Friday, December 23, 2011

All I Have

I am the only person in this country with freedom of speech, so you better believe I am not going to waste it.

President Corrupt, get your hands off of Congress, so they can do their job. Why do you not try to do your real job for once? Try defending and supporting the entire nation's Constitutional rights! That IS your job description. If you are actively refusing to do your real job, who are you to suggest to others how to do theirs?

On the topic of the president, this whole battle does not come down to Benevolent Squid vs. President Corrupt, no matter how many people like to spread that around. At its core, this situation is best described as... Obama the Criminal is breaking the law and defiling what is America, and the world needs to stop him. His war crimes and terrorism would be enough to put him in Guantanamo if he were the leader of any other nation. End the hypocrisy.

Sweetness, your gift should be there soon. You may not want to open it in front of the kids. I cannot wait for the moment my lips finally touch your face. All I have in this world is you and my freedom of speech. Please stop letting the government jerk you around. All they do is lie. You know you cannot trust them. Please keep your heart safe and intact for me instead.

Love, love, love: that is the soul of genius. --W.A.Mozart

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