Saturday, December 31, 2011

Justice is Patriotic.

I am not backing down until this nation, including myself, is finally free, and we all have justice. My beautiful world, please do not let anything make you complacent until this fight is over... no matter how good things look.

People in Iowa still make a show of submissiveness to Obama the Criminal's unlawful oppression by asking me what my name is. When people go along with the bubble so unnecessarily like that, I really get ticked off. President Corrupt in his anger against me has also decided to crank his torture of me up past eleven, and it is almost completely unrelenting now. It even comes up from the floors. My twitter account also quit working this morning. My freedom of speech is in pain. That one might just be because of traffic, but all together, this has me really unhappy today.

I know all of this crap is just the president's cruel way of confirming that I am being very effective at saving the world from him. In a weird way that means I should be happy I am being tortured, but it is so very painful.

Considering the way Obama the Tyrant treats me when I stand against his nefariousness, what motive do you think is behind the arsonist torching Hollywood? Please, LAPD, when you catch someone, check his or her financials... just to make sure.

On a related note, I heard that the president wants to raise the debt ceiling again. This country does not even have the money to pay the interest on the debt we already have, so why does Obama the Math-Challenged want more debt to shackle this nation? It makes me wonder... Is the American taxpayer paying for the space age technology that Obama the Terrorist is using to torture me everywhere I go? Or is this because President Corrupt has decided to budget for lawsuits filed against him?

My beautiful world, I understand a lot of you have concerns about my potential safety once I am free to be with my husband. Please remember, I will finally be able to afford bodyguards then. Right now I am a sitting duck; I go everywhere alone with a phone "secretly" rigged not to work properly, and I stay in house where I have been repeatedly attacked (2009). I will also finally have a chance to get the chips out of my head so I can finally achieve safety. Honestly, you should be concerned for my safety now, not in the future.

Now, Obama, you bratty child, if you have something you want to say to me, you are going to have to find the bravery and self-respect somewhere within yourself to burst the bubble and say it to my face. Do not keep trying to send me coded messages through music or other media. Grow enough balls to face me yourself. Infantile verbal abuse under an assumed name submitted to me as comments on this blog? Are you serious? Try showing the dignity that should be required of a person in your once glorious office for once and talk to me face-to-face.

Also, bratty child, when you finally exercise some effective self-preservation and try to negotiate your way out of the hole you have dug for yourself, do not forget that I am the person in all of this that you need to make happy. Giving my country back her rights is where you start.

I also already told you the only way to make me complacent... Find my husband. Apologize to him. Do anything he tells you to do. And you will make me complacent... Out of my benevolence, I highly suggest you take my advice.

If you do not decide to start saving yourself, we all know where you will end up. Would you prefer an unnamed penitentiary hidden in Siberia or a Turkish prison for war criminals? Who are we kidding? You are not allowed an opinion on that.

My beautiful world, once when I was last in the Black Hills, a Lakota woman took my hand and asked me to pray with her for her family. I remember thinking to myself how beautiful it must be to have that sort of faith in a divine power. After everything I have lived through for the last three years, I find I really do have that kind of faith. I have that faith in you, my beautiful world. Please, if what you are doing today does not work, launch a thousand ships tomorrow; come from all directions to pick me up and carry me to the safety of my husband's arms. Also...

You know the plan... My beautiful world, we need to take the bubble apart. 1.) We need a culture that demands this oppression ends. We need music, theater, dance, television, radio, film... all of it. We need protests, marches, and anthems. We need America to stand up and demand we be free again.
2.) We need to take away their reason for keeping me in a bubble. I am in a bubble and will stay here until they kill me because they do not want to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed. We need to hold them accountable regardless. America needs to press charges against the federal government. Do not let them take away your right to demand justice just like they took away mine. You have to be put on trial and convicted before they can take any of your rights away. Please, America, if you are capable of it, press charges against the government for taking away your First Amendment rights. We need to have the bubble officially deemed unconstitutional. That means we need to get it into the hands of the Supreme Court. America, that means you have to press federal charges for violations of your rights.
3.) If all else fails, we need to have Obama the Criminal impeached. Write to your Congresspeople. Write to the Department of Justice. Make sure an accurate investigation is started and executed. The president is guilty of so many horrors committed against me and guilty of oppressing the entire nation. Hold him accountable. Being a president does not put anyone above the law.
Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, to be completely honest, if anything could make me believe in a higher order to the universe, it is you. You were created by some sort of divine plan. I have a weird way of knowing these things. Back on topic, darling, please get as much truth about all of this as possible into the foreign presses... the ones outside of President Corrupt's sphere of oppression. I love and adore you. I HATE the way you are constantly getting hurt and lied to. Please stop thinking the president could ever speak the truth. Soon I will touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

Friday, December 30, 2011

If Someone Tells You to Break the Law, no Matter Who That Person is, You are Both Guilty.

San Francisco, the federal government has no love for you. It is okay to press charges against them for lying to you, terrorizing you, oppressing you, and poisoning your water supply... repeatedly. I saw your faces during this most recent time I lived there. You were terrorized by the Feds as they enforced the unconstitutional bubble on you. They kept claiming you were "leaking" and threatening you because of it. In all reality, if they had never put me in a bubble in the first place, I would not have known the bubble was there. It is okay, San Francisco. Just exercise your right to demand justice to make it all right.

I recently asked my beautiful world to make sure they bring me problems they would like me to help fix. Debt crisis in Greece... hikers in exotic locations... People seem to like hearing my opinions. Challenge me. I am here to help.

My beautiful America, do you know where our domestic economic problems came from? There are some better places than others to look for the answer to that question. I recommend you start here. Ole President Gee-Dub forbade the Feds from arresting the guilty parties in 2008, and President Corrupt completed the travesty of patriotic American leadership by giving all the guilty parties cash bailouts in 2009.

This begs a few questions... How much do you know about the New World Order? Who preened Obama the Terrorist to get elected to ruin America?

Do not forget: If you do what Obama the Sociopath (or the FBI) commands and break the law, you are all prosecutable. The dictionary calls this corruption. If you do as I suggest and defy his oppression, you are a hero saving America. No law was ever written that says you cannot have your Constitutional rights. That is just a policy of President Corrupt; there are very good reasons the executive branch is not allowed to create laws in this country.

My beautiful world, I have been receiving verbally abusive comments on my blog posts. The comments are attempts to coerce me into no longer writing snail mail to my beloved Sweetness. Obama, you bratty child, you should know by now that I do not respond favorably to verbal abuse. That is, I respond appropriately. It is illegal for a reason.

Similarly, do you remember how my criminal father, a quack who made the conscious choice to commit malpractice, and the corrupt Polk County District Court's Mental Health Division claimed everything in this here blog was symptoms of a debilitating and incurable mental illness in order to illegally confine me to a hospital and traumatize me with threats of forced torture injections? One of their many goals was to terrorize me into no longer keeping my blog which was changing the world. This is all I have to say on the topic to Obama the Slave Driver who commanded it... I have the internet, and I know how to use it.

And now that I have your undivided attention, I will now blushingly reveal my hidden agenda.

I am not just out to do good all over the world in the ways I flat out state. I also have a secret goal. I have always said that I should not have to present myself to the world as a man to be treated with decency and respect, listened to in the areas in which I am expert, and acknowledged as more than capable at what I do in this world. I fight my battles in a skirt and heels because I am the type of woman who likes a skirt and heels, and I am not about to pretend I am something I am not. I believe that by proving I have worth in the world as a woman, despite the president deciding and enforcing that I am disposable, I can end female infanticide... among other things. I figure I can do this just by being myself.

"Revolutionary Dreams" by Nikki Giovanni
i used to dream militant
dreams of taking
over america to show
these white folks how it should be done
i used to dream radical dreams
of blowing everyone away with my perceptive powers
of correct analysis
i even used to think i’d be the one
to stop the riot and negotiate the peace
then i awoke and dug
that if i dreamed natural
dreams of being a natural
woman doing what a woman
does when she’s natural
i would have a revolution

Sweetness, eres el rey dulce de mi corazon. Juntos y pronto bailaremos bajo el lluvia del paraíso de nuestra amor inmortal. Tenemos las ganas de triunfar, ¿no? Espero aquí solo, pero entiendo que el futuro esta viniendome en el acercamiento de tu alma elegante.

Romance languages can be so romantic.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dissent is Patriotic.

This post feels like an assortment of pertinent ideas. I apologize for any lack of transition.

Black academics have explained it to me so many times. Black Americans descended from the abomination of the slave tradition in this country and, ideally, have overcome it. African Americans are descendants of Africans that came to the States after slavery ended here and who do not carry the burden of that travesty.

President Corrupt is not Black; he is African American. And, according to the definition, a half-Asian lady slave like me is more Black than Obama the Sociopath is. He has never carried the burdens that Black Americans carry. He has mandated that I do.

On a related note, the word of the day today is "interpolate." Mr. Donald Trump, when your intent is to uncover a conspiracy or even to create a conspiracy theory, there is a way to accomplish this with the most accuracy. You have to leave the truths where they are. You cannot move the truths around nor bias them with the hope of making them fit your theory. Leave the truths where they are and only connect them. That is how you discover a conspiracy... not just create theories. I heard your conspiracy theory; I think you can make a more convincing one than that.

As for those of you lying through your teeth about me again, why are you even pretending anyone would believe I am unpatriotic? I am actively fixing this nation's problems. I am not a president using my office to ruin this country for personal gain. I am not a libelous slanderer acting to keep this nation oppressed. When you want to call someone unpatriotic, look at yourself.

I really need justice, so I can heal from all of this. It has been almost three years, now, of torture, slavery, abuse, humiliation, and persecution. I really need a vacation. I really need my husband. I really need justice, so I can heal.

Some time in 2009, most likely before he even took office, Obama the Slave Driver decided that I was disposable. This was a decision driven by his greed and enabled by his racism, sexism, and other personality evils. He sent orders to rape and drug me until I would kill myself. And he enslaved me, so the world could watch the entire process. President Corrupt threw me away, and libeled me to justify it to the public. To get away with it all, he decided to revoke America's rights to discuss it, report it, or even fight it.

My beautiful America, what could President Corrupt possibly be threatening you with to make you go along with being oppressed? Defy his tyranny already. Call out his corruption. Do not just demand your rights anymore; flat out take them. Exercise your freedom of speech. Scream, "Free at last!" at the skies. Exercise your freedom of the press. If you are scared of doing it alone, pick a date and have your colleagues join you. These are your rights. Why are you allowing him to take them away from you?

The people of Syria are risking death and torture to fight for their rights. Dear Arab League, if my opinion means anything to you, enter Syria, but do not allow the government there to control where you can and cannot go. Travel freely. Go undercover if you have to. Please discover the truth of what happens there, report it to the outside world, and do everything you can to stop it. The people of Syria need you.

As for you, Obama, you damn sociopath, I am very careful not to show signs of everything I and my benevolence are capable of. Luckily for you, it is not too late for you to take the fight out me by making me complacent. Find my husband. Apologize to him. Do anything he tells you to do. And you will make me complacent. It is very well established that I am smarter than you, stronger than you, more honest than you, more moral than you, and will always be in possession of the moral high ground. Out of my benevolence, I highly suggest you take my advice.

My beautiful world, I really need you. Please keep the pressure on President corrupt. Please keep spreading truth to combat the lies. Please do everything you can think of to get me out of this hell and into the arms of my beloved husband.

Sweetness, I have been pushing you pretty hard lately. I think the world will finally agree you are my equal now. I trust you. And it is time the world starts trusting you as much as I do. Do anything you want to burst this bubble wide open, my darling, so we can finally be together. I think I am going to start you a new letter on Saturday. I love and adore you. Every moment we are forced to be apart is a torment to me.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

American Rascism Against Middle Easterners is Fueling Obama's Agenda.

Let us all be honest. If Iran finally develops a nuclear weapon or if it looks like a war with Iran is dangerously imminent, the American public will finally revolt and set me free from this bubble themselves, so I can fix the problem. That said, it is not in my immediately best interests to write the rest of this new blog post. However, my beautiful world, you all know how hard it is for me to bite my tongue when I see warmongering and the unpatriotic habits of our current terrorist of a president in action as he ruins America and destroys stability in the world as a whole. So, I really am going to write the rest of this blog post.

The US government is antagonizing Iran again, so Iran is making threats to defend itself again. Why is the US government constantly antagonizing Iran? They claim Iran's nuclear program is a threat.

Let us all be honest. Take a good look at the world. How many countries have nuclear weapons? How many countries with nuclear weapons has the US fought a war against (after they gained the nuclear technology, of course)? None. Absolutely none.

Having nuclear weaponry is a defensive strategy, not an offensive one. It is a way to prevent war because it means the warmongering Americans will not hit you anymore. If you attack anyone enough times (he or) she will find a way to defend (himself or) herself.

We all know that Iran cannot drop a nuclear bomb in Israel because they will be hitting themselves with fallout. For the same reasons, Israel has nothing to gain from threatening Iran with the bomb.

I have already tried explaining to Iran that nuclear technology is obsolete for these very reasons, but I do not want to end up in a discussion of what is not obsolete technology.

What the American government needs to learn to do is break the cycle of racism and hatred that fuels all of these conflicts with Arab nations, so we can finally have a peaceful and stable world.

Why does the US government attack Iran all the time? It is because Iran is constantly defending themselves against the US. Iran has a nuclear program because the US government has driven them to build one. If the US government would finally stop creating conflict, the conflict would go away.

On the short term, if the US would just stop using so much oil (and most American oil comes from Canada anyway) the Strait of Hormuz will no longer be something worth fighting over. Try telling the truth. Try solving the real problem.

Sweetness, I am staying in tonight, so I can bake pastries. I finally found where the grocery store shelves its almond paste. I will be at the Des Moines Social Club's open mic tomorrow night, and I will probably stop for drinks somewhere afterwards. I will probably also be out and about Saturday night. I love and adore you. I also trust you completely. You can do anything you want in my name, and you know that.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Serial Liar

Well, my beautiful world, it looks like the serial liar that is our president lied again to get what he wanted. Obama the Sociopath will tell you anything fathomable to get what he wants from you. Why does anyone trust any word that comes out of that criminal's mouth? His addiction to dishonesty looks pretty damn pathological at this point.

I say this because my Sweetness is not allowed to come for me today.

Please, my beautiful world, do not let the presidential untruths lull you into complacency. That is one of Obama the Terrorist's goals. Please, my beautiful world, fight with rage and unstoppable fury until I am no longer living in this hell and until we all have our full Constitutional rights again. Begin the battle again, and please do not stop until it is finally and actually over.

You know the plan...My beautiful world, we need to take the bubble apart. 1.) We need a culture that demands this oppression ends. We need music, theater, dance, television, radio, film... all of it. We need protests, marches, and anthems. We need America to stand up and demand we be free again. 2.) We need to take away their reason for keeping me in a bubble. I am in a bubble and will stay here until they kill me because they do not want to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed. We need to hold them accountable regardless. America needs to press charges against the federal government. Do not let them take away your right to demand justice just like they took away mine. You have to be put on trial and convicted before they can take any of your rights away. Please, America, if you are capable of it, press charges against the government for taking away your First Amendment rights. We need to have the bubble officially deemed unconstitutional. That means we need to get it into the hands of the Supreme Court. America, that means you have to press federal charges for violations of your rights. 3.) If all else fails, we need to have Obama the Criminal impeached. Write to your Congresspeople. Write to the Department of Justice. Make sure an accurate investigation is started and executed. The president is guilty of so many horrors committed against me and guilty of oppressing the entire nation. Hold him accountable. Being a president does not put anyone above the law.

Take over all airwaves with your battle cry. The government is broke; that is all the more reason why pressing charges against the Feds en masse will work. The plan above is just the beginning, but it will do so much.

Do not forget what the First Amendment says...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. These are the very rights you must demand. Let's get this done.

Sometimes I cry. I feel the pain of the world some days. There are so many problems I could help fix... if only I could get out of this bubble.

I weep for this nation, and I will continue to weep until America sets itself free. I weep for the world, and I will continue to weep until I am free to help lift the world's pain. I weep for my husband, and I will continue to weep inconsolably until we are finally together and until I may finally kiss his waiting face.

Sweetness, please take care of yourself. I am worried you are going to drive yourself mad with heartache. Please, stop letting the government jerk you around. Take all of your unhappiness and channel it into taking the bubble apart completely, so we can finally be together. Come by and get me once the oppression is broken. I cannot stand how unhappy all of this red-light-green-light makes you. Yes, I can only be miserable until we are together, but please be smart about how you fight. I do not want you to end up as damaged and tortured as I am. I love you too much for that.

My beautiful world, do anything you can think of to bludgeon this bubble to smithereens. I trust you. I know you will all get me to someplace where I can be safe and free and where I can be with my husband. Also, please take good care of my Sweetness. Do anything he needs, and try to cheer him up. Please... for me.

P.S. How much do you all know about the New World Order?

Friday, December 23, 2011

All I Have

I am the only person in this country with freedom of speech, so you better believe I am not going to waste it.

President Corrupt, get your hands off of Congress, so they can do their job. Why do you not try to do your real job for once? Try defending and supporting the entire nation's Constitutional rights! That IS your job description. If you are actively refusing to do your real job, who are you to suggest to others how to do theirs?

On the topic of the president, this whole battle does not come down to Benevolent Squid vs. President Corrupt, no matter how many people like to spread that around. At its core, this situation is best described as... Obama the Criminal is breaking the law and defiling what is America, and the world needs to stop him. His war crimes and terrorism would be enough to put him in Guantanamo if he were the leader of any other nation. End the hypocrisy.

Sweetness, your gift should be there soon. You may not want to open it in front of the kids. I cannot wait for the moment my lips finally touch your face. All I have in this world is you and my freedom of speech. Please stop letting the government jerk you around. All they do is lie. You know you cannot trust them. Please keep your heart safe and intact for me instead.

Love, love, love: that is the soul of genius. --W.A.Mozart

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Launch the Ships.

They have been jerking my beloved around again. They are trying to distract him away from taking apart the bubble officially, so we can finally be together.

My beautiful world, launch the metaphorical ships. Call out the troops. You know the plan. But feel free to do anything else you believe will be helpful.

To quote my last post... My beautiful world, we need to take the bubble apart. 1.) We need a culture that demands this oppression ends. We need music, theater, dance, television, radio, film... all of it. We need protests, marches, and anthems. We need America to stand up and demand we be free again.
2.) We need to take away their reason for keeping me in a bubble. I am in a bubble and will stay here until they kill me because they do not want to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed. We need to hold them accountable regardless. America needs to press charges against the federal government. Do not let them take away your right to demand justice just like they took away mine. You have to be put on trial and convicted before they can take any of your rights away. Please, America, if you are capable of it, press charges against the government for taking away your First Amendment rights. We need to have the bubble officially deemed unconstitutional. That means we need to get it into the hands of the Supreme Court. America, that means you have to press federal charges for violations of your rights.
3.) If all else fails, we need to have Obama the Criminal impeached. Write to your Congresspeople. Write to the Department of Justice. Make sure an accurate investigation is started and executed. The president is guilty of so many horrors committed against me and guilty of oppressing the entire nation. Hold him accountable. Being a president does not put anyone above the law.

I heard about the statute of limitations problem. I had no idea that applied to medical malpractice or human rights violations. Is "intent to torture" also a crime? All of that considered, we ought to get as many doctors as possible now before they all slip away.

Helen Reynolds in Liverpool is a torturer. With absolutely no medical justification, she gave me injections that felt like death crawling through my veins. Then again, she was probably trying to make me go mad. Dennert at Mercy Franklin in Des Moines is a quack. He medicated me while I still had no symptoms and tried to mandate that I be tortured again with injections. He refused to admit to reality, and claimed that things like drugged water and the bubble were all just symptoms. Dr. Ramos at Mercy in Mason City, Iowa only gave me a false diagnosis based on false test results because he was taking directions from somebody he feared. Find out who told him to break the law, and you will catch the bigger fish. Ocampo at Broadlawns is guilty of everything Dennert was guilty of, including keeping me in a hospital against my will for no medical reason. Go easy on Dr. Green at Broadlawns. She is actually trying to stay law-abiding despite being commanded by people she fears to keep me heavily medicated for no medical reason. Ask them all what my symptoms are.

As frosting on the cake, investigate all of my fellow patients at the facility at the University of Minnesota Medical Center- Fairview. They were all actors and psychologists pretending to have mental illnesses. There were people involved with the local police in that facility acting like patients and staff, too. I did identify one other real patient, and she kept screaming at the staff "Why are you pretending you have jobs to do? You are all doing nothing! What is this?" She was the African one.

Speaking of Africa, I saw Joe Biden at the Nigerian Embassy in Mexico City. He was there the same day I was there. He had a bad French accent and was pretending to be a French diplomat. Yes, while I was in Mexico City (Did you ever hear everything that happened down there? Poisoned bottles of water? Beaten in my sleep? Cameras in my hotel rooms? Drugs injected into my body? A population with chips in their ears?... It sounds a lot like the UK, huh? Did you hear any of it?) the vice president was down there running a muck. Yes, he is in on it, too.

Sweetness, I am going to mail you your "December gift-giving tradition (I am an atheist.)" gift tomorrow. It should make it to Los Angeles Friday. No, my darling, it is not all in your head. I really do truly, sincerely, and passionately love you. Considering how we communicate and the fact we are forbidden by an evil and tyrannical regime to be together, it is perfectly normal to have occasional doubts. Do you remember when I had mine? You fixed it thoroughly and quickly. I love you madly. It is the only mad thing about me. I would move a mountain range to be with you. You would move heaven and earth to be with me. No one messes with this kind of love without expecting disaster for themselves. This love will prevail.

P.S. My beautiful world, did you see the news? We need effective world leadership on the topic of Global Climate Change, and we need it now. P.P.S. Americans know that the bubble is immoral, unconstitutional, inhumane, cruel, and wrong, but they obey it because they fear the government. Sound familiar?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

An Angry Blogpost

I have a divinely-originated, unalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Yet, the federal government denies me even the ability to be with me beloved significant other. This is only the beginning of their crimes against me, and it is time we fixed this.

Amendment One
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
The American public currently has no freedom of speech, no freedom of the press, and no freedom to assemble with me. Personally, I have no freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances. That is, I am not allowed to demand justice.

Amendment Four
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
I have spy equipment in my head. Everyone knows what I write. Everyone knows what I read. I have no privacy.

Amendment Five
No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.
I and all of America are currently being deprived of liberty without due process. This amendment means that a person must be put on trial and convicted before any rights can be taken away from that person. The bubble I live in is a blatant violation of the US Constitution.

Amendment Eight
Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.
What about this bubble is not cruel and unusual for me to live through?

Amendment Nine
The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
These rights include the very well-established right to privacy... and many others.

Amendment Thirteen
1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The entire world is a witness that I am a slave... and that my slavery is enforced by Obama the Criminal's bubble of torture and persecution.

Article Two Section 4 - Disqualification
The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.
According to the United Nations, its International Criminal Court (ICC), and the rules of operation for the ICC, war crimes and crimes against humanity include torture, rape, forced prostitution, forced public nudity, and forced public humiliation... to name a few.

If Obama the SlaveDriver is not complicit in the capitol offenses against me, why am I in a bubble at all?

The bubble alone is cruel and unusual. And the American public is paying for the bubble with their own Constitutional rights.

My beautiful world, we need to take the bubble apart. 1.) We need a culture that demands this oppression ends. We need music, theater, dance, television, radio, film... all of it. We need protests, marches, and anthems. We need America to stand up and demand we be free again.
2.) We need to take away their reason for keeping me in a bubble. I am in a bubble and will stay here until they kill me because they do not want to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed. We need to hold them accountable regardless. America needs to press charges against the federal government. Do not let them take away your right to demand justice just like they took away mine. You have to be put on trial and convicted before they can take any of your rights away. Please, America, if you are capable of it, press charges against the government for taking away your First Amendment rights. We need to have the bubble officially deemed unconstitutional. That means we need to get it into the hands of the Supreme Court. America, that means you have to press federal charges for violations of your rights.
3.) If all else fails, we need to have Obama the Criminal impeached. Write to your Congresspeople. Write to the Department of Justice. Make sure an accurate investigation is started and executed. The president is guilty of so many horrors committed against me and guilty of oppressing the entire nation. Hold him accountable. Being a president does not put anyone above the law.

Sweetness, we need full disclosure. "Leak" it if you have to. I know how busy I keep you... but I will not stop fighting until you are in my arms. Tell the world what good I could do if I were just set free.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

As I am Sure You Have Noticed...

As I am sure you have noticed, I am only fat when I take meds. These pills are killing me... and I still have absolutely no symptoms that require them.

As I am sure you have noticed, a lot of people are mongering for war in the Middle East. If they, including the president, actually wanted peace in the world, they would have released me from this bubble to take care of it. Do not believe a word they say about taking care of their responsibilities until I am released from this bubble of torture and persecution.

As I am sure you have noticed, the entire world knows I am more than mentally healthy despite being tortured constantly for two and a half years. The bed is still active. I plead for help every night.

Sweetness, we will get it. I left a message for you yesterday with Mr. Brian Williams. Also, the paperwork I sent you with the cookies applies to ANY situation (for example, my being in a bubble) regardless of whether or not I am deemed mentally incompetent. You are only in my happy dreams.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Ask Questions. Demand Answers.

What is the purpose of the bubble I live in? Ask the people who mandate and control it. Find out why you, the American public, are paying with your human rights to continue this persecution of me. Most importantly, why are you allowing it to continue?

And now, some random links...

AG: "President Obama is adopting some of the language of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and yet he's also receiving more money from Wall Street than any other president in history." NP: "Yes and that's why nothing will happen..."

Our human rights are evaporating.

"The death squads and concentration camps of history were never staffed by rebels and dissidents. They were were run by those who followed the rules."

I wonder sometimes what Obama the Sociopath's prolonged oppression of this entire nation has done to us... permanently... spiritually... psychologically.

Sweetness, I mailed you something late Tuesday night. You should get it today or tomorrow. I love you. I worry that I stress you out, but, WOW, do I ever love you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Model T

General Motors, Tesla Motors,... Yes, you too, Ford... Who else is in the States? Anyway, this should actually be addressed to car companies across the world...

How long before we get a solar-powered Model T?

Do you have any idea how many world problems we could fix with an affordable way to get the world off of its oil dependency? Do you have any idea what good would come to poverty stricken areas if they were not pinching pennies to buy gasoline? Do you have any idea how much money would stay in the middle class economy instead of disappearing into rich oil companies as they just get richer? Do you know how many carbon emissions we can keep out of the sky? Global Climate Change is real. Think of the lives you could save.

Besides, the first company to put an affordable, stable, solar-powered car on the market would make billions.

Yes, there will always be a need for oil. This planet will never completely kick its habit... until the oil runs out. And I have already warned OPEC nations to develop their economies, so they will be ready for when the oil runs dry.

But please, car companies, start the race to our much more healthy future. We need a solar-powered car that even your factory workers can afford to buy. Please do it for the planet. Please do it for the future. Please do it for me.

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter late last night. It should arrive in LA on Wednesday or Thursday. I will probably mail you something tomorrow, too. Tonight I think I am going to stay in. I am pretty sure I can fix my squeaky, old headset mic with a little WD40, and I need to figure what to get you as a gift this year. I know how busy I keep you. All I want this year is lots and lots of kissing. Hee-hee. Can you look into starting an investigation of the tainted water supplies in San Francisco, Mexico City, Wigan, Liverpool, Ankeny, and Des Moines? Every city has witnesses... but I do fear Iowa is so drugged it is in denial. Everyone here is sleepy and depressed.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Third Eye Open

Okay, my beautiful world, what is your opinion of Eric H. Holder, Jr.? Do you believe he is doing his job properly? I am deferring to your judgment of him. Yes, my third eye has been open lately, but I do not have a connection with him like I do with other people... like my Sweetness. Mr. Holder is a public servant. As the public, you get to flex your muscles and tell him what to do. You also get to tell him when he is doing a good job. Please be honest and appropriate.

On the topic of the government, I caught the last half hour of so of the Republican debate last night. Why, Squid, if you care so much for this country, do you not endorse a candidate?... You ask a very good question. Well, you see, I am not a Republican.

Out of respect for the democratic process in this country and for the integrity of the Republican party as a whole, I am not going to endorse a candidate for nomination. I will talk policy with anyone, but since I am not a Republican, it is completely inappropriate for me to meddle in their affairs. (But I worry that Newt has made it too clear for his own good that he does not like me much. Everyone else seems to like me just fine.... Just in case that matters to you Republicans.)

If I like the candidate they nominate, I will vote for him or her in November next year... And if I do not like their nominee, I will write in "Hillary Clinton." I can only hope and pray more liberals will do the same. Who knows, maybe Mrs. Clinton will carry a few states.

At the end of the debate, the commentators expressed wishes that the leaders in this country would work together to fix our national problems instead of fighting all the time. Well, to be honest, I am not actually allowed to fix problems in this nation. I do my best, though, in spite of a corrupt president's horrible intentions to shut me up forever. George and Diane, I could really use your help getting rid of him and replacing him with a better president who would actually allow me to do everything I can to help this once fine nation. That is how to make your own dreams come true.

As for world news,...

Moscow, WOW! I know how you feel. When the government is corrupt, you have to go to the next higher authority to hold the guilty parties accountable. When it is the highest level of the government that is corrupt, what can you do? In a democracy, the only authority higher than the government is the people. The people need to put the corrupt parties on trial. I understand why you are using your power to clean up your government. As always, stay strong. Stay peaceful. Stay organized, and make concrete demands. Oh, and STAY WARM! I have heard about your Russian winters.

Dearest Iran and Afghanistan, can I ask you for help with something? Have you heard of Bob Levinson? He went missing while investigating criminal activity in 2009, and people seem to think he is being held hostage in one of your two countries. I know you are very busy governments concerned with today's global realities, but can I ask you to help locate him? Will you do it for me? Will you do it to prove all people and self-sovereign nations deserve respect because they do have goodness in their hearts? Mr. Levinson's wife and kids are worried sick about him, and no one should be forced to be apart from his or her loved ones. No one.

Finally, where is the UN conference on Global Climate Change right now? Why does no one know about it, where it is, or what they are doing in there? We need global leadership on this topic, and we needed it to start a decade ago. No, I cannot help as long as I am still in this damned bubble. Can the world really wait for Obama the Criminal to get arrested before we have a leader willing and able to carry humanity through this? Can the world really wait any longer?

Sweetness, please stop worrying about hurting my feelings or letting me down. Please just concentrate your energies on the battle at hand. I doubt you could ever do anything that would make me unhappy... ever... and that is one of the reasons I love you so dearly. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. Oh, and if you are considering making a plea for help from the UN for added pressure on the human rights violators to release me from this bubble, please consider doing so before the end of December. We have Nigeria and a few other rock stars in there until the end of the year... Yes, we have some rock stars in there still next year, but trust me.

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am not a vengeful woman. I do not want revenge on anyone. I want justice.

The corrupt powers that be fear justice coming after them. That is why I am in a bubble. They will spread any lie they can and corrupt any official they can get their hands on to keep me persecuted.

I know there are stories about how I have psychic and super-human powers. Believe them if they come from my Sweetness. I suppose you can believe them, too, if they come from Cuddlebunny. Those two know things about me. Sweetness is the leading man in my life whom I love and adore, and over two years ago, Cuddlebunny was the last man I slept with... voluntarily.

I know Cuddlebunny is a controversial topic. He started out as such a monster, and I saved him. I actually had to save him from the corrupt forces that be a few times. They tried to turn him against me later, but there is no real way to fight the sheer force of love.

So many lies are spread about me. Be careful of the sources of stories. As examples, in 2009 they once made a fake sex tape of me and Mr. Viggo Mortensen. They also made so many fake images of me while I was in the UK. I am not a contortionist. I am not a clown. I am not any of those lies. I am slandered. I am defamed. And I am libeled.

BBC 3 might also try to say I have psychic powers. I know why.

If it were not already thoroughly established that I am only capable of being benevolent, I would fight these stories from coming out. Yes, we all know I am only benevolent. I am only capable of good in this world.

Why am I in a bubble then? Good question. I was put here by the type of people who fear the completely benevolent. I was put here by people who do not want good in the world. And they will spread any lie they can and corrupt any official they can get their hands on to keep me persecuted.

What I want most is my husband. Do not get me wrong. I also want all of our Constitutional rights returned to all of America. I want world peace. I want a lot of things. But what I want most is my husband to be happy. GIVE ME MY HUSBAND!!!

Obama, you bratty and lying child, you know you are guilty, and you know you are caught. That is why you are getting so desperate. Gay America knows you refuse to support the right to marry because it means Sweetness and I would have the right to marry. You let your unfounded vendetta against me affect all of your politics, and without support from me, you only have support from the corrupt forces that are ruining this world. The whole world is a witness to both your crimes against me and the fact I do your job as the Leader of the Free World better than you do. Save yourself and make me happy.

Sweetness, I have a feeling they will stop at nothing to take you away from me. On the upside, it means that we together as a devoted and loving couple are doing good and effective work to end the oppression of America, to demolish the bubble of slavery and persecution, and to create a more stable and loving world. I love and adore you. I am a little worried that you are not getting my mail anymore, though. You should have received a letter last week Wednesday and box of cookies today. I promised to start you a letter on Tuesday, but you have been keeping me distracted lately. I will start it tonight. Thank you for everything you do for me. This fight is not an easy one. Do not let them mess with your head.

P.S. My beautiful world, because of the greatly increased need since 2008, food pantries in the States are now running dangerously low. Please, if you are in a financial place where you can help, donate to food pantries across the country. Please.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, Sweetness...

I was prepared to write a scathing post today in which I would hand Obama his ass all over again, but you, my Sweetness, urged me to stay calm. If there is any force in the world that can keep me calm right now, it is you. I would prefer to know you are happy, content, and no longer lonely, but if you want me to stay calm, I will stay calm. Nothing will be able to make me happy, though, until you walk through that door and kiss me.

I mailed you a box of cookies this afternoon. It should reach LA on Thursday. There is also a week-old love letter inside that I was hoping to deliver by hand this last weekend. What is the rationale behind not impeaching Obama the Slave-driver for his crimes? Nobody likes him, and the entire world is witness of his crimes against me.

Did you see the speech that the failure of a president just gave? Obama the Hypocrite said he wants all Americans to have the freedom to be their best. I am serious. The man who stores an angel like me in a bubble of persecution and torture where he does not even allow me to have a job is spreading lies to cover his ass again. I cannot believe anyone trusts any word that slithers out of that criminal's mouth. Yes, this is the calm version of what I wanted to say today.

There has also been a lot of media lately about the Egyptian elections. Just saying they will hate America because they are Islamist leaders is racism and religious discrimination nobody needs. Yet, people are sill worried that the new government will be anti-American.

Well, if people are so worried about that, maybe they should do something friendly to make Egyptians like us. That particular country is in a very impressionable part of its lifetime, so US leadership really ought to be doing something positive with them (other than supplying the bullets that the military has been firing at the peaceful protesters). I know we have a tantrum-driven, slave-driving, corrupt, rape-enabling hypocrite of a non-leader running the US executive branch, but that is no reason the whole federal government should go to hell. Yes, this is my staying calm.

Sweetness, I left a message for you with Mr. Brian Williams this early evening during the news. I hope you get it. I will start you a new letter tonight. If you get your hands on a copy of my guardianship file with the Polk County District Court, you will find a forged letter inside that Syniva never really wrote. My father submitted it as supposed evidence against me back in 2010. I love you!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Who is Warmongering Today?

Conspiracy theorists are probably having a field day with the fact the biggest aggressors out there, the US and UK governments, are also the governments that have wronged me the most. I know the corrupt forces that be are just going to hate me more for saying it, but let us take a breath and think our way through this. I would really like to avoid WW3.

Pakistan, the US military is not the problem. The military is made up of good people. It is the orders coming out of DC that are the problem. I question the president and his role in all of this. If the president really is guilty, expect lies to circulate as they try to protect him.

Iran, I know it was not all of you who raided the British embassy in Iran, but those of you who did, are you calmed down now? The British government locked me in a torture facility for seven months last year. I know what it is like for them to push you and push you and push you because they want a conflict. The best advice I have is please do not give them the international conflict they want. There are forces in the West that make money off of waging war. If you take away their ability to escalate this conflict, you take their power away. Please remember that the West is not your enemy; the powers profiting off of conflict are.

The corrupt powers that be hate peacemongers like me. They like to enslave us, lock us in bubbles, and tell the world we are crazy when all we do is speak the obvious. Just because they have spent the last two and a half years torturing me, it does not mean I will stop standing in the way of WW3.

Sweetness, the weather looks iffy this weekend... snow, sleet, rain... but it the sky should be clearing up by late Saturday. I love you.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Nation Knows.

Hello, Obama,...

By now the nation knows you leveled a federal mandate in violation of the US Constitution persecuting me and taking away the entire nation's rights, and because you do not want to face justice for your wrongs, you maintain the illegal mandate and spread lies and slander hoping to get away with it. You cannot hide it, now. Despite the fact you have suspended all freedom of the press, the truth is still getting around.

Breaking ANY law makes ANY president impeachable. Your human rights violations are now common knowledge. And you have never had the power to violate the US Constitution. I know you live in a bubble where you think you are above the law and have built a federal mandate that denies the entire country enough rights that you think you can get away breaking any law you want.

But how long will it be until the nation is fed up with having its First Amendment rights revoked, fed up with watching me suffer for no reason except your own corruption, and fed up with you as a whole? I am going to live until I am 137 years old. How long do you think you can keep me in a bubble?

Your downfall, you terrorist, is your inability to treat people with the respect we deserve. You do nothing but make enemies and create conflict in the world. And you leave people like me, the people you shit on most, to clean up the world messes that you are supposed to be leading us through.

You have been out and about the last few months making public appearances trying to shift the blame onto Congress, all of Congress, for your own failures. From the national debt you wanted raised to the high unemployment you used as an excuse to feed your friends on Wall Street, you want to pretend that Congress is the guilty party for your own destructive policies, and you are spending government money trying to sell your lies to the public.

How long will it be until Congress, all of Congress, is fed up with you, too? If I were Congress, I would be investigating your violations of the US Constitution, and I would be impeaching you. And Congress, if you are listening, please do this for me. Calling me a hooker was part of his cover up for enforcing I be trafficked, and the menace he is to the entire world needs to be stopped.

I am a completely benevolent influence on this world. I do live a little on the edge by putting whole milk in my coffee, but that is it. The world knows I used my benevolent influence to have a couple of hikers released from prison in Iran. Do not take this personally, Iran, but what does it mean when a pure force of love like myself has a better relationship with the President of Iran than the President of the United States? What does that say about the President of the United States?

Sweetness, I sent you a letter on Saturday. It should arrive in LA on Wednesday. You will like it. I bake cookies from scratch. I am going to send you a box of them soon. I love you.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Safety and Freedom

I know I promised a post on Obama's impeachability, but let us delay that for the moment. Oh, trust me, he will tick me off into writing it if he does not know what is good for him. And he never knows what is good for him... or this nation.

Do you remember my last post? I was attacked in my sleep in Minnesota. I was attacked in my sleep in Iowa. I was attacked in my sleep in California.

Do you remember the legend of Cuddlebunny? I identified him as one of my attackers, and I made friends with him. I used love to render him incapable of ever hurting me again. A couple of months later, though, they sent a new one... Andrew.

I kept getting sick from everything I ate and drank. There were cameras in my home I had no way of getting rid of. There was spy equipment in my head. I was enslaved, and I had nowhere to go for help.

I decided to flee to someplace outside of Obama's reaches... someplace it would not be illegal to help me.

I did not find such a place in Mexico. The horrors just continued there. I tried to seek humanitarian protection from the torture and slavery in the UK, but it all just continued there as well.

I do not make dangerous decisions. I am on a constant sometimes desperate quest to find safety and freedom. I will not find either while Obama the Torturer is in office, unless he ends the bubble designed to torture and enslave me.

What do my actual real=life decisions look like? None of them are dangerous. The closest thing I do to living on the edge is getting whole milk in my coffee.

I have made an actual real-life decision to settle down with a man who loves and adores me and who treats me like a princess and an angel. I want to cozy up in a big house with him and make babies and hire bodyguards to keep us all safe.

I have decided to be a peaceful influence on the world. I have decided to inspire people everywhere to stand up and fight for their freedom and safety. I have decided to instruct people to do so peacefully. I have decided to help humanitarian aid reach the needy. I have decided to fight oppression everywhere intelligently, effectively, and peacefully. I have decided to be an intelligent and trustworthy world influence.

My decision making process is completely intelligent and trustworthy. I consider all claims to the contrary to be defamation. Expect justice.

Sweetness, with every triumph we get closer. We need America to stand up for itself and burst the bubble. If we organize and if everyone does it at once, this will again be the land of the free. No one has freedom of speech right now. No one has the freedom of the press. No one has the right to assemble and associate with me. They call America the land of the free and the brave. Well, at least right now we are brave. Try, try again.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Only Getting Feistier...

My darling Sweetness is still not here to calm me down, so I am getting feistier. Leveling a federal mandate that violates the US Constitution makes Obama the Slave Driver impeachable... but that is the topic of my next blog post. Today we discuss Octopus.

You probably ought to seek the advice of professional child psychologists before you try explaining to your seven-year-old child that his or her favorite children's show star, Octopus, was really a battered slave. This is a burden their generation and their parents' generation and this entire nation have to carry. When your child looks up at you and asks, "If everyone knew, why did nobody do anything to save her?" you are going to be glad for seeking advice, so you could answer the question.

In all reality, no one helped me because Obama the Terrorist made it illegal to do the right thing, acknowledge the human rights violations, and take the spy equipment out of my head. He, in fact, enforced that the slavery and nightly tortures continue.

Rumors were spread around that I was waking up covered in bruises because I was battering and raping myself in my sleep. You have all seen me sleep. You know I do not attack myself. I was being battered by strangers in my sleep. It happened to me so often that my body used to seize and spasm to keep me awake when I would lay down to sleep. It wanted to protect itself. But I was so drugged from what people were slipping into all of my food and drink and exhausted from the insomnia that I would have to sleep.

Because of Obama the War Criminal, I was not allowed to address this with any law enforcement; they were not allowed to acknowledge any of it was real. The FBI honestly told me I had to figure it out for myself, and all of the local police thought I was a prostitute. I was also not allowed to address the rumors publicly nor seek medical help for the batterings without risking being put in another psych ward to be violated again at my attackers' leisure.

It is, in fact, the job of the government to keep me and every person in this country safe and free. Instead of doing his job, Obama the Sociopath leveled a federal mandate to enforce I be abused, violated, sexually harassed, tortured, injected, poisoned, drugged, and enslaved with nowhere to go for help. He let your children watch. He enforced that you all be guilty.

My beautiful world, you know who is to blame for all of this. It is the attackers, the President, and the rest of the executive branch that refused to do their job to stop it. It, in fact, is still not stopped now. The oppression continues. All of the people out there doing everything they can to end this are my real live heroes. Yes, Sweetness, that means you.

Sweetness, I know you will be here to get me as soon as you possibly can. I am doing everything I can to help. There is so much confusion out there sometimes, though, that I cannot always tell exactly what you need. I love you. I was hoping to see you today, but I understand what towering level of evil and corruption you face out there. I wish more people would offer to help you.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Still not Complacent...

I am not going to have a chance to calm down until I am permanently in my darling man's arms. I am still ragingly upset. Bear with me.

My beautiful world, does anyone know why the phrase "Girl in a Red Raincoat" was chosen? I was thirty-one years old when this started in 2009, and it was clearly a red trench coat... not a raincoat. That is one of my many questions.

Another question is... Could Obama my Slave Driver have any motive other than defaming me and creating a cover up when he called me a hooker? Technically, because they were raping me to be able to make money off of selling me, I was a forced prostitute. But I have never sold myself. It was defamation by the president to make people stop caring about me and to make people attack me.

According to the Supreme Court...

“Where a person’s good name, reputation, honor, or integrity is at stake because of what the government is doing to him, notice and an opportunity to be heard are essential.”

-- Justice William Douglas
Wisconsin v. Constantineau
400 U.S. 433, 437 (1971)

...There is a reason for this. I am living proof of the reason for this.

However, Obama the Sociopath only takes people's rights and freedoms away. He does not support life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness... despite that being something he is morally, ethically, and legally obligated to do. It is his job description, after all.

The FBI do not know their job description either. While I was in San Francisco in 2009 and 2010, everything from LSD to methadone showed up in the city water. The problem followed me to the UK and now to Ankeny and Des Moines. The FBI knows the water gets poisoned everywhere I go, but they refuse to alert the locals and clearly refuse to keep the water clean themselves.

Yes, that is why everyone I have encountered in Ankeny and Des Moines lately is rundown, tired, and depressed. Everyone. There are depressants in the water, and the government refuses to do anything about it. Goddamn you, Feds, we give this water to our children.

Iowans, if you have been particularly tired or depressed lately, check your water supply and water mains. Obama is sacrificing you in order to pursue his agendas and get away with human rights violations.

As for you, Egyptians, democracy does not come from above. Democracy starts with the people. You have to build it yourselves. Organize enough to hold elections. The sooner you can put a system in place that can take over for the military, the better off you will be. There was a time to speak out. Now is a time to build. I know the bullets that the police and military fire on you say "Made in the USA" on them. We have a warmonger for a president. I am trying to do something about that.

Sweetness, a little birdie told me the news. They better let you into my arms this time. I am trying to keep calm today, but I am not sure how long I can stay this mild. When you get here, I will smother you in kisses.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Mild Beginning

In May 2009, I told a doctor in Minnesota that I believed the world was keeping secrets from me. I believed it was tied to my Facebook account. I believed my Facebook activity was public knowledge despite me privacy setting of "Friends Only." I was having a metaphysical crisis. I did not want to exist in the world any longer if I was hacked and defamed, but I did not want to have to kill myself. Clearly, I needed a spiritualist, not a doctor.

The doctor admitted me to the University if Minnesota Medical Center-Fairview. While in the hospital for a week, I was spied on and broadcast. They created a video phenom of me passing gas in the privacy of my own hospital room... not to mention my self-medication by dancing. The staff referred to me as "the stripper" and called themselves "the urine-hats."

While I was in that hospital for that week, I was attacked in the night as I slept. They put cameras in my eyes. They put speakers and mics in my ears. They made a broadcast of my time in the hospital. I knew this when it happened. All I could think of was finding a way out of that hell. They even sent me medical bills I refused to pay (Ever wonder about my credit?) for my entire stay there and all doctor visits.

The nightly tortures forced me into a relapse that lasted until I moved myself to San Francisco and lived there for a couple of months. Because of the relapse, my memory can get a little hazy. But I know I knew about the human rights violations when they happened because I made notes of which State of Minnesota and federal medical rights they violated in my booklet of patients' rights. If you want to puke on yourself, google what the State of Minnesota and federal privacy laws are for patients while they are staying in hospitals.

I tried reporting the hospital to all three agencies listed on the back of the booklet, but none of them contacted me back. I tried reporting them to the FBI. The FBI told me I had to figure it all out on my own.

Their privacy violations are common knowledge. The world is a witness. If we get the hospital, we get them all.

Sweetness, please call Anderson Cooper at CNN. I sent him a pile of my medical documentation while I was in the UK.

P.S. I really think ABC needs to offer my older sister Tara a long-term contract with "General Hospital" as their apology to me for the character of Jessica.


Obama, you Ass, you had the perfect opportunity to take the fight out of me by making me complacent. Instead, you shat on my husband. How dare you inconvenience my husband. I promise you this. I will rage on you, and I will not relent until you give me the reason I need in order to be happy. I have been a thorn in your side for a long time now, but you have yet to see my benevolent rage unleashed. I am smarter than you. I am stronger than you. And I have the moral high ground. You will not survive this. I suggest you make me happy.

Sweetness, help is on its way. Just give me a moment to orient myself to the situation.

Monday, November 14, 2011

War President

I was invited out tonight at 10pm for pizza. I told my mom. She whispered to me, "Do you have a boyfriend?" Are there really people left in the world who do not know about Sweetness? I told her, "No, I have a fiancée," and giggled.

As for my reaction to the news of the appalling, the US is warmongering with Iran and Pakistan. The special interests that make money off of waging war will not be satisfied until WW3 breaks out, so they have the Obama administration hitting angry Iranian and Pakistani buttons instead of trying to find solutions to our plagued relations. All we can pray for is that those two foreign nations do not fall for it and that they stay peaceful.

It is one thing to be strong. It is another thing to be an asshole. Besides, it takes more strength to be gentle.

Speaking of assholes, it is safe to assume the US government has no intentions of ever paying off the national debt. That is why they raised the debt ceiling yet again those months ago. That is why there is no plan to even pay off the interest it accrues. I cannot believe our credit rating was not downgraded further than it was, and I cannot believe that people are calling China, the country that loaned us the money that allows our government to function at all, a problem.

The US government needs to learn how to make friends instead of constantly aggravating everyone into being an enemy. Obama the Slave Driver is a war president. He wages war. He aggravates conflict. He creates enemies. He assassinates leaders without putting them on trial. And he commits human rights violations even in his home country.

He chose to persecute and torture me instead of treating me as a fellow human. When will it end?

Sweetness, I wish I could kiss you. I spent a portion of today at the public library reading and rereading Book 23 of the Robert Fagles translation of The Odyssey... You are my Odysseus, my man of twists and turns, the greatest tactician of Ancient Greece. Hee-hee. I always liked him better than Achilles.


Do you wonder why there is such a delay in my darling Sweetness coming by to pick me up and carry me away from all this? The powers that be fear justice coming after them. That is why they spread around racist, sexist nonsense about my having too much power to be treated like a human and have free will.

You, the public can trust that I am not another one of them. I have never and will never use my power and influence to take away another person's nor an entire nation's basic human rights. I would never break the law that way.

I would also never try to rape a woman into killing herself to cover it all up. I would never command doctors to treat her reality as if it were symptoms in order to illegally hospitalize her hoping the world would forget she ever existed. I would never urge her parents to commit perjury to be able to harm her and heavily drug her. Hell, I would never even stand in the way of true love.

Which one of us is it that should be trusted with power? The criminals or their victim?

Sweetness, I know you will be here as soon as you can, but please remember I am still on the drugs that are slowly killing me until you get here. They traumatize me with threats of injections to make me take them. The drugs are killing my body and slowing down my mind, and I still have no symptoms that require them. I love you. I know you are doing everything you can. Make them hurry up.

The House and Yard

The ten-acre yard that surrounds my parents' house is in jeopardy. I know, I know. With every evil thing my father has done to me, why would I help him? Well, just because my father is a waste of breathable air, it does not mean the trees and animal life should suffer.

I was tortured, raped, violated, and injected in the bedroom, but that does not mean I do not care for the giant pin oak on the north side of the house. If the City of Ankeny has its way, they will cut it down.

The City of Ankeny drew up plans years ago to build sewage lines through three sides of my parents' county-forest-preserve yard taking out any tree and disturbing every animal habitat in the way. So far, their plans have been unstoppable.

About a year and half ago they cleared out old-growth trees in the backyard across the creek to build the sewage line back there. They are not paying rent for using the land to carry their shit indefinitely, and they did not even leave the wood from the trees for my parents. You could have made lumber out of some of those trees.

Now, they are coming for the apple, ash, maple, and other trees along the road to build a sewage line up there. They have no plans to replace the greenery, particularly not with larger, older trees.

A few years ago they extended First Street through the neighbor's yard to the north. They did not build a sewage line then and refuse to build their line along that nearby road now.

The whole thing screams that they have targeted my childhood home to be devalued on purpose. My parents' yard is not even within Ankeny city limits, but they refuse to dig across the street on Ankeny land. I would not be surprised if they plan on forcing an annexation of my parents' place due to "eminent domain" and do not want to pay full price for the beautiful land.

My dad is a Republican, so my older sister wrote a letter to Senator Grassley about this years ago. He said he could not do anything.

I am asking you now, my beautiful world, if you can do anything. I know many of you consider my parents' house a major landmark in the story of my suffering and battle. I know the house and land have a great significance now. Please do not allow the City of Ankeny to ruin the land further.

Please save the yard. Save the tall, old trees. Save the deer, foxes, owls, hawks, and everything else.

My beautiful world, thank you.

Sweetness, I still plan on leaving this place and never looking back. I will be at the poetry night at Java Joe's Coffeehouse tomorrow night and again at the open mic on Thursday. I meant to start you a new letter. Maybe I will do that when I finish online today. I love you. I want to go see "The Rum Diary" again in case I missed anything the first time. That movie makes me very happy.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Today is Veteran's Day. I salute you, veterans, servicemen, and servicewomen. Thank you. As one of the people you fight to protect, thank you.

What I thought was a Literary Night last night was actually an Open Mic, so I was able to hear new music, too. Yey! Literary Night is actually next Tuesday at the same place, and the Open Mic is there every Thursday. I am thinking I might read poetry at the Literary Night and save my stories for the Open Mics. What do you think of this one, my beautiful world?

Not on My Watch and Never Again

Music crept slowly across my body,
and so passed a crazy notion:
Would the world still be calling me holy,
if we could never see motion?

Star-kissed, night-kept, sun-spotted, and wind-swept
Conflagrated, agitated, aggravated, and instigated

It never should have happened.
It never should have started.
But why does it continue?
Not on my watch and never again!

How long was it taking the world to awaken?
I was not the sleeping one.
See the landing of words already much spoken
wondering if justice will ever come.

Flower-worn, tree-learned, heart-spoken, and sky-burned
Fired, liar-ed, inspired, and tired

It never should have happened.
It never should have started.
But why does it continue?
Not on my watch and never again!

Mystifying, magic, mysterious, and mythic
Dangerous, ferocious, gregarious, and voracious

It never should have happened.
It never should have started.
But why does it continue?
Not on my watch and never again!

copyright 2011

I agree, it is a little more of a song than a poem. What about this one?

A Shakespearean Sonnet

And when the world of manly tragic plans
Decides the path of sleeping hero fires,
Or sparks a light for songs in people’s hands
Above our heads to sway to ballad pyres.

Orwellian creatures snorting lines of lies
And beating, bashing, horrid ways to rule;
Unpleasant planet waits for helping ties
To labor fruitful plowmen’s growth uncruel.

But when a girlish girlie lady weeps
The loss of freedoms promised for the land
Where once so proud a people spoke of deeps
Of water climbing heights above the sand,

Beware the truthless contract terrorists
Made writ with blood of screaming termless fists.

copyright 2011

That one is from early 2010. I wrote it in a taqueria over bistec and nopales.

Sigh... I have until Tuesday to figure out what I am going to read. I would rather have a rescue from my dreary life first, but in case it does not come, having plans makes it all a little less dreary.

Sweetness, I believe I have already sent you all of the love poems I have written to you so far. I think that makes me overdue to write you a new one. Hmmmmmmm... What tasty verbal morsel will I dish up this time? I know you will be here as soon as you can. I cannot wait.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Oil is Finite.

There are so many things we can consider as the reason for all of the dramatic weather we have had for over a year now. The world needs leadership on this topic. The last thing the people of this planet should be doing is feeding our dependence on fossil fuels instead of getting off of them. Also, just think of all of the poverty stricken areas that would benefit from no longer needing gasoline to have transportation.

If the US wants to be energy independent, it needs to change its consumption. We need a solar-powered Model T. We do not need a country enslaved by Big Oil.

We need to stop using oil, coal, and natural gas. We do not need to mine or drill for more of it. They say the US has only one hundred years of oil left. That is not very long, especially not in geologic terms.

Are you ready for when the oil runs out?

Years ago in this very blog I urged OPEC nations to invest in their economies and people, so that they would be ready when the oil runs out. Nations that are oil-dependent now will need a way to stay independent and prosperous when the oil is gone.

Fossil fuels exist in finite amounts. We have no way to manufacture them. If your country depends on exporting energy, you might want to look into manufacturing replacements for fossil fuels as a way to plan for the future. Start your research now, so you will be prepared.

Sweetness, I was thinking about going out on Friday, but I think I am going to the Des Moines Social Club's Literary Night tomorrow night instead. Literary Night is at the 4th Street Theater attached to Java Joe's Coffeehouse. I really hope they have good readings. I am in the mood for something new. I will probably stay in and watch Letterman on Friday. Steve Martin will be on, and I enjoy a good laugh. I just do not go out every night around here. There is far less to do.

Monday, November 7, 2011

He Loves Me!

Yes, I finally saw "The Rum Diary." I caught the earliest matinee yesterday. It was a private screening; I was the only one in the audience. It made me feel important.

When you go see it (and you should), do not go in expecting a comedy. I know the trailers sell it like it is all about humor, but it is actually a social commentary on class, race, gender, and sexuality that happens to use humor to tell its story.

It also made me walk away feeling loved. I was warm, fuzzy, glowing, all mellowed out with happiness, and floating the whole rest of the day and night. Some movies have that effect on people. "The Doors" movie made me feel like I was on peyote the first time I saw it.

"The Rum Diary" is a platonic love letter from Mr. Depp to Mr. Thompson. If you speak the Hunter S. Thompson language, you will be able to pick that out. I am not saying I speak that language. But you cannot pretend to evaluate the film without keeping their deep friendship in mind.

From the movie theater yesterday, I went to Grey's Lake, so I could just sit and look at the water and feel the warmth of being loved. Then, it was Cinema Sunday at the Lift. The movies all had a bike theme last night.

Saturday I stayed in to watch "Saturday Night Live," and Friday I went to the Art 316 open house in downtown Des Moines and then to Court Avenue to do a little drinking. I bought a guy a Surfer on Acid because he reminded me of Kevin Bacon. It made me giggle.

As for things far more serious, the only way through the European Debt Crisis is by reforming the proposed austerity measures. Let us be honest, we need the Greek economy to grow not be stunted if we ever want them to create enough revenue to pay off the debt. Yes, they need to change their spending, but what they really need is other countries to invest in them to help them to grow instead of smashing any chance for the people to economically prosper again. That us my two cents on the topic. We cannot do this with harsh austerity measures.

Sweetness, parts of my last letter feel a little silly now. I know you love me. I am beginning to understand the length and breadth of that love. I am even starting to see what you see in me. Thank you.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Arts Education

I dabbled in grad school at two different private universities, but the only places I have graduated from are a state school in Texas and a public high school. This makes me beg the question...

How was your arts education?









Do you know the significance of each? Could you carry on an intelligent conversation about any of them? Is there a reason to go through the grueling daily grind of everyday life if we cannot appreciate the richness of what makes us human?

The Second Question: Can you identify American culture?

It is everywhere. Though it is still a little young; it is rich and full of life.

Europeans are always complaining that "America has no culture" at the same time as they complain about "American cultural exports." From rock music and Negro spirituals to Twyla Tharp and "Star Wars" to Grant Wood and William Faulkner, American culture is a thriving, beautiful creature. I might just be a part of it, my beautiful world. So might you...

Sweetness, I mailed you a letter last night. You should receive it Tuesday. I really cheered up in LA. Can you tell? I am not spending all of my blog time verbally shooting our incompetent national and worthless leader anymore. What a wonderful City of Angels! I have been trying so hard to be positive lately; now I actually can! I love you. I am sorry if a letter of mine scared you. Just read the next one. Kisses!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Try Something New.

Hello out there, my beautiful world. How are you all doing today? I am still stuck in the Twilight Zone... a world where I am not acknowledged despite everything I do.

Something about my living conditions here in Iowa make me sleep until noon everyday. For five days in Los Angeles, I was lively, bright, and full of life. I slept a normal amount for me, and I was full of energy. Now just like before I left, I can barely drag myself out of bed and cannot get enough coffee.

I did so much more with my days while I was out there. You would think I would be tired there. The same thing seems to be affecting my mom. We have both really been dragging since getting back. Maybe I have been right this entire time about the water here.

This begs the question, of course, "What have we not tried yet to get me to freedom?" Clearly, even a bubble somewhere further away from my father would keep me healthier. But no bubble at all, that would be the healthiest thing for me ever.

My beautiful world, keep the pressure on Obama the Tyrant to finally do something, anything, in the general direction of my health. He believes it is not in his best interests to set me free of the bubble because he will finally be held accountable for all of the horrors he has forced me to live through, but convince him that once I am free, it is over.

Once I am free, he is done persecuting me. Once I am free, he is no longer digging himself deeper into the pile of manure he has built for himself by persecuting me in the first place and then breaking every concept in the Constitution to get away with it. Convince him it will end.

As for the Occupation... The local Occupation in Des Moines supports Obama my Slave Driver and wants to see him reelected. I simply cannot stand by them. I am going to have to occupy in another city. This definitely means I need to see my freedom before I can occupy with you all. I could use some help getting to my freedom. Is there anything you can do?

Sweetness, I am a little worried that you are a little worried about something. Let me reassure you; you can trust how much I love you. I understand how absurd our situation is. Trust me, I understand. I cannot imagine my being upset with you over anything... especially not now. I will start a letter to you tonight.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton

Dear Mrs. Hillary Clinton,

I am not the best person in the world with the written word, so if there is anything I can say to convince you to run for the Democratic nomination for president for 2012, I will say it.

This is bigger than your party needing you. This is bigger than women needing your leadership and example. This is even bigger than your nation needing you to offer logically consistent, strong, diplomatic, and intelligent solutions to dire foreign and domestic problems. The President of the United States of America is still supposed to be the leader of the free world. Mrs. Clinton, the world needs you.

Just say you want to run, and bubble or no bubble, I will throw down no holds barred to get you elected.

Just think of all the good you could do in this world. Please consider this. The world needs you.

Thank you for all of your time and attention,
Squid B. Varilekova a.k.a. Tanya H. A. Varilek


I flew back to Iowa from LA yesterday, but the misery of my living situation has not dragged me into depression, yet. I think the clean-ocean-air reset is still working.

I spent last night at the Lift watching the original "Nightmare on Elm Street" with one of the best bartenders in town. That guy who plays the boyfriend, he is going to do great things someday. Just you wait and see. Hee-hee. The movie made me giggle all of the way through.

My time in Los Angeles was wonderful. I had amazing family time with my mom and sister. There were actually friends there I could hang out with. I was disappointed that the bubble did not burst, but the people were fabulous. I was able to see the Occupation. I had time on the beach, and I watched the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. The museums were spectacular. And the food was delicious.

I even had a night in an emergency room because my hands, feet, arms, legs, all of me had swelled up. It turns out i have a thyroid condition. That explains so much, like my epic weight gain.

Now, I have another pill to take, but at least it is a pill that treats something.

I take Risperidone and Depacote for no reason. I am the same with them and without them; except, I am physically healthier without them. The Zoloft actually helps. This experience has been miserable, and an anti-depressant makes it more tolerable.

Believe it or not, the bubble was completely tolerable in Southern California. I finally remembered what happy feels like. My mind was clear, and my heart was light. I had a reason to laugh more than once every day. There were things to do other than writing anti-Obama rhetoric, stewing in boredom and misery, or going out drinking. That is all I have here in Iowa.

Let us all hope Iowa and my diabolical father do not get me down again.

Speaking of which, what is so different about the assassinations of bin Laden and Gadhaffi? They were both killed without being put on trial first. The Obama administration and global community have no grounds to criticize the actions of the Libyan rebels if they do not criticize President Incompetent's orders, too.

Sweetness, I have said it so many times. I will wait for you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Do Not Settle.

You are demanding change, so President Insufficient is giving you pennies. Do not settle, Occupy Wall Street.

Do not go home for anything less than the revolution and justice you are demanding. We all know Obama the Slave Driver sold out before his term even began. He needs to be reformed as much as the system does.

Sweetness, it must be something big and juicy they are using to control this town. I saw more resistance in San Francisco in 2009. Why are people so receptive to being oppressed?

Clean Ocean Air

My life is hell. That is no secret. I live in an unbearable situation in Iowa.

But today I had a chance to breathe some good, clean ocean air up in Malibu. It provided a long overdue reset of my system. I can endure anything now.

Yes, that is right. I went hiking in my dress in heels up at Point Dume yesterday afternoon. The weather was spectacular. The coastline was jagged. And a good time was had by all.

My dear old friend Christian took me and my mom around town all day, and the night began with Cadillac margaritas at a nearby Mexican restaurant. My mom already made plans for the two of us for tomorrow. Friday, we are going museum hopping; it has been years since I have seen the Getty or the LACMA. Saturday is reserved for shopping during the day and in the evening a costume party.

I would really like to see the Occupation. I would really like to soak up some sun on the beach.

Staying in Santa Monica is convenient to so much to do which is fabulous since my mother refuses to rent a car. But on our attempted (less than a mile) walk to the beach yesterday morning, my leg cramped up on me. I have been fine since resting, but a word of advice. If your leg cramps on you, do not keep walking on it until it can no longer hold your weight.

Our vacation rental is super adorable and accessible only by a secret passage. You can torture me all you want; I will never reveal how to get to my Kermit doll.

Sweetness, no worries. I would wait a lifetime to be with you... if it were not for the damn bubble... I have had little chance to watch television, but I plan on watching you on Letterman tomorrow night. Let's hope I make it.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here I Am!

I am now located in Los Angeles. Okay, technically I am in Santa Monica right now. I received permission to leave Iowa with my mother to visit my older sister.

This means, unless there is divine intervention to burst the bubble from hell I live in, I will have to return to Iowa the morning of Oct 30th.

Get me while you can, or burst the bubble and keep me forever.

Sweetness, now is your chance for acts of breathtaking daring do. I cannot wait. Hell, if ANYONE wants to save me, I am here for the saving.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

We Cannot Fly without Wind in our Face.

It is under the greatest of pressures that the most brilliant stars are born. Remember that the next time you see someone or something spectacular. We cannot fly without wind in our face.

Libya, stick to your plans. Hold elections. Draft a constitution. Build a government. Please make sure you represent all people in your nation fairly and equally. This is only a reason to celebrate if you do not descend into chaos and infighting. You are a good people. I have faith you will see yourselves become a thriving democracy.

Near the same region, it seems we are getting out of Iraq finally. That was a war we never should have instigated to begin with. We can be such warmongers.

But there is something we got right in Iraq. We captured Saddam Hussein and put him on trial. We did not lawlessly kill him.

Obama the Sociopath says getting out of Iraq will allow us to focus on the economy. If he would rather focus on the economy, why is he sending troops to Uganda? Is that man capable of uttering a sentence without lying?

Sweetness, are you counting the clouds today? The ones here are all fuzzy around the edges. It is hard to tell where they end and the sky begins. I'm having a lazy Saturday prone to daydreaming about you... Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... no wonder I call you "Sweetness."