Saturday, November 16, 2013

Promise me a Haiku D'Etat

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Here is my latest blog post. Let us start a cultural coup. Let us start a Haiku D'Etat. And let us begin in Des Moines.

Cameroon. A French priest was kidnapped from his mission in the north of Cameroon on the Nigerian border. It is widely suspected that Boko Haram is guilty, but there has been no ransom request yet. Please, whoever has him, the priest serves the poor and the needy in the area.

He is of no political value, but he does good for Africa. He feeds. He clothes. He serves. He is a good man who does good in the world. Please release him. After all, France does not negotiate with kidnappers, so there is nothing to gain from keeping him. Africa can only gain from setting him free.

Philippines. SynSyn, please donate $1 million to the American Red Cross to help in the Philippines. Please ask my beautiful world for donations to match. We need to help these suffering masses.

As for the US,... Let me get this straight, Obama, who is still creating policy even after being impeached for persecuting me, refuses to apologize for starting the bubble which is only mass human rights violations, considers getting caught raping and torturing me just a couple fumbles along the way, and plans to not let up torturing me with rape, injections, slavery, and mass persecution until he can illicit a confession out of me for a crime no one has ever told me about and that it is impossible for me to have committed? What an asshole! Why does anyone support this guy?

What has been the big news lately? On Tuesday 12November2013, the negotiations came up with a resolution to set me free and remove the bubble. But, on the morning of Wednesday 13November2013, my rescuers and husband were attacked as they were coming into Iowa to pick me up.

The current president of the United States (whoever he or she is right now) and the FBI had lied. They lied again and said I could be rescued 13Nov and 14Nov, and on 15Nov, the world finally stopped trusting the administration. Am I free? No.

Their history of deception to be able to persecute and oppress longer is just too huge. We should no longer trust the FBI, Obama administration, and Office of the President until we get a good faith act from them.

My beautiful world, demand the return of our Constitutional rights to freedom of speech and freedom of the press, rights we all should have had all along anyway, as an act of good faith to earn our trust. Demand our IMMEDIATE rights to freedom of speech and press, so we can trust the FBI and current president in negotiations again.

My brave rescuers, impeach the offending president for mass murder, persecution, disobeying court rulings, etc. to make sure Chancellor Merkel, President Carter, etc. can negotiate with a new president. And of course, my negotiators should demand the gesture of good faith from every president they work with.

Of course, demanding an act of good faith from the criminal terrorists only works if they want to negotiate. So, my once great and free America, scream. Protest. Raise nonviolent hell. Make your voices heard. Demand in your masses that the bubble come down, and demand with your unified voice that we get an act of good faith to earn trust.

Congregate outside your local FBI office, and make your demands en masse. We have identified the only enemies in the federal government, and they are the criminal terrorist organization called the FBI and the rotating office of the president. Barack Obama is also an enemy, but he is not a part of the government. He was already impeached. He creates policy still, though, as an unelected dictator, and needs to be arrested as a war criminal. So, please demonstrate at your local FBI office.

What else has been in the news? The Democratic Party is finally being held responsible for creating the bubble in the first place. Congressional Democrats in both houses have finally started turning their backs on the impeached president's policy of persecuting me which he wrote into law in the Obamacare bill which only passed the Democratic House and Democratic Senate of the time because Obama told them to vote on it without reading it first. We need more backs turned on Obama's rape-until-false-confession policy. When will the FBI save themselves and turn on Obama?

My beautiful world, please haiku d'état for me. Always leave the physically dangerous parts of the rescue to the professionals, but there is so much more you can do. I need you, my beautiful world, to descend upon Des Moines as soon as humanly possible to freely create a new world renaissance of art, culture, fashion, technology, politics, activism, education, and everything else good about humanity.

Polk County is strapped for cash. Iowa is ready to declare itself bubble-noncompliant to spare itself from my suing them further and to welcome the economic boom that will happen when my beautiful world shows up to create a world society that can freely communicate with me and freely do good for the world. My beautiful world, Iowa is ready for the haiku d'état renaissance that comes with my being here and with having full human rights for me and the masses here.

Syniva and I have given Polk County and the entire state of Iowa until 6:30 pm CST Monday 18 November 2013 to declare themselves bubble-noncompliant thereby creating a safe haven for me and the world that allows full human and Constitutional rights for everyone in an island in Iowa. If they do not comply, we will sue them until they save themselves and comply with all federal and Supreme Court rulings and the actual federal laws that ended the bubble.

The Courts will stay consistent and will always fight for human rights for me and for all Americans. If the FBI and corrupted office of the US president mess with Iowa's authority to obey federal and Supreme Court rulings and the actual federal laws that ended the bubble, all they will have to do is take the federal government to court.

If the FBI and corrupted office of the US president mess with Iowa airspace to keep you out, my beautiful world, just fly nearby to Minneapolis, Sioux Falls, Omaha, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, or Cedar Rapids, and drive in. This plan depends entirely on you, my beautiful world, reaching me, saving me, creating a renaissance in Des Moines with me, and freely interacting with me in the bubble-noncompliant zone. I am counting on you, my beautiful world, to want to spend time with me. This is for everyone not just celebrities who have supported me for years. This is for the ENTIRE world that loves and supports me.

Come ask me your questions. Come get my advice. Come let me serve your countries out there in my beautiful world. Come play me your music. Come let me talk to your world journalists. Make me laugh, sing, and dance. Come get my opinions on your clothes. Come, Sweetness, so we can plan our wedding. Come, my beautiful world, and let us serve this world of humanity together.

My master plan is to bring a renaissance to Des Moines to prove to the federal government the United States can only benefit from taking the bubble down. Bring a haiku d'état, my beautiful world, and we can save America. Let us save the world!

My brave rescuers, you will not have to die anymore trying to reach me if Iowa declares itself bubble non-compliant. I will already have been rescued. I will just need you to register your guns in Des Moines and peaceably drive in to be my bodyguards, get my husband to my side, and welcome the world to Des Moines. Thank you for all of your service. I will always love and need you. But your mission will change once Iowa declares bubble-noncompliance like we know they will.

SynSyn, thank you for talking to Amy Alles for me. If we can turn her around and make a force for federal and Supreme Court compliance, we will not have to press charges against her. I also sent you some priority mail on Tuesday. Thank you for always taking such good care of me. You are such a hero. Let's save Iowa.

Sweetness, do you have any way to reach me once Iowa declares itself officially bubble-noncompliant? I have promised to stay here to bring the economic and cultural renaissance here, so you are going to have to come here. Get a fake ID, dye your hair, shave your face, ditch your FBI trackable phone, rustle up some bodyguards, and just drive in. I cannot wait to see you.

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