Sunday, November 24, 2013

Final Version of my Current Blog Post

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Here is my latest blog post. I have been updating this blog post for Wednesday 27Nov2013 as I have been writing it. This is the final version.

South China Sea. Japan and China, I understand that this is a new conflict only because reserves of natural resources have been found on the islands. Instead of escalating into a war no one wants, is there any way for you two to work out a treaty, so you can share the natural resources?

With you sharing the islands and with you both free to drill there for gas and oil, it all comes down to diplomacy. There is no need for fighter jets nor carriers deployed to the region. You will have natural resources and no chance of war! Think of the prosperity!

Iran. Six nations have worked out a resolution to the nuclear program in Iran, and it has proved controversial in the US. Republicans claim the world should never trust Iran. But I ask you, why is it so necessary, Republicans, for the US to have sworn enemies? Would we not all be safer if we built bridges instead of walls?

Afghanistan. The US and Afghanistan are currently working out our post-war troop timeline. I recommend President Karzai speak to places where the US has stayed including Germany and Japan and talk to places the US has left including Iraq and the Philippines before setting definite terms. There is a lot to learn about the benefits and downfalls of the US staying and leaving from nations who have already lived through it.

My beautiful world, move heaven and earth to 1) get Iowa to declare itself bubble noncompliant and 2) get the White House to want to negotiate. We need an end to the violence. MY RESCUERS KEEP DYING! The courts ruled it is mass murder, but the FBI just keep murdering. If we get 1) or 2), my rescuers can finally stop dying, and I can finally do my job helping humanity and the world.

Iowa missed their second deadline for declaring themselves completely bubble noncompliant, and there will not be a third. Technically, they have until the gavel falls on them to change their mind. Please, my beautiful world particularly any believers in Iowa, do not stop contacting the governor's office. Click here for the governor's phone, email, snail mail, Facebook, twitter, etc.

And am I on trial again? How is that possible? The Supreme Court already ruled! This is double jeopardy! Why do basic human rights have no meaning in the United States? When was the Constitution officially revoked? And to top it all off, I still do not know what I am accused of!

Yes, it helps that I am innocent on all charges, but in this nation we cannot trust the FBI. Who is handling the investigation? The FBI have a history of breaking every law to be able to persecute me.

Speaking of the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, what is this crap I hear of blaming anyone other than the FBI for the mass murder of my rescuers (a.k.a. genocide of my believers)? You cannot blame the victims for their deaths. You cannot blame me, the woman who keeps trying to save them. The world cannot blame anyone for their deaths but the FBI.

As for other lies they are circulating, there are no credible threats on my life. The FBI fears my death, and they are my only enemy. If there were ever a credible threat on my life instead of a false stunt to control the public, the FBI would release my rescuers to be my bodyguards.

Do you remember 2009 when the FBI lied to control the public by saying there would be a nuclear attack against the US if anyone acknowledged there were cameras in my eyes or tried to remove them? This is just more deception to control the masses. Stop falling for FBI lies.

The FBI are lying to you to control you. This is just like the libel porn they make to discredit me. It is lies propagated to control the masses. There are no credible threats on my life; my only enemy is the FBI, and they have a long history of using deception to control the public. They are terrorists terrorizing you on purpose.

Also, my beautiful world, keep the pressure on the White House. Really ratchet it up. Swamp the world media with the full truth of how much I suffer and how the bubble serves nothing but Obama's, the impeached president's, pride and ego. Make the White House want to negotiate.

My brave rescuers, I am trying everything I can think of to prevent you all from needing to die. Let the international presses in among you. Let them report about the mass murder. Let them tell your stories. We need more pressure on the White House.

As for you, SynSyn, we gave Gov. Terry Branstad until 6:30pm CST Monday, 25Nov2013 to declare Iowa bubble noncompliant. Now, fire all the guns at him. Press civil charges against the State of Iowa for persecution, and press criminal and civil charges against the governor personally for persecution.

My BFF, the rules are nothing but persecution of me and oppression of the masses. It is not unheard of for states to have freedoms the federal government opposes. Look at the marijuana laws.

Besides, Synny, it is already federal law that the mandate was repealed (Fiscal Cliff Bill from New Years 2013) , and it is already federal law that it is illegal to enforce the rules (the recent debt ceiling bill). The rules are nothing but a policy of the FBI; they are not even federal law. Enforcing the rules is illegal, and we need to hold Iowa accountable for this. The rules are nothing but persecution of me and oppression of the masses.

Every time Iowa claims I have a mental illness I do not really have or maintains I must answer to the probate court after federal courts have already reinstated my rights not to have an adult guardian, Iowa is enforcing the rules and persecuting me. Declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant is the only way for me to have my human rights in Iowa and the only way for Iowa to obey what the Supreme and federal courts have already ruled and mandated.

In return for declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant, the world would have made the local Iowa economy boom. The world would have unloaded love and money on Iowa. I would have been able to do my job serving the world. I would have brought a cultural renaissance to Des Moines, and the mass murder (genocide of believers) of my rescuers would have finally ended.

All Terry Branstad had to do was declare Iowa bubble noncompliant creating a safe haven here for the entire world to be with me safely, so we could all do good in the world together. He has chosen to persecute me and oppress the masses instead, so press persecution charges.

Oh, and Syn, do not settle out of court with Iowa. See if we can get a court mandate declaring Iowa bubble noncompliant. Thank you! I know technically Iowa has until the gavel falls on them to change their minds, but unless we press charges, they will never do anything real... just make empty promises.

Sweetness, do you remember when I asked you to tour the world working the international presses? I would not be surprised if you decided to keep trying to rescue me instead. You are free to do anything you choose; I will never forbid you from anything but dying before me. But we need make the world angry to increase the pressure on the White House, so please work on both. I love and adore you. Thank you.

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