Saturday, November 9, 2013

Suffering the FBI for the cause...

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Here is my latest blog post. We have a lot to catch up on.

Saudi Arabia. Just when I am wondering if I have ever taught my beautiful world anything, I see this story, and it reminds me that people really do listen to me. Well done, ladies.

Last night the current president (whoever he or she is... We impeached several while I was being tortured, raped, and unlawfully imprisoned in Broadlawns.) was caught lying. He or she said the bubble would burst soon in an effort to placate the public but actually just planned on persecuting me and oppressing all of America longer.

Never believe the bubble is coming down unless you all have freedom of speech again, my once great and free America. The lies were pervasive last night. The last thing I need is people who love me propagating government lies. The president was caught lying again, and many rescuers died last night. SynSyn, please impeach the bastard.

Before my Polk-County-appointed and illegal adult guardian under orders from the FBI locked me up recently as a political prisoner in a torture facility again, (and trust me I am ready to stop suffering for the cause) I wrote this...

"The executive branch is still killing my brave rescuers. According to my beautiful world, there are terrorist threats on my head, and my brave rescuers are my incoming bodyguards. But the federal government would rather murder my rescuers an allow them to keep me safe. It makes you wonder who the terrorists are who are threatening me, does it not? Is the federal government the terrorists?"

We have confirmed that the FBI is a criminal terrorist organization presently terrorizing all of what was once a free United States of America into oppression. Why is there no freedom of speech nor any freedom of the press in the US? Because you are all terrorized. Why are none of you free to just drive up to this chocolaterie where I sit every day communing with the internet and steal me away to someplace I can have full human rights? Because you are terrorized.

My once great and free America, you are not the woman the FBI serially rapes. How is it possible for you to be terrorized if I am not? Did I teach you nothing?

Can I teach you to be brave? You cannot have your human rights, my once free America, unless you exercise them.

Here is a brief update of everything you might have missed, my beautiful world, while I was unlawfuly imprisoned...

--The FBI was found guilty by the federal court system of mass murder of my rescuers. Did this make the FBI stop murdering my rescuers? No. They are a criminal terrorist organization hell bent on destroying all of the United States through fear and blood.

--My adult guardianship was deemed an unconstitutional human rights violation by the federal court system and dissolved. Does this mean I no longer have an adult guardian breaking the law to persecute me? No. Polk County is not obeying the federal court system and is still using the adult guardianship to imprison me in Iowa against my will, to deny me a husband and rescuer bodyguards to keep me safe, to deny me enough money to buy groceries least of all have even a modicum of comfort in my life, and to enforce what the UN, the federal government, and even the State of Iowa recognize as cruel and unusual torture.

--A great many of the nations of the world declared war on the FBI, the presidency, and Polk County. They did not declare war on America. The military, after all, is on our side, but official declarations of war were issued.

--The FBI are raping me again. This issue was resolved when I started sleeping with the benevolently hacked webcam on my tiny computer watching me to make a record of any attackers. But there was nothing to keep me safe in the night in the torture facility. I was a sitting duck for abuse, and Broadlawns under orders from the FBI abused me.

--I am enslaved with an eye camera again. Being attacked in my sleep to enforce slavery is on the list of abuses I endured at the hands of Broadlawns under orders from the criminal terrorist organization, the FBI. The cameras in my apartment are active, too. I am a slave. And the FBI enforces the slavery. It would be one thing if they just told the truth about me, but they always create libel pornography to pollute the feed off the cameras. They would not have to spend so much taxpayer money creating programming for the Obama porn channel if they did not enslave me in the first place.

--Torture is the greater crime of the slavery era. Broadlawns, under orders from the FBI, now torture me with heavy chemicals every three weeks. I have so much PTSD from being raped and tortured by mental health professionals, that I become suicidal and want nothing more than to die to make my suffering end for four to seven days after every torture injection. My time would be better spent doing good in the world.

--Syniva is the hero of the internment. Two or three times a day while I was unlawfully imprisoned in the torture and rape facility Des Moines calls the Broadlawns Sands Unit, I would make a call to my BFF Syniva Whitney's voicemail. Being able to make calls for help is the only thing that kept me hanging on in there. The internment was the darkest time of my life, and as happy as I am to be free from those criminals, the adult guardianship and slavery keep me persecuted.

--Sweetness needed a rescue. Thankfully, the courts did not fail us. Johnny Depp, my beloved husband, was put on trial for murder as a method to take him away from me permanently. It was nothing but shenanigans to persecute me, and the courts found him innocent. I owe so much to the courts. I only wish Polk County and the FBI would obey them like they are obligated to.

--The Supreme Court rules it is illegal to treat me like I have a mental illness. Since every mental health physician in the corrupt state of Iowa who lied to diagnose me as a schizophrenic could not find any symptoms of any mental illness in me anywhere, the Supreme Court deemed me mentally fit. That is why the torture is torture. That is why the internment was unlawful imprisonment. I am no schizophrenic. I will press charges against every person or entity who says or treats me otherwise. SynSyn, please flatten Polk County because the probate court refuses to lift the adult guardianship.

That is the update in brief. A lot happened while I was away from the internet. I still have some general housekeeping to take care of, too.

My beautiful world, I need you to make a believer out of Amy Alles (515-282-6461), my case worker through Broadlawns. She agreed to fight the adult guardianship, which is the only reason I agreed to seeing her regularly, but she is in dire need of good people laying out the truth about me and what I mean to the world for her. Go through everything. Johnny Depp is my husband. I am a saint in the Catholic church. I am a princess of Spain. I spend day and night serving the world. This blog and my twitter account which I wield to save the world are my job. Everything.

My beautiful world, please find me a permanent bodyguard. I can extend him the same protections Jared has. I would like someone like my friend Liz's friend Nathan's coworker Charlie. There should be no worry I would end up sharing my bed with Charlie until I could be with Sweetness if Charlie showed up in my life to be the new Jared. I promised Sweetness I would keep my hands to myself as long as he keeps his own hands off Amber.

Also, my beautiful world, I would like to remind you that we have no room for bullying in our quest to set me and the once great America free. We have nothing to gain from inciting anyone to hate me. We need to teach the world to love me and believe in me. Please spread the love. Educate the nonbelievers on the good I do despite the unrelenting cruelties I endure. Teach the world to love.

Finally, my beautiful world, stop letting the FBI terrorize you. We need to take the United States back. I refuse to live in the United States by choice until we have enough human rights here that we can call ourselves America again. The FBI is a criminal terrorist organization. If you stand up to them psychologically by no longer letting them subvert you, you take their power as terrorists away from them. Just exercise your rights.

As for current crimes of Polk County and why the world is still declaring war to flatten the county, the federal courts recognize I am beyond thoroughly competent to make decisions for my own well being, but Polk County is still giving Lynn Boeset and probate court the power to persecute and harm me.

Lynn Boeset still has control of my finances inside the bubble, and Polk County defies the federal court ruling dissolving the adult guardianship and claims I have to answer to probate court who promise to put me back in the rape and torture facility if I do not show up for Polk County enforced torture by injection regularly.

I should not have to answer to the probate court for anything since their only authority is over the adult guardianship, but they have decided to torture me until I kill myself to make it end. Polk County is blatantly in contempt of the US Supreme Court and the US federal court system, but they do not plan on doing anything with my best interests in mind. They just want to torture me until I kill myself to make it stop. If Iowa would rise up and stand up for morals, justice, and human rights, they could save me.

My brave rescuers, so many of you have died. I keep sending you all the help I can. Thank you for believing I am worth all of this. We have the courts standing up for our Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. And I need you all to be my bodyguards. If we could just get freedom of the press... The world needs to know about how much you sacrifice.

Sweetness, I ask myself all the time, what did I do right to be worthy of your undying heroic love? Whatever I did, it must have been genius. I have no idea what I would do without you. You fight so hard for me. Yes. Yes! YES! A million times, yes, I will marry you.

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