Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still Working Hard Doing My Job

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Here is my latest blog post.

Syria. In so many ways, the West has failed Syria. If the West would have cared for them and loved them like they still need the entire world to do, the Islamic militants the West fears so much would not be the dominant influence on the opposition.

Personally, jihadists love me. They were some of the first people on the lines in the current American civil war fighting for me. I owe them so much. But they were replaced by Western nations who love me, too.

The West can learn from this. If the only thing stopping the Western nations from jumping in and rescuing the Syrian people is the oppositions undying help from jihadists, then the West needs to start fighting to be able to be the dominant influence over the opposition.

There are too many civilians displaced and suffering for the West to say all is lost because the Islamic militants are willing to help the Syrian opposition when they are not. The jihadists filled the gap. They are needed in Syria because no one else is willing to help. Give the Syrian opposition someone else to need.

Switzerland. The Syrian opposition has finally agreed to go to talks in Geneva. This is a major accomplishment. Diplomacy finally stands a chance, now, but all sides have to want a negotiated solution. There has been so much suffering. I pray they all at least try.

My beautiful world, if you want me at the talks in Geneva, just put the smapdown on the FBI and demand I be allowed to go. I am deeply invested emotionally and intellectually in a peaceful resolution for Syria, and just about everybody at the talks loves and respects me. Demand I be allowed to do my job serving the world.

Egypt. The constitution passed the Egyptian popular vote at a rate of 98.1% approval. This means the Egyptians can be unified! Now, let us get them a humanitarian nationalist as president!

The new president simply must care for all the minorities, diverse religions, men, women, children, etc. in Egypt guaranteeing equal human rights to all, and I personally believe making the president a nationalist will unite the country in a love of Egypt.

France. This is a touchy subject. I am a firm believer in freedom of speech, though, and the more information on all sides of a topic made public the better.

So why not make it a joint exhibition about both the Israeli Jewish ties to the land and UNESCO sights as well as the Palestinian Muslim ones. Why not convey more information to the public instead of less?

Russia. You cannot let the terrorists win. The terrorists want the world too scared to go the the Olympics in Sochi. They want to ruin the Olympics. You cannot let them win by choosing not to go.

If the FBI, a world renowned criminal terrorist organization, threatens to kill an innocent woman if you do not choose to commit the crime of torturing her until she kills herself, you are obligated to keep the woman safe in all humanly possible ways from the FBI instead. You are never supposed to allow threats from terrorists to control you.

My beautiful world, it is simply because the terrorists are threatening the Olympics that we all must go and make them the most beautiful Olympics ever. We cannot allow the terrorists to win.

Speaking of the criminal terrorist organization the FBI, thank heavens I have a blog. The FBI went into peace talks after my last post. I have no idea what they think they can gain by negotiating instead of just saving themselves further repercussions and surrendering.

But Syniva and I have offered to drop the civil charges against the individual agents-- every single culpable one of them and their entire chains of command all of the way up to the president-- if they take the entire bubble down in its completeness on 20Jan2014. That deadline is tomorrow.

My beautiful world, just stop obeying the FBI. They are caught. Half of the Bureau is arrested, and half of DC is subpoenaed. Just exercise your human rights. This oppression of all the world depends on fear of the FBI, but the FBI cannot hurt you anymore. And if they did, you would win billions off of them in court. It is worth breaking every evil FBI rule, now.

The FBI are in their final death throws trying to libel me. The eye camera feed has been polluted with libel porn lately. (Please find more effective ways of keeping me safe.) And they are trying to claim I need to be locked up in rehab for supposed alcoholism. It is just libel of doppelgängers getting drunk.

I only read one magazine, W Magazine, but I am two months behind on it. I never get down time to read. It is sitting in my bag begging for my attention right now. I am just always working.

I am always working. I am never drunk nor having deviant sex. That is FBI libel designed to destroy me. The FBI is so desperate to discredit me right now, their libel machine is running over time.

I went out for lunch yesterday since my mom gave me $20 this previous Wednesday specifically for going out on the weekend with. Here is my receipt...

I drank coffee. I am no drunk. I never do drugs by choice. It is all libel and roofies.

It is true the FBI have pumped me so full of harmful chemicals since 2009. You have seen my hair since the bubble began. The tap water in San Francisco and the UK had everything from LSD (so much LSD), Meow Meow, methadone, and anabolic steroids in it, to name a few.

There has been so much LSD from the FBI because they wanted to turn me into a schizophrenic. They filled me full of X in San Francisco when they were trying to make me slutty, so they could sell slave porn videos of me sleeping with people. All of the steroids and rape drugs were because they were trying to make me a violent basket case.

I have a fat man belly because they kept injecting me with testosterone in the UK. I was skinny and beautiful until all of these chemicals. Now, I am a fat, ugly chemistry experiment. The worst drugs they ever gave me were the antipsychotics. The antipsychotics slow down my genius mind, make me hate the world, and make me want to die.

I also have recurring PTSD nightmares of being chased through psych wards, thrown to the ground, filled with needles, and raped. But I only have the nightmares after being recently injected with antipsychotics. They started in the psych ward in Liverpool in 2010.

Every crime committed against me by the US government was also but more harshly committed against me by the British in 2010. They raped me so many times in that psych ward I had to sleep in the public areas. And the libel there... I have yet to figure out how the British live with themselves sometimes. They can be so hateful.

But unlike Polk County and evil, hateful Iowa, the British earned my forgiveness. They took the three necessary steps to say they are sorry.
1.) They ceased all human rights violations against me.
2.) The British sincerely apologized and made FBI non-compliant public shows of love and affection for me.
And 3.) the Brits threw down to rescue me by fighting the FBI. So many of the people out there dying on the lines have been British. They even sent me Thorbald, who died like a one man army fighting to give me human rights.

I can forgive even the most evil people (The single most evil people in the world being Polk County.) if they take those three steps. Iowa has so much to learn from my beautiful world and from my brave rescuers.

My brave rescuers, I hear you won in the civil courts and are still winning in the criminal ones. The FBI are such monsters. Please make sure we take care of the widows, children, and survivors of the heroes we have lost. Your just compensation is theirs, too. There has been so much suffering. Never forget all the Thorbalds.

SynSyn, please tell me Polk County will be kicked into line finally. I hear Polk County is alleging I am guilty on trumped up charges, so they can justify rape, slavery, persecution, torture, and hatred.

You cannot justify rape and slavery with libel, Polk County. The world is going to hate you back more the more you lie and libel me. It is your call, but I do not recommend lying about me. You are already caught trying it. It is only downhill for you from here.

Syn, I also heard Polk County is trying to put me in rehab for supposed alcoholism justified with the FBI libel videos of a fake me drinking. Did we not already go through this in 2011?

My BFF, we already caught the FBI libeling me with drugs and alcohol consumed by look-a-likes years ago. If Polk County acts on this, sue them for libel, malpractice, persecution, abuse of power, and everything else you can think of that you can make stick. Also, press criminal and civil charges against every individual in Polk County involved in that decision making promise.

Finally, SynSyn, you are pure heroine. You are a hero in a skirt and heels who kicks ass all day every day letting no one hurt her or her loved ones. You mean so much to me. Keep your stiletto boot on the throat of Polk County until they overturn ALL district rulings concerning me past and present. And thank you for always working so well with my husband.

Yes, Sweetness, my loving husband, no one else fights for me like you and Syniva do. You know your phone is completely hacked, right? That is why you have always had such horrible luck reaching me. It is only because you fight for me all day every day that the FBI insist on knowing everything you do and everywhere you go.

Beloved, you already told me you saw your Christmas gift from me for this last December. But in case my beautiful world missed the pretty photo of my face at the end, click here to read my Christmas gift to Sweetness, my beautiful world.

It is more of a pet project right now than what I think would ever become a financially viable one, darling, as exciting it would be to fictionalize our future. I have been thinking about revisiting writing my memoirs. Of course, the excitement is not over yet with the FBI, and that is how the first volume should end. Thank you for promising to publish them for me.

Finally, Sweetness, you do not need to be so insecure. You do not need your backup plan in Amber in case we do not work out. When you left Vanessa, just as you requested, I promised to love you forever.

Darling, I know I stole you from another woman. I knew your imperfections from the start. I knew there would be fidelity concerns, and I accepted you fall in love with beautiful younger women at first glance often. If you were any less human and any more perfect, you would not be mine to begin with.

Beloved, I have no illusions about you. You are shy and socially awkward which I adore. You have always been honest with me about your normal human failings which, as heartbreaking as it can be sometimes, I have always appreciated.

You have an ego and are accustomed to getting everything you want when you want it, but without that driving need of yours to have it all, you would not fight to be with me as passionately as you do. I agree, darling, the world should never tell a man like you, "No."

My darling man, I have no illusions about you. And it is your normal human flaws that make you so appealing to me. We just need time together, darling, and we will faithfully be in love for the rest of our lives.

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