Saturday, December 31, 2011

Justice is Patriotic.

I am not backing down until this nation, including myself, is finally free, and we all have justice. My beautiful world, please do not let anything make you complacent until this fight is over... no matter how good things look.

People in Iowa still make a show of submissiveness to Obama the Criminal's unlawful oppression by asking me what my name is. When people go along with the bubble so unnecessarily like that, I really get ticked off. President Corrupt in his anger against me has also decided to crank his torture of me up past eleven, and it is almost completely unrelenting now. It even comes up from the floors. My twitter account also quit working this morning. My freedom of speech is in pain. That one might just be because of traffic, but all together, this has me really unhappy today.

I know all of this crap is just the president's cruel way of confirming that I am being very effective at saving the world from him. In a weird way that means I should be happy I am being tortured, but it is so very painful.

Considering the way Obama the Tyrant treats me when I stand against his nefariousness, what motive do you think is behind the arsonist torching Hollywood? Please, LAPD, when you catch someone, check his or her financials... just to make sure.

On a related note, I heard that the president wants to raise the debt ceiling again. This country does not even have the money to pay the interest on the debt we already have, so why does Obama the Math-Challenged want more debt to shackle this nation? It makes me wonder... Is the American taxpayer paying for the space age technology that Obama the Terrorist is using to torture me everywhere I go? Or is this because President Corrupt has decided to budget for lawsuits filed against him?

My beautiful world, I understand a lot of you have concerns about my potential safety once I am free to be with my husband. Please remember, I will finally be able to afford bodyguards then. Right now I am a sitting duck; I go everywhere alone with a phone "secretly" rigged not to work properly, and I stay in house where I have been repeatedly attacked (2009). I will also finally have a chance to get the chips out of my head so I can finally achieve safety. Honestly, you should be concerned for my safety now, not in the future.

Now, Obama, you bratty child, if you have something you want to say to me, you are going to have to find the bravery and self-respect somewhere within yourself to burst the bubble and say it to my face. Do not keep trying to send me coded messages through music or other media. Grow enough balls to face me yourself. Infantile verbal abuse under an assumed name submitted to me as comments on this blog? Are you serious? Try showing the dignity that should be required of a person in your once glorious office for once and talk to me face-to-face.

Also, bratty child, when you finally exercise some effective self-preservation and try to negotiate your way out of the hole you have dug for yourself, do not forget that I am the person in all of this that you need to make happy. Giving my country back her rights is where you start.

I also already told you the only way to make me complacent... Find my husband. Apologize to him. Do anything he tells you to do. And you will make me complacent... Out of my benevolence, I highly suggest you take my advice.

If you do not decide to start saving yourself, we all know where you will end up. Would you prefer an unnamed penitentiary hidden in Siberia or a Turkish prison for war criminals? Who are we kidding? You are not allowed an opinion on that.

My beautiful world, once when I was last in the Black Hills, a Lakota woman took my hand and asked me to pray with her for her family. I remember thinking to myself how beautiful it must be to have that sort of faith in a divine power. After everything I have lived through for the last three years, I find I really do have that kind of faith. I have that faith in you, my beautiful world. Please, if what you are doing today does not work, launch a thousand ships tomorrow; come from all directions to pick me up and carry me to the safety of my husband's arms. Also...

You know the plan... My beautiful world, we need to take the bubble apart. 1.) We need a culture that demands this oppression ends. We need music, theater, dance, television, radio, film... all of it. We need protests, marches, and anthems. We need America to stand up and demand we be free again.
2.) We need to take away their reason for keeping me in a bubble. I am in a bubble and will stay here until they kill me because they do not want to be held accountable for the wrongs they have committed. We need to hold them accountable regardless. America needs to press charges against the federal government. Do not let them take away your right to demand justice just like they took away mine. You have to be put on trial and convicted before they can take any of your rights away. Please, America, if you are capable of it, press charges against the government for taking away your First Amendment rights. We need to have the bubble officially deemed unconstitutional. That means we need to get it into the hands of the Supreme Court. America, that means you have to press federal charges for violations of your rights.
3.) If all else fails, we need to have Obama the Criminal impeached. Write to your Congresspeople. Write to the Department of Justice. Make sure an accurate investigation is started and executed. The president is guilty of so many horrors committed against me and guilty of oppressing the entire nation. Hold him accountable. Being a president does not put anyone above the law.
Thank you for everything you do for me.

Sweetness, to be completely honest, if anything could make me believe in a higher order to the universe, it is you. You were created by some sort of divine plan. I have a weird way of knowing these things. Back on topic, darling, please get as much truth about all of this as possible into the foreign presses... the ones outside of President Corrupt's sphere of oppression. I love and adore you. I HATE the way you are constantly getting hurt and lied to. Please stop thinking the president could ever speak the truth. Soon I will touch you the way the flowers kiss the rain.

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