Friday, February 28, 2014

Reality War

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Here is my latest blog post. Sometimes big problems can easily be fixed by one loud person stating something obvious. Large amounts of power, just like large amounts of money, reveal the inner core of the people who possess them. If you could save the world, would you?

This is my second blog post today. Thank you for keeping up.

We need to stop distracting America away from discussing the proven crimes of Polk County and the FBI. The FBI anti-reality machine and the local haters keep flooding the world with is-it-real-is-not-real debates about me to distract people away from the proven reality of their human rights violations and totalitarian oppression of all of America.

Put your foot down world. Make the libel stop. It is destroying the me, you, America, and the entire world. Stop letting the FBI and Polk County distract you with is-it-real-is-not-real debates about me, and just go after Polk County and the FBI, the proven villains destroying America.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot libel me to take the blame off yourselves for human rights abuses. You constantly pay me money because you constantly break the law.

Polk County, you have always had the choice to give me human rights instead of large checks for copious amounts of money, but you would rather steal from your taxpayers to support your hate crimes against me than do anything humane, moral, or legal.

Polk County keeps supporting the bubble, and the bubble is a crime against the entire world including against the people of Polk County. No one ever tells me anything. The culprit is the FBI bubble. People have been causing pain in my name. How am I supposed to stop it if I am not allowed to know about it?

I condone civil disobedience to bring freedoms, liberties, and human rights, but that is the only law-breaking I believe in. Some laws are blatantly unconstitutional and un-American, like the executive orders that created and enforce the bubble, and they were created to be broken and overturned.

But I just learned tonight that people who claim they love me have been hurting people in my name. That is not a sign of love for me. Peacefully breaking the illegal laws of the bubble and acknowledging me to my face and being good to me is a sign of love for me.

But breaking constitutional laws to attack people just creates hate in the world. It makes people hate me if you do it in my name. I am an established loving, peace-mongering pacifist. If you love me, you will love the world. You will only break the law to commit acts of love for people, and you will teach people to love not hate.

If I inspire you to rebel, do so by peacefully disobeying the bubble. Exercise your freedom of speech. Acknowledge reality. Tell me my name when you meet me for the first time, and treat me like a benevolent, super-genius world leader. Do not attack people or commit acts of violence against people creating more hate in the world.

If you are one of the people who has sullied my name and reputation as a lover and pacifist by committing acts of cruelty, you can apologize to me by converting haters into lovers with facts and love, carrying me to my rescuers, creating a cycle of love in my name, discrediting libel about me by disseminating facts and love to the public, or defying the bubble to my face.

I have no idea who you are. I have no idea what you did that is so horrible. But the world needs more love. So if you want to serve me as I serve the world, commit acts of love instead.

Personally, I blame libel about me for anyone anywhere thinking I would ever want pain inflicted in my name. Perverting reality creates violence. The reality about me screams peace, love, and understanding. There is no way to confuse my pure message to the world. The FBI anti-reality machine must be the culprit.

Tonight after I posted my last blog post this afternoon, the libel alarm went off again. My beautiful world, I need your help fighting the Reality War. Whenever you hear libel of me, trace it to its source and publicly call out the liars. Use true honesty to fight the lies. Give me the details, so I can officially set the record straight. And report the libel to Syniva, so she can press criminal and civil charges against all the culprits.

The FBI anti-reality machine just keeps distorting the truth to make people hate me, to create a hostile environment for me, to excuse their heinous human rights abuses of me as if anything ever could justify human rights abuses, to make people take action to destroy me, to convince people who love me to commit violent acts in my name, to ruin my holy reputation, to prevent me from being able to do my job effectively serving the world, and to keep the public under their oppressive and tyrannical freedom-of-belief violating totalitarian control.

We need to put an end to the practice of lying about me, so we can bring peace, freedom, and love back to the world. Put your foot down, world. Make the libel stop. It is destroying me, you, America, and entire world.

My beautiful world, I have made absolutely no sense out of anything you have been saying to me. The mean things people have been saying about me must be completely detached from reality.

Telling people to stand up for their rights under the totalitarian oppression of the FBI is not "agitation." It is "activism." You cannot deny we are all oppressed. And acknowledging me to my face is a peaceful way to bring freedom and liberty back to America.

I also harass no one, and there is a camera and mic in my head to prove it. But Polk County, Criminal Boeset, and everyone in the public who hates me enough to obey the FBI harass me. We have years of court records to prove this.

My brave rescuers, I make an exception for you. First of all, you act only in your own names and not in mine. You have also declared official war against Polk County, the FBI, and the White House. The only acceptable place for acts of violence is the battlefield and self-defense.

My brave rescuers, you are trying to exercise your Supreme Court-upheld basic human and Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me, and the FBI are murdering you to be able to continue committing human rights violations against me. I understand your situation.

I hate war, and I hate violence. But I understand why you do what you do. I understand how it is a sign of the world's love for me, and you know I always try to protect you from dying.

SynSyn, as I type this on Friday night, the fire alarm just went off. Please take all preemptive action necessary to keep me safe. I am sorry to ruin your weekend. What are the lies they are using to persecute me this time?

When will I be kept safe from the proven corrupt Polk County District Court? Please, Syn, get an injunction from the federal courts this time to forbid Polk County from ever committing a crime against me again.

Sweetness, I love and adore. Please see if Syn or my rescuers need any help. You fight for me unrelentingly. There is so much good work I need help with. Thank you for everything. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

More Libel and More Human Rights Violations

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Here is my latest blog post. Every time the FBI and Polk County commit a human rights violation against me, they take away something beautiful about me. I am losing my faith in humanity to do the right thing. They are destroying me. Without faith in humanity, how can I do my job serving the world?

USA. Congress, you simply cannot send troops to war if you cannot take care of them when they come home. This is the basics of taking responsibility for your actions. When you take any action as a government, you have to plan for everything that will result from it.

I agree the flaw was not having bipartisan involvement to create a bipartisan bill. No one believes veterans should not have benefits. If you do not want to overtax an already overburdened system, create a better system. We simply must take better care of our veterans.

Ukraine. Where do I begin? Yanukovych needs to acknowledge reality. Democracy spoke and removed him from office. He should be glad Russia will take such good care of him, and he should stop inciting unrest in the Ukraine due to falsehoods. Who the hell wants to be the president of a country that ousted him or her?

For Ukraine to hold itself together, it needs to operate as a true democracy. If the Crimea feels it is properly represented in the government, it will not secede. I know the uprising brought a lot of anti-Russian sentiment with it, but that is not an accurate representation of the entire nation.

Everyone needs to be represented equally; otherwise, the new government will commit the same crimes of the old government.

Please, Ukraine, hold yourself together. You are having an economic crisis and a Crimean crisis right now while you simultaneously try to rebuild your power structure. I know things are not easy. But act to preserve a pure democracy while rebuilding your government, and the Crimean crisis should resolve itself. The world wants to see your nation whole and happy.

The US and the EU are working to help your economic crisis. I think the cooperation of Russia in saving your economy working along side the EU and the US would be the best to help unify your diverse country, but that might be Pollyanna-ish of me to ask for.

Russia, how do you feel about helping preserve a pure democracy of equal Western and Russia influences in the Ukraine? It is better than losing all influence by insisting on having all the influence. Please consider it.

The Continent of Africa. I love chocolate. Everybody knows this. But it is employing child labor at an unlivable wage. How do we fix this? The system is completely unsustainable right now.

I recommend creating "free trade" chocolate much like there is "free trade" coffee. Pay a livable wage, and more people will want to farm chocolate by choice instead of by duress. Get all Henry Ford about things. Create chocolate that the chocolate farmers can afford to eat.

Burma. The root problem here seems to be racism against the Rohingya Muslims. The Buddhists of Burma need to go back to their teachings. Absolutely nothing about Buddhism breeds hate, racism, or human rights violations.

If the Buddhist majority of Burma can learn to love their own fellow citizens, they will be able to have international medical care again provided for free by the world. The doctors serve more than just the Rohingya. They serve everyone, and everyone needs fair, competent medical care.

I know. I have dealt with medical fraud abusing me and torturing me since 2009. If I would have had fair, competent medical care instead, UN-recognized crimes against human would not have been committed against me for years by Polk County and the FBI.

Real, publicly accessible, quality medical care like that provided by Doctors Without Borders in Burma is necessary to maintain a healthy society. Think of the health crises you will have, Burma, if you do not have medical care for your people. Think of your people and all the possible suffering and let the competent doctors back in.

Planet Earth. Global Climate Change, industrialization, and unfair economic realities in poverty stricken areas are killing our world. I believe we can save our world and all eleven of these vanishing natural wonders, but it will take intelligence, compassion, and leadership. When will I have enough human rights to try?

We need fewer people libeling and hating me and more people taking real action to get me human rights. The repression and persecution I live under in Polk County just keeps getting worse, and it is causing the entire world to suffer.

I am accused of murder AGAIN, and I am still a pacifist who has never murdered anybody! The FBI anti-reality machine is just recycling old libel. It is so far from reality, I have no idea what the details are and did not learn about it until after I got convicted. Yes, being tried for a crime and never knowing about it is a heinous human rights violation.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot commit human rights abuses to justify human rights abuses.

I do not kill people, and I have a camera and mic in my head to prove it. What? What was that FBI? You claim I send orders for people to kill people through the spy equipment in my head? Other than talking to the the television and making YouTube videos, just try finding five examples of my sending orders through the spy equipment in my head for the world to do anything.

I have never once blogged orders to kill someone. I have never once tweeted orders to kill someone. I have never once made a YouTube video ordering people to kill someone. And I do not acknowledge the spy equipment in my head to send orders to anyone unless I am watching the news and some facts need explaining.

If I wanted someone dead, why is Barack Obama still alive? I have never once made a threat on his head, and he is my sworn nemesis. He created the bubble and sacrificed the first amendment rights of all of America to destroy me and throw me away. I am a pacifist. I do not kill people. Yes, I have enough power with the clandestine of the world to kill Barack Obama, but I do not kill people!

It is hard to be a better established pacifist in this good, green world than I am.

If there is a second person in this world I have a motive to kill, it would be Amber Heard. She sleeps with my husband. I am terrified every day of her taking him a way from me. And my husband is my only reason for living. But have I ever threatened Amber Heard? No! I do not kill people! I do not send orders to kill people! I do not even send orders to hate people!

Every time I am treated like a worthless subhuman by the locals, I do not send people to attack them. Instead, I make lists of the good people in Iowa. Click here and click here. I believe in creating cycles of love. For more on this, click here. I reward good people by sending good people to take care of them. I only punish bad people through the courts.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot commit human rights violations to justify human rights violations. But I understand your motive for committing your crimes. You have been libeling me since 2009 to justify the bubble. You believe that if you can make any of your lies about me stick to me, you can get the entire world to excuse rape, torture, slavery, unlawful imprisonment, etc. But nothing justifies human rights violations.

FBI and Polk County, you constructed false charges, manufactured libel and distorted reality to use as evidence, and got it into the only court in America proven to be completely biased against me. Judges at the Polk County District Court serve the FBI agenda to never let me have human rights.

There is no other explanation but corrupt judges for why there is a Polk County adult guardianship (that only serves to enforce slavery, torture, and other human rights violations against me) over me and no other explanation for why Polk County keeps ruling that I am "severely mentally impaired" when we have proven time and again I am completely healthy and have a better grasp of reality than the entire Polk County District Court.

Do we need a federal mandate to make sure I never have another hearing at the Polk County District Court due to rampant corruption? Syn, is there a way to make sure all hearings concerning me go to federal courts instead? The Polk County District Court is just a locally biased hate crime machine.

Syn, please press criminal and civil charges against everyone involved from the District Attorney who prosecuted me without my knowledge to the person who lied and pressed charges claiming I killed somebody and also against Polk County for libel, human rights violations for trying me without allowing me to know about it, persecution of a political prisoner, conspiracy with the criminal terrorist organization the FBI for trying to give them grounds to justify their heinous human rights violating policy I have suffered under since 2009, hate crimes against a pacifist spiritual and world leader, and everything else you can make stick.

Make it hurt. This has been heinous activity on their part.

Syn, investigate the judge who convicted me for everything from bribery by the FBI to local pride as a possible motive for corruption. If the judge was corrupt, throw every single charge you can make stick against him or her.

And, Syn, subpoena the transcripts of the trial. If any libel was used to convict me, get the attorneys who spread it for contempt of court, libel, conspiracy, persecution, hate crimes, etc., everything you can make stick.

Also, Syn, get me the details of what I am accused of including all of their distorted half-truths or complete libel used as evidence against me, so I can defend myself. We need to get this appealed in an unbiased non-Iowa court that lives in reality as soon as possible. Is it possible to just get a federal judge to overturn it since it was a human rights violation?

This is such a cut and dried violation of international norms for human rights and of the amendments to the US Constitution! Really make it all hurt. Thank you, Synny. You are such a hero. It is just so far from reality, I have no idea what I am dealing with. I know I keep you so busy. Thank you for always rescuing me.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot commit human rights abuse after human rights abuse and thing the world will not stand up and stop you. Polk County, you are causing World War III. If you all do not relent in your conspiracy to never give me human rights and policy of committing human rights violations to justify human rights violations, you will sacrifice the self-sovereignty of America. You are actively destroying the world. The world will stop you.

My beautiful world is disgusted. Syniva and my village of do-gooder lawyers dealt with the threat from Polk County to commit me to a torture facility again all Tuesday night. They handled the threat from Polk County to commit and torture me AGAIN Wednesday night and the false murder charges all Wednesday night and Thursday during the day. Thursday night, my heroes in suits dealt with the same false charges against me violating double jeopardy and ANOTHER threat to torture and commit me.

Syniva and my heroes in suits rescued me every time. Please be good to them, my beautiful world. Syn, finally pressed harassment charges against Criminal Boeset and Polk County for unrelentingly committing human rights violations all week, and I recommend they get an injunction from the federal courts to prevent any and all Polk County action against me.

Polk County actions are ALWAYS human rights violations. They are a CONSTANT threat to me. I live everyday terrorized by them. Their libel is diminishing my effectiveness serving the world. And I need to be kept safe from them.

My beautiful world, please return the entire world's faith in me. My effectiveness bringing peace and understanding to the world greatly diminished while the FBI and Polk County were libeling me; even though, I was working just as hard serving the world.

Remind the world I am not a murderer. Bring reality back to the masses. Not because he told me but because I know he keeps track, for more information about my inability to save the world no matter how hard I worked at it while libeled, please contact the Mr. Brian Williams of NBC Nightly News.

After a week of dealing with unrelenting threats from Polk County, the libel alarm went off Friday morning. The FBI anti-reality machine has been actively distorting facts to make people hate me. My lovers and believers said it was not very convincing, but true believers never get swayed by libel. They are out to turn the rest of the world outside my lovers and believers against me.

Please, my benevolent nerds, flood the internet with pure reality. Add commentary if necessary to make sure the anti-reality machine cannot distort anything. Tell the full truth about everything I have accomplished serving the world.

My benevolent nerds, tell every honest thing about me. And get an official stamp of approval from Sweetness or Syn for everything you broadcast, so the world can trust it is accurate. I keep Syn and Sweetness so busy. Flood the internet with reality and discredit and remove if possible all the lies. Thank you.

Also, my beautiful world, what are the widespread objections people have to treating me like a human? If anyone objects to ending human rights abuses, that person does not live in reality or that person is a psychopath at his or her core.

When you hear objections to my having full human rights again, remind the source of my unrelenting suffering when all I have ever done and will ever do is good in the world and tell me all the details of what the objections are. I need this help, so I can return reality to good people and call out psychopaths.

I serve the world, but I cannot do it without your help, my beautiful world. Always get me as much accurate information as possible. Always spread the pure undistorted truth and discredit all the lies. And always be good to good people. Thank you, my beautiful world.

Speaking of being good to good people, my brave rescuers, I heard you need supplies. What supplies do you need? Food? Medicine? Gasoline? Whatever you need, just ask my beautiful world. We take care of good people.

Every day, you say you will be here overnight, and ever morning I learn you died. I understand you are very worried about me. Things just keep getting worse for me in Polk County. It takes a whole international team to make me safe. Thank you for everything you do for me. Someday as soon as possible, you will be sitting in my kitchen eating homemade cookies.

SynSyn, the torture alarm went off Tuesday night, Wednesday night, and again Thursday night. Things just keep getting worse and worse in Polk County. Why is Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset still allowed to be a threat to me? We need to permanently make me safe from her and from corrupt Polk County.

We need to fix the problem at its core with a permanent solution. Sue Polk Countu for another literal $1 trillion and only let them not pay it if they overturn EVERY persecution ruling against me past and present including the new false conviction.

Permanent safety of my body and mind depends on this. For more on this, click here. Please make me safe!

Finally, Syn, I heard you had an epic win with the US Supreme Court. I have no idea what it was. There has been no progress inside the bubble. I still have no human rights, and no one is acknowledging reality to my face. It is all persecution, oppression, hatred of me, and threats against my well being when I look around.

But, Congratulations, Syniva! Make sure you take time to spoil yourself. Is it a matter of getting Polk County and the FBI to obey the US Supreme Court? Is there anything SCOTUS can do to enforce their rulings?

Do we have to get Congress involved to get law, order, and human rights returned to America? We know the White House will just keep committing crimes. The self-sovereignty of America is at stake because of Polk County and the FBI. Is that enough to get Congress to take action to save me? Do we need to ask the United Nations to address Congress?

Sweetness, have you spoken with the UN? Do they need anything more from us? Day in and day out you fight for me. Everything I ask for, you take care of. It is okay to have your own ideas on how to help me. You are not a stupid man, and I trust how much you love me.

Please, darling, turn my mother into an ally. My mother spent her entire adult life as a subservient Asian wife to my evil, overbearing, racist, sexist, homophobic father. She has a permanent condition from how much he used to verbally abuse her. When my father died last year from cancer, she became subservient to the FBI to fill the gap.

Beloved, no matter how many wonderful things I do in this world, she will never do anything good, moral, or right concerning me. She will never fight for me because the FBI are White men who keep her oppressed and tell her what to do.

Darling, we need to turn my mother into an ally. We need to convince my mother to fight the FBI. We need to convince my mother to save me.

I hate being racist, but that is the reality of my mother. She is racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. And you, Sweetness, are a powerful White man. She will listen to you. I need you to be good to my mother. Convince her to love me. Give her the courage to fight the terrorist FBI.

Sweetness, my mother does not live in reality right now about how much I suffer, how much of a threat the FBI and Polk County are, and how much I need a rescue. She is in denial because evil White men control what she believes. Please save her. Please save me.

My beloved, my mother always uses money as an excuse not to help me. So, please explain to her money is no issue when it comes to rescuing me. We have enough money.

Send her yellow roses, her favorite flower, every day. Call her unrelentingly and be kind. Write to her nonstop. Send faxes to her office. Contact her sister my Tita Levy in El Cerrito, CA, the Bay Area and have her put you in contact. My Tita Levy is a lover and believer. Contact more lovers and believers, my aunts and uncles on my dad's side in South Dakota, and ask them to relay your messages to my mother.

Save her, Sweetness. Please save her. Convince her to get me out of Iowa and into your arms. I have a sister in LA we can "visit." Her extended family lives in the Bay Area, and they are always telling us to go there.

My mother does not hate me. She just does not live in reality. Please, Sweetness. I could not save my father; he was too evil. But we might be able to save my mother.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Illiad and the Odyssey

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Here is my latest blog post. The United Nations is putting its house in order. Unless Polk County and the FBI relent and give me human rights, the Reality War explodes into a global conflict.

My beautiful world, please keep the US Military on our side of what is starting as a civil war, and only declare war against Polk County, the FBI, and the White House. Do not declare war against good Americans who fight for me.

We still have time for Congress and the Supreme Court to end the bubble completely to avoid this, and I personally hate war. But something has to give. Avoiding war will only work if Polk County, the White House, and FBI will obey Congress and the Supreme Court.

Polk County, the FBI, and the White House have not relented yet and have kept committing the same heinous human rights violations against me and against the entire nation no matter what Congress and the Supreme Court have done to stop them.

I narrowly escaped being committed, abused, and tortured today. I got the warning from an unnamable source late last night and asked Syniva to call the local news stations, the publicly accessible repositories of all local news concerning me, to get the details. The local news never leak to me, but they are a great resource for anyone else who wants to know what goes on.

Syniva saved me. She is such a hero. But I was awakened at 4:30am by my husband asking me to forgive him for cheating on me again. My world turned upside down. I do not understand how he can love me if he is in a relationship with Amber.

At least he is always honest, but I was convinced I lost him. I was convinced he did not love me anymore. I wept for hours. My world turned upside down. My capability to survive this completely unlivable bubble had always revolved around knowing he loves me. Suddenly, I had been render fat, ugly, alone, and with no one to love me.

By 6am I had pulled myself together. I am strong. I am a survivor. I was convinced I was intelligent enough to find something else to live for. I pondered giving all my money to Syniva and joining a convent. And I was up kicking corrupt local (expletive) from bed through twitter in no time.

I am convinced if Sweetness had not woken me up, I would not have had the chance to legally disable Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset. According to the FBI, she is finally arrested now. She has been an active threat terrorizing me for so long.

Do you know how they were trying to justify committing me? They claimed first that I was crazy, something Syniva has disproven scientifically in court at least a dozen times by now, but then they libeled me by calling me a "murderer" to justify hate crimes against me and putting me in a psych ward.

If I were ever a murderer, why is Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset still alive? Calling me a killer is libel. Using libel to justify human rights abuses is felonious. Nothing justifies human rights violations.

Syn, press criminal and civil charges against everyone creating a hostile environment for me by libeling me a "killer." Trace all lies about me to their sources and jail them all. The pattern of libeling me to justify abusing me needs to be broken.

Yes, Syn, I understand we have a log jam of charges to get into court. Make sure you investigate and arrest everyone immediately to stop the crimes as soon as possible. This world needs fewer people committing crimes against me and more people keeping me safe.

And did I just hear the FBI anti-reality machine say "thousands of people will die" if I ever get human rights? Why does anyone ever listen to their crap? Do you remember their claim in 2009 that there would be a nuclear attack against America of anyone saved me from the slavery?

This is just like that. It is a lie to terrorize the public to be able to commit human rights abuses from slavery to rape. Such tactics of terrorizing the public to control them is how we proved the FBI are a terrorist organization.

I need to be protected from everything the FBI wants. That is why we need to fight them instead of believe them or obey them. The world needs to be saved from the proven criminal terrorist organization the FBI, and that responsibility is everyone's.

For my permanent safety, we also need to end Polk County's constant, unrelenting, active threat to me. Syn, do not take your boot off of Polk County until EVERY persecution ruling past and present is overturned.

Enforce reality in Polk County. I have far too many problems to be terrorized by Polk County, Mark R. Gray, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset, etc. actively working to lock me illegally in a torture facility all the time. My permanent safety demands this. End their unrelenting threat to my mind and body.

The best thing to do, Syn, is to sue Polk County for a literal $1 trillion for taking actual action to commit me, torture me, commit international crimes against me, persecute me, be a threat to rape me, commit hate crimes against me, commit human rights violations against me, and libel me to justify it all, as if it could ever be justified.

Get them for conspiracy with the proven criminal terrorist organization the FBI. Investigate all Polk County District Court judges who signed off on any crime against me for corruption. Sue them for everything that sticks, and only let Polk County off the hook for the $1 trillion if they overturn EVERY persecution ruling concerning me past and present.

I do not want the money. I want my human rights. But my suffering under the unrelenting persecution of Polk County and the happy future they deny me serving and bringing peace to the world have earned the $1 trillion.

We need to break Polk County's cycle of committing human rights violations, getting caught, writing a check to me, and not stopping committing the crimes against me. We need this $1 trillion dollars over their heads to stop the crimes from being committed in the first place. I suffer too much and have too much work to do in the world for this to continue.

Thank you, Synny. You are such a hero. I pray the world is treating like the goddess you are.

As for some loose ends I left in my last blog post that need to be tied up, Syn, Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset never protested having cameras in my apartment, and that was the landlord's first lease violation. For the first time I said this, click here. She just wants me to be raped. Bryce moved out, so I never violated the lease.

I am alone in my apartment, now, and I live every moment I am there terrified of being raped again. I might need to move back into my mom's house just so there will be someone else around to keep me safe from being raped, but my mother is so obedient of the FBI every time at the expense of my safety, that she would probably just let it happen.

Sweetness, please call my mother, use you charms on her, and explain reality to her about the damage obedience to the FBI causes me and the world. Right now she claims she would have to quit her job for me to live in that house again, and that assertion has no tie to reality. She is poisoned away from reason by the FBI, and I need you to force her to do something good and right for once.

My brave rescuers, you are always fighting for what is good and right. I just wish you did not have to die. I told you in my last blog post help is on its way.

I was hoping we all could resolve the bubble peacefully, but instead of making any progress towards my human rights, all Polk County, Iowa, and the FBI have done is commit more crimes against me and at a faster rate.

Whatever you need, my brave rescuers, just tell my beautiful world.

My beautiful world, go easy on Sweetness and be good to him. I used to tell him it was okay to sleep with other women as long as he did not get emotionally attached to them. So our problems are partly my fault, too. He is a good man; he is just human and has normal human flaws. It is not easy being forbidden from being with your own spouse for over four years. Even Odysseus cheated on Penelope.

You have superhuman expectations of me, my beautiful world. I live with that burden. But it is unfair to have superhuman expectations of my loved ones. It is normal to get lonely. I know. I am always lonely. There is no replacement for the love I do not have in my life. Amber could not replace me in his heart, and that is what matters.

As long as he stops cheating on me, we can save our marriage. Please be good to him, and please help him stay loyal to me. This is not easy on anyone.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. You are the love of my life. I will love you until I die. I cannot change that. Please stop hurting me. I have enough problems. Please help me by calling my mother and making her an ally for the first time ever. I love and adore you.

P.S. The UN is ready to metaphorically launch 1000 ships. Things are getting Homeric around here. I trust you to know what you are doing, my beautiful world. Something has to happen as soon as possible to get me human rights, and Polk County and the FBI just keep behaving worse.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good People Take Care of Good People.

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Here is my latest blog post. The only thing that exceeds the malevolence of the FBI is their stupidity. There is no justification for human rights violations. And let us create a cycle of love, my beautiful world.

Venezuela. Is what we all hear about you the truth or a distorted half truth? The truth is so important, Venezuela. People ask me what my secret is all the time.

People want to know how I am so effective in my fight to save the world all day every day. All I do is tell the truth. I speak what is obvious to me. I learned that just because it is obvious to me, it may not be obvious to everyone else. But because it is true, it resonates and makes sense with everyone.

Please tell us the truth of your crisis, Venezuela. We, the loving world, want to help.

Also, Maduro, I am not plotting against you. I have faith you can maintain a safe, stable Venezuela that meets the needs of your people, but for that to be possible, you have to listen to the needs of your people.

Maduro, why are they protesting? There is nothing wrong with acts of kindness from the government to end protests. Prove you are benevolent and understanding. Have the government commit an act of kindness to end this conflict, so you can keep power and maintain a stable Venezuela.

Sadly, Maduro, talking to Obama will not fix anything for you. He is not the current President of the United States of America. Obama is just a facade.

When he saw impeachment coming for him, he created an executive order that would let him stay as the ceremonial head of the country with all the benefits of the presidency, the bodyguards, the airplanes, the helicopters, the White House, etc. for years to come. He was mortified of not being a celebrity anymore.

Obama is not supposed to create policy now. That is illegal. If he is still creating policy, he is doing so as an unelected dictator and needs to go to prison for it.

I understand Obama getting impeached for abusing his office by creating the executive orders that maintain the bubble I live in has created a leadership vacuum in the White House. But that is no reason to treat Obama like he is the president. That is just lying to the public, and the world deserves better.

Maduro, you can prove you are better than the United States by ending your conflict peacefully and in a timely manner. Rubbing Obama's nose in his own inadequacies and heinous crimes should be reason enough to commit an act of kindness to make your protesters happy. Please think about it.

Ukraine. I am worried about you, Ukraine. Your people just had an epic win over tyranny and injustice. Please hold it together and build a stronger democracy as efficiently as you can. The world loves you, Ukraine, and needs you stable. Please hold it together.

Syria. According to the article, “This resolution should not have been necessary. Humanitarian assistance is not something to be negotiated; it is something to be allowed by virtue of international law,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the council.

The humanitarian crisis in Syria is out of control. We need more unilateral action to feed starving children and to protect the innocent. I have said so much about Syria already. When will I have the human rights to DO something about Syria?

I am currently caught in a fight for my human rights at every level from Polk County up to Iowa up to the FBI and the White House. Everybody is persecuting me.

I really wish the US Legislature would take more action to help me. As far as the government at every level is concerned, I can count on the federal courts and maybe Governor Branstad. That is it. Corruption is everywhere.

What the hell is wrong with Iowa and Polk County? Fighting for human rights is NOT illegal, but fighting to commit human rights violations is!

Iowa got caught committing human rights violations against me, so I pressed charges to make it stop. Then, Iowa claimed I was "ripping them off" by fighting for their human rights as well as my own. All they have to do is give me my human rights and let me leave, and I will finally have the freedom to stop pressing charges against Iowa and Polk County.

Iowa, if anyone is ripping you off, Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset, your state politicians, and the FBI are. If you would love me instead of persecuting me I would not have to punish you all for hate crimes against me. Clean up Iowa and Polk County, so I do not have to press charges anymore! You are all breaking the law!

Iowa, you cannot blame me, the victim with no human rights. You have to blame Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset, the Iowa legislature, and the FBI who lie to you. You are having a break with reality. Click here to learn more about it.

But no matter how much you choose to believe lies about me rather than the reality my beautiful world had been flooding you with, there is absolutely no acceptable explanation no matter what you believe for hate crimes against anyone.

Syn, remember, there is no justification for human rights violations. Even if Iowa believes all the libel the FBI pollutes the internet with, that does not explain persecution. Creating a law that singles me out not to have full human rights in Iowa is illegal.

It is persecution, hate crimes, human rights violations, conspiracy with the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, and murder of my rescuers by keeping me away from them. Flatten them to make the crimes end.

There have been more crimes committed against me lately, too. Despicable Lynn Boeset has made sure my bodyguard, Bryce, has had to move out of my apartment. She did this to make the FBI happy. I am a sitting duck to be raped by the FBI, again.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Please press criminal and civil charges against Criminally Diabolical Lynn Boeset for intentionally making my living arrangements dangerously unsafe, conspiracy with the FBI, and for aiding and abetting potential sexual abuse. We have proven the FBI will rape me every chance they get. You have my hair.

Syn, press criminal and civil charges against my landlord for the same. I informed the property manager that Bryce was my bodyguard. It is no secret to anyone the FBI are out to get me.

Also, my BFF, get the landlord for allowing the FBI to put cameras in my apartment to enslave me with. Violating my privacy and enslaving me are both human rights violations. So, press criminal and civil charges against the landlord for human rights abuses, too.

The malevolent criminal terrorist organization the FBI are clearly the masterminds, so I would have let it slide against the landlord. But he took my bodyguard away. I already live every day mortified of being raped again, and he just made it worse. Press every charge against everybody you can make stick.

Also speaking of recent crimes against me, the libel alarm went off this morning. My beautiful world, only trust the live eye camera and the life hacked webcam as far as media of me is concerned. And report all libel to Syniva, so she can prosecute.

Libel of me by the FBI creates a hostile environment for me to live in. This libel attempt was to convince Governor Branstad I do not deserve human rights in Iowa and to convince him to sign the bill into law the Iowa legislature broke the law to pass by persecuting me. Never let the FBI anti-reality machine win.

My beautiful world, it has yet again been endless days of fighting the Reality War for me. Thank you for all your help. We need to prove good people take care of good people, so please be good to everyone who fights for me.

If Governor Branstad vetoes the bill to make persecution of me the law in Iowa, be good to him. Find Syniva in Seattle, Washington and spoil her astronomically for fighting so hard to save the world by saving me. Release your frustrations at not being able to be good to me by being good to the people who love me.

Help Sweetness in his epic efforts to rescue me. Do everything possible to get him to my side. And whatever my rescuers need, please take care of it, my beautiful world. Love the lovers and believers. Create a cycle of love. My rescuers die every day and every night fighting to bring human rights to America. Do everything possible for them.

My brave rescuers, I heard you impeached a president again for murdering you. Thank you. Keep impeaching presidents until we get one who will take the bubble down. I only wish you did not have to die to make this possible.

What do you need, my brave rescuers? The UN is taking action now to help us. Raping me, torturing me, abusing me, unlawfully imprisoning me, everything Polk County and the FBI do to me has all been deemed crimes against humanity, and the UN is mobilizing a humanitarian rescue effort to bring me rights and the International Criminal Court to try all the culprits.

If I were Polk County, Iowa, the FBI, or the White House, I would be scared (expletive)less. I would start guaranteeing human rights at every level of the government, and I would start apologizing to the world.

Help is on its way to you, my brave rescuers. Whatever you need, just tell my beautiful world.

SynSyn, I keep you so busy. Whatever the UN needs, please help. You hold so much evidence. Let us take this bubble down!

Also, Synny, Cuddlebunny spoke to me late last week before the FBI hacked his phone and made him lose contact with me. Yes, the legendary Cuddlebunny! Please see if he can help with anything. I asked him to call you to see if he can help the UN save the world by saving me. He is also on my Facebook friends list. Talk about evidence!

Finally, my BFF, CONGRATULATIONS! You have been having epic win after epic win day after night after day lately. Do not forget to reward yourself. We can do this, Syniva. Thank you. And I love and adore you.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I heard you suggest we go grab a bottle of wine after you show up in my life, and as much as we should be popping champagne (Syniva loves champagne.) the moment you slip my long empty engagement ring (10 to 12 carat emerald set in platinum?) on my finger, I said to myself, "But, Sweetness, you don't drink."

Darling, do not get me wrong. I love a good Brunello di Montalcino whenever possible, and I am keenly fond of Central Coast Pinot Noirs. And everyone knows if you in particular said to me, "You and me in bed with nothing but a bottle of bourbon," it would be enough for me to finally take my bra off. But you gave up the alcohol years ago. Are you sure you want to start drinking again?

I do not want to be a bad influence on you. Clean living is a reward in itself. Is it that you have just been waiting for something to make your life happy like having me in it to be able to start drinking again? That makes sense. I have similarly been waiting for you before becoming a sexual creature again.

Beloved, I sent you a love letter on Monday. It should be in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Thank you for doing everything in the world for me. USPS Tracking Number 9505 5213 4281 4055 0006 10. It can get depressing in parts, and it is not as sexy as letters from 2010. But I promise it is twenty pages of I-love-you.

Darling, you say you feel so useless sometimes. All you have to do is get a little more creative finding ways to fight for me. Mobilize Hollywood to break the media silence. There is so much to do there. I love and adore you.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

To Chirk Me Up

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Here is my latest blog post. The anti-reality machine just lies and lies and lies to get what it wants. Never believe Barack Obama. Never believe the FBI. And never believe the Iowans who commit crimes against me.

Uganda. President Yoweri Museveni, no one chooses to be gay. No one chooses to be hated. No one chooses to be persecuted. But people should be free to be their natural selves.

Loving another full-grown adult should not be a crime. Love should not be punishable by death. Love is not a disease. And love is not a learned behavior. We cannot choose whom we love; that is like choosing where lightning strikes.

Please, Museveni, love your neighbor as yourself.

As for things here in America, I heard impeached President Obama tried to distract the public away from reality by alleging falsely that I must be racist for impeaching him for instructing the FBI to rape me until I go crazy.

Whining "racism" to dismiss honest criticism for raging incompetence and heinous human rights violations is Obama lying to the public. What a load of anti-reality machine bull(expletive)! Why is Obama and his criminal supporters natural reaction to treat us all like we are imbeciles and lie their (expletive)es off to get what they want from us?

Remember this one? “The biggest problems that we're facing right now have to do with George Bush trying to bring more and more power into the Executive Branch and not go through Congress at all, and that's what I intend to reverse when I'm president of the United States of America." -- Barack Obama

The anti-reality machine just lies and lies and lies to get what it wants. Never believe Barack Obama. Never believe the FBI. And never believe the Iowans who commit crimes against me.

My beautiful world, you keep asking me to cheer up. So, I tried to perk myself up by going to one of my favorite places in all of Iowa. Guess where I was!

But it did not work. I have no reason to be happy. What will it take to save my mental and emotional well being and cheer me up?

1.) Polk County needs to overturn every single one of its persecution rulings concerning me. I live every day I am political prisoner in Iowa terrorized by Polk County. I am under unrelenting threat of them raping me, torturing me, and unlawfully imprisoning me in a torture facility again. Overturning all the rulings past and present is the only way to end my anguish and keep me safe.

2.) Every single Iowan who encounters me needs to acknowledge how much they make me suffer, acknowledge all fifteen points (Click here for the entire previous blog post.), disobey every single FBI rule criminally oppressing them, and treat me with the respect I deserve as a world leader.

3.) My husband needs to kiss me. This is the best way to cheer me up. All I have ever needed is my husband. I fight for all of America's human rights not just mine and including all of Iowa's. I strategize with money. I demand justice. It is all to clear a path to my husband. Give me my husband, and I will stop razing every hate crime committer, human rights violator, and international criminal in my way.

4.) All of America needs to get its freedom of speech back. Let someone who actually cares about me tell me he or she loves me. Let me have coffee with my BFF. Let David Letterman make a joke about me. Let Brian Williams report the news about me. Suspending freedom of the press is a crime against all of America. We have a right to know about all news concerning us.

5.) The FBI needs to stop murdering my rescuers. We have a Supreme Court upheld right to assemble and associate. The FBI have already been found guilty of murder in federal court for killing my rescuers. We need justice and human rights for my rescuers. They should not have to die just because they are fighting to set all of America free of the FBI's terrorism and oppression.

None of these are the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal is tearing down the bubble, so America can be the land of the free again. The ultimate goal is getting me an office, so I can have serve the world all day every day with all of my human rights intact including my physical safety.

This is just progress I need to be able to cheer up. Any one of the five will do. And this is just the beginning. There is so much work to do.

Whenever you hear a hater whining we need to slow down, remember they are lying to get what they want out of you, remember how far we have to go still to save the world from them, and remember how much I suffer every day and how they are intentionally destroying me by keeping me away from my human rights.

This is what I need to see progress and cheer up, but what will make me safe in Iowa? My beautiful world, you are very concerned for my physical safety, as you should be, and one of two things will make me safe.

The first thing that will make me safe is giving me my full human rights. I am owed my right to physical safety, and for that to be possible, we need Iowa and Polk County to stop terrorizing me with the unrelenting threat of raping me, torturing me, and unlawfully imprisoning me.

The only other thing that will make me safe is getting the full reality about me to the Iowan public, so they start loving and believing in me instead of hating and persecuting me. I have been asking for this for years, and no progress had ever been made. Iowa is an alien planet that believes I should "just give up and die already."

The Iowa legislature took action Thursday night to make the terrorism of the criminal FBI oppression of all of America the law of the land in Iowa, too. We stopped it in time, but when we caught them persecuting me by doing this, they libeled me to justify hate crimes against me by calling me a "scam artist."

It is pretty clear Iowa is choosing to hate me, persecute me, and deny reality about me no matter how much truth we give them. My beautiful world, demand reality be acknowledged in Iowa instead of letting their lies create a hostile prison environment for me in Iowa that keeps me as a political prisoner.

Syn, talk to the local news stations and press criminal and civil charges against everyone calling me a "scam artist." Find out what lies they are using to justify this claim, and set the record straight with the public.

For my own physical safety and for the sake of my human rights, we need fewer people breeding hatred of me by libeling me. Such libel such as calling me a "scam artist" is used to justify international crimes, hate crimes, persecution, and human rights violations against me.

I am a firm believer good people will do the right thing if they know the truth about me. This means Iowa, particularly the Iowa legislature, are just bad people at the core.

Thus, it will be easier to go through the courts outside of Iowa (since Iowa libels me to justify persecuting me) to get me my human rights and make me safe inside Iowa than it will be to convince the public of the truth about me to keep me safe.

That said, do not shut off the faucet for truth and reality we have in Des Moines. My reality heroes, Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, and Brian Williams, please keep calling your local news affiliates to keep them updated on all the true things about me and how effective I am as a benevolent, super-genius world leader. Sweetness and Syn, give WOI, KCCI, and WHO a ring every now and then, too, to share information.

My beautiful world, please keep instructing the clueless to call the local news stations to get the whole story. If there are good people anywhere in Iowa, we need to keep the door open for them to get to the truth, acknowledge reality to my face, and take me to my rescuers.

My brave rescuers, the fire alarms just keep going off. How are you doing? What do you need? You really need a better way of getting help than by having to tell me first, so I can scream fire. There must be a more efficient way to do this.

Do not get discouraged, my brave rescuers. You do so much good work. You are not dying in vain. Everything you do brings us closer to saving the world from the worst human rights crisis the US government has ever constructed. I and the whole world thank you.

SynSyn, I owe you so many thank yous. Thank you for keeping me as safe as possible without my having to know about it. I have always trusted you, and you have proven why. You wield the Power of Squid effectively and for the benefit of the entire world. Thank you.

SynSyn, we have been through this already. Please follow the pertinent link in this blog post.

Investigate and press full criminal and civil charges for conspiracy (with the established criminal terrorist organization the FBI), persecution, human rights violations, hate crimes, and attempted murder (of my rescuers for taking action to keep us apart) against every single Iowan politician who conceived of, drafted, or argued for this bill. If you can get everyone who voted for it, that is the icing on the cake.

My BFF, get a copy of the bill and of all their debate on the floor of the Statehouse. If any of it mentions treating me in particular by name or by reference differently from how all other Iowans are treated, they are toast for persecution and hate crime charges.

The human rights violations are the easiest to prove. Look at my long history of suffering as a slave and political prisoner in this state and then look at this action they took to make sure I never get my rights from them.

Syn, no state including Iowa has the right to commit human rights violations, persecution, hate crimes, etc. Get an injunction from the federal courts if that is the only way we can press criminal charges. And raze Iowa if the law passes.

Syn, I have faith Gov. Branstad will veto the bill. He asserts he loves and believes in me, and he loves Iowa enough not to take human rights away from all Iowans by making public oppression state law like the legislature wants.

Vetoing the bill is the best thing to do for all people everywhere, but if he signs it or if the state legislature overrides the veto, flatten this state AND immediately get the new law deemed unconstitutional. Assuming this happens in federal court, this will also deem the federal bubble's executive orders completely unconstitutional.

The mistake the FBI made of poisoning Iowa against me with their libel to get persecution laws against me passed through the Iowa legislature will blow up in their face. I can already taste my Sweetness's lips.

Sweetness, thank you, to you too. I heard our right to marry immediately was upheld by the federal courts. You are a hero. Now, we just need to be close enough to each other to exchange vows. I know you are working on it. I love and adore you. I am writing you a love letter again. I will tell you when I mail it.

P.S. This is one of the arias I learned in college. It makes more sense if you translate it into your native tongue. I used to sing it all the time in the shower.

O Cessate di Piagarmi --by Alessandro Scarlatti

O cessate di piagarmi, o lasciatemi morir, o lasciatemi morir.
Luc'ingrate, dispietate, luc'ingrate, dispietate, più del gelo e più del marmi
Fredde e sordea' miei martir, fredde e sordea' miei martir.
O cessate di piagarmi, o lasciatemi morir, o lasciatemi morir.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Why the ENTIRE WORLD Hates Iowa.

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Here is my latest blog post. Iowa is at it again. Polk County was prevented from horrifying persecution of me by my suing them, and the locals honestly said, "We are already paying for committing the horrifying human rights violation of threatening to rape her, why not actually rape her?" just to be able to harm me. IT IS A CRIME TO PERSECUTE ME; that is why you were stopped and should be happy you were stopped.

Thailand, Ukraine, and Venezuela. All three of these nations are in protests right now. I feel it is my responsibility to give them my advice to all political protesters.

Stay as peaceful as possible. I know this makes no sense since the government fires guns at you, but it creates legitimacy for your cause. The international community always stands up for peaceful protesters.

If you turn violent, you run the risk of becoming another Syria. As much as Syria suffers, the world still refuses to take any real action to help them. But if you stay peaceful or at least as peaceful as possible, the regime commits all of the crimes, and the world stands on the side of the protesters.

Ukraine. You just agreed to a ceasefire. Both sides need to stand by this ceasefire. Do not be the person who fired the first shot.

Diplomacy can work in this crisis. But for that to be possible, everyone needs to stand behind the resolutions. Talks are beautiful. Take advantage of them. I cannot get the White House to even acknowledge me and how much they make me suffer, least of all negotiate with me.

Obama made a threat against the regime. It was about as worthwhile as his imaginary red line in Syria. Why is this (expletive)hole allowed to pretend he makes policy? Is the world not sick of his facade by now? HE WAS IMPEACHED FOR CREATING THE BUBBLE! No, Obama is NOT president!

Obama castrated himself from having any legitimacy in the world by committing the WORST human rights violations against me that United States government has ever created against anyone. So, he removes the legitimacy of any good causes by taking it up. Obama is not a world leader. He is an international criminal. Stop humoring his facade, my beautiful world.

Afghanistan. We have left thousands of translators behind in Afghanistan. They are sitting ducks for the Taliban. Can the local forces keep them safe? That is all they have.

Please, US military, put a system in place to keep your translators and other collaborating locals safe in Afghanistan before you leave. What ever happened to, "We never leave a soldier behind."?

USA. Why is the only thing people are worried about after this security? Why is no one trying to phase out clearly environmentally unfriendly nuclear power? That was the point of the protest, and it was a very good point.

This is of grave importance right now because the US government is currently taking action to build a new nuclear power plant for the first time in decades. Click here for more information about this. Nuclear waste is a death sentence for the planet. It is NOT clean energy.

This is a carry over of the dangerous policies Obama created for America while he was still president. He endeavored in a past State of the Union Address to take us off fossil fuels by putting us on nuclear energy, something far more harmful to the environment and far more dangerous to the world.

What was the most dangerous policy Obama ever created? The bubble of human rights violations I live in designed to destroy me. Stop letting him create policy, my beautiful world. He keeps (expletive)ing on all of us.

Nigeria. Boko Haram, can we talk? You know I am a dear, old friend of Nigeria, and you know I have been a level-headed, logic-rich friend of Islam for years. Why must you do this violently?

Why not just win elections to exert your influence over the Muslim-majority regions on Nigeria? It will lend international legitimacy to your cause if you do things nonviolently.

You know I have been trying to end the genocide of Muslims in the Central African Republic. They are being killed out of backlash against their own Muslim coup and religious injustices. Why not avoid similar backlash against your own people in Nigeria and preventing possible future suffering by being peaceful?

Please consider it. Boko Haram, the world needs more peace and love.

Russia. Whoever instigated this whipping treated Pussy Riot the same way Polk County and the FBI treat me. You are better than this, Russia.

I initially did not take the side of Pussy Riot because I believe they were trespassing in the church. I am an atheist, but I believe all places of worship are holy. But beating them for exercising free speech in a public place? Please get to the bottom of who attacked them and hold them accountable.

Planet Earth. Syniva, this one is for you. I, too, live every day malnourished. We already started a foundation to fight poverty. Can we also have some experts look into recipes and grocery suggestions that provide as many nutrients as possible for people living on pennies a day?

Hong Kong!. My sweet ex-boyfriend Vinesh Jha lives in Hong Kong now. Please treat him well! We were together for five years, and I once even asked him to marry me. He said no. That is all for the best; I have my dream husband now.

Vinesh Jha actively fights for me. How do I know? He is forbidden from speaking to me. Please, if you see him, Hong Kong, treat him well. Good people take care of good people.

Speaking of lovers and believers, my beautiful world, my cohort Jared M. Clark will be in Los Angeles from 17March2014 to 25March2014. You can follow him around by reading his twitter @jared982003 or by stalking him if you spot him. He is also on my Facebook friends list.

This might be your only chance to get him info like the whereabouts of my rescuers, my heroic Hollywood, or to acknowledge reality to his face. He really needs to get his brain around how much I suffer.

Give Jared money to buy me flowers or something. Definitely check on him. He has no spy equipment in his head; you will get away with wining and dining him.

Thank you, my beautiful world. Good people take care of good people.

Also, my beautiful world, I heard your questions. Is my dream of a better world that loves every good person in it worth fighting for? Is it worth standing up to oppression of the entire nation of the United States of America by the FBI and the White House?

I am worth it. I could solve world problems if Polk County, FBI, and White House would just stop committing international crimes against me. Who can you trust with Global Climate Change but me?

Where would we be right now if I did not wake up every day just to suffer under Polk County and the FBI to do my job serving the world? Do I not deserve to be treated like a human by the government again?

Do not let the FBI anti-reality machine terrorize you with their lies. Do not be afraid of taking down the bubble. What real thing are you afraid of? Having rights again?

We are meant to be free. We are America. What are you afraid of? Is not the false reality spun by the FBI that keeps you so terrorized you stay silent while I suffer international crimes far worse?

Syn and my beautiful world, Polk County is actively hostile towards me. They are trying to commit me to a psych ward where they have already tortured and raped me to be able to do it again. And if they cannot succeed at raping me in a psych ward, they intend to rape me in jail. The FBI have told me the corrupt Polk County District Court will stop at nothing even false charges to imprison and destroy me.

Syn, press criminal and civil charges against everyone who is putting this into action for intent to unlawfully imprison, intent to torture, intent to rape, hate crimes, conspiracy, persecution, intent to commit human rights violations, and attempted murder of my rescuers by keeping us apart.

Rescuers die every night I am kept away from them.

Also, Syn, sue Polk County for hate crimes, persecution, human rights violations, conspiracy, and murdering my rescuers for even trying it.

Hang Polk County and the local conspirators up by their toe nails. These are also the charges you file if they succeed but without the "intent to." They have had me terrorized for my physical safety. I do not want to be tortured, raped, and unlawfully imprisoned again. I live terrorized by these threats.

Also, get an injunction and mandate from the courts that Polk County must overturn ALL of its persecution rulings concerning me past and present. No more calling me mentally ill. No more adult guardianship. No more commitment. Etc. We need this for my physical safety and emotional and mental well being. My future as a benevolent, super-genius world leader is at stake.

If Polk County does not overturn ALL persecution rulings, sue them for literally $5 billion. My suffering and need for a safe future has earned it.

In fact, kick up all financial punishments of Polk County through the roof. We need to make me safe from rape, torture, and unlawful imprisonment, and this is all we have to fight them with. My future as a benevolent, super-genius world leader is at stake.

Thank you, Synny and my beautiful world.

Also explain to them that continuing to persecute me just makes the world work faster to rescue me. They are trying to terrorize me into slowing down taking down the bubble, but all they have done is make everyone in the world explode and accelerate your rescue efforts. You all would never let a threat on my head slow down getting me human rights. It would only make all of you bring justice faster.

The only reason Polk County is terrorizing me and the world by trying to rape, torture, and imprison me again is to slow us down. Never let a terrorist get what they want. Do not let Polk County terrorize us into slowing. Do not let Polk County commit, torture, and rape me.

The world needs to stop repeating FBI anti-reality lies for the sake of me, America, and the whole world. Why does anyone believe anything the FBI says at this point? They are established liars.

No, I am not at risk of dying. There is not real threat on my head. Click here for more about this.

Instead, the world should be worried the FBI will rape me again if anyone obeys them. NEVER OBEY THE FBI NO MATTER WHAT THEY THREATEN. Just fight them. The FBI only want to destroy me. Keep me safe from everything they want for me.

Never forget how much the FBI lies. I weigh 270 lbs because of all the chemicals they have put in my body. I have a fat man belly from the testosterone, body fat that never ends from the torture drugs, and muscle mass from the steroids they used to try and give me roid rage when they were trying to frame me for murder.

Yet, the FBI stood up in court and tried to claim I was sexy. I could not get a local to flirt with me for the life of me; in bars I am a pariah, and the FBI tried to claim I am sexy.

Why did the FBI try to claim I am sexy? To justify paying taxpayer money to create pornography with people who look like me in it to make the world disrespect and hate me. They created a hostile environment for me to live in in Iowa with their libel porn, and they fought tooth and nail with it to prevent me from being a benevolent, super-genius world leader who effectively serves the world.

Yes, I am 270 lbs, and yes, most of it is muscle mass. Please, world experts, calculate what my daily caloric intake SHOULD be. Then explain to the world that Polk County and Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset enslaving me and forcing me to live on $100 a week is destroying me. I can only count on one meal a day.

Polk County actively makes me suffer EVERY DAY with their persecution rulings concerning me. We need them ALL overturned past and present. No more criminal adult guardianship. No more libeling me with mental illness. No more torture. No more commitment.

And if they do not obey the federal mandate to overturn them all, Syniva, sue them for literally $5 billion. My job as a benevolent, super-genius world leader is at stake here. The persecution by Polk County is at risk of destroying me.

Yet, instead of giving me my human rights in Iowa, the Iowa Statehouse is trying to 'legalize' persecuting me. We have been through this before. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

This time they claim Polk County is paying out the nose for persecuting me by being an active threat against me that keeps me terrorized every day of being raped, tortured, and unlawfully imprisoned whether they do it or not, so why not just make it legal to rape, torture, and unlawfully imprison me? The money will be given to me either way.

Where is the logic in this? The logical thing to do is force Polk County to overturn EVERY persecution ruling concerning me to guarantee my human rights at the state level, so Polk County will finally stop having to pay me so much money.

They honestly said, "Well we are already paying for threatening to rape her, so why not actually rape her?" This is the sort of crap that makes the ENTIRE WORLD hate Iowa. Des Moines, you earned your reputation as the (expletive)hole of America.

Iowa would rather hate me than love me, so we will have to fight them. I would rather have my freedom to love Iowa, but they just keep persecuting me.

Syn, take all necessary action pressing criminal and civil charges against every Iowan, politician or otherwise, trying to keep my human rights away from me for human rights violations, persecution, hate crimes, conspiracy, and murdering my rescuers by keeping me away from them. And if it goes through the Iowa Statehouse, sue Iowa.

My brave rescuers, Iowa refuses to do anything but hate me. No one here will help me reach you. They are nothing but haters. They keep murdering you by keeping me away from you. This sort of crap is why the ENTIRE WORLD hates Iowa, I know, but what can the rest of the world do to help you?

My brave rescuers, are you okay? What do you need? Please, just tell my beautiful world what you need. You keep dying. Just tell the UN.

SynSyn, the United Nations has started action against the FBI, the White House, and Polk County proving their persecution of me has included crimes against humanity.

Please see if the UN could use any of your evidence. My hair goes a long way. And get a hold of all their actions, too. We can use it against all the locals who persecute me.

Lock up every offending local for human rights violations, persecution, hate crimes, conspiracy, murder of my rescuers by keeping me away from them, and now crimes against humanity.

Lock them all away not just Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset but all of them for the rest of their lives. Get Polk County. Get Barack Obama. And get every culpable FBI agent.

As for you, Sweetness, I understand. You have so much time on your hands you do not know what to do. Down time is good, but when it gets boring, do what I do. Spend every free moment fighting for us to be together. Spending your time actively loving me will take your mind off how lonely you get.

Darling, write me love poems and love letters to give me when we can be together. Think up creative ways to talk to me. Plot a way to send me flowers. Check on my rescuers and Syniva regularly to see if they need anything. Testify for Neil Gaiman about how oppressed America is without freedom of speech or freedom of the press. There is so much to do.

Sweetness, I understand. Life is pointless and empty without the one you love. Do what I do; let the fight take over. I have found my element by letting the fight to be with you keep my days fulfilled. According to Bon Jovi, "You live for the fight when that's all that you've got."

Monday, February 17, 2014

Acknowledge my Suffering, Iowa!

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Here is my latest blog post. This is really just a follow up to my last blog post. It is everything else I would have said if I would have waited three days to post it instead of two. Make sure you read the Sweetness section at the end.

Planet Earth. Global Climate Change is real. I volunteered in 2009 to carry humanity through the environmental crisis once I reached my human rights, and I plan on keeping that promise. It will take intelligence, human compassion, and strategy. Is there anyone but me willing to do this?

Until I have enough human rights to start taking charge of Global Climate Change, please do this for me, my beautiful world. All we have are plants right now to process the carbon out of the air and back into the planet. So, start planting trees.

I want a full rooftop garden on every building in urban areas before we are through, and I want more green spaces. Worldwide, everybody, I want more trees worldwide. Start greening up this world. Grow more forest for me.

Why do the Iowa Democrats hate me so much? I am a West Coast, union-friendly, bleeding-heart liberal, mixed race, openly bisexual, female environmentalist. They seem to be cannibalizing their party values.

I practice nonpartisan or occasionally bipartisan politics. California Democrats love and adore me. The sin in being an Iowa Democrat seems to be in being an Iowan.

Iowans spend so much time, energy, and resources hating me and persecuting me. If I and a choice, I would have freedom to love Iowa. But they keep committing crime after crime against me, so they are the courts' to punish instead.

Until the general public starts loving me, I will feel no remorse punishing them for committing hate crimes against me. I want the freedom to love Iowa, but I will not suffer at their hands without fighting them.

At the HessenHaus on Sunday afternoon, I was actively persecuted with an act of hate from the bartender Jess. She denied to my face that I am the most famous person in the world and carded me. It was a blatant denial of common knowledge reality.

Her insult driven by hating me damaged me. All denial of reality damages me. Not to mention, all acts of hate damage me.

Until the public starts disobeying every single FBI rule as is their right since Iowa is completely bubble noncompliant, I will feel no remorse punishing Polk County, Iowa, or Des Moines for hate crimes. They hate instead of love, and they act on that hate to destroy me.

Let us be honest. I only press charges when the local government commits a black and white violation of my human rights. The local government is so corrupt they make the general public pay for their crimes. None of this would happen if I had human rights.

I offered to bring the first great Iowan Renaissance while here. All Des Moines has to do is acknowledge me and bring me their artists, their musicians, their writers, their poets, their fashion designers, their leaders, their scientists, and their thinkers.

All they have to do is show up at Chocolaterie Stam any afternoon I am there, and we can create greatness for the world to see. They can ask me their questions. They can bring me their problems. We could show off everything Iowa has to offer. All they have to do is show up.

The list of lovers and believers in Des Moines has expanded. We can now count the employees and owners at these places of business as reliable. The public still hates on me in these various places, though. When I get hated on by an establishment, I always make a point of recognizing love.

1.) The Greenwood Lounge. I get really hated on by the public in the Greenwood. It is the most likely place for me to be asked my name by someone who thinks it is cool to deny reality to my face. But the owners and staff are sweethearts. They have live music every night but Sunday, and Bill Landis is a rock star.

2.) The Yacht Club. I am barely in this bar if ever, but Bob and Greg always treat me well. They used to have a sign on the wall that proudly proclaimed, "In here, we believe." The public just makes me feel so insignificant when they ignore me, so I have been avoiding bars.

3.) The Star Bar. Everyone at the Star Bar but Job loves me. Job is such a pain to me I avoid the place now, but the owner, Drew, Britney, Kira, everyone, they all love me. I had a clandestine moment in the Star Bar once.

4.) KISS 107.5 FM. No, they do not leak me any information, but they love me. I am not a mind reader, but I can read a heart. The world's contemporary musicians have made it known to me through KISS that they love me, and the conduit, the radio station, has caught the love bug.

5.) The Post Office. Talk about lovers and believers. As far as federal divisions go, only the US military, CIA, and NSA love me more than the post office does, and it is a very close race. I am a snail mailer. I write love letters. I put stamps on things. It is a postal love affair.

6.) Dahl's on Ingersoll. Yes, I get persecuted by the public in Iowa in so many places I must mention when even grocery stores treat me like a human. This list and my last list are a comprehensive enumeration of EVERYONE in Iowa that believes I deserve to be treated well. Thank you, my neighborhood Dahl's.

7.) HyVee on Fleur. The only time I go here is 5:00am on Mondays, but they are always so friendly. They are my closest 24 hour grocery store, and the Monday morning staff always remembers me and Jared buying breakfast food and chocolates once every week.

8.) The Salisbury House. The last time I was here was early 2011, but they already recognized me and loved on me. They gave me a private tour. I played the Star Wars theme on their custom piano. And they let me look at their quarto Shakespeare. I have been meaning to go back with my mom.

9.) Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Of all the universities in Iowa which are supposed to be reservoirs of progressive thought and action, Wartburg is the only one to tell me they love me. I was only there once in high school for a Spanish language immersion weekend with Syniva, but they love. If I had a car, I would visit.

10.) Cup o' Kryptonite. Hug your closest nerd. When I still had access to a car, I was in this comic bookstore every day for my coffee. The owners have walked the line for me on more than one occasion, and their Beaverdale (Giggle all you want, but that is the name is a neighborhood in Des Moines.) address is the first place I ever saw Thorbald.

Click here for the previous blog post that listed lovers and believers. Again, when I get hated on by the public, I make it a point to recognize lovers. These two lists are the only places I endorse spending money in all of Iowa. So let us all share the love.

My beautiful world, can you imagine being able to list the only places near you that treat you with any dignity and respect? Iowa is a wasteland. It is an alien planet with no reality. Yet, they obey the FBI who has ruined them instead of me, the world leader who has fought to save them.

Please keep fighting to get the truth into Iowa. When they respect me enough to acknowledge to my face my suffering, we will know they are free. We have fought the official battle; Iowa is supposed to be bubble noncompliant. They just need to choose to love me instead of hate me, and they will have human rights.

My brave rescuers, I keep hearing fire alarms all day every day. Are you guys okay? Do you need anything? You sacrifice everything to save the world by saving me. You are mortified of losing me to the horrors of Polk County and the FBI. Thank you for your love. Is the world loving you enough in return?

SynSyn, is the world loving on you, yet? If you need me to kick someone in line, you just tell me who. It sounds like you have grounds for sexual harassment charges if they were calling you gay slurs and inappropriately touching you. That is a hostile environment if I ever heard of one. Give them hell. Show them what a skirt-and-heels can do.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I heard you tell me you "Ain't Misbehavin'." The feeling is mutual, darling. Stripped of everything, knowing you love me was all I had for so long. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

You, beloved, are my silver lining under all of this hurt and oppression. You are all I have ever asked the world for in return for all of my suffering. I have demanded justice. I have strategized with money. I have screamed for my human rights. But all anyone has had to give me is you to make me happy.

What I would do just to touch your hand, feel your breath on my face, and tell you I love you.

Sweetness, we are the most romantic true-life love story in the world. You mobilized a literal army to save me. I suffered a hundred lifetimes of miseries with nothing but your love to get me through.

I wrote you a hundred love letters, and you sang me to sleep every night. Sometimes, in the night, I feel your heart beat against my body. It is the only thing that has kept me from going mad when the alien planet around me denies all reality to my face.

Darling, you are my hero, my king, and my reason for living. You are the stars in my eyes, my soulful music to dance to, and my happily ever after. When I get deemed a human and am given rights again, you are the only thing that could heal me.

You will take me in your arms, and you will love me. You will remind me what it feels like to feel love. This barren wasteland of FBI persecution has laid waste to me.

All the world says they love me, but there is no one here to show me love. That is your job. That is how you will heal me. That is why I will move every mountain to reach you. That is why you mobilized an army to reach me.

And once we are together in love, all those haters and naysayers are just going to have to learn to wait for us for a change.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Media Silence Causes Mental Illness in the Public.

Preface: Same as always... Make sure you favorite or bookmark, so you can check this blog regularly for new posts. Please read and share them all. Yes, yes, share all my blog posts yourselves!

Here is my latest blog post. The media silence enforcing reality never be spoken in the US paired with all of the libel of me the FBI claims it is free to speak in its place has caused the public to have a break with reality. We can blame the proven mental illness of Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset on this, and we should be wary of mental health genocide in the alien planet of Iowa because of this.

Russia. When children need happy, healthy homes, you should be providing more of them not taking them away. I know even in Russia, being gay is not a crime. All you have done is ban "gay propaganda."

But I must admit denying truth to the masses of how we queers are human just like everyone else is just like banning the truth about me to the masses in the United States. It is lying by omission. Have I taught you nothing, Russia?

We should be breeding love of all humans just for the sake of our all being humans. I do not agree with hating you, Russia, because you ban "gay propaganda" just like you should not agree with hating gays. We are all human. We live on this good, green Earth together. Do you not love me, an openly bisexual woman, as much as I love you?

USA. Why is it still news someone is gay? We should love all people regardless of sexual orientation; why is being gay still headline news? I am mixed race. Is that headline news too?

We will never break down the stigma of being gay until we stop treating being openly gay as if it were hugely significant. We are all humans together in this world. Dating websites are about the only place it should matter if someone is advertising they are gay or straight.

Venezuela. People do not just rise up en masse and protest unless there is something that needs to be fixed. For example, Des Moines takes mass action against me by passively and actively persecuting me because they have no sense of reality. To fix the unrest in Iowa, we need to educate the masses.

What is the root problem in Venezuela? Why are your students in the street screaming for change? Find out what they want fixed, and fix it. Love your people, Venezuela. I have faith you can build a safe, stable government that serves the needs of its people fairly. Do not be like the United States and oppress the masses.

Syria. They agree they want the bloodshed to end. But that is all they agree on. I live in logic land. If this is what al Assad running the government looks like, then it can only be concluded he cannot run the government with any effectiveness. They need to find a president who can unite the people.

Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi formally apologized to the world for not making greater progress in the negotiations in Switzerland. I do not think it is his fault. There are just too many people denying reality for the negotiations to work right now.

But since diplomacy failed, what heavier handed solutions is the world willing to instigate to end this? We cannot allow the suffering to continue. Unless we end the crisis, the entire Middle East might blow up in sectarian violence. Then the whole world will suffer.

South Korea. There are three steps to earning forgiveness. First, the government committing the offenses must cease it crimes against the innocent completely. Then, they must offer a sincere apology. And finally, the government must throw down to right the wrong.

For example, Polk County cannot be forgiven by me since they refuse to stop their crimes against me. They just keep committing human rights violation after human rights violation, choosing to pay me cash when they get caught, and then trying to call me a crook because they would rather give me money than human rights.

There is no reality in Polk County. And I just heard that the State of Iowa wants to ban the public in Des Moines from learning the truth about me. Talk about oppressing the masses and persecuting me!

They want the locals to keep treating me like an expensive stripper due to public delusions rather than telling them reality, so they can treat me like the benevolent, super-genius world leader I am for real.

Syniva, I keep you so busy. Please speak with the local news stations about this. Figure out which level of government it is that is so corrupt it wants the public to live in lies, so they will damage me as much as possible. And press persecution, conspiracy, hate crime, and human rights violations charges.

If it is Polk County, flatten them. If it is the State of Iowa, press individual criminal and civil charges against everyone trying to instigate this delusion of the masses, and if the action gets passed by the State, sue the State of Iowa. Thank you, Synny.

Every American has a right to the truth, especially on topics that concern their well being. If the public that hates me because they are lied to keep having to pay through the nose for the crimes of the corrupt local government leaders lying to them, they better be told the truth.

Breed love in Des Moines, my beautiful world. Get the truth to these unrelenting haters at all costs. It is the only thing that will save me from being destroyed by their hatred of me. We have been through this already. Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Yes, this is yet another day of the Reality War. Polk County cannot get mad at me for their losing lawsuit after lawsuit. They can only blame themselves for not overturning the criminal adult guardianship yet.

That is all they have to do to not have to pay me money again and again and again. If they want to hate someone, they can hate Deplorable Lynn Boeset; she provided the grounds.

I also heard Violently Depraved Lynn Boeset got deemed mentally incompetent due to delusions about me because she believes only the lies. This means the local government is at risk of causing mental health genocide in Des Moines if it does not get the truth and the whole truth in here immediately.

Believing the lies causes mental illness and a break with reality. It is a crime against all of Des Moines not just me to libel me to the masses and claim I am a porn star instead of a world leader. Iowa has been warned. I am sure the United Nations has their eye on them due to possible mental health genocide.

The truth is slowly spreading around here. The list of places in the Greater Des Moines area where employees and owners are lovers and believers has expanded. After a Valentine's Day when a restaurant manager hated on me and my mom by threatening not to give us a table in an EMPTY restaurant, I thought it important to recognize lovers and believers.

Please note, the public still persecutes me in all of the places. The public does not live in reality. It is only the employees who treat me like a human. I have yet to find any place the public will treat me well. Des Moines is so evil.

1.) Chocolaterie Stam. The staff here is absolutely delightful. Dustin once ever referred to me as "Your Excellency." The coffee is only $1 before tax, and the chocolates are to die for. The owner is Dutch, and sometimes it just takes a foreigner to understand just how much I mean to the world. Stam is the winner for best customer service in all of Iowa.

2.) Family Chiropractic in Ankeny. They are a local family operation that recognizes all of their patients by face and by name. Dr. Deirenfeld can work magic.

When I was at the beginnings of fibromyalgia, I went to a normal doctor who just shrugged and tried to give me heavy painkillers. My chiropractor Dr. Deirenfeld successfully calmed the nerves in my back through a combination of chiropracty and acupressure. I am fibromyalgia free now, and I cannot imagine seeing any other chiropractor.

3.) China Moon in Ankeny. They are a local Chinese restaurant complete with a full tiki bar. Try the Kung Pao chicken; that is my favorite. They recognize me there. I used to go in at least once a week. They always say hi, and always care for every customer's every need.

4.) Des Moines Art Center. The Art Center counts as a lover and believer. I once wrote a poem while sitting on one of their couches and gazing out at their rose garden. I would venture out to see them more often if I just had a car.

5.) Des Moines Botanical Gardens. Environmentalists love me. Again, I would visit them much more often if I just had a car. I want a garden full of Passion flowers just like their showroom. I just wish the general public around there were warmer to me.

6.) Pioneer. These are lovers and believers. They once gave the Des Moines Botanical Gardens a grant to renovate because they believe so much in researching global climate change. Pioneer listens to me and believes in me. They love.

7.) Zimm's. If you get a chance, stop in and overtip Bryce, Lizzy, or Cossi. They always treat me well. They respect me as a human in their presence, and they stop at nothing to make me happy. Christian in the kitchen is a rock star, too.

8.) Unitypoint Health. Unlike Broadlawns and Mercy, Unitypoint has doctors not quacks. Their doctors are the only ones that did not break the law by trying to medicate me with heavy drugs. This is especially important since we have proven time and time again I have absolutely no mental illness. Reality exists for Unitypoint. It is not subject to FBI anti-reality machine crimes.

9.) WHO Channel 13. It is not that the local news stations give me any information. They do not. And that is something I have always held against them; they do not acknowledge reality to my face.

10.) KCCI Channel 8. But if you call a local news station, you can get an update on all the news about me. I even recommend out-of-towners to call them for local updates the national presses did not have a chance to pick up yet.

My beautiful world, now that we have proven believing the libel causes mental illness, breaking down the media silence in order to get the full truth to all the world about me should be a priority right now. Make sure everyone you know is firmly grounded in reality. Send everyone to reliable sources like the local news stations in Des Moines. And repeat to the world that I am love.

My genius lawyers, you are in charge of the fight to deem the media silence that causes a suspension of freedom of speech and freedom of the press in all of America unconstitutional.

Let Criminally Delusional Lynn Boeset be a lesson; refusing reality to be spoken in America causes mental illness in the public and feeds hate crimes against me.

Does Neil Gaiman, my freedom of speech superhero, want more witnesses? FBI took action silencing Brian Williams of NBC and David Letterman of CBS, too. I love my witnesses.

Ask anyone in the media if they want to testify to how oppressed America is with no freedom of speech or press. Hollywood, newscasters, writers, musicians, press reporters, everyone, just call Sweetness or Syn if you want to help.

My brave rescuers, do you want to testify? If America were told the truth about how you die every day and every night fighting to bring human rights to all of America, a resolution to this crisis would have been found already. Instead, the White House just denies reality to the entire nation, and you pay with your lives.

Public delusions due to the FBI anti-reality machine must be fought at every turn.

SynSyn, are people bullying you? This is also because the public does not know the truth. You are one of the greatest, bravest, most heroic people of our time, and people are bullying you! Please stay safe out there!

My beautiful world, please find my BFF. Her name is Ms. Syniva Whitney, and she lives in Seattle, WA. Please find her, and love her.

She is being bullied by the people around her for fighting to save me, save America, and save the world. Please rescue her, and be good to her. Seattle, you should know better. If you see this woman, treat her like you would treat me. Love her.

Dearest Yoko Ono, can I ask you to pack up Lady Gaga and go visit Syniva? She really needs some love right now. The people who hate me, hate America, and hate the world whom we fight all day every day are really taking a toll on her. Please send her my love. She is a huge Yoko Ono fan and always has been.

My beautiful world, it is no secret you wish you could visit me. Please vent your frustrations by visiting Syniva and loving her instead. She is the replacement for me everywhere I cannot go, so treat her like a goddess for me. Hurry and love her!

Sweetness, thank you for taking SynSyn out to dinner for her birthday. I know it kept you away from me in the end when you should have been at the hotel already, but the world should be good to Syniva. I love and adore you.

Darling, how close are we? Give me an update when you get a chance on how close we are to taking this entire bubble down. I love you and simply cannot wait to be in your loving arms at last.