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My Response to Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address

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Here is my latest blog post. This is my response to Obama's latest propaganda speech, his 2014 State of the Union Address. I want the freedom to love Iowa, and I need to hear my husband tell me he loves me.

Central African Republic. Thank the heavens the world listens to me (even if Iowa is too belligerently hateful to ever heed this blog)! Yes, we can fix so many problems in this world if we can just make positive examples of Christians and Muslims doing good work for the world together.

There is no reason for wars between religions. Religions are meant to serve the people by offering help, hope, guidance, community, acceptance, faith, and love. Religions are supposed to give people something better than themselves to believe in. There is no reason for peaceful religions like Islam and Christianity to wage war.

Yes, Muslims and Christians, do good work for people everywhere together. Show off your love. Peace will follow.

Egypt. There are two sides to this debate. First of all, al Sisi obeyed the will of the people and ousted Morsi. He tried to set up a secular government until the elections could happen. And the military cleaned up the human rights violations by fixing the Constitution.

As long as al Sisi is willing to uphold and obey the new Constitution and not become a military dictator, I see nothing wrong with his running for president. He did not oust Morsi then declare himself president; he is going through the election and campaigning process. I think he can be trusted. I wonder who else will run.

Ukraine. If you love yourself, if you love your neighbor, if you love your nation, you rise up, and you make the world a better place. This is an article about a protester in the Ukraine who promises to stay until they have a victory for democracy.

The Ukrainian government listened to me. Thank the heavens they are more open and less oppressive than the FBI there. No problem cannot be fixed by oppressing the people more and killing more innocent people; the Ukrainian government has lifted its anti-protest policy. They have begun listening to their people.

May this be a sign of progress. I pray their talks yield results, less conflict, more government oversight, power to the people, and a better democracy. Thank you for listening to me, Ukrainian government. Now, make your people happy.

Tunisia. The new Constitution in Tunisia is a triumph for freedom of religion and women's rights. What a beautiful democracy! Today's news is world triumph after world triumph.

Women's rights are human rights. Do better than the United States. Do not enslave your women, sexualize us, rape us, sell us, and hate us.

Love your women. Educate your women. Invest in your women. And trust your women to shine.

Women are 51% of our population, my beautiful world. We are a resource. Educate us, so we can help our communities and nations. Why waste us?

Syria. Peace is addictive. On the local level in Syria, government and opposition forces have been creating truces and cease fires. Everyone is war weary.

I pray their leaders can also work out truces and cease fires at the talks in Switzerland, and I pray they sort out the leadership of Syria. No one wants this war anymore.

USA. America should be horrified. This sort of unconstitutional abuse of executive branch power, creating executive orders by going around Congress, is what built the bubble. This raging human rights crisis is nothing but executive orders. Obama, you were impeached for your executive orders! Stop (expletive)ing on America!

Tuesday night's State of the Union Address was delivered by a man impeached from being president already and who should not be creating any policies for America.

Barack Obama was impeached for raping me, selling me, enslaving me, libeling me, sexually harassing me, abusing me, and abusing his office to forbid the entire world from stopping him.

Why would anyone ever allow this (expletive) to create more policy particularly more unconstitutional executive orders? Barack Obama needs to be publicly castrated to save America.

Where is the media on this topic? Do you not have an obligation to tell the truth to America and the world? Have your revenge upon Obama for his abuses of you and your freedoms! Save America by telling the truth!

As for the speech itself, it was just Obama propaganda. He was desperate to make his time in office look like anything but America's worst human rights crisis ever. He wanted to make people love him and approve of him after spending his entire time on office enforcing a suspension of first amendment from the entire nation.

Notice, he did not even touch the debt crisis because he has been overspending by over $1 TRILLION every year just to be able to enforce oppression of all the nation. And he has been oppressing the entire nation, so he can keep raping and enslaving me.

Obama claimed he fixed the economy instead of admitting the normal cycle of the markets were laboring against his failed policies to right the boat. Besides, in so many ways, the economy is worse than when he took office.

More people are on food stamps total and percentage wise than ever before in the history of America. Everyone is underemployed. Income inequality is though the roof. Our allies have crippling sanctions on our exports and imports until I get full human rights, which the White House refuses to fix. And unemployment is still rearing its ugly head.

Obama started the policy of wasting me, and his policies have been wasting America. It has been six years of "Hope and Change," so this economy should be fixed by now. But instead it is worse, and America is also facing its worst human rights crisis ever.

Obama is the waste of an opportunity. After George W. Bush, America would have elected any Democrat who got the nomination. The first African-American president of the United States of America should have been a great man.

Instead, Obama is a failure. Obama is a murderer. Obama is a rapist. Obama is a torturer. Obama is a terrorist. Obama is a tyrant. Obama is a dictator. Obama is a slave owner. Obama is a warmonger.

Obama claims he is a hero for bringing our troops back from Afghanistan, but he has been warmongering on US soil. Obama started the second American civil war by oppressing the entire nation, persecuting me, and forbidding the entire world from fixing it.

The people in the US in the know are hugely disgusted with his time as president, and everyone else is brainwashed through his oppression. People with knowledge of his crimes against humanity have taken up arms to stop him and his followers. It is war out there, and Obama started that war.

I am a slave, and I have done more for America than Obama did as president. I have fought more poverty. I have inspired more technology. I have lead the people more effectively.

And I have actually lead the free world in every way Obama has failed to be a leader of anything but oppression. And I have done it as a slave on $100 a week with no human rights but my freedom of speech.

Obama's 2014 State of the Union Address was a symptom of his second greatest personality flaw, his vanity. Obama is addicted to the spotlight. He is desperate to brainwash America into loving him, so he can stay a celebrity forever. Obama should have stepped down when he was impeached.

Instead, when he saw impeachment coming, he decreed through corrupt executive orders that he would get two more years after being impeached to be the ceremonial head of America and dictatorially create policy illegally in order to "maintain the egg."

He always wanted to be a celebrity, so he bought himself two more years as a dictator to be able to destroy me and make the world hate me. So he can justify his bubble. And it is Obama's bubble enforced through his personal SS, the FBI.

If he can make the world hate me, he can justify enforcing media silence to stay in power by brainwashing the world into loving him. Obama is addicted to the spotlight.

I never asked to be in the spotlight. That is why I am always surprised with the strange topics that I have to address now that the world pours over the minutia of my life. No, I have never had a facelift.

This is me over twelve years ago on my 24th birthday:

This is me today at 36 years old:

I have changed naturally with age; I do not look the same. But Asians, in general, do not age. Have you seen my mother? Have you seen my sisters? I am Asian enough I age like a fine wine, but I am White enough it makes me look like a toy doll.

If you ever saw me live and in person, you would see it is obvious I am all natural. Besides, if ever in my life had enough money to get work done (and I never have), why did I not get a tummy tuck instead?

I have always thought that being in the spotlight would be less petty and childish. But I guess the FBI anti-reality machine is running out of lies it can convince the world of.

Try to concentrate on my good work in the world, and let me worry about my fat and ugly body and face. Okay? There are life or death concerns that need you attention instead.

As for life or death situations in Iowa, there is only one I know of. There is a man convicted of killing a Polk County sheriff's deputy who committed the crime of picking me up and bringing me to a torture facility to be unlawfully imprisoned, drugged, tortured, and persecuted.

Check my blog. My beautiful world declared war on Polk County, the White House, and the FBI. Iowa is a war zone. The Polk County sheriff's deputy died on the battle field after committing a war crime. It was not simple vigilante justice.

I pray the convicted deputy-killer's lawyers read this. Appeal all of the way to the federal courts. The Polk County district courts are proven corrupt and biased, but the federal courts should set him free. It is worth a try. I never leave a soldier behind.

How did it start with me and Polk County? Polk County calling me seriously mentally impaired and mentally incompetent started because they wanted to persecute me. They wanted to chain me to Iowa to be hated and persecuted with no human rights to make the FBI happy. There is no excuse for it.

It started as persecution; read the court transcripts. And it continues to this very day because of how much Polk County hates holy Spanish princess world leaders trying to save the world.

It is criminal obedience to blatant FBI terrorism and persecution of a holy world leader, and never believe Polk County lies that they destroy me in my own best interests.

How dare anyone claim they know better than I do what is in my best interests! What a load of blatant Polk County lies! I am the preeminent world expert on me. I better be consulted before any decisions are made concerning me, especially when the criminal terrorist organization the FBI are involved!

Furthermore, if the FBI wanted me dead, they would have killed me by now. FBI want me to turn evil to justify their bubble and want control of the public. Stop letting the FBI control you.

My beautiful world, the libel of the FBI anti-reality machine is why the locals hate me. If you could just get reality to the masses, you could trust the public to keep me safe. Knowledge of reality makes everyone a lover and believer.

No, I am not an expensive hooker. No, I am not a monster. I am a beatified saint, a royal princess, and an abuse victim who just wants her human rights.

Check your fairy tale encyclopedia. If a village chains a giant to its schoolhouse, the giant will keeping clubbing the village until she gets her freedom. If Iowa would just stop breaking all of their laws, find some vague sense of morality, and let me go, I could stop pressing charges against them for keeping me here just to be able to persecute and destroy me.

I want the freedom to love Iowa.

Iowa could make friends with me for the first time in my entire life if it would just give me my full human rights back, sincerely apologize for their bitter human rights violations, and respect me. But they have to stop being (expletive)holes for that to be possible.

Also, could you please check on Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Beyoncé, Adam Levine, Bruce Springsteen, Oprah, and David Grohl? I am worried I have done something to offend them or that the libel got to them. I am feeling some hatred coming from them, and I am wondering how to make things right between us.

I do not like being hated. Please ask them what I did and how I can fix it. They are just so supportive of that jack(expletive) Barack Obama who was impeached for raping me. Please do not leave anyone behind wallowing in Obama's web of lies, abuse, corruption, and deceit. Please tell me how to make them love me again.

Finally, my beautiful world, the FBI wanted me dead, they would have killed me by now. But they only have reasons to keep me alive. They fear my death. It would make me even more powerful over them.

It would make me a beloved martyr, and the FBI would never recover from the generations of backlash. I am too pure, good, and beloved to murder. Please do not obey the FBI, so I can stay my natural, beautiful self.

The FBI want to destroy me and turn me evil. They are laboring to force me to hate the world, so they can justify their bubble. They plan on persecuting me until I hate the world, and the world turns on me. So they, the FBI, can look like heroes for committing human rights violations against me.

Why else all the libel? They would not fear my death if the world did not love and adore me. Love me more, my beautiful world. And educate more people everywhere to love me, so the FBI can never kill me.

Look at Iowa. The FBI have such absolute control over Iowa making them carry out FBI orders to destroy me because Iowa hates me. Iowa believes the libel. If Iowa loved me, I would be immune from harm from Iowa.

The FBI are also playing a control game. They want tyrannical control of the public. Stop letting the FBI control you, my beautiful world. Do not do anything the FBI wants because they threaten me. Instead, make me safe from them and all the harm they wish on me.

Otherwise, the FBI will control you all into destroying me for them. You will make me hate you and all the world because you follow FBI orders, and the FBI will have succeeded at destroying me, making me hate the world, turning the world against me, and justifying their bubble.

Do not play the FBI's game, my beautiful world. Cut through all of their anti-reality mind games by just keeping me safe from them and all the harm they want for me. Fight the FBI. Never obey them.

My brave rescuers, Iowa still believes the FBI anti-reality machine and claims you are all in my head. Let that motivate you. You are real. You are angry. You are talented. And you love me.

My brave rescuers, do you have everything you need? Do you have food? Medicine? Heaters? Gasoline? Whatever you need, just ask my beautiful world to provide. I am constantly worried about you.

Did you find a president we can keep yet, my brave rescuers? Just keep impeaching them for murdering you, disobeying Supreme Court rulings, and persecuting me until we find a president willing to end the bubble.

I understand the rotating door on the Oval Office is the only thing allowing the impeached Barack Obama to keep creating policies, but it is still an important part of the fight. We need to find a president who loves America enough to end this immediately. Thank you, my brave rescuers.

Speaking of court action, SynSyn, keep your stiletto boot on the throat of Polk County until they overturn ALL of their persecution rulings concerning me past and present. Make them feel nothing but pain, pressure, and anguish until this criminal adult guardianship has gone the way of the dodo.

My finances are also a concern. My beloved BFF, arrest Mark R. Gray for embezzlement; talk to Kelly Yeggy about evidence. And arrest Evil Lynn Boeset for aiding and abetting the embezzlement and criminally mismanaging my finances.

The evil Mark R. Gray who serves the FBI not me took over $27,000 in attorney's fees from my personal finances last year for telling the probate court in EVERY hearing I am schizophrenic who does not deserve any human rights including no control of my personal finances. The court transcripts of every probate court hearing concerning me will bear this out, so subpoena them.

My mental health patient advocate for Polk County Kelly Yeggy whose card I already sent you sits on a treasure trove of evidence that Mark R. Gray actively persecutes me because he has a personal vendetta against me. He is a hater of my holiness... Just like Lynn Boeset who jumps on every chance she can get to torture, rape, unlawfully imprison, bankrupt, and starve me.

Finally, SynSyn, remember this? This is an issue finally. Click here to read the entire previous blog post...

SynSyn, once Social Security finally acknowledges I have absolutely no mental disability, which the FBI promises will be immediate, I will no longer have FBI-approved income inside the bubble... not that they ever approved of my having an income in the first place.

The FBI will make it impossible for me to have a job. For details on this, speak to Wizz and Mike at Amante in San Francisco. They were taken aside in 2009 and told by the FBI not to hire me as a bartender. They explained it to me as, "No one wants to see behind the bar."

They had a point, though. There are very few jobs that can be done with absolutely no privacy. I have a camera in my head and a mic in my ear (that also broadcasts Sampo).

All of my work experience, except since 2009 when I started saving the world as a job, is in academic publishing. The circles of academic assessment operate under strict confidence.

My mother once recommended I become an actuary. There is simply no job I can do with no privacy. And the FBI will take everyone aside and tell them not to hire me, anyway.

So, my darling, heroic BFF, can you please ask the courts to put my finances under my control finally once I am deemed mentally fit? Polk County promised to stop lying about my having some sort of debilitating mental illness in order to give me my right to physical safety and right to life free of torture back to me. It will be my only money to live on.

Technically, SynSyn, I just need enough money to reach you, my rescuers, or Sweetness. Any and all of you will take care of me in a way fully disobedient to FBI persecution of me and ferry me out of this country that oppresses everyone just to be able to persecute me.

There is no way for me to know how much money that will take, and unless I make it out of the country, I will never be able to get the spy equipment safely removed from my head. If it were safe in the US, my surgeon would have shown up in bubble-noncompliant Iowa by now.

I need my right not to be slave invoked, SynSyn. And in order for me not to be a slave by cameras and mics in my head or by cameras placed in my living quarters against my will, I need to leave federal-government controlled or even influenced lands.

For that, I need you, Sweetness, or my rescuers. For that, I need enough money to reach you. And for that money, I need the courts to mandate I get control of my finances, finally. Of course, Synny, that means I need paperwork in hand of the court order, or I need you to put your foot down on Wells Fargo for me.

I trust you, Syniva, to take care of it all. There is absolutely no one else I would trust with my future except for Sweetness. But he has been remarkably less successful than you have been... Or has he?

Sweetness, how long before you show up on talk shows promoting Transcendence? I would like to see your face and hear you in all your complicated ways tell me you love me. I tell you I love you in every blog post and in every love letter. It is so much harder for me to hear it from you.

Beloved, I sent you your early Valentine's Day gift today, Thursday, 30Jan2014. I did not sleep in them first like I wanted to. I just do not have the privacy for wearing sexy lingerie. The FBI anti-reality machine would have my image plastered over every porn site in the Western Hemisphere if I did.

Darling, it is strange. In so many ways despite how hard I try to heal myself, I am still a rape victim right now instead of a sexual creature. I know I need you to heal me.

I also never feel love from anyone in Iowa. My own mother chooses to be an FBI stooge than a mother to me. Jared tries so hard to be a platonic BFF replacement for me but has no concept of how much I suffer all day every day. And I am constantly surrounded by a hating public. I need you to teach me what being loved feels like again.

Sweetness, can you imagine a life where you never feel love? That has been my life every day in Iowa. When was the last time someone made me feel loved?

Daniel S. Buxton's raging crush on me in the UK, my inmates Katie Louis Madden and Andrew James Jones taking me out on the town in Liverpool, my little sister hoping she could open a rescue window for me in the Twin Cities, and a year ago when I actually made it to California where the Los Angeles public told me they love me are the last times I felt love. There is no love for me in Iowa.

Beloved, I live in the eye of a hurricane of love. All the world loves me except for the people permitted to be around me. Is there any way to educate the Iowan masses completely? Every day here destroys me a little more. Iowa is teaching me to hate.

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