Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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When will people learn? Does anyone listen?
You cannot create peace with war. Violence breeds violence. This is happening because Washington has been trying to aggravate a World War Three for years. The Middle East would not comply, but if the Koreas are not careful, they will be home to World War Three. The fighting will be in their home. Please, Korea, listen to me. Listen to me in ways Washington never will. You do not want to be the decimated home to a global conflict. Do not let Washington nor anyone for that matter goad you into war. There will be no Korea left if the war is fought on your land, in your air, and in your water.

Did anyone learn from Greece?
Greece’s austerity measures caused a downward spiral, so that now they are generating very little revenue. Yes, the Irish economy was unsustainable, but they need to fix the economy. They should not be creating greater problems. Keeping the corporate tax rate low means they have the right goals, but are these the right steps to help them reach those goals? Just make sure you do not stunt the economy. You need to help an economy grow if you want to see it create more tax revenue.
And now, Portugal…

The weak are quaking.
In expectation of the truth being told, the US government is already quaking and shrieking in fear. Public accountability: It has spawned a witch hunt of the founder of Wikileaks. The US government does not like being held accountable for what it does. I signed an online petition the other day to protect government whistleblowers. I doubt we will ever see legislation designed to protect those that want the truth told, but I figured it could do little harm.

In response to panic,...
My thoughts are with the survivors and those that survive the victims. The deaths mar the beauty of the celebration. What a horrible end for any festival and for so many human lives. Mass panic makes people make bad decisions. It brings social ruin. I have been blessed with an amazing gut instinct in any crisis. But when the panic hits a population instead of a person,...

Ha! You’re still talking!
Just when I thought everyone had put off talking about the environment in order to talk about saving money, look what site I found! (When are we going to get the plastic out of the oceans? Doctors are starting to find plastic in human bloodstreams from our food chain base now being ocean plastics.) Climate change: My mission is to get humanity through Global Climate Change. The best thing to do is stay calm and make wise decisions. We have to DO things, not just talk about them.
When might you do something, too?

Democracy, you double-edged sword…
Elections are a good thing if they are fair and free. They are democracy in action. But the process of free speech and campaigning can lead to violence in less stable nations. That is the double-edged sword of democracy. It requires that opinions other than just the ones you like must also be heard. Please stay peaceful, Ivory Coast. Please ensure safe, fair, and free elections.

If you harm education, you harm the future.
Public education is one of the most vital roles of a government. Education shapes the future of your country. UK, you have angry students; you have an angry future.
Students are protesting in Italy, too.

Sweet Charity
This is how a charity is supposed to work. The money comes in, and the promised goodness comes out. Has anyone out there experienced a bad charity? You know, one that took in money and delivered absolutely no goodness? What about one that took in money and used it to attack whom it was supposed to be helping? This is not time to be shy! Has anyone out there experienced the bad sorts of charities? It is okay to answer.

Please tell me why, again.
What are we doing in Afghanistan, again? No, Washington, sorry, but your actions in Afghanistan have not yet started the World War Three you are after. Please cease and desist aggravating less stable countries, now. It did not work in the Middle East, and it did not work in Afghanistan either.

I think I just said it. I’ll say it again. Washington, stop aggravating less stable nations. Look, US government, you need to be careful where you tread. You make a poor ambassador so often for the American people. We are not about hatred and warmongering.

A Real Man
It must feel better than if Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger called you a ‘girly man.’ Though, this is much less funny.

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