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Correcting Machiavelli

Correcting Machiavelli

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Here is my latest blog post. I do not care what people say about the cost of living in Des Moines being more affordable than anywhere else in America. It is easier to live on $2400 a month in SF than $100 a week in Des Moines. I have no quality of life here. And there are a lot of reasons most people hate living in this hellhole.

Pakistan. I am a firm believer in the separation of politics and religion. The Hindu religion is not an enemy to anyone. Similarly, there is nothing to say Christians must be enemies of Muslims, and who the hell needs to attack a Buddhist monk for any reason?

Could you imaging the Holy War mess the world would be in if the Protestant faith in America ran the government? Think of the rampant oppression and persecution! Instead, we have an America where we have to do is take the "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance to instill patriotism in our youth again... Yet, I suppose, no one has done that yet.

Think of the peace we could bring to the world if we could separate politics and religion. I am not John Lennon. I am not saying imagine a world with no religions. I am saying love all religions, and keep them separate from governance.

Egypt. In foreign countries, journalists face down threats all day every day just to get he story out. Journalism bravery is driven by the needs of the world to know the truth about itself. Journalism excellence is driven by bravery, passion, and expertise.

Yet, in America, no one is brave enough to report the truth about me. The terrorism of the FBI is thereby proven to be more oppressive than in any other nation in the world. You can still get the truth out of North Korea, but Brian Williams cannot look a camera in the face and say, "Squid, we love you."

I cannot wait for the day the FBI must cower before the presses. Karma. Years of silencing the media will kick the FBI in the (expletive) once their reign of terror is ended. Come on, America, do you not want to be free?

China. Government corruption is a scandal in China right now. Not in a small part due to the diligence of their news media. So, people are protesting the government and getting arrested for inciting unrest.

China, your human rights violations are still not as bad as those in America right now. And it seems to me that just drumming the corruption out of your government is a better solution than silencing members of the public unhappy with the corruption.

China, corruption is a disgrace to your esteemed nation. Everything functions better without it. If you would just clean house, you could avoid public disgust with the shameful corruption. These are people who expect China to live up to the best expectations of what a government can be. Why disappoint them for having pride on their nation?

Switzerland. Syrian peace talks are making progress. They have already made more progress than the cynics thought possible. Please let this be a sign of the good resolutions that are still to come. Peace is always an option. But both sides have to want it. I guess I do have a little John Lennon in me after all.

Ukraine. The Ukrainian protests are spreading. I have already said this; dissent cannot be ended by oppressing the people more and killing more innocent people. That just makes the people louder.

According the Machiavelli, there are only two ways to rule a people. There is rule by fear, and there is rule by love. In the time era of democracy instead of divine right, the most effective way to rule a population is by love. You need the blessing of the people to stay in power.

My beautiful world, that is your cue. Please raise some nonviolent hell for me right in the face of the FBI. There is no reason to be violent, but make your voices heard. No, the FBI do not have your permission to terrorize all of America into persecuting me. It is when there is finally a protest in Des Moines that I will understand how much the world loves me.

People in Des Moines are finally recognizing me and choosing to talk to me. But after they recognize me, they go about intentionally damaging me by obeying the FBI to my face.

They start with the most offensive questions from "What is your name?" to "What do you do?" Des Moines is full of such (expletive)ing jack(expletive)es. It is like they cannot wait to get in my face and insult me.

Des Moines, you must NEVER obey the FBI around me. Get that through your fat ugly heads! Do you want to be my friend, or do you want to be my enemy? All you have ever done is damage me.

To read this entire blog post, please click here. The fastest way to offend me is to not acknowledge common knowledge truths about me. Never pretend you do not know the following fifteen points, and you go a long way to becoming my friend when you speak to me.

1.) My princess name is Tanya Hedelisa Albon Depp de Varilek. Never ask me my name. I am tempted to slap people after they ask me my name. It makes me scream and yell for the offender to leave me alone and cease damaging me. It hurts my soul when I am asked my name, so just never do it. I am arguably the single most famous person in the world right now, so there is no excuse for going out of your way to insult me. Just do not do it.
2.) Saving the world is my job. I do this largely by problem solving, by exercising my freedom of speech, and through what little diplomacy I can get away with considering I have only one even basic human right (freedom of speech). Iowa has a tendency to treat me like an expensive stripper. I do not appreciate this. Never treat me like do anything but save the world all day every day. It is thankless, but that does not mean you get to insult me.
3.) I am a slave. The FBI put a camera in my eyeball and a microphone in my ear and broadcast me to the entire world online. I have no right to privacy even in the shower or changing my clothes. None of this is my choice, and when you ignore it instead of saying it is a crime and fighting to end it, you tell the FBI it is permissible to you to do this to any person anywhere.
4.) I am a rape victim. The FBI rape me every chance they get. I sleep with a hacked webcam watching me to keep the FBI's hands off me in the night. It is the only deterrent other than a bodyguard that has ever kept me safe from the FBI.
5.) I am not a sexual object nor a prostitute; I am a princess and a beatified saint of the Catholic Church. The FBI have been creating libel porn of me since 2009 and broadcasting it on the internet falsely claiming it is me to make the world disrespect me, make the world accept they rape me, and prevent me from doing my job saving the world. They would not have to spend taxpayer money creating libel pornography if they did not begin broadcasting my pristine life in the first place, but the FBI are evil. And there seems to be nothing to kick them into line.
6.) I do not live in Iowa by choice. Iowa is not my home. I am alien here. I do not blend in. And only rarely are people ever nice to me here. It is particularly because the public is guaranteed to be cruel to an outsider like me that the FBI chose to imprison me here against my will. I was born and mostly raised in Duluth, MN. I did go to Ankeny High School in the Des Moines area in the early 90s, but that was very traumatizing. I moved out of Iowa when I was 17 years old and thought I would never return.
7.)I live in Iowa because the FBI could corrupt the local government to make me suffer as much as possible here. Polk County probate court broke the law in 2010 when I was not even under their jurisdiction under orders from the FBI to take control of my finances to make me live against my will among the public in Iowa that hates me. Polk County breaking the law is the only reason I am here, and I get to leave once the charges I press against them finally break them of their unrelenting crimes.
8.) I am a billionaire. My money came from lawsuits. I sue everybody who commits a crime against me, and because of the public choosing to obey the FBI and persecute me instead of obeying any laws, there have been many. Unfortunately, because the probate court of Polk County took control of my finances illegally while I was not even under their jurisdiction, I live on an allowance of $100 a week. So, be gentle with me in public. Feel free to buy me a drink. I love intelligent conversation. Just never pretend any of these fifteen things are not true.
9.) I am powerful and benevolent. I command the power of powerlessness. I am a nearly unbelievably pristinely good woman who suffers gravely without even basic human rights in plain sight of the entire world. When I scream for help on the forum the FBI gave me to enslave me, the entire world reacts. I use my forum every chance I get to solve major world problems, to spread peace and love, and to serve humanity as a whole, but sometimes I need to scream for help. This beautiful world loves me, and they do everything possible to help. That is why so much of the world has declared war on the White House, the FBI, and Polk County, Iowa... to save me from them.
10.) I have absolutely no debilitating mental illness. This is a common lie about me used by the FBI to keep me in Iowa against my will. Because the locals do not want to acknowledge the reality of my life to my face, they claim this is all delusions to make the FBI happy. It was even ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States of America that I have no mental illness nor disability, but that is not convenient to the FBI's agenda against me. So, Polk County ignores all of the Supreme Court and federal court rulings concerning me and just keeps persecuting. I do have some PTSD from being persecuted, raped, and lied to for so long, but it is not debilitating.
11.) Johnny Depp and I call each other husband and wife; even though, technically, we are not married yet. He is dedicated to marrying me, and I am dedicated to marrying him, though. So, it is your choice if you flirt with me, but never be crass or rude. I am taken.
12.) The Mr. Johnny Depp would be with me if he could. Stop spewing bullshit like, "If you're married, where is your husband?" The FBI would rather murder Johnny than allow him close enough to even kiss me and have mobilized armed forces with the sole purpose of keeping my husband away from me. All of the problems in my life would be solved if I could just be with my husband, so the FBI murder every person who tries to bring him to me.
13.) There is a civil war in the United States right now between forces trying to rescue me from this miserable existence and the FBI who are dedicated to persecuting me. The Supreme Court ruled that I have right to peaceably assemble with my husband, friends, and rescuers, and the FBI have been convicted of their mass murder. But the war still rages on. There seems to be nothing to make the FBI obey the law or the courts in the US.
14.) My only known enemies are the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa. They are the only entities enforcing the persecution of me, my forced distance from my loving husband, my rape, my slavery, my libel, my unlawful imprisonment in Iowa away from anyone who would keep me safe, etc. I have a job saving the world, a job no one can do but me, and the FBI, the White House, and Polk County, Iowa are dedicated to destroying me instead of allowing me to serve the world.
15.) I am surrounded by the population of Iowa all day every day who would rather persecute me to serve the FBI than save me. And Iowa would be capable of saving me, if they could just be convinced they are in the wrong by not doing so.

San Francisco was nothing like Des Moines. I moved to San Francisco in 1999, and lived there in love with the sweet people until 2009. I took a few hiatuses to Baltimore, Monterrey, Chicago, and the Twin Cities in there. But when the human rights crisis hit me in 2009, I knew the safest place for me would be at home in North Beach, the Italian neighborhood of San Francisco.

There is a sense of community in North Beach. Everyone knows everyone. Everyone communicates with everyone. And everyone cares for everyone. They are my support system. I have no support system in Des Moines.

I have a mother who obeys everything the FBI tells her to do, and I have a couple friends struggling to keep up. There is no one I can lean on like my husband or Syniva. But in San Francisco, I had an entire neighborhood willing to share my load with me.

I miss my home.

Des Moines, Iowa, and Polk County are rampant with corruption, hate crimes, and persecution. I fight it as best I can, and I know my support system which is refused entry to Des Moines does most of the heavy lifting.

Syn, it is libel cut and dried to claim I am "mentally incompetent," "mentally disabled," or "seriously mentally impaired." Please take care of those details for me.

It is also libel to claim I have a mental illness. Yes, I do have nightmares of being injected, imprisoned in psych wards, and raped, but I only have those nightmares when tortured with injections. That solitary, non-chronic symptom is not enough to diagnose me with PTSD.

I have no flashbacks. I have no violence. I have no paranoia. I only have nightmares and only have those nightmares under certain extreme circumstances. As long as I am not tortured, I do not have the solitary symptom of mental illness. That is not enough to diagnose me with PTSD. I have no mental illness.

As long as the courts are willing to acknowledge it is illegal to call me mentally incompetent, mentally impaired, and mentally disabled, I understand my being called mentally scarred.

But I am mentally scarred from being called mentally ill. To allow Polk County or anyone for that matter to call me mentally ill is to justify their torturing me, raping me, unlawfully imprisoning me, stealing my human rights from me, and persecuting me.

I do not have enough symptoms to have a mental illness; I am just scarred from being treated like I have a mental illness for so long. It is just nightmares, and they are not chronic.

My brand which is the only reason I am capable to do the good work I do in the world is of a strong, healthy, genius mind. To call me anything else is to libel me and endanger the good word I do all day every day.

Please ask the courts to be good to me, Syniva, and take away everyone's ability to libel me with mental illness. All such claims have ever done is damage me. And the world needs to do more instead to keep me safe. Thank you, Synny!

I already know how the FBI anti-reality (expletive)holes will twist up what I just said. They will claim the literal torture never damaged me, so they should be let off the hook for torturing me. What a load of bull(expletive).

I am permanently damaged by all of the torture I have endured since 2009, and yes, systemic rape counts as a form of torture. They INJECT me with a paralytic and sedative, so I sleep through being raped. And I wake up traumatized.

Also, there are the antipsychotics. There is nothing worse they have put in my body from the LSD to the arsenic than the antipsychotics. The INJECTIONS of antipsychotics are literal torture. They not only make me scream (worse than a horror film) in agony while I am being injected.

The antipsychotics make me hate. I am a creature of love. I need to be able to love the world to do my job serving the world with my genius. But the the antipsychotics not only take my genius away from me; they take my genius away from the world. I cannot function as a thinker when I am literally tortured with antipsychotics. They make me hate the world.

The torture injections cause me physical damage and have permanently mentally scarred me. Every time I get a torture injection, I have nightmares of being chased down in a psych ward, thrown to the ground, filled with needles, and raped. My trauma is real; even if, it has not given me a mental illness.

It is possible to be permanently traumatized without having a mental illness. It happens to people all the time. I have no mental illness. But the torture is real and has caused me real, permanent damage. I have to live the whole rest of my life as a victim of torture by rape and injection. Syn, make sure you flatten Polk County for this.

Remember this, my beautiful world? SynSyn, press persecution charges against all of people in Iowa fighting and filing lawsuits to make Iowa FBI persecution-obedient again. Remember how Iowa got out of a major lawsuit by declaring itself bubble noncompliant?

Prepare to reopen the lawsuit we already won against Iowa but dropped if Iowa decides to no longer be bubble noncompliant. No use panicking the locals yet, though. They only have to pay us if they declare themselves FBI persecution obedient again.

So many hateful, vile Iowans are fighting to undo the triumph for human rights, and we need to press criminal and civil persecution charges against the ones fighting to make Iowa FBI persecution obedient again.

Make it hurt. Iowa does not have the right to take any human rights away from me nor from any of its other citizens and taking action to do so is criminal. Also, prepare to reopen the lawsuit against Iowa that we won and dropped if Iowa decides to no longer be bubble noncompliant.
Click here to read the entire previous blog post.

Syn, this action to punish Iowa for persecuting me has never been more important. Thank you for always taking care of me. Polk County needs to be forced to obey federal and Supreme Court rulings. Never take your stiletto boot off the neck of Polk County until I have my human rights back from them. My ability to do good in the world is at stake here.

Also, my beautiful world, you were so worried about me, I got a live-in bodyguard. Threats on my life are always empty. The military has a special cell in Guantanamo waiting for anyone who kills me; even if, it is just an Iowan with a needle. But I know I need protection from being raped.

My new bodyguard is so effective keeping the FBI out of my apartment that the FBI anti-reality machine is already cranking out lies that my darling bodyguard is a household threat to me. Never believe the lies.

Do you remember how I have a sixth sense for sniffing out clandestine operatives sent in to help me? Well, my bodyguard is a local, but he is a definite ally in the fight. No, he is not a lapdog, but he is a guard dog. And I am very grateful for him.

The FBI are just so mortified of not being able to rape me anymore that they are libeling him calling him a danger to me. Never believe FBI lies. And, yes, my darling bodyguard also acknowledges all fifteen points without fail.

The only downfall is he has no car. So, he cannot take me to my rescuers. The Squid Prize is still out there, though, for anyone who safely and successfully gets me to my rescuers' safe and loving arms.

Speaking of lovers and believers, is there someone in Iowa in trouble for trying to protect me? Iowa, you need to take a cue from the advice I just gave China. If you just drum the corruption out of your government, no one will have to get a little vigilante around here to make sure justice is done.

Just do not break the law in the first place, Polk County, and people who love me will not have to break your legs. YOU are the problem, Polk County. You are so corrupt and evil that you are driving good people to take matters into their own hands.

The fault is yours Polk County for persecuting me with your hate crimes. You have no grounds as an institution of hate to judge or condemn a man for love. Clean house, Polk County, and just do not commit the crime in the first place. If your proven corrupt courts condemn a man for acting blindly out of love, I pray he appeals it all of the way into federal courts, so actual justice can be seen.

My brave rescuers, you started out a little vigilante, and the courts supported your right to be with me. I have faith you can guide my lover and believer who is facing the gallows in Des Moines with sound legal council.

Also, thank you for taking care of all the things I talk to you about. My brave rescuers, I have faith you financially care for widows, children, and survivors of your fallen. I have faith you will keep impeaching presidents until we find one willing to end this mess. And I have faith you tell my beautiful world everything you need to reach me.

We can do this, my brave rescuers. It may not end due to your military success, but you are an important part of the team kicking sorry FBI (expletive) right now. Thank you for everything you do for me. I only wish I could do more for you.

Synny, I would be nothing without you. You are my team quarterback. Our friendship has given the world a lesson in platonic love. So much depends on you, and you never let me down. Thank you.

SynSyn, Lynn Boeset hates me. She already tried to put me in prison on false charges. Make sure she rots in prison for taking part in the conspiracy to keep me in Iowa against my will, away from my husband and rescuers, tortured and raped, and on $100 a week to guarantee I have no quality of life.

Also, SynSyn, I hear the president has been pardoning the convicted FBI conspirators. This was to be expected. They are the masterminds of the single worst human rights crisis America has ever endured; this bubble of crime and corruption is their creation. Please make sure the civil charges disable them.

Finally, my BFF, we need to do something about all of the libel porn. I am lead to believe it is why the locals hate me and treat me like an expensive prostitute. Please press full criminal and civil charges against everybody in the porn, producing the porn, and broadcasting the porn. They cannot be that hard to find. The libel is everywhere.

Sweetness, thank you for never believing the porn. So much of this fight for my human rights has rested on your shoulders since 2009. I want you to know I have never taken you for granted. Why do you think I get so terrified every time I fear you are leaving me?

You are my beginning and my end, the stars in my eyes, my reason for knowing love, and my reason for walking up every day and doing good in the world. I know nothing of happiness that does not stem from knowing you love me. I cannot wait to touch you the ways the flowers kiss the rain.

Sweetness, you left Amber. Thank you. I love and adore you. I hate taking things or people away from you that make you happy, but you and Amber got out of hand. Thank you for saving our marriage by leaving her. Thank you for loving me even when I get selfish, jealous, and cry all day. What do we do now, so you do not get so lonely?

P.S. Remember your Machiavelli? I rule by love. The FBI and White House rule by fear. Which one of us has the blessing of the people? Give the FBI that lesson.

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