, and the mass murder (genocide of believers) of my rescuers would have finally ended.

All Terry Branstad had to do was declare Iowa bubble noncompliant creating a safe haven here for the entire world to be with me safely, so we could all do good in the world together. He has chosen to persecute me and oppress the masses instead, so press persecution charges.

Oh, and Syn, do not settle out of court with Iowa. See if we can get a court mandate declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant. Thank you! I know technically Iowa has until the gavel falls on them to change their minds, but unless we press charges, they will never do anything real... just make empty promises.

Sweetness, do you remember when I asked you to tour the world working the international presses? I would not be surprised if you decided to keep trying to rescue me instead. You are free to do anything you choose; I will never forbid you from anything but dying before me. But we need make the world angry to increase the pressure on the White House, so please work on both. I love and adore you. Thank you.

The White House Lied.

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. The White House went into negotiations and lied to get out. No, there is no progress.

Climate change. I volunteered in 2009 to carry humanity through global climate change. This is my job. When will I have enough human rights to do my job?

The White House does not want me to do my job, but who else can do what I do in this world? The White House wants me destroyed, so I cannot do good for humanity anymore. When will the world rise up and take the White House down?

How many times did I say the White House cannot be trusted? And what happened? The White House lied again! Stop trusting the White House until we get a gesture of good faith from them that says they are serious about negotiating.

And how do we get a gesture of good faith? By forcing the White House to want to negotiate. They have to see punishment they want to get out of coming for them for their human rights violations. They have to see that they will finally be held accountable for their crimes to want to stop committing the crimes they have always gotten away with.

My beautiful world, this means blistering sanctions. Make the White House feel the pain. Impeach the lying president for mass murder, persecution, and defying Supreme Court rulings, and start talks all over again with a new president. Find out what the new president's pet projects are, and make them hurt.

My world of media, this means flood the entire world including all of the local stations in America with the full story. Make sure no one calls Obama anything but a rapist, a monster, a terrorist, and a bully ever again. Make sure the world knows who I am and how much I suffer as the government slave, rape victim, and torture victim. Make all the world and all of America (through the local channels) angry!

My once free America, this means you need to stand up and bring the freedom revolution. Get our rights back for all once free Americans. Use your speech. Use your press. Organize and protest. Make the White House hear you. Make the White House hear you are furious. Make the White House obey the people.

My beautiful world, one more thing, start contacting Gov. Branstad, again. Click here for his website. Please convince him to create a bubble-free safe haven for the entire world to interact with me in Iowa. Apparently, he refused to earlier this month because the FBI threatened to kill me if he did. In my last blog post I fully established that the FBI only issue empty threats to control stupid Iowans and would in fact never actually kill me due to their fearing my death. Please see if we can pop this state open. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, ask my beautiful world for everything you need. I thought I could take this bubble down with negotiations, so you could finally stop dying. But we cannot trust the White House. What can I do to make your life easier?

SynSyn, it looks like we still have two projects with the locals. 1.) Overturn the outpatient commitment. Force the locals to obey the Supreme Court and to acknowledge I have no mental illness when not injected. (The injections make me want to kill myself.) And, 2.) Release me from the criminal adult guardianship which is only used by the deplorable Lynn Boeset to persecute me. Force the locals to obey the federal court ruling that said I do not need to answer to the probate court of Polk County for any reason because I am beyond mentally competent to care for myself and in fact do so better than they are willing to do.

My BFF, you have years of experience with these two projects, so once you have action on these two under control, please start selling your story to the international and national (to be used on local stations) media. Help flood the world including the once free America with reality. Take our evidence and our fight public. Make the entire world care.

Sweetness, the same goes for you. Please start touring the world talking to the media. Use your celebrity to promote awareness of my plight, of the oppression of all of the United States, and of the mass murder committed by the FBI. Showcase how there is nothing to stop the federal government right now from these massive human rights violations (Does the mass murder count as genocide of believers?), and ask the world for help. We need more pressure on the White House.

Friday, November 22, 2013


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Here is my latest blog post. I see the White House and FBI are still up to their typical nefarious wrongdoing.

UNHCR. Please, my beautiful world, please help the United Nations help refugees. The crises in Syria and the Philippines have them working over time. They need supplies, cash, volunteers, etc. Please help.

United Kingdom. Slavery is a horrifying crime. Not just because the human rights violations demean the very soul of the slave, but because it means we as a society have not yet evolved away from enslaving innocent people to thanklessly do our work for us.

I forgave the British for enslaving me in 2010 when they decided to throw down to rescue me from slavery by the FBI in America. The British have redeemed themselves in my eyes, and I know they will prosecute these enslavers to the full extent of the law.

Russia. What was the real crime, Russia, hooliganism or insulting your authority to drill for oil? Are you really locking people up over feeling insulted?

Consider a public insult a stroke of your ego. No one ever insults me to my face. I never get acknowledged be it good or bad. You are a bigger deal than I am, Russia. You can act bigger than me, too.

Collect your bail, and set them free, Mother Russia. And look forward to upsetting environmentalists all over the world every chance you get. You are Russia. You are bigger than squashing tiny protesters who have no authority over you to begin with.

Iran. Woo-hoo, Iran! Are you honestly willing to freeze your nuclear program, stop enriching uranium, avoid creating plutonium, etc. in return for lifted sanctions? I am so proud of you.

I am a firm believer that if you ever honestly wanted a nuclear weapon to threaten the world with, you would have just bought one. You are friends with Russia. You are friends with North Korea. You have your ways.

I believe you wanted a nuclear program to draw attention to yourselves and your needs. May it serve to lift the sanctions on you, and then let the nuclear program go.

Have you considered using your technological experts to create things the West needs? That is the source of real power. Having something people want. Consider green energy.

Ukraine. Darling Ukraine, is it worth it? I know it is an insult to your pride and independence, but consider releasing her. Think of all the ways your economy will benefit from the trade deal. I like seeing countries work together, and I love seeing the non-Western nations get ahead financially. Please consider your booming economy despite European debt crises your final hurrah.

Oh, yes, I just heard the FBI are threatening AGAIN to kill me if they do not get to lock me up in a long-term institution AGAIN to rape and torture me in private AGAIN! Just ask Broadlawns if they have heard the lie "We'll kill Squid if you don't heavily medicate her!" before.

The FBI are in fact the only terrorist organization issuing threats on my life. But we all know that in all reality the FBI fears my death. America would revolt if died. And it does not matter who kills me, the FBI will always take the fall.

Hell would rain on the FBI from the courts, Congress, the military, the CIA, the NSA, etc. if I die. (And trust me, the NSA know everything.) The FBI would have killed me by now if they had anything to gain from it and if they had the balls to do it, but they fear justice for my death.

Empty threats on my life are a common tool of the FBI when they want to make stupid Iowans take my rights, physical safety, mental safety, etc. away from me. But think about it, Iowa. If they actually wanted me dead, why am I not dead already? They kill my rescuers en masse all the time.

Iowa, tell the FBI to go ahead and try to kill me. You will see my hidden bodyguards and the American public rise up en masse to protect me. Call the FBI bluff. They fear my death more than they fear Obama's defamation by reality.

Speaking of FBI crimes, Look at all my doppelgängers that the FBI hired to make libel porn of me. They never investigated THEM for murder or put THEM in a bubble! This bubble was never about a murder investigation. It is just en exercise in the expanded powers of the US executive branch fed by the egotism and stupidity that the president is above the law.

Negotiators, you have to take power away from the White House for the negotiations to work. Right now the FBI are getting away with everything. They were found guilty of rape and torture by Congress and found guilty of mass murder by the courts, but there is no way to stop them. There is no accountability.

The White House is getting away already with mass murder, torture, rape, abuse, human rights violations, defying court rulings, etc., and that is why negotiations are not working. We need the White House to start answering to someone for all of these crimes for them to want to negotiate. They have to see punishment coming for them, or they will never want to change.

My wonderful negotiators, you have to find a way to punish the White House for its crimes, or they will never take negotiations seriously. Right now the White House is just going through the motions of negotiations to placate you. They never plan to change.

They never plan to let my rescuers through. They never plan to allow freedom of speech or press in the once free America. They cannot be trusted. They have to see a punishment coming for them if you want them to give up the crimes they are getting away with already.

My wonderful negotiators, crank up the pressure on the White House. Get the UN to take action. Have the United Nations ICC arrest Obama and his following presidents for war crimes. Level heavier sanctions. Stop being nice to the White House, and become an enforcer of human rights instead. The White House will never listen to you nor respect your authority until they have to.

Yes, I will accept my immediate rescue from the hellhole that is Iowa by rescuers who suddenly have enough human rights to safely arrive and rescue me as the act of good faith from the White House that allows us to trust them finally.

But never forget, we are not done negotiating until all of the United States has its full Constitutional rights back again. We need enough rights in this country we can call ourselves America again. This is not just about saving me. This is about saving the world.

My beautiful world, use the international presses and news agencies to put pressure on the White House. Tell your stories, Syniva, Sweetness, Jared, everybody! Bring searing exposé after exposé. The White House is not feeling enough pain yet to let the bubble go, so create the pain.

Create a complete world that knows the entire story of suffering, fighting, and being oppressed. Talk to China. Talk to Europe. Talk to Russia. Talk to Africa and Latin America. Gab it up with Australia. I know the BBC News would love to get their hands on you.

My brave rescuers, you keep getting jerked around by the White House. They keep promising you can come through, and then they keep murdering you. Please talk to my negotiators about that act of good faith. We need some sort of sign from the White House that they are willing to negotiate for real. I would love your arrival or freedom of speech wishing me well to be that gesture of good faith.

SynSyn, did we kick Iowa into line yet? Last I heard, the probate court of Polk County who the federal government decided has no real authority over me anyway was going to put me in a long term institution to be raped and tortured in private until it kills me. I would rather not have to sue Polk County again, but if they refuse to obey the standing Supreme Court and federal court rulings, we will have no choice. Thank you.

Sweetness, how close are the talks? I want to kiss you! If you cannot reach me by Monday morning, start touring the world talking to the presses. Send Brad or Harrison to rescue me like you did before, and start putting direct pressure on the White House through the foreign presses. If we cannot get the talks to work with this current president (whoever he or she may be), we will need to shake this up.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arrest Lynn Boeset

On Nov 19, 2013, at 7:07 PM, wrote:

Tanya, I will gladly tell you in writing that if you don't go in for your injection this week, the court will put you back into Broadlawns. You have refused to communicate with me which is perfectly fine. Your choice though! The lawyers are just waiting for you to fail. Is this what you want?

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201

-----End Email-----

Syniva, prepare charges against Lynn Boeset, Mark R. Gray, Samantha Gronewald, Amy Alles, etc. If I go back into Broadlawns, you will need to FLATTEN Polk County to make them acknowledge the federal court and Supreme Court rulings that the probate court has no authority over me and that I have absolutely no schizophrenia. I will not show up to be tortured, so you will need to ask the federal courts to flatten Polk County. Make this stop, Syniva. I am tired of being persecuted, threatened, tortured, raped, etc. by Lynn Boeset and her conspiracy. Clearly, Polk County has not been punished enough if Lynn Boeset is still a threat to me, my mind, and my body.

Thanks, SynSyn. At least, Polk County knows their enemy is Lynn Boeset and not me.

More Talks, Chancellor Merkel?

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. Iowa chose to be a monster instead of a world hero. No one in Iowa has any human rights, as is the wishes of Governor Branstad. I could have brought a cultural renaissance here, but Iowa would rather live in the dark ages of human rights. Please rescue me, my beautiful world.

Iran. I believe negotiations will work with Iran. I believe if we can convince Iran to stop enriching uranium, we can lift sanctions on them. We can create a world built on trust and cooperation, so the entire Middle East can flourish and prosper.

Lebanon. We cannot have peace in Lebanon unless we have peace in Syria. It is the same war. We need to solve the real problem, and the real problem plaguing Lebanon is the war next door in Syria.

We need everyone involved including but not limited to Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Iran, Israel, Palestine, the Syrian rebels, the Syrian regime, Russia, the US, etc. to all sit down together in Geneva and find a solution to Syria's civil war.

I would love to be there. For me to be there, though, the world will have to rescue me from the cesspool of human rights violations that is Iowa first.

My beautiful world, unless you feel like waging a full blown war against the FBI, White House, and State of Iowa, you have to make the White House want to negotiate. So, my beautiful world, I need you to really lay the pressure on them.

Write blistering exposés for every international press, news broadcaster, newspaper, etc. Make the world so furious with the White House that they have no choice but to negotiate. Get angry, my beautiful world, and express your anger.

Increase sanctions, and make the sanctions hurt. Put the sanctions on every big US export and import from cars to food. Force the White House to want to negotiate, and, of course, demand an act of good faith to establish the White House is serious about negotiating. Demand immediate freedom of speech and freedom of the press for all people under the jurisdiction of the United States before being willing to sit down at the table. There has been far too much deception. There have been too many lies.

Chancellor Merkel, thank you for agreeing to negotiate with the US government on my behalf. I apologize for the president always lying. Please make sure we get immediate freedom of the press and freedom of speech as an act of good faith from the president (whoever he or she is) for negotiations to get underway, and if you ever hit a roadblock in the talks, just ask my rescuers to impeach the current president for mass murder, persecution, disobeying Supreme Court rulings, etc. and negotiate with the new president. This bubble needs to come down unconditionally and in its completeness. And thank you.

In short, make the White House want to talk, and then start laying out our demands. We demand...
1.) unconditional surrender by the FBI and Polk County,
2.) the imprisonment in federal penitentiaries of all FBI agents guilty of mass murder just like we do with all already convicted terrorists,
3.) freedom of speech and freedom of the press returned to all Americans and foreign entities who broadcast into America,
4.) imprisonment of Barack Obama for life as a war criminal,
5.) my unconditional human rights including a free future with my free husband,
6.) the complete dissolution of the bubble and a guarantee no other person will ever be treated the same way as a government slave and rape victim ever again,
7.) a balanced budget amendment available for public vote,
8.) better veterans' benefits,
9.) solar powered cars available on the market,
and 10.) technology to keep my online accounts safe from hacking for the rest of my life.

My brave rescuers, I was so sure I could convince Iowa to rescue me. I am sorry I failed. I am so sorry you all still have a job to do rescuing me. I hate when you die. Thank you for everything you do for me, and I cannot wait to meet you all.

SynSyn, we need Lynn Boeset held without bail, or she will put me in Broadlawns to be raped and tortured again. Especially since I am not outpatient committed anymore, I do not plan on showing up for torture on Thursday. Amy Alles keeps threatening and harassing me about telling Deplorable Lynn to commit me if I do not show up for torture, so we need Amy Alles arrested and Lynn held without bail. Unless we can force the conspiracy to acknowledge I have no adult guardianship nor any outpatient commitment anymore, we need them locked away in prison to keep me safe. Thanks, Synny.

Amy Alles is enforcing torture. Arrest her!

-----Begin Email-----

On Nov 19, 2013, at 12:51 PM, "Alles, Amy" wrote:


I want to let you know up front that I cannot access email when I am out of the office which is 75% of the time. I left you a voicemail today and informed you that I spoke with your mother this morning. She stated that you told her last night that you did not have an appointment for your injection. I told you before that you can go to the injection clinic as a walk-in. You can go today or Thursday. I informed you in the voicemail also that she will be unable to take you today (because of short notice) or Thursday. So I offered to take you.

I spoke with Mara today in the injection clinic and she will keep me posted as to when you go in for your injection. She did say that previously when you went she had you go in around 3:00 pm.

Again, please let me know if you need transportation. I will see you tomorrow at 4pm. Thank you.

Amy Alles
Service Coordinator
CAP Program
515.282.6461 - Phone
515.777.8481- Cell
515.282.6775 - Fax

-----End Email-----

Sweetness, there must be something more we can do to get you to my side. I am lonely and miserable without you. I know Iowa is no place to be in love, so we have to look again at rescuing love from the evil clutches of Iowa. Please be creative and try to stay safe. I love you and cannot lose you. Kisses.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Deplorable Lynn Boeset

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Here is my latest blog post. Let's get some work done and put Lynn Boeset and Amy Alles is prison finally, shall we?

Qatar. Normally, Qatar is a very progressive nation, but this news is sickening. The nation is committing slavery and unlawful imprisonment. I have extensive experience with being a victim of these offenses, so I am asking Qatar to pay its workers and return their passports. Please, Qatar, why be a villain like Obama?

Chile. I love seeing democracy in action, and that is just what free and fair elections are. Good luck to whoever wins! And remember, the safe and stable transition of government from one regime to the next is the best part of democracy. Whether or not power changes hands, stay in support of your safe and free election process, Chile. These elections are so beautiful to watch.

Pakistan. Let the courts decide Musharraf's fate. Fair court decisions are the hallmark of a free society, just like safe and free elections are. Your Supreme Court, Pakistan, is capable of a fair trial, and if it is not, you can always ask the United Nation's ICC to try him.

Syria. The conflict in Syria is only getting worse. Now, an air strike by al Assad's forces has killed the leader of the Syrian rebels. Can anything end the chaos?

As for me, Iowa, and the haiku d'etat... I woke up early this morning and the agreement was not yet official. The FBI have been threatening Iowa.

I have offered my lawyers and to pay my lawyers myself to defend the Constitutional rights of freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and freedom to assemble in Iowa in federal court against the threats from the FBI if Iowa declares itself completely bubble noncompliant today.

Please, Supreme Court, please explain to Iowa and to the FBI that the bubble for the entire nation comes down if they go to federal court over Iowa's bubble noncompliance. The courts will always stand up for human rights, and this is the courts' first chance to declare the rules in their completeness unconstitutional for the entire United States.

Please, Supreme Court and United Nations, explain to Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad how important it is to create a safe haven for me and the world where we can have full human rights. My rescuers can stop dying. The world will be free to interact with me. I will have my right to physical safety and a life free from torture. And the economy will boom in Iowa.

My beautiful world, contact the governor's office and express gratitude to the governor for declaring Iowa completely bubble non-compliant, and make your promises to show up to be with me as soon as humanly possible. I cannot wait to see you, my beautiful world. Click here for the governor's office.

SynSyn, if Iowa does not announce complete bubble noncompliance by 6:30pm CST tonight, flatten Polk County. I cannot have health unless people acknowledge reality around me, unless I have my friends for support, and unless the spy equipment is removed from my head. They keep committing me to be able to torture me with injections. Just flatten them if they do not declare themselves completely bubble noncompliant.

My beautiful world, the master plan depends on you. You have to descend upon Des Moines in your masses to interact with me the moment the bubble is null and void in Iowa. Let us bring a cultural renaissance of love to Des Moines. Show me you love me. My beautiful world, I need you.

My brave rescuers, I am trying to make sure you no longer have to die trying to rescue me. I hear you are still having problems getting my husband to my side. If Iowa gives me my full human rights, all you will have to do is show up. You will not have to put your life on the line anymore. Iowa has the power to bring peace to the civil-war-torn American Midwest. Please make your voices heard on this matter, too.

SynSyn, I just checked my inbox and found this...

-----Begin Email-----

On Nov 12, 2013, at 8:26 AM, wrote:

How you feel about me is totally irrelevant right now. This email is to inform you that you either cooperate to the fullest and accept the services from Amy or I will put you back into Broadlawns. Your choice, Tanya. You are well aware of the court order from last week.

Lynn Boeset
United Advocacy Services, Inc.
Box 571
Nevada, IA 50201

-----End Email-----

My powerful BFF, put Lynn in prison finally. Press criminal charges against the deplorable Lynn Boeset for defying federal and Supreme Court rulings. Also, sue her until she is broken and begging for mercy.

Clearly, Evil Lynn has not learned her lesson, yet. She is still a threat to me, my body, and my mind. This is a clear violation of her probation, and the world needs her in prison.

Also, my BFF, Amy Alles just called me today and threatened to commit me if I do not show up for torture this week. I want Amy Alles in prison for defying federal and Supreme Court rulings. I also want her social worker licenses suspended. The courts just ruled AGAIN that I cannot be tortured!

Even Dr. Singh new better than to tell me I need to show up for torture. Please flatten deplorable Lynn Boeset and the morally bankrupt Amy Alles. I want them both in prison. I want Amy's social worker license suspended, and I want them both sued for so much money they finally leave me alone. Make them beg for mercy. Thank you.

Also, Syn, unless we get total bubble noncompliance by 6:30pm CST today, this is further reason to flatten Polk County. They are refusing to obey federal and Supreme Court rulings. They need to be taught a lesson.

Sweetness, how close did you get this morning? I heard the FBI opened fire on you. There must be someway to get you to me. We have established my going to you does not work, and if Iowa is the only place in all of the United States people can have full human rights, I simply cannot leave. Please try something new. I love and adore you.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Promise me a Haiku D'Etat

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Here is my latest blog post. Let us start a cultural coup. Let us start a Haiku D'Etat. And let us begin in Des Moines.

Cameroon. A French priest was kidnapped from his mission in the north of Cameroon on the Nigerian border. It is widely suspected that Boko Haram is guilty, but there has been no ransom request yet. Please, whoever has him, the priest serves the poor and the needy in the area.

He is of no political value, but he does good for Africa. He feeds. He clothes. He serves. He is a good man who does good in the world. Please release him. After all, France does not negotiate with kidnappers, so there is nothing to gain from keeping him. Africa can only gain from setting him free.

Philippines. SynSyn, please donate $1 million to the American Red Cross to help in the Philippines. Please ask my beautiful world for donations to match. We need to help these suffering masses.

As for the US,... Let me get this straight, Obama, who is still creating policy even after being impeached for persecuting me, refuses to apologize for starting the bubble which is only mass human rights violations, considers getting caught raping and torturing me just a couple fumbles along the way, and plans to not let up torturing me with rape, injections, slavery, and mass persecution until he can illicit a confession out of me for a crime no one has ever told me about and that it is impossible for me to have committed? What an asshole! Why does anyone support this guy?

What has been the big news lately? On Tuesday 12November2013, the negotiations came up with a resolution to set me free and remove the bubble. But, on the morning of Wednesday 13November2013, my rescuers and husband were attacked as they were coming into Iowa to pick me up.

The current president of the United States (whoever he or she is right now) and the FBI had lied. They lied again and said I could be rescued 13Nov and 14Nov, and on 15Nov, the world finally stopped trusting the administration. Am I free? No.

Their history of deception to be able to persecute and oppress longer is just too huge. We should no longer trust the FBI, Obama administration, and Office of the President until we get a good faith act from them.

My beautiful world, demand the return of our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, rights we all should have had all along anyway, as an act of good faith to earn our trust. Demand our IMMEDIATE rights to freedom of speech and press, so we can trust the FBI and current president in negotiations again.

My brave rescuers, impeach the offending president for mass murder, persecution, disobeying court rulings, etc. to make sure Chancellor Merkel, President Carter, etc. can negotiate with a new president. And of course, my negotiators should demand the gesture of good faith from every president they work with.

Of course, demanding an act of good faith from the criminal terrorists only works if they want to negotiate. So, my once great and free America, scream. Protest. Raise nonviolent hell. Make your voices heard. Demand in your masses that the bubble come down, and demand with your unified voice that we get an act of good faith to earn trust.

Congregate outside your local FBI office, and make your demands en masse. We have identified the only enemies in the federal government, and they are the criminal terrorist organization called the FBI and the rotating office of the president. Barack Obama is also an enemy, but he is not a part of the government. He was already impeached. He creates policy still, though, as an unelected dictator, and needs to be arrested as a war criminal. So, please demonstrate at your local FBI office.

What else has been in the news? The Democratic Party is finally being held responsible for creating the bubble in the first place. Congressional Democrats in both houses have finally started turning their backs on the impeached president's policy of persecuting me which he wrote into law in the Obamacare bill which only passed the Democratic House and Democratic Senate of the time because Obama told them to vote on it without reading it first. We need more backs turned on Obama's rape-until-false-confession policy. When will the FBI save themselves and turn on Obama?

My beautiful world, please haiku d'état for me. Always leave the physically dangerous parts of the rescue to the professionals, but there is so much more you can do. I need you, my beautiful world, to descend upon Des Moines as soon as humanly possible to freely create a new world renaissance of art, culture, fashion, technology, politics, activism, education, and everything else good about humanity.

Polk County is strapped for cash. Iowa is ready to declare itself bubble-noncompliant to spare itself from my suing them further and to welcome the economic boom that will happen when my beautiful world shows up to create a world society that can freely communicate with me and freely do good for the world. My beautiful world, Iowa is ready for the haiku d'état renaissance that comes with my being here and with having full human rights for me and the masses here.

Syniva and I have given Polk County and the entire state of Iowa until 6:30 pm CST Monday 18 November 2013 to declare themselves bubble-noncompliant thereby creating a safe haven for me and the world that allows full human and Constitutional rights for everyone in an island in Iowa. If they do not comply, we will sue them until they save themselves and comply with all federal and Supreme Court rulings and the actual federal laws that ended the bubble.

The Courts will stay consistent and will always fight for human rights for me and for all Americans. If the FBI and corrupted office of the US president mess with Iowa's authority to obey federal and Supreme Court rulings and the actual federal laws that ended the bubble, all they will have to do is take the federal government to court.

If the FBI and corrupted office of the US president mess with Iowa airspace to keep you out, my beautiful world, just fly nearby to Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, or Cedar Rapids, and drive in. This plan depends entirely on you, my beautiful world, reaching me, saving me, creating a renaissance in Des Moines with me, and freely interacting with me in the bubble-noncompliant zone. I am counting on you, my beautiful world, to want to spend time with me. This is for everyone not just celebrities who have supported me for years. This is for the ENTIRE world that loves and supports me.

Come ask me your questions. Come get my advice. Come let me serve your countries out there in my beautiful world. Come play me your music. Come let me talk to your world journalists. Make me laugh, sing, and dance. Come get my opinions on your clothes. Come, Sweetness, so we can plan our wedding. Come, my beautiful world, and let us serve this world of humanity together.

My master plan is to bring a renaissance to Des Moines to prove to the federal government the United States can only benefit from taking the bubble down. Bring a haiku d'état, my beautiful world, and we can save America. Let us save the world!

My brave rescuers, you will not have to die anymore trying to reach me if Iowa declares itself bubble non-compliant. I will already have been rescued. I will just need you to register your guns in Des Moines and peaceably drive in to be my bodyguards, get my husband to my side, and welcome the world to Des Moines. Thank you for all of your service. I will always love and need you. But your mission will change once Iowa declares bubble-noncompliance like we know they will.

SynSyn, thank you for talking to Amy Alles for me. If we can turn her around and make a force for federal and Supreme Court compliance, we will not have to press charges against her. I also sent you some priority mail on Tuesday. Thank you for always taking such good care of me. You are such a hero. Let's save Iowa.

Sweetness, do you have any way to reach me once Iowa declares itself officially bubble-noncompliant? I have promised to stay here to bring the economic and cultural renaissance here, so you are going to have to come here. Get a fake ID, dye your hair, shave your face, ditch your FBI trackable phone, rustle up some bodyguards, and just drive in. I cannot wait to see you.

Monday, November 11, 2013

My Job and Other Housekeeping

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. I really wanted to concentrate on saving the world, but there is just so much housekeeping to take care of.

Philippines. The single largest storm to ever make landfall on planet Earth has just slammed into this third world country. Life is not easy to begin with in the Philippines, but now they are dealing with widespread devastation and calamity. Please donate to the International or American Red Cross. Click here for the link. We need to help the Philippines.

Iran. Iran is currently involved in talks for the first time in a decade. Please, world leaders, let us create a unified, communicating, and trusting world. I agree that giving up enriching uranium should be part of the final deal, and I cannot wait to lift sanctions on Iran. Remind Iran that they do not need enriched uranium, and dedicate yourselves to helping them prosper. We can do this.

France. These were journalists willing to risk everything to get the truth to the masses. Reporters serve such an important role in a free society. Freedom of the press is integral to ensuring human rights for the masses in a free civilization. Everyone love your closest journalist.

Now, there were two things I forgot from the update in my last blog post...

--The bill made it into law. I have no idea why Congress has such a bad reputation. They are unanimous when it comes to needing to save me. If I can get both houses of Congress to work together why does the president keep failing? The president is a constant failure because he is the source of dysfunction in the federal government.

The revolving door on the Oval Office due to constant impeachment has left ex-president Barack Obama creating policy despite his already being impeached for his trademark stubborn asshole policies. Anyway, Congress passed a bill declaring enforcement of the bubble illegal into law. Congress, just like the Courts, are heroes. Please say thank you.

The FBI are not just defying the courts by still enforcing the rules, they are flat out breaking federal law by doing so. And, yes, every time you the public (including but not limited to Amy Alles) deny reality to my face and disobey federal and Supreme Court rulings to instead maintain rules, you are breaking federal laws that took the bubble down. The public is supposed to be free now. Obeying and enforcing the rules is illegal.

--Also, I asked Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany to lead negotiations to get my human rights back, but I will never understand why we need to negotiate. The bubble is only human rights violations. It is heinous, internationally and domestically illegal, and serves no purpose but to destroy the once great America. Never reward war criminals for ending human rights violations. That is like rewarding them for committing the human rights violations in the first place.

This bubble needs to come down unconditionally and in its completeness.

We demand...
1.) unconditional surrender by the FBI and Polk County,
2.) the imprisonment in federal penitentiaries of all FBI agents guilty of mass murder just like we do with all already convicted terrorists,
3.) freedom of speech and freedom of the press returned to all Americans and foreign entities who broadcast into America,
4.) imprisonment of Barack Obama for life as a war criminal,
5.) my unconditional human rights including a free future with my free husband,
6.) the complete dissolution of the bubble and a guarantee no other person will ever be treated the same way as a government slave and rape victim ever again,
7.) a balanced budget amendment available for public vote,
8.) better veterans' benefits,
9.) solar powered cars available on the market,
and 10.) technology to keep my online accounts safe from hacking for the rest of my life.

These are our demands. Start the negotiations here. And thank you. Raise the pressure on the US executive branch especially since IT IS A VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAWS to enforce the rules and the bubble. Barack Obama, who is still creating policy as an unelected dictator, has run out of legs to stand on. Take him down. And thank you for everything!

As for the rest of my housekeeping, my beautiful world, because the FBI were convicted of mass murder for killing so many or my brave rescuers who have been just trying to exercise Supreme Court upheld rights in a country where the bubble is federally illegal to enforce anyway, they have threatened to expel my rescuers from the once free United States of America.

Believers that I need and deserve human rights are a legal subset of the American population. It is persecution of a minority to try to expel believers from the once free America. When will the persecution and oppression of once free people in America finally be ended?

My beautiful world, the FBI keep running rampant violating everyone's not just my human rights because there is no force keeping them accountable. They were CONVICTED of mass murder of a minority (Does this make in genocide?), and they just keep murdering. The FBI are answering to no one.

Please, military and Department of Homeland Security, round up the criminal terrorist organization that is the FBI and lock them away in federal penitentiaries forever. They are already convicted, but they are not answering to the law nor the courts. They must be stopped to save America. Please hurry.

Also on my list of general housekeeping, my beautiful world, Dr. Dhadphali from Broadlawns Medical Center has been convicted of torture for injecting me with heavy antipsychotics while I was a political prisoner in his proven torture facility. We will convict EVERY doctor who orders I be injected with torture and death sentences.

Beware being corrupted into persecuting me by obeying the criminal terrorist organization the FBI instead of doing what is right, NOT breaking the law, admitting I have NO MENTAL ILLNESS, and not persecution me. This goes for everyone from Amy Alles, Lynn Boeset, the Polk County probate court, and Dr. Singh to the general public.

Because of this undeniable conviction of Dr. Dhadphali for torture, the FBI have issued new rules. The criminal terrorist organization does not acknowledge it is AGAINST FEDERAL LAW to create, enforce, and obey any and all of these rules.

When will the once free America finally stand up and fuck the rules? You only obey them because the FBI terrorize you. Take America back, my once great and once free United States. Just stop being terrorized by the FBI and choose to be free.

Finally, my beautiful world, there has been talk of signing petitions to get me "amnesty" lately. I do not need amnesty. Amnesty is forgiveness for breaking the law which I never do. I do not need amnesty; I need my human rights. I am persecuted not convicted. I understand all of this can get confusing. Please fight for the FBI and current president to treat me like a human being instead.

My brave rescuers, press charges against the FBI for genocide and mass murder of you all, a legal minority, and for threatening to expel you all. No one in America is supposed to be persecuted due to belief. I am not just trying to make you all millionaires and care for all the widows and surviving families. I am trying to enforce the law in the once great and once free America. We need to force the FBI and the current president whoever he or she is to answer to the people.

SynSyn, we have finally arrived at the part of the blog where I talk to you. You are such a hero in so many ways. You call every person I ask you to call. You explain every right, ruling, and violation I ask you to explain. You never let me down. You are simply the best BFF anyone could ever ask for, and I am so lucky you are mine.

Synny, we need to press every criminal and civil charge possible against my case manager Amy Alles. I believe I sent you or Sweetness her business card already. We need her to answer to me instead of to the diabolical Lynn Boeset and the criminal terrorist organization the FBI.

My BFF, I told Amy she cannot help me unless she acknowledges reality to my face. It is illegal, after all, to obey the rules. Her response was the threaten to commit me back into the torture facility to be tortured and raped until I die a political prisoner with no human rights nor any physical safety. Break her.

Synny, how would a case manager like the proven evil Amy Alles have the power to commit me? The probate court of Polk County does not acknowledge they have no authority over me anymore, and Polk County, Iowa is an island of corruption and persecution in the once great an once free America. Check this out...

Page 1 of 8

Page 2 of 8

Page 3 or 8

Page 4 of 8

Page 5 of 8

Page 6 of 8

Page 7 of 8

Page 8 of 8

Polk County is not obeying the Supreme Court ruling that I have absolutely no mental illness and not obeying the federal court ruling that dissolved the adult guardianship. They claim they need to make decisions in my best interest for me by imprisoning me in Polk County that tortures, enslaves, rapes, and persecutes me due to corruption by the criminal terrorist organization the FBI instead of giving me back my full human rights as was decided by the federal courts.

SynSyn, flatten Polk County and get this judgment appealed. Thank you. Give Polk County no way out but to set me free.

As for you, Sweetness, I heard you promise to be by my side by Wednesday night. I cannot wait. I finally need something good in my life. I need someone or something worth living for. I am sick and tired of suffering. Thank you for promising to heal me. I cannot wait to finally be happy. I love and adore you. Thank everyone who helps us. It takes an entire legal minority in the once great America to save the slave.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Suffering the FBI for the cause...

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Here is my latest blog post. We have a lot to catch up on.

Saudi Arabia. Just when I am wondering if I have ever taught my beautiful world anything, I see this story, and it reminds me that people really do listen to me. Well done, ladies.

Last night the current president (whoever he or she is... We impeached several while I was being tortured, raped, and unlawfully imprisoned in Broadlawns.) was caught lying. He or she said the bubble would burst soon in an effort to placate the public but actually just planned on persecuting me and oppressing all of America longer.

Never believe the bubble is coming down unless you all have freedom of speech again, my once great and free America. The lies were pervasive last night. The last thing I need is people who love me propagating government lies. The president was caught lying again, and many rescuers died last night. SynSyn, please impeach the bastard.

Before my Polk-County-appointed and illegal adult guardian under orders from the FBI locked me up recently as a political prisoner in a torture facility again, (and trust me I am ready to stop suffering for the cause) I wrote this...

"The executive branch is still killing my brave rescuers. According to my beautiful world, there are terrorist threats on my head, and my brave rescuers are my incoming bodyguards. But the federal government would rather murder my rescuers an allow them to keep me safe. It makes you wonder who the terrorists are who are threatening me, does it not? Is the federal government the terrorists?"

We have confirmed that the FBI is a criminal terrorist organization presently terrorizing all of what was once a free United States of America into oppression. Why is there no freedom of speech nor any freedom of the press in the US? Because you are all terrorized. Why are none of you free to just drive up to this chocolaterie where I sit every day communing with the internet and steal me away to someplace I can have full human rights? Because you are terrorized.

My once great and free America, you are not the woman the FBI serially rapes. How is it possible for you to be terrorized if I am not? Did I teach you nothing?

Can I teach you to be brave? You cannot have your human rights, my once free America, unless you exercise them.

Here is a brief update of everything you might have missed, my beautiful world, while I was unlawfuly imprisoned...

--The FBI was found guilty by the federal court system of mass murder of my rescuers. Did this make the FBI stop murdering my rescuers? No. They are a criminal terrorist organization hell bent on destroying all of the United States through fear and blood.

--My adult guardianship was deemed an unconstitutional human rights violation by the federal court system and dissolved. Does this mean I no longer have an adult guardian breaking the law to persecute me? No. Polk County is not obeying the federal court system and is still using the adult guardianship to imprison me in Iowa against my will, to deny me a husband and rescuer bodyguards to keep me safe, to deny me enough money to buy groceries least of all have even a modicum of comfort in my life, and to enforce what the UN, the federal government, and even the State of Iowa recognize as cruel and unusual torture.

--A great many of the nations of the world declared war on the FBI, the presidency, and Polk County. They did not declare war on America. The military, after all, is on our side, but official declarations of war were issued.

--The FBI are raping me again. This issue was resolved when I started sleeping with the benevolently hacked webcam on my tiny computer watching me to make a record of any attackers. But there was nothing to keep me safe in the night in the torture facility. I was a sitting duck for abuse, and Broadlawns under orders from the FBI abused me.

--I am enslaved with an eye camera again. Being attacked in my sleep to enforce slavery is on the list of abuses I endured at the hands of Broadlawns under orders from the criminal terrorist organization, the FBI. The cameras in my apartment are active, too. I am a slave. And the FBI enforces the slavery. It would be one thing if they just told the truth about me, but they always create libel pornography to pollute the feed off the cameras. They would not have to spend so much taxpayer money creating programming for the Obama porn channel if they did not enslave me in the first place.

--Torture is the greater crime of the slavery era. Broadlawns, under orders from the FBI, now torture me with heavy chemicals every three weeks. I have so much PTSD from being raped and tortured by mental health professionals, that I become suicidal and want nothing more than to die to make my suffering end for four to seven days after every torture injection. My time would be better spent doing good in the world.

--Syniva is the hero of the internment. Two or three times a day while I was unlawfully imprisoned in the torture and rape facility Des Moines calls the Broadlawns Sands Unit, I would make a call to my BFF Syniva Whitney's voicemail. Being able to make calls for help is the only thing that kept me hanging on in there. The internment was the darkest time of my life, and as happy as I am to be free from those criminals, the adult guardianship and slavery keep me persecuted.

--Sweetness needed a rescue. Thankfully, the courts did not fail us. Johnny Depp, my beloved husband, was put on trial for murder as a method to take him away from me permanently. It was nothing but shenanigans to persecute me, and the courts found him innocent. I owe so much to the courts. I only wish Polk County and the FBI would obey them like they are obligated to.

--The Supreme Court rules it is illegal to treat me like I have a mental illness. Since every mental health physician in the corrupt state of Iowa who lied to diagnose me as a schizophrenic could not find any symptoms of any mental illness in me anywhere, the Supreme Court deemed me mentally fit. That is why the torture is torture. That is why the internment was unlawful imprisonment. I am no schizophrenic. I will press charges against every person or entity who says or treats me otherwise. SynSyn, please flatten Polk County because the probate court refuses to lift the adult guardianship.

That is the update in brief. A lot happened while I was away from the internet. I still have some general housekeeping to take care of, too.

My beautiful world, I need you to make a believer out of Amy Alles (515-282-6461), my case worker through Broadlawns. She agreed to fight the adult guardianship, which is the only reason I agreed to seeing her regularly, but she is in dire need of good people laying out the truth about me and what I mean to the world for her. Go through everything. Johnny Depp is my husband. I am a saint in the Catholic church. I am a princess of Spain. I spend day and night serving the world. This blog and my twitter account which I wield to save the world are my job. Everything.

My beautiful world, please find me a permanent bodyguard. I can extend him the same protections Jared has. I would like someone like my friend Liz's friend Nathan's coworker Charlie. There should be no worry I would end up sharing my bed with Charlie until I could be with Sweetness if Charlie showed up in my life to be the new Jared. I promised Sweetness I would keep my hands to myself as long as he keeps his own hands off Amber.

Also, my beautiful world, I would like to remind you that we have no room for bullying in our quest to set me and the once great America free. We have nothing to gain from inciting anyone to hate me. We need to teach the world to love me and believe in me. Please spread the love. Educate the nonbelievers on the good I do despite the unrelenting cruelties I endure. Teach the world to love.

Finally, my beautiful world, stop letting the FBI terrorize you. We need to take the United States back. I refuse to live in the United States by choice until we have enough human rights here that we can call ourselves America again. The FBI is a criminal terrorist organization. If you stand up to them psychologically by no longer letting them subvert you, you take their power as terrorists away from them. Just exercise your rights.

As for current crimes of Polk County and why the world is still declaring war to flatten the county, the federal courts recognize I am beyond thoroughly competent to make decisions for my own well being, but Polk County is still giving Lynn Boeset and probate court the power to persecute and harm me.

Lynn Boeset still has control of my finances inside the bubble, and Polk County defies the federal court ruling dissolving the adult guardianship and claims I have to answer to probate court who promise to put me back in the rape and torture facility if I do not show up for Polk County enforced torture by injection regularly.

I should not have to answer to the probate court for anything since their only authority is over the adult guardianship, but they have decided to torture me until I kill myself to make it end. Polk County is blatantly in contempt of the US Supreme Court and the US federal court system, but they do not plan on doing anything with my best interests in mind. They just want to torture me until I kill myself to make it stop. If Iowa would rise up and stand up for morals, justice, and human rights, they could save me.

My brave rescuers, so many of you have died. I keep sending you all the help I can. Thank you for believing I am worth all of this. We have the courts standing up for our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. And I need you all to be my bodyguards. If we could just get freedom of the press... The world needs to know about how much you sacrifice.

Sweetness, I ask myself all the time, what did I do right to be worthy of your undying heroic love? Whatever I did, it must have been genius. I have no idea what I would do without you. You fight so hard for me. Yes. Yes! YES! A million times, yes, I will marry you.