Thursday, January 9, 2014

FBI Abuses

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Here is my latest blog post. How much pain, suffering, murder, and oppression will the FBI wreak upon America before they finally admit they lost?

India. Stories like these always make me angry. The woman was gang raped then burned alive. Please, India, do not require a public movement to level justice for this crime.

The offenders should be punished in a manner fitting of the heinous act and made an example of. Rape should never be swept under the rug nor treated like a minor offense. The world is watching.

South Sudan. The South Sudan now has a ceasefire and talks. Progress! With any luck, we will be able to help the locals see the benefits of peace. Prosperity is impossible during unrelenting war and conflict. And if the impoverished of South Sudan need anything, it is help prospering.

Germany. Chancellor Merkel, please take care. I wish you happy healing. I know people like us, Chancellor, and taking time off is something we do not do well. But if you take it easy for a little while, you might heal faster. I cannot wait to see you up and kicking again soon!

As for life in the US, the FBI was up to its signature witch hunt again. While they are still forbidding America from treating me like I have absolutely no mental illness, they tried to charge me with disability fraud. Pathetically for the witch hunt, I was once disabled.

They say if you are disabled longer than a year, you should apply for Social Security. I just happened to get better. I told Social Security I was better, but the conspiracy kept me labeled disabled to keep the guardianship, torture, and persecution at its height.

If anyone is at fault for my receiving disability benefits while I am well, it is the FBI. They ordered the doctors and Social Security to call me a schizophrenic after I told them I was better.

It was FBI pawn Dr. Kelli Green from Broadlawns who filled out all of the Social Security paperwork calling me disabled after I explained to Social Security I was well. This is a classic case of the FBI breaking the law and trying to shift the blame upon the innocent.

And what is this I hear about the FBI keeping people away from me? My beautiful world tried to send me friends to keep me company in here. My friends, husband rescuers, mice, etc. HAVE A SUPREME COURT UPHELD RIGHT TO BE TOGETHER! What unlawful FBI offenses! I have a right to spend time with my own friends, FBI! You abusive (expletive)s!

How much pain, murder, and abuse are the FBI going to wreak before they admit they lost? The courts have been whooping their sorry guilty asses these past few days! When will the FBI finally stop oppressing the ENTIRE WORLD to persecute me, an increasingly innocent and holy woman?

FBI, you lost. Stop murdering innocent rescuers who just want me safe enough you cannot rape me again. You have broken EVERY law in America to destroy me, and you failed. Goodness has won, FBI. Just stop already. Stop wreaking havoc and destruction just because you feel you cannot get caught. You have been caught.

Speaking of FBI abuses of power, call bullshit, America. The weather was cold, but it was not blizzarding. There was no reason to cancel flights nationwide except the FBI felt like it.

The FBI wanted an excuse to keep people from flying into Iowa to save me, so they cancelled 11,000 flights. Do you remember the fake volcanic eruption in Iceland that stranded people in airports all over Europe in 2010 that was designed to keep me from flying to my human rights in France? This was the same thing.

This particular abuse of FBI authority cost the airlines $1.4 billion, and unless they feel like taking the public backlash for persecuting me, the airlines will turn in their evidence that the FBI is ultimately culpable.

When will America stop tolerating this blatant oppression, rise up, and take our nation back? The only reason the FBI feel like they can get away with everything from systemically raping me to stranding the public in the cold and never be punished for it is because of the media blackout.

My beautiful world, I need a hero. The FBI will never admit they lost and stop their crimes against me and the entire nation until they have to answer to the public. What will it take to end the media silence on all things concerning me? When will you finally say enough is enough, world media, and save me?

American Media, I need a hero to acknowledge me publicly, ride the fallout all the way to Supreme Court, and get freedom of speech and freedom of the press back for all of America. Just like my rescuers who acted to rescue me and got freedom of assembly upheld by the Supreme Court, I need heroes to similarly speak up to save me and all of America.

Everyone is capable of being my hero, but who WANTS to be my hero? Who is willing to be my big bad wolf and blow the pigs' house of cards down? Iowa refuses to acknowledge me until the media silence is broken. The FBI will refuse to be held accountable and admit defeat until the media holds them accountable.

As impossible as it sounds, there might be people left in America who do not know about all of the suffering and sacrifice of my rescuers. They bravely go forth every day and every night to fight the FBI to be able to carry me away to a place I can finally have human rights for the first time since 2009. My rescuers are trying to save me, save America, and save the world.

Some days it feels like all they accomplish is dying. It would be so much better if their sacrifice could at least increase awareness of FBI abuses. But for that we need the media to fight for us all, too. Please, media, stop letting me and my rescuers down. I am serious. Ending the media blackout is necessary to save us all.

My brave rescuers, I am as worried as you are. The place the FBI is losing everything is in the courts; out there in the wild, you are losing ground. Come up with a plan to take back America for good.

My brave rescuers, put together your dream plan. What is everything you need to save me? Then, ask my beautiful world to provide everything you need. We will provide.

SynSyn, keep on full force against Polk County and the FBI. Remember, the whole point of all the legal action is getting my human rights back. Financial punishments should be wielded to eliminate wait time for human rights.

Offer Polk County its only way out of paying me $5 billion; their only way out is by overturning ALL Polk County rulings concerning me past and present. This has reached emergency status with Polk County. They plan on committing UN and federal court recognized torture of me again.

My BFF, we need to punish the FBI enough that they admit they lost and stop their rampant crimes. Go after the individual agents with personal criminal and civil charges.

Syn, it is better to make a proven murdering agent go to jail and pay a civil punishment than making the American taxpayers pay it. We are trying to save America, after all. It will also hurt the FBI more if we get them agent by agent.

And, Synny, thank you for everything you do for me. I would be nothing without you. Your love and fight for me are something I would have died by now without. I can lean on you for anything. I wish I could pay you back.

Sweetness, I love and adore you. I was told the FBI relented, and I was supposed to expect you here by noon. It is hours after noon, and you are not here yet. I am beyond worried. I already tweeted for the entire world to help you, but what else can I do?

Darling, you tried to send me a friend, but they were detained by the FBI unlawfully. I have been going out of my way trying to make friends with the locals, but they refuse to respect and acknowledge me.

There is a galactic rift between reality and where Iowans live. Please try sending me friends again, Beloved. My rescuers would not have to die if we could just convince all Iowans to be good to me for the first time EVER. Polk County needs to be flattened, and the locals need to be educated on how to treat me appropriately.

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