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Here is my latest blog post. It seems Obama is finally resigning. Hallelujah!

Doha. The United Nations conference concerning Global Climate Change is happening in Qatar right now. I wish I could be there. That is the job I volunteered for, after all, finding ways to carry humanity through Global Climate Change. It requires intelligence, compassion, and problem solving, and no one is leading the effort at the global level, yet. I hope they are doing good work there, and I look forward to working with everyone soon. Click here for more about the conference.

America. Once the bubble is burst completely and gone forever, it will be time for America to heal. As much as I tried to unify America in love of me to fight against Obama, Obama fought back by dividing America. So much could have been accomplished sooner if we just had freedom of speech and freedom of the press in America instead of a president with totalitarian control of the media.

Love and freedom of information can and will heal America. It will take effort by national leaders in all their diversity to help Americans still brainwashed by Obama’s propaganda make sense out of everything. As I said so many years ago, “Obama is just a bad person. It has nothing to do with his being African American. Just send us a better Black president next time.”

Concerning my last few blog posts... Why do I still kick so hard when I am so close to being assassinated? Love is not love that alters when alteration finds.

If I let them control me with fear for my physical safety, they will have already won at destroying me. If someone wanted you dead, why would you do anything they wanted at all? It would just lead to your death.

My beautiful world, I trust you to keep me safe and rescue me. You can trust me to stay true to myself as long as I can. After all, if I am not rescued first, I will be tortured again on Thursday.

Besides, all of our kicking seems to have done the trick. THANK YOU, everyone out there who fights the good fight in all of your many ways. We have progress. Obama and Biden are resigning in a sea of their own flames.

Is there a timeline for when I get my human rights back? This bubble is a death trap. There has been no improvement to my quality of life yet, but I have heard the promise that I will soon be able to kiss my husband. I need to be kept safe in case of vengeful retaliation until then.

There is progress out there, but progress has not made it inside this bubble yet. As I said, this bubble is a death trap. Look at everything they have already done to me: slavery, rape, torture, poisons, drugs, libel to make the public hate me, etc. And now we have to be wary of revenge and retaliation against me.

The safest thing to do is to give me my full human rights including my husband to keep me safe immediately. If the government continues to move slowly, I will still need a rescue as soon as possible. Please, my beautiful world, make me safe.

Is there any way to get me a friend now who can be my bodyguard until I am recognized as a human again by the US government? It is very dangerous for me in here. We can expect revenge against me.

The secret agents are only followed, threatened, and attacked after they leave me. Could you, my beautiful world, send me one who can stay by my side 24/7 until the bubble is finally burst? The end looks near. Remind them I am a very good cook and a wonderful conversationalist if it helps get volunteers. Thank you.

I understand that part of the vengeful retaliation against me includes charges for inciting unrest in America. Do you remember this from June?

Did I hear we are charging Obama with treason and sedition for everything he has done to this country? He did, after all, drive just about all of this nation to hate the US government through his intentional direct harm to all of us. He has taken away all of our human rights, caused Civil War despite my best efforts to prevent it, and brought sanctions against America. All I have ever done is try to organize America to save itself. But because Obama would rather spread more lies and commit more publicly documented crimes, this has been very difficult. I fight him by telling the truth and allowing people to make informed and educated choices to protect themselves and protect and save this nation. None of this would have ever happened if Obama and his conspirators did not drive and incite us to do it. We did not start the fire. We are the ones trying to put it out.

sedition (sɪˈdɪʃən)
— n
1. speech or behaviour directed against the peace of a state
2. an offence that tends to undermine the authority of a state
3. an incitement to public disorder
4. archaic revolt

How many times did I say I do not want war? But Obama kept pushing his oppression, driving us, and inciting discontent with him until everyone who loves America had no other choice. How many times have I said we need a new president for the betterment of this nation? We have been going through the normal channels already built into the government demanding he resign or be impeached because of this. Yet, Obama insists on staying in office and still refuses to stop his very well documented crimes against all of us.

We need to save America. I have always said we need to actually adhere to the US Constitution and boot Obama out of office to save the functioning of the government and this nation. But all Obama does is violate the Constitution, the basis of our government. It is already documented that he is behaving like a dictator.

Besides, my solution to fix all of this involves going through the normal channels already in the government to impeach the corrupt parties, repeal the destructive legislation, and pass more amendments to protect more Americans' rights. I am not the person who destroyed and undermined the functioning of this government. I and the people who love me are the ones trying to restore it. Besides, Obama's rules and policies undermined the authority of the US Constitution. Defending the Constitution is never sedition.

It is not sedition when I and everyone else who know the truth demand that the government use its own powers to fix itself. But it is sedition when Obama and his conspirators drive the nation to civil war be [sic] refusing to stop their own proven treasonous crimes that are ruining the entire nation. It is time Obama and his conspirators are charged with treason and sedition, bare minimum, for everything they have already put on record. It is not treason when we fight to save this nation. It is treason, though, when Obama commits crimes against all of us.
...Click here to read the whole blog post.

Please remember, my beautiful America and my genius legal team, I have never called for violence. I have never even called for revolution. I have asked for help, and I have asked for Americans to exercise our full Constitutional rights again.

To quote Mr. Lawrence Ferlinghetti, "Dissent is American." So is civil disobedience, but technically, it is not even disobedience I asked for. I asked Americans to exercise the rights we are all supposed to have already anyway.

I have never been treasonous nor seditious. I am trying to give Constitutional rights to the American masses, rights, as I said, we are all supposed to have already. According to the Constitution, we are supposed to have the right to assemble and associate. We are supposed to have freedom of speech. We are supposed to have freedom of the press. Someone needs to stand up for Americans' rights, and I accepted the job.

Please also remember that my life is on the line. I have been begging the world to protect me and save me from death and destruction at the hands of the US government. They plan on torturing me again this Thursday.

This also proves that the Department of Justice would rather investigate and prosecute me for trying to save my own life and for trying to give Americans all of our Constitutional rights back than investigate and prosecute anyone who has raped, tortured, or libeled me. This is further persecution, and Eric H. Holder, Jr., is guilty of felonious neglect while in office.

As for the libel going around that I am the devil. This one might fall into everyone-is-entitled-to-their-own-opinions, but please remember... Devils do not suffer through rape and torture and decide to save the world.

It is absolutely ridiculous that I should ever have to say that I am not the devil. Devils fight with destruction and fire. They do not try to unite the world with love.

I understand if you are confused because you find me irresistibly compelling. What you see is my innocence and purity of heart. It is because you are also an inherently good person that you feel a need to help me. We are a convergence of good.

Please stop people from calling me the devil. It is inhibiting my ability to do good in the world, and doing good in the world is my job.

SynSyn, I understand that you having my hair tested for any and all poisons. They gave me something very nefarious my first night in the torture facility in an Diego. At first I thought it was a disease. It gave me a fever, the shakes, body aches, and a headache.

It felt like death, but it was exacerbated by the water. So, now, I think it was a poison. For all I know, they were trying to poison me with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a poison, you know. But they have given me diseases before. Do you remember this from June?...

My beautiful world, did I tell you all the story about my leopard-print purse, yet? I once used it to prevent biochemical warfare. It was the night of February 4th, 2010. Syniva was flying into SFO with a cover story of a girl-trip with our mutual friends Ms. Annie Terrell and Ms. Amalia Quesada-Parks. I used their incoming flight as a cover for sneaking off to SFO, so I could fly to Mexico City and hopefully set America free of the bubble.

The airline was given written instructions not to allow me on the flight to Mexico City, but they kindly booked me to Mexico City through Guadalajara after I asked them to. The (certain vile subset of the) federal government was very upset about this, so we were delayed at the gate before take off while a special meal was prepared for me. The airline was told they could only take off if I was given this special meal, and Guadalajara was told I would be dead on arrival.

I did take one bite of the cheese enchiladas. But that was the only bite. It made death crawl through my veins. So, I repackaged the entrée in the metal container it came in, wrapped it in its placemat, and carried it off the plane with me when we arrived in Mexico.

Once I arrived at the hotel in Mexico City, I wrapped it in heavy plastic and carried it in the bottom of my leopard-print purse until the metal container burgeoned from the expansion of the decomposing chemicals mixed with the organic food matter.

The one bite I did take gave me a few exotic diseases, I am sure. But the only lasting symptom was a bacterial skin infection on my chest above my breasts. I sat on a park bench beside the Cathedral in the Zocalo to sunburn it, and that made the infection completely die off.

After I was sure the biochemical weapon designed only for me was past its half-life, I took it out of my leopard-print purse and placed it in the hotel trash still inside its heavy plastic, and catastrophe was completely averted. If you are nice to Mexicana Airlines and promise them they will not get in trouble, I am sure they will corroborate. I do not think they knew what was in the meal.

Click here to read the full blog post. Has this been corroborated yet? This bubble is a death trap.

Speaking of drugs, poisons, and diseases, the water here is awful. What will it take to get the City of Des Moines to clean up its water instead of polluting, poisoning, and drugging it more? This is disgusting. Children drink this water. Someday, I would like a cup of coffee that does not give me medicine head nor puts me to sleep.

SynSyn, thank you for everything you do for me. It is no secret that you are a woman warrior on my behalf, and you should accept any and all praise and reward coming your way for this. I know you do everything out of love, but still let the world thank you. Click here to support and learn more about my BFF, Syniva.

My brave rescuers, I hope your job is easier now. If I am not rescued by Thursday, I will be tortured again. There has been no improvement to my quality of life in here, yet, and there is a growing threat of retaliation against me. I still need a rescue. I hate how you always have to put your lives on the line for me, but there seems to be no other way. Things are moving so slowly. Thank you.

Sweetness, is this real? Assuming I do not die first, will I really be able to kiss your face at last? I want to lay on the sand next to you, feel your arms around me, press my lips to yours, and make the US government wait for us, for once. We need to let our love make them wait. It is the least we deserve.

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