Friday, February 28, 2014

Reality War

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Here is my latest blog post. Sometimes big problems can easily be fixed by one loud person stating something obvious. Large amounts of power, just like large amounts of money, reveal the inner core of the people who possess them. If you could save the world, would you?

This is my second blog post today. Thank you for keeping up.

We need to stop distracting America away from discussing the proven crimes of Polk County and the FBI. The FBI anti-reality machine and the local haters keep flooding the world with is-it-real-is-not-real debates about me to distract people away from the proven reality of their human rights violations and totalitarian oppression of all of America.

Put your foot down world. Make the libel stop. It is destroying the me, you, America, and the entire world. Stop letting the FBI and Polk County distract you with is-it-real-is-not-real debates about me, and just go after Polk County and the FBI, the proven villains destroying America.

Polk County and FBI, you cannot libel me to take the blame off yourselves for human rights abuses. You constantly pay me money because you constantly break the law.

Polk County, you have always had the choice to give me human rights instead of large checks for copious amounts of money, but you would rather steal from your taxpayers to support your hate crimes against me than do anything humane, moral, or legal.

Polk County keeps supporting the bubble, and the bubble is a crime against the entire world including against the people of Polk County. No one ever tells me anything. The culprit is the FBI bubble. People have been causing pain in my name. How am I supposed to stop it if I am not allowed to know about it?

I condone civil disobedience to bring freedoms, liberties, and human rights, but that is the only law-breaking I believe in. Some laws are blatantly unconstitutional and un-American, like the executive orders that created and enforce the bubble, and they were created to be broken and overturned.

But I just learned tonight that people who claim they love me have been hurting people in my name. That is not a sign of love for me. Peacefully breaking the illegal laws of the bubble and acknowledging me to my face and being good to me is a sign of love for me.

But breaking constitutional laws to attack people just creates hate in the world. It makes people hate me if you do it in my name. I am an established loving, peace-mongering pacifist. If you love me, you will love the world. You will only break the law to commit acts of love for people, and you will teach people to love not hate.

If I inspire you to rebel, do so by peacefully disobeying the bubble. Exercise your freedom of speech. Acknowledge reality. Tell me my name when you meet me for the first time, and treat me like a benevolent, super-genius world leader. Do not attack people or commit acts of violence against people creating more hate in the world.

If you are one of the people who has sullied my name and reputation as a lover and pacifist by committing acts of cruelty, you can apologize to me by converting haters into lovers with facts and love, carrying me to my rescuers, creating a cycle of love in my name, discrediting libel about me by disseminating facts and love to the public, or defying the bubble to my face.

I have no idea who you are. I have no idea what you did that is so horrible. But the world needs more love. So if you want to serve me as I serve the world, commit acts of love instead.

Personally, I blame libel about me for anyone anywhere thinking I would ever want pain inflicted in my name. Perverting reality creates violence. The reality about me screams peace, love, and understanding. There is no way to confuse my pure message to the world. The FBI anti-reality machine must be the culprit.

Tonight after I posted my last blog post this afternoon, the libel alarm went off again. My beautiful world, I need your help fighting the Reality War. Whenever you hear libel of me, trace it to its source and publicly call out the liars. Use true honesty to fight the lies. Give me the details, so I can officially set the record straight. And report the libel to Syniva, so she can press criminal and civil charges against all the culprits.

The FBI anti-reality machine just keeps distorting the truth to make people hate me, to create a hostile environment for me, to excuse their heinous human rights abuses of me as if anything ever could justify human rights abuses, to make people take action to destroy me, to convince people who love me to commit violent acts in my name, to ruin my holy reputation, to prevent me from being able to do my job effectively serving the world, and to keep the public under their oppressive and tyrannical freedom-of-belief violating totalitarian control.

We need to put an end to the practice of lying about me, so we can bring peace, freedom, and love back to the world. Put your foot down, world. Make the libel stop. It is destroying me, you, America, and entire world.

My beautiful world, I have made absolutely no sense out of anything you have been saying to me. The mean things people have been saying about me must be completely detached from reality.

Telling people to stand up for their rights under the totalitarian oppression of the FBI is not "agitation." It is "activism." You cannot deny we are all oppressed. And acknowledging me to my face is a peaceful way to bring freedom and liberty back to America.

I also harass no one, and there is a camera and mic in my head to prove it. But Polk County, Criminal Boeset, and everyone in the public who hates me enough to obey the FBI harass me. We have years of court records to prove this.

My brave rescuers, I make an exception for you. First of all, you act only in your own names and not in mine. You have also declared official war against Polk County, the FBI, and the White House. The only acceptable place for acts of violence is the battlefield and self-defense.

My brave rescuers, you are trying to exercise your Supreme Court-upheld basic human and Constitutional rights to assemble and associate with me, and the FBI are murdering you to be able to continue committing human rights violations against me. I understand your situation.

I hate war, and I hate violence. But I understand why you do what you do. I understand how it is a sign of the world's love for me, and you know I always try to protect you from dying.

SynSyn, as I type this on Friday night, the fire alarm just went off. Please take all preemptive action necessary to keep me safe. I am sorry to ruin your weekend. What are the lies they are using to persecute me this time?

When will I be kept safe from the proven corrupt Polk County District Court? Please, Syn, get an injunction from the federal courts this time to forbid Polk County from ever committing a crime against me again.

Sweetness, I love and adore. Please see if Syn or my rescuers need any help. You fight for me unrelentingly. There is so much good work I need help with. Thank you for everything. I long to touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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