Friday, November 9, 2012

There is no Such Thing as 'Iowa Nice.'

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Here is my latest blog post. We start on the East Coast with the victims of Hurricane Sandy. We explore and dispel the myth that is called “Iowa Nice.” And, end with my concern for my Sweetness and love of his children...

East Coast. I found a list online that includes all of the ways people can help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. There are some of us who have no ability to give money. I am on $200 a week of my own funds permitted by my father. This list tells us what else we can do to help. Click here to see how to help. Please do everything you can, my beautiful world.

Hurricane Sandy is also a reminder that we all need to be prepared everywhere in the world with an emergency plan and a survival kit for surviving a natural disaster. Global Climate Change is upon us, my beautiful world. We need to make sure we can live through it.

Click here for the advice the US government gives Americans. Everything from 'Stay Informed' to 'Help Your Community Prepare' is good advice for people everywhere. A disaster could strike anywhere.

Syria. Just like Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been laboring to set up a replacement government in Syria, Prime Minister David Cameron has been making moves to help the opposition, too. Click here to learn what he has been doing. This is very good news. We should all be doing more to help Syria.

China and Tibet. There has been an increase in self-immolations in Tibet among Buddhist monks again. Click here to learn more about why monks are lighting themselves on fire.

China has had the same outline for centuries, so they want to keep Tibet. That is understandable. So, we need to get to the root of the problem.

The monks are protesting human rights violations, so we need to find out why there are human rights violations in Tibet. That is the problem we need to solve. We need to find out why there are human rights violations and resolve the source of the problem. Is anyone willing to help me do this? The world deserves peace between China and Tibet.

As for my life, this is what I am dealing with in here. Iowa plans to torture me until I am destroyed. There is no such thing as what the locals call 'Iowa Nice.' All I see around me is Iowa Evil.

If they cared about me at all, they would give me a ride to my rescuers in Wisconsin. If the locals cared about me at all they would disobey the rules en masse; they have enough critical mass to do that. If Iowa cared about me at all they would not do things like this...

SynSyn, you know what you have to do. Press every charge that sticks from persecution and torture to libel and conspiracy against Iowa, against Polk County, against Broadlawns Medical Center, against Dr. Singh, against my father, against the federal government, against Barack Obama for sending the orders, etc.

It is all illegal. It must be stopped. Synny, tear Iowa open and get me out. They are refusing to stop breaking the law just to be able to hurt me here.

They plan on torturing me again this next Thursday. If I do not show up to be tortured just as Polk County orders it, I will be institutionalized. That is what that paper means. Please save me. They will torture and persecute me until I am destroyed if I am left in Iowa. I have absolutely no idea why Iowans call themselves nice.

My beautiful world, that also means that this is an emergency. Iowa, under the orders of Barack Obama, plans to torture and persecute me until I am destroyed. Please send all help possible to rescue me.

Again, I cannot be free unless all of America is free, and America cannot be free unless I am free. Thank you, my beautiful world, for believing I am worth saving. Please also consider America worth saving. Please come here and set us all free. Keep surging until we all have our human rights again.

My beautiful America, I need you to protest this criminal and inhumane treatment of me. Fill the streets. Create awareness. Make noise. Please make so much noise that my plight cannot be ignored any longer. Educate the masses on these crimes. Organize, my beautiful America, organize and motivate the public to save me.

When I saw the election results Tuesday night, I was convinced that America hates me. But now I wonder if it is just that the people in America failed me... by voting for Obama. It is impossible to know what I am living through and want to support Obama if a person has any moral barometer at all whatsoever. So, it must be that we need to educate America on the reality of what we are all living through.

Please, my beautiful world, educate every person in every part of the world on my plight. We need to unify America with love of me. We need to move America to set me free.

Mr. James Carville, this means I need special help from you. May I ask you to organize some civil disobedience for me? Please organize the people in America who love and support me to uniformly across all of America (including inside Iowa) just stop obeying the rules oppressing all of America all at once. Please remember what I said about civil disobedience in my previous blog post.

James, America's Constitutional rights are violated. We need to motivate Americans to set themselves free. For the sake of my life and my role in this world and for the sake of saving America as a whole, please organize Americans to set themselves free. Please ask Syniva to pay for all of your expenses through the superPAC or through my court settlements.

Mr. Carville, just pick a day like Christmas or New Years, and have everyone choose to be free forevermore afterwards. You will need to organize every single radio and TV network to make this work. This will be no small feat. Will you do if for me? Does anyone in America actually love me? Mr. Carville, let us find out.

There is a very good metaphor for what is happening with the power struggle over my physical safety in America right now. Do you all know who Marvel Comic's The Phoenix is? Click here to learn more about her.

Imagine the Phoenix chained to a rock in a cave where she is battered, tortured, raped, abused, and imprisoned with no way to protect herself and no one close enough to save her. What would her superpowers do without even her conscious mind sending commands to be able to at least give her body physical safety? That is what is happening in America. The world is very lucky that at my most basic core I am only benevolent.

Speaking of metaphors in fiction, does everyone know what chinoiserie in literature is? In Western society, we love to write stories about a fictional Europe that never existed with castles and princesses and magic witches and dragons. When authors write about a fictional China that never really existed, it is called chinoiserie.

It is very understandable that we in the West are fascinated with the people and cultures of the East. They are foreign, exotic, and intriguing to us. China is an old land rich with culture and traditions, and even I get caught up in the romance of ancient China on occasion.

My favorite piece of chinoiserie is a book called Bridge of Birds. Click here to learn more about Bridge of Birds. I find myself very similar to the slave girl in that book and also to a plain-faced woman that people fall in love with falling in love with. I am sure it can be found on Amazon if you want to read it.

Obama, if you want to help America, you will set me free. You are only capable of harming America further if you keep me in here. The water is poisoned. The food products and bottled drinks are all drugged. There is no freedom of speech. Freedom of the press is completely gone. Every adult has a mind-control speaker is his or her head. A civil war is raging. There are unprecedented trade sanctions against America.

This is your America. This is Obama’s America. You cannot convince anyone of with your lies that this is for anyone’s benefit anywhere but your own. This is the opposite of America’s safety. This is the opposite of America’s prosperity. You cannot convince anyone that you want anything good for America in any way, shape, or form unless you set me free.

Congress, I completely understand none of you listen to me and that both parties resent me and how I use my influence to bring peace and understanding to the world. Both parties have made their criticism of my love for the world and all of humanity loud and clear. I might be in a bubble, but I can hear your hatred in the silence.

I heard a sound bite from now former Senator Olympia Snow in which she expressed a need for creative problem solving to save America from the fiscal cliff. Click here to learn more about the fiscal cliff. Congress, I also understand if you demand that I be given back my most basic of human rights just for me to be able to help you solve this major national crisis as soon as possible.

I am only here to help, after all. In this world there is only one government that does not listen to me, and that is the US government. Congress, it is okay if you fix that for the sake of America.

My beautiful world will never negotiate with the proven war criminal (just ask the UN) who is Barack Obama. We are demanding unconditional surrender from him and all of his conspirators. But you Congress, since you both hate and need me, get to demand I be set free as part of a compromise with the presidency. Imagine being a hero to your constituency. Think about it Congress. Would you set me free for the sake of America?

The president’s cabinet is having an overhaul due to Obama being reelected. I just heard today that General David Petreus concocted an unconvincing excuse for his resigning from office as the head of the CIA. I am upset about losing him. It was wonderful having an ally in his office who shared my vision for helping the world. It also looks like I will be losing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

All three of you, I understand that you hate taking orders from Obama, so you all really want to leave. But look at all of the good we have done in the world together. Is it worth your doing more good in the world with me for you to stay? What if you are replaced with someone who does not listen to me? Here is the list I found of possible people to replace you. Have you considered that the world is a better place with you in office?

Speaking of Obama’s cabinet, my heroes in suits, do not forget Eric H. Holder, Jr.'s failure to protect me. I am supposed to have a right to equal protection under the law, but I have no one in here to keep me safe or to ask for help.

All of the local authorities will lock me in an asylum if I tell them the water is drugged or that I was raped in my sleep. And no authorities anywhere are prosecuting nor investigating people who commit crimes against me even after we have proven them guilty it a court of law. Rake the Attorney General over the coals for felonious neglect in office.

Also, Article II Section 4 of the US Constitution states... The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

My BFF and my heroes in suits, this means it only takes one conviction. You can set me free of this bubble of hell and torment with just one conviction of the president. The evidence is black and white. Please use all means necessary to get me back my human rights.

Considering the falseness of “Iowa Nice” and the reelection of my systemic rapist as president, I really need a friend right now. Please stop asking me to go out in public to wait for friends to find me. All that happens is I get stood up and heavily roofied.

Please tell any friend you send me to just ring my bell while I am home or to find me where I go normally. Being stood up makes me feel extra abandoned, and my body just cannot take the roofies anymore.

SynSyn, I am completely baffled with why my father would choose to bankrupt himself and extend his impending prison sentence instead of just stopping his crimes against me. It is a sign of how malevolent he really is and of how he will stop at nothing to destroy me with torture, imprisonment, and persecution.

Synny, if he runs out of money on his quest to destroy me and take me and all my love away from the world permanently, lay claim to his house and land, so we can make it a national landmark and museum finally. He does not have the civic conscience to do it himself. Let us build a museum.

My BFF, I also put something in the mail to you today. Let me know if you get it. I have no way to know if the mail I send goes anywhere but to the FBI. We have already proven the suspiciousness of the Department of Justice.

Sweetness, I have been hearing a lot about your kids lately. How are they doing with all of this epic-hero-of-a-father stuff that has been going on? Do they know I love them?

Darling, I have already said that even if the only only thing I accomplish in this world is helping Lily Rose and Jack grow into responsible and loving adults, then I have lived a full and successful life.

I have long been looking forward to the days when they get to sit beside me, if they so choose and if they are not supposed to be in school, as I meet with world leaders and solve major world problems. It is important to see strong women in action, and family is very important to me. Do they know I love them?

My hero and my king, do you know how much I love you? It is normal in our society for parents to split and for families to blend. This happens every day. The kids will be fine as long as you keep them informed and understanding of how loved they are. Please tell them for me.

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