Sunday, November 24, 2013

The White House Lied.

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Here is my latest blog post. The White House went into negotiations and lied to get out. No, there is no progress.

Climate change. I volunteered in 2009 to carry humanity through global climate change. This is my job. When will I have enough human rights to do my job?

The White House does not want me to do my job, but who else can do what I do in this world? The White House wants me destroyed, so I cannot do good for humanity anymore. When will the world rise up and take the White House down?

How many times did I say the White House cannot be trusted? And what happened? The White House lied again! Stop trusting the White House until we get a gesture of good faith from them that says they are serious about negotiating.

And how do we get a gesture of good faith? By forcing the White House to want to negotiate. They have to see punishment they want to get out of coming for them for their human rights violations. They have to see that they will finally be held accountable for their crimes to want to stop committing the crimes they have always gotten away with.

My beautiful world, this means blistering sanctions. Make the White House feel the pain. Impeach the lying president for mass murder, persecution, and defying Supreme Court rulings, and start talks all over again with a new president. Find out what the new president's pet projects are, and make them hurt.

My world of media, this means flood the entire world including all of the local stations in America with the full story. Make sure no one calls Obama anything but a rapist, a monster, a terrorist, and a bully ever again. Make sure the world knows who I am and how much I suffer as the government slave, rape victim, and torture victim. Make all the world and all of America (through the local channels) angry!

My once free America, this means you need to stand up and bring the freedom revolution. Get our rights back for all once free Americans. Use your speech. Use your press. Organize and protest. Make the White House hear you. Make the White House hear you are furious. Make the White House obey the people.

My beautiful world, one more thing, start contacting Gov. Branstad, again. Click here for his website. Please convince him to create a bubble-free safe haven for the entire world to interact with me in Iowa. Apparently, he refused to earlier this month because the FBI threatened to kill me if he did. In my last blog post I fully established that the FBI only issue empty threats to control stupid Iowans and would in fact never actually kill me due to their fearing my death. Please see if we can pop this state open. Thank you.

My brave rescuers, ask my beautiful world for everything you need. I thought I could take this bubble down with negotiations, so you could finally stop dying. But we cannot trust the White House. What can I do to make your life easier?

SynSyn, it looks like we still have two projects with the locals. 1.) Overturn the outpatient commitment. Force the locals to obey the Supreme Court and to acknowledge I have no mental illness when not injected. (The injections make me want to kill myself.) And, 2.) Release me from the criminal adult guardianship which is only used by the deplorable Lynn Boeset to persecute me. Force the locals to obey the federal court ruling that said I do not need to answer to the probate court of Polk County for any reason because I am beyond mentally competent to care for myself and in fact do so better than they are willing to do.

My BFF, you have years of experience with these two projects, so once you have action on these two under control, please start selling your story to the international and national (to be used on local stations) media. Help flood the world including the once free America with reality. Take our evidence and our fight public. Make the entire world care.

Sweetness, the same goes for you. Please start touring the world talking to the media. Use your celebrity to promote awareness of my plight, of the oppression of all of the United States, and of the mass murder committed by the FBI. Showcase how there is nothing to stop the federal government right now from these massive human rights violations (Does the mass murder count as genocide of believers?), and ask the world for help. We need more pressure on the White House.

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