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Here is my latest blog post. If Obama did not commit unrelenting human rights violations against me, the world would not need to take all actions possible to rescue me.

Israel and Palestine. I sit here and write this only an hour after the ceasefire was announced. I put my faith in Egypt to broker the peace between Gaza and Israel, and President Morsi came through. Now, we wait and see if the ceasefire sticks.

The long term peace agreement to end the violence that has plagued this region is nothing to be taken lightly. I am a firm believer that the suffering of the people of Gaza must be lightened in order for there to be peace in the region at all. If they were not so oppressed, Hamas would not have become so powerful there. Oppression breeds resistance.

The long term agreement, what Secretary of State Clinton calls a durable peace agreement, will shape the relationship between Israel and Gaza possibly for generations. I trust Egypt to take great care to get this right for the long term, and as always, if President Morsi needs help from me for anything, all he has to do is ask.

Democratic Republic of Congo. If it were not for the "increased threat of sexual violence" from the rebels as well as the "major risk of increased serious human rights violations," I would not be so worried about the M23 rebels advancing through Goma and beyond.

Oppression breeds resistance. If the government were capable of addressing the needs of its people, there would be no rebels in the first place. The M23's demands and plans for new and fairer elections are noble. I just wish they could bring change and progress to the DRC without human rights violations.

There is no justification under any circumstances for human rights violations nor sexual violence. Trust me. As a victim, I know.

If I could speak with the M23 rebels, I would ask them to progress humanely and as nonviolently as possible in their mission to fix the problems of their nation.

The legitimacy of any government comes from its ability to govern humanely. It comes from compassion and understanding in its power. There is no legitimacy in cruelty nor incompetence.

Syria. No, Syria, with all of the turmoil in Gaza, we have not forgotten about you. You need a world leader with compassion for you who is capable of sitting down with all parties involved and finding new and humane leadership for your nation that the entire world can support.

It will not be an easy job, but I have been begging the world for enough human rights to be able to take care of this for a long time now. It is okay for you, the people of Syria, to demand that the world allow me to work on this problem. I want to do this. If you want my help, make the world hear your demands for my help. Make Obama hear you.

There is no argument now. The whole world knows now that I have been innocent of everything this whole time and only persecuted. But what if I had been guilty? How would that justify raping and torturing me? How would that justify totalitarian control of the media and brainwashing speakers in everyone's heads? Have you seen what is in my hair?

This bubble is only cruel and unusual punishment leveled in 2009 with absolutely no conviction to justify it from the start anyway. I have suffered for so long under this public persecution. There is no justification under any circumstances for the human rights violations I have endured and still am enduring.

There is no argument now. Everyone knows I have been innocent all along. But still the persecution continues. If I die or am destroyed before I am rescued, it is too late to save me.

If Obama would cease all of his horrifying crimes against me, if the US government would change its policy and do its job to keep me safe and free, and if the heinous human rights violations of torture, rape, constant threat of death, etc. I live under would finally end, the world would not need to take all actions possible to rescue me.

There is absolutely no justification under any circumstances for the level of human rights violations I have been living under since 2009. I need bodyguards, my husband, and the rest of my human rights immediately. We do not negotiate. We are demanding unconditional surrender of all guilty parties.

Obama is allowing my brave rescuers to look like they are making progress to stall the entire world from coming in to save me. No one can argue that my rescuers have been trying to reach me since April, but they are not here yet. Do not give my rescuers too much more time to be toyed with by Obama.

I was so heavily drugged by toxins in my food on Monday that I passed out on the couch for HOURS both after lunch AND after dinner. It could easily have been a poison. It could easily have killed me. Have you seen what is in my hair?

I understand giving my rescuers time, but we have to come to terms with the fact Obama is just trying to stall the world from finally just coming in here and saving me. Please just end all of this.

End my suffering. End the dying of my brave rescuers. Please just come here and save me. Please just make it all stop. If I die or am destroyed before I am rescued, it is too late to save me. Have you seen what is in my hair?

Even if I had been guilty, that would be no justification for enslaving me nor for putting spy equipment in my head. I am still forbidden from having any human rights but my freedom of speech. Make noise, my beautiful world, make noise. Make noise, and come save me.

They plan on torturing me again on the afternoon of 29November2012. Please rescue me before they can damage me further. I am at constant risk of being destroyed in here by a combination of the many forms of torture (injections, systemic rape, electrobeams) and the unrelenting persecution of the public.

They go out of their way everywhere (except in my safe haven of the chocolate shop) to cause me as much damage as possible. Even my mother refuses to acknowledge me with the dignity and respect I deserve. Please, my beautiful world, rescue me before I am destroyed. They torture me again next Thursday.

As for the lighter section of the blog... What do you all think heaven will hold? Will it be chocolate seashells and a rolling ocean? Will heaven sound like rock and roll? What does your personal heaven hold for you?

Years ago, years before the persecution began, I dreamed that I had died and my life was being judged. The jury was half people from my life and half Muppets. At one point I said something I thought was obvious but was apparently significant. Bells started ringing, lights started flashing, and the chair I was in rose up into the clouds. It had been decided I was going to heaven.

My apartment in the castle of heaven was not ready yet, though, so the chair left me in the gift shop at the exit from heaven to wait. I perused the knickknacks and saw to my right that one of the administrators of heaven was holding a clipboard and talking to a man in a corduroy jacket with patches on the elbows.

His name was Terrell. He had grey hair with red roots and wore expensive Italian shoes. He was my arranged husband for my life in heaven. Heaven was not going to make me date.

Except for all of the Argentine tango dancing in the hallways of the castle of heaven, I am pretty sure my afterlife will be very different now. It will be someplace safe where I can wait for my husband. He might be older, but we all know I will die first.

That is as far as I get imagining what my personal heaven might hold for me-- no rape, no torture, no persecution, just physical safety and an eternity with my husband. What do you all think heaven might entail for you?

My beautiful world, the people who brainwash the public started lies that my life is not actually in danger. I have known I am in constant threat of physical harm since this started in 2009, but I was not even acutely aware about my imminent assassination until the world warned me that it is coming. Besides, have you seen what is in my hair? How many times have I been raped since 2009?

Please, my beautiful world, find the source of the lies that my life is not in danger and castrate them from ever lying about me again. Their brainwashing is only used to justify human rights violations against me. Never tolerate lies about me. Find the source of the lies and castrate them from ever lying about me ever again.

SynSyn, thank you for everything you do for me and for the world. I have said truthfully for so long that I would be nothing without you. I would have been driven mad, destroyed as a benevolent influence in the world, or assassinated by now if it were not for your vigilance. Thank you, my BFF, thank you.

Sweetness, interesting song choice. I wish I could have been there, el Rey Dulce de mi Corazon. How is Smokey Robinson coming along on the duet I asked him to write for us? An eternity in your loving arms is not long enough.

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