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Gung Hay Fat Choy!

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Here is my latest blog post. I always fancied myself a bit of a landscape photographer. Iowa is choosing not to believe, so they can keep hating and persecuting me. We start with Happy Chinese New Year!

China. Friday was the start of the Chinese New Year! Gung Hay Fat Choy, my beautiful world! It is officially the year of the horse, now! Fireworks! Fireworks! Fireworks!

Switzerland. There must be more I can do. But I am stuck shackled to Iowa. Evil Polk County is feeding global conflict and preventing the world's peace process.

France 24 or CNN, can you write all encompassing articles after interviewing each party represented and asking them what each of their sets of goals are for the talks? I cannot help without more information.

I fear I cannot help Syria from Iowa. I need to go to Geneva. I need to meet all the representatives. I need to talk to everyone, so I can find a solution that makes as many people happy as possible.

Please do not let these talks fall apart before real progress is made.

Central African Republic. If Muslims are finding refuge in Catholic churches, the conflict in the Central African Republic does not belong to the masses. It is not the public fighting holy wars. The conflict belongs to warring religious factions.

France, are you in the Central African Republic? Is anyone else in there with you? You need to bring the understanding of the masses that the religions should not be fighting to the leaders of the warring factions. Peace talks that include peacemongering religious leaders for guidance are the best way to do this.

Do you remember what I said in my last blog post about this conflict? The religious leaders do not want the war. We need them to exert their influence over the warring factions. France, can you help with the local diplomacy?

Ukraine. Torture. War crimes. This conflict cannot be solved with more oppression, Ukrainian government. I understand your president is out on sick leave right now, so who in the government is working on peace?

Will the opposition accept meeting the EU's terms for joining the European Union in return for keeping the current leadership in place? If you start serving your people's wishes, Ukrainian government, will they allow you to stay? Please be serious in your talks and find real resolutions. People cannot govern democracies without the blessing of the public.

Italy. Ms. Knox, are you innocent or guilty? If you are innocent, you should stay free, and if you are guilty, you should go to prison. I have not sat in any of the hearings; I have no way to judge myself. But I have read your official statement, and I am dismayed.

In this statement you say you were "found" innocent before and then you criticize the justice system that found you innocent the last time. You do not say you "are" innocent; you just criticize the courts on their fact finding mission.

Ms. Knox, you have not suffered double jeopardy like I have, and you have not suffered like I have. The courts are just going through their normal appeals process, so just keep appealing. And trust the courts to find the truth.

The Italian courts do not sound corrupt. They have nothing to gain from making controversial and difficult rulings against you. Try helping the courts see things your way instead of getting in their faces and insulting them. You need these courts to like you, Ms. Knox.

I have traveled to Italy before. When I did my study abroad to the Universita Karlova in Prague, CZ the summer of 1998, two big things happened to my roommate Megan. She got engaged in our laundry room that summer, and her parents bought a vineyard in Tuscany that summer.

After that study abroad, Megan went to law school at Columbia in New York City. She celebrated her graduation from law school by hosting her closest friends at her parents' vineyard for a week in 2002. I remember amazing food, great friends, and a lot of Chianti reservé.

When I still had enough human rights to travel the world, I was a bit of a landscape photographer. It is strange to say this with a camera in my eyeball, but I miss being behind a camera. The world was my photogenic oyster before 2009.

Here are a few of my highlights...

This is my mom if the foreground and my little sister Tylia out on the beach in Hawaii. We had just found a tide pool near the old Russian Fort on Kauai.

I spent my 32nd birthday alone at Yosemite National Park. I had just broken up with Viggo Mortensen, so I did all of the driving to and from the park through the mountains in the rain myself. Do you still have footage of that drive home?

I remember taking this photo from the inside of the great pyramid at Chichen Itza on the Yucatan peninsula. Do not let Vinesh Jha pretend he took this photo. He did take some great photos of me in the jungle, though.

This one is from Macchu Pichu. The best time for travel photography is sunrise and sunset. Light is at its best then. I love to travel. It used to be my way of life.

In January 2008, I considered getting a work visa and moving to French Polynesia. I was offered a few while I was there. But Syniva had a major medical emergency while she was in Chicago studying for her MFA at the School of the Art Institute. So, I dropped everything to move there to help her, support her, and be with her. My BFF is worth it. This is what I gave up.

I am not bad with a camera, but I definitely belong behind them not in front of them. Cameras also do not belong in my eyeball broadcasting the minutia of my life. Do you remember the novel writing sketch by Monty Python?

That is what my life feels like but with an FBI anti-reality machine libeling everything I do all day with lies. For example, I had two drinks last night, my only drinks all week, and the FBI libeled me as a drunk.

FBI are libelous (expletive)s. Never believe them. Syn, press charges! Such lies prevent the world from loving and trusting the honest me and inhibit my ability to do my job serving humanity.

The FBI just keep libeling me successfully making the world hate me, broadcasting me in the bathroom, and making my should-be-hidden nipples national coverage.

In so many ways I have no idea how I became a sex symbol. I have the body type of Tommy Lasorda, put on eyeliner (and typically no other makeup) like a pirate, and have teeth yellower than canary in the noon day sun.

Technically, I know why. The FBI wanted to sex me up, so they could sell watching me in the privacy of my own home, excuse raping me, and discredit me as an intellectual. But I have never wanted to be viewed as sexy by anyone but Sweetness, and no, I do not allow even him to treat me like an object.

The FBI have spent so many taxpayer dollars creating so much pornography of people who look like me to ruin my good name with that the government is $17 trillion in debt already. To be fair, a lot of that money was spent waging the FBI's civil war against my rescuers, but the FBI is very much invested in making me look like a woman (and in some cases a man) I am not.

Why would you let them win? Why would you allow the criminal terrorist organization the FBI brand a loving, genius, Earth mother symbol as some sort of cheap hooker? Where do ads like this come from? Have I not suffered enough?

I know I spend a lot of time out in bars drinking plain coffee, using the wifi to get work done, and trying to make friends with locals. But that does not make me a drunk! I am no stripper! I am no hooker! I am a slave not a porn star! My nipples are NOT for you to look at!

My beautiful world, you keep asking me to go out to the bars to socialize. My apartment is a death trap when my bodyguard is not home. I understand this. I do not resist going to bars because of potential FBI libel; the FBI does not have my permission to control me. But too many locals hate me.

I just sit in the bar ignored or, if they talk to me, insulted. Teach the locals how to behave around me, and I will go out more often. Maybe I will even dance.

Yes, my darling beautiful world, I understand getting reality beaten into the heads of the locals is easier said than done. They are choosing not to believe. So, stop giving them a choice. Crank up the global pressure and force Iowa to believe. It is all we have to make me safe here.

I have said it so many times. The locals will choose to be narcissistic (expletive)es that believe they and their false reality are more important than acknowledging me until the media silence in broken. Please. Just acknowledge me openly and on camera, my beautiful world. I need your love to reach me.

After all, my heroic Hollywood, why keep obeying the FBI at this point? When will America stop tolerating this blatant oppression, rise up, and take our nation back? The only reason the FBI feel like they can get away with everything from systemically raping me to stranding the public in the cold and never be punished for it is because of the media blackout.

My beautiful world, I need a hero. The FBI will never admit they lost and stop their crimes against me and the entire nation until they have to answer to the public. What will it take to end the media silence on all things concerning me? When will you finally say enough is enough, world media, and save me?

American Media, I need a hero to acknowledge me publicly, ride the fallout all the way to Supreme Court, and get freedom of speech and freedom of the press back for all of America. Just like my rescuers who acted to rescue me and got freedom of assembly upheld by the Supreme Court, I need heroes to similarly speak up to save me and all of America.

Everyone is capable of being my hero, but who WANTS to be my hero? Who is willing to be my big bad wolf and blow the pigs' house of cards down? Iowa refuses to acknowledge me until the media silence is broken. The FBI will refuse to be held accountable and admit defeat until the media holds them accountable.

As impossible as it sounds, there might be people left in America who do not know about all of the suffering and sacrifice of my rescuers...
Please click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Iowa is going to refuse to accept reality and continue to live in their convenient false reality where they are not war criminals until you get reality onto the television and force them to swallow it. We need to make Iowa lovers and believers, so the public can keep me safe. For more on this, read this blog post all over again.

They are just going to keep going out of their way to harm me, insult me, destroy me, persecute me, and ignore me until they kill me if we cannot get Iowa to swallow the reality pill. It is not that Iowa is delusional and self-important. They are just bad people choosing to hate rather than believe.

Did you hear me, Iowa? We could make Whitman together, but you are choosing not to have a renaissance. The rules do not apply in Iowa. You are officially bubble-noncompliant, but you are choosing to hate me, persecute me, and damage everyone in the world including yourselves rather than believe in me.

Bring me your talented! Play me your music. Send me your writers. Show me your fashion. Give me your thinkers to work with! You are bubble-noncompliant. Let us get this renaissance kicked off!

Stop being haters, Iowa! And stop feeding the FBI ant-reality machine. Get the speakers out of your heads, and come back to planet Earth.

Diane Sawyer, Scott Pelley, and Brian Williams, please make sure your local ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates are completely up to date with EVERYTHING about me. And I mean EVERYTHING.

My beautiful world, instruct Iowans to call their local news stations to find out what is and is not real about me. And please keep the local news sources including the Des Moines Register up to date. The locals cannot speak in Universal Squid Code, so they need people to sit down with them and say it all in plain English.

Did you hear me, Iowa? Call WOI, KCCI, WHO, or The Des Moines Register and educate yourselves!

The world wants you back, Iowa. All you have to do is return to reality. Why choose to be backwater hicks when you could choose to keep up with the world instead? No, despite your insistence, Iowa, my dying rescuers are not all in my head!

My brave rescuers, you keep dying, and I hate that. The FBI anti-reality machine is trying to blame me for all of your deaths. I may just let that one slide. I carry the burden of knowing you die for me. I never asked you for any of this, and I do everything I can all day every day to end this human rights crisis through peaceful means.

But every single one of you whom we have lost haunts me. I know I will spend the rest of my life making the world worthy of all who have sacrificed. You are my rescuers, and I will never disown you or all you fight for.

Please tell me, my brave rescuers, that since you are still dying you are also still impeaching presidents. Do not stop until you find us one worth keeping. Find us a president who will end the war, save the world, and give me back my full human rights. And thank you.

SynSyn, thank you, too. Your work seems never-ending sometimes. Polk County has had since December 2010 when I arrived in Des Moines to overturn ALL of its persecution rulings concerning me past and present. Press charges against them again.

This time, press charges against them for waiting too long before obeying the federal and Supreme Court rulings concerning me thereby prolonging my unjust suffering under human rights violations, unbridled persecution, and proven hate crimes.

They have yet to obey the courts and give me my human rights back, and every day that goes by where I am shackled to Des Moines on the unlivable $100 a week is another day I spend as a persecuted slave instead of free and in Switzerland fixing the Syrian crisis.

Get Brahimi as a witness if you need to; you know he wants me there. While you are at it, see if Brahimi wants to press charges against Polk County, too! See if the Central African Republic wants to press charges! And the Ukraine!

Ask everyone in the world who needs my help (Global Climate Change officials included) to press charges against the FBI and Polk County until I have enough human rights to do my job. Does the Pope want to sue for emotional trauma because I was raped here?

I know the UK and Germany bare minimum have my back on this one. San Francisco, I was your free range golden goose while I was there, and Polk County is preventing me from going home and making your economy boom again; press charges. Hell, all of California, do you want me home or not?

SynSyn, there is more at stake here than just my physical, mental, and emotional well being. I care for the entire world. The entire world needs me. Tell my beautiful world every lawsuit will help, and Polk County cannot declare bankruptcy since all they have ever had to do is end their hate crimes and give me back my human rights to not have to pay the money.

Are you angry and frustrated, my beautiful world? This is your chance to take it out on the FBI and Polk County. Bring it. And do not let up until I have human rights in full.

Also, my beloved BFF, it is your birthday in a week. I wish I could be there. I also do not have your address anymore, so my mail for you is going to have to go to Sweetness first. This year should be better than the last few.

Sweetness, please take SynSyn and Will out to dinner for me for her birthday when you deliver her birthday card from me. You all mean so much to me. Make sure security is tight and buy her cake and champagne. Syn loves good champagne.

And, Beloved, I love and adore you. Your early Valentine's Day gift should arrive in West Hollywood today. I hope you get is soon. You are the only person in the world with my permission to find me sexy. Take advantage of that.

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