Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Make Monday Happen

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Here is my latest blog post. The FBI struck a negotiated agreement they are already trying to weasel out of. They promised to stop raping me on Monday, 20Jan2014; they promised the entire bubble would come down.

We need you to put so much pressure on the White House they have to keep their promise. Breaking the media silence would be the best way to accomplish this. It is almost all over anyway.

The agreement came this last Sunday. The FBI admitted they were caught. They admitted they could never justify putting anyone in a bubble for any reason least of all a literal saint like me. And they issued a formal apology.

Then, Sunday afternoon, the FBI attacked my rescuers. They already lied. This bubble will only come down if we put enough pressure on them to keep their promise. Some national leaders are already speaking up and saying the unbridled human rights violations against me need to be extended.

Why does the FBI persecute me? If you could rape and watch a beautiful woman 24/7 and forbid the world from stopping you, wouldn't you? They are evil; they wanted to break the law; and they thought they could set things up by framing me for murder to get away with it all forever.

But why are they still trying to stall if they know they are caught? This is the same reason they have been on a witch hunt of me since 2009. They knew from the start I never murdered anybody.

But they were hoping they could catch me breaking the law somewhere, anywhere, so they could use criminal charges against me as leverage with the public to justify putting me in the bubble and persecuting me all along.

That is why Obama refused to let it end after the first five years and said he needed two more, and it is why I cannot sneeze without the FBI trying to press trumped up charges against me.

They are stalling praying I will somehow in someway eventually be so destroyed by them that I finally do something morally questionable. They are stalling to destroy me.

Yes, stalling destroys me a little more every day. My beautiful world and America's vigilant courts, do you really want me destroyed?

I understand I am so powerful that I can seem scary to uneducated people sometimes. But I am still completely benevolent. I am not even vengeful. I just ask for fair justice against the guilty parties and my human rights.

I want to be able to kiss my husband, serve the world, and be physically safe. I need my epic suffering to end.

If you allow the FBI to stall until they can destroy me, things will get ugly fast. Talk about power corrupted. Please keep me beautiful and end this here and now.

The way things stand now, Syniva and I even promise to drop all civil charges against the FBI if the bubble comes down in its COMPLETENESS on Monday. I do not even want the unholy amounts of money; even though, it would be fun using it to serve the world.

My beautiful world, we need an end to the cancerous media silence to demand the bubble come down in its completeness Monday. The corrupt powers are already trying to weasel their way out of ever giving me back my human rights.

This bubble is already so close to ended, why not rise up now just to be able to say you fought the good fight and saved America? Why not take your last remaining moments to be a hero?

My heroic Hollywood, do you remember this? When will America stop tolerating this blatant oppression, rise up, and take our nation back? The only reason the FBI feel like they can get away with everything from systemically raping me to stranding the public in the cold and never be punished for it is because of the media blackout.

My beautiful world, I need a hero. The FBI will never admit they lost and stop their crimes against me and the entire nation until they have to answer to the public. What will it take to end the media silence on all things concerning me? When will you finally say enough is enough, world media, and save me?

American Media, I need a hero to acknowledge me publicly, ride the fallout all the way to Supreme Court, and get freedom of speech and freedom of the press back for all of America. Just like my rescuers who acted to rescue me and got freedom of assembly upheld by the Supreme Court, I need heroes to similarly speak up to save me and all of America.

Everyone is capable of being my hero, but who WANTS to be my hero? Who is willing to be my big bad wolf and blow the pigs' house of cards down? Iowa refuses to acknowledge me until the media silence is broken. The FBI will refuse to be held accountable and admit defeat until the media holds them accountable.

As impossible as it sounds, there might be people left in America who do not know about all of the suffering and sacrifice of my rescuers...
Please click here to read the entire previous blog post.

My brave rescuers, get ready to charge into Iowa and pick me up and carry me away on Monday. Please, also, wait until Monday. I hate when you die, and I have faith the immediacy of all of America's human rights will prevail in the courts. Let the media rear its powerful head first. Then, come be with me. I love you all so.

SynSyn, remember, we drop the civil charges against the FBI if the bubble comes down in its completeness Monday. This is about human rights. This is not about money. Thank you for everything you do for me. Full speed ahead with all criminal and civil charges. Force the FBI to save itself.

Also, SynSyn, do not take your stiletto boot off the neck of Polk County until they comply. Stay on top of them. I love you. You are such a heroine. They are libeling us claiming we "stole" from them instead of admitting they are still committing human rights violations against me and are caught.

Syn, Polk County enforces I stay a slave kept in poverty on $100 a week. They rape me. They torture me. I need my right to leave Iowa. I need my right to be with you and my loving husband. Just like Iowa had a choice to be bubble compliant or bubble noncompliant and particularly because Iowa chose to be bubble noncompliant, Polk County has always had a choice whether it would tell the truth about me and treat me like a human with full human rights or not.

Polk County hates me. They break every law to be able to enforce broadcasting me in the bathroom, raping me, torturing me with injections, committing willful injury to me, etc. Remember how we proved the FBI is a criminal terrorist organization? When a mob boss orders a crime be committed, both the mob boss AND the henchmen are prosecutable. Polk County are the henchmen carrying out the FBI's crimes. They need to be stopped. They need to be punished. After WWII, not just Hitler was held accountable. So were all of the people in the government who carried out his orders.

Sweetness, if I were the federal executive branch, I would already be transitioning America to full freedoms and rights starting right now and ending with the complete end of the bubble on Monday. I would be loosening things up piece by piece instead of letting the whole mess come crashing down next week.

Then again, my darling man, we all know I am better at leading the free world than the White House is. If aliens landed in a cow field and asked the indigenous folk to, "Take me to your leader." You better believe I would be seeing those aliens before ex-president Barak Obama ever could.

And about running for president, darling, not until after we make all of our babies. I will do everything I can for Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio in 2016. And I have a whole long life to live before considering the White House for myself. Let me at least turn forty years old first.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. Thank you for understanding.

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