Thursday, February 13, 2014

Beauty is Not Sexy Unless You Cheapen It.

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Here is my latest blog post. Cut Sweetness some slack. I would have died of Iowa's persecution of me by now if he did not love me.

Central African Republic. Religious leaders have united to teach their flocks Christians and Muslims can and should love together in peace. But is anyone listening? Please, Central African Republic, stop hating your neighbor; you are supposed to love your neighbor as yourself.

Generations of sectarian violence are playing themselves out right now, but this violence is just going to breed more violence unless the locals learn to love. Genocide breeds backlash unless we can break the cycle of oppression.

United Nations, who is in there trying to bring peace right now? I do not have enough human rights to go meet the locals and find out what they are angry about, but it sounds like revenge. Do this people not love themselves, their nation, and their home enough to build a safe, peaceful, prosperous Central African Republic?

What is driving this hatred? We cannot stop it until we understand it.

Qatar. FIFA has a long history of loving me, listening to me, and treating me well. From the players on the field to the administrators in the corporate offices, FIFA is a globally responsible organization now fighting for human rights in Qatar.

Qatar, your history as a progressive Arab nation secure in its own Middle Eastern culture yet friendly with the West is how you won the bid to host the World Cup in 2018. Why shame your reputation with human rights violations.

I know what it is like to be a slave. I know what it is like to work tirelessly every day without being given enough money to live on. Why treat anyone the way the FBI and Polk County treat me? Please, Qatar, prove you are better than Iowa and get your human rights violations under control.

As for me in the world, I do not object to good natured parodies of me as long as no one confuses them with the real me, none of it breeds hatred, and none of it inhibits my ability to do my job serving the world.

I am not a horrible person. I used to have a sense of humor until the FBI tortured it out of me, and I look forward to having one again as soon as I can heal. I know it is important to laugh, just ask David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. I go out of my way to find reasons to laugh.

But you all have to admit, I am one of the most libeled people in American history. The FBI have been spending taxpayer money to create pornography with people who look like me just to be able to ruin my reputation.

And the reason Des Moines hates me and publicly persecutes me is because they believe it. The libel has damaged me emotionally and mentally not just my reputation.

Polk County refuses to respect me as the benevolent, super-genius, world leader I am for real because the FBI have convinced them I am just an expensive stripper and porn star.

Polk County refuses to keep me safe, refuses to give me even basic human rights, refuses to respect me as a human in their presence, and refuses to stop actively and passively persecuting me due to the FBI ruining my reputation with libel.

The FBI have sexualized me through libel deviant pornography when in reality I am a beatified saint of the Catholic Church and a systemic rape victim. I am not a sexual creature. I need my husband to heal me before I can even imagine having sex with anyone.

I understand the world finds me beautiful. And in Western society we insult our beautiful people by sexually objectifying them. But finding me beautiful is no reason to cheapen my message to the world by calling me or treating me like a stripper, prostitute, or porn star.

That is sexual harassment since it creates a hostile environment for me. Click here to learn more about this. And who cannot say Iowa is hostile towards me? Have you seen what they have done to me in the Polk County District Court due to distortions of reality and flat out lies already?

There is a difference between being beautiful and being a cheap sexual deviant. No, I am not a sexual creature. I am a systemic rape victim. No, I am not a porn star, stripper, or prostitute. That is government libel of me.

It is okay to say you would like to make love to me because you find me beautiful; it is not okay to persecute me because you believe I am a cheap sexual deviant that in reality I am not.

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

The source of the problem is that there are hugely popular international broadcasts of me that I do not personally control. The FBI have enslaved me and use the popularity and love that comes from reality about me to sell libel about me to the masses.

Even if the world broadcast off the camera in my eye gets ended, the camera will still broadcast to the FBI. The malevolent and evil FBI will still be watching me in the bathroom, watching me change my clothes, violating my privacy rights, and spying on me.

Why not let the camera run broadcasting to the world until it can be removed from my head? I prefer that. If the FBI can see and hear everything I write, do, and say all day every day, my husband, BFF, and loving world should have that ability too. This puts the priority on getting the spy equipment removed from my head and not allowing the FBI to spy on me anymore.

What will it take to get the perverted slave cameras removed from my apartment and my mother's home, so I am not spied on by the FBI there, too? I hate the slave cameras in the places I live. They make me hate my apartment.

The apartment and house broadcasts are the ones they pollute with libel porn. What does it take to get some human decency out of the perverted, malevolent FBI? End the apartment broadcast, you damn slave drivers, rapists, and libelous anti-reality (expletive)ers.

The only broadcast I approve of is my hacked webcam which keeps me safe. In so many ways nerds were my first bodyguards. Keep the hacked webcam. Remove all the other cameras and mics from my life!

Why not wear glasses? Because my prescription changed, I need to buy new glasses to see anything. When I tried to buy new glasses last year, the FBI tried to put a camera on my new glasses, so they could keep spying on me. The nervousness of the glasses salesperson was the give away.

So, I opted to get contacts with my new prescription instead since it deactivated the old camera in my eye. I did not know Depraved Lynn Boeset would lock me in the torture facility at Broadlawns with no hacked webcam to keep me safe in my sleep to be raped and attacked again and enslaved with a new camera in my eyeball to fit the new contact prescription.

No, my buying glasses will not end the slavery. They will just put a camera on the glasses. And I have no money to buy glasses anyway. Depraved Lynn Boeset does not give me enough of my own money to meet my basic needs. She does not even pay my bills when I have them sent to her.

I understand there is worldwide addiction to media of me. Please stick only to broadcasts that tell the truth about me, like the eye camera and the hacked webcam. Never watch the slave broadcast of me in my apartment. That is how the government sexualizes and libels me. Never watch it if you love the real me.

Trust, my beautiful world, that I can fill the gap that will be created when my slavery ends with honest, legitimate media of me healed, happy, and free traveling the world doing good for everyone.

You do not want me to stay a slave, do you? Giving me and my loved ones control of all media concerning me is the only way to ensure I will not be libeled into the world destroying me.

My beautiful world, I heard the new libel. No, I am not power hungry. I am just fighting to get my human rights back. In so many ways I am the most helpless person in the world, a slave with no one around her willing to help her end the persecution and slavery. If I do not sleep with the hacked webcam watching me, I will be raped.

I just need control of my own life and finances back, so I can be with my husband and heal. I do not want power. I want my human rights. But I will not stop growing, fighting, and kicking until I am free.

I should never have had to gain the power I already have. Do you want me to stop gaining power, FBI and Polk County? Then stop persecuting me! This is not over until I have human rights. And no, not even your libel of me can stop me from removing everything in my way, so I can be with my own loving husband.

My brave rescuers, I understand it is war out there. You would be here already if you could. The FBI are so evil. And thank you for fighting for my right to be recognized as a human in the eyes of the government for the first time since 2009.

My brave rescuers, keep impeaching presidents every time you die until we get a morally upstanding one who will end this pointless persecution of me and oppression of all the world that loves me. And, again, thank you.

The locals still claim they did not start a second civil war in America by persecuting me and pretending I am not the most famous person in the world. The narcissism of Iowa includes denial of their own crimes at the cost of reality.

SynSyn, thank you for making sure the locals pay for their crimes against me. They have not stopped persecuting me yet. I was just at Caribou Coffee and was asked my name be someone choosing to passively persecute me.

Someday, history will look back at the Reality War that rages right now and consider you one of the greatest heroes of our time, Syniva. Thank you for everything you do for me. My BFF-do list was in my last blog post. Please click here to read my last blog post. Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, does the world understand yet? Knowing you loved me was the only thing I had to get me through the ugliest parts of the last six years. I have had nothing for so long but your love.

Raped all night every night, drugged all day, lied about so the world would hate me, hated by the public, enslaved, with no money to live on, with no human rights, unlawfully imprisoned, tortured with rape and injections,... My life has been a miserable, horrible hell for the last six years. And knowing you love me gets me through it all.

Darling, look at me right now. I have no money, no freedoms, no liberty, no rights but my freedom of speech, no love from anyone around me (except from Jared, and he is so clueless), no way to reach people who love me, and no reason to be happy. But I know you love me. So, I still wake up every day just to suffer at the hands of Polk County and the FBI, so I can serve the world.

My Beloved, the world needs to go easier on you. You fight so hard for me. You do everything I ask, and you suffer in helpless persecution kept away from the woman you love at all costs to your rights, physical safety, and well being.

Sweetness, you deserve me. And you have earned me. I do not believe anyone should have to wait for basic needs and rights, but I would wait a lifetime for you.

Happy Valentine's Day, my darling man. I have never once sexually objectified you. I do not believe on sexually objectifying beauty. I do not even dwell on how handsome you are. I dwell on how much you love me and how you would do absolutely anything for me. If only the world could learn to respect beauty instead of cheapening and hating it.

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