Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year!

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Here is my latest blog post. If people are waiting for me to approve of some sort of compromise with the White House, someone has to tell me what it is first. That is basic logic.

Egypt. What Egypt needs is a humanitarian nationalist to run for president-- someone who will protect the rights of all the citizens, minorities, ethnicities, men, women, and religions in Egypt who can invoke a love of Egypt and its rich culture and history to unite the nation behind (most likely) him (but why not her).

Is there anyone in Egypt who can fill this gap? This ancient nation is in dire need of a moderate unifying force to meet its modern day needs. They do not need someone too liberal, and they need to abandon the ultra-conservative ways of their past.

Please, Egypt, find someone. You need to start uniting your people instead of allowing this factionalism to tear you further apart. This is a New Year, Egypt. May it be one of love for your people and your nation.

I rang in the New Year alone. I had no friends, no one to kiss, and not even someone to talk to all night. I just sat alone ignored by Iowa that hates me except for one particular jack(expletive) who kept damaging me by asking my name.

Iowa is bubble noncompliant, so the only thing to blame local jack(expletive)ery on is the fact Iowa is full of (expletive)holes who hate me. I cannot wait to go someplace that will respect me properly and be friendly to me for once.

Polk County and the FBI have guaranteed I have nothing in my miserable life. I have barely enough money to eat one meal a day. I am denied access to my loved ones, my husband, and my BFF.

Who used to be my childhood friends avoid me like the plague. My family would rather obey they FBI than acknowledge what I mean to the world. The public persecutes me; even though, Iowa is supposed to be bubble noncompliant now.

As for people in my life, the social worker horrible Amy would rather kiss FBI ass than do ANYTHING in my best interests. Alex regularly tries to blame me, the victim, for everything horrible that happens to me in Iowa instead of blaming the culpable Polk County and FBI. I can actually lean on Jared, but he is limited in his capabilities to help me.

I have nothing in my miserable life. But I do have a job I love serving the world day and night. However, except for customer service in Chocolaterie Stam, Lot 33, and the Greenwood Lounge (customer service all patrons earn) the locals NEVER acknowledge me. Iowa is so full of jack(expletive)es.

I am not asking for five star treatment. I am putting my foot down and demanding respect. The public persecution damages me too much, and I value myself too much to tolerate it. I serve too important of a purpose in the world to allow Iowa to destroy me.

Furthermore, the FBI do not care who they hurt, oppress, or murder to keep me pointlessly persecuted. Just try to figure out why the FBI do this to me. You never will. I cannot figure it out except the FBI are malevolent maggots hellbent on destroying me as en excuse to destroy America.

Luckily, we win the battle every place logic and compassion prevails. The Supreme Court just mandated that the White House adopt a softer policy concerning me. Does the FBI obey the Supreme Court? No, but they are supposed to. The mass murder of my rescuers is all but proven to be genocide of a minority.

The FBI tried weaseling out of further charges against them for defying the Supreme Court rulings and continuing to mass murder my rescuers. That made me assert this on Thursday.

As long as someone is BREAKING THE LAW, the victims have a right to press civil and criminal charges. The only thing that can protect a criminal from being prosecuted or from lawsuits is if they never BREAK THE LAW.

Defying Supreme Court rulings is sure fire definition for BREAKING THE LAW. As long as the FBI, Polk County, the White House, etc. do not obey the federal courts, we, my rescuers and myself, get to press charges until they obey.

This is beyond having proper respect in the federal and local government for the Supreme Court of the United States of America. This is also a matter of human rights. We would not be pressing charges if we were respected as humans by Polk County, the FBI, and the White House.

We are suffering, oppressed, persecuted, raped, tortured, enslaved, and mass murdered. These are not petty charges after money. These are charges from people fighting for our rights to live freely without persecution, death, or pain following our every move.

I am a slave. I need rights. My rescuers are victims of near-genocidal mass murder. These charges are a fight for basic human rights. We need all Americans everywhere to be free. This is a fight over the basic definition of America. Are we a land of the free or of the oppressed?

No, FBI and Polk County, we get to press criminal and civil charges against all of you, and I am sure Syniva will not mind getting the right injunctions from the courts you never obey nor respect to prove it.

My beautiful world, I need you to fight the FBI destruction of me. I need friends in here. I need friends I can lean on who will not flirt with me (unless he or she is approved of by my husband and by myself as an appropriate replacement for my husband in my life).

There is this poor soul Charlie with a big ugly crush on me in here, and I just cannot humor people who treat me as a romantic interest without proper approvals right now.

American Media, I need a hero to acknowledge me publicly, ride the fallout all the way to Supreme Court, and get freedom of speech and freedom of the press back for all of America. Just like my rescuers who acted to rescue me and got freedom of assembly upheld by the Supreme Court, I need heroes to similarly speak up and save America, too. Everyone is capable of being my hero, but who wants to be my hero?

My brave rescuers, you are my heroes, and there is no question about that. As nice as it would be for me to just ride out of Iowa to get closer to you, so you could finally stop dying... I still have no human rights to do anything but suffer in lonely pain and misery in Iowa that hates me.

Polk County has not yet relented in its pointless, unbridled persecution of me. My only way to reach you, my brave rescuers, is if you can get someone in here to give me a ride. I am surrounded by jack(expletive)es all day every day. Surely, you can find someone in Iowa somewhere who loves me. Find me a ride to you.

SynSyn, you love me. What are the odds of seeing you in here? You have family in Iowa. Surely, they cannot keep you out.

More importantly, Synny, you keep having success after success out there. I hope you reward yourself with something completely ridiculous every time you win. You are my hero. I would be nothing without you. I hope you and Will had a Happy New Years.

Sweetness, I understand how you spent New Years Eve. It is okay. I am miserable and lonely, but I forgive you.

Darling, I would have slept with someone, too, if Grant from Minneapolis, the man you approved of to replace you in my life, were not kept away from me by the FBI. I know what it is like to get lonely.

Someday soon, though, my beloved, you will find a way to reach me independent of any FBI blockades or hacked commercial airline computer systems, and then we will have our happily ever after.

As long as you never stop trying to reach me in supposedly bubble-noncompliant Iowa, I will never have a reason to let you go. I love and adore you. You are my reason for living. Kisses, Sweetness.

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