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Here is my latest blog post. I am not shy; I am en extrovert. I love people, and I wish the public would treat me respectfully. You may be confused by how much humility I have. I sure do not walk around like I run the world, but that does not mean anything. I am one of the most powerful people in the world. Iowa, would you rather not be my friend?

Syria. Claiming I could not make a dent in the Syria crisis if I had enough human rights to go to the talks is libel. Look at everything I have already accomplished bringing peace, love, logic, and understanding to the world. Now, imagine me able to actually meet with people instead of working in the dark with an internet connection.

These are not delusions of grandeur. This is reality, the very reality Iowa denies just so they can persecute me, torture me, imprison me, enslave me, and abuse me longer. I have absolutely no mental illness. So end that libel right now.

SynSyn, press charges against EVERYBODY who claims I have a mental illness for libel and persecution. They inhibit my ability to do my REAL job of REALLY loving and serving the world.

Click here to read the entire previous blog post.Syn, it is libel cut and dried to claim I am "mentally incompetent," "mentally disabled," or "seriously mentally impaired." Please take care of those details for me.

It is also libel to claim I have a mental illness. Yes, I do have nightmares of being injected, imprisoned in psych wards, and raped, but I only have those nightmares when tortured with injections. That solitary, non-chronic symptom is not enough to diagnose me with PTSD.

I have no flashbacks. I have no violence. I have no paranoia. I only have nightmares and only have those nightmares under certain extreme circumstances. As long as I am not tortured, I do not have the solitary symptom of mental illness. That is not enough to diagnose me with PTSD. I have no mental illness.

As long as the courts are willing to acknowledge it is illegal to call me mentally incompetent, mentally impaired, and mentally disabled, I understand my being called mentally scarred.

But I am mentally scarred from being called mentally ill. To allow Polk County or anyone for that matter to call me mentally ill is to justify their torturing me, raping me, unlawfully imprisoning me, stealing my human rights from me, and persecuting me.

I do not have enough symptoms to have a mental illness; I am just scarred from being treated like I have a mental illness for so long. It is just nightmares, and they are not chronic.

My brand which is the only reason I am capable to do the good work I do in the world is of a strong, healthy, genius mind. To call me anything else is to libel me and endanger the good word I do all day every day.

Please ask the courts to be good to me, Syniva, and take away everyone's ability to libel me with mental illness. All such claims have ever done is damage me. And the world needs to do more instead to keep me safe. Thank you, Synny!

Despite all of our court successes mandating no one ever treat me like I have a mental illness ever again, the FBI anti-reality machine is still claiming I am insane, so they can keep persecuting, torturing, starving, and imprisoning me.

My identity is under constant attack by the criminal terrorist organization the FBI's anti-reality machine. Never believe the FBI lies. In reality, I am an innocent, sane, sweet, charming (when not insulted to my face), beatified saint of the Catholic Church, recognized princess of Spain, and benevolent super-genius dedicated to helping and serving the world.

I am a social drinker who has two or three drinks once a week. My Myers-Briggs personality type is ENTP. And I am a devoted wife to The Mr. Johnny Depp; it has been so long since I have had sex my lady parts have cobwebs. I do not make pornography, and I NEVER have deviant sex.

Most pertinently, I am an inkslinger. I write, and it keeps me alive. These are my trophy case links.

1.) Infamy. Click here to listen to my first audiobook. I wrote Infamy in 2007, recorded it myself, and put it on Podiobooks.com in 2008. I started trying to make recordings while I was in my rented bungalow on the island of Nuku Hiva in January 2008, and that is how the wonderful Evo Terra first started talking to me.

I blushingly admit people have called me a bit of an Oracle because of the content of Infamy. It started for me as a writing exercise. What if all of my delusions as a temporary schizophrenic had been reality? And I took some time in it to explore ideas of liminality. This of course begs the question: Did I really have temporary schizophrenia, or did I see the future?

2.) The Penumbra. This link to The Penumbra includes a link to hearing me read the final two thirds of the manifesto. Click here to read it. I admit this is a little out of date, now. I wrote it one afternoon at Caffe Trieste in North Beach in July 2009 after spending some time researching at the main San Francisco Library.

The Right to Knowledge section was my argument that I had a right to know why I was a slave and that I had a right to know why I was raped every time I slept. I should really edit it to explain why America has a right to knowledge of reality concerning me and knowledge of our collective violated Constitutional rights.

We have a right to freedom of the press, and we are all owed an explanation, apology, and resolution to this human rights crisis. Why are we forbidden by the executive branch from knowing who the president is for real right now? Why is it law we must be lied to by the government? We have a right to knowledge.

3.) Past projects. Here are some odds and ends of various writing projects I have started, finished, and mastered over the years. Click here to read examples of my work.

My poetry and prose used to be much more prolific. Ask any professional writer, author, or poet if he or she could write anything at all with a camera in an eyeball broadcasting every single word and edit, and you will understand why I pretty much just blog for immediate consumption now.

Sweetness understands music is my tonic, but the written word is my way of life. That is why he is a publisher now.

4.) Poetry. Click here to read the entire previous blog post. My beautiful world, I wrote this one by hand sitting in a taqueria in Mexico City in less than ten minutes in February 2010 while eating bistec and nopales tacos. My theory is that Shakespeare used iambic pentameter because most of us have ten fingers.

My First Letter to David Tennant

And when the world of manly tragic plans
decides the path of sleeping hero fires
or sparks a light for songs in people's hands
above our heads to sway to ballad pyres,

Orwellian creatures snorting lines of lies
and beating, bashing, horrid ways to rule,
unpleasant planet waits for helping ties
to labor fruitful plowman's growth uncruel.

But when a girlish girlie lady weeps
the loss of freedoms promised for the land
where once so proud a people spoke of deeps
of water climbing heights above the sand,

Beware the truthless contract terrorists
made writ with blood of screaming termless fists.

And if you think that poem was tapped out on my fingers in a rush, you should see how quickly I wrote my first sestina of love for my HoneyHoney in 2009.

All my Davids... I asked David Tennant to collect my non-romantic poetry anthology for me. So, whenever I pen a new non-romantic poem, I send him a snail mail version. I hope he has also spoken to David Eggers. I backed up all of my poetry files one day in an email to the publication McSweeney's.

5.) Love letters. I lost count in 2010 how many love letters I have written to my darling husband. If I had a way to keep them private, I would write more of them today.

According to the US Constitution, I am supposed to have protection from the government prying into my business and personal papers, but human rights do not apply to me in America. Click here and read Amendment IV.

Now that I write to Sweetness at the end of every blog post, I "exorcise from my spleen" every word I am inspired to publicly say to him. But nothing beats paper full of I-love-yous, so I still write him snail mail when the mood suits me. I just wish I could talk to my own husband in private sometimes.

My public I-love-yous are pretty popular. Click here to read the first chapter of Bernadette was in Love. And, of course, click here to read Sweetness's 2013 Christmas gift from me. They are both clearly fiction, and if I just had a way to keep them private until published, I am sure I could finish one.

My beautiful world, I have no privacy; I am a slave. I have no human rights but my freedom of speech. And I am the only person in all of America with freedom of speech intact. The entire nation and even the entire world that broadcasts into America is universally silenced right now, so the executive branch can carry out its campaign of deceit.

Reality is forbidden in America right now.

SynSyn, thank you for keeping my good name and reputation sacred. They are the only reason I can do my job serving the world. Justice against the FBI anti-reality machine and progress towards delivering actual reality to the masses should not be this difficult. And according the George Orwell, "In a time of universal deceit-- telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Thank you for being revolutionary.

My brave rescuers, there is nothing more revolutionary than you. You are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for keeping impeaching presidents until we get one with morals who will take the bubble down. Impeach for disobeying Supreme Court rulings, murdering you, and persecuting me every time any one of you dies at the hands of the FBI. Let us drum the corruption out of the White House!

Sweetness, I already said it, but I will say it again. I plan on spending years with you making babies and living as intimately as possible before ever considering living in the White House. I can likely serve the world better by not being president, and 2016 belongs to Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio as far as I am concerned.

Darling, I will never ask you to sacrifice your career for mine. I know you talk about retiring, so you can support me as I serve the world. But you can still dedicate yourself to at least one film a year. I can spend a month or three in your trailer with an internet connection once a year. Never take your artistry away from the world.

Besides, Beloved, I have a fantasy of writing for you. I am an inkslinger, after all. Also, who did you plan on making the Nora to your Nick but me when you procured the rights to remaking the Thin Man? Yes, I would love to make the Thin Man with you. Thank you for asking. I love and adore you.

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