Monday, January 6, 2014

No Symptoms

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Here is my latest blog post. I have no symptoms of any known mental illness, so we need an injunction to prevent anyone anywhere from ever treating me like a crazy person ever again. I will never be safe from FBI persecution and have physical safety as long as this libel is allowed to run rampant ruining my life.

Bangladesh. In general, the worst thing for any party to do is boycott an election. That means you will not be represented at the polls.

However, the opposition party in Bangladesh seemed sure that the elections would not be fair. I suppose they sabotaged the democratic process to get a new and fairer election.

They are calling for fresh elections under a neutral caretaker government in Bangladesh now. And I think that is the best course of action. What is the point of elections if they are not guaranteed to be fair?

Speaking of unfairness, it even happens in America. I have NO SYMPTOMS of any mental illness. NONE. It has been nothing but FBI orders that the local malpractice-conspiracy of doctors adore obeying. People love hurting me.

The FBI order all doctors that see me to pretend I am a schizophrenic and torture me with chemicals as part of their persecution of me. This is why the licenses have to be taken away from all doctors who have seen me since 2010... except for Dr. Mikkeleneni at Unity Point who acknowledged I need absolutely no medication.

The enduring libel that I have any mental illness at all whatsoever is the local government's justification for persecuting and torturing me because it they ever finally acknowledged I have absolutely no mental illness and let me live a life free of torture, they would have to give up the adult guardianship, and then I would be free to leave the country for a place that will give me full human rights. Please pardon my run-on sentence.

Hospitalizing me for malpractice diagnoses of schizophrenia have ALL occurred when I exhibited no symptoms of schizophrenia but because it was convenient to lock me up somewhere because my escape from this hell was imminent and planned.

Every time I have been in a hospital except for that one time at Unity Point, I have been unlawfully imprisoned to be kept away from loved ones, filled with enslaving spy equipment, raped, tortured, attacked. and otherwise victimized. I was pumped full of arsenic while in Broadlawns in 2012 and in Aurora Behavioral Health while in San Diego in 2012.

I am never more vulnerable to abuses by the FBI than when I am in a psych ward, and I have never been in a psych ward for psychiatric or medical care. I have only been hospitalized to be victimized and persecuted. I never break the law, so they can never lock me up in prisons. So the only place they can lock me up to harm me is in hospitals.

Breaking the cycle of the chronic malpractice is the only thing that will give me back my human rights.

My genius BFF, I know the Supreme Court already ruled that I have no mental illness, and I know the federal courts already ruled to dissolve the adult guardianship. But Polk County is obeying no courts but its own obviously corrupt ones and still trying to excuse blatant persecution of me due some mysterious mental illness I have no symptoms of.

SynSyn, can you get an injunction from the courts mandating that I never be treated like I have a mental illness ever again? Congratulations, again, on your latest wins. You are really whipping Iowa into shape for me.

Do you know what will finally make Iowans respect me, though, my beautiful world? Iowans, including the Polk County courts, have made it clear they will never respect me until the media silence in broken. Even the local news in supposedly bubble-noncompliant Iowa refuses to acknowledge me. I need a hero, my beautiful world.

American Media, I need a hero to acknowledge me publicly, ride the fallout all the way to Supreme Court, and get freedom of speech and freedom of the press back for all of America. Just like my rescuers who acted to rescue me and got freedom of assembly upheld by the Supreme Court, I need heroes to similarly speak up to save me and all of America.

Everyone is capable of being my hero, but who WANTS to be my hero? Who is willing to be my big bad wolf and blow the pigs' house of cards down? Iowa refuses to acknowledge me until the media silence is broken.

And I need papers in my hands from the Polk County District Court setting me free of the abusive adult guardianship, so I can have human rights for the first time since 2009, be with my rescuers, and stop them from dying in the war to rescue me. Be a hero. I NEED A HERO!

Also, my beautiful world, I am going to be my own hero for a moment and clear up some rampant lies circulating about me. I would appreciate it if people would not repeat haters' lies about me, but at least they said them to my face. I am going to take a few minutes now to address five concerns that have popped up over that last few months.

1.) I have never had plastic surgery. This notion is ridiculous to me. I barely have enough money to eat one meal a day if I am lucky, and because I happen to be an attractive woman, the haters start claiming I had plastic surgery. No, sorry, I was just born prettier than you. You honestly need to say only one thing when you look at photos of me, "Only mother nature could create something so perfect."

2.) I am not racist. I know I also always feel like I am yelling at some White person every day for disrespecting me, but Iowa happens to be predominantly White. I am not hating on White people. Next time you want to call me racist, remember I married a White man. And no one has ever treated me better of any ethnicity... except for maybe my Black BFF.

3.) I do not favor attractive people over unattractive people. I yell at all people equally for disrespecting me, and I shun all people from Dan who looks like Brad Pitt to little Charlie who, well, smells like a homeless man equally when they flirt with me.

And I have been caught tongue-in-cheek flirting (pun intended) with both Channing Tatum and Joss Whedon. But you do have to admit I was blessed with a model-perfect BFF and movie star husband. There is something to be said for how well truly attractive people treat me.

4.) My hacking cough is not Hepatitis C. Where does this stuff come from? When the FBI sent orders to tear open my nose to stick equipment up into my sinuses, it gave me postnasal drip. It is also why I snore so much. I even snore when I am awake now.

It is because the torn open insides of my nose keep getting worse with postnasal drip that I have a hacking cough and cannot laugh without hacking up a lung. Did you ever notice my voice changed since I recorded Infamy in early 2008? Click here to hear Infamy. My voice changed because the FBI ordered them to tear open the insides of my nose.

It is something I plan on getting fixed when I finally have enough human rights back to get the spy equipment surgically removed from my head. I plan on asking Ugwuji to fix up the insides of my nose, so I no longer have postnasal drip and snoring. I do not have Hepatitis C. Where does this stuff come from?

And 5.) So, my beautiful world, you saw my psionic wings, did you? You see them when I reveal them to you. All of the 'lights in the night' are there for you to see when I put them there. They are psionic. Click here to find the definition of 'psionic.' I create them.

They are my energy, my qi, my holy spirit. Every religion including quantum physics has an explanation for this ability. Click here for a quantum physics explanation. I consciously pattern my energy in the shape of 'lights at night' and wings on my back when I concentrate.

I have still never seen it myself. They are only visible through the pinhole cameras used to enslave me. But I used to use them in the UK to interact with my audience.

My beautiful world, from wings to Syria, we have so much to talk about. Send me people to talk to. Send me people to ask me your questions and to work with to solve your problems. I need work to do, and I need friends to talk to. I scour the internet all day looking for problems to solve. This would work so much better if you could just tell me what you need help with.

And keep taking care of my brave rescuers. They are caught in a raging battle to rescue me from Iowa that hates me right now and need near-constant help.

My brave rescuers, what do you need to finally end all of this? I cannot take night after night of all of you dying. I need you to come up with a plan to overpower the FBI, and ask my beautiful world for everything you need. I do not care how ridiculous your needs may sound; my beautiful world will provide as long as it works towards rescuing me.

Sweetness, how long is this rescue going to take? If you are imminently in my presence, this point is moot. But if I face a long, cold, lonely winter in Iowa that hates and disrespects me, I might need some company in here.

Darling, what I need most is a stand in for my BFF, someone to spend quality time acknowledging reality with. But I am thinking it would solve problems in both our lives if I found a stand in for you to talk to me daily, spend quality time with me, and humor sleeping with me. Would you feel less guilty if I had a boyfriend, or would that make you too unhappy? I really need to talk to you about this.

Beloved, you admit to being racked with guilt and unhappiness every time you sleep with your girlfriend. And, honestly, I do need the companionship of a boyfriend around here. Would it make it easier for your conscience if I were dating someone? Or would that make you too unhappy?

Sweetness, I know this cannot be easy for you. We are so far apart. We both get lonely. And literally (proper use of 'literally') I am a saint. Would things be easier on you if I were a little more human and a little less perfect?

Beloved, you have thoroughly lost the right to say I cannot sleep with anyone, but no one turns my head. I just want you. The last person to get my attention was Grant from Minneapolis, and you had sent him into my life. He reminded me of you.

Darling, the FBI have come between me and Grant. Could I ask you to send me a new peace offering you approve of? I really need friends in here and have been without companionship for far too long. I need someone to talk to. A stand in for you or Syniva in my life would go so far. Please have mercy on my loneliness.

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