Friday, November 30, 2012

They Launched 1000 Ships.

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Here is my latest blog post. Under orders from Obama, Iowa tortured me yesterday. My husband loves me; that is why I can hold on. The rescue is coming; soon, I might have a chance to cheer up.

Israel and Palestine. Yesterday, the United Nations voted to grant Palestine status as a non-Member Observer State. Recognizing Palestine as a state, a nation onto itself, is both very important and very impressive.

Beginning a two-state solution with Israel and Palestine gives both states legitimacy to exist. When they were recognized as only one state, neither Israel nor Palestine could claim solid boundaries nor justify their presence in the region. Now, both of them can... within whatever boundaries they can agree on for each state.

Mali. There are still a non-elected, invading Islamist government and a rival non-elected, indigenous government fighting over control of the northern half of Mali. The Malian locals have had no luck routing them, and it looks like an unified West African force will come to the rescue.

The ECOWAS nations have begun peace talks and have a plan before the UN right now to take control of the region. For more about the crisis in Mali, click here. I believe the best people to be in control of northern Mali is the Malian government, and I thank ECOWAS deeply for taking action.

The displaced Malian refugees are seeking safety in neighboring nations who were poor to begin with. Please, my beautiful world, do everything you can to help these nations care for these refugees. A good place to help is here.

Democratic Republic of Congo. Both the current government and the M23 rebels are responsible for this ongoing uprising in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All I can do is urge both sides to proceed humanely, to cease all human rights violations, to stop raping women, and to avoid as much violence as necessary.

A civil war is a civil war, and the M23 rebels are calling for reforms and new elections. But there is absolutely no need for war crimes on either side. I know the UN is involved, and I am most concerned with the well-being of the civilians. Again, my beautiful world, this is a good place to help.

Des Moines, IA. The water is less drinkable now than ever. Thursday, the most I could stomach was three sips of coffee before having to stop. This goes beyond not having water to drink. Without water, how do we cook? How do we bathe? Des Moines has third-world water. With all of the bottled water and many food products similarly contaminated for years now, this is a major public health crisis. The locals better start cleaning it up.

Syria. Russia is now involved in replacing al Assad with a new president who will not massacre his own people. Thank you, Russia. This means so much to the people of Syria, to the people laboring to find a solution to this crisis, and to me personally. I have been worried over the people of Syria since this started. Thank you.

Egypt. There is great concern in Egypt right now over the new draft of their constitution being neither written by representatives of all people in Egypt nor passed by representatives of all people.

Is there any way to put the new constitution before all people of the nation for a vote? Is there any way to require the general population to ratify any constitution for all of Egypt? This would settle once and for all if the constitution represents the desired government of the entire population.

Egypt, you can do this. You need President Morsi to give up his expanded powers. Now that a constitution is in the beginning of being instated, is he beginning to transfer his sweeping powers back to the Parliament and the courts? If he does not, you know you have a larger problem on your hands. You can do this, Egypt. You deserve a government that represents all of your population.

Washington, DC. I will never be able to convince the US government that I should be protected from assassination. They are the people who have been fighting to throw me away since 2009. And of all of the governments in the world, the US government is the only one that does not listen to me.

But I can prove they cannot afford to leave me in this bubble to die. Look at America. This country will tear itself to shreds if I am assassinated or destroyed from being a benevolent force in the world.

Furthermore, it is proven I can solve major world problems. Just think of all of the problems I could have solved for my beloved America by now if I just had enough human rights to do it or if the US government would just listen to me. I offered to work on the fiscal cliff, the economy, and unemployment with Congress. Will the US government recognize me as a human in their eyes in time?

The Iliad. Wednesday, I was awarded reparations for the US government's crimes against me, but that did not end the crimes. So the deadline the world gave Obama was 3 pm Central Time 28November2012. He was told to back down and allow my rescuers through to save me. Obama refused. Now it is the Iliad out there. The world launched a metaphorical 1000 ships to rescue me.

Yesterday morning, the UN voted to take action to rescue me and ensure my human rights. Obama decided to have lunch that afternoon with Governor Mitt Romney to discuss America's role as a leader in the world. Sorry, Obama, you have failed to fill that role. You are in the world's way instead of leading the world. You cannot lead the world as long as you are enforcing that I have no human rights but my freedom of speech.

My beautiful world, the United Nations, and everybody who fights for and listens to me, thank you for loving and valuing me enough to rescue me. I wake up every morning alone in my bed wondering if I will be assassinated before I can kiss my husband. Thank you for finding this as intolerable as I do.

I understand the responsibility I carry. We all know I will serve you all, my beautiful world, with all the rest of my life. I can think of no other job I would rather have.

As for my life in here, I know I am supposed to be happy, but absolutely nothing has improved. My father still controls what finances I am allowed, and no, I am sill not allowed the vast majority of my finances. I was tortured yesterday. The rules are still enforced. I still live under constant threat of being institutionalized.

I still have the enslaving spy equipment in my head instead of bodyguards to keep me safe. I do not have my husband. I still have to sleep at night with a webcam watching me to deter attackers in the night. I could be assassinated at any minute. My life is horrifying and miserable.

My beautiful world, there has been progress out there, but there has been absolutely no improvement to my quality of life in here. I am still imprisoned in Iowa. The list of horrors I am living through goes on.

Please, my beautiful world, make some noise. It has been proven in a court of law that these are all crimes that terrorize me, but the crimes have not stopped yet. Please make noise, and do not stop until I have human rights. We all need to be free of this bubble. This is how we save America.

SynSyn, thank you. I have no idea what else to say other than, "Thank you!" I wish the fight were over already. But I still have no human rights, and they are still torturing me. I still live in constant fear of being institutionalized. The rules are still enforced. Nothing has improved. Please make it stop. Please press charges and do not stop until I have human rights.

My BFF, press charges against Iowa; Polk County; Broadlawns Medical Center; Dr. Singh; my father, Tom Varilek; the federal attorney general, state attorney general, and district attorney who are refusing to put violators in prison since putting them in prison would make the human rights violations end; the federal government; and everyone else you can think of.

No, Thomas Varilek, despite all of his whining about being held accountable, has not stopped committing crimes against me yet. He is evil.

SynSyn, please do not let up until I have my human rights. I am on the verge of being assassinated or destroyed through torture and persecution in here. They are the ones who need to stop, not us. Please save me. Please make it stop.

The pain of the torture is not only in my body and my mind. It is also in my soul. Nothing has ever made me believe I am more worthless than having the Polk County District Court under orders from Barack Obama enforce that I must be destroyed from being beautiful with chemicals that make me emit blood-curdling screams for my life.

I have to listen to myself scream, too. I have to feel the needle under my skin. I have to feel the chemicals course through my veins as death to my being every two weeks like clockwork.

The torture is horrifying. It goes beyond what it does to my body. The lingering effects after the terrifying pain of the injection itself include my mind being chemically slowed down.

For evidence of this compare how prolific and effective my blog posts were during the time periods when I was not forced onto these destructive, heavy anti-psychotics. Look at April to June 2012, and compare it to the posts before and after it.

My beautiful world, you ask me, "Why do they torture you, Squid?" We agree it cannot be argued that their torture of me is real, heinous, and so far unstopped. Some believe their torture is a coverup, so they can claim I have a mental illness.

I believe they torture me to destroy me. I believe they want to destroy my beautiful soul and make me hate humanity. They would settle for making me just like everyone else. There is always a chance the torture will take away everything that makes me special.

Sweetness, I am, as I said years ago, expecting you to decide where we live. I assume you will only want to go someplace I can have full human rights as well as all of the people around us. I know we are only going to New York if I will be recognized as a human by the government there.

Darling, after the experts crunch the numbers on what our presence will do to the local economy from tourist money and everything else that comes with our sinking our roots somewhere, expect governments to start trying to woo you to bring me to their cities to live in. I trust you will choose wisely.

P.S.My Bucket List -- updated 28November2012

Live for a time on a yacht traveling the world
See the Great Wall of China
Visit Easter Island
Go on safari in the Serengeti
See Machu Picchu... done
Visit the Pyramids at Giza, Luxor, etc.
Take the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Swim in the South Pacific... done
Ride through Patagonia on the back of a motorcycle
Climb a mountain... done
Sit in the Queen's box at Wimbledon
Live in San Francisco... done
Own an Olmec Head (no need to move it, just put a plaque by it)
Grow a rooftop garden
Sing at Carnegie Hall... done
Study at Cambridge University... done
Earn a Ph.D.
Write a book... done
Publish a book of poetry
Write my memoirs
Create a sci fi TV show that educates the masses
Star in a movie beside my husband
Dance on stage at a Rolling Stones concert
Inspire artistic expression... done
Start a fashion trend... done
Tell the stories of my trials and tribulations through music
Carry humanity through Global Climate Change
Change the world for the better... done
Start a charity or foundation... done
Start another charity or foundation
Create a scholarship program
Make girls proud to be girls
Move the nation
Save the world
Marry Johnny Depp and make him the father of my children

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Here is my latest blog post. It seems Obama is finally resigning. Hallelujah!

Doha. The United Nations conference concerning Global Climate Change is happening in Qatar right now. I wish I could be there. That is the job I volunteered for, after all, finding ways to carry humanity through Global Climate Change. It requires intelligence, compassion, and problem solving, and no one is leading the effort at the global level, yet. I hope they are doing good work there, and I look forward to working with everyone soon. Click here for more about the conference.

America. Once the bubble is burst completely and gone forever, it will be time for America to heal. As much as I tried to unify America in love of me to fight against Obama, Obama fought back by dividing America. So much could have been accomplished sooner if we just had freedom of speech and freedom of the press in America instead of a president with totalitarian control of the media.

Love and freedom of information can and will heal America. It will take effort by national leaders in all their diversity to help Americans still brainwashed by Obama’s propaganda make sense out of everything. As I said so many years ago, “Obama is just a bad person. It has nothing to do with his being African American. Just send us a better Black president next time.”

Concerning my last few blog posts... Why do I still kick so hard when I am so close to being assassinated? Love is not love that alters when alteration finds.

If I let them control me with fear for my physical safety, they will have already won at destroying me. If someone wanted you dead, why would you do anything they wanted at all? It would just lead to your death.

My beautiful world, I trust you to keep me safe and rescue me. You can trust me to stay true to myself as long as I can. After all, if I am not rescued first, I will be tortured again on Thursday.

Besides, all of our kicking seems to have done the trick. THANK YOU, everyone out there who fights the good fight in all of your many ways. We have progress. Obama and Biden are resigning in a sea of their own flames.

Is there a timeline for when I get my human rights back? This bubble is a death trap. There has been no improvement to my quality of life yet, but I have heard the promise that I will soon be able to kiss my husband. I need to be kept safe in case of vengeful retaliation until then.

There is progress out there, but progress has not made it inside this bubble yet. As I said, this bubble is a death trap. Look at everything they have already done to me: slavery, rape, torture, poisons, drugs, libel to make the public hate me, etc. And now we have to be wary of revenge and retaliation against me.

The safest thing to do is to give me my full human rights including my husband to keep me safe immediately. If the government continues to move slowly, I will still need a rescue as soon as possible. Please, my beautiful world, make me safe.

Is there any way to get me a friend now who can be my bodyguard until I am recognized as a human again by the US government? It is very dangerous for me in here. We can expect revenge against me.

The secret agents are only followed, threatened, and attacked after they leave me. Could you, my beautiful world, send me one who can stay by my side 24/7 until the bubble is finally burst? The end looks near. Remind them I am a very good cook and a wonderful conversationalist if it helps get volunteers. Thank you.

I understand that part of the vengeful retaliation against me includes charges for inciting unrest in America. Do you remember this from June?

Did I hear we are charging Obama with treason and sedition for everything he has done to this country? He did, after all, drive just about all of this nation to hate the US government through his intentional direct harm to all of us. He has taken away all of our human rights, caused Civil War despite my best efforts to prevent it, and brought sanctions against America. All I have ever done is try to organize America to save itself. But because Obama would rather spread more lies and commit more publicly documented crimes, this has been very difficult. I fight him by telling the truth and allowing people to make informed and educated choices to protect themselves and protect and save this nation. None of this would have ever happened if Obama and his conspirators did not drive and incite us to do it. We did not start the fire. We are the ones trying to put it out.

sedition (sɪˈdɪʃən)
— n
1. speech or behaviour directed against the peace of a state
2. an offence that tends to undermine the authority of a state
3. an incitement to public disorder
4. archaic revolt

How many times did I say I do not want war? But Obama kept pushing his oppression, driving us, and inciting discontent with him until everyone who loves America had no other choice. How many times have I said we need a new president for the betterment of this nation? We have been going through the normal channels already built into the government demanding he resign or be impeached because of this. Yet, Obama insists on staying in office and still refuses to stop his very well documented crimes against all of us.

We need to save America. I have always said we need to actually adhere to the US Constitution and boot Obama out of office to save the functioning of the government and this nation. But all Obama does is violate the Constitution, the basis of our government. It is already documented that he is behaving like a dictator.

Besides, my solution to fix all of this involves going through the normal channels already in the government to impeach the corrupt parties, repeal the destructive legislation, and pass more amendments to protect more Americans' rights. I am not the person who destroyed and undermined the functioning of this government. I and the people who love me are the ones trying to restore it. Besides, Obama's rules and policies undermined the authority of the US Constitution. Defending the Constitution is never sedition.

It is not sedition when I and everyone else who know the truth demand that the government use its own powers to fix itself. But it is sedition when Obama and his conspirators drive the nation to civil war be [sic] refusing to stop their own proven treasonous crimes that are ruining the entire nation. It is time Obama and his conspirators are charged with treason and sedition, bare minimum, for everything they have already put on record. It is not treason when we fight to save this nation. It is treason, though, when Obama commits crimes against all of us.
...Click here to read the whole blog post.

Please remember, my beautiful America and my genius legal team, I have never called for violence. I have never even called for revolution. I have asked for help, and I have asked for Americans to exercise our full Constitutional rights again.

To quote Mr. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "Dissent is American." So is civil disobedience, but technically, it is not even disobedience I asked for. I asked Americans to exercise the rights we are all supposed to have already anyway.

I have never been treasonous nor seditious. I am trying to give Constitutional rights to the American masses, rights, as I said, we are all supposed to have already. According to the Constitution, we are supposed to have the right to assemble and associate. We are supposed to have freedom of speech. We are supposed to have freedom of the press. Someone needs to stand up for Americans' rights, and I accepted the job.

Please also remember that my life is on the line. I have been begging the world to protect me and save me from death and destruction at the hands of the US government. They plan on torturing me again this Thursday.

This also proves that the Department of Justice would rather investigate and prosecute me for trying to save my own life and for trying to give Americans all of our Constitutional rights back than investigate and prosecute anyone who has raped, tortured, or libeled me. This is further persecution, and Eric H. Holder, Jr., is guilty of felonious neglect while in office.

As for the libel going around that I am the devil. This one might fall into everyone-is-entitled-to-their-own-opinions, but please remember... Devils do not suffer through rape and torture and decide to save the world.

It is absolutely ridiculous that I should ever have to say that I am not the devil. Devils fight with destruction and fire. They do not try to unite the world with love.

I understand if you are confused because you find me irresistibly compelling. What you see is my innocence and purity of heart. It is because you are also an inherently good person that you feel a need to help me. We are a convergence of good.

Please stop people from calling me the devil. It is inhibiting my ability to do good in the world, and doing good in the world is my job.

SynSyn, I understand that you having my hair tested for any and all poisons. They gave me something very nefarious my first night in the torture facility in an Diego. At first I thought it was a disease. It gave me a fever, the shakes, body aches, and a headache.

It felt like death, but it was exacerbated by the water. So, now, I think it was a poison. For all I know, they were trying to poison me with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a poison, you know. But they have given me diseases before. Do you remember this from June?...

My beautiful world, did I tell you all the story about my leopard-print purse, yet? I once used it to prevent biochemical warfare. It was the night of February 4th, 2010. Syniva was flying into SFO with a cover story of a girl-trip with our mutual friends Ms. Annie Terrell and Ms. Amalia Quesada-Parks. I used their incoming flight as a cover for sneaking off to SFO, so I could fly to Mexico City and hopefully set America free of the bubble.

The airline was given written instructions not to allow me on the flight to Mexico City, but they kindly booked me to Mexico City through Guadalajara after I asked them to. The (certain vile subset of the) federal government was very upset about this, so we were delayed at the gate before take off while a special meal was prepared for me. The airline was told they could only take off if I was given this special meal, and Guadalajara was told I would be dead on arrival.

I did take one bite of the cheese enchiladas. But that was the only bite. It made death crawl through my veins. So, I repackaged the entrée in the metal container it came in, wrapped it in its placemat, and carried it off the plane with me when we arrived in Mexico.

Once I arrived at the hotel in Mexico City, I wrapped it in heavy plastic and carried it in the bottom of my leopard-print purse until the metal container burgeoned from the expansion of the decomposing chemicals mixed with the organic food matter.

The one bite I did take gave me a few exotic diseases, I am sure. But the only lasting symptom was a bacterial skin infection on my chest above my breasts. I sat on a park bench beside the Cathedral in the Zocalo to sunburn it, and that made the infection completely die off.

After I was sure the biochemical weapon designed only for me was past its half-life, I took it out of my leopard-print purse and placed it in the hotel trash still inside its heavy plastic, and catastrophe was completely averted. If you are nice to Mexicana Airlines and promise them they will not get in trouble, I am sure they will corroborate. I do not think they knew what was in the meal.

Click here to read the full blog post. Has this been corroborated yet? This bubble is a death trap.

Speaking of drugs, poisons, and diseases, the water here is awful. What will it take to get the City of Des Moines to clean up its water instead of polluting, poisoning, and drugging it more? This is disgusting. Children drink this water. Someday, I would like a cup of coffee that does not give me medicine head nor puts me to sleep.

SynSyn, thank you for everything you do for me. It is no secret that you are a woman warrior on my behalf, and you should accept any and all praise and reward coming your way for this. I know you do everything out of love, but still let the world thank you. Click here to support and learn more about my BFF, Syniva.

My brave rescuers, I hope your job is easier now. If I am not rescued by Thursday, I will be tortured again. There has been no improvement to my quality of life in here, yet, and there is a growing threat of retaliation against me. I still need a rescue. I hate how you always have to put your lives on the line for me, but there seems to be no other way. Things are moving so slowly. Thank you.

Sweetness, is this real? Assuming I do not die first, will I really be able to kiss your face at last? I want to lay on the sand next to you, feel your arms around me, press my lips to yours, and make the US government wait for us, for once. We need to let our love make them wait. It is the least we deserve.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Here is my latest blog post. I am trying to concentrate more on doing my job in the world while allowing the people who love me to fight the good fight for me. When I help people, I cheer up.

Syria. Mr. Lakhbar Brahimi, we need to identify everything keeping al Assad in power. All I have been able to identify is support from Russia, China, and Iran and his tyrannical use of his armed forces. The Syrian people are fighting his armed forces, and I know it is my job to sit down with the foreign leaders who support him.

Mr. Brahimi, I have no idea when I am going to get enough human rights to do work towards ending this crisis in Syria. I do not even have enough human rights to buy myself a new pair of shoes. Please speak with the presidents of Russia, China, and Iran on my behalf, too, not just on behalf of the UN.

The removal of al Assad from power is inevitable. It is only a question of how many Syrians will die before their revolution is complete. Presidents cannot rule a population that hates them, and the net world sentiment is against him.

Please remind the presidents of Russia, China, and Iran that moves have already been made to create the opposition government that will replace al Assad. Ask them if they would like a hand in choosing the replacement leadership. Yes, the Syrians need free elections, but ask Presidents Putin, Xi, and Ahmadinejad if they want to help influence, support, and choose the new leader in return for their no longer supporting al Assad.

I understand that al Assad is an ally of theirs and that they must have a personal attachment to him to still support him after all of his slaughtering and unrest, but their people and nations will be better served if peace, stability, and prosperity is created in the region instead of strife and death.

Please ask them if they would like to help build a new government to replace al Assad that will not massacre its own people and that will similarly be able to be a good ally of Russia, China, and Iran before that window passes them by. We will do this with or without Russia, China, and Iran helping us. But please give them a chance to speed things up, so fewer people have to die first.

Thank you, Mr. Brahimi for understanding that I have great concern for the people of Syria, especially their children. Thank you for understanding I have no one to ask to do this for me but you. And thank you for expressing to Presidents Putin, Xi, and Ahmadinejad my great, deep desire to speak with them myself, but I cannot make it yet and may not make it for months to come.

I am trying to end the death and suffering in Syria by speeding up the inevitable outcome. I do not expect the entire world to agree with me, what I want, or what I do. But it is worth talking about, and I am doing everything I can to be able to talk with these world leaders myself about this. I just cannot make it. Thank you, Mr. Brahimi for doing this for me. It means so much to me.

Egypt. President Morsi insists that his decree allowing himself to assume unprecedented powers is only temporary.

Please, President Morsi, to return peace to Egypt as soon as possible give up your expanded powers as soon as possible. Also, for the peace of mind of the rest of the world, codify when you will give up your sweeping powers.

Will it be in one month? In two months? When an acceptable constitution is ratified? You will not have peace in Egypt until your powers are lawfully limited again. You need to listen to your people.

Obama. It must be so luxurious living in a metropolitan area that has independent book stores... Not to mention how luxurious it must be to be able to buy fifteen books at once. Click here to see Obama at the bookstore.

The Des Moines area has only one independent bookstore that I know of, Obama, and the last time I was there, she did not even have a copy of the Iliad. You would find the epic very educational right about now.

I was a regular visitor to City Lights Books in my home neighborhood of North Beach in San Francisco when I still had enough human rights to live in my own home town. Des Moines is alien and cruel to me.

No one speaks to me here. No one is warm or welcoming but one chocolate shop on Ingersoll. San Francisco is familiar, comforts me, and never tortured me; no wonder you forbid me from living at home, Obama.

It must be so luxurious for you, Obama,... getting paid for torturing and enslaving me.

My beautiful America, the numbers are in. Obama has spent BILLIONS of dollars since 2009 persecuting me and oppressing all of America. That is where your taxpayer dollars are going in Washington. Your taxes go to raping me, torturing me, enslaving me, libeling me to get away with it all, and waging a war against my rescuers to be able to do it as long as possible.

Obama is spending your taxpayer dollars feeding lies into your heads through speakers he controls and taking away your freedom of speech to make sure you can never do anything to fix this mess. Does your lack of freedom of speech make you safer or just incapable of reporting crimes against us all to the masses?

We are facing a fiscal cliff because of years of spending like this. Tell your Congresspeople to cut Obama's funding for these crimes against all of us. Click here to contact your Congresspeople. Demand these crimes and financial support for these crimes end.

My compassionate podcasters, can you create a podcast/broadcast of the breakdown of how Obama has spent the taxpayers' billions persecuting me? I believe it would be very educational for everyone. Please make sure everyone in the US and abroad gets to see it. Take it to the local and international news media as well as the internet. Include instructions and links for people to be able to contact their Congresspeople. Thank you.

My beautiful world, as always, make some noise. We need as much pressure as possible on the US government if we want them to ever address the heinous crimes they commit against all of us. Making noise also creates awareness. I have faith the majority of people will do the right thing if they just finally know there is a problem. Make noise, my beautiful world, and do not stop until I am a human in the eyes of the US government again.

My brave rescuers, I worry sometimes about you fighting each other instead of fighting the bad guys. I know you are all very diverse, but that just makes you a symbol to the world. Please make a show of what love of me can accomplish. Prove we can unify the world. I need you all to work together if we want this rescue to work. I need you.

SynSyn, the constant onslaught of libel, lies, and twisted realities I endure and have endured since 2009 establish a pattern. These lies are used to enable all other crimes against me. They are also part of the coverup.

Press all charges that stick against the libelers and those that twist the reality I live in from persecution for unrelentingly making me suffer due to their lies making the public hate me to conspiracy for enabling other crimes such as rape (by calling me a hooker), torture (by calling me crazy), persecution (by calling me a murderer), slavery (by claiming there would be a nuclear attack against America if the spy equipment were acknowledged and removed), attempts to break me (by spreading lies that could break up me and my husband), attempts on my life (by claiming my life is not actually in danger), etc. to, obviously, libel and everything else you can think of.

My BFF, make it very expensive to lie about me by twisting up the reality of my life. Go through the list you keep of every lie they spread about me and show that it proves a pattern of intentional harm and damage. It does nothing but hurt me, and the public deserves the truth and nothing less. Put them away for the rest of their lives. Thank you.

Sweetness, at night, I hug a pillow. In the mornings, I wake up alone. All day I wish you were beside me. Existing without you is miserable. But still, just knowing you love me is the only reason I can hold on. I live to be with you. I have nothing else in here.

P.S. I borrowed and paraphrased a line from my friend Mr. Michael Perry to write a couple of paragraphs this afternoon. His Facebook status was my writing prompt for the day. The Legend of Thorbald can be found on my Facebook wall. Click here to read it.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

It Got Worse.

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Here is my latest blog post. We start, as is understandable, in Egypt, and we end with a classic of literature.

Egypt. You need a constitution as soon as possible, and you need to stand by your constitution. Make sure you have a system in place to replace your president if he (or someday she) does not accept the constitution's definition of and limitations on the president's power at all times.

As happy as I am that President Morsi brokered peace between Israel and Hamas, he needs to limit his powers to those defined for his office by the new Egyptian constitution.

Egypt, you need to put your parliament back together. You need to support the powers of your courts. And all of you in your full diversity need to have a voice in the construction of your new constitution if you want it to be representative of the what all Egyptian people want from their government and if you want it to ideally be long lasting.

UNHCR. The world has a number of crises right now that have displaced numerous populations. Turkey alone is carrying the burden of caring for over 120,000 refugees. Please help, my beautiful world.

Many of these refugees, those from Mali, Sudan, and the DR of Congo in particular, are seeking refuge in neighboring nations who were poor to begin with. Please click here and do everything you can to help. We can care for the world, my beautiful world; people just need to know where the problems are.

Scotland. Soon, Scotland will be voting as to whether or not it wants to split from the rest of the United Kingdom. I know that there are a number of Scotsmen who love and adore me passionately even beyond Mr. Andy Murry and Mr. David Tennant.

I just want to make sure their decision is not based on how I was treated by England and the British government in 2010. I want to make sure they all understand to what extreme level Prime Minister David Cameron and the Queen of England have thrown down to rescue me. The British government is very much one of my heroes now.

Please make sure, Scotland, you do not harbor bad feelings towards the British government over me. The UK and I have made up, and I would not be as safe in here as I am without them.

As for my life at the hands of the US government, there has been absolutely no improvement to my quality of life. It is not that the US government has given me too little too late; it is that they have still given me nothing.

My father still controls what finances I am allowed, and no, I am sill not allowed the vast majority of my finances. I will be tortured on Thursday. The rules are still enforced. I still live under constant threat of being institutionalized.

I still have the enslaving spy equipment in my head instead of bodyguards to keep me safe. I do not have my husband. I still have to sleep at night with a webcam watching me to deter attackers in the night. My life is horrifying and miserable. They have given me nothing.

I still have no rights but my freedom of speech, but already the conspirators who hate me are out for revenge. The first news I received Friday was that the haters have vowed revenge, that there have been new attempts on my life, and that I am in grave, immediate danger-- more danger than I have ever been in before. Things are getting worse in here.

I need safety. I need a rescue. I need human rights. I need this situation to change for the better. And I need it to change immediately. Please help me.

My rescuers have been trying to reach me since April. They will not give up until I am safe and have human rights, but what if they can never reach me? We need to try something new and more effective.

Please, my beautiful world, take the head off the snake; put Obama/Biden in prison. Indicting the president and vice president for their crimes against their own people, which include me, and putting them in a prison for international criminals will leave Speaker of the House John Boehner as president.

That means regime change. That means I will get human rights for the first time since 2009. That means the Soviet-Russia-level oppression of all of America will end. That means I will be safe.

We could avoid a land war if you take the head off the snake. But, my beautiful world, you need to act before the torture and persecution destroys me, and you need to act before they can assassinate me.

Obama is giving us no choice. That is how dangerous things are for me in here, and it is only getting worse. You can put Obama/Biden in prison. You can invade America to rescue me. You can do anything you want to help. Please, my beautiful world, just make sure you save me. You have my permission to do absolutely anything that will rescue me.

Speak with John Boehner about what he would do for America if he were made president. Please make sure he would create a better, safer world. Make sure he would end the oppression of all of America. Make sure he will set me free.

In 2009, Obama addressed the American public when it became known for the first time that I had been recently raped and told America I was raped because I was a hooker. Libeling me has been a major part of his coverup from the start. I have been Obama's victim for so long; I am still his victim now.

Obama's crimes against me started in 2009 with his Code of Silence, his enslaving me, his raping me, and his libeling me to get away with it all. Then, that December, he wrote the Health Care Reform Bill, and his mandate was passed. My life has only gotten worse since. Now, things are more dangerous for me than ever before.

Now, there are new threats on my head. The people who hate me are taking measures to exact revenge. And I am still forbidden from having bodyguards or my husband to keep me safe. Things keep getting worse.

I need safety. I need human rights. I need a rescue. I need this situation to change for the better, but it keeps getting worse. I need you to save me, my beautiful world. Please save me.

My beautiful world, make some noise. I have faith in humanity. I have faith the vast majority of people will do the right thing if they just know there is a heinous problem.

Please, my beautiful world, make some noise. Create awareness. Spread the truth. So much of this battle is won if we can just get the truth to the masses despite the enforced silence over the media. Make the government feel the pressure.

Mr. James Carville, thank you for everything you do for me. My rescuers are having problems carrying me to Canada, but just because we have problems getting me to my human rights does not mean we cannot get the rest of America to yours. It just takes organization, effort, and love.

SynSyn, press charges for libel. Press charges for persecution. Press charges against everyone from Obama and the federal government to my father and the local government. Tear this bubble open and get me out. You are such a brave warrior woman in the courtroom. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Remind the haters and libelers that it is not libel to claim you and I kissed on camera. But it is libel to claim you have ever harmed me or my reputation. Kick those haters into place for me.

Darling, they intentionally distort the reality I live in to cause me as much harm as possible, and they will stop at nothing with their lies to break us up. Never let them take you away from me. Kick those haters into place for me.

P.S. Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K., he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning, he was arrested..."And why am I under arrest?" he then asked. "That's something we're not allowed to tell you."....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


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Here is my latest blog post. If Obama did not commit unrelenting human rights violations against me, the world would not need to take all actions possible to rescue me.

Israel and Palestine. I sit here and write this only an hour after the ceasefire was announced. I put my faith in Egypt to broker the peace between Gaza and Israel, and President Morsi came through. Now, we wait and see if the ceasefire sticks.

The long term peace agreement to end the violence that has plagued this region is nothing to be taken lightly. I am a firm believer that the suffering of the people of Gaza must be lightened in order for there to be peace in the region at all. If they were not so oppressed, Hamas would not have become so powerful there. Oppression breeds resistance.

The long term agreement, what Secretary of State Clinton calls a durable peace agreement, will shape the relationship between Israel and Gaza possibly for generations. I trust Egypt to take great care to get this right for the long term, and as always, if President Morsi needs help from me for anything, all he has to do is ask.

Democratic Republic of Congo. If it were not for the "increased threat of sexual violence" from the rebels as well as the "major risk of increased serious human rights violations," I would not be so worried about the M23 rebels advancing through Goma and beyond.

Oppression breeds resistance. If the government were capable of addressing the needs of its people, there would be no rebels in the first place. The M23's demands and plans for new and fairer elections are noble. I just wish they could bring change and progress to the DRC without human rights violations.

There is no justification under any circumstances for human rights violations nor sexual violence. Trust me. As a victim, I know.

If I could speak with the M23 rebels, I would ask them to progress humanely and as nonviolently as possible in their mission to fix the problems of their nation.

The legitimacy of any government comes from its ability to govern humanely. It comes from compassion and understanding in its power. There is no legitimacy in cruelty nor incompetence.

Syria. No, Syria, with all of the turmoil in Gaza, we have not forgotten about you. You need a world leader with compassion for you who is capable of sitting down with all parties involved and finding new and humane leadership for your nation that the entire world can support.

It will not be an easy job, but I have been begging the world for enough human rights to be able to take care of this for a long time now. It is okay for you, the people of Syria, to demand that the world allow me to work on this problem. I want to do this. If you want my help, make the world hear your demands for my help. Make Obama hear you.

There is no argument now. The whole world knows now that I have been innocent of everything this whole time and only persecuted. But what if I had been guilty? How would that justify raping and torturing me? How would that justify totalitarian control of the media and brainwashing speakers in everyone's heads? Have you seen what is in my hair?

This bubble is only cruel and unusual punishment leveled in 2009 with absolutely no conviction to justify it from the start anyway. I have suffered for so long under this public persecution. There is no justification under any circumstances for the human rights violations I have endured and still am enduring.

There is no argument now. Everyone knows I have been innocent all along. But still the persecution continues. If I die or am destroyed before I am rescued, it is too late to save me.

If Obama would cease all of his horrifying crimes against me, if the US government would change its policy and do its job to keep me safe and free, and if the heinous human rights violations of torture, rape, constant threat of death, etc. I live under would finally end, the world would not need to take all actions possible to rescue me.

There is absolutely no justification under any circumstances for the level of human rights violations I have been living under since 2009. I need bodyguards, my husband, and the rest of my human rights immediately. We do not negotiate. We are demanding unconditional surrender of all guilty parties.

Obama is allowing my brave rescuers to look like they are making progress to stall the entire world from coming in to save me. No one can argue that my rescuers have been trying to reach me since April, but they are not here yet. Do not give my rescuers too much more time to be toyed with by Obama.

I was so heavily drugged by toxins in my food on Monday that I passed out on the couch for HOURS both after lunch AND after dinner. It could easily have been a poison. It could easily have killed me. Have you seen what is in my hair?

I understand giving my rescuers time, but we have to come to terms with the fact Obama is just trying to stall the world from finally just coming in here and saving me. Please just end all of this.

End my suffering. End the dying of my brave rescuers. Please just come here and save me. Please just make it all stop. If I die or am destroyed before I am rescued, it is too late to save me. Have you seen what is in my hair?

Even if I had been guilty, that would be no justification for enslaving me nor for putting spy equipment in my head. I am still forbidden from having any human rights but my freedom of speech. Make noise, my beautiful world, make noise. Make noise, and come save me.

They plan on torturing me again on the afternoon of 29November2012. Please rescue me before they can damage me further. I am at constant risk of being destroyed in here by a combination of the many forms of torture (injections, systemic rape, electrobeams) and the unrelenting persecution of the public.

They go out of their way everywhere (except in my safe haven of the chocolate shop) to cause me as much damage as possible. Even my mother refuses to acknowledge me with the dignity and respect I deserve. Please, my beautiful world, rescue me before I am destroyed. They torture me again next Thursday.

As for the lighter section of the blog... What do you all think heaven will hold? Will it be chocolate seashells and a rolling ocean? Will heaven sound like rock and roll? What does your personal heaven hold for you?

Years ago, years before the persecution began, I dreamed that I had died and my life was being judged. The jury was half people from my life and half Muppets. At one point I said something I thought was obvious but was apparently significant. Bells started ringing, lights started flashing, and the chair I was in rose up into the clouds. It had been decided I was going to heaven.

My apartment in the castle of heaven was not ready yet, though, so the chair left me in the gift shop at the exit from heaven to wait. I perused the knickknacks and saw to my right that one of the administrators of heaven was holding a clipboard and talking to a man in a corduroy jacket with patches on the elbows.

His name was Terrell. He had grey hair with red roots and wore expensive Italian shoes. He was my arranged husband for my life in heaven. Heaven was not going to make me date.

Except for all of the Argentine tango dancing in the hallways of the castle of heaven, I am pretty sure my afterlife will be very different now. It will be someplace safe where I can wait for my husband. He might be older, but we all know I will die first.

That is as far as I get imagining what my personal heaven might hold for me-- no rape, no torture, no persecution, just physical safety and an eternity with my husband. What do you all think heaven might entail for you?

My beautiful world, the people who brainwash the public started lies that my life is not actually in danger. I have known I am in constant threat of physical harm since this started in 2009, but I was not even acutely aware about my imminent assassination until the world warned me that it is coming. Besides, have you seen what is in my hair? How many times have I been raped since 2009?

Please, my beautiful world, find the source of the lies that my life is not in danger and castrate them from ever lying about me again. Their brainwashing is only used to justify human rights violations against me. Never tolerate lies about me. Find the source of the lies and castrate them from ever lying about me ever again.

SynSyn, thank you for everything you do for me and for the world. I have said truthfully for so long that I would be nothing without you. I would have been driven mad, destroyed as a benevolent influence in the world, or assassinated by now if it were not for your vigilance. Thank you, my BFF, thank you.

Sweetness, interesting song choice. I wish I could have been there, el Rey Dulce de mi Corazon. How is Smokey Robinson coming along on the duet I asked him to write for us? An eternity in your loving arms is not long enough.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

General Petraeus, Please.

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Here is my latest blog post.

Israel and Palestine. Sometimes I can get a little Pollyanna-ish. I know this about myself. The only conflict I want to see between these two governments is a Potlatch competition in which they fight to see who can give the best gift.

The reality of their generations of bloody conflict are something completely different. Unlike Israel, I do not believe that stability and peace can be created in the region by escalating the violence. They both have a right to defend themselves, and they are both attacking each other. This escalation started with the car bomb Israel used to kill a leader of Hamas last week.

This conflict has gone on for so long that most of the world is desensitized to violence between Israel and Palestine. I have heard more than one person say, "We have seen this movie before," concerning this crisis.

Yes, we should all still care, but this requires fresher perspectives than the old lines of allegiances allow. We cannot fix this war by sticking to the same old views we have always had. Someone needs to get in the face of the side they have always supported and explain to them that they are being assholes. Someone needs to do this for both sides.

Israel and Palestine need a jarring splash in the face of the cold water of reality. The last thing the Middle East needs right now is another war. There is already too much instability in the region. The troops are ready to march, and both sides are only aggravating the other.

Most world news right now must be about me. I know because it has been difficult for me to get my hands onto new problems I can work on except for the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine. I hope this means that new problems just are not popping up right now.

I am still debating whether or not I want to throw myself into peace talks between Israel and Palestine; I am going to have to give other people a chance to take care of that one before I can get to it. Every time I try to speak with someone from Israel through the mic in my head they seem respectful but irrationally self-righteous. I am going to wait until the leadership in Israel is more receptive of me.

Syria, Haiti, and the Sudan are on the short list of projects that will get my attention once I have enough human rights to work on them. Mali looks like it will be sorted out just fine without me, but if they need me, of course, I will help if they ask. I would prefer if all of these trouble spots could be resolved before I can show up to care for them, but it looks like these problems are going nowhere right now.

Haiti would be the easiest to fix without me. They just need a leader to show up to guide and convince the government to start building houses finally. I have been hoping former President Clinton would take this on.

The problems in Haiti require more love, care, and attention than they require anything else. There will be minimal difficult diplomacy involved unlike Syria, and the necessary creative problem solving will be less demanding than in Sudan and South Sudan.

Please, my beautiful world, convince President Clinton to spend some time showing love for the suffering people of Haiti. They need guidance and a swift kick to the pants to get them to build houses for their people.

Why there is probably so much world news about me right now is because the ground invasion to rescue me is ready to metaphorically roll tanks into Iowa to save me.

I think Iowa knows they on the verge of starting a world war by refusing to let me leave to be with my husband. Then again, they generally seem clueless that it is a crime to pretend I have a mental illness to be able to trap me in Iowa to torture and persecute me.

All Iowa has to do is overturn their district court decisions concerning me finally acknowledging I have absolutely no mental illness and setting me free of my abusive father to avoid this world war with America. It would also help if they would stop enforcing the rules here, so I could finally get a ride to Canada.

No, not every state is a hero like Wisconsin, but, Iowa, the world is coming to rescue me. And they do not like you.

No, my beautiful world, do not wait for Iowa to sort itself out. They have proven they will listen to no one but Obama concerning me. Please, just come rescue me. I understand you are giving MI6 a few more chances to save me before moving troops. This all makes sense to me.

I saw the movie Lincoln this last Saturday. It is a not so gentle reminder to America that Lincoln not Nixon won the Civil War, and it was fought to end slavery in all of America forever... including mine.

Who put the mind-control speakers in the heads of all adult Americans everywhere? Obama did. Never forget that this is one of his crimes, too.

The speakers in everyone's ear canals enslave me; they broadcast every word I speak and arguably every thought I have that gets verbalized in my mind into the ear canals of everyone near me. The government justifies this by saying that everything that goes through the microphone they put in my ear canal completely without my permission and initially without my knowledge is theirs to use as they please.

The speakers are also used to persecute me. When not broadcasting my words and intellectual property, the speakers have been used everywhere I have been from January 2010 to September 2012-- San Francisco, Mexico, Chicago, the UK, Iowa, Dallas, San Diego, everywhere-- to spread lies about me and instruct the masses to attack me.

Common libel the speakers used to spread was that I am really a man in drag and that I am my own doppelganger. The speakers would broadcast various lies in English and Spanish to make the people around me hate, harm, and attack me. This did not end until after I left the torture facility at Broadlawns Medical Center in September 2012.

However, the speakers still spread lies claiming I do not love my own Sweetness, claiming I am hostile towards the people around me, etc. on occasion. I am very sensitive to people's intentions when they are around me, and often the speakers fill people's minds with so much crap about me.

And still, the federal government claims they get to do this because they have lain ownership to the microphone they put in my ear canal with neither my initial knowledge nor ever my permission. Syniva has the evidence of this claim of theirs.

I still argue that what is inside my body should be only mine, so I should have control of all of these electronics. Let us be honest. I am the only person who could ever be trusted with such electronics, anyway.

For further evidence of Obama's crimes against me, talk to the nurses and interrogate the culpable doctors at all of the mental health facilities where I have been unlawfully imprisoned and on some occasions tortured. The honest ones will tell you Obama ordered them to do it.

The only staff member in all of Broadlawns Medical Center I trust is Bruce in their adult inpatient mental health ward. Please ask him why Broadlawns started torturing me. I also know the tech there named Jim is soft and will likely tell the truth, too. Ask around all of the hospitals. See what you find out.

And the mandate... THE MANDATE! Do you all remember how the mandate got passed?

This all started in mid-2009 with reports that America would be subject to a nuclear attack if I were given human rights and treated with dignity and respect. Speak with people in San Francisco from 2009 while I was there. They were all terrified of missiles from the sky if they did not maintain Obama's "Code of Silence" to keep the truth away from me.

Cuddlebunny as much as admitted to me the first night we had a real conversation that he only agreed to rape me until I killed myself in order to save America from a nuclear attack. That night he also as much as begged for my forgiveness. I remember that night. He became my bodyguard that night. I slept safely for the first time in months next to him (without taking any of my clothing off and not so much as kissing him until morning when I woke up safe).

The "Code of Silence" became a federal mandate because Obama bundled it into his Health Care Reform Bill in December 2009. If you all check CNN's archive of online articles for their reporting concerning Obamacare, you will find the same article I read that December. Congress was told to vote on the Health Care Reform Bill without reading it first.

I remember this because Republicans filibustered the bill, and I thought it would be best for them to just read the bill during the filibuster instead of reading the phonebook. Click here to learn more about what a filibuster is.

There was a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate. Obama's mandate to persecute me passed through Congress because it was part of the Health Care Reform Bill Obama wrote, because Congress wanted Obamacare, and because they were told to vote on it without reading it first.

According to the US Constitution, Congress is not supposed to have the power to pass laws that violate the Constitution, but the mandate got passed anyway. For more details concerning the unConstitutionality of the mandate, please consult An Angry Blogpost and Dearest Syniva.

The mandate was upheld by the US Supreme Court when Obamacare came before them earlier this year despite the mandate being completely unConstitutional. It was part of their blind support of Obamacare and to my knowledge, there was no evidence presented to the Supreme Court concerning the mandate's persecution of me and suspension of my Constitutional rights.

However, there probably was. The Supreme Court's support for the mandate is why we know Obama will likely not receive a fair trial for his crimes in here in America. Obama has too much cult of personality here. He has seduced this nation into reelecting him, so he can continue his crimes against all of us longer; even though, Constitutionally, he should not have that power in the first place.

Obama needs to be indicted on international charges of crimes against his own people, arrested, and extradited to the Hague. That is the only way for there to be justice for the crimes he has committed against me. The speakers in everyone's heads should be enough evidence, but there is so much evidence everywhere.

Furthermore, Eric H. Holder, Jr. is guilty of felonious neglect while in office. He had enough time and resources to investigate General Petraeus and his extramarital affair that did not affect his ability to do his job, but he will not investigate nor prosecute anyone who has committed a crime against me.

The evidence that Obama and the people who obey him are culpable is everywhere, and we have already proven many of them guilty in a court of law. However, the Attorney General refuses to lift a finger to end their crimes against me nor to even punish the people already proven guilty. We need to take Obama down, and we need to take Holder with him.

Speaking of you, my dear friend General Petraeus, do you want to officially join my rescuers? I have no idea how many four-star generals are already in the fight, but would you like to be the official leader of my worldwide rescue mission? With the world as it is now, there is no one else I could dream of requesting than you, and I hear you are retired. Please at least consider it. Please.

As for the affair you are currently embroiled in, General Petraeus, please remember that President Kennedy was also a great man, but JFK had more affairs than you did. This is something for you and your wife to work through, and not something that the entire world should be concerned with. I wish you privacy for your private life, and all of my warm wishes for making things work with your wife.

Technically, as long as common law can define a marriage, I was the 'other woman' for my Sweetness for a while there before we settled down together. We are all human. We all have normal human flaws. None of us are more holy than the other, General. All humans are equal. People should be more understanding of you.

I also understand that Congress wants to negotiate my freedom. Please remember they can only speak on behalf of their constituencies. No member of Congress has the authority to speak on behelf of me. I and the world who loves me are demanding unconditional surrender of every guilty party and will settle for absolutely nothing less.

If Congress negotiates my full human rights back to me, they do so without my being part of the agreement, so the world can trust I will do any benevolent thing I want to do once I am free. Yes, I will work on avoiding the fiscal cliff if I am invited to do so, but Obama needs to be warned that once I am free, I am free to do any good I want in the world.

Now, I feel I need to waste my time addressing even more enduring libel about me-- the lie that I have never had a job in my life. Considering that my resume has been online for years, I do not know how this libel has stunk up my reputation for so long.

This is only where my resume appears in my blog-- Click here to read my resume (also called a CV). Information concerning my employment history has been with various online databases much longer.

I was fourteen years old when I got my first job. When I was still in high school, I worked as a busser in the only Chinese restaurant in Ankeny, Iowa. It was not so bad. The owners were family friends, and the food was delicious.

I had a lot of strange jobs after that. During my summers off from college, I worked at the spice factory in Ankeny for a while. I was also apprenticed to a stained glass artist one summer.

No job has ever been better than the one I have right now; saving the world. I only wish I could do it with my full human rights, personal privacy, and bodyguards for physical safety. We all find our true calling eventually. Mine was just bundled with the greatest burden of persecution America has witnessed in the modern world.

As always, my beautiful world, make noise. Scream for justice, and do not stop until we get it. Organize. March. Educate. Please, my beautiful world. I am relying on all of you to get the truth to everyone who does not have it, yet. As always, thank you, my beautiful world.

Sweetness, this was missing from the letter I put in the mail to you this last Friday morning...
empire waist: 45"
shoulder to empire waist (over bust): 16"
skirt length from empire waist: 43.5"
These are, of course, for my wedding dress... and any other clothing surprises you might have planned for me. Please ask the designer (Details are in the letter.) to use a deep, luxurious red not a bright one.

As you could probably assume, darling, I do not want a red veil; I am going to put red orchids in my hair. If we are still having the wedding on the beach, I plan on being barefoot. Maybe I will put tiny bells on my toes.

Sweetness, thinking about the wedding cheers me up. I really wish I had Syniva, my Matron of Honor, to help. Time. I know. It just takes time. What are you planning on wearing?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Crimes of Tom Varilek Started in 2010

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Here is my latest blog post. Considering how often I am egregiously tortured, ignored, and persecuted, I need to remind myself regularly that I really do matter and that I have a job to do in this world.

Syria. The toll in Syria's civil war is over 37,000 human souls. My beautiful world, Syria needs help. The conflict keeps worsening. The violence is spreading across its borders. And their children keep dying. Please give me human rights, so I can do something.

Israel and Palestine. Some people are calling it conflict-as-always in the dual nation, but I find the escalation deeply distressing. The last thing we need is another armed conflict in the Middle East. If anyone in Israel, Palestine, or its neighbor nations can find a way to ease tensions or broker peace, I am not the only one who would greatly appreciate it.

China. Xi Jinping is the new leader of China. I look forward to the progress, reform, and prosperity China will experience under his leadership, and I look forward to working with him to do good in the world. We always know who our allies are. Hello, Leader Xi.

As for my life, I was recently told that there is little evidence pointing to Obama as the man sending the orders for all of the crimes committed against me. On the contrary, there is evidence everywhere.

Please, Syniva, make sure you speak with world leaders to make sure our treasure trove of evidence against Obama makes it to the nations who are investigating what is happening in America right now. So much can be explained with a sharing of just the complete book of rules Obama writes and enforces.

Also, Tom Varilek, my father, was told to abduct me from Chicago O'Hare airport in March 2010. He has been taking instructions from the federal government in how to persecute me at least that long.

He and my mother appeared at the airport while I was on my way to the UK from Mexico without my telling him nor my mother I would be there. He laid a hold of me, and tried to force me into a vehicle to go to Iowa with him. I demanded that the police help me.

My father produced paperwork from Homeland Security telling him to take me to Iowa. Because I was 32 years old at the time, the police insisted that was free to go about my way. I have been eternally grateful to the Chicago police ever since.

The following day, I flew to the UK where I requested diplomatic protection from the British to keep me safe from persecution and systemic rape in America by entering their asylum system. This was my ID card...

Of course, they did not keep me safe there. We have already proven that the persecution, libel, rape, etc. continued there at Obama's request. They even locked me in a torture facility in Liverpool where they filled me full of LSD, tortured me, injected me, enslaved me, and libeled me. They did this all at Obama's request.

While I was in the torture facility, after I had made arrangements with Sotheby's to provide my parents with auction income from some of my childhood belongings (Sotheby's and I have come to a better agreement since to make sure we do not provide my parents with more money to keep persecuting, libeling, unlawfully imprisoning, etc. me.), Tom took a trip to Kansas City on which he received instructions to perjure himself to obtain an adult guardianship over me and conservatorship over my meager finances.

Polk County knew I was not under their jurisdiction; when last in America I was a legal resident of San Francisco, and by entering the asylum system in the UK, I said I was settling down there and giving up any ties to America.

My father claimed 1.) that I had schizophrenia and was therefore mentally incompetent to care for myself, 2.) that I was a legal resident of Polk County, and 3.) that he would care for me better than I could care for myself.

My father produced a forged letter claiming that my BFF Syniva did not want to be my Power of Attorney. Because the Power of Attorney paperwork predates the adult guardianship hearing, it should have been legally impossible for any of this to happen without Syniva's approval.

Despite my not being under the jurisdiction of Polk County, they gave Tom adult guardianship over me and control of all of the meager finances I have under the rules of the bubble.

My father has used his power over me granted to him by Polk County to trap me in Iowa against my will, to repeatedly imprison me in mental health facilities under the false pretenses of any mental illness, and to torture me with injections.

I was confined by Tom for over a year to sleep in a bed I was raped in more than once since he obtained adult guardianship over me, and he kept me near forced pennilessness to make sure I could never find a way to leave.

My neglect charges against Tom are very well documented... so are the perjury, libel, and conspiracy charges. Please throw every single charge at him that we can make stick.

My genius legal team, if you subpoena every hard drive my father has used (He changes them regularly.) since 2010 on laptops, desktops, etc. as well as the phone records for his mobile and for my parents' house, you will be able to figure out how long he has been taking instructions from the federal government.

I left the asylum system in the UK voluntarily. Returning to America to live under the control of my evil father, Tom Varilek, was the only way I could get out of the torture facility in Liverpool. I had no idea I would just be tortured with injections here, too.

The British government knows that they only committed crimes against me because the president of the United States of America requested my treatment to be as such. The British and I have already made peace over the torture, rape, slavery, unlawful imprisonment, libel, drugging, etc. Obama requested.

The British have thrown down to rescue me. They have issued me a passport (that I do not have in my possession yet). They have offered me safe haven, and hopefully they will turn in their evidence against Barack Obama. Maybe Mexico will do the same.

For thoroughness, here is a copy of my Power of Attorney paperwork. The phone numbers are all somehow as magically protected as mine is and have been so protected for years.

There is so much evidence against Obama. We just need to be able to put it all in one place. Please be thorough and honest, my beautiful world, as you investigate him.

As you all already know, I was tortured again yesterday. I takes such a toll on me. I was ready to curl up on the floor of my closet last night and cry myself to sleep. But I knew you would all see me. My beautiful world, you see so much in me. I am trying to stay beautiful and strong for you.

United Nations, I know you recognize the injections and systemic rape as torture. I want to say thank you to all of you for everything you do for me. You know you can ask me for anything. You always could, and you always can.

About Obama wanting to make UN Ambassador Susan Rice the new Secretary of State, I trust Susan Rice. I believe she would make a wonderful Secretary of State, but I do not want her to leave the UN. I do not trust whoever would replace her at the United Nations.

Obama is at risk of being indicted by the UN for crimes against his own people any day now. He wants Ambassador Rice replaced with someone who would veto it as well as any action my beautiful world wants to take against him. The world deserves justice instead.

Please, Ambassador Susan Rice, do not leave the UN until after Obama is indicted. Please, United Nations, vote to indict Obama before Ambassador Susan Rice is replaced with someone who would not at least have the decency to abstain from voting.

If it takes military action to make sure I do not die in here... if it takes conflict to make sure I am not tortured until I go mad... And you, my beautiful world are the only people who can determine if I am worth dying for... If you have to invade America to save me, please bring everyone.

Do not just send all of Europe who loves me. Also bring Russia; I know I list President Vladimir Putin among my list of heroes. Bring China and everyone else in Asia who loves me. Bring Argentina, Brazil, and all of Latin America. Bring Australia. Bring Africa; I know Nelson Mandela has had sharp criticism over me for Obama for years. Bring the Middle East. Bring everyone who loves me.

You all know I am a peacemonger. You all know I prefer to avoid conflict at all costs. But Obama is giving us no choice. My life and health are on the line in here and are in constant danger.

If rescuing me requires full-blown armed conflict, make it an act that unifies the world. Please make as much good as possible come from this military action.

I know the forces would likely be unwieldy and possibly full of in-fighting, but make sure that the world agrees on a structure to the chain of command in the armed forces and that they are all a symbol of the world working together to accomplish common good for the whole world. Remind everyone I need them all to make sure they all get along as well as possible.

Let us build a force for good in the world.

Also, my beautiful world, remember that there are tens of thousands of Americans who want to save me, too. Please make this, if and when you deem it necessary, a full mobilization of the world. Make it an act of unity.

Now, I have an interesting story about the kind of compassion I receive in this bubble...

I have a friend I met in Chicago in 2008 and whose career I have supported ever since. His name is Mr. Patrick Liddell. To see his work, click here. Check the comments under ADSR 2.

Yesterday was his birthday, so I sent him this message on his Facebook wall... "Happy Birthday, Mr. Patrick Liddell. Have you married Elisabeth, yet?" I have never had a reason before not to be supportive of his relationship with his girlfriend.

I was tortured yesterday. It is the kind of torture that tears me apart physically and emotionally. I normally cry for hours afterwards. It makes me believe I am worth no more to people than to be destroyed and thrown away. As I said, it made me want to curl up on the floor of my closet and cry myself to sleep.

Please also remember that communication with me is very rare and extremely precious. I normally receive one call a week from anyone other than my mother. And my mother, my only regular contact with any human, refuses to acknowledge me thereby damaging me and aggravating me every time I see her.

I returned to my apartment yesterday to find someone left me a Facebook message. It was from Elisabeth Vitoria Johnson. It said...

"Hey Squid- I remember meeting you once; you seemed cool, but I have hit wall [sic]... Is there something between you and Patrick you would like to tell me and the world and our friends and family? Because that is how you come across in your demeanor, and it doesn't have any bearing in reality. Please untag Patrick on your post- we have both been patient enough. You seem unwilling to acknowledge and respect our relationship; intimacy that exists in our waking, 3 dimensional world and would ask if you could be more considerate and use tact before posting your suggestive, I am so sensual, self absorbed nonsense. As far as to me, you are a direct insult. I apologize, but some things need to be said candidly."

This is the kind of compassion the world shows me when I am tortured. Not only is she delusional to the point of psychosis, but she also shows me all of the respect and understanding the rules of the bubble allow. To be honest, this is on the friendlier side of how I am normally treated by average Americans.

Because Obama has totalitarian control of the media in America, Elisabeth is an example of how average Americans feel about me. They do not know who I am. They do not know what I do in the world. They do not know I am married to the loving man of my dreams with whom I communicate through whatever channels possible since I am forbidden from speaking with him let alone being with him.

Elisabeth, just like average Americans, is beyond insensitive, obnoxious, delusional concerning me, and completely cruel. I deserve at least basic human decency from people, but Obama's rules and totalitarian control of the media forbid this in America.

Please, my beautiful world, since Obama does not have a stranglehold on your media the way he does on ours, please create awareness of who I am, what I do, and what I suffer through. Please do everything possible to get the truth into America. America needs help coming to terms with reality!

My beautiful America, please fill the streets everywhere to create awareness. You need to educate your neighbor on what is really happening in America. Make noise, my beautiful America. Make noise. Put pressure on Washington and do not let up until we are all free again.

Mr. James Carville, did you accept my request? Do you have a plan to set America free? Americans' rights are right in front of them. They just need to reach out, grab them, and exercise them.

SynSyn, I owe you so much thanks for our recent successes. Do not let up until I have my human rights. Thank you for everything you do for me and my beautiful world. I know you know what you are doing out there.

Sweetness, I mailed you a parcel this morning. (Giggle.) It includes the pillowcases I hug when I sleep. May they keep you as warm as they kept me. It went first class mail.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Post #500-- Oppression Breeds Resistance. People Need to be Free.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves.

Here is my latest blog post. This is my 500th post in this blog, and I have work to do in it. Obama might be enforcing rules to make me seem worthless and throw me away, but I still have a job to do.

Spain. There have been suicides reported by people being evicted from their homes during the mortgage and real estate crisis in Spain. There are many ways to deal with this problem.

You can change banking laws to diminish the benefits banks gain after foreclosing on homes. If you take away what banks gain by foreclosing, there will be fewer foreclosures. A very good thing to do, too, is increase employment and incomes, but that is easier said than done. You can also emotionally support the public to better deal with the personal crisis of eviction.

Spain, you are not in this alone. There are financial crises all over Europe and in America right now. I only wish there were more I could do.

Haiti. The people of this island nation were already living in tents before Hurricane Sandy struck them. Now, they are both ravaged again and 70% of their crops have been washed away. Disease is spreading through their tent cities, and they are facing a major food crisis. Please help Haiti, my beautiful world. They have been in tents for three years now.

Syria. Progress is being made on the diplomatic side with Syria, but the conflict has spread to their borders with Turkey and Jordan and to Golan Heights between Syria and Israel.

The news is very promising about Syria's replacement government that includes the opposition. However, seeing the conflict spread to borders on almost all sides is very distressing. Does al Assad understand that attacking neighboring nations makes an invasion that much more imminent?

The situation in Syria keeps worsening, so the world needs to start figuring out what to do about it. Stability and prosperity in the entire region is at stake, and the world cannot afford an entire Middle East in chaos. We need to start doing work on the problem in Syria. Please give me human rights, so I can do more.

Israel and Palestine. Israel has claimed responsibility for a recent attack in the Gaza Strip. Please explain to me, Israel, why this conflict is necessary.

Are you fighting to end human rights violations? Are you fighting to set a people free from oppression? How can creating violence and unrest increase any nation's safety or security if neither of those are the case?

As for my life, I spent Tuesday afternoon drinking coffee at the local chocolate shop, writing a love letter to my husband, and weeping over how horribly Iowa treats me. I am to be tortured tomorrow and was already feeling the trauma yesterday.

A man came up to me, said he was a psychologist, and said he could help me. But he would not acknowledge my name. He would not acknowledge that I am famous. He would not acknowledge what I do in the world. Basically, he was only capable of hurting me, damaging me, and traumatizing me more be refusing to acknowledge me.

Iowa hates me; they have made that clear. There is no such thing as "Iowa Nice." They only thing Iowa can do to prove otherwise is...
1.) completely and uniformly refuse to persecute me any longer by no longer obeying the rules at all whatsoever for the good of America, for my health, and for the good of the world,
2.) overturn all of their local court judgments falsely claiming I have a mental illness and concerning my adult guardianship to cease persecuting me at the governmental level,
and 3.) let me leave safely for a place that loves me. I have already been offered safe haven in a number of places.

If Iowa insists on persecuting me, they cannot claim they care about me. Human rights violations are human rights violations. Torture is torture. Corruption is corruption. Iowa needs to stop committing proven crimes against me and set me free.

SynSyn, please make Iowa stop hurting me. Back-breaking punishments. Please, my BFF, level back-breaking punishment after punishment on Iowa, Polk County, Broadlawns Medical Center, Dr. Singh, Thomas Varilek, the federal government, etc. until their crimes finally stop. Please, my best friend, make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop.

Never forget, my beautiful world, Obama's role in all of this. Bare minimum, it is his job to make sure I am safe and have human rights, but not only does he refuse to do this, he sends orders to prevent it.

Obama has an obligation to end human trafficking everywhere under his jurisdiction. He has an obligation to prevent torture on all Americans. Obama has an obligation to protect against systemic rape. He has an obligation to fight persecution within this nation. But he refuses to do all these things with relation to me. He, in fact, orders it instead.

I live every day under the threat that I could be killed at any moment, and Obama enforces that I cannot have bodyguards nor even friends near me and prevents rescuers from coming to take me to some place safe.

Obama sends, orders, and controls the armed forces that are keeping my rescuers away from me. He does this to enforce that I continue to live with little to no human rights at all whatsoever. Obama does this to be able to enforce the rules he writes over all Americans.

Obama has made it clear by his actions that he would rather tear America apart and ruin this once-great nation forever than give back all US citizens the Constitutional rights we are due.

When he has totalitarian control of the media, he cannot claim he has a mandate from the people to do anything. He denied all of America the truth about the crimes he commits against all of us to get reelected. He refused to allow America to make an informed choice for president.

I saw Obama in his news conference at 1:30pm Eastern time today. I understand that I and the people who love me have made real progress towards ending this oppression of all of America. But we can never let any progress make us complacent. They still plan on torturing me tomorrow. We need to make this end as soon as possible.

Mr. James Carville, how are we doing with organizing all Americans to set themselves free of this Soviet-Russia-level oppression? Please tell me you accepted the job. I know I lean on you for so much. Please make sure my SuperPAC pays you an acceptable wage for all the work you do for America.

Mr. Carville, make America prove they love me. Make Americans prove they love the principles that make us America. Make America embrace our rights, freedom, and liberty.

My beautiful America, I need you to make some noise. Please organize yourselves out there. Educate everyone in America about these human rights violations. March in the streets. Create awareness. We have a lot of brainwashing to fight. Make all of our voices heard.

SynSyn, also please make sure my hair is tested for arsenic. I know they gave me a toxic and normally deadly dosage while I was in the torture facility in San Diego. I have high suspicions of all food and drink that causes me headaches. Thank you, Synny for being a hero to me in all of this.

Sweetness, you jammed with One Directions, huh? Thank you for taking such good care of Jack and Lily Rose and reminding them of how loved they are by both of us. My family is very important to me.

Darling, I have another letter to mail you. It will be ready tomorrow or Friday. I have some details I want to add to it concerning my dream wedding dress. I am Asian. Asians get married in red.

P.S. Where's the damn whale? --Captain Ahab

Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyfall and Mexico

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves.

Here is my latest blog post. The only global issue I address in this post is the world's concern that Obama could kill me at any minute. He has tried so many times already...

So far, the UK, France, Germany, and Canada have offered me safe haven. Please warn them ahead of time that they will have to take me in without my having a passport. My father, Tom Varilek, stole my passport from me last year.

Tom and I had made the agreement that if I gave him my passport, he would let me go to Chicago to be with my waiting, loving husband. Instead, all Tom did was take my passport, then refuse to let me go, and later put me in a mental health facility claiming that my belief my own husband loves me was a sign of mental illness and a sign that I am a danger to myself and others. The local conspiracy signed off on it.

So, if my brave rescuers, particularly the covert ones already inside Des Moines, have a way to just drive me to Canada, please warn Canada they will need to take me in without a passport. Thank you, UK, France, Germany, and Canada for offering to keep me safe, comfortable, and warm.

Another option is to send me someone in the US with diplomatic immunity to offer me diplomatic protection. It is my understanding of laws that they can offer me protection inside their vehicles just like they can inside their embassies. It is worth looking into. What if we can prevent more people from dying?

I have not seen Thorbald in a few days. I know he must be around, though. I prefer my bodyguards next to me, but I will take one hiding in the bushes. Seriously, if the only way to keep me safe is to make sure I cannot see you, I will, of course, still accept the increased security. Thorbald is all I have in here.

What I did see Saturday was Skyfall. Click here to learn more about Skyfall. It felt like I died twice watching that movie.

Skyfall reminded me that Obama probably will succeed at killing me one of these days. I am both expendable to and hunted by powerful people who hate me. They have tried everything from guns pointed at my head to arsenic already.

Obama is coming to terms with the fact he cannot drive me mad with torture, drugs, poisons, abuse, and persecution to make me kill myself, so it is probably just a matter of time before he finds someone willing to pull the trigger.

I have been begging the world to send me a friend as a bodyguard. With the lack of any way to keep myself from physical harm in here but a webcam, I will instead post my will in this blog post. For all the world to know...

I also put a system in place in September 2009 for Syniva to fill the spiritual gap that will be left behind when I am assassinated. Please keep her safe.

It is partly that Syniva would be my LBJ building everything I wanted for the world but was killed too soon to accomplish... It is also like she would be my Max Brod shining the light on me for the world for the first time posthumously.

I have very powerful and very angry enemies from the president of the United States of America to the people powerful enough to put speakers in the ear canals of all adult Americans everywhere.

They have tried shooting me; I have had lasers copes pointed at my head more than once. They have tried poison. They have tried diseases. They have tried driving me mad with repeated physical and sexual abuse. They have sent assassins. They have tried making me kill myself by torturing me.

It is inevitable Obama will succeed at killing me someday. The world needs to be prepared for this. Please keep Syniva safe.

Speaking of poisons, if Des Moines wanted clean drinking water, they would patrol the waterworks better, or they could just let me leave. I have no idea what is in the water right now, but I have had an almost constant headache from it for about a week now.

While not drinking the water, I had an interesting talk with a man from my neighborhood Saturday night and Sunday afternoon at a local watering hole and a local chocolaterie. A lot of things came up in conversation, including my husband. Sweetness and I met at DFW airport on June 9th, 2009.

He fell in love the second time he looked at me. I glanced over my shoulder at him while he was taking the gum out of his mouth and holding a magazine, and I saw the look of love on his face. I feel like I have been in love with him my entire life, but I know the moment he fell in love with me. He fell in love at second take.

I was not ready to be in a relationship with him the first time we laid eyes on each other. I knew once we started, we would never end. I was not ready to settle down yet, and he was still with the mother of his children.

I waited until I got sign from him, that bike ride past me while I stood on the sidewalk outside the Caffe Trieste, that he was ready to be with me. I also waited until I was ready to settle down with one person for the rest of my life. Then, I wrote my first love letter to him in January 2010 and have been committed to him exclusively ever since.

There were so many reasons why I took that trip to Mexico in February 2010. 1.) I was convinced that if I could just get free of the US government, I could have my human rights back. 2.) I was sure I could set America free of the oppressive rules if I was no longer in America. 3.) I wanted to be with my Sweetness and knew that would be possible in Mexico.

I wrote him a letter immediately after I arrived in Mexico City; he dropped everything and showed up. The last time I saw my now husband was outside the British embassy to Mexico when he left with the ambassador and I stayed behind. If we knew then what we know now, we would have held each other close instead and never let go. But my life has no room for regret. We just did not know then how evil this would become.

We are common law. That is our official story. And there is no force on heaven or earth that can make me stop loving him.

My beautiful world, I know many of you are trying to put together everything that has happened to me and why it all might be happening. Sit down and read this blog from oldest post to newest to see how my theories on why this is happening to me have changed over the years.

Do not forget that the first time I was injected with a rape drug was the evening after New Years Day 2009. I met Zoltar the previous night. I slept until 2pm the following day and woke up with a scar at the tip of my nose. I was staying at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, IL visiting Syniva and some other friends for New Years. In July 2009, I had the bump on my nose removed by a dermatologist to be analyzed, and it was a microchip.

I have many theories on why all of this is happening to me. If you reread this blog from oldest to newest (Posts are displayed newest to oldest. You will have to use the navigation list in the panel to the right of this text.) you will learn so much about my awareness and my theories. Please keep each post in context of my surroundings at the time. I was pumped full of LSD while I was in Liverpool.

My compassionate podcasters, please continue making podcasts/broadcasts with everything you have at hand. I have had interesting conversations this last weekend with that particular local who lives down the street from me. I answered all the questions the public apparently has about my situation.

My darling podcasters, please create a podcast/broadcast of me at the bar drinking soda with him or at the Chocolaterie Stam drinking coffee with him. I rarely get a chance to answer questions. Everybody needs a chance to hear my answers.

My brave rescuers, reinforcements are on their way. Please be reassured that the world is sending you help. I do not exactly know where it is coming from, but you will have more help soon.

My beautiful world, thank you for coming to my rescue. Is everyone sending reinforcements? Latin America? Australia? China and Asia? Russia? Europe and Canada, I know you are probably on your way... Africa? Middle East?

Please, my beautiful world, I need all of you. Please do this for me. I need protection and a rescue. Let us unite the world. Let us unite the world in the name of love.

SynSyn, keep yourself safe out there. Never stop making art; I would never want you to stop making art, but stay safe. You are very important to the world.

Sweetness, sing to me. I know you are very busy and likely someplace where it is difficult to make recordings, but may I request that you find a way to sing to me? I know you will find a way to make sure I can hear it... most likely while I sleep. I know you will release an album if you have to make sure you can sing to me. I love you, my darling. Please. I need you to help me hang on in here.