Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I noticed that the pipes to the sink in my bedroom were connected with a green and yellow wire this morning when I woke up...

...so I needed to get this one in just in case...

Hypothetically Speaking--THE SEQUEL!…

Let us imagine that a certain science fiction becomes reality—a situation where a propaganda machine driven by a childlike need to feel important by degrading others, a never-ending ability to create national debts, and a thorough catalogue of personal inadequacies that in aggregate verge on neurotic and completely irrational beliefs in any self-worth is born to create a self-destructive competition among its own conspirators to become the first world dictator.

Well, let us suppose that this conspiracy-born-of-personal-inadequacy were to decide to just lie about an individual almost constantly in order to manipulate the emotions of the public and then, out of complete cowardice, never allow her to know about it. Let us suppose that they even drive entire nations, cultures, and populations to the brink of ruin in order to make fake phone calls off of her mobile number and to maintain that there could be no way for her to know about it.

There are many steps to dealing with this. First of all, if you hear something, verify that it is real and accurate. Otherwise, you might believe someone you care about deeply is dead instead of just enduring her parents trying to abduct from ORD - Chicago O’Hare while they are under the false pretences that they are able to make ANY legal or medical decisions for her and that placing her in a mental ward against her will (so that a certain vile subset of the US executive branch may torture and murder her in the privacy of their own facilities) would really be for the best of their nation, bank account, and world. If I were to ever hear of that, I would send that woman’s parents as much non-quack-based mental health attention as possible and the means to remove that certain subset of the executive branch’s abilities to control them and their reality.

In verifying that what you hear may or may not be real or accurate, it helps to ask for the source of the information and to verify whether or not the source of the information is reliable. It also helps to make a note of the things you hear that may or may not be real, where you hear them, when you hear them, an from whom you hear them and then compare notes with your friends and families in different geographic locations. I know I have said it at least once already: You can’t fool all of the people all of the time; especially if you have to tell different lies in different place in order to be able to do it.

This, of course, normally leads to what I refer to as Reality Bubbles. For example, only certain sorts of news are allowed into a certain country turning it into a fascist, terrorist state where the population lives in fear of… essentially… nothing real. The government just does it in order to keep the truth out and other truths in. It is easier to control a population if you control what they are and are not allowed to know and believe instead of allowing it to be their choice. This is a much faster path for a group of conspirators laden with the frustrations of their aforementioned personal inadequacies to drive the planet into chaos and anarchy in order to impose one of themselves (the last to survive the power struggle) as the first planetary dictator.

The dawning of the fascist, terrorist regime that is built on controlling what entire countries are and are not allowed to know is most definitely best battled through honest communication. Tell people you know and trust through reliable means of communication the things you actually know for real or that come from actually reliable sources of factual information.

And, as I said in the first installment of “Hypothetically speaking…” do NOT let them put chips in your head. Mine were all stuck inside my body against my will, and I am still laboring to have them all completely removed. That is just your giving up your human rights voluntarily as well as all of your abilities to make any choices for yourself, have any novel ideas, or even be capable of independent thought.

There you have it. That is how you fight a propaganda machine. You do not allow yourself to believe it.

Then, if you have the extra drive, you take some time to figure out why they are giving you those particular lies to you in order to manipulate you. That is the extra credit on the homework project … You know, the homework project of it-actually-takes-some-work-to-keep-your-home-country-community-and-world safe. Enjoy the assignment! You get to keep what you learn.

And if anybody would like to further discuss this science-fictional future I have described here, just drop me a line and let me know. I hear (through the chips in my head) that my science fiction ideas are really quite popular.


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