Monday, November 29, 2010

So Close!

Hello World!
I am so close to going back to the States. My travel date should be waiting for me when I get back to the hospital tonight. If I don't learn when tonight, I will over the next few days. I cannot wait.

(And Wiki Treason? Are you serious? Does the US government really want it on record that it is calling telling-people-the-truth grounds for treason? Tell Obama to get his head out of his ass and tell the truth for once himself.)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today's News

When will people learn? Does anyone listen?
You cannot create peace with war. Violence breeds violence. This is happening because Washington has been trying to aggravate a World War Three for years. The Middle East would not comply, but if the Koreas are not careful, they will be home to World War Three. The fighting will be in their home. Please, Korea, listen to me. Listen to me in ways Washington never will. You do not want to be the decimated home to a global conflict. Do not let Washington nor anyone for that matter goad you into war. There will be no Korea left if the war is fought on your land, in your air, and in your water.

Did anyone learn from Greece?
Greece’s austerity measures caused a downward spiral, so that now they are generating very little revenue. Yes, the Irish economy was unsustainable, but they need to fix the economy. They should not be creating greater problems. Keeping the corporate tax rate low means they have the right goals, but are these the right steps to help them reach those goals? Just make sure you do not stunt the economy. You need to help an economy grow if you want to see it create more tax revenue.
And now, Portugal…

The weak are quaking.
In expectation of the truth being told, the US government is already quaking and shrieking in fear. Public accountability: It has spawned a witch hunt of the founder of Wikileaks. The US government does not like being held accountable for what it does. I signed an online petition the other day to protect government whistleblowers. I doubt we will ever see legislation designed to protect those that want the truth told, but I figured it could do little harm.

In response to panic,...
My thoughts are with the survivors and those that survive the victims. The deaths mar the beauty of the celebration. What a horrible end for any festival and for so many human lives. Mass panic makes people make bad decisions. It brings social ruin. I have been blessed with an amazing gut instinct in any crisis. But when the panic hits a population instead of a person,...

Ha! You’re still talking!
Just when I thought everyone had put off talking about the environment in order to talk about saving money, look what site I found! (When are we going to get the plastic out of the oceans? Doctors are starting to find plastic in human bloodstreams from our food chain base now being ocean plastics.) Climate change: My mission is to get humanity through Global Climate Change. The best thing to do is stay calm and make wise decisions. We have to DO things, not just talk about them.
When might you do something, too?

Democracy, you double-edged sword…
Elections are a good thing if they are fair and free. They are democracy in action. But the process of free speech and campaigning can lead to violence in less stable nations. That is the double-edged sword of democracy. It requires that opinions other than just the ones you like must also be heard. Please stay peaceful, Ivory Coast. Please ensure safe, fair, and free elections.

If you harm education, you harm the future.
Public education is one of the most vital roles of a government. Education shapes the future of your country. UK, you have angry students; you have an angry future.
Students are protesting in Italy, too.

Sweet Charity
This is how a charity is supposed to work. The money comes in, and the promised goodness comes out. Has anyone out there experienced a bad charity? You know, one that took in money and delivered absolutely no goodness? What about one that took in money and used it to attack whom it was supposed to be helping? This is not time to be shy! Has anyone out there experienced the bad sorts of charities? It is okay to answer.

Please tell me why, again.
What are we doing in Afghanistan, again? No, Washington, sorry, but your actions in Afghanistan have not yet started the World War Three you are after. Please cease and desist aggravating less stable countries, now. It did not work in the Middle East, and it did not work in Afghanistan either.

I think I just said it. I’ll say it again. Washington, stop aggravating less stable nations. Look, US government, you need to be careful where you tread. You make a poor ambassador so often for the American people. We are not about hatred and warmongering.

A Real Man
It must feel better than if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called you a ‘girly man.’ Though, this is much less funny.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Tennis Coverage

Oh, the simple joys that make life worth living! For this entire week the UK has coverage of the ATP Men's World Tour Finals being played in London. Live tennis coverage is just about the top of my list including good books, live music, and conversations with dear, old friends and family for things that make life worth living. Mmmmm... raspberries, snail-mail, orgasms, dancing in a warm rain, talking to animals... Okay, the list is not as short as I though it was.

The paperwork necessary for my return to the States is progressing as fast as could be expected. Once I have an intinerary, I will let you know my return date. Iowa, here I come. I hope you're ready. None of this doing what Obama wants and harming me at every turn, again, okay? I love you. I have been taking care of you from across the pond. Now, stand up for yourselves and treat me right. Demand your own rights, and maybe I will get mine.

France, I will be there as soon as I can. California, I will return home. Just you wait and see. I have a whole lot of this beautiful world to see and thank.

I am much physically rounder than I am used to being. It comes from being the walking chemistry experiment of the quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds. Luckily, the testosterone is wearing off nicely. Now, I just have to get the rest of the chemicals out of my body.

She is such a quack. In the event that travel plans for me take longer than 11December2010, the day my Section 3 under the Mental Health Act of 1983 ends, she would rather 'section' me with another six-month Section 3 than let me out of the hospital. It would really help if the British would stand up for what is right, but they are too busy being brainwashed zombies. Podpeople!! EVERYWHERE!!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

On my mind and in the news....

I now have eight hours a day to spend off of the ward. When they started letting me out of the hell they call a hospital on a daily basis, I had to go get a watch. Now, for the first time in decades, I wear a wrist watch. It has always felt odd having time shackle my left wrist, but that is exactly how I feel. I am enslaved by time, right now. I will not be free of the UK for two to four more weeks, and in the mean time I am still stuck here tethered to the hell they call a hospital with an eight-hour chain.

And when I go back to the States, what am I supposed to expect? Is it just more of the same? I think it will be worse. This time I will again have no rights but this time also no freedoms due to being under my overbearing father’s thumb? My father, Thomas Raymond Varilek of Ankeny, IA, joined the legions of people oppressing me last year in May.

Don’t be like my father. Don’t do what they want. Don’t be cruel to me and stomp on my well-being just because I am there. Iowa was horrifying the last time I was there. I hope they will no longer be pawns of the US government this time. I hope Iowa will stand up for itself, break the bubble, and refuse to comply with the Federal horror controls. They take away all of your rights, too, you know. Absolutely NEVER let anyone put a chip in your head.

From the news…

Putin to the rescue.

In at time of international crisis, at least we have Russia… and they brought twelve other nations as friends. Let’s hope some good work comes from this. Our planet is in peril, and we need action. We can save this world, but we need to bother to do something. There is no longer any place for complacency.

Do schools still teach civics and geography?

At a time when public education is getting cut all over the place, it is an important question to ask. Then again, why a school system should be forced to cut any part of the curriculum to save money is beyond me. Art, music, and drama are just as important as math and science to a full education. Literature and social studies are so vital to our schools. They are what make us human.

The Catholics are making progress.

Sex abuse by clergy is finally being addresses by the Church itself. It is important to address problems and not ignore them. The Pope has really taken healing his flocks seriously concerning child abuse, and he is the first pope to openly deal with this issue. Let us hope it helps the children heal knowing that the abuse is being stopped from within the Church itself.

What was the last thing Obama did…

…that did not make things worse? What is this expenditure of lives supposed to accomplish? The role of the military is to protect and DEFEND the United States of America at all costs. It is NOT to aggravate more volatile nations and militant extremists.

Ballerina Maya Plisetskaya turns 85.

You have made an art out of being strong when you are delicate, pretty lady. Keep shining.

Intellectual Property Protection

It protects our ideas. Imagine you were writing a book, but every time you wrote a paragraph, it was common knowledge due to an illegal broadcast of everything you do at your computer. Would there be any way you could sell your book? Would there be any reward of publication for all of your hard work? Intellectual property needs to be protected. Without it, art ends.

Obama the Monster

Obama’s reign as president has been a terror to my life in particular and a hunt for dictatorial powers in general. The lowest rung on his ladder is his policy of enforcing that the public not acknowledge all of the terrors they know he does to me from television shows broadcast out of equipment he put in my head to the systemic rape he uses to try and make me lose my mind. I cannot wait for his bubble around America to burst, so the American public can at last freely discuss the truth. What are you waiting for, America? Why aren’t you discussing it now while I am safely locked overseas and unable to hear it?

His fake support of me while broadcasting me against my will and initially without my knowledge in the privacy of my own home is disgusting. If I see one more bowl of apples in the foreground of a photo of him, I will not stop until he is imprisoned for all he has done to me. Okay, I already will not stop, but do not be fooled by him pretending to support what I stand for now. He is desperate to look like he did something worthwhile during his time in office, and he has always stolen from me. Now, he steals my ideas point blank.

If this continues after I get back to the States, I will rain fire on him and all that promote him. And we all know I can… even literally, if I have to.

In other thoughts than justice…

I have been finishing off a book by Jasper Fforde lately. The British have not yet complained that they hear so much Fforde coming through their earchips. I told them to get the chips removed, but we all know how little the British care to listen to my advice. Well, I have been finishing off this book, and it has made me wish I actually finished writing something last year. I had no chance, of course, with everything that passed my computer screen made common knowledge.

In 2007, I wrote the first version of “Infamy.” In 2008, I wrote the pilot episode to “CALIX, set sail!” In 2009, I finished nothing. This year has similarly proved to be mostly a dry spell, but lately I have been typing up a storm on this little Acer Aspire One. Who knows what I can get written by the time the countdown ends on New Year’s Eve.

Speaking of which, what are you all up to for New Year’s Eve. I have long considered it a more romantic night than Valentine’s Day. It does, after all, set up the tone of your entire year to come. Will I finally be allowed near my own husband? That Obama… He is such a criminal.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Four to Six Weeks

Through the joys of my webcam, here I am waving hello at my darling husband, the Mr. Johnny Depp a.k.a. my Mr. Love-of-my-Life wherever he may be right now.  Sweetness, I cannot wait to see you wave back.

It could take four to six weeks to get me home. I might miss Christmas. My quack-whore of a doctor, Dr. Helen Reynolds of Liverpool, UK, is still a major impediment to the process as well. Please, my beautiful world, keep the pressure on the British to treat me humanely and send me home as soon as possible. A better blog post is forthcoming.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Quack is the Culprit, Again.

So, after a week of nothing happening, the hold-up in my exit process has been identified. It was, no surprise, my quack, Dr. Helen Reynolds. Now, things are underway. It is about damn time. Sometime soon, I will be sipping coffee and eating pizza with dear, old friends. I miss home as much as I miss traveling right now. I need a good, long flight to mellow me out. I always zen out when I am in transit.

The locals have been confusing. Some are actually friendly, now. Liverpool is finally starting to get its head out of its oversized backside on topics of me in my company. Just when I was about ready to bash heads in because the people here were constantly rude to me, they started to warm up. Huh, they are beginning to treat me like a human just in time for me to leave. It had to happen eventually. Let us hope the warmning trend continues.

Imaginary Daniel was just in town to see me. We celebrated his birthday and spent some long overdue time catching up. There is something addictive in good company; I absolutely did not want to let him go.

Today, I went to visit a couple of former patients of the Windsor House Quack Ward. Tomorrow, I am having coffee with a fellow inmate. Friday, I am seeing yet another former patient for some social time on the town. This has been a week of good, new friends... Let's hope we all stay in touch.

I now have eight hours a day to spend out and about off of the ward. Right now, I am at the public library typing these lines to the world and posterity. I am going to try to hunt up some live music this week. Liverpool is supposed to be known for its music, isn't it? Why is live music so hard to find, then? Wish me luck!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You need to bother to make sense when you speak to me...

I am so tired of people attacking me and then complaining I don't like them because of it. Oh, and one more thing Brits, you just spent months choosing to fabricate lies about me; you don't get to attack me over not understanding the truth about me. You don't get to attack me over anything.

My beautiful world, stay strong and united. Your standing strong has helped me so much already. You will get this ended for me. I could never do this without you.

I am about to go from this hospital from hell in Liverpool to under my father's thumb in Iowa. Let's hope the Iowans treat me better than the Brits have been. I have faith. And, yes, my father, Thomas Raymond Varilek of Ankeny, Iowa, is still a monster and a terror to me.

They say it takes only one bad apple to spoil the whole batch. Well, one or two good apples are not enough to save a whole country. I had a wonderful time Friday night, but I was attacked by Liverpool locals last night in an onslaught of twatty verbal refuse. If it were not for the ocassional Brit actually behaving humanely towards me, I would be raining fire on this country by now. That said, I cannot wait to see 'Imaginary' Dan tomorrow. Yey! Yes, there are the ocassional good apples around here, but the bad ones are awful.

Brits, I am already your victim. You don't get to complain I don't like you if you keep treating me this way. Set me free of this hell.

Friday, November 5, 2010

My father, Thomas Raymond Varilek of Ankeny, Iowa, is evil.

My father just called me a few minutes ago for the first time in about six months. He had petitioned for adult guardainship of my while I was detained in hospital here in Liverpool, and it was egregiously granted to him by the Polk County District Court in Iowa despite the fact I am NOT an Iowa resident. Well, just a few minutes ago he called to rub my nose in the fact he owns me now.

On the upside, he finally has to be held responsible for all of the horrors he does to me while I am in his home. When last I lived there, I was raped in the house, and my father tried to burn the house down with me still inside of it. He put a camera of his own on me, and he chose to harm me himself instead of keeping me safe.

On the downside, he has laid claim to all of my money. There is not a whole lot of money since the US government denies me all employment while I am in the States for illegal reasons. Don't you remember this blog post? But, my dad, Thomas Raymond Varilek of Ankeny, Iowa, is using it to control me. He is evil and must be stopped.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Social Solution

It is practically impossible to find a decent conversation in this town. Yet, just when I get desperate for witty repartee I am rescued by my dear, British friend ‘Imaginary’ Daniel. No, he is not actually imaginary, but he is so good with conversation that it sometimes feels as though my subconscious spat him out just for my own amusement. He is my social remedy for how unbearable this place can be. When in doubt, all I need is a decent conversation to keep my head where it needs to be. He and the internet are my social solutions.

Speaking of solutions, I hope all of you in the States went out and rocked the vote yesterday. Democracy in action is breathtaking to behold. The US government needs its ass kicked into line, and I think that is what you, the American public, have been up to. Let us hope it worked. Let us hope all of the candidates keep their campaign promises… and then some. Also, let us hope you have all preserved America's freedoms and rights for everyone and even made the States a safe place for me when I get back.

Thank you, my entire beautiful world, for standing strong and united. You have almost brought me out of this hell and back to the States. The quack, in her smarmy yet occasionally useful way, has decided to notify the International Organization for Migration that I am ‘fit to travel’ back. The quack is so dirty that I need to bathe after I speak with her. I will be going to Iowa first, but there is a lot of America and the world I need to see. Because I am not going directly to my husband’s arms by going to France, the UK is not redeemed, but as soon as I am no longer their victim, I can treat them as normal humans again. The quack is so corrupt that I am not going to count my chickens until I am home, but my beautiful world, you have stood by me and it has worked. Thank you. With every essence of my soul, thank you. Keep the pressure on until I am safely freed from this hell.

Why did I not post this yesterday when I got the news? I am so sorry this blog post did not come out sooner than today, but I had to finish a letter to my husband to tell him first. I put it in the mail drop first thing this morning after a venture out into the rain. I did go out to celebrate last night, though. I went to see ‘The Social Network.’

‘The Social Network’ reminded me of the interconnectedness of the human experience and of the importance of every single last one of us. Just one person can make such a difference, and we are a connected world of such individuals. As I said already, the internet is part of my social solution to making life bearable in this hell. Staying connected to my loved ones and my world is something I could not live without. The human experience is a connection of singular individuals. Thank you, again, my beautiful world.