Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Whatever It Takes. Please Do Whatever It Takes.

Preface: Obama keeps breaking the links to my blog posts and in my blog posts. Please type the address http://frisco-squid.blogspot.com into the navigation bar in your browser and make sure you favorite or bookmark the general blog site and check it for new posts regularly. If you all send around links to my posts yourselves, those links will not be broken. Obama only breaks links I send around. So please send around links to my posts yourselves.

Here is my latest blog post. I am watching election day coverage as I write this. My concerns for election results are included below...

Syria. The US, lead by my choice for president in 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, is making progress setting up a replacement government run by the opposition in Syria. Creating a legitimate structure to take over the functioning of the government there is a very important step in the process of taking down and replacing the current regime. This is good news. We should pray it works and functions together.

I was tortured again last Thursday. As you all should already know, if I do not show up to be tortured as is enforced by Polk County, they will imprison me and force me to live in a mental health facility despite my having absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever. My body was already in crisis mode even before the needle jabbed me. My mind was panicking, and my resting heart rate was at 111 bpm.

The reason Polk County does this to me is largely because of my father, Thomas Varilek. Please do not confuse my references to my evil father, Tom, with any possible reference to our metaphorical dad, my Sweetness. I could not have found a husband less like my morally bankrupt father, and I am very proud of how different they are.

Clearly, because Tom has not yet given up his criminally procured control of my finances and is still trying to justify it by attempting to convince people that I have a mental illness despite the medical community and my heroes in suits already having proven redundantly that I have absolutely no mental illness at all whatsoever, it is obvious that my father is not yet being punished for breaking the law by doing this to me.

Every time (in San Diego or) here in Iowa in Polk County when I have been close to arriving in the care of my BFF or loving husband, close to being free of Tom's oppressive and hugely abusive control of my life, and close to reaching someplace and some situation where I could have basic human rights again, my father has lied to the courts to have me illegally committed for fictional mental health reasons.

It is not a sign of mental illness to want to have human rights, but Polk County (and in one case San Diego) has always signed off on it and chosen to persecute me.

It is not difficult to prove that Tom is in a conspiracy with the Polk County District Court, a large number of mental health professionals (We have already punished or are in the process of punishing these.), and Barack Obama to persecute me by violating my human rights.

Please, my heroes in suits, rake my father over the coals for breaking the law to be able to hurt me and for refusing to stop. He is still running rampant with the freedom to keep committing me and is still wielding his illegally-gained control over my finances all as his means to keep me imprisoned in Iowa when I would be much safer living with my husband or BFF.

It is my understanding that my father has already been found guilty of bank fraud (for taking control of my bank accounts) and tax evasion (for claiming me as a dependent). The meager amount of money I am permitted in my name by this bubble goes from Social Security and Liberty Mutual long-term disability to my father and then from my father's account (despite it being my own money) to me.

We need to disrupt this flow of resources, so that my money will come directly to me. And we need to level back-breaking punishments against Tom for his persecution and illegally-gained abusive control of me. We need to force him to stop.

Please, my BFF, have our heroes in suits speak with Wells Fargo, Social Security, and Liberty Mutual (None of which are Iowan entities, and Tom's illegally gained adult guardianship over me only applies in Iowa.) and have my finances inside the bubble returned to my own control. I am pretty sure only Social Security will try to put up a fight. Please also press all charges possible against my father. Persecution is illegal.

Thank you, my heroes in suits, for everything you do for me. You make such genius progress out there. I know you will succeed at setting me free. Thank you for finally pressing charges against the federal government, so we can sue them to gain my human rights from them. Iowa has not stopped their persecution of me either, so, as always, press all charges possible until I have human rights.

Thank you all, in fact, out there who do good in my name. Thank you for everything you do for me, my beautiful world. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for fighting for me. Thank you, my brave rescuers for all of your sacrifice. Thank you also, for trying to send me friends in here.

We learned a big lesson this weekend about what happens when someone tries to be my friend. Please, my beautiful world, send me another Dave or Amar, but this time make sure he or she does not leave my side until after my rescue arrives. You understand I need a friend and a bodyguard, and now we know if they leave me they will never be permitted to come back.

I know this means we might be spending days on end in constant company, but I am fun to be with. I make great conversation and am a very good cook. Please send me a good conversationalist like Dave or Amar were to be my constant companion, friend, and bodyguard. Thank you, my beautful world, for doing this for me. I am in need.

My beautiful America, please also organize some civil disobedience for me. May I ask you for this? Please organize the masses to just stop obeying the rules en masse. Just pick a date and a time and have all the people everywhere including in Iowa exercise their full Constitutional rights again.

Civil disobedience was critical to the past civil rights movements in America. There is no reason why it cannot be just as important and effective in this one. Please organize the masses, my beautiful America. Our Constitutional rights are at stake.

Also, if there is anyone in the US Congress anywhere that listens to me, please give Obama an audit. The bubble was new starting in 2009. The trillion dollar a year deficits were also new starting in 2009. Please find out how much money in all divisions of the executive branch is being spent persecuting me. We can save America if we can end this policy.

Please, world leaders, contact my BFF Syniva Whitney. Click here to see how to contact her. Please make sure we get a full copy of the rules Obama enforces in America for persecuting me and all of our evidence against Obama into the hands of all world leaders who love and fight for me.

Please, world leaders, ask the UN to take the head off the snake by inditing and arresting Barack Obama for crimes against his own people including me. Syniva and my husband have so much evidence. They have a treasure trove as rich and compelling as this blog.

If America votes to persecute me due to Obama's totalitarian control of the media... That is, if America votes to keep Obama in office thereby saying that persecution of me and oppression of all of America should continue, please, my beautiful world, do what you have to do to save America. Please stop at nothing.

I cannot be free unless all of America is free, and America cannot be free unless I am free. Please, my beautiful world, consider America worth saving. And thank you for considering me worth saving. Please do whatever it takes to get human rights back to all Americans including me if Obama is reelected.

I am a staunch and proud pacifist. That is how dire the living situation is around here. I am honestly saying, roll tanks into Iowa if you have to if that is the only way to get human rights back to all Americans again. We need to set America free. America needs your help, my beautiful world. If Obama is reelected, please stop at nothing to save us.

Speaking of the election, I have a cousin named Matt Varilek running for the US House as the representative from South Dakota. Click here to learn more about my cousin Matt. He might be a Democrat, but he is the sort of Democrat who would vote to set me free. Please, South Dakota, do what you can for me today.

Sweetness, loving you is easy; it is living without you that hurts so much. Do not let anybody mess with your head. They will stop at nothing to break us up. Write down, "Tanya loves me unconditionally. There is no force on heaven or earth that can stop her from loving me. I know and understand this." And keep that paper near your heart.

Please, my beloved, never let them take you away from me with their lies. I fear so much sometimes that their mind games built with lies will turn you from me. They have tried so many things already. Did you get my 125-page love letter yet?

My beautiful world, I am going to go back to watching election day coverage and results reporting. Please keep an eye on America, my beautiful world, and do whatever it takes to set us all free. Thank you.

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