Friday, April 9, 2010

Why the hell is this still going on... can NOBODY learn from other people's mistakes???

So, I woke up this morning after a very deep sleep and felt deeply disturbed about something that had to do with the condition of my body.  I walked downstairs, saw that the weekly sign-in sheet from UPM that I had filled out Monday (including notes on my living conditions and a request to borrow a 1cm socket wrench) was still on the desk though all the other residents' were already removed, and picked up mail that had been dropped through the slot.  My mail was quite unamusing this morning... to use a gross understatement. 

Here is a scan of the letter I posted to the UKBA on 02April2010...

This is the letter I received this morning that was postmarked on 08April2010.  

I was tempted to direct them to a legal dictionary and instruct them to look up the definition of "unlawful inprisonment," but decided to notify them in writing first.  My second letter looks like this.  I will leave copies in the mail when I leave the Leigh Library.

Do you people here in the greater Wigan area actually know what the phrase "This is so controversial!" really means? I mean, really, do you know what you are actually saying to the universe when you put those words out in the open? What you are really uttering, in a cultural translation to the sky, is "I, [insert speaker's name here], have intentionally chosen to be ignorant and confused on topics that are important to this world. I have chosen to be legally guilty of refusing to preserve my own people, culture, nation, world, and planet instead of doing something actually useful and lawful to end this situation. I would rather all of humanity end itself that be held accountable for these actions." I hear your credo often while I am out and about. Try educating yourself on the truth, instead. You will behave less dibilitatingly (Did I spell that correctly? I acknowledge when I make mistakes.) culpably if you do. When I walk around this area, I see podpeople everywhere refusing to admit to the problems this world needs help solving.

That said, I tried to take a nap this afternoon but had too much PTSD to stop siezing enough to actually fall asleep. Gee, I wonder what happened when I was sleeping this morning. Gee, I wonder how those marks appeared in my beddding. What I actually wonder is why you have deliberately gone out of your way to do such horrors to any human continuously since last May. You know it has never done anything but make me fight harder and show off how non-existingly you have ever been able to affect my natural, beautiful personality. I should not need to keep hitting you over the head with this fish-- This ends when you stop being an idiot, stop breaking new and exciting and now international laws, and admit your culpability.

Now, let's suppose an entire populace voluntarily puts speakers into its own ears in order to become podpeople ignorant of the truth and completely controllable by the people who speak to them. I would first, much like I already have, tell them to insist on regaining their free will and asserting their obligation to have human rights. Then I would point out that by volunteering to give up their own human rights to be tortured and most likely mentally harmed for the rest of their lives, they are as guilty as the people who seduced them to put in the chips, the people who speak to them through the chips, and the medical community that allowed it to happen in the first place and refused to stop it once they realized it occurred.

I posted this one in my facebook profile on Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 8:09pm with a privacy setting of EVERYONE.
----Begin already constructed and possibly non-proofread writing-----
Hypothetically speaking… a writing exercise in case science fiction becomes reality…

Let us suppose that a certain circumstance becomes real. Let us suppose that a horrific wrong could be committed by a governing body against an entire people. Let us suppose that the sort of terrors usually reserved for the farthest reaches of science fiction might possibly be manifested and executed by the most despicable of authorities in our real world. Well then, here is some advice, in case the chips placed inside my person against my will should somehow appear in your body as well.

1.) Whenever possible, do not invite a nano or even microchip into your body at any time. It does not matter what the government or the government’s representative promises it will do for you. You have no idea what else it might do, if they might ever actually remove it, nor why they really want it inserted into your body.
2.) Should that you find one in your ears giving you voices that are not your own, do not trust what they say is the source of said voices. Always question any commands you receive. Do not trust that you will only hear the truth. Do not allow them to force you to kill yourself; you are too valuable alive and as an agent for good in the world who might help prevent this from happening to anyone else.
3.) Do not instantly do the opposite of what they tell you to do, either. That is also allowing the voices to control you. Simply evaluate everything you hear for yourself. Seek advice from experts if necessary. Should that you believe they give you a good suggestion, follow through in your own way; do it right.
4.) Find other people with similar technology illegally inserted into or illegally taken advantage of being inserted into your body, and organize. Do no do this near me. I know for a fact that the bugs in my ears send information straight to the only governing authority that could be capable of this. Do not give away your plans for fixing this.
5.) I already stated that you should not allow them to convince you of any lies, but definitely do not allow them to lie to you about how to end this yourself by doing something they tell you to do. Any governing body that might be so snake-tongued as to convince you to welcome an established form of torture upon yourself cannot be trusted. If they tell you that you must, for random example, allow yourself to be raped, become a prostitute, or commit any other sort of horrific crime against yourself to end your being tortured, those are the things you should make a record of and take special care not fall prey to. No governing authority if properly functioning should force any persons to commit any egregious wrongs to others or themselves unless said wrongs are on a battlefield after a legal proclamation of war.

Should that it be true that the governing body that has made me its victim in more ways than just placing its own voices in my ears attempt to wrong you in any of the other physically, mentally, or emotionally violent ways in which it has wronged me, do everything you can fathom to stop it. Do not endure for the sake of enduring. I never do.

For further advice on how our government should be functioning to serve its people, please consult the Constitution of the United States of America. ( Our country IS our people; not to mention, the power of our country IS the power of our people.

Huh, how was that for a daily writing exercise? I wonder where the idea came from... I wonder if anyone might ever find it useful... I have heard it said before that sometimes fiction is better at getting to the truth of a situation that nonfiction is. Oh yeah, and all friends tagged in this silly thing are randomly chosen.
----End already constructed and possibly non-proofread writing-----

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