Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dissent is Patriotic.

This post feels like an assortment of pertinent ideas. I apologize for any lack of transition.

Black academics have explained it to me so many times. Black Americans descended from the abomination of the slave tradition in this country and, ideally, have overcome it. African Americans are descendants of Africans that came to the States after slavery ended here and who do not carry the burden of that travesty.

President Corrupt is not Black; he is African American. And, according to the definition, a half-Asian lady slave like me is more Black than Obama the Sociopath is. He has never carried the burdens that Black Americans carry. He has mandated that I do.

On a related note, the word of the day today is "interpolate." Mr. Donald Trump, when your intent is to uncover a conspiracy or even to create a conspiracy theory, there is a way to accomplish this with the most accuracy. You have to leave the truths where they are. You cannot move the truths around nor bias them with the hope of making them fit your theory. Leave the truths where they are and only connect them. That is how you discover a conspiracy... not just create theories. I heard your conspiracy theory; I think you can make a more convincing one than that.

As for those of you lying through your teeth about me again, why are you even pretending anyone would believe I am unpatriotic? I am actively fixing this nation's problems. I am not a president using my office to ruin this country for personal gain. I am not a libelous slanderer acting to keep this nation oppressed. When you want to call someone unpatriotic, look at yourself.

I really need justice, so I can heal from all of this. It has been almost three years, now, of torture, slavery, abuse, humiliation, and persecution. I really need a vacation. I really need my husband. I really need justice, so I can heal.

Some time in 2009, most likely before he even took office, Obama the Slave Driver decided that I was disposable. This was a decision driven by his greed and enabled by his racism, sexism, and other personality evils. He sent orders to rape and drug me until I would kill myself. And he enslaved me, so the world could watch the entire process. President Corrupt threw me away, and libeled me to justify it to the public. To get away with it all, he decided to revoke America's rights to discuss it, report it, or even fight it.

My beautiful America, what could President Corrupt possibly be threatening you with to make you go along with being oppressed? Defy his tyranny already. Call out his corruption. Do not just demand your rights anymore; flat out take them. Exercise your freedom of speech. Scream, "Free at last!" at the skies. Exercise your freedom of the press. If you are scared of doing it alone, pick a date and have your colleagues join you. These are your rights. Why are you allowing him to take them away from you?

The people of Syria are risking death and torture to fight for their rights. Dear Arab League, if my opinion means anything to you, enter Syria, but do not allow the government there to control where you can and cannot go. Travel freely. Go undercover if you have to. Please discover the truth of what happens there, report it to the outside world, and do everything you can to stop it. The people of Syria need you.

As for you, Obama, you damn sociopath, I am very careful not to show signs of everything I and my benevolence are capable of. Luckily for you, it is not too late for you to take the fight out me by making me complacent. Find my husband. Apologize to him. Do anything he tells you to do. And you will make me complacent. It is very well established that I am smarter than you, stronger than you, more honest than you, more moral than you, and will always be in possession of the moral high ground. Out of my benevolence, I highly suggest you take my advice.

My beautiful world, I really need you. Please keep the pressure on President corrupt. Please keep spreading truth to combat the lies. Please do everything you can think of to get me out of this hell and into the arms of my beloved husband.

Sweetness, I have been pushing you pretty hard lately. I think the world will finally agree you are my equal now. I trust you. And it is time the world starts trusting you as much as I do. Do anything you want to burst this bubble wide open, my darling, so we can finally be together. I think I am going to start you a new letter on Saturday. I love and adore you. Every moment we are forced to be apart is a torment to me.

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