Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, Sweetness...

I was prepared to write a scathing post today in which I would hand Obama his ass all over again, but you, my Sweetness, urged me to stay calm. If there is any force in the world that can keep me calm right now, it is you. I would prefer to know you are happy, content, and no longer lonely, but if you want me to stay calm, I will stay calm. Nothing will be able to make me happy, though, until you walk through that door and kiss me.

I mailed you a box of cookies this afternoon. It should reach LA on Thursday. There is also a week-old love letter inside that I was hoping to deliver by hand this last weekend. What is the rationale behind not impeaching Obama the Slave-driver for his crimes? Nobody likes him, and the entire world is witness of his crimes against me.

Did you see the speech that the failure of a president just gave? Obama the Hypocrite said he wants all Americans to have the freedom to be their best. I am serious. The man who stores an angel like me in a bubble of persecution and torture where he does not even allow me to have a job is spreading lies to cover his ass again. I cannot believe anyone trusts any word that slithers out of that criminal's mouth. Yes, this is the calm version of what I wanted to say today.

There has also been a lot of media lately about the Egyptian elections. Just saying they will hate America because they are Islamist leaders is racism and religious discrimination nobody needs. Yet, people are sill worried that the new government will be anti-American.

Well, if people are so worried about that, maybe they should do something friendly to make Egyptians like us. That particular country is in a very impressionable part of its lifetime, so US leadership really ought to be doing something positive with them (other than supplying the bullets that the military has been firing at the peaceful protesters). I know we have a tantrum-driven, slave-driving, corrupt, rape-enabling hypocrite of a non-leader running the US executive branch, but that is no reason the whole federal government should go to hell. Yes, this is my staying calm.

Sweetness, I left a message for you with Mr. Brian Williams this early evening during the news. I hope you get it. I will start you a new letter tonight. If you get your hands on a copy of my guardianship file with the Polk County District Court, you will find a forged letter inside that Syniva never really wrote. My father submitted it as supposed evidence against me back in 2010. I love you!

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