Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I noticed that the pipes to the sink in my bedroom were connected with a green and yellow wire this morning when I woke up...

...so I needed to get this one in just in case...

Hypothetically Speaking--THE SEQUEL!…

Let us imagine that a certain science fiction becomes reality—a situation where a propaganda machine driven by a childlike need to feel important by degrading others, a never-ending ability to create national debts, and a thorough catalogue of personal inadequacies that in aggregate verge on neurotic and completely irrational beliefs in any self-worth is born to create a self-destructive competition among its own conspirators to become the first world dictator.

Well, let us suppose that this conspiracy-born-of-personal-inadequacy were to decide to just lie about an individual almost constantly in order to manipulate the emotions of the public and then, out of complete cowardice, never allow her to know about it. Let us suppose that they even drive entire nations, cultures, and populations to the brink of ruin in order to make fake phone calls off of her mobile number and to maintain that there could be no way for her to know about it.

There are many steps to dealing with this. First of all, if you hear something, verify that it is real and accurate. Otherwise, you might believe someone you care about deeply is dead instead of just enduring her parents trying to abduct from ORD - Chicago O’Hare while they are under the false pretences that they are able to make ANY legal or medical decisions for her and that placing her in a mental ward against her will (so that a certain vile subset of the US executive branch may torture and murder her in the privacy of their own facilities) would really be for the best of their nation, bank account, and world. If I were to ever hear of that, I would send that woman’s parents as much non-quack-based mental health attention as possible and the means to remove that certain subset of the executive branch’s abilities to control them and their reality.

In verifying that what you hear may or may not be real or accurate, it helps to ask for the source of the information and to verify whether or not the source of the information is reliable. It also helps to make a note of the things you hear that may or may not be real, where you hear them, when you hear them, an from whom you hear them and then compare notes with your friends and families in different geographic locations. I know I have said it at least once already: You can’t fool all of the people all of the time; especially if you have to tell different lies in different place in order to be able to do it.

This, of course, normally leads to what I refer to as Reality Bubbles. For example, only certain sorts of news are allowed into a certain country turning it into a fascist, terrorist state where the population lives in fear of… essentially… nothing real. The government just does it in order to keep the truth out and other truths in. It is easier to control a population if you control what they are and are not allowed to know and believe instead of allowing it to be their choice. This is a much faster path for a group of conspirators laden with the frustrations of their aforementioned personal inadequacies to drive the planet into chaos and anarchy in order to impose one of themselves (the last to survive the power struggle) as the first planetary dictator.

The dawning of the fascist, terrorist regime that is built on controlling what entire countries are and are not allowed to know is most definitely best battled through honest communication. Tell people you know and trust through reliable means of communication the things you actually know for real or that come from actually reliable sources of factual information.

And, as I said in the first installment of “Hypothetically speaking…” do NOT let them put chips in your head. Mine were all stuck inside my body against my will, and I am still laboring to have them all completely removed. That is just your giving up your human rights voluntarily as well as all of your abilities to make any choices for yourself, have any novel ideas, or even be capable of independent thought.

There you have it. That is how you fight a propaganda machine. You do not allow yourself to believe it.

Then, if you have the extra drive, you take some time to figure out why they are giving you those particular lies to you in order to manipulate you. That is the extra credit on the homework project … You know, the homework project of it-actually-takes-some-work-to-keep-your-home-country-community-and-world safe. Enjoy the assignment! You get to keep what you learn.

And if anybody would like to further discuss this science-fictional future I have described here, just drop me a line and let me know. I hear (through the chips in my head) that my science fiction ideas are really quite popular.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

There is no Irrational Theme of the Day today.

You know, sometimes when I leave my house, I find that there is some sort of irrational theme of behavior for the day. I used to wonder why they would not notify me for inclusion in their daily themes, but then again, I do anything I damn well please anyway.

There was the day when everybody was complaining I was not dying my hair blond and conforming. Well, that was more than one day, and honestly, I would look horrid as a blond. I am always open to good suggestions, but that was contrary to my Just-be-your-natural-and-beautiful-self-ALREADY! way of life. (Oo! Oo! That was an appropriate place for me to use the imperative tense without it being a verb!)

There was the day people kept trying to run me over with their cars. There was the day people in black peacoats kept looking at me like they knew who I was while refusing to talk to me. There was the day mothers kept scolding their sons in front of me; maybe their sons had actually misbehaved before I had noticed. There was the day people kept making fun of people with real mental illnesses.

There tends to be a theme everyday. I have not yet found the one for today. Maybe the Irrational Theme of the Day phase for the podpeople has ended. Honestly, it really does look like people are actually being themselves and trying to think independent thoughts again our here outside my house. It really is quite refreshing. Somehow, though, people keep treating me as if they know who I am while pretending they don't really recognize me while also insisting I am somebody I a really am not still persists. I wonder when they will break free of going along with that part of their Pod of Stupidity mental programming just because "everybody else is doing it."

Yes, yes, I know that we look at the universe on occassion while staring up at the starry sky (Okay, I do.) and wonder about its vasteness before sitting down with our crayons to pretend we know the actual colors of extinct dinosours and the swirling notions hinted at in Hubble telescope photos. Sometimes, moments like those make us all think that humanity is a strange and weak creature when faced with events like the natural geologic cycles of the Earth that sometimes happen to align (Or, do they not?... Nobody ever tells me anything.) with cosmic cycles like non-concentric rings within rings. I have found, though, that humanity is a reslient and concrete aggregate of individual resilience. It is pretty damn hard to stop a flood, and I have never recommended getting in the way of the weather doing what she wants. But we can bring humanity through it safely. I have said that many times. We just have to bother to care.

Oh! Look! I am verging on the land of esoteric questions that I have wanted to have the opportunity to think about for quite a while now! Huh,... look at that!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clearly, they want me to know I am right about many things... including the copyright infringement of my personal correspondence.

Yes, someday the petty concerns that make people attack will finally end, I will be able to silence my angry rants for social justice. Until their dictator-wannabee reign of stupidity ends, here we go!

They seem more themselves today. Hopefully, chip removal is progressing at an exponential rate. Someday, when I believe that this area is safe from chip insertions and all of its resulting horrors, I will finally be able to move on. Yey! To the progress of human maturity!

I wondered for a while how this happened here in the Wigan area shortly after I arrived. I am guessing it started due to a bride in exchange for people to be confused. However, supposing that the people would agree to not know the truth, why would they listen and trust the lies that were pumped into the chips in their heads? Huh,... And then, once everybody was proven as having chosen to be guilty, they said (and I paraphrase), "Well, let's just make everybody guilty together, then, to remove any and all social order!"

Well, sadly, holding people accountable for choosing to be guilty is still the best way to go. If all people are guilty in order to prevent any justice, then we have anarchy. If we do not hold people accountable for the criminal wrongs they have actually committed, then we are as guilty as they are. People just need to stop falling into the trap of forcing other people to commit crimes as if it would ever save themselves. People REALLY need to stop falling into the trap of PRETENDING other people have committed crimes. That one is just plain pathetic at this point.


Here are my undeliverable emails for the day. Hmmmm... Someone seems to want to stop my emails from reaching businesses. I wonder why that might be.

from Squid Varilekova
to (...both of my friends Samuel's email addresses...)

date Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 5:58 PM
subject Samuel!!! How are you? I still have no phone...


How are you? I am still here in the asylum seeking process but am currently located in the Wigan area. Have you been keeping up (http://frisco-squid.blogspot.com) ? Anywho, did you receive any of the mail I have sent to your magazine's office? I plan on sending you a new letter tomorrow. I hope all is well with you. Oh, and a friend of mine might try to reach you. Yey!

--Tanya H. A. Varilek
a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova
"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again."


from Mail Delivery Subsystem
to varilekova@gmail.com

date Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 5:59 PM
subjectReturned mail: see transcript for details

The original message was received at Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:59:22 +0100
from mta3.iomartmail.com []

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<...one of Samuel's email addresses...>
(reason: 552 5.2.2 Over quota)

----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to localhost:
>>> DATA
<<< 552 5.2.2 Over quota 554 5.0.0 Service unavailable <<< 503 5.5.1 No recipients Final-Recipient: RFC822; samuel@banipal.co.uk Action: failed Status: 5.2.2 Diagnostic-Code: X-Unix; 552 5.2.2 Over quota Last-Attempt-Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 17:59:22 +0100 -----END MESSAGE DATA----- And, here is the second one... -----BEGIN MESSAGE DATA----- fro mSquid Varilekova
to help@nspcc.co.uk

date Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 6:14 PM
subject A concern for three children who live next door...


I am a neighbor of #859 Atherton Road, Hindley Green, Wigan WN2 4TB, UK. I hear both parents yelling and all three children crying in the home at that address at all hours of night and day. I fear they need an intervention from the correct authorities to handle this problem.

Please take care,
Tanya H. A. Varilek
a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova

"Sin from thy lips? O trespass sweetly urged!
Give me my sin again."


from Mail Delivery Subsystem
to varilekova@gmail.com

date Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 6:14 PM
subject Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 551 551 This is not a relay host - mail must be to or from host domain. (state 14).

----- Original message -----

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: by with HTTP; Thu, 22 Apr 2010 10:14:37 -0700 (PDT)
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 18:14:37 +0100
Received: by with SMTP id g1mr3129142bkf.12.1271956477782; Thu,
22 Apr 2010 10:14:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: A concern for three children who live next door.
From: Squid Varilekova
To: help@nspcc.co.uk
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=0016e6d7e06f072d540484d67277


Well, here we go with another installment of how poorly my landlord/occupant relationship is structured. I sent this just this afternoon.

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 6:07 PM, Squid Varilekova wrote:


When Tony stopped by on Tuesday to take me and my new roommate to the Post Office and then grocery shopping, he had told me that NASS had arranged my funding, but their letter to me must have been lost in the mail. When we went to the post office, my ARCard worked as it was supposed to. On the way home, I asked him (since I am unable to contact NASS at all without writing a letter that they may or may not receive) to ask NASS to send me the letter detailing my weekly support from them a second time. Tony agreed to do this for me. I am just double-checking to make sure your office asked.

Also, our new roommate has some concerns with her accomodations here. Among other things, she finds the bed in my old room unsleepable. I agree with her that the comfort of that bed is of great concern, seeing as I slept there in that same bed for about three weeks there in room #2 after I arrived. She has many other concerns as well. You might want to call her to address them.

Thank you for your time and attention,
Tanya H. A. Varilek
a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova

P.S. I was told when I awoke that someone had stopped by to tighten the bolts on the kitchen table. I find that odd. After receiving two pages of complaints from our home, why would you try to fix something that had no opportunity to be broken at all... at least since I arrived?

Let's see how they respond.

I trust that my tenth love letter of unbearable lonliness arrived in the hands (How do I get jealous of my own love letters?) of my dearest true love. If not, I am sure he will have something to say about it.

As for everything else, thank you all for helping me keep the universe in balance. It feels wonderful to finally have help. After all, without this planet, the gravitational balance of our solar system would be thrown out of wack... then the galaxy would have to realign... then the universe would have to work itself through finding a new way to keep itself turning on its own. Your help is greatly appreciated with this. Hee-hee... YEY!

This may or may not be very well proofread.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ack! Why do they keep giving me things I have to write down as the only way to get them out of my system?

Okay, here is what ticked me off so much that I would write another blog post today... I was checking my facebook account this morning, and I had a friend request from username "XJohnny XDepp." I tried to send that user a message, you know, to see if it really is some sort of Johnny Depp to the eXtreme who owns that account. I believe I tried to say "Riddle me this... Please discuss your filmography in terms of midcentury American authors to the present and Rolling Stones lyrics only. You are being timed." Sadly, the message did not go through. Sigh... Well, here is to the future when I shall be able to write a blog post about something other than the things that make me so angry I have to type them out and send them out into the ether to be free of them.

People around my area seem to have a "shopping conundrum" with me. They seem to take a vested and angry interest in where I go and what I buy there. Yet, they are unwilling to tell me why where I go and what I do might ever matter so much to them that they get angry with me over it in the first place. Here is my advice on this one. If you refuse to tell me why you think you know who I am when we have never met before AND when you are usually wrong about who I am anyway, stop attacking me or, preferably, finally just ask me about myself to learn the truth. Nobody knows me better than I do, and I am right here to talk to you live and in person.

That already said and considering that most great apes around here are still podpeople, you, my readers, are probably wondering why I am still here at all. Well, I will NOT leave until the English have finally learned the value of their own culture. Yes, when I went out yesterday, I finally saw signs that the people of this part of the UK are actually willing to preserve who they are and possibly fight to not kill themselves off. This was quite refreshing. However, they still have chips in their heads; they are still on a forced march to ruin the very beautiful parts of what they mean to the rest of humanity.

I can only speak for my real, live, in-person experiences here in England; I have not yet made it to Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, etc... since being here this time. (Among other parts of the UK, the Falklands are hard to get to directly from here.) This has to stop. Do you really want to erase this entire culture and leave to stand only on the bookshelves between the Hittites and the Chumash? You need to fix this. You need to bother to care.

I have heard some silly rumors out there that there are people who want to prove me wrong about something. Well, I am only human, and I do have normal human failings. I am wrong on occassion as a result. However, if you would like some help on finding topics on which I hold very strong beliefs where you might be capable of proving me wrong, please keep reading.

1.) Cold fusion cannot exsist in a manner that can be utilized by humankind.
2.) Democracies and "social contracts" (as defined by the French philosophers called philosphes) are not necessary to maintiain stable social order among humans.
3.) You are not aware of all of your human rights, you are capable of insisting on having all of them all at once, nor are you capable of maintaining all of them for all others.

There you go. Enjoy being better at this than I. Prove me wrong.

Also on my mind, did anyone else see my blog post from a few days back? You know, the post with the letter in it that I wrote to the Immigration Advisory Service? Yes, that might be the first place where I put it in my own handwriting that the processes of the parts of the UK government that I have encountered so far (for example, the UKBA) would work just fine if people would just do their REAL jobs for once... you know, follow their actual job descriptions and not go out of their way to break the law instead.

I have been saying this for quite a while about the US president. Why would he never read his job description? It is right there in the Constitution. It has not changed especially in its essence in over 200 years. As the system is described in the Constitution, there is also already a way to deal with this problem without the country falling into ruin, chaos, nor anarchy. It is called impeachment. It is right there as an already existing process built into the system since its inception in 1776 (roughly). I may have a few issues with the demographics of many of our country's "founding fathers" even the nerdy ones like Jefferson, but they made sure there would be a way to fix the problem without a total governmental revolution. Technically speaking, every time a president changes in the US, it is a major or minor regime change. The appointees in the executive branch usually get an overhaul every time it happens.

As for that certain vile subset of the executive branch that is so insistent on ticking me off even while I am overseas, you need to just get over your overabundance of cowardice and face me yourselves the next time you attack me. We already know I have called you out enough times that you are already caught. You show your guilt every single time you hurt me. All of the information and the ways to link it that are necessary to haul you in for justice are all out there in many redundant places already. The people of this world already know what you once thought you could be capable of for generations while waiting for global climate change to drive us all into a panic. Get over yourselves. You can't even face one innocent woman yourselves when you try to kill her. It's pretty obvious you have failed. Even if you could manage to convince me to allow you to finally kill me, we all know it would be because now, at this point in the process, my ACTUAL death would only make the empowerment of humanity, the healing of this world and all her people, and the justice out to find you move that much FASTER.

I guess I will get around to those esoteric questions tomorrow... assuming nothing else innane comes up. Proofreading was at a minimum.

The status of things that show up in the news I am allowed to see...

So, I walked to the library under a bright, sunny, clear sky with a few cumulus clouds billowing by. I browsed through some headlines, and I found these...

There is volcanic ash all over Europe.
Somebody around here once had balls.
It's hard to fix up a country and its problems with a chip in your head.

Now, I should have had the time right here in this forum to chatter on to myself about some esoteric questions I have had on my mind by now, and if I were not needing to address things like these I would have done it sooner...

Clearly, the BBC news makes me worry about that state of the world today. This has left me wondering about a few things... like... our human rights (Do I really need to list this link AGAIN?) to receive and impart information. Let us suppose that an authoritative body is keeping direly necessary facts away from its citizens along the lines of...

a.) Yes, we are bribing you to put chips in your heads, so we can control you more directly, take away any remaining human rights might think you actually have, and force you to dye your hair blond. We are all dying our hair blond. Conform! CONFORM!
b.) You have been married for months, but we are refusing to let you know to hold you responsible for not knowing. We are also going to hold you responsible for all of the mail we are not allowing you to receive and the results of our own actions done in your name that we hope we will never have to tell you about.
c.) The real reason we prefer that you ALL break the law together is to remove any all social order here. We want all of Western society to descend into chaos, so we can impose an overlord on all of you while pretending it is for your benefit. (Didn't we hear this plotline before? Isn't this where the Empire came from in "Star Wars"? Why can't anybody come up with any new ideas?)

Hmmm... Why don't the people around here bother to do something useful to fix all of this, yet? Oh, wait, I must be joking when I say these things. So, let's laugh. Ha! Ha! Now go stop actively being victimized.

They still have chips in their heads telling them what to do and believe. However, they no longer look like the Children of the Corn, though, which I greatly appreciated. There are no longer women with bad blond dye-jobs trying to walk over me on the sidewalk after they recognize me from a distance. There are also no longer any cars trying to run me over as I walk to and from the library.

Among other good things, it looks like the library in Leigh is doing smashingly with taking care of people's educational needs. The Wigan area recycling program looks like it is finally taking off. And, I spent a wonderful time at a local market buying free range eggs and local cheeses yesterday. It was all damn wonderful until I saw the entire population around me changing moods in exactly the same ways at exactly the same times.

Why were people willing to go down this path into giving up their freedoms and rights to begin with? Why is it continuing? Why is nobody stopping it? Why is the medical community allowing this sort of mass mental health emergency? Even more shockingly, why are new people willing to get the chips put into their heads?

Do you remember how zombies multiply. They eat your brains, and then you become a zombie, too. It grows exponentially. Did you see the above article about the unemployment rate around here? Can anybody hold down a job, drive a vehicle safely, or even maintain a safe home with a controlling speaker in his or her ears?

If the excuse is, the nation does not have enough "ganas de triunfar" to remove the chips from their heads and suddenly think for themselves again, then just play them classical music. Play them a wide range of classical music until they are used to thinking and speaking for themselves again. If you play too many Germanic waltzes, they will start walking in three-four time all in unison. That might be freakier than the blond hair. But it might increase their general gracefullness.

Why are you all willing to go along at all with the let's-ruin-our-entire-culture-people-and-nation plan? When all is said and done, yes, I will be able to say, "I told you so." But that will not help all of the innocent people hurt along the way.

The UKBA is now blaming the Royal Mail for their letters to me never arriving. Apparently, they approved me for weekly grocery funds. Remember how I asked for the normal emergency procedures with my accomodation provider to be carried out until I could receive my NASS letter? Yesterday, they told me that NASS told them that their letter to me must have been lost in the mail. Imagine that.

I had a disturbing phone call with an employee at United Property Management last night. His name was Martin. He said outright that he would prefer to have a compaint form written for him than bother to do his real job. Here it is. It took two pages.

It is still impossible to call me or for me to call out. My home is still forbidden a landline for me to be allowed to be housed there. I am still not given enough funds every week for enough groceries least of all a cellphone. I cannot even afford a call from a payphone. Unless people can accept collect calls or offer a toll free number, I will be unable to call them. I purchased a £10 calling card at the UKBA holding cell I was kept in for nineteen hours after my flight to the UK landed, and over an hour's worth of call time on it evaporated before I could use it. Yes, my telephone situation is still in purgatory waiting for salvation.

Here is a rough draft of the letter I am currently writing right now:

It is for a friend of mine I once created a character in honor of named Coatlique. I hope she is well. I have no idea when she will be able to ever get a letter back to me.

Supposing that a signal actually IS being broadcast out of my body, a few blog posts back I uploaded forms to this silly blog thing allowing only one singular US government agency legal (and its untraceable "watch group") access to this supposed signal that no one is willing to tell me is or is not actually being broadcast out of my physical form. Of course, I am also a firm believe that what is inside my body is only mine, but if I should ever be allowed to have a husband in my life, I would gladly sign over ownership of half of the signal emanating from my body to him... in a heartbeat.

This all also means that any persons using (including accessing and rebroadcasting) anything controlled by the content in the signal or signals being broadcast out of my body who are not in the documented list in the paragraph above of people to which I have or would have given that legal ability are all, at the very least, guilty of ruining the reputations of the NSA, its watch group, myself, and my husband... assuming I have a husband... nobody is willing to tell me. They are also guilty of invasion of my privacy and for accessing my own personal intellectual property against my will. Also, what is the hourly going rate for a psychic these days? Did you know that letters are the copyrighted property of the writer and the persons to whom they are addressed, depending on where it is in the writing and delivery process? Just the get the damn chips removed from your heads already!

Hmmm... Did anybody else see Guy Ritchie's (Please tell me I spelled his name correctly.) new "Sherlock Holmes" film? Shortly after I saw it, I started referring to my friend Cuddlebunny as my Watson. He likes to hit things, and I am a bit homo-erotic. Now, here in the UK, I think I may have found my new Watson. I shall keep you updated.

Back on this topic of the unlawful invasion of my privacy (Please pardon the redundancy of that phrase.), there are somewhere around five major points I fell I ought to spell out.

1.) Why would you ever admit to watching me in the privacy of my own home? We all know it would be against my will. We all know it is illegal. Do you particularly like prison cells? Well, let's hope they actually bother to give YOU a trial.
2.) Why would you lie about what you see happening in my home even after admitting that you watch me there? Yeah, that one is just a double whammy of stupidity on your part, isn't it?
3.) Why would you reproduce any images, voices, or anything else from inside my own home? Have you ever heard of an entertainment lawyer? You clearly are lost on the concept of what is and is not a prosecutable offense if you go this far into the land of irrefutably illegal activities. Dare I mention copyright laws and intellectual property (like choreography)?
4.) Does anybody care who you are to begin with?... other than the authorities out to take you in? Is this a desperate measure by you to make yourself famous as an incompetent criminal with a need to make a public record of his or her own illegal activities? Well, if you had any talents, you wouldn't need to... would you? Completely traceable crimes involving uploading things to the internet are a sure sign of intellectual incompetence, and your outright refusal to allow me to see any of your libelous slander is a deadly sure sign of your own personal brand of underestimated cowardice.
5.) Do you think you could ever be considered a reputable source of ANY information after doing this? ...If anybody bothers to acknowledge you when you speak ever again?

This blog post was inspired by waking up this morning with a bruise on my left hip that I could not explain.

P.S. Did you ever wonder what I would be capable of if I did not have so many diagnosed mental illnesses for so many years? Just imagine what I would be doing, now... It's such a damn good thing I am only benevolent. Why are there always so many people making fun of people with mental illnesses around me? Does anybody find so much insensitivity to our needs amusing?

Monday, April 19, 2010

More Mundanities of my Existence

Here we go, as should be no surprise, the NASS office seems to be operating under the assumption I do not really exist. I had to send this email today from the library here in Leigh.

from Squid Varilekova
to (...both UPM email addresses...)
date Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 4:28 PM
subject As should be no surprise...

Hey there fellas,

As should be no surprise, the NASS office did refuse to send me any funds for the week nor any means of traveling to Dallas Court to report in to the UKBA office this week. As is the normal process, after I was sure that any mail that would have been delivered would have been at the house by that time I tried to call your office twice this afternoon with reversed charges. Having no money at all whatsoever due to NASS and its odd behaviors on the topic of me (Sometimes, I think they aren't telling me everything.), I am following the NORMAL PROCEDURES of notifying you that I am need of emergency grocery money. I am pretty much out of food. I know that mailing this to your office will take too long for you to stop by today to drop off the emergency grocery money, and we all know that I am forbidden a telephone in that home. This is why I have to email this to you. If you don't mind, I won't be home tonight until a little after 7pm. If you are unable to stop by after 7pm, do you mind dropping off two days worth of emergency funds tomorrow morning after notifying NASS that if they did get around to sending me my promised funds, the postal delivery service did not deliver it.

Thank you so much for doing your actual job as landlords on this one,
Tanya H. A. Varilek
a.k.a. Squid B. Varilekova
-----END MESSAGE-----

The weekend was relaxing, if not grocery-forsaken. I was sure I could make it to today and eat the last of my food before going out to make the necessary collect call to the correct people to have my emergency funds arrive until NASS would bother to acknowledge that I really do exist on this planet. Now, I wait for the normal process to finally work.

Sigh,... I have still received no personal mail except for the card from my mom that arrived on April 14th, 2010. I either dropped off mail for Sir Roger Penrose, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and my darling Mr. Love-of-my-Life a.k.a. the Mr. Johnny Depp on the way here to the library, or I am about to drop it off on the way home. Someday, my mail will finally show up on my doorstep.

I seem to have acquired some sort of communicative menagerie in my backyard of talkative neighborhood cats, a colony of buzzing bees, and some cooing doves. Well, it is spring, after all. We all like making babies in the spring.

And next! I hope to finally be able to type up those esoteric questions!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Incoming and Outgoing Mail Update!

But first, more "Stupid Mail" that managed to get itself delivered to my home, somehow... Honestly, who really chooses to put these things in writing and then into my hands?

Still on the topic of deliverable or undeliverable mail: I am about to put that letter from three posts ago to the IAS into a mailbox. I have been so distracted lately. I am as active as a person would be... if... I don't know... someone were actively electrocuting her all of the while inside her home, trying to run her over with vehicles while outside of her home, and running torturous, abusive, and destructive voices into her head ALL of the day and night... though, sometimes those voices can be quite impressionable. So, my ability to write and drop off mail has been a bit impeded... as has most of my natural functioning except, it seems, for my appetite.

I am also going to drop off a bunch of mail that was delivered to our home for people that do not live there anymore and a letter to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber. I tried to make it as free of gratuitous lyrics as possible. We'll see. Someday, maybe I might receive a response from all of this fan mail I keep writing. And they wonder why I suspect the mail delivery of wrong-doing... It's not like I don't know how powerful the English language can be.

I DID get a cute greeting card from my mom yesterday. YEY! It told me how much she misses me and promises to send me all of my shoes and clothes and makeup and things to my current (No pun intended.) address once I confirm to her that I received her card. YEY, again! Now I get to have unbroken shoes to walk around in finally! That might be enough for me to finally dance about something!

What else came in the mail yesterday? Oh, yeah, I received written confirmation of silly excuses for not having to actually fix most of the things I reported in my complaints form to my landlord. Well, they have until Monday to address most of it, as is our landlord/occupant agreement. Huh,... NASS also has until Monday to mail me my grocery funds and bus tickets for next week. We'll have to wait and see if they do something OTHER than send me things in writing that they probably should not put into writing for me...

Okay... I guess the next post gets all of my esoteric questions...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ideas that are Various and Sundry...

Okay, stuff on my mind...

Yeah, I have had this odd feeling the last two nights at home that there were some sort of electric charge rising up from the floor recharging my biological batteries. It is so rare for me, on the budget I live on, to have enough energy at all for my mind and body (my "Dynamic Crime Fighting Duo") to run at full capacity, pun may or may not have been intended. It does feel wonderful to finally have my mind churning ahead at full speed... Did you see my just previous post, yet, on my next bit of fiction? Well, here are a bunch of other (hopefully) less fictional things popping up in my mind lately...

The Patriot Act-- Has anyone read it lately? Has it been officially deemed unConstitutional yet by the US Supreme Court? Has anyone tried, yet, to intentionally get arrested under it... by being completely law-abiding and running around doing useful, world-friendly things like telling the truth and putting enough factual evidence into hands of people that the US government has intentionally shat upon by actively terrorizing Americans in completely publicly documented ways? Among other things, the Patriot Act is the only reason that Homeland Security and all of its subdivisions exist in the first place... That's some good stuff to think about, huh? Let's go be peaceful, educational, and law-abiding! I would like to think this already happened, but I never get the news.

The Effectiveness of Being a Naturally Pleasant Person-- Here's the theory: It really annoys the people who attack you. As an added dig to to the irrationally malicious, if you are sincerely sweet, nice, powerful, magnetic, and elegant in your simple beauty while simultaneaously being your natural goofball self (like a limeraiku... the first poetic form I invented)... attackers get confused, laugh a little, and then fix themselves on their own when they finally sit down and talk to you; even if, that conversation happens as an attempt to kill you. Then, they go out and do useful things like try to solve the real problem. Being naturally pleasant is really kind of useful... which, not so surprisingly, is also the only way people can redeem themselves at all after choosing, en masse, to be publicly documented as prosecutably guilty and bring everyone else in their country into illegality-dom with them. That said, I wonder why more people don't sit down and talk to me. Huh... Back on that topic of being a pleasant person, I don't know how not to be one. I have problems not being myself.

The Complaints Form-- Remember two posts ago when I scanned a complaints form for my landlords and put it on this blog? Well, some odd things happened afterwards. I found my long lost sonic screwdriver disappearing ink (So ephemeral!) pen on the dresser in my room with a note saying that one of my landlords came into my locked bedroom while I was out to put it there. Then, I noticed that electric feeling that seemed to come from the floor in my room. I took it to mean that they received my complaints form, and I was right. Yesterday morning, the landlord that I met right when I moved in stopped by to talk to me about my detailed list. YEY! It was confirmation that they received it! When we got up from sitting down and talking, he seemed convinced that he could loan me a socket wrench AND immediately tried to move me and my belongings into the abandoned larger bedroom. Unfortunately, it has an extra lock on it to which no one has a key. Huh,... it kind of makes you wonder what is in there, doesn't it? He left to call a locksmith, and I had a feeling he was going to go do other useful things, too... I hope he is okay. I waited all day at home for a locksmith to arrive, but that night, all that came by was enough of that electric feeling coming from the floor and every other cushioned surface to make me think clearly, heal a little, and feel all energized. If I were a weaker woman, I bet such a charge in this world would have killed me by now. Sadly, this all still means I am in that tiny bedroom until a locksmith finally arrives. I am about to email my landlords to check on them, to see how repairs are coming along, and to ask for extra blankets until they can either fix my bedroom radiator or put me in Layla's old room. Tonight might be interesting.

No New Mail-- Yesterday and today, I had no new legally-speculative mail from the UKBA. So, suffice it to say, I had no mail at all. This and all that torture-wannabee electricity in my system made me feel playful. There is this crochetty old man who works at the Royal Mail office across the street from my home who likes pretending he doesn't flip me off when I ask him how to process all of the mail arrives at my place for people who do not really live there. Don't get all excited; he is mine to deal with. I am thinking about forcing him to deliver mail to Gérard Depardieu for me. I haven't finished writing it, yet, but he better be there when I get around to dropping it off... which could, honestly, be any day in the immediate future... I'm not writing as quickly as I would like. There are things distracting me.

The Current Roster of Divisions of the US Executive Branch That I Find Trustworthy-- This is a SOME-NOT-ALL list; after all, I don't think I have had many encounters with Medicare, yet.
a.) The State Department: Okay, I still consider them socially responsible on an employee-by-employee basis. But they sure do a lot of stuff... you know, like talking and communicating and imparting information (not to me, yet... not like I asked, though) to solve world problems.
b.) The Pentagon: Of all the branches I am listing here, the members of the military are probably the most recognizable. Who doesn't like a man in uniform? Who doesn't fear a woman sniper with one hell of a shiny new gun? There is, of course, no need to fear the US military if you are guaranteeing to each other and all of the people around you all of the human rights due to all people in your geographic area. They are all fun like that... and stuff... you know.
c.) The CIA: I spelled this one out shortly after I arrived in Mexico City in February. I find them completely trustworthy, but most people find them very hard to recognize. Please remember, they will never tell you who they really are nor who they really work for nor why they are here nor why they are constantly unnoticable nor why ... wait, where did they go?
d.) The NSA: Nerds... Mmmmmmm... Yummy, tasty nerds... They do math for a living. Nerds have a tendency to be brilliant and socially awkward all at the same time. The NSA is full of really smart people that are usually too nervous to talk to strangers much. So, the NSA has ended up with a strange mythos built up around them by popular culture. Do you remember the smart kids from school that no one ever usually spoke to much except for other smart kids that no one ever spoke to much either? The NSA is sort of like giving their lunch table a whole lot of fun gadgets that can figure out things that are supposed to be secret. It is very helpful that they naturally don't talk much to other people. Our media that likes to obsess over supposedly-secret divisions of the US executive branch really enjoy not actually speaking to them and just making stuff up about them. Joss Whedon seems to think they have field agents. Then again, if they had field agents, no one would talk to them anyway, so how would anyone figure it out? Why American society likes to fictionalize about them is obvioius; as a people, we are drawn to mystery and intrigue... but, like all divisions of the US executive branch, they have a website that says what they do. Honestly? Why don't people look these things up first? I do agree with the media on this one, though... Do NOT tick off people who are smarter than you... especially when they are in aggregate.
The Underground "Rock Star" Division: This division is still completely fictional and uses "rock star" in its name in the idiom's adjectival form. This is MY division of the US executive branch. It is comprised completely of people who are actively helpful, useful, socially responsible, proud of their individuality and uniqueness in this world, and law-abiding. They look like people. They are human. They might be alive, dead, or undead. The USA is a democracy, after all. The power of the government is the country, and the power of the country is her people. So, why the hell not?

And for my next blog post! Esoteric questions that may or may not be plaguing my existence...

Some FICTION I Wish I Had Enough Free Time to Write About; Even Though, I Should Have Never Have Had it on my Mind.

Oh, okay, I wanted to make my blog posts for today about my plans for my next creative writing project. It is a speculative FICTION about the English doing everything they can to get as many of their own people as guilty of as many illegal activities as possible by convincing them to intentionally choose to be prosecutably guilty in completely documented ways. This would have, of course, turned England into a Prison State. After all, Great Britain is already an island. And, stuck inside, would be one woman (based on me) all unamused because she feels like she is the only person bothering to try and keep English culture even slightly preserved... and although she does these things because it is the right thing to do, she knows it is more of a fight to distract her from bigger more pressing issues... as sad as that is a reality.

You know, the (beloved, in my case, anyway) royal family would be forced into exile. The Royal Mail would have to start calling itself something generic and dictatorial like UKMail. The art would have to be sent out of the country to live in other nations' museums. The RSC would relocate to the New Globe because London with its food being air-dropped in would be holding out as a last resort to preserve human rights in the state. Northern Ireland would rejoin the rest of the Island of Ireland or not… in honor of what the UK once was… They do have a tendency to do what they want. Scotland and Wales would volunteer to contain the English. Hadrian’s Wall would be guarded to keep the criminals in the Prison State because the speaker chips the English put into their own heads when they signed away their human rights by choice in order to make themselves prosecutable criminals made them all turn into podpeople. Yet, most pathetically, all those chips were ever meant to do was convince someone somewhere (if at all possible) on this beautiful earth to believe enough obvious lies to become a brain-washed friend of a lonely, pathetic, world-dictator wannabee running the US executive branch.

IF this were in motion now, I would, of course, urge the justice system here to continue functioning as long as possible doing its real job and insisting on holding the actual processes of the actually once-completely-existent government to work as long as possible. They are the last resort for social order. The only way for anyone to fix it would of course be to bother to do something useful… to bother to preserve their people, their culture, their nation… and hopefully they would bother to care about anything at all on this green Earth BEFORE they, as podpeople, pushed over the beautiful and symbolic circle of Stonehenge.

As the song goes... "Like a circle in a spiral... like wheel within a wheel..." Has anyone ever seen the only necklace I took with me when I fled the US for everyone's benefit?

However, due to time restraints,... most of todays posts will be dedicated to other things... Enjoy!

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Idiots and More of our Snail-Mail... I Hope Happier and Less Infuriating News Goes in the Next Post

Again with these, click any of the thumbnails to see the full image.

This first scan is about the issue in my last post about the UKBA denying its own responsibilities for providing me with the means to travel to the office in Manchester to which I am supposed to "report" every Tuesday morning.  This is the document that NASS provided for me instructing me on how to use the bus travel tickets that they would eventually be sending to me in order for me to be able to travel to that office that they require I visit.  These tickets with which I would be able to travel have still not arrived, and I am supposed to be there tomorrow morning.  Clearly, I sent them mail on 02April2010 and on 09April2010 about this issue.  Both of them were mailed in time for them to notify the UKBA office in Manchester that I would not be able to be there due to the appropriate UKBA office still not sending me any means to travel there.  It is now Monday.  The mail has already arrived.  My means to travel has still not arrived by post.  I hope they have already looked up the phrase "unlawful incarceration" in a legal dictionary.
This next letter arrived on Saturday and was postmarked 08April2010.  Apparently, that letter from the UKBA dated 22March2010 yet postmarked the following week actually WAS meant for me; even though, it was written TO someone else.

This is my response to that piece of post above.  I will put it in the mail today with some other letters.

The sign-in sheets for my landlord to keep track of whether or not I and my roommates are actually staying right there in our NASS assigned housing for financially destitute (due to how many funds of our own we are allowed to control) asylum seekers are all being picked up by the UPM staff except for mine.  The man who had inducted me to my new housing for the duration of my time in the asylum process had requested that we do not submit our maintenance requests on the provided complaint forms, so I had been writing my maintenance requests on the sign-in sheets, instead.  I believe their desire not to fix the problems with our drinking water is why they would leave my sheets and take everyone else's.  So, I wrote out an official form and emailed it to them today.  I know it may not be very legible, so the full text is included below it.  I had to write very small to make all of my complaints fit on the form.

On 31March2010, three men stopped by to have tea and vacuum the living room. Why was it impossible for one of them to remove the trash in the back garden?

On 03April2010, I noticed odd chemicals started appearing in the kitchen water.

On approx 07April2010, Tony stopped by to pick up sign-in sheets. I watched him read them.

May I borrow a socket wrench for a 1cm bolt?

When do I move into Layla's new abandoned room?

On 11April2010, I noticed all faucets hot and cold in the common areas were having chemical additive issues.

My bed in room #2 makes my heart race and my body twitch instead of allowing me to sleep. Oddly, I get very sleepy when I drink the water. The bed is a sure way to wake up.

My bedroom radiator has a constant and very loud hiss; although it is never warm. The other radiators in the house are warm when running but do not have that hiss.

There is a warm spot among the loose floorboards in front of my never-warm radiator. It is, oddly, right above the chair I sit in when I write these things to you.

Because you have acknowledged that this home is forbidden a landline, this must come to you in writing.

Why is there an airvent in my room at all if we have radiators instead of central air? And why does it lead to the chimney for the closed over fireplace?

I will attempt to also contact your main address at the following: UPM/Clearspring Management Ltd., Brook Road, Brook Road Business Park, Rayleigh, Essex SS6 7XJ, UK

Alright, there that is.... Soon I will be getting around to my regularly scheduled blogging topics... instead of these local, legal mundanities.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Why the hell is this still going on... can NOBODY learn from other people's mistakes???

So, I woke up this morning after a very deep sleep and felt deeply disturbed about something that had to do with the condition of my body.  I walked downstairs, saw that the weekly sign-in sheet from UPM that I had filled out Monday (including notes on my living conditions and a request to borrow a 1cm socket wrench) was still on the desk though all the other residents' were already removed, and picked up mail that had been dropped through the slot.  My mail was quite unamusing this morning... to use a gross understatement. 

Here is a scan of the letter I posted to the UKBA on 02April2010...

This is the letter I received this morning that was postmarked on 08April2010.  

I was tempted to direct them to a legal dictionary and instruct them to look up the definition of "unlawful inprisonment," but decided to notify them in writing first.  My second letter looks like this.  I will leave copies in the mail when I leave the Leigh Library.

Do you people here in the greater Wigan area actually know what the phrase "This is so controversial!" really means? I mean, really, do you know what you are actually saying to the universe when you put those words out in the open? What you are really uttering, in a cultural translation to the sky, is "I, [insert speaker's name here], have intentionally chosen to be ignorant and confused on topics that are important to this world. I have chosen to be legally guilty of refusing to preserve my own people, culture, nation, world, and planet instead of doing something actually useful and lawful to end this situation. I would rather all of humanity end itself that be held accountable for these actions." I hear your credo often while I am out and about. Try educating yourself on the truth, instead. You will behave less dibilitatingly (Did I spell that correctly? I acknowledge when I make mistakes.) culpably if you do. When I walk around this area, I see podpeople everywhere refusing to admit to the problems this world needs help solving.

That said, I tried to take a nap this afternoon but had too much PTSD to stop siezing enough to actually fall asleep. Gee, I wonder what happened when I was sleeping this morning. Gee, I wonder how those marks appeared in my beddding. What I actually wonder is why you have deliberately gone out of your way to do such horrors to any human continuously since last May. You know it has never done anything but make me fight harder and show off how non-existingly you have ever been able to affect my natural, beautiful personality. I should not need to keep hitting you over the head with this fish-- This ends when you stop being an idiot, stop breaking new and exciting and now international laws, and admit your culpability.

Now, let's suppose an entire populace voluntarily puts speakers into its own ears in order to become podpeople ignorant of the truth and completely controllable by the people who speak to them. I would first, much like I already have, tell them to insist on regaining their free will and asserting their obligation to have human rights. Then I would point out that by volunteering to give up their own human rights to be tortured and most likely mentally harmed for the rest of their lives, they are as guilty as the people who seduced them to put in the chips, the people who speak to them through the chips, and the medical community that allowed it to happen in the first place and refused to stop it once they realized it occurred.

I posted this one in my facebook profile on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 8:09pm with a privacy setting of EVERYONE.
----Begin already constructed and possibly non-proofread writing-----
Hypothetically speaking… a writing exercise in case science fiction becomes reality…

Let us suppose that a certain circumstance becomes real. Let us suppose that a horrific wrong could be committed by a governing body against an entire people. Let us suppose that the sort of terrors usually reserved for the farthest reaches of science fiction might possibly be manifested and executed by the most despicable of authorities in our real world. Well then, here is some advice, in case the chips placed inside my person against my will should somehow appear in your body as well.

1.) Whenever possible, do not invite a nano or even microchip into your body at any time. It does not matter what the government or the government’s representative promises it will do for you. You have no idea what else it might do, if they might ever actually remove it, nor why they really want it inserted into your body.
2.) Should that you find one in your ears giving you voices that are not your own, do not trust what they say is the source of said voices. Always question any commands you receive. Do not trust that you will only hear the truth. Do not allow them to force you to kill yourself; you are too valuable alive and as an agent for good in the world who might help prevent this from happening to anyone else.
3.) Do not instantly do the opposite of what they tell you to do, either. That is also allowing the voices to control you. Simply evaluate everything you hear for yourself. Seek advice from experts if necessary. Should that you believe they give you a good suggestion, follow through in your own way; do it right.
4.) Find other people with similar technology illegally inserted into or illegally taken advantage of being inserted into your body, and organize. Do no do this near me. I know for a fact that the bugs in my ears send information straight to the only governing authority that could be capable of this. Do not give away your plans for fixing this.
5.) I already stated that you should not allow them to convince you of any lies, but definitely do not allow them to lie to you about how to end this yourself by doing something they tell you to do. Any governing body that might be so snake-tongued as to convince you to welcome an established form of torture upon yourself cannot be trusted. If they tell you that you must, for random example, allow yourself to be raped, become a prostitute, or commit any other sort of horrific crime against yourself to end your being tortured, those are the things you should make a record of and take special care not fall prey to. No governing authority if properly functioning should force any persons to commit any egregious wrongs to others or themselves unless said wrongs are on a battlefield after a legal proclamation of war.

Should that it be true that the governing body that has made me its victim in more ways than just placing its own voices in my ears attempt to wrong you in any of the other physically, mentally, or emotionally violent ways in which it has wronged me, do everything you can fathom to stop it. Do not endure for the sake of enduring. I never do.

For further advice on how our government should be functioning to serve its people, please consult the Constitution of the United States of America. (http://www.usconstitution.net/const.html) Our country IS our people; not to mention, the power of our country IS the power of our people.

Huh, how was that for a daily writing exercise? I wonder where the idea came from... I wonder if anyone might ever find it useful... I have heard it said before that sometimes fiction is better at getting to the truth of a situation that nonfiction is. Oh yeah, and all friends tagged in this silly thing are randomly chosen.
----End already constructed and possibly non-proofread writing-----

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Look! Documents! ... I don't have enough money for groceries, bus fare, or even shoes, so I have scanned these and put online.

Considering that I only receive government generated mail at my current address and have not been receiving ANY other mail, including the shoes, clothes, makeup bag, dipping pen, etc... that were required to be sent to me for ANY person to be able to touch or move around my belongings in the States at all (not to mention that my MOTHER would have had to directly supervise any person moving around, touching, or even looking at my belongings, anyway), I asked for a mail forward form from the Royal Mail office across the street from where I live here in the Wigan areajust in case they had been sent to the wrong address.  This is what they gave me.  Notice the section for executors of wills and anyone who is a "Power of Attorney."  Clicking on the thumbnails will make them large enough to read.

Okay, so is Section Three in case of objects being mailed to dead people that might end up at the wrong address and for medical records that might be lost out there somewhere in the mail?  Seriously???

This next scan is what envelopes look like when they actually make it through the Royal Mail, past any people with keys to my home who might pick up and remove any mail (And, we know from my previous post that people like walking in and out of our home willy-nilly at all hours.), and into my hands.  We also receive a great deal of mail through the Royal Mail system in all shapes and sizes of packaging for people who do not really live there... I wonder how that works.

These next seven scans are each page of a NASS agreement that they sent to me.  It did not arrive with any envelope or postage with which I would have been able to send it back.  It also makes a special note on how I am legally bound by it whether or not I am ever capable of sending it back to them.  And, there is also no place for any person at NASS to sign the agreement to acknowledge that they are also bound by it.  Again, click on the thumbnails to see the full, readable image.  Here it is in its completeness!

Considering the above signature page, sometimes I think that people insist on refusing to give me control and possession of any of my actual items sent to me through any delivery system particularly the Royal Mail just to be able to read the heartbreakingly emotionally-tortured love letters I write to him almost constantly.  What people really want to have to go through that kind of I-am-an-already-souless-idiot-running-rampant-in-the-streets-for-preventing-these-two-from-communicating heartlessness proven to themselves by having to read it for themselves through my actual and unique phraseology which honestly only belong to him after I send those letters to him?

This next one is the only correction I found for the transcript of my screening interview.  It belongs in the middle of the twelfth page of the transcript.

This is a letter from the Home Office postmarked on 26March2010.  On later inspection of all letters together, I believe that it is the only real appointment with a solicitor that they have helped me obtain... as is their job.  I could not attend, unfortunately, due to having only £3 to my name and therefore having no way to travel.
Oddly, according to the NASS paperwork that did not arrive until today (Please see below for the first two pages of the letter.) my solicitor is only obligated to pay for my travel to a solicitor that has already agreed to be my legal representative, and my case owner is only required to help arrange a first meeting with any solicitors.  I believe (Though, I am only human and prone to normal human error on these complicated topics.) then that the responsibility for providing my travel to the appointment as arranged by the Home Office falls on NASS despite their refusal to assume responsibilty on this matter.

Also, it is explicitly spelled out in all paperwork regarding the topic, that only OISC regulated solicitors, lawyers, legal advisers, etc... are allowed to be a legal representative at all for an asylum seeker here in the UK.  No other person is allowed to legally represent any of us.  So conceptually speaking, why would the system ever allow a person the represent herself?  Obviously, if she is seeking asylum, she is not an OISC regulated legal representative; otherwise, she would be a citizen, among other things.  And now if we take it literally, if you represent yourself, you are your own legal representative.  Clearly, then, ALL asylum seekers are required by the asylum seeking process to have an OISC regulated legal representative, just as they already have declared.

This is a letter from the Home Office postmarked on 29March2010.  They told me to report to a UKBA office in Manchester yesterday morning without any wayor means of traveling there. 

This is a letter from the Home Office postmarked on 30March2010.  Since it has someone else's name on it and is dated with a day that predates my appointment with Jackson & Canter LLP in Liverpool, I doubt it was really meant for me.

These are the first two pages of an eight page letter that just arrived from the Home Office today and was postmarked on 06April2010.  I know that it says in it that I am effectively detained in and confined to my home for two days to wait for their courrier whose arrival time I am not allowed to know at all.  But I doubt they actually meant that.  I received it today, put on my shoes that are damaged beyond repair (but have no choice but to wear to be able to leave the house at all), came out here to hold them responsible for attempting to confine me to my home if that really were there intent, and to spend my very last £3 on groceries.  I have almost mo groceries left in my home/  Please note that it also says that I live on £5 a day which is clearly barely enough money for food, definitely not enough money to ride the bus anywhere, and means that I will not be able to purchase a mobile phone to communicate with people, a computer with which to write prose or verse, a radio to provide music to which I am able to self-medicate, nor even a pair of shoes in which I would be able to walk around. 

Luckily, though, enclosed with this letter I did also FINALLY find the prepaid-postaged means of sending mail to NASS to request them to provide my travel expenses to the places such as the UKBA office in Manchester where they require me to go.  Seriously?  How was I actually supposed to report to the UKBA in Manchester before receiving this letter, going through the rigmarole of mailing documents back and forth with NASS, and then finally listening to NASS do its real job?

Here is the text of the letter I mailed to the Home Office in Liverpool concerning these things.  I placed it in the possession of the Royal Mail on 02April2010.

-----Begin ROUGH DRAFT I still have in electronic form-----

Tanya Hedelisa Albon Varilek
a.k.a. Squid Bedlam Vařilekova
861 Atherton Road
Hindley Green

01 April, 2010

Elizabeth Brown, Case Owner
Home Office
UKBA Department 3
PO Box 306
L2 0QN

To My Case Owner, Ms. Elizabeth Brown,

I am just writing you a quick letter to let you know,…

1.) Thank you, for arranging my first appointment with any solicitor here in the Northwest Region of England. I know the appointment with Jackson & Canter LLP in Liverpool fell into the list of tasks in your actual job description, but I thought I would thank you, anyway. Sometimes people need to be thanked for bothering to do their jobs properly, if at all. Again, thank you.

2.) After I called to let your office know that my paperwork from NASS did not arrive in which I was to receive the information on how I was to get to the above-mentioned appointment with my solicitor, thank you for making a later appointment for me with another closer solicitor.

3.) Although the new solicitor is closer, I will still need NASS to make sure I can afford to make it to that appointment. Even printing out this letter, copying the necessary government paperwork from you, and putting it in the post is quite a financial burden that I know will impair my ability to buy groceries on the meagre funds that NASS has allowed me so far.

4.) I would prefer to visit the first solicitor you helped me to find, so I will be sending them a copy of this letter along with copies of all related paperwork so far sent to me by NASS and you, the Home Office.

5.) According to the paperwork you sent me with the postmarks of 29.3.2010 and 30.3.2010, I am supposed to be reporting to the UKBA office in Dallas Court in Manchester next Tuesday, 6 April, 2010 at the same time as I am supposed to be at the new appointment you made for me at my new solicitor in Wigan.

6.) According to the paperwork you already sent to me and that was postmarked on 26.3.2010, the first appointment you arranged for me with any solicitor was made after your office had already learned my dispersal address here in Wigan. Since you will need to rearrange my first meeting with any solicitor anyway, do you mind making that appointment with the solicitors you helped arrange for me the first time, Jackson & Canter LLP?

7.) Do you mind also notifying NASS that I have still received absolutely no paperwork from them on how to afford travel to any of the places or appointments that they are obligated to make sure I can afford to reach? These are appointments including but not limited to a.) weekly reporting to any UKBA office and b.) meeting with any solicitor.

8.) I will be sending a copy of this letter and all necessary supporting documents to both NASS and Jackson & Canter LLP, as well.

9.) I still hope to bring a copy of my hand-corrected transcript of my screening interview with me when I am finally able to report to a UKBA office. Only one word was wrong. An “a” should have been a “the.” The mistake was easily made, but it affected the meaning of the sentence.

10.) The agreement that NASS sent to me in order for me to sign and return arrived in my hands with neither a return envelope nor return postage. NASS already knows what little funds we all in the asylum seeking process have with which to buy enough food to eat everyday. I will be unable to return the agreement to them until I am capable of arriving at the office of a solicitor or when I am finally allowed to report to a UKBA office that will copy it for me free of charge. It is a seven-page document, and I do not have the funds to copy the paperwork myself. I am sure they understand why I need a copy of it for myself as well as the means to mail it back before they can actually expect it returned from me. Also, since it says in the paperwork itself that I am still bound to the agreement even if I do not sign and return it, I am sure they understand why there is no doubt that they need to be functioning as is “normal” for them according to their very own job descriptions; even if, I have not yet received from them the funds with which I would be able to send it back yet.

-----End ROUGH DRAFT-----

Now, I am going to go buy groceries, go home, and be confined to my house while waiting for their apparently unannouncable courrier.  Sarcastic: YEY!

P.S. We all know that my human rights begin with EVERYONE not only the government treating me as a human.

Because I met an Alpha Male in my kitchen making tea and pitied him for being surrounded with two other men of speculative intelligence...

First of all, why does it take three grown men sent by United Property Management (who only offer housing to asylum seekers) to vacuum our living room? Furthermore, if there were three of them, why didn't at least one of them remove all of the trash piled up in the back garden? I mean, seriously?

Yes, I acknowledge that the clear Alpha Male was worth speaking to... he knew how to behave like a civilized human, but the ones with him... What about me makes people who have never met me before ask me what I am doing in a house after I woke up in a bedroom in that home that happened to be filled with my own personal belongings and went downstairs to make breakfast? Clearly, I live there. But, if I have to confront three grown men hanging out in my kitchen and assert territoriality over my own home, why does it take them so long to explain what they are doing in my home in the first place? I speak English. I speak English clearly. What the hell was the problem?

And why, if they all claimed to be from United Property Management which was a clear cover story due to their wearing UPM fleece jackets in navy blue, did the idiots inflicted upon the Alpha Male feel a need to ask my 1.) why I was in my own home, 2.) what I do for a living (Just in case you doin't know, asylum seekers are forbidden employment for their first year in the process.), and 3.) anything at all when they clearly were the humans in someone else's home to begin with!?

Well, maybe it is just my normal medical paranoia that I believe that there are more people with keys to and ways to meander about my home than just me and both of my roommates. That's okay... I am prone to paranoia. I really think some force of authority ought to bother keeping me safe.  It has become obvious to me for reasons not yet mentioned that the police are refusing to keep me safe at all here. 

Among other forms of paranoia, I believe that there are signals broadcast out of equipment put in my head against my will which no person including those in the medical community are willing to acknowledge. Among other things, the medical community would have insisted on having them removed by now if they knew they were there at all... pumping voices into a person's head is an already acknowledged form of torture, after all... what medical community would want to be a party to torturing any person? (or population... please see my following note entitled "Hypothetically Speaking..." about that one.)

Anyway, to properly handle any signals broadcast out of my body that no one is willing to acknowledge, I wrote a few letters. Here is the second letter...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More fake emails and my responses to them... this time, people are still insisting they could ever pretend to be my mother.

I mean, seriously? What the hell are you thinking? I shall enumerate...

1.) The only thing controversial going on is that you are allowing your own supposedly democratic government to do this to all of us. Do you know all of our human rights are just by being inside the borders of this country? Please go look them up to make sure you have them yourself. I am really getting worried that you are all not receiving accurate information, among other rights you have, without interference by any authority and without frontiers. You should really stop just allowing yourselves to be that kind of rampant victim.

2.) When you hear something that you do or do not want believe is true, you need to challenge the person who said it. You do NOT challenge the victim of the lies about it. If it arrives in any form of (even loosly defined) broadcast, you challenge the broadcaster... Oh, and just so it is abundantly clear, should that anybody finally confirm for me that there is equipment that was forced into my body against my will...

3.) The only people allowed to use the signal broadcast out of my body from said equipment are people I allow to use or even access that signal. That paperwork I wrote myself in late February and already made sure it would reach their hands.

4.) Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the area's medical community to remove this (supposedly existing) equipment from my body as soon as they learn it is there. This has gone beyond being an emergency situation.

5.) We already know that if you, as a population with its connected government, would just bother to getting around to giving me my human rights, these problems, as well as a whole hell of a lot of other problems will finally be able to be fixed. In the mean time...

6.) I need to spend my already scarce grocery money printing out legal documents, copying government paperwork sent to me, and putting it in the post. This had left me beyond unamused. It also means my grocery money will run out that much sooner.

7.) Who the hell is pretending to be my mother? I've known the woman my whole life; don't you think I would notice if someone were pretending to be her through email? Here is the gist of what I have trying to tell the people pretending to my mother...

-------- Original Message --------
toSquid Varilekova

dateMon, Mar 29, 2010 at 10:38 AM
subjectFwd: my Tanya

just wondering if you received this.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: my Tanya
Date: Sun, 28 Mar 2010 14:59:23 -0500
From: dina
To: varilekova@peacemail.com

Received your letter dated March 16,2010. with your instructions about your personal belongings. I have received that e-mail earlier also. I believe I am getting all your e-mails.

The second Western Union transfer was refunded to me. I did not know that I had other options.

We went to South Dakota for your dad's cousin's funeral last March 25th. Your dad sang at the funeral.

Tylia is fine, we are going to see her this Easter weekend. We are going to St Paul instead of South Dakota for a change.

Tara is doing well also. She is busy writing with a friend. Hope she is able to rent her house in Atlanta soon.

What is your new address? Can I send you letters through snail mail? We have not mailed your coat yet; however, it is packed and ready to go as soon as we get your new address.

What do you do during the day? Are you able to go visit museums , see the city? Met new friends? My thoughts and prayers are with you always.Keep safe and take care. I
love you so very dearly. Miss your hugs.

-----End Message-----

That one ticked me off enough which was why I did not reply... but then I received this one.

-------- Original Message --------
toSquid Varilekova

dateMon, Mar 29, 2010 at 10:42 AM
subjectFwd: my Tanya

hide details Mar 29 (3 days ago)

did you get this?

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: my Tanya

Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 05:40:33 -0500
From: dina
To: varilekova@peacemail.com

Your dad and I went to South Dakota for a funeral this weekend. We got home yesterday.

I got a refund from the last Western Union I sent in Mexico City.

I will try to find the cousins in Scotland's address. I really don't have it.

I will have some of your clothes shipped as soon as possible. I have to depend on the people in California to act fast.

I have to get ready for work. Will get in touch later.

I love you so very dearly.

Stay warm.
-----End Message-----

Could it have been clearer to ANYBODY that that email was clearly NOT from my mother?

fromSquid Varilekova
todina ,
"Varilek, Dina"

dateTue, Mar 30, 2010 at 3:54 PM
subjectRe: my Tanya

Of course I received this email... I never asked for a coat.

When is that trip to Spain you promised me already that you and Dad would take just to keep me happy?

I expect a postcard.

Please send it to the address I will snail-mail to your office.

Take care!

And it continues!!!

fromVarilek, Dina
toSquid Varilekova

dateTue, Mar 30, 2010 at 3:59 PM
subjectRE: my Tanya

snail at home will that be fine?
I love you honey girl.


And the stupidity still never ends!!!

fromVarilek, Dina
toSquid Varilekova

dateTue, Mar 30, 2010 at 4:22 PM
subjectFW: my Tanya

my snail mail address at office:

Attn: Dina Varilek
[work snail mail address removed]

Oh, and then I was finally able to get a word in edge-wise to respond!

fromSquid Varilekova
to"Varilek, Dina" ,

dateWed, Mar 31, 2010 at 1:13 PM
subjectRe: my Tanya


Are you even at home? The only person legally allowed to touch my belongings in San Francisco were you and people directly under your supervision. Are you trying to tell me you let somebody else touch my stuff? No, you are still not allowed to sell any of my belongings including childhood toys until you actually speak to me yourself which I assume (Though, I have been wrong before.) will occur AFTER you and dad make it to Barcelona. Then again, if I were married you would have to speak to me AND my husband about anything that belongs to BOTH of us since, technically speaking, every singular item that I own would be owned by both of us, just like he would have control of any and all of my finances. Please take care, and listen to my unsolicited advice more often.



Now that you have finally found one of the necessary places to find out something reliable, stop letting yourselves be victims. Enjoy!